Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 743 - The End (Part Four)

Chapter 743 The End (Part Four)

If Bai Yihao had threatened him with Tong’er’s life…

If, Bai Yihao was determined not to give up…

If Bai Yihao wanted to get Tong’er even if he would destroy her…

He would really don’t know what to do!

Fortunately, there were not so many “ifs”. Fortunately, Bai Yihao let go in the end. Even though he had already known Bai Yihao’s character, he was still very nervous and flustered at that time in that place. Caring too much disturbed the mind. In this life, Tong’er was his weakness, but it was the weakness that he was willing to have.

The antidote Bai Yihao gave him had already been sent to the capital as fast as possible. Even though he knew that with the antidote, Mo Xuetong could get rid of the poison, he was still worried. He saw that she looked good; even though her face was a little pale, she did not look lifeless. That was when he was truly relieved.

It had been a few months since they last met. Mo Xuetong was even more beautiful. She was 15 years old now and had already grown up. She looked charming and gentle. With a hint of surprise, she threw herself into his embrace. Amazed, Feng Yuran was surprised. Following his heart, he kissed her face, which he had been thinking about day and night.

In the candlelight all over the room, Mo Xuetong was as beautiful as a fairy or a painting. She leaned into his arms and wrapped her hands around his neck unconsciously. Her watery eyes were slightly closed, and her dark eyelashes were tightly arranged like small fans; her cheeks were pink and red. She seemed to be willing to give him what he wanted.

Her cherry-like lips were as beautiful as cherry blossoms in March!

She raised her head subconsciously and gently planted a kiss on his face.

He murmured in her ears, and every sentence was “Tong’er, Tong’er!”

Because she was worried his safety, her heart had been hanging high in the air. But now it suddenly returned to its place in his gentle kiss, along with her whole body and mind. She fell on the soft brocade quilt. The inexplicable fragrance of the pillow quilt and his familiar body odor made her feel at ease.

After her rebirth, no, even in her two lives, she had never experienced this feeling. It was a feeling of stability which came from their love. Was it because of him that she looked forward to it so much and felt at ease?

In her past life, she had died tragically; she died because others had plotted against her step by step. She had become a stepping stone for Mo Xuemin and Sima Lingyun. When Sima Lingyun became a high-ranking official, she had passed away. In such a short life, there was only sadness and pain. In the end, she did not even know how she had died. It could be said that she was miserable!

After she had been reborn and climbed up from hell, all she wanted was revenge. She wanted the enemies to pay for what they had done to her. She didn’t expect to meet him, a person who really loved her.

In the previous life, she had died in high walls, and he had gone to a desolated land; in the end, she had no idea where he had gone.

In this life, the two of them snuggled up to each other and it was finally complete…

Was this the love that heaven recompensed to them?

In that case, she should love him and would never be separated from him again. In this life, it was because of him that she felt satisfied!

The figures of the two people in the red canopy overlapped with each other. In the atmosphere full of missing and love, they finally merged into one…

Mo Xuetong did not know how many times they had made out this night. Finally, she finally fainted in Feng Yuran’s embrace…

When she woke up again and opened her eyes, it was daylight!

“You’re awake. Are you hungry?” Feng Yuran’s voice rang in her ears with a pleasant, faint smile.

Mo Xuetong looked up and saw the enlarged handsome face. Before she could speak, he stretched out his long arm and held Mo Xuetong tightly in his arms.

Being held tightly by him, Mo Xuetong did not struggle. She leaned her head on his shoulder and said with reluctance, “Are you still going to the palace today?”

Looking at the brocade robe of the Crown Prince of the East Palace hanging on the screen, she knew that he was going to enter the palace again. A while back, the Emperor who was ill had been holding on and guarding the country for him. When he learned that Feng Yuran returned victoriously, he could not hold on any longer and fell down after laughing for a few times. Only then did all the ministers know that Emperor Zongwen could not hold on any longer.

Even Feng Yuran had thought that the Emperor was pretending to be ill. He did not know how serious his father’s illness was. Feng Yuran felt guilty about it and took all the politics into his hands.

As such, he did not even have time to rest after he came back, and took Emperor Zongwen’s place to manage the country. Sometimes, Mo Xuetong felt bad for Feng Yuran and wanted him to have a good rest. However, he did not have enough time to sleep. Sometimes, the lights on his side were still on late into the night.

Every time Mo Xuetong saw it, she wanted to drag him to sleep by force. But every time, she just sighed helplessly!

“The succession ceremony will be held in one month. Father asked me to be familiar with it once again.” Feng Yuran thought Mo Xuetong was adorable when she acted like a little girl. When he thought that she was already his true wife, he could not help but feel pleased and happy. A gentle and doting smile painted his handsome face.

Mo Xuetong pouted and twisted her body. Her clothes had already been changed. He seemed to clean her up in the middle of the night when she fell into a daze. When she thought of that, she found how good he was to her and felt a little sweet.

Feeling her emotional fluctuations, Feng Yuran held her face up and asked with a smile, “What, Tong’er, you don’t like it?”

Mo Xuetong squinted at him from the corners of her eyes as he lifted her chin forcefully. Her face darkened as she stated, “You’ll be always busy after we move into the palace in the future…”

Feng Yuran was first stunned; then, he suddenly understood. He kissed her face gently and chuckled.

“What are you laughing at?” Mo Xuetong blushed when he laughed at her.

Feng Yuran held her hand, pull it to his mouth and kissed it as he looked at Mo Xuetong affectionately and replied, “Tong’er, are you worried? Don’t worry. You will be the only one in my harem in the future.”

The harem had always been the way for the Emperor to restrain the court, but Feng Yuran didn’t need it. He would make everyone submit to him in a powerful way, and didn’t need the harem to hold them up at all. When he wanted to marry Tong’er, he had already prepared a way to deal with it. Thus his backyard was clean now.

The witching dolls dug out from Concubine Qin were provided by Duke Wanping’s Manor. After such a thing happened, Concubine Qin was beaten to death and Duke Wanping’s Manor was demoted.

Concubine Wen, who was well-behaved, offered to leave him. Feng Yuran gave her a chance to live. He told outsiders that she died of illness, but in fact, he sent her out of the capital. In the future, she could marry at will. However, she was not allowed to appear in the capital again so as not to cause unnecessary gossip.

At this moment, the beautiful eyes, which were filled with love and concentration, were like a whirlpool, deeply attracting Mo Xuetong’s soul. Her heart felt hot as if it was tightly held in his palm. The hot liquid rushed into the weakest part of her heart and burned her whole body. Mo Xuetong couldn’t help leaning over and put on the brightest smile on her face…

In her last life, she had thought about to be with a man who only loved her from the cradle to the grave. In this life, she did not dare to think about it. However, she did not expect that he would say it out before she asked him. He gave her the most precious promise, which made her feel the deepest joy as a woman from her body to her heart. What was more, it was a promise given by a future Emperor.

Even though she was touched, Mo Xuetong rubbed against his wide chest and asked uneasily, “Is Bai Yihao alright?” No matter what, her happiness at this moment had something to do with Bai Yihao.

“At this point, you’re worried about him? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll be jealous?”

Mo Xuetong smiled sweetly, nudged him and said coyly, “He has helped us anyway. Furthermore, you don’t like the First Prince, do you?”

In her past life, Bai Yihao had never appeared in front of her. He was a legendary figure who was brilliant.

In this life, there was an entanglement between she and Bai Yihao. He had fallen in love with her and even wanted to marry her. This was something she had never thought of. She had hated him for some time, but when she thought about it now, she had no idea what it felt like.

He had hurt his eyes because of her!

How could she hate him?

But it was just that she didn’t hate him; there was no other possibility!

“Don’t worry. Princess Royal Yunruo and Bai Yichen are no match for him at all,” Feng Yuran uttered meaningfully. Then, he pulled Mo Xuetong’s face over unhappily and kissed her face. How could she think of another man in his arms?!

A month later, Feng Yuran ascended the throne. Emperor Zongwen became the former Emperor and Mo Xuetong was crowned the Empress.

At the same time, Yan Emperor suddenly died of illness. Bai Yichen rushed to the palace to seize the throne and sealed off the news of Yan Emperor’s death with the Yan Empress. Unexpectedly, Bai Yihao was well-prepared and went straight into the imperial harem. The Empress and Bai Yichen wanted to escape through the secret passage when Minister of Public Works, Lan Yanwen suddenly appeared and blocked the secret passage, stopping the two.

Yan Empress was imprisoned in the Cold Palace, and soon she hung herself in the Cold Palace. Bai Yichen deserved to be killed for his rebellion. He secretly sent people to the Qin Kingdom to ask for help in the name of the Fifth Princess. However, the Qin Kingdom received witnesses and material evidence from Bai Yihao before receiving Bai Yichen’s message.

It was only then that everyone realized that the Fifth Princess of the Qin Kingdom had already died on her way to marry into the Yan Kingdom because she tried to assassinate Bai Yichen. The Qin Kingdom was furious and sent a messenger to the Yan Kingdom to supervised Bai Yichen’s execution. The messenger was Li Youmo, the assistant minister of the Ministry of Revenue!

Then Bai Yihao succeeded to the throne, becoming Emperor Yanzhao!

King Ning married Princess Caifeng and became an idle prince. Without the Empress Dowager’s support, King Ning’s Manor gradually fell into decline.

As expected, the Sixth Princess married the Third Prince who escaped from the Southern Barbarian Lands. Crown Prince Xieyue was in power in the Southern Barbarian Lands, and the Third Prince became a fugitive prince on the way to marry the Sixth Princess. Fortunately, the Qin Kingdom did not mind his identity and still married the Sixth Princess to him. One of them lost his noble status, the other lost her delicate appearance, and her mother bore vicious reputation. They didn’t like each other. Since then, the Sixth Princess’ Manor had been in chaos and the two quarreled with each other!

The two countries, the Qin Kingdom and the Yan Kingdom, had begun a friendly and neighboring cooperation that had lasted for more than 30 years. The people of the two countries were greatly beholden to this and called the two Emperors “Two Sages of Yan and Qin”!

It was recorded in history books that toward the end of his life, Emperor Yanzhao’s eyesight became worse and worse. However, he was so intelligent that the ministers didn’t dare to disobey his orders even though he couldn’t see anything!

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