Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 3321 - Chapter 395 - Ripple

Chapter 3321 - Chapter 395 - Ripple

Chapter 395 – Ripple

Greater God’s Domain, Starlight Realm, Sea of Giants:

The Sea of Giants was one of the few seas in the Starlight Realm. Not only did it connect over a dozen kingdoms and empires, but it was also linked to the Endless Void. For ordinary and upper-ranking hegemonic powers looking to conduct cross-realm trade, they would typically send their flying ships to the Sea of Giants.

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But during the past few days, the various hegemonic powers were forced to abide by many restrictions in the Sea of Giants. As an example, one flying ship was currently stopped in front of a gigantic door and put under inspection by multiple Tier 4 players.

Meanwhile, aboard this flying ship, a Level 195, Tier 6 Berserker who looked like a middle-aged man in his fifties wore a disgruntled expression as he looked at the Level 140, Tier 4 players inspecting the ship. “Damn the Paimon Conglomerate! If it wants to cordon off the World Gate, just do it! Why does it have to involve us players looking to enter the Endless Void?!”


“Keep your voice down! The Divine Seal Legion’s people are going to hear you!” a Level 192, Tier 6 male Cleric said in a hushed voice. “If they decide to attack us, none of us will be leaving this place alive.”

“Tsk, I’m just venting my frustrations a little,” the Tier 6 Berserker said. When he heard the mention of the Divine Seal Legion, though, he promptly chose to speak softly. “We’re only passing by. Is there a need to put us through such a strict inspection? There are so many ships trying to cross this place, yet they’re taking their sweet time with the inspections. We’re going to lose a lot of money if we’re late for our delivery.”

“What can we do?” the Tier 6 Cleric said, similarly displeased by the Tier 4 players inspecting their ship. Under normal circumstances, he could have annihilated these Tier 4 players with a wave of his hand. Now, though, he dared not do so. “The Divine Seal Legion has already issued a statement that all players moving within 100,000 yards of the World Gate must undergo a strict inspection by Paimon’s members or get treated as a hostile force.”

There were several routes in the Sea of Giants that led to the Endless Void, but the safest route required them to pass by the newly-appeared World Gate. As for the other routes, they would be at risk of either becoming lost in the fog of the Sea of Giant’s depths or getting annihilated by a swarm of sea monsters.

“But that person called Black Flame sure is courageous. I can’t believe there’d be someone who would dare to kill Dira,” the Tier 6 Berserker said as he looked at the gigantic door in the distance. Then, with a sympathetic look, he continued, “But with the Divine Seal Legion’s Vice Commander Wind Seal guarding this place, neither Black Flame nor the members of the power behind him will be able to get past this place alive. They’ll probably be trapped in that miniature world for the rest of their lives.”

Wind Seal was a vice commander of the Divine Seal Legion, and few among Tier 6 could match him. Even though the Berserker and Cleric were similarly Tier 6 players, they wouldn’t last more than a few moves against Wind Seal. Needless to say, a bunch of Tier 4 and Tier 5 players would have an even lower chance of surviving.

The World Passage was the only reliable method to travel between worlds. In a situation where the World Passage was blocked, it would be utterly impossible for players to escape from the Miniature Ancient World. Meanwhile, once the Paimon Conglomerate’s army entered the Miniature Ancient World, it was only a matter of time before the conglomerate eliminated Black Flame and Zero Wing.

While the Tier 6 Berserker and Tier 6 Cleric were chatting, a loud explosion suddenly came from the distant door. Immediately afterward, the area within a 500-kilometer radius of the World Gate transformed into a space-time rift, and all creatures caught within the rift were annihilated.

“An ambush?”

The Berserker and Cleric fell into a daze as they looked at the space-time rift in the distance.

Space-time rifts were incredibly dangerous in God’s Domain. Even Tier 6 players would suffer heavy damage if they accidentally came into contact with one. Meanwhile, a massive space-time rift 1,000 kilometers wide had just opened up in front of them.

Fortunately, the space-time rift did not exist for long as the Greater God’s Domain quickly mended it. When the rift disappeared, though, the players who were undergoing the Paimon Conglomerate’s inspection couldn’t help but gasp.


All 100 Tier 6 experts guarding the World Gate had disappeared! Even the Divine Seal Legion’s Vice Commander Wind Seal had vanished!

“What’s going on?!”

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Everyone was shocked as they looked at the empty region the space-time rift had left behind.

At this moment, even the World Gate had disappeared, let alone the Divine Seal Legion. The area was so empty that it didn’t look like a World Gate had ever existed in this place.

Meanwhile, after a short silence, the various players present promptly relayed this situation to their respective powers.

The disappearance of a World Gate was no big deal. At most, everyone would feel a little surprised. However, the death of the Divine Seal Legion’s 100 Tier 6 experts and Vice Commander Wind Seal was an unbelievably shocking piece of news.

The Divine Seal Legion might not have many members, but every one of them was a Tier 6 expert. Moreover, they were all equipped with weapons and equipment that could make even executives of hegemonic powers envious. At the same time, they were also an important force for the Paimon Conglomerate to maintain stability within its territory.

Now that the Divine Seal Legion had lost not only 100 of such Tier 6 experts but also Vice Commander Wind Seal, it would definitely have a huge impact on the Paimon Conglomerate’s capabilities.

In no time, news of the Paimon Conglomerate’s loss spread across the entire Starlight Realm, shocking both players and powers. Even the Starlight Realm’s several conglomerates were taken aback by the news, and they promptly dispatched people to find out what had happened at the Sea of Giants. At the same time, they also wanted to know if this incident was related to Black Flame.

Of course, even though the various powers were investigating whether this incident was related to Black Flame, everyone in the Starlight Realm more or less knew the answer.

The news of the Divine Seal Saint sending his subordinates to annihilate a miniature world had long spread across the entire Starlight Realm. Now that the army he dispatched to kill Black Flame was suddenly annihilated, anybody who said Black Flame was unrelated to this matter would be lying.

However, once the various powers started their investigations, they quickly learned of shocking news.

Of the players the Paimon Conglomerate had sent into the Miniature Ancient World, over 99% of them had their qualifications to log into God’s Domain permanently deprived. As for the rest, although they still had the qualifications to log into God’s Domain, the system forced them to stay offline for two days.

Although the various powers had tried to get more information out of these players, they failed to come up with much information since the Paimon Conglomerate had issued a gag order. They only managed to find out two pieces of information.

Firstly, Zero Wing, the Guild behind Black Flame, possessed an extraordinary background as it was revealed that the Guild possessed an expert capable of suppressing White Owl, one of the Paimon Conglomerate’s Ten Great Paragons. The expert in question had even fended off the first wave of attack launched by the Paimon Conglomerate’s army.

Secondly, an Ancient God had appeared in the World Passage!

For a time, the various powers theorized that Zero Wing should have something to do with the Ancient God’s appearance. It was also through this method that Zero Wing managed to cause the Paimon Conglomerate to suffer heavy losses. Meanwhile, the Paimon Conglomerate’s silence on the matter only served to cause everyone to suspect that Zero Wing shared close ties with the Ancient God in question.

While the Starlight Realm’s players and powers were in an uproar, a short-haired girl wearing a white shirt anxiously entered the top-floor conference room of a 3,000-tall skyscraper, the magnificent structure sitting in the middle of a floating steel city in the Greater World.

If Shi Feng was in this conference room, he would find that this valiant- and extraordinary-looking girl looked somewhat similar to White Owl. Only, compared to the White Owl in God’s Domain, the girl in the white shirt looked more mature and graceful. She was also close to reaching the three-star mental strength grandmaster standard already.

Currently, there were around a dozen people seated in the conference room. After the girl in the white shirt entered the room, cold sweat rolled down her forehead as she was subjected to the mental pressure exerted by these people.

“White Owl, you should know why we called you here, right? Are you certain that man was evenly matched with an Ancient God?”

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