Remarried Empress Chapter 446

Chapter 446. Unbearable (1)

Translator: Aura / Editor: Tiny Zebra

“Since he told me about Grand Duke Lilteang’s escape and implied that I agreed to his punishment, something must have happened while the Grand Duke was incarcerated that Heinley is worried will come to light.”

Sovieshu concluded as he paced around his room.

After meeting with Emperor Heinley, Sovieshu was overwhelmed with anger and was unable to think clearly. Once he calmed down, he was able to read Heinley’s true intentions.

‘Young Sovieshu is able to think like Emperor Heinley because their mental ages are similar.’

Marquis Karl pondered in amazement and concurred.

“Your Majesty is likely correct. Grand Duke Lilteang must have been injured while he was imprisoned. Whether it was intentionally or by accident.”

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Sovieshu paused to analyze the situation once more. After a while, he smiled coldly.

“Even if that’s not what happened, it doesn’t matter. We just have to find Grand Duke Lilteang first and get our story straight.”

“That’s right, Your Majesty.”

With the decision made, Sovieshu rang the small bell to summon his ‘servants’,

“There has been a change of plans. I want you all to focus on finding out about Grand Duke Lilteang’s whereabouts instead of investigating about the phenomenon of mana decline.”

“Your Majesty?”

“If I were in Emperor Heinley’s position, I would have hidden any evidence that links me to the mana decline. It’s a more serious problem than the Grand Duke’s.”

“That’s true.”

“Since it won’t be easy to find evidence of his involvement in the former, let’s throw them off the scent…”

“What do you mean, Your Majesty?”

“I think they already know our intentions and may even be hoping to set a trap. We’ll pretend to keep searching for clues about the mana decline, but our goal will now be to find Grand Duke Lilteang.”


In order to find out the whereabouts of the Grand Duke, Sovieshu needed to allow his ‘servants’ to move freely. To do so, he left the Imperial Palace with them, allowing them to scatter along the way.

He entered a tavern frequented by commoners and ordered a drink, with no intention of drinking it.

The last time Sovieshu went to a tavern he got into a fight, so Marquis Karl accompanied him this time.

The waiter left two liquor glasses and a tray of cheese on the table.

Sovieshu casually pushed the drinks towards Marquis Karl, while positioning the tray of cheese closer to himself. He smiled with satisfaction.

“I hope we get good results today.”


Marquis Karl nodded as he kept his eyes on the liquor in front of him. He didn’t think Sovieshu should drink any alcohol since he had fallen out of the window while drunk.

“What’s the matter, Karl? Can’t you drink alcohol?”

“Why did you give me your glass?”

“That liquor is bitter.”

“And the snacks…”

“I like them.”

Although Marquis Karl was reluctant to drink so much, he had no choice, so he took the first glass.

Meanwhile, Sovieshu looked around as he devoured the cheese. He even seemed to enjoy the musician’s up-tempo violin tune.

Observing him, Marquis Karl hoped that Sovieshu would soon forget about Navier and begin to enjoy these small pleasures of life again.

But no sooner had that thought come to mind than an unpleasant conversation nearby reached his ears.

“His Majesty was a little careless even as a Prince, but he wasn’t cruel, right?”

“What are you saying? There have always been rumors about his cruelty.”

“It’s true, like the rumor that he associates with pirates…”

“What did you expect from someone who is friends with a man like Duke Elgy…”

“No, it’s different now. His actions were truly cruel. It wasn’t enough for him to confine his sister-in-law and drive her to suicide, he also eliminated her whole family.”

“But His Majesty has not confined and killed innocent people. It sounds a little misleading when you put it like that.”


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“Yes, it’s like a half-told story. The Zemensia family committed many crimes.”

“I think he’s right. No matter what kind of person His Majesty may have been before, it cannot be denied that he became cold and cruel after the arrival of Empress Navier.”

“No, there were always rumors that His Majesty was so. You forget what is said about the death of the former King.”


“People who are charming will cloud anyone’s judgment. I’m worried that His Majesty is getting carried away by Empress Navier’s charm.”

Marquis Karl groaned inwardly.

‘Not now!’

He looked at Sovieshu, who was watching the group of drunks closely.

Sovieshu’s legs were crossed and he shook his leg faster every time he heard the negative remarks about Navier. Although most of the drunks took Navier’s side, he couldn’t ignore the words of her opponents.

Marquis Karl hurried to call the waiter because he feared that Sovieshu would get into another fight.

“What other food do you have here? I want more. All of them! Hurry up!”

He held out a handful of coins, and the waiter brought their food directly.

“Here you go.”

Marquis Karl quickly pushed the tray in front of Sovieshu, who took a cracker and bit down hard. Harder than necessary to bite on a cracker. Like he was grinding his teeth with fury.

Marquis Karl became even more alarmed and tried to reassure Sovieshu.

“No need to pay attention to such nonsense. Commoners like these have always branded Navier as heartless, even though she fulfills her duties to perfection.”

But it was in vain. Sovieshu put another cracker in his mouth again, chewed it hard and swallowed it.

“I don’t like him.”


“I don’t like Heinley.”

At least this time Sovieshu didn’t get up to fight. Marquis Karl was a little relieved and quickly pushed another tray of food towards him.

“Why did Navier marry such a scoundrel?”


“The Western Empire will be backed into a corner when its involvement in the mana decline becomes known. Does it make sense for her to stay here when the people don’t appreciate her? I don’t think so.”

Sovieshu added with conviction,

“The only reason Navier married a scoundrel like Heinley is because she was angry with me.”

“Your Majesty…”

“Honestly, I’m much better than him.”

“That’s true.”

To Marquis Karl, the Day Sovieshu was similar to Heinley, but he still sided with Sovieshu.

When Sovieshu recalled how Heinley had tried to twist the Grand Duke’s case in his favor, he became more indignant.

“Other men are inadequate for a woman like Navier, but Heinley is the worst of them all.”

Sovieshu’s eyes filled with determination.

“It’s clear to me now. I must take Navier back at any cost.”

Marquis Karl became a little uneasy. He wondered how badly yesterday’s conversation between Sovieshu and Emperor Heinley must have been for Sovieshu’s hatred to have increased even more.

Since the current Sovieshu was more driven by his emotions than his adult self, Marquis Karl was concerned that he would not be able to predict his actions.

As the Night Sovieshu had said, it was necessary to combine their two separate personalities as soon as possible.

‘But how?’

Marquis Karl did not stop thinking about it all the way back to the palace.

In contrast, Sovieshu was disgusted by the people of the Western Empire who called Navier a ‘Bloodthirsty Empress who dominates the indolent Emperor Heinley’.

After walking in silence for a while, Sovieshu turned to Marquis Karl.


“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Inquire about the people close to Duke Zemensia. Find any relatives who are still alive, even those who turned their backs on him after his fall, are useful.”

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