SSS SKILL: DUPLICATE Chapter 197 A Heavy Blow

Chapter 197 A Heavy Blow

Smarter people around the world who were not fooled by the media found the website They watch the confession of Bram and read the articles that show the evidence.

Tools for wiretapping are found in Bram’s car. There are four hyperbeings that are caught. Aside from Bram, the other criminals are locals. They all have tools for wiretapping. Two of them are renting a place near the targeted teens. One of them almost escaped.

The netizens spontaneously spread the news. They created an account on Trends and tried to create a post. The post is not censored, which made the netizens happy. They downloaded the app, and they invited their followers. The number of users is rising rapidly, and the dirts covered by a huge fig leaf called media started appearing.

A new thread appears and quickly rises to the top trend.

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The thread has the title "How Origin selects suicide bombers?"

The thread states that a survey is circulating on web and mobile games. If the gamers answer the survey,they will be rewarded with game items. The survey will test the psychology of gamers, then the people behind Origin will select the suicide bombers among them. The thread showed evidence, and it blew the minds of the users. The thread received many replies, and the information quickly spread.

Edgar is touching his chin as he looks at the information.

"What a creative way of selection."

Mason is gritting his teeth as he looks at the information that is spreading in the small company that he neglected.

"Who the fuck leaked it?!" Cursed Mason in his mind.

In a foreign country, a man with a messy beard and hair is looking at his laptop. He is living in a cramped room. He smiles as he looks at the thread that he posted. At the top of the replies, Morey put a thumbs up and said,"You are protected. You will not be tracked."

Mason’s phone is ringing. Willem Holtien is calling.

"Damn it!" Cursed Mason,then he answered the call in his earpiece.

"How did you do your job?!" shouted Willem on the other line.

"I’m sorry, father. I thought I could immediately bring that country and families to their knees," said Mason.

"Do your job properly!" shouted Willem,then he ended the call.

The eyes of Mason are filled with killing intent.

"Call the companies. Make that small application stop working on their phone systems," ordered Mason.

The staff called, and then a few hours later, they received messages from companies, which shocked the staff.

"Sir, the company said that blocking the application is impossible as the other applications, including the famous companies, will also stop working," said the staff. The others have the same report.

Sven looks at Mason and says,"Not only that. I have been studying the application, and it has a built-in tool that can bypass the blockade of countries on their network."

Mason’s face turned more ugly.

"They expected this to happen," said Mason as his eyes turned sharper.

"Tell the companies to remove the application from digital stores. Coordinate with other companies for an attack. Let them talk to me if someone does not agree. We will work with their AI temporarily and crash that ant company,"ordered Mason.

As Mason prepares for the attack, more netizens are becoming aware. Gamers are very angry. The top games that actively promoted the survey are losing users rapidly. Other games immediately removed the survey.

"Boss, as we expected, they removed the application from digital stores," said Oscar.

Edgar chuckled and said,"Start the next move. Add the money we earn from the stock market."

A man in a foreign country is strolling the internet when an ad suddenly appears.

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"What the fuck?! How can there be an ad like this here? A leaked photo of Isabella Torc accidentally captured by a photographer? Fucking ridiculous!" screamed the man, but he couldn’t help but click at it. A new window and website appear.

"Are you here for the leaked photo? I’m sorry you are fooled."

"What the fuck!" curses the man. He wants to smash the laptop, but the next sentence makes him stop, and he keeps reading.

"Don’t worry, your time will not be wasted as the truth about Isabella Torc will be revealed. Do you know why she suddenly rose to stardom like a rocket and the world’s most popular actor doesn’t even have the courage to pursue her? Why does the media not have a stain about her? It’s because she is the secret mistress of a son of a top family. Here are the proofs."

"What the fuck?!" blurted the man, then he keeps strolling on and got more information on other secrets. His face is turning ugly as he keeps reading.

"Those people and companies are shit!" shouted the man.

In the monitoring room, Oscar, Gin and Edgar are talking with each other.

"Boss, there are no dirts mentioned about the world’s top families. All are about companies and figureheads deliberately pushed by them into the spotlight," said Oscar.

"They are acting on behalf of the families who are deliberately acting low-key. Exposing them might have a severe consequence," said Gin. 𝚋edn𝚘𝚟el.co𝚖

"Gin is right. If we expose them, they will concentrate their force on attacking us. The result is mutual destruction. The plan can be carried out without an all-out war between the families and us," said Edgar with a smile, then he looks at the angry posts by users.

"Do it," said Edgar.

Users who claim to be hyperbeings are encouraging others to join their protests. There are users who supported them and made passionate posts. Both are trolls created by Polaris. Many real users are encouraged to join the protests. The presence of hyperbeings increased their confidence. There are real hyperbeings who decided to join. It is happening in many parts of the world.

"People are really fickle, but the media is really a powerful tool," said Gin as he smokes and looks at the posts of users on the floating screens.

Edgar chuckles while Oscar agreed.

"Boss, aren’t the protests of the people useless? It might punish scapegoats, but it won’t change the minds of the families," said Oscar.

Edgar smiles and says,"I will push powerful allies for ordinary people."

In a private manor in Europe, a man in his fifties named Bartel is holding a glass of wine as he looks outside through a glass window.

"Put pressure on the families? Hahahaha, it was a ridiculous idea, but this time is different. The protests that are happening all around the world and the powerful force that could join us made the idea feasible," said Bartel, then he continues to think as he shakes the glass. His smile gets bigger.

"Hahahaha, it’s been a long time since something exciting like this appeared. Go and prepare the car, I will visit a friend," said Bartel to a butler.

Families, politicians, and organizations that have self-interest/secretly supported by powerful countries/oppose or neutral to world-top families received the same encrypted email. They started making moves. Their movement did not escape the eyes and ears of families.

In the United Kingdom, at the top of a guild building, David is wearing a coat as he looks at the city through the glass window.

"I don’t want to be used as a gun, but the encrypted email made sense. Geniuses could rise from the ordinary people. Having a level four concept before practicing aura is possible because our world is special. I thought that was only possible on other planets, but the graph in the email shows evidence of rapidly improving physique and mind of people on Earth. I thought that our rapid magic cultivation is because of the divine cores of gods, but that might not be the only reason like what is indicated in the email. The chance is there and I am willing to believe it. The world and universe need more demigods," thought David, then he noticed the clouds that rapidly got darker.

"That’s not good. I have a date with Cecil later."

David opens the glass window, then a lightning dragon carries him to the air. Purple energy covers his body.


A one hundred-meter figure appears behind David.


His action captures many people’s attention. Families put more meaning on David’s action, and their faces turned very ugly. The other groups are happy. The email is right. They can join with several demigods and 8th circle to put pressure on families. The people around the world, the demigods, and the 8th circle are on their side.

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