Talent Awakening: I, the Weakest Awakened, Start with Dragonfire Spell Chapter 121 121-Persuading the Dead Is a Fruitless Endeavor

Chapter 121 Chapter 121-Persuading the Dead Is a Fruitless Endeavor

The group’s aim was not to kill Athena and her companions but to seize the treasures.

Therefore, as long as Athena executed her disguise well, allowing the carriage to continue its journey, those hidden in the shadows would undoubtedly remain unsuspecting of Athena’s departure.

They would surely continue to follow, still employing their old methods to deplete Athena and her team’s strength. 𝒷𝓮𝒹𝓃ℴ𝓿𝓮𝓁.𝓬𝓸𝓂

But why didn’t they just take forceful action?

Athena’s strength was formidable even by the standards of the entire Alliance.

Even if she wasn’t quite at the level of Rick Suleiman and others of his caliber, she wasn’t far behind. If she were to fight desperately, she could undoubtedly take many lives with her.

Those with formidable power certainly weren’t willing to die here.

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They would rather sacrifice numerous lower-level awakened, than put themselves at risk.

They planned to wait until the magi had exhausted all their spirit and Athena’s strength was depleted before making their move.

Moreover, those who came to seize the treasures did not hail from a single power but belonged to numerous different forces.

As the treasures were still in Athena’s hands, they would certainly collaborate.

However, they also had their own schemes, as after the treasures were seized, they would become adversaries.

Therefore, no single power was foolish enough to engage in a deathmatch with Athena!

Everyone was no fool, and thus, the situation on the battlefield became ever-changing and unpredictable.

Athena’s consecutive days of engagement indeed convinced the group of her strategy.

They did not launch a full-scale attack, continuing instead with their harassing tactics.

They would occasionally launch a fierce attack to judge whether Athena had any other tricks up her sleeve.

However, what they hadn’t anticipated was that Athena had been merely playing along with them for the past few days, biding her time until they were nearing Mordun Wasteland.

It was then that she sought out Wales, bringing with her over a dozen magi and a few archers. With the aid of Wales’ skills, they all entered an invisible state.

Originally, Athena had planned to enter Mordun Wasteland from another direction. However, Wales stopped her in her tracks.

Just as Wales had said, he didn’t involve himself in matters of battle, but he couldn’t ignore issues related to their route.

After all, he was being compensated for his services.

"Entering now from any angle, we run the risk of being caught up with. After all, it’s quite easy to leave traces at the outer regions of Mordun Wasteland," Wales suggested.

"The most dangerous place is often the safest. Why not wait here? Once those pursuing us have entered Mordun Wasteland, we can then follow in their direction."

"Even if they realize you’ve left, they will only search deeper into the Wasteland, never thinking to turn back."

Upon hearing this, Howard’s eyes lit up.

No wonder Wales had such a resounding reputation, compelling people to travel thousands of miles to hire him.

Athena laughed, saying, "It seems I made the right choice in finding you."

It had to be said, Athena was indeed audacious.

She actually took Wales’ advice to heart, and after entering the invisible state, she descended from the carriage and waited silently at the side.

Wales’ Invisibility was far more potent than the standard iteration; even an archer’s Illumination Arrow and a magus’s True Vision couldn’t penetrate it.

It was said that only those who had touched the Power of Law, discerning the subtle discrepancies in space, could detect Wales’ presence.

Before long, thousands of awakened beings had gathered, following close behind the convoy.

Out in the wild, there was no need for them to hide their identities, so they were unmasked, and their attire was ordinary.

Wales scanned the crowd, muttering softly to himself, "Berserker Solyes, Hawkeye Baheir, Mystic Dragon Mees. These are all renowned masters within the Alliance. I didn’t expect all of them to be here. I’m quite curious now; what exactly is it that you are escorting?"

Athena gave Wales a sidelong glance, smiling as she spoke, "You’ll find out after we reach Crimson Dragon City."

With that, Athena’s gaze swept over the gathered crowd, her eyes gradually growing colder as if she was committing each of them to memory.

"To be honest, it’s not common for someone to possess your level of strength." Wales broke the silence, "You must be a core figure within Crimson Dragon City, though not holding a position within the Alliance."

"Judging by your age, you’re not that old. Could it be that you are the next in line to inherit from one of those major families?"

Upon hearing this, Athena neither confirmed nor denied his speculations, simply stating, "Ravenous Wolf, I would ask that you adhere to Nightshade’s rules. I’m paying you not to pry into my identity."

"I apologize, that was out of line," Wales hastily apologized, and then added in a lower tone, "Keep your voice down. My Invisibility can ensure we remain undetected, but if we make a sound and they catch wind of us, we’ll be in trouble."

Upon hearing Wales’ words, the magi and archers brought by Athena involuntarily held their breaths, their expressions growing tense.

They didn’t dare to make even the slightest movement!

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If they were discovered, not even Athena’s presence could guarantee their safety.

Simultaneously, the group hunting Athena started passing by Howard and the others.

Every few steps they took, archers and magi would continually release their skills. Illumination Arrows and True Vision were cast incessantly, lighting up the entire area.

They were also concerned about Athena possibly striking from the shadows, as well as the potential presence of hidden enemies.

Fortunately, Wales’ Invisibility was indeed exceptional.

Even though they were right next to them, they remained undetected.

After the cannon fodder had passed, the higher-ups from various powers slowly made their way forward.

Just as they were passing by Wales, Howard, and the others, one of the men carrying a huge sword suddenly spoke up, "I’m really curious about what exactly Shelley is escorting to attract so many pursuers."

"I have no idea; I was hired for a hefty sum. As far as I know, there are even more people on the way here."

"Oh? You know that person?"

"Of course, I know her. Although she seldom appears in the public eye, fifty years ago, she was the most talented individual within Crimson Dragon City!"

"I remember, it was after witnessing the elegance of her swordsmanship that I resolutely chose the greatsword as my weapon. Unfortunately, I heard later that she switched to practicing magic. I wonder what level of strength she has attained by now?"

Hearing this conversation, the pupils of Howard and Wales involuntarily constricted.

Fifty years ago?

What kind of joke was this?

Athena appeared to be in her twenties; how could she be a prominent figure from fifty years ago?

Wouldn’t that make her over seventy years old?

However, if she really was seventy, that could explain her strength.

After all, none of the individuals at Rick Suleiman’s level were under fifty, and they also needed exceptional talent to reach that realm!

Many people could never step into the realm of LV90 in their entire lives.

It was said that once you reached LV90, you could gain an additional sixty years of life.

If one could touch the Power of Law, they might even live up to two hundred years!

As for the realms above the Power of Law?

As of now, no one in this world had achieved that.

Perhaps it was the overwhelming surprise in Howard’s heart, but the slight change in his breathing attracted the attention of the man holding the giant sword.

"Who’s there?!" The man with the giant sword instantly adopted a battle stance, his blade aura, shimmering in silver-white, swirling around the giant sword, seemingly ready to erupt at any moment.

Baheir, with his bow and arrows on his back, heard Solyes’ words and his eyes immediately flickered with golden light, scanning the surroundings.

Seeing this scene, not only Wales, but even Athena felt a surge of tension, gripping their weapons tightly, ready for battle at any moment.

There was no helping it; Baheir was too close to them!

Moreover, Solyes and Baheir were both renowned and formidable figures.

Their frontal combat capabilities were even stronger than Wales’, and only Athena could suppress them. Facing several masters, it would be strange if they weren’t worried.

Fortunately, Wales wasn’t bragging.

Even as the golden light swept over, none of the invisible members of the group were discovered.

Baheir retracted his gaze and chuckled, "Solyes, aren’t you a bit too tense? There’s nobody here."

"Are you sure?" Solyes hadn’t yet sheathed his giant sword, still cautiously surveying the surroundings.

"Heh," Baheir spoke proudly, "Even the current head of the assassin’s guild couldn’t hide from my innate skill. Nobody can remain invisible in front of me!"


Baheir’s reputation was indeed impressive.

After a moment of hesitation, Solyes chose to believe him and sheathed his giant sword, sighing, "Shelley is very strong. Don’t take her lightly. Fifty years ago, she could behead a LV70 with a single sword stroke. Nowadays, even someone at level 90 might not be her match."

"Solyes, are you looking down on us?"

Mees, holding a wand, narrowed his eyes slightly and sneered, "A relic from so many years ago, even if she’s LV90, so what? Haven’t plenty of LV90s died at my hand these past few years?"

"..." Solyes glanced at Mees, too lazy to respond.

Persuading someone hell-bent on courting death was futile, but he made a mental note to stay as far away from Mees as possible!

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