Tempting Fate Chapter 174 - 174 Chapter 174: The Villain Killed

174 Chapter 174: The Villain Killed

Eve grabbed the black smoke and quickly let out more black smoke, but Reed deflected it. Eve threw herself into the swimming pool and fell in. The black smoke quickly turned into a long, black chain, and every part was still burning while it was still wrapped around his neck.

“Ahhh!” Eve’s loud scream can be heard.

Avery didn’t think demons would be in that place. He held Marina’s body while pressing the clothes she’d taken off to stop the bleeding.

“Y-you have to help them,” Marina said.

“I don’t have my katana anymore. I can’t kill them with just a normal weapon.” Avery said.

Marina raised her hand and let out black smoke. “Stop, you don’t need to use power....”

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Marina’s sword fell from the sky. “Use it.”



“If you don’t use this, you’ll die.”

Avery was speechless and just stared at the sword lying on the grass. Later, one of the demons that Dynhir and Eve had made approached. Avery quickly got the sword and attacked the demon coming toward Marina. Avery didn’t think he could hold the blade made of black power. She looked over at Marina. She grinned at her.

“Help them,” she told her.

He nodded and quickly attacked the demons that were getting in the way of the fight between Devin and Reed.


Eve couldn’t believe Reed could tie her up with that chain. He couldn’t move his hand, which stopped his hand from releasing power.

“I hate you,” Eve told Reed.

“Wow, we both feel the same way,” Reed said.

Eve looked at Dynhir. Strong black power could be felt all around. Reed was able to see where Dynhir and Devin were. He smiled as if he had done much to increase Devin’s power. He turned toward Eve.

“Do you really think you can beat us when we’re cousins?”

Eve smiled. “Of course.” Eve grabbed the chain, and even though her hands were hot, she pulled the chain, which surprised Reed a bit.

Reed smiled. “This is going to be exciting...”

Reed quickly jumped into the air and spun around a few times. “Hmmm, nice.”

Reed moved the chain again, and it broke into two. Now he was holding two chains, one tied to Eve’s legs. Eve wasn’t ready for that, so she fell again on the grass.

“Aw...” she moaned as she looked at Reed.

I should apologize.” Reed chuckled. “A demon does not ask for forgiveness, especially the king of demons.”

Reed noticed that Eve was getting annoyed. He smiled. When Eve got bored, he was sure her mind would be all messed up, and she wouldn’t think about every attack anymore. Reed pulled on the chain, raising it off the grass and hitting the fence. Reed pulled the chain again, and Eve’s body flew closer to Dynhir—the intense power spread caused walls and roads to crack. Even trees were uprooted, and their leaves fell.

Eve and Dynhir fell to the ground, and Devin walked toward Reed.

“Let’s finish this quickly because I still need to find my queen,” Reed said.

“Because you take too long,” Devin said.

“Haist, I boosted your power, but you still can’t beat that one. If you are having a hard time, why...” Reed turned toward Devin. “You don’t care about his c-ck. You know his weapon has a lot of power.”

Devin smirked. “I think I would prefer that we switch teams.”


After Reed took the chain off Eve’s neck and legs, Devin attacked her immediately and got close to her. He used it on Dynhir’s body, which quickly curled up, but not all the way because Dynhir’s power stopped it, but Reed’s was stronger. Holding the chain, he spread his wings and flew while pulling the chain.

Dynhir’s feet lifted off the ground, but he kept fighting the chain wrapping around his body.

“I didn’t think we’d be able to break the promise that couldn’t be broken.”

“Because you’re weak,” he said.

“I see..” I said, then nodded.

“I really should have killed you ages ago. When you had no way to defend yourself.” Dynhir growled.

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“Well, you didn’t. “You were still a coward.” Reed smiled and said. “And up until now.”

Dynhir tightened his jaw and released even more powerful forces from his palm.


“Hmmm, looks like you miss me, Eve.”

Devin hugged Eve’s back while he held her neck, and the black smoke wrapped around her body. Devin ran his tongue along Eve’s neck, which he slightly pulled to expose it to him.

“Just let go of me.” Eve was annoyed.

“I can still smell the desire escaping from your body, Eve. You seem to be lacking s-x...” Devin said, laughing.

Eve didn’t answer; instead, she tried to get out of his grip and power.

“Would you like to have sex before I kill you?”

“Devin, no matter how good you are, I will never have sex with you again.”

Devin smirked. “Fine. It’s easy to talk to me...”

“Shit!” Eve was surprised when Devin put his hand inside of her.

“Hmmm, you’re a perfect liar.”

Reed had Dynhir’s neck in his hands. Dynhir’s mouth was open, and black smoke was coming from it. Reed’s eyes changed color, and his nails dug into his neck.

“Kill him, and Emy will die as well.”

Reed turned around and looked at an angel floating in front of him. The white wings were moving softly.

“If I don’t kill him, he’ll do something similar again, destroying both worlds and killing my wife and son. I will not allow that to happen.”

“You’re human.”

“I’m a king, father, and husband,” Reed said. “W-where is Emy?”

“If you do the right thing, he will live.”

Reed was quiet. This is what happened to his mother, so he is careful not to have the same thing happen to him.

“The sun is about to set, and you have two hours to do the right thing.”

A few seconds later, the angel was gone, and Dynhir fell to the ground after being let go by the angel. Avery stopped fighting when the shadow demons suddenly vanished.

Reed turned to Devin and used the chain again to tie Eve and Dynhir.

“Damn, he’s getting close, Reed,” Devin complained when the chain suddenly wrapped around his body, and Reed pulled him away.

“You did not torture him, Devin...”

“I tormented him....”

He just shook his head. “Let’s head back to the realm and take them with us.”

“What? Why? Are we not going to find Emy?” Devin asked. “Suddenly he vanished, and...”

“Open the portal...”

Reed landed on the grass as the two cubes floated in the air, surrounded by black smoke.

“I can’t open the portal if nothing happens on the other side.”

“Just do it...”

Devin turned toward Reed. “Are you sure about...”

“I am sure, so do it...”

Devin couldn’t understand why Reed was so mad. It even used power to make him follow it. Devin runs away, but Reed catches him and grabs him by the neck.

“Open the portal!”

“Fine!” Devin said he was annoyed. He took a deep breath and looked intently at Reed. Before, it was fine, but now it seems to have lost its mood.

It glowed red in his hand, and there was a hole in the wall. He wrinkled his brow when he saw what was on the other side of the portal. He slowly put his hand through the portal. He felt how warm it was there, which made him turn to Reed. He was surprised when Eve and Dynhir flew into the portal. Devin quickly dodged and let the two people, who were already asleep, go through the portal. He didn’t notice Reed coming, so Reed pushed him into the portal.

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