Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN) Chapter 408

SS – ‘Paradise View – Gamers etcetera/Volume 3 Extra

An earthly paradise spread out beyond the steam.

It was the ideal place that anyone would pine for.

Cabal and Gido’s reproachful stares were annoying.

And it wasn’t just them, Kaijin, Garm and the three dwarf brothers were also jealous.

Damn it. They didn’t know when to give up. No matter how many times I said no, they still tried to follow me.

Ultimately, it was Shuna’s ice cold stare and a good beating by Shion that forced them to quit.

“Shit! It’s not fair that only you get to go.”

“Exactly… If we could only just get a peek…”

Cabal and Giddo were crying as the other dwarves comforted them.

As they did this every day, I could at least admire their spirit.

However, this was one time that I had to hold my tongue.

–After all, the place I was headed was…

I was being carried by Shion to one of two rooms.

The hot spring.

Yes, in order to heal the stress of the day, I had come to the baths with Shuna and Shion.

I could understand a little, why the others wouldn’t give up.

After all, I was being surrounded by Shuna, Shion and Elen.

They were all beautiful.

A blessing to the eyes, as they say.

Not only that, but there was one other person here today. Demon Lord Milim.

“Wahahahahaha! To think there was such a pleasurable place! This is a great country!”

Milim said as she ran around naked.

As it was dangerous, I told her not to run.

When she was quiet, she was incredibly beautiful, but her words and actions were so immature. But, perhaps that was part of Milim’s appeal…

In any case, she was definitely still easy on the eyes…and so I was thankful for my good fortune everyday.


Baths really were wonderful.

And when it was a hot spring, you could expect all kinds of effects. So it was only normal to use it every day.

I used to be a man, but now I was a slime.

And while I could turn into a human, I had no gender.

So that meant I could use the women’s bath without issue.

While Milim was being rowdy today, she was usually quite calm..

I calmed my heart and tried to blend into my surroundings with a peaceful spirit…and then yielded to the will of Shion and Shuna.

And then, I was covered in bubbles and then massaged before being carefully rinsed with water.

This scene had become a normal part of my life ever since the hot spring was created.

Looking at art was hardly a hobby for me, but I was greatly moved by the scene before me.

Shion had beautifully toned muscles. And yet, she had large, soft fruits on her as well.

Shuna had a slender frame that she was pale and smooth like porcelain. And while those mystical fruits were small, they were an ideal shape and very beautiful. There were two light red spots on her pale skin. They had such an impact that they seemed to fill my brain’s memory capacity.

Both were wonderful.

Very wonderful.

As for Elen, she seemed to be a little troubled after comparing herself to them. But she was still growing, so there was no need to take such a tragic view of things.

While it may have been the end of the world for her, I found it rather amusing.

—And then there was Milim. Who didn’t have a problem in the world.

Wahahaha! She laughed and swam energetically.

What a child.

Mentally, she was definitely at the same level.

Also, if I could make just one complaint, I wished she would stop using me as a kickboard.

Look, I know that I float, okay? I do. But that’s different.

Becoming the toy of a beautiful girl might sound like an enviable role, but something about being used like this didn’t feel right to me.

I was looking at something beautiful, and then get used like this out of nowhere.

It took me a while to even understand what was happening. I thought I was drowning in the hot spring.

…Well, it’s not like I actually needed to breath, so I couldn’t really drown.

It was Shion who saved me from Milim.

Of course, she only took me away from Milim so she could wash me as always…

After I was covered in bubbles from a special soap that Shuna made with a concoction of herbal essences, Milim stole me again.

“Hey. What are you…”

I became frantic.


Milim didn’t answer. Instead, she stretched me out and started to wipe her body over me.

“Stop using me as a bath towel!!”

I screeched.

I frantically escaped from Milim’s arms and washed the soap bubbles off. Then I entered the water and quickly moved away from her.

“Tsk. So stingy, Rimuru.”

Milim said with an annoyed pout.

Wait, wait. This is not what you call stingy.

I couldn’t let my guard down for a second.


I was only cautious of Milim at that time.

I had no idea that Shion and Shuna were eyeing me and Milim like hawks who were targeting their prey.

And then…

Before I knew it, I was being used as a bath towel by Shion and Shuna as well!

A little…no, a big part…of me thought it felt rather nice. But I swore to take that secret with me to the grave.

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