The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter 510 (END) - Authors Note

Chapter 510 – Author’s Note

What am I feeling right now?

My boyfriend asked me why I’m kneeling in front of my computer and laughing and crying. I feel like a spasming nutjob, and it’s one that needed to take lots of medicine too.

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I told him that Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir is finished.

He replied, “Oh, the novel that you updated daily with more than 10,000 words a day? The reason why you were too busy to wash your face, brush your teeth, and tidy your hair? Why you looked like one of those Chinese ghosts with hair all over their face?”

I answered, “Yup, that one! I really like this novel. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to properly write the ending. I wanted to write a BE originally, but I couldn’t bear to do that, so I wrote a HE instead!”

He asked, “Oh, what’s a BE? What’s a HE?”

(T/N: BE = bad/tragic ending, HE = happy ending.)

... We weren’t people from the same dimensions, so he couldn’t understand me! It felt as if a thousand horses had been surginging forward in shock in my heart and causing a sandstorm to rise up from their vigorous galloping.

And then, the sand falls down, and the entire world is quiet.

The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir, which had accompanied me and everyone for the past two months, has come to an end of sorts. The novel is done, and there won’t be daily updates anymore. I’m waving my hand in goodbye for now, but this novel has already been signed with a book publisher. Of course, there will definitely be changes between the printed version of this novel and the web version. There will also be extra stories added for our male and female protagonists. When the time comes, they’ll definitely come back in another way. I hope that everyone will continue to like it.

I want to tell everyone a secret after I concluded my emotional speech. Perhaps, it’s not considered a secret because I had already revealed it on Weibo.

The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir isn’t a transmigration novel.

After the female lead, Ji Man, read a book and went to sleep, she dreamed that she entered the world in the book. As the female lead with the biggest pit in her head, for the initial setting, the novel is just the female lead’s dream.

She didn’t become Nie Sangyu. She was just dreaming that she had taken Nie Sangyu’s place, and then thinking about how she will live her life.

This dream was very long. Long enough for several years to pass in the dream. But, when Ji Man woke up after completing Nie Sangyu’s wish, it was only the next morning.

I remember the comments for that chapter. Many people said the writing was sloppy. They questioned why Ji Man inexplicably transmigrate back to the novel world.

Actually, that wasn’t what happened. Ji Man didn’t transmigrate. That time, she had really woken up. She woke up to modern-day and suddenly discovered that all the people from the ancient world were gone. Ning Yuxuan was gone, and she missed him a lot. And so, wearing her high heels, she wanted to run back and continue to dream.

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And then, I wrote, she fell back into her dream.

That silly modern-day girl, who had been wearing such high heels while running, had fallen down on the road, cracked her head, and become a comatose person that went back to dreaming

I haven’t explicitly said this because it’s truly too sad and laughable.

I wrote about this in the ending too; Ji Man sees cracks in her surroundings in her dream world. Those were cracks in her dream. One day, she would wake up again. No matter how many years she had lived in her dream, she would wake up to her same self in modern-day, only a few days older.

But, when she woke up, Ning Yuxuan and little Sangyu wouldn’t be by her side anymore. There would be nothing.

After waking up from that spring boudoir dream, she would probably turn on her phone and look at that web novel. There was no way to verify if the novel had changed because of her, but she was the only one that knew the ending of the novel.

She could even write out the rest of the novel.

I’m used to writing happy endings. Readers often say that I must be the male lead’s mother. No matter how scummy the male lead is, he would always get a perfectly happy ending with the female lead.

I admit that I’m a cheesy and dramatic writer that’s been professionally whitening the blackened male leads for the past twenty years. It’s because there are too many unhappy and unsatisfactory things in real life. It would totally suck if you felt that way while reading a novel too.

That’s why I wrote that Ji Man and Ning Yuxuan live happily ever after and die together in old age. Of course, there’s also Haohao’s contribution. In the extra story at the end, when Ji Man is seriously ill, it’s because there’s a doctor in modern-day that wants to awaken her from her coma!

However, Haohao gives her a medicine that lets her continue sleeping so that this young woman can stay in this dream world for love.

When Ji Man wakes up again, perhaps, she won’t have any regrets. After all, she had already been with Ning Yuxuan for a lifetime.

This is the secret that I want to tell you, the novel’s real setting.

I buried a lot of foreshadowing in the novel, to the point that I forgot about a lot of them at the end. I’ll do my best to correct them for the published version. Thank you everyone for your support.

There were also a lot of unresolved puzzles. For example, did Ji Man really kill Fu-er? Regarding this question, I feel that different people will have different views, so I’m not planning on writing a definite answer. You can decide on your own what happened there.

As for little Sangyu, she can be considered Nie Sangyu’s reincarnation. In this lifetime, little Sangyu changed her methods in obtaining love. Ji Man would also teach her the correct way to love someone.

Holding a pot lid above my head as I laugh, I want to say that I really like this novel. Although I was influenced by other people on how I wrote this novel, I feel that I have gained a bit more maturity after I finished writing this story.

Translator Ramblings: This is the end of DSB. Thank you so much for giving this novel a try and your support! I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did.

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