The Epic Tale of Chaos vs Order Chapter 176 - 176 Laws and marrow washing

176 Laws and marrow washing

Cain had just reached his new residence and was ready to continue his experiments in Genetic Coding when a voice appeared in his head.

“Brat, it is me.” Zarak’s voice echoed inside Cain’s mind as this one used his Ego Wave to communicate.

Cain was surprised to hear Zarak’s voice and realized that this could stretch the Ego Wave for such a long distance. He was able to keep calm and wondered whether his master had questions about his actions during the last month.

However, Zarak’s question had nothing to do with that.

“Tell me, where did you get your body refinement auxiliary technique?”

Cain was a little confused by the question since Zarak already knew about the Blood Refinement Art, but this was the first time this one asked about it. Although he was not fond of revealing his secret, Zarak had shown him there could be trust between them, so he decided to tell the truth.

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“I found it in a corpse during a mission. I obtained the information from its A.I. Chip, which failed to self-destruct after the user’s death.”

“Did you kill that person?”

“No, he was dead long before I arrived.”


“Oh, so that is how. In that case, you are good.”

The confusion on Cain’s face only grew. There was clearly something going on with his Blood Refinement Art.

“Is there a problem, Master?”

Zarak did not answer immediately, and only after a moment did Cain hear his voice again.

“Your technique has a problematic origin, but since you did nothing wrong, there is no need to worry. I will take care of things, and if anything changes, I will let you know.”

After that, Cain felt Zarak’s Ego Wave vanish. He was still full of questions, but it seemed he would not get any more information.

Instead of worrying about things he could not control, Cain began to look at his new residence, which starkly contrasted with the one he had as a cadet.

The place was almost five times larger, with rooms designed specifically for his training and experiments.

Cain would have wanted to go ahead and make the Genetic Chain for the new Lineage, but that was not possible yet. Only after becoming a Peak Grand Genetic Coder would his abilities reach the minimum requirement to pursue such a task.

“Let ‘s start.”

With that word began weeks of non-stop training. Cain would improve his cultivation with wave crystals while using Lightning Wave Orbs to temper his body.

Cultivation occupied half of Cain’s time. He divided the rest between his Genetic Coder training and Hypnosis Master training.

Time always seemed to run short, but luckily Cain’s Ego Wave had grown so powerful that he could do more than one thing simultaneously.

He noticed it shortly after his Ego Wave burst with power and broke the force that Rodrick used to paralyze him. According to the information he got from Zarak, that was his willpower breaking through the limits of a Wave Champion.

Once that happened, those with talent in the Ego Eternal Path of Power gained the ability to split their minds in two, being able to generate two completely different trains of thought at the same time.

Cain was still at the First Realm, but now that his willpower evolved to the Wave King level, his brain became much stronger, and soon his Alter-Ego would show signs of growth, allowing him to harness its power.

Thanks to his powerful vitality and Ego Wave, Cain only needed two hours of normal sleep a week. Of course, he still required rest daily to work correctly, but his Embryonic Breathing was more than enough, and he could use it while cultivating.

Three weeks passed like that, and only then did Cain stop his training and decide to take a decent night of sleep. However, before that, he used the system to analyze his cultivation and body.

“System, scan.”

Seconds after Cain uttered that command, the always reliable system carried on with the task.

[Scan of Vessel completed

Name: Cain Laurifer

Race: Godslayer Humankind

Path of Power: Astral Rebirth (Level 4 Wave Warrior)

Lineage: Lightning Lupus

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Wave Talent: Pseudo Tier 6 (Low Tier 6)


Strength: 3.3–>3.8

Agility: 2.1–>2.6

Vitality: 4.4–>5.1

Wave: 1.6–>2.3

Blood Energy: 5.1–>5.6

Marrow washing: 74% completion

Note: Wave Virus inside Vessel enhanced Wave Talent by 16.7%]

It had been just three weeks, but Cain’s cultivation had significantly advanced, thanks to his mighty Wave Talent that resulted from his high percentage marrow washing and the new Wave Virus he obtained from Morgana’s books.

The new Wave Virus was much better than the Enhanced Wave Drive he obtained from Camil. Its name was Blood Revolution, and it used your vitality to fuel your cultivation.

While Blood Revolution was impressive, to say the least, only people like Cain, whose vitality was impressively high for their current cultivation, could use it without suffering from side effects. The sale of Wave Viruses like this one was prohibited since there was no shortage of people that would endanger their lives for a cultivation boost.

Cain had no problem keeping them since he never intended to sell them. Not only was it very costly, but the difficulty of the Blood Revolution’s Genetic Chain was also at the standard of a Grand Wave Virus.

He would gain more by selling Enhanced Wave Drive in bulk than by spending an entire day creating a single Blood Revolution.

‘I am much stronger than before, and the speed at which I consume Life Wave and transform it into Astral Wave is impressive. From what I can see, it is just a matter of days before I become a Level 5 Wave Warrior.’

Cain adopted a solemn expression as he thought of his next breakthrough and how it would be an extremely important step in his cultivation.

There was no way Cain would have forgotten about the power of the Laws that Iris had used during her fight in the underground city of Saharo.

That was a might that Cain definitely wanted to master. However, there was no mention of the Laws in any part of the Fiend Devourer Cultivation Technique. At first, he thought it was a secret power only a few knew of so early in their cultivation, like the Ego Eternal Path of Power, but he was wrong.

Apex had managed to obtain information about the power known as the Laws, thanks to his constant hacking of the Empire Science Academy.

In a very basic way, the Laws were the matrix of the world. The forces that made everything work as it was supposed to, making fire produce warmth and ice generate cold. You can summon their power by gaining some understanding of them, just like Iris did with the Law of Wind.

However, that was a gift reserved for those that follow the Essence Evolution Path of Power. The Essence Wave inside their bodies enhanced their perception and allowed them to study the Laws.

Technically, someone that follows the Astral Rebirth Path of Power could still study the Laws, but that would be futile. By the time they gained even a bit of comprehension, the boost it would grant to their battle power would be insignificant.

Of course, if the Essence Evolution Path of Power had access to such a gift as the Laws, while the Astral Rebirth Path of Power had nothing to compete with, the second would have vanished long ago.

While the Astral Rebirth Path of Power did not grant an enhanced perception capable of studying the Laws, it allowed its user to go through marrow washing.ƒ𝓇ℯ𝑒𝒘𝐞𝚋𝓃𝚘𝚟e𝚕. 𝒄𝗼𝐦

Once the percentage surpassed 75%, an Astral Wave Cultivator would gain a boost to their strength and talent just as high as an Essence Wave Cultivator that managed to begin their comprehension over the Laws.

After Apex told Cain that, this one remembered the words that Wink told them at the beginning of the training in Wave Cultivation.

‘Essence Wave focuses on perception, while Astral Wave focuses on the foundation. Mine reached an impressive level thanks to the Blood Refinement Art breakthrough to level 2.’

Cain was delighted with his current foundation, but that did not mean he would not push it harder. That is why he spent so much money on high-level cultivation resources.

Finally, Cain went to sleep and woke up as the sun rose. He took a shower, ate a small meal, and bowed to his father’s altar before leaving.

Cain did not take long to reach a large field where hundreds of soldiers were in perfect military formation. There was a sense of discipline in their eyes, making it clear there was no one among them that did not have a strict sense of discipline.

Cain noticed that among the First Lieutenant, there were Levi, Lurin, Ophelia, and many other familiar faces. The military organized people according to their affinity, so finding themselves in the same battalion was not odd for those who had worked together.

‘My life as a soldier finally begins.’ Cain smiled as that thought crossed his mind.

End of Book 2. The Rise of the Blood Lightning Genius.

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