The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 1471: Shriveled Corpse

Chapter 1471: Shriveled Corpse

In particular, Lu Zhixi’s clothes were tattered, revealing her pretty chest. Her thighs were even more glistening in the sun.

Several young men couldn’t help swallowing after seeing her in such a state.

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The people at Huang Medical Branch hated Lu Zhixi to the bone. This woman wanted to make trouble for Xi Yue when she was breaking through. She almost killed all of them with outsiders. Now she still had the nerve to pretend to be pitiful?

Qian Dazhuang spat out a mouthful of phlegm at Lu Zhixi’s half-exposed chest and said with disgust, “Bah! Help? Help what? I haven’t settled the scores with you yet! You dare to scream for help? Who are you trying to fool?”

Lu Zhixi looked at the mouthful of phlegm sticking to her skin, and she almost vomited in disgust.

However, Lu Zhixi finally forced himself to endure it, wiped his tears, and cried in panic, “Beastkin, there was a beastkin who killed everyone in front. They all died miserably. I’m so scared. Wu wu wu…”

Deputy Dean Jiang and the others were shocked when they heard this. Many students showed panicked expressions.

Do those beastkins really plan not to let us go? They want to kill us all in the magical beast forest?

Wei Chengyuan frowned and said, “You said there was a beastkin killing people? What kind of beastkin? How many people were killed? How did you escape?”

Lu Zhixi shook her head with tearful eyes, “I don’t know what beastkin is it. I only saw the shadow of a monster. He kidnapped us, then he killed the elders of the Doctors Association and the students of the pioneer branch. Wu wu wu… I was lucky to escape from death.”

Wei Chengyuan squinted and glanced at Lu Zhixi. He felt that the woman was lying.

Zeng Shouyue stroked his beard and said, “Tie up Lu Zhixi first, then let’s go to the place she said.”

In any case, Lu Zhixi colluded with the Doctors Association, so she couldn’t escape from the crime of murdering her classmates.

When they arrived at the place Lu Zhixi mentioned, everyone couldn’t help but gasp when they saw the shriveled corpses there.

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8 martial artists at the Nascent Soul Stage and a few at the Gold Core Stage, were all sucked into mummies.

What kind of spell is this, and what beastkin did it?

Hexi frowned when she saw the corpses. She took a few steps forward and examined the dantians and meridians of the mummies.

Sure enough, their spiritual power and vitality disappeared completely.

Rather than saying it was done by the beastkin, it was done by a terrifying devouring force.

Hexi raised her head and glanced at Nangong Yu. They saw a trace of shock and understanding in each other’s eyes.

It was Lu Xuyang!

Because Nangong Yu hurt Lu Xuyang, Lu Xuyang absorbed the vitality of these people.

This mean is so ruthless. He didn’t even let go of his subordinates.

“Jiang Dean, Zhixi was just confused. She was coerced by the Doctors Association at that time, so she did that stupid act. Dean, please forgive her!”𝗳re𝚎𝚠𝐞𝗯𝙣𝗼ν𝗲l. c૦𝓶

“Yeah! What’s more, isn’t Xiyue doing well now? Zhixi has suffered such a disaster. No matter how serious the crime is, it should be cleared. Dean, don’t you think so?”

The anxious and pity voices of the students of the pioneer branch came from behind.

Hexi turned around and saw a young man of the pioneer branch helping Lu Zhixi who was tied up.

Lu Zhixi’s clothes were half uncovered. Her frail and boneless body leaned against the young man’s body. Her soft chest rubbed against the young man’s arm, making him flush and infatuated.

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