The Lady’s Sickly Husband Chapter 230: An Interesting Book

Chapter 230: An Interesting Book

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Mo Qianxue stomped her feet helplessly. The garden was very huge, worthy of its reputation as the garden built by the first family a century ago with various of flowers blossoming.

The weather was beautiful. On the right side were peonies known as the queen of flowers, and on the left were a field of tulips, scented with intoxicating aroma.

Most of the people at this moment went to the party stage to compete in poem-composing and gain for themselves a little fame. Not many people were in the garden, right for her to have fun here.

Along the way, Mo Qianxue was in a great mood.

Junzhu Susu also had a good time. The two of them childishly pointed this and that flowers, whereas Feng Yuchen and Lan Ruomeng followed behind and shock their heads.

The poem-competition stage was built in the center of the garden.

On the high stage, there were constant young lords going up to make poems or paintings, showing off their talents.

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Of course, there were also many ladies going up there, flushed or charmingly confident.

Some performed alone, and others worked together, making a lively scene.

Mo Qianxue was tired from walking around and sat still on the seat, just watching them.

In fact, it was quite an enjoyment to watch these young lords and ladies to make and chant poems. Anyway, it was much nobler than her stealing from the ancients’ works, wasn’t it?

However, even though Mo Qianxue wanted to take a break, others didn’t want her to.

Just as Mo Qianxue was appreciating the party, a provocative voice of woman came over. Mo Qianxue frowned subconsciously.

“People in the capital say the lady of the Founder Mansion is natural in poems. Yuelin dares to invite Miss. Mo Qianxue to compete with me today! Would you give me the grace?”

Her words were civil, but the tone couldn’t be more jealous. It was bare trouble-stirring!

Following the voice, Mo Qianxue saw standing in the middle of the stage, a girl in light-green dress looking at her provocatively.

She seemed waiting for Mo Qianxue to make a fool of herself.

Mo Qianxue frowned slightly, unable to remember since when she had seen such a face or known this person.

Seeing Mo Qianxue’s confusion, Lan Ruomeng said, “She’s Xie Yuelin, the second young lady of the super Xie family, a good friend to Princess Yuhe.”

Something was evident without words.

The relationship between this woman and Princess Yuhe explained the reason why she was against her. The woman’s aim was more to get back at Mo Qianxue for Princess Yuhe than merely to let Mo Qianxue embarrass herself!

Figuring her purpose, Mo Qianxue nodded.

She took a light glance at the woman, ignoring the hatred bursting out of her eyes, and just smiled, “If so, I think I have to accept your challenge. After you.”

Mo Qianxue acted in an adequate manner, with no fault to be picked!

But Xie Yuelin mistook it and thought Mo Qianxue was afraid. On the instant, she sneered, nostrils facing up to the sky, in an arrogant demeanor beyond words.

“Since we’re hanging out in this garden, then what about we make a poem on flowers? I’ll go first.”

Xie Yuelin glanced around, triumphant, “Hundreds of flowers bloom in the city/ the peonies are pretty/ the chrysanthemum and lotus dignified/ just like the beauty.”

Finishing that, she held her chin high again.

“Good. Miss. Xie is so talented!”

“Nice. It’s quite beautiful...”

Most of those singing praises were people dependent on the Xie family.

They didn’t dare not to cheer for a Miss. Xie! Even if she had made a crap, they had to sing her praises!

Yet, the corners of Mo Qianxue’s lips twitched with embarrassment!

She had thought that since this woman dared to challenge her, she must be of something, but in fact she turned out to be third-rated.

Was she kicked by a donkey in the head?

What kind of poem was this?

It wasn’t even a limerick?

Mo Qianxue quietly took a glance at the expression of the audience around and found that many couldn’t bear to hear such a good poem and there was an abnormal distortion on their faces!

And among these, some were the praise-singers!

Mo Qianxue roasted silently. Say words against your heart, and you deserve it!

Xie Yuelin wasn’t in the least aware of that and still wore the smug face. Mo Qianxue really admired her ‘cultivation’ and the Xie family which was able to cultivate such a special daughter.

Waiting for long without hearing Mo Qianxue speak, Xie Yuelin believed Mo Qianxue was too scared to take the challenge. She looked up and urged, “Alright. I finish mine. Now it’s your turn!”

Her look of nostrils upturned seemed to suggest her confidence in her amazing poem! And the way she looked at Mo Qianxue was like she was garbage...

It really disgusted Mo Qianxue.

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But Junzhu Susu laughed her head off.

Another man, not far from the stage, standing on a truck, also couldn’t stop laughing.

Not getting a response, Xie Yuelin said again, “I’m always a kind person. If you can’t make one, I won’t give you a hard time. Just kneel, serve me a cup of tea and kowtow to me, then I’ll let it go.”

Mo Qianxue really didn’t know where to start...

If the Madam Mei and Jing were crazy, then she could now conclude that those two bitches were mildly sick, while this one was helpless!

It seemed that it wouldn’t work to reason with this helpless woman.

Mo Qianxue would give back to her what she had offered and slap her in the face in everyone’s presence. The top priority was to teach her a lesson so that she would never mess with her ever again!

“Qianxue isn’t talented and probably never has to chance to kowtow to you or serve tea.”

Mo Qianxue slowly rose her to feet and said in a light tone, the graceful dignified manner making Xie Yuelin’s shallowness more protrusive.

The majestic demeanor already dwarfed her!

Xie Yuelin was a little annoyed!

The ignorant arrogance in her eyes was already placed by jealousy and hatred!

Mo Qianxue discerned Xie Yuelin’s change and just shook her head. This woman was too brainless and stupid.

Walking up the stage, Mo Qianxue chanted unhurriedly,

“Spring is on the way out, grass and plants know/ In red in purple they strive to make the season stay/ Elms and poplars, not so gifted, just let their flowers go/ Drifting, thinking they have created a vast snowy day.”

Finishing, Mo Qianxue gave a small smile at the audience, “Please do forgive my ignorance.” Then, she turned and walked down the stage.

Mo Qianxue’s manner and poem and gesture and tone were all right to the point, dignified and affable, graceful and extraordinary, proud but not arrogant.

Nobody spoke a word!

There was suddenly silence, a sharp contrast to the lively praises after Xie Yuelin made her poem.

The jealousy and hatred on Xie Yuelin’s face were less, and crawling on it smug again.

She said contemptuously, “Miss. Mo. I heard that you won the first prize in the Peach Blossom Party and was known as the most talented lady in the world. Look at you now. What is it that you just made? Nonsense! Don’t you see that they are dumbfounded by your stupid poem? You lose. Hurry and kowtow to me!”

Xie Yuelin looked at Mo Qianxue complacently, a smug smile hovering on her lips.

Mo Qianxue calmly glanced around and asked carelessly, “Really?”

“Of course...”

However, at this moment, the young lords and ladies, dumbfounded while ago, all returned to the earth, as if they were to answer Mo Qianxue’s question!

“Great poem!”


“It’s said that the lady of the Founder Mansion is a natural in poems and songs and reputed by Academician Jia as the most talented lady. I didn’t totally believe that at first, but now I’m convinced! I admire you...”

“Yes! This poem must be composed on the heaven’s will. I don’t believe a human is capable of such a great poem...”

Now it was Xie Yuelin’s turn to be dumbfounded...

She didn’t understand what wrong was with these people? Why did they look so excited? Was...was it because Mo Qianxue’s poem was really that good?

“ mediocre people! That’s a singular poem! That’s nonsense! Are you bewitched by her pretty face?” Xie Yuelin was exasperated! Furiously exasperated!

There were only coughs among the audience. Some young lords even left the seats.

They didn’t dare to mess up with this Miss. Xie, but they could run away.

The poem competition was a graceful activity.

A person taking her failure in an ugly way would only make people despise her!

Xie Yuelin was making a scene of herself on the stage whereas Mo Qianxue only had contempt for her.

Couldn’t this clueless lady think with her brain a little? Even if some of the men were enchanted by her appearance, there were still women applauding for her. Were these women also enchanted by her beauty? Were they lesbians?

What a clueless woman!

Of course, Mo Qianxue wasn’t surprised at such an outcome!

A classic poem was certainly a blockbuster! Didn’t they think that she cheated in the last party? Now, she was going to prove that they were wrong! There was no cheating!

She hoped that there would constantly be people coming to challenge her ever again in the future.

With composure, she accepted all kinds of gazes from the people around, and her light smile made the most beautiful scenery.

“Spring is on the way out, grass and plants know/ In red in purple they strive to make the season stay/ Elms and poplars, not so gifted, just let their flowers go/ Drifting, thinking they have created a vast snowy day.” Su Qi had been standing in the distance, leaning languidly against the tree.

It seemed that he never knew Mo Qianxue well. When he just learned a side of her, another side was displayed in front of him. This woman was like an intriguing book compelling people to turn page after page. Interesting!

And the next page was always more interesting!

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