The Mightiest Leveling System Chapter 4477

One hand covering the sky!

The current situation was as though he could cover the sky with one hand.

Especially that ’The Great Way is in my hands’!

It also pushed Long Fei’s figure to the extreme.

One person with one hand, overturning the heavens with the other.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

It was at this point that the eight great Daos of the Mountains and Seas completely collapsed.

Under the power of the Hand of the Great Dao, it was like a child’s play, unable to withstand a single blow.

As for the eight Grand Elders of the Mountain and Sea Sect, they too had fallen to the hands of the great Dao. Their fleshly bodies collapsed, and their souls vanished.

In the distance, the Grand Immortals were constantly pouting, and their throats were constantly squirming as well.

Even someone as powerful as him was touched.

"The Great Dao."

With a soft sound, the Heavy Immortal’s gaze once again looked towards Yang Tian.

Yang Ri’s eyes were now filled with fear and regret.

All of this could have been avoided.

If not for them giving face to the so called powerhouse, all of this could have been avoided.

But now, it was already too late.

Of the top ten Elders in the Mountain and Sea Sect, nine had been cut down, leaving only him as the commander in chief.

"Brat …" You’re so vicious. What is the Mountain and Sea Sect so worried about? Yang Li said fiercely.

At this time, his hatred for Long Fei overflowed to the heavens.

Long Fei was also stunned:

"Target? "You think too much."

"However, you should understand that the Great Dao is ruthless. If anyone dares to block my way, I will kill them. "

"And very evidently, you all have stopped me." Long Fei’s pupils contracted as she said indifferently.

At this moment, the white deer had already begun to move under his control.

Or perhaps it could be said that he had already let go of the Great Immortal’s control.

After all, even the eight Elders were dead, and there was no longer any threat.

"Haha, well said."

"Boss, can you be any more awesome?" The eight Great Elders, no, nine of them! "

"This is one of the top battle prowess of the Mountain and Sea Sect. If they say they’re going to wipe them out, then so be it." The white deer was extremely excited, as if it wanted the world to be at peace.

Jianma also came up to him:

"Master, why don’t we just kill this old fogey and end the Mountain and Sea Sect’s thoughts? We can’t make things difficult for us in the future." Jianma said, his eyes burning with fervor.

He was like a completely different person from before. Previously, he even advised Long Fei not to play it too far.

Now, they wanted Long Fei to kill Yang Tian to prevent future troubles.

Long Fei lifted her head indifferently, her gaze looking towards the ground in silence.

Because at this moment, the system’s voice came again:

"Ding! Congratulations player on killing ’Long Fei’, who has killed Mountain Sea Sect’s Elder. The reward is 3 billion experience points, 3 billion Holy Source points, and 1 Striking Value point."

Eight chimes in a row. All of them were based on experience.

In fact, it wasn’t even comparable to Weng Yu Dong’s, who didn’t even use a single cultivation technique.

Long Fei was depressed, she was prepared to go berserk, but realized that her Striking Value was not enough.

This was a bulls.h.i.+t bug of the system.

That was the acc.u.mulation of Striking Value; at most, it would only be a hundred.

No matter how many people he killed, after going berserk once, he would have zero points. Only after that would he be able to acc.u.mulate enough points to continue.

"Not good. The most powerful of these eight was the Daoist magic of the Mountains and Seas. If we can’t get them, then wouldn’t we suffer a huge loss?" Long Fei thought.

This time, in order to kill eight people.

Even the hand of the Great Dao had been unleashed.

How could Long Fei be satisfied with just a little bit of experience?

Even though the eight of them had brought him 240 billion experience points, in addition to the 10 billion from before, that was 250 billion.

However, it still could not satisfy Long Fei.

With just a thought, killing intent filled Long Fei’s heart.

He was just about to let Jianma take a look around.

But at that moment, the system’s voice rang out once again.

"Ding! Congratulations to player ’Long Fei’ for obtaining the Great Way of the Mountains and Seas. Life!"


Another series of reminders.

What Long Fei did not expect was that this time, there would be no berserk attacks.

"Holy s.h.i.+t, how can the System be so humane?" Long Fei’s heart stirred, she was in disbelief.

However, there was no time to speculate about this.

No matter what the method was, the power now belonged to him.

And it was also at this time that Long Fei’s gaze directly fell on Yang Plains.

This was the last person among the ten Elders.

Long Fei was sure that this person could control a type of Dao that was similar to the way of the mountains and seas, and might even be stronger than the other eight people.

If it was possible, Long Fei would not hesitate at all and immediately stabbed down with her blade.

But now, he had used the power of the Hand of the Great Dao.

Right now, the strongest attack he had was only nine dragons in the sky.

It would be unrealistic to rely on the nine dragons in the sky to kill Yang Ri.

After all, Yang Li was very strong.

Although it was inferior to that of a Grand Immortal.

But in Long Fei’s perception, she felt that it was a little bit stronger than the avatar of Zhi Zun back then.

Unless he could slash out the G.o.d of Boundary’s blade a third time, with his current abilities, he would at most be able to face his opponent head on. However, killing his opponent would be extremely difficult.

"Are you satisfied with this result?" Long Fei said indifferently.

However, his eyes were looking at Jiang Zhong Xian.

Because, before, he said that even if he killed all ten of them, he would still be able to endure it.

However, the eyes of the Heavy Immortal General flashed with a cold light as he smiled at Long Fei:

"Isn’t there another one? Since we have already killed nine, we might as well also kill this one. " The Grand Immortal said.

But when he said that, Long Fei’s heart became bitter.

A cold smile still hung on his face, but in his heart, he had already raised his middle finger towards the Heavy Immortal.

He didn’t believe that the Grand Immortals wouldn’t be able to sense him; he was currently powerless to use the power he had just now.

Otherwise, why would he waste words with him?

But at this time, Long Fei absolutely could not show it.

The only thing he could do was to follow his words and look toward the sun.

"You saw it too, it’s not me who wants to kill you. However, there are those who are dissatisfied with this result. " Long Fei said softly.

He immediately threw a tantrum.

He pushed the blame onto the Grand Immortals.

The purpose was to put pressure on Yang Li.

And the truth was just as Long Fei had thought. In that instant, Yangzhi’s expression instantly became incomparably ugly.

It immediately turned into the color of a pig’s liver.

"It really is you, General Heavy Immortal!"

"I knew it. How could these little b.a.s.t.a.r.ds dare to ignore the authority of the Mountain and Sea Sect?"

"So it turns out that all of this is because of you supporting us from behind."

Yang Tian couldn’t stand up in hatred. His eyes almost popped out, and his hatred overflowed to the heavens.

The Head Immortal was stunned. He had not expected Long Fei to be so shameless, but he did not explain anything.

As for Long Fei, she also walked towards the place where Yang Li was standing. The G.o.d of Boundary in her hand was also flickering with a cold light.

At this moment, Yang Zhi was finally afraid.

Retreat without a fight!

Before Long Fei made her move, her figure moved, and transformed into green light, and disappeared without a trace.

Long Fei looked in the direction that Yang Qian had left, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Long Fei naturally did not want to do something that she found difficult to please. Since she wasn’t able to kill the other party, there was no point in fighting him. It was better to just conserve her strength.

However, he still had to put on an act. After all, he had already pushed the Heavy Immortal out, so no matter what, he had to make the other party satisfied.

But just when Long Fei was about to give chase, she was stopped by the Heavy Immortal: "There’s no need, someone is coming." The Grand Immortal said.

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