The Ninth Sister is a Prodigious Beast Master Chapter 286 - 286 Blizzard Wolves

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286 Blizzard Wolves

The Magical Beast Forest stretched across the entire continent from east to west, and the Soul Breaking Mountain Range was like the spine of this continent, extending throughout the entire Magical Beast Forest. This Soul Breaking Canyon was sandwiched between the two largest branching mountain ranges that winded forward and directly reached the deepest depths of the Soul Breaking Mountain Range, the Soul Breaking Mountain Range.

Outside the Severing Soul Mountain Range, Beiting Huang, who had already dealt with two five-star Holy Beasts, could not imagine what kind of high-level magical beasts she would encounter inside the Severing Soul Canyon.

After walking for a while, the tall trees had already blocked the sky from the sun. Other than the rustling footsteps, even their breathing had become shallow. They could not hear any sound. It could be seen that everyone was very nervous.

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The sky was getting darker and darker. Occasionally, there would be a few traces of the aura of magical beasts. Beiting Huang raised her hand to stop the team. “He Ming and Mei Luo, ask your two holy beasts if there are any caves nearby. Let’s clear a place and set up camp to rest!”

They were still some distance away from Lion King’s Ridge, but Beiting Huang wasn’t in a hurry. Their current traveling speed might be a little slower, but as the team’s strength increased, their speed would be much faster. She had a hundred ways to get to Lion King’s Ridge before the four great clans.

After the two of them left with their respective Holy Flow, Mei Luo pointed at a dark cave not far away and said, “Leader, Luo Xue said that there’s a cave of Blizzard Wolves there. The cave is very big and can accommodate more than 100 of us. However, the Wolves inside are all very powerful. There’s a One-star Divine Beast leader, five Three-star Holy Beasts, and the rest are mostly high-star spirit beasts.”

Blizzard Wolves? Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. As the name suggested, they were magical beasts that lived in groups and were known for their ruthlessness and speed. Adventurers walking in the forest of magical beasts would rather encounter a black bear than a Blizzard Wolf. Their agile and nimble movements like the wind would definitely make their opponents go crazy.

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