The Power of the First Daughter, Doctor and Concubine Dominates the World Chapter 978: Lu Yan and Jade Rabbit

Chapter 978 Fan Wai Er Lu Yan and Jade Rabbit

Lu Yan hesitated for a long time and didn’t sleep all night. He looked at the jade rabbit in his arms through the light outside the tent. She was still coiled on his body like an octopus as a child, and Lu Yan’s hand gently stroked her. On the little girl’s back, I can feel her attachment to him.

Isn’t it my own attachment to him?

The next day, Lu Yan still sent the little girl to the academy, and he entered the palace.

The third child and the fourth child are almost two years old, they are chasing each other in the yard, and they start fighting after a while.

Lu Yan walked over, one in each hand, lifted the two of them away, and said sternly, "Why are you fighting again? Be careful and punish you!"

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The two children called foster father inarticulately.

The prince and the two children called Lu Yan his adoptive father.

Xie Zhiwei heard the movement, walked out of the house, saw that it was Lu Yan, and hurriedly said, "Brother, why are you here?"

Lu Yan was afraid to look at Xie Zhiwei, because his purpose for coming was not pure.

The crown prince ran out of the house and threw himself into Lu Yan’s arms, his immature voice was full of grievances, "Father, you don’t come into the palace to see me anymore, I miss my foster father!"

Lu Yan picked him up, but in the end, the two little ones were unhappy, and hugged Lu Yan’s leg one by one, and Lu Yan couldn’t move an inch.

Xie Zhiwei had no choice but to bend down and pick up a small one, and then Lu Yan slipped the other into his arms, and the two entered the house.

Xie Zhiwei had someone serve tea to Lu Yan, and asked, "Brother, is there something wrong?"

Lu Yan patted the crown prince’s head, he still didn’t dare to look at Xie Zhiwei, hesitated for a long time, and finally said under Xie Zhiwei’s urging, "I want to take Jade Rabbit out for a walk!"

After he finished speaking, he looked at Xie Zhiwei very nervously. If Xie Zhiwei was a little bit reluctant, he might deny his decision.

Who knows, Xie Zhiwei was very pleasantly surprised, "Okay, this is a good thing!"

Immediately, she thought of the reason why Lu Yan found it difficult to speak, and she smiled, "When the children are young, it is a good thing for parents to take them all over the mountains and rivers, and only at this time will they have the opportunity Look around."

Lu Yan was shocked, he thought Xie Zhiwei would be reluctant.

Xie Zhi smiled and said, "Brother, we are very relieved that Yutuer can follow you. We are also very happy that she likes you. We are happy to see her success. Although she is raised by me, a piece of meat that fell off my body, However, I am very grateful to be able to raise it under your lap!"

Lu Yan looked directly into her bright eyes, as if a soft hand had touched his heart, he closed his eyes, "Mei Mei, I am also very grateful!"

Xie Zhiwei sighed, "The only thing I worry about is, will you spoil her?"

Lu Yan didn’t like to hear these words, "When you were young, the Xie family didn’t say they spoiled you!"

Xie Zhiwei couldn’t help laughing, and was about to say that the prince has already pestered Lu Yan, "Father, you want to take your sister out for a trip, and I want to go out too. Father, I will be your son, so take me out too!"

Lu Yan couldn’t help laughing, "You will be my son, what will your parents do?"

"There are still little three and little four!"

The two little ones crawled on Lu Yan, just when Xiao Xun came in, he lifted the two little ones to the side one by one with each hand, and then put them down, the two little ones passed by again, and then climbed on Lu Yan.

Lu Yan had two on his legs and one in his arms, which were crowded.

"Why doesn’t the prince need to go to school?" Lu Yan asked.

"He said that the homework assigned by the teacher has been done, and school will be dismissed early."

The prince and Yutu’er have inherited Xiao Xun and Xie Zhiwei’s cleverness very well, and they can read books without any effort.

Mr. is also very easy to teach.

Xie Zhiwei then said that Lu Yan wanted to take Jade Rabbit out for a tour, and said, "What I mean is, anyway, elder brother will let go of one sheep and two sheep, so it’s better to take Ju Nu out with him, he is the crown prince. , can’t be raised in the capital, deep in the palace, if we ask why we don’t eat minced meat in the future, we will be too sorry for the people of the world.”

"Mother, why don’t you eat minced meat?" asked the prince.

Xiao Xun was very pleasantly surprised when he heard that, "How about, big brother, you take the two younger ones out together, two sheep are freed, and four sheep are also freed!"

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Lu Yan got up and was about to leave, the prince hugged his leg and wailed, "Father, dear father, just take me with you!"ƒ𝚛𝐞𝚎𝑤𝘦𝚋𝓷o𝚟e𝘭.c𝐨𝙢

Xiao Xun didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and knocked on his son’s head, "What nonsense are you talking about? Go with your own father!"

The prince laughed, jumped up, and hung on Lu Yan’s body, almost hitting the two little ones. Xiao Xun hugged the two young sons from left to right, and glared at the prince, "Whoever you are Two younger brothers?"

The prince has always been very protective of the two younger brothers, so he hurriedly slipped off Lu Yan and touched one of them, "Little three, little four, are you all right?"

Turning around and hanging on Lu Yan again, "Father, just take me, I will help you take good care of my sister."

Lu Yan looked at Xie Zhiwei, Xie Zhiwei nodded, and then he hugged the prince in his arms. The prince was so happy that he turned his head and said to his two younger brothers, "Little three, little four, you two should take good care of your father and mother at home." Dear, when brother comes back, I will bring you delicious food."

Lu Yan sat down, put the prince on his knees, and said solemnly, "Junu, my adoptive father will take my sister to many places this time. I have to go to the south of the Yangtze River first, and maybe go to the west Xinjiang. It is very bitter and cold there. I have to leave. Father and mother have been together for a long time, are you willing too?"

Ju Nu is not the kind of child who is raised in a deep palace. He has followed Lu Yan to the military camp since he was three years old, and grew up.

"Yes, I am willing!" Ju Nu raised his hands, so excited that he hugged Lu Yan’s neck and gnawed at his face.

Lu Yan tilted his head back and pushed his little face away, "Speak well!"

Ju Nu didn’t care about Lu Yan’s disgust, so he smirked.

On the same day, Ju Nu followed Lu Yan out of the palace and lived in Prince Ding’s Mansion.

At night, Xie Zhiwei tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep. Xiao Xun knew that she was missing her son, so he hugged her and did something bad for a while. She was so tired that she couldn’t lift her fingers, and fell into a deep sleep.

Three days later, Lu Yan and two children were carried in an unremarkable green horse carriage, and they left the capital without a sound. Along the way, more than 300 elite guards guarded the city tightly.

In the carriage, Lu Yan taught the two children to recite books. After reciting for a while, Yutu’er became drowsy. She yawned and got into Lu Yan’s arms.f𝓇𝘦ℯ𝙬𝑒𝐛n𝐨νe𝙡.c𝑜𝗺

Ju Nu wanted to get in too, but Lu Yanti slipped away, "Endorse well."

"My sister won’t recite!" Ju Nu pointed at her sister who had closed her eyes and was sound asleep, feeling so unfair!

"My younger sister won’t inherit the throne in the future!" Lu Yan thought of the child leaving his parents, and he, as the grand tutor, couldn’t be too strict with him, and said kindly, "You will inherit the throne in the future, if you don’t learn to be smart, how will you deal with many important issues? Woolen cloth?"

"Father, let me tell daddy to pass the throne to my younger sister, okay?"

How could Lu Yan be willing to suffer such hardships for Jiaojiao whom he raised in his palm? "You are a man, this is your responsibility!"

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