The Rise of Otaku Chapter 408: Liu Mus Fury

Chapter 408: Liu Mu’s Fury

Naturally, it was impossible for Zhou Yu to like sculpture. Although he could also build stone tanks and stone battleships, it was impossible to make a stone tenon and mortise joint. He would have to cope with enormous chunks of stones, which was a pain.

The stones used for this mermaid sculpture were small stones that had been dug back by countless little miners. The stonemason monkey would not have been able to sculpt it neatly if it weren’t for the fact that the stones had ACG world attributes.

During stone synthesis, things became more fascinating. The stonemason monkey arranged a pile of little stones in the spell circle he drew. They soon began to emerge in the shape of a stone giant. If outsiders saw this, they would definitely think that Zhou Yu was doing some black magic.

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Stone cutting was a difficult task, that was why Zhou Yu didn’t like it very much. But in order to see the beauty of the legendary mermaid pond, the suffering was all worth it

However, what made Zhou Yu curious was that the Third Dragon Prince was acting very strange. Knowing that the mermaid pond was being built, he immediately ran over to offer his help. After all, this guy’s personality was similar to Zhou Yu’s; he was a kind of lazy guy that would not move an inch unless someone kicked his butt.

One who offers unsolicited hospitality must be harboring evil intentions.

"Little chubby guy, tell me honestly, what do you want me to do this time? Last time you wanted me to help you to get close to a girl, I ended up eating 5 cups of volcanic ice cream. The taste is still fresh in my memory. So don’t trick me anymore."

Zhou Yu’s wariness was naturally justified, the Third Dragon Prince had tricked him many times before.

The Third Dragon Prince smiled embarrassedly: "You can’t blame me for what happened that time. That hot girl said that she would date me if could eat 3 cups of volcanic ice cream. That was why I was willing to eat the ’taste transferring pill’ and transfer my sense of taste to you. Who knew his elder brother ran out later and demanded two more cups. "

It was really a terrible experience last time. The taste of volcanic ice cream was really like a volcanic eruption. Thinking of what happened again, Zhou Yu couldn’t help but clenched his butt.

"Stop talking nonsense. Tell me, which girl did you take a fancy to this time?"

Dragons are truly lustful creatures. Although the Third Dragon Prince was not as bad as the divine dragon that did naugty stuff in broad daylight last time, his heart was definitely more lustful. It was just that Zhou Yu never saw him succeed in getting a girl. Even with Zhou Yu’s help, he would still end in a disastrous defeat every time.

"Brother, this is a mermaid! Although she is from the west, I don’t mind. I’ve long wanted to see what the most beautiful species in the west looks like. "

Sure enough, this guy was really lustful.

Regarding this, Zhou Yu could only shrug: "I only know that this mermaid is called Fu’er. I don’t even know where she is now. Maybe, she will only appear after the construction of the fish pond is completed."

Hearing what Zhou Yu said, the Third Dragon Prince’s interest suddenly rose, and he took the initiative to carry the tool for Zhou Yu. He even went to the fish pond to supervise the work, and used magic to summon some warriors to help the farmers quickly clean the fish pond.

This guy was certainly more concerned with his lust than with his pals; Zhou Yu had never seen this guy so proactive before.

It was just a rough shape. Even if Zhou Yu only had a little bit of superficial knowledge about stonemasonry, he could easily carve it under the guidance of a mason monkey. But at first glance, it didn’t look complete. It only slightly resembled a large shell with a palace within and a large fish spouting water on top.

This palace was the home of Mermaid Fu’er.

It was still in a crude shape the night before, but when Zhou Yu went to see it early the next morning, its appearance was completely different. The stonemason monkey’s work was as amazing as always. On the other side, the fish pond had been sorted out. To complete the sculpture, the only thing left was to connect the statue with the water spouting device.

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After the base was set up, the sculpture was placed, and then the water spray device was connected and the switch was turned on.

After the unknown fish began to spout water into the sky, the shell was soon completely filled with water, and the overflowing water would flow into the fish pond.

However, Zhou Yu still didn’t see Fu’er.

The Third Dragon Prince searched the palace anxiously but was unable to see even the tail of the mermaid. He couldn’t help but yell anxiously, "Boss, where is she? Is she blocked outside by that barrier?"

Zhou Yu was also confused. According to the drawings, as long as the construction of the fish pond was completed, Fu’er should appear. This kind of creature should be born locally and had nothing to do with barriers.

"Let’s wait a little longer, maybe we need to fill the entire pond with water."

Zhou Yu could only think of this reason after giving it a thought. However, because the amount of water spouted was very small. Although the small fish pond was not very big, it would take at least a whole day to fill the pond. The Third Dragon Prince was feeling anxious. He kept staring at the water flowing out of the shell, and kept mumbling something in his mouth.

Before long, there was one more person talking about the shell.

And this person was Liu Mu.

This young man who had been studying sculpture in the amusement park had a very artistic temperament. At this moment, he was mumbling around the sculpture, saying: "It’s so beautiful, so beautiful. I am sure that this is the handiwork of Master Monkey! This outline, this shape, I can’t be wrong!"

Liu Mu admired Master Monkey very much, but he didn’t even know his real name. At the beginning, Zhou Yu only told him that his master was Monkey. This was like a code name, just like Wu Yun’s Master was called Beaver.

Although during the learning period, it was Zhou Yu who relayed the teachings of Master Monkey, it still benefited him a lot. But in Liu Mu’s heart, he still hoped to be able to talk to Master Monkey face to face, just like a fan looking forward to meeting with their idol.

And today, the work of Master Monkey appeared in the amusement park.

This is incredible!

He knew that Zhou Yu was making a stone statue. At that time, he wanted to help, but Zhou Yu said it was just a water spouting statue in the pool, and he could do it himself.

But now he actually went to trouble Master Monkey?

Oh My God! This is a work of art! It should be placed in a magnificent hall to be appreciated by everyone, instead of being slowly covered with moss in a broken pool!

This is such a waste!

Liu Mu’s anger was off the charts. Although he didn’t know when Master Monkey came, he was sure that this was not made by Zhou Yu. His master’s work was wasted by Zhou Yu like this, how could he not be angry?

Therefore, he went to talk to Zhou Yu, wanting to rescue the ’Mermaid’ sculpture as soon as possible.

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