Transformers In Marvel Chapter 1144 season finale

The world inside the wall is a place full of mystery since its birth.

I don’t know where it came from, or why it was born, it just appeared on the body of the main watcher so abruptly, and it took root.

In this world, there are too many stories, and every story always has one or another content, with the magic power to immerse the gods in it.

Here, too, is full of all kinds of intricate paradoxes, making the gods scratch their heads.

Perhaps the flaw represented by the world inside the wall may contain the secret code to find the breaking point, but who knows, anyway, even the main monitor who has carried this world for countless years has not been able to find useful from this flaw. thing.

Downey came from the outside world, and then accurately traversed this flaw - theoretically, there was such a possibility, but it was too coincidental. It was a coincidence that even the ultimate people didn’t believe it was a coincidence. There must be some connection in it.

It’s a pity that this is a question that even the ultimates who know everything have not been able to answer, and even they have not been able to find the key node that proves that Downey is inevitable with the flaw.

Maybe there is a connection, maybe this connection is completely useless to the ultimates, maybe, there is no connection at all, who can know.

At least, even Downey, the traverser himself, didn’t know.

He is more inclined that this is a certain coincidence, there is a kind of inclination, he came from outside the scope of the beautiful manga, accurately settled in the world of blemishes, and only awakened after sleeping for three generations. The most exciting and changing generation awakens.

What’s more, Downey himself is not the kind of traverser he understands at all, or as the main monitors guessed, there is no other than Meiman, and the world of Meiman is already all there is. And Downey, the so-called traverser, was nothing more than abruptly born out of the circular void surrounding the Almighty Universe.

Just like the flaw on the main watcher.

Who can know the truth of everything?

At least, for Downey, who is already capable of rivaling the ultimate, he does not want to waste his precious life on solving puzzles. This approach is really too bad.

Counting his age, Downey was only a few thousand years old, not to mention comparing it with the ultimate, even compared with some eighth-level trash, it was a far cry.

This bunch of trash is billions of years old at every turn.

A few thousand years old, too young.

Downey felt that there were countless possibilities for his future, countless time to squander, enough courage to face everything, and enough wisdom to solve it all.

There is no need to be so anxious now.

"Outside the beauty of the comics world, there is only blank space... This may be the truth, everything is the world itself, there is no other so-called."

Donny squinted his eyes and looked carefully at the world again. His field of vision has long gone beyond the Almighty Universe. He stretched out crazily, extending to the end, and still spared him. He only saw the countless blank space, the Almighty Universe. ".

There is no other at all, except for this Almighty Universe, there is nothing, and everything else is the boring blank space.

Even if it was Downey, as the new Almighty Five, he could match the ultimate, and even as a traverser, he still couldn’t find any flaws, and couldn’t find any clues about the existence of the outside world.

Things that even the ultimate can’t do. Even the ultimates like OAA and the main monitor who have existed for countless years have experimented countless times and tried countless methods but failed to find the possibility... It’s not that Downey is arrogant, it is. He really didn’t think that such a young self could discover the truth that even the ultimate people could not find before long exploration and experimentation.

Downey now needs countless futures to accumulate.

What’s more, maybe there is really no outside world? Even if he is himself, this so-called traverser is just a bug similar to a loophole born out of the blank?

As for the memories in my mind... Sorry, the ultimate guys have studied all of Downey hundreds of millions of times as early as the moment Downey entered the Almighty Universe. Of course, including the memories in his head, they have all been read countless times by OAA. .

However, even these memories still did not attract their attention.

Even if it is the memory of the Meiman World, it is really not something worthy of too much attention for the ultimates, because the ultimates already have an insight into the entire content of the Meiman World.

For example, in Downey’s memory, a giant beast would be born, and this dark beast finally relied on God to come forward to stop the crazy slaughter.

Don’t the ultimate know that the beast will be born? Would they not know that there will be an ultimate juxtaposed with them in the dark being conceived?

They know that what they know is clear, even if it hasn’t happened yet, but they have seen everything.

This is the ultimate, insight into everything about Meiman, this is an insight that absolutely crushes the so-called timeline, this boring thing. They, the ultimates, are the world of Meiman, and this is the real ultimate place. The meaning of reference.

Therefore, the memories in Downey’s mind, even the memories of what the ultimates would do, were not taken by the ultimates at all, they were not at all concerned. If you don’t even know what specific stories will happen in the American comics world, you can kill yourself in the end, and you will be embarrassed.

As for where these memories of the ultimate come from...If there is an outside world, it’s okay to say, this is very important evidence. But if there is no outside world at all... I’m sorry, any ultimate knows the contents of these memories. If Downey was only born from a blank space, it is not surprising that there is such a memory.

Maybe Downey is the ultimate similar to the monster beast? It’s just that it didn’t grow up for various reasons. Or maybe, Downey is just an individual with a strange memory?

In this American comics world full of paradoxes, bugs and loopholes appear at every turn. A situation like Downey is really not worthy of the attention of the ultimate beings and has no value.

For a long time, Downey stretched his waist fiercely, took a breath, slowly got up from the steel cliff of ten thousand feet, and looked down below in vigor.

This giant metal planet has become too terrible after Downey once again took the shape and upgrade. Downey even temporarily pulled the main universe earth over and threw it directly to Cybertron. Temporary stationed on the surface.

Because, there will be an important thing to do next.

Clang clang clang!

"Wake up, it’s time for the hundred and third restart."

Downey tapped a steel head nailed to the cliff.


The searcher woke up again, the light bulbs lit up, the memory organ restarted, and at first glance, he saw Downey overlooking it!


"Why, am I still here?!"

"It’s been so long, but the sleeping gods haven’t rescued me yet?!"

"They just let their comrades-in-arms, by Downey, a stupid man, use this way..."


The searcher was caught in a rage on the spot, and immediately he connected to Cybertron’s public network and was momentarily sluggish.

"Ultimate? Almighty Five? Is this talking about you?! How is it possible, how are you worthy...!"

Everything is like a reincarnation, repeated again.

Downey shook his fingers and counted. This was the hundred and third time. After seeing the similar responses so many times, Downey couldn’t help but smashed his mouth, feeling a little boring. Now, he can know any move made by the searcher and any movement in his head just by looking Don’t hide a trace of information from Downey.

The life of the ultimate existence is so simple and unpretentious, and really boring.


Downey slapped the searcher’s mechanical head with a slap, knocking the guy out.

"I won’t let this guy go before the one million years deadline. Don’t plead, this guy said one million years."

Downey pointed at the searcher and said to the judge who had descended on Cybertron sometime.

"Well, whatever you want, I don’t care if this idiot has been imprisoned for a million years." The judge scanned the miserable searcher and said calmly.

It’s just a god, and the judge really doesn’t care.

"The first time I came, the other ultimates are coming soon. Seriously, I have never done this kind of absurd thing, even if the other ultimates have never done it... This is too bad. The strange rituals that exist in the lower life appear..."

The judge was a bit dissatisfied.

It really thinks this is too stupid.

With this ghost trick called a wedding, the judge tried to break his head, but he really couldn’t figure out Downey’s brain circuit.

This is the sequelae left after climbing from the lower life all the way to the highest?

wedding? Stupid and redundant, vulgar and ridiculous, totally any meaning and value.

At least, the judge, who is a robot since its birth, does not understand the use of the boring rituals specially created by such low-level creatures for reasonable reproduction and their ultimate existence.

Isn’t it possible to use your brain to produce countless offspring in mass production? !

Why is it so troublesome? What kind of ritual is there? Oh, it is really full of all kinds of ignorant carbon-based creatures from the beginning, even if you become a god, it is stupid...

The justice was very dissatisfied.

"You are too high, sometimes quietly and observe the level below you, it is not a bad thing."

Downey shook his head, not too lazy to discuss the value and meaning of the wedding with this unsentimental machine.

At this time, many beings who had received the invitation from Downey arrived.

Every one finally arrived here, even the giant fierce beast, with a stinking face, descended fiercely on Cybertron. As soon as he landed, he sat on the ground and crashed down a mountain. .

"Quick fight, I’m not interested in wasting my precious will here." The beast grinned.

"This is not a smashing place, this is not a smashing place, it is just a mallet..."

Downey tried to keep smiling, resisting the urge to slap the bastard.

More guests arrived, and visitors from the Land of Origins all came and participated. Many gods from other multiverses also arrived and offered their blessings.

Even if Downey was moved to the planet Cybertron temporarily by Downey, many people participated in this grand wedding.

"You know, I have always been very optimistic about you, but I didn’t expect you to marry until now... I’m dying of old age."

Tony Stark, dressed in a formal suit but with all white hair, came to Downey with a glass of wine, frowned and motioned, took a sip, and said, "If it weren’t for mechanical support, I would connect. I can’t even walk...seriously, I’m really worried for Wanda, she actually waited for you for so long..."

"A lot of things have happened recently, haven’t they?" Downey smiled and clinked glasses with the old friend.

Tony tried to keep his eyes open. The wrinkles on his face made him very difficult to do this simple movement. He looked at Downey’s still young face, turned his head, looked at the same majestic Wanda on the other side, and fell silent. Sighed: "God, you are all guys, after so many years, you still haven’t changed at all."

Many people have already died.

After Downey left the earth, let alone the ruler of the universe earth, even the world of Wan Tianyi didn’t know how many times it had been bloodbathed, although every time it would be reshaped by a powerful god, it was only reshaped.

Various major events have been erupting inside the earth for such a long time. Many superheroes have died in the internal events of the earth one after another. In addition, some heroes are just mortals with short life span...

Many people are dead, of course, including familiar faces.

But so what, isn’t life like this? Rebirth and death, this is life...

"Maybe one day, I will die too." Downey clinked glasses to Tony, almost left with a laugh, and walked to the other end of the scene to greet his bride.

Traditional and beautiful music sounded, resounding throughout the wedding scene, and the beautiful scene was dotted with flowers flying all over the sky.

"Parents, do you still get used to the new life? Just tell me what you think is wrong, and I will help you fix it. Your son is already a god."

When he walked to an elderly couple, Downey asked in a low voice, with a kind of gentleness and affection.

"It’s like a dream..." The couple glanced at each other and whispered.

His eyes were filled with surprise and complexity. To be honest, this kind of performance was already very good. When they were resurrected at first, after knowing all this, they almost didn’t scare to death.

It was like a nightmare, everything changed drastically, it became unthinkable, it became strange and panic for them.

Downey hugged them, took a deep breath, and murmured: "Yes, it’s like a dream. At the beginning, I never expected to be today, but I did it... everything will be better."

everything will become better.

At this time, there was a burst of noise, and at the other end of the venue, another newcomer had arrived.

Downey opened his arms and strode over.

"how do you feel?"

Downey took Wanda into his arms and laughed in a low voice.

"Long-lost nervousness." Wanda’s tensed face suddenly relaxed, and said ruddy, "How do you think I am wearing now? I think this one is okay, in fact, I also like the other one very much. A wedding dress..."

Downey smiled and said, "No, this is very good and perfect now. I once promised you a grand wedding. Although it has been delayed until now, I have fulfilled my promise."

Countless mortals from the earth watched this scene with a lot of emotion, and they talked in a low voice, telling the legend about this ultimate existence.

Countless inhabitants of Cybertron looked at it with energy and remembered this scene with their lives. This is the final result of their struggle for so long, from humble to high.

Many visitors from the world inside the wall and other multiverses watched silently, looking at the figure that scared them, laughing and welcoming the new life.

A few of the ultimate figures are fascinating, and the projections they choose to appear are the most different. There are stinky beasts such as giant beasts, those who are completely invisible such as the main watcher and the judge, and the OAA. His face was indifferent.

"It’s a boring trick, but he has always been like this, always doing things that seem meaningless."

The Planet Devourer stood indifferently in the distance, holding his hands on his shoulders. With a terrifying posture, standing among countless powerful gods, his supposedly terrifying size is nothing. There is also an outrageously big beast lying on its stomach.

One of the five remaining gods always wanted to say something with just one mouth, but Janata rushed forward to cover the old man’s mouth.

"Don’t be like this, I had a hard time persuading Donny to revive you..." Garneta’s purple amethyst eyes filled with blame.

Tun Xing opened his mouth, snorted coldly, and watched this scene silently. Even if he was a god, watching the terrifying existence that descended from the deity had a strange sense of absurdity in an instant.

This guy did all of this?

Yes, Downey did it, he got everything.

In that center, on the platform raised high like a throne, Fulcrum is wearing his red attire, presiding over this special wedding like an earthling.

No one is more suitable than this old guy, both for Downey and Wanda.

"As you all know, what I like most is to be a bartender, standing in the bar, playing all kinds of people, observing all kinds of people, until one day, a reckless fool broke into my bar. ..."

Fulcrum looked at the newcomer standing in front of him, and the smile on his face enlarged unknowingly.

Everything is fixed in them, everything appears to be extremely beautiful, and all of these will eventually become eternal.



When everything was immersed, a sound came out abruptly.

On the earth next to it, the Egyptian pyramids suddenly collapsed, successfully attracting the attention of the guests present, they all looked at them, their sights spanned a long distance, and were directly cast on the earth.

An old figure staggered and rushed out from under the pyramid, staring wide-eyed, embracing the light.

"It’s been too long, too long, I haven’t seen the sun for too long, too long...Finally, I managed to get out of trouble!!!"

"My children, my knights, your ancestors are back!!"

"This planet will surely usher in the end of the world. A new world belonging to mutants will definitely be born in my hands...Huh?"

Apocalypse stood alone in the desert, shivering suddenly, looking around suspiciously, lost in thought.

It seems that there is a terrifying monster watching him, and there is not only one...Illusion, it must be an illusion, as a powerful mutant god, how can I feel chill?

It must be an illusion, um...

Tianqi raised his head, looking at the terrifying barrier that covered the sky and the world, and fell into deep thought for a while. What is this?

Downey looked up and looked at this old guy who was almost forgotten by him. He didn’t speak for a while. In the moment, he suddenly realized something. It was a very abrupt feeling.

Wanda’s face was frosty, and he said coldly: "Apocalypse? Since this old guy has slept for so long, let’s continue sleeping."


A terrifying force arrived on the earth, the Apocalypse was instantly bound, and in the roar of despair, it was refilled into the ground. The broken pyramids were rejoined like time back, becoming intact.

No, it has become stronger.

"It’s really an old antique who doesn’t know the so-called You mean?" Wanda looked at Downey with a gentle expression.

"Well, very interesting..."

Downey kept his head up all the time, watching quietly, with a thoughtful, just looking up.

This move was sudden, a mere apocalypse, and it wasn’t worth his attention.

Downey’s vision has already crossed the territories of the earth, continuously extending. In the moment just now, he had a peculiar intuition, no, it can not be said to be intuition, more like a kind of momentary induction that hardly exists.

Even though it disappeared in an instant, Downey still tried to pursue it and found nothing. No matter how he thought about it, it was like an illusion that Downey had deceived himself by thinking too much.

"It’s really interesting, don’t you think?"

Downey looked up, those eyes, just watching.

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