Unable to Cultivate, I Can Only Raise Soul Pets Chapter 480 - Another Humanoid Martial Soul!

Chapter 480: Another Humanoid Martial Soul!

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After a year, Wang Che arrived at the fifth level of the Thunder Soul Earth again.

The familiar huge dragon bone was made of bones.

When Wang Che arrived, he discovered that the Titan Beast seemed to be fighting a few figures.


Wang Che stood at the entrance and watched from afar.

It was very difficult to ascend to the fifth level of the Thunder Soul Earth.

Moreover, it was usually not open to the public. It could only come up during certain competitions.

Normally speaking, unless the geniuses of top universities participated, it was basically impossible to see the Titan Beast.

Or, they could see it if a Heavenly King brought it.

However, the Titan Beast usually did not see anyone.

To be able to reach the fifth level alone, it was quite a character.

Wang Che observed for a while before discovering these familiar figures.

“Divine Nether Bird, Sky Devouring Element Crystal Butterfly, and the Time Wheel… It’s Gu Ranshuang?”

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Wang Che narrowed his eyes.

This was not surprising.

This person was also quite mysterious.

In the competition, the Divine Nether Bird used the ultimate move of the Sky God Dragon, the Spatial Meteorite. This meant that she was definitely related to the ancient soul beasts in the Soul Earth.

He did not expect to meet her here.

The battle between the two was very intense. The Titan Beast did not use too much power. The soul power fluctuation it released was at a ten-thousand-year level.

It was not high or low.

At this moment, the three soul pets fighting Gu Ranshuang were overflowing with energy and trembling space.

The Titan Beast’s arms were surrounded by lightning as it turned its palms into fists. It shattered space with punch after punch and released the Lightning Force, suppressing the Divine Nether Bird and the Space Devouring Element Crystal Butterfly.

The moves it used were smooth like flowing water as if it was a grandmaster.

It was the True Martial Lightning Force that Wang Che had taught previously.

Gu Ranshuang did not attack. She watched from the side and did not use her martial soul.

Only when the three soul pets could not take it anymore did she release her martial soul.

However, this time, she did not use the Heavenly Fate martial soul, the Time Hourglass.

“Speaking of which, although her Time Hourglass has the power of time, it seems to be very subtle.”

After the King’s Cup competition ended, Wang Che carefully understood some of the contestants he was more interested in, especially this Gu Ranshuang’s martial soul.

“That move, Spacetime Reversal, can locate time to the ancient era. Although it can only locate it on a small scale… according to the rules of time, unless she came from that era, it should be impossible to reverse time to the ancient era so easily with just the Time Hourglass.”

Back then, the Divine Nether Bird and the Space Devouring Element Crystal Butterfly had undergone a special martial soul evolution because she had reversed time and space.

They directly possessed the power of an ancient soul beast.

“If she came from that era…”

Wang Che muttered.

Then, this person should not be human.

“Wu! Wu!”

The Firefly Dream Spirit revealed a small head from Wang Che’s pocket and looked out.

It suddenly discovered something and let out a series of cries!

Wang Che returned to his senses and immediately looked over. He discovered that the Titan Beast had let out a shocking roar!

“Your strength has actually become stronger again!”

A low voice was mixed in the roar.

At this moment, the martial soul Gu Ranshuang released was not the Time Hourglass!

Her figure erupted with a starlight-like light. Her ancient figure was like a king descending to the ground, filled with supreme dignity!

The Titan Beast also suddenly roared. Its body suddenly grew taller, and the fur on its entire body suddenly increased like ancient branches!

“Titan True Body!”

Wang Che immediately released Bear Treasure and pointed ahead, “Look, this is the complete version, the true Titan True Body!”

The increase of more than ten times caused the Titan Beast’s aura to continuously increase.

It felt like it only had ten thousand years of cultivation. In fact, it was probably already so strong.

As soon as Bear Treasure came out, it stared at the Titan Beast.

It was too huge!

It raised its head and looked at the incomparably huge beast with anticipation!

However, at this moment, under the pressure of the Titan Beast’s true body, Gu Ranshuang did not retreat at all.

The figure on her body was even more dazzling.

“A complete humanoid martial soul…”

Wang Che frowned slightly and looked at the back, “Moreover, it’s even stronger than Dongfang Yao’s humanoid martial soul… This figure looks somewhat familiar.”

Second martial soul!

This Gu Ranshuang also had a second martial soul and had never used it in the King’s Cup!

Both sides held back in that championship battle.

It was not an exaggeration to say that they had stopped at a suitable stage.

The two collided like a mental soul confrontation. The three soul pets beside Gu Ranshuang, especially the two that could fly, let out violent roars.

It circled Gu Ranshuang and its aura kept rising with the light.

However, there was no martial soul evolution.

After a moment, the two did not fight, but it was as if they had already fought a huge battle mentally.

“Mental competition…”

Wang Che thought for a moment, “The space of the fifth level is not suitable for too powerful energy fluctuations.”

Soon, the two recovered.

“How was it?”

The Titan Beast smiled and narrowed its eyes as it looked at Gu Ranshuang, “What do you think of my current strength?”

Gu Ranshuang was silent. She frowned at the Titan Beast and asked, “It’s only been three years. What ancient combat technique did you use just now? It’s very compatible with you. The last time I saw you, you didn’t seem to know it.”

“Moreover, the dark magic power on your body has decreased greatly.”

“In the various Soul Earths, you might be the first ancient soul beast to walk out on your own.”

“Haha…” The Titan Beast laughed smugly, “It’s a long story. I encountered a human youth a year ago who was quite interesting. He was the one who showed me this ancient combat technique.”

“My talent is extraordinary. After cultivating for half a year, I learned everything. Later on, I bitterly trained and modified it. It’s the ancient combat technique you saw just now!”

“Human youth?” Gu Ranshuang said slowly, “His name is Wang Che, right?”

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The Titan Beast was stunned and nodded.

“Not bad. It seems that you’ve already fought?”

“Eh, he seems to be here!”

Suddenly, the Titan Beast seemed to sense something and immediately looked at Wang Che.

Gu Ranshuang turned around and looked at the entrance, pausing slightly.

Wang Che smiled and walked up.

“Did I disturb you?”

“No, no!” The Titan Beast waved its hand, “We just finished fighting! Why did you think of coming to me? Oh right, what did I use just now? What do you think of the True Martial Lightning Force?”

“You’ve surpassed me,” Wang Che praised.

The Titan Beast was very pleased and grinned.

Although it had never seen an ancient soul beast at the level of the Titan Beast, its natural combat talent and combat experience were obvious.

Cultivating these martial techniques was easy.

No wonder it was in seclusion previously. It was thinking about this.

Modifying it was not difficult for someone who had lived for so many years.

“Since you have a good friend’s visit, I’ll take my leave first.” Gu Ranshuang nodded at the Titan Beast.

“Alright.” The Titan Beast thought for a moment, “Be careful.”

Gu Ranshuang stopped and nodded slightly before walking towards the entrance.

She passed by Wang Che and stopped for a moment as if she had discovered something. She looked at the Firefly Dream Spirit that only had its head out of Wang Che’s pocket.

She paused and continued walking towards the entrance, leaving the fifth level.

“Tell me!”

The Titan Beast sat down, “Why are you looking for me this time? Don’t tell me you’re looking for me to spar! I guess that little caterpillar has already inherited a portion of the Sky God Dragon’s power. I don’t want to suppress my cultivation to fight it anymore.”

“This is not good.”

Wang Che: “…”

“I came today because of another soul pet.” Wang Che thought for a moment and pointed at Bear Treasure behind him.

Bear Treasure walked out shyly.

“Eh?” The Titan Beast’s fleeting gaze suddenly froze. Its eyes were like lasers as it sized up Bear Treasure.

“This is…”

The Titan Beast’s eyes narrowed, “What’s the origin of this little guy? Why are there two such powerful forces hidden in its body? It’s even the aura of power from our era. It’s not simple, not simple!”

“It doesn’t look like your modern soul pet or a soul beast from our era.”

“Come here, let me see!”

Bear Treasure walked forward.

A bolt of lightning shot out of the Titan Beast’s fingertips and crawled onto Bear Treasure’s body.

The lightning threads seemed to have a mind of their own as they moved around Bear Treasure’s body.

To Bear Treasure, it actually did not feel anything.

However, the Titan Beast’s expression became even more serious and shocked!

In just a few minutes, many expressions appeared on the Titan Beast’s hideous face.

At first, it was confused, then it felt ridiculous, then shocked, and finally in disbelief. Then, its expression froze as if it had seen a ghost.

After a while, the Titan Beast gradually recovered.

“Don’t speak. Let me stroke it.” The Titan Beast extended its hand and made a stop gesture.

Wang Che: “…”

“If I’m not wrong…” The Titan Beast pondered and said, “Not only does this little guy have the bloodline of the Giant Beast, but it also has the power of two ancient Giant Beasts! In the Remote Antiquity Era, there were only a few Giant Beasts. Two of them were especially special. One was the Bear Emperor, and the other was the Heaven Devouring Beast.”

“The two powers in this little guy’s body should be the overlord power that only these two Giant Beasts have, the embryonic form of the Dominator’s Strength and the Divine Brilliance.”

“Not simple, not simple!”

“You have to know that in the Remote Antiquity Era, these two Giant Beasts came from the same bloodline, but they were actually life and death opponents. The two powers were almost incompatible.”

At this point, the Titan Beast let out a long sigh, “As expected, the era has changed. The impossible of that era will sooner or later become the norm in the modern world.”

“Your civilization of the Remote Antiquity Era should be rather dazzling.” Wang Che coughed.

“Of course!” The Titan Beast smiled and said, “The era I was in was actually nothing. In our era, these two huge beasts could not fuse, but in fact, in the Remote Antiquity Era, you might not know this, but the rumors said that these two huge beasts were one. It was said that later on, for some reason, they transformed into two different huge beasts… However, I’ve only heard rumors and don’t know much.”

“However, to be able to see these two powers appear on a soul pet in the modern world is a little unbelievable.”

“Hmm, so, bring it to me…”

The Titan Beast thought for a moment, “You want me to help train it and help it evolve these two overlord powers? That might not be possible. Although we’re both Giant Beasts, I can’t evolve these two powers into a complete overlord power.”

“That requires some materials that don’t exist in the modern world. They only exist in the Remote Antiquity Era. They might not even exist in the modern world anymore.”

The Titan Beast felt regretful.

“No need. I’ve already collected those two materials,” Wang Che said.

“…” The Titan Beast.

“It’s a long story. I’ll tell you later.” Wang Che spread his hands, “I came here to let it cultivate here. When it reaches ten thousand years of cultivation, it’ll be fine.”

“Oh?” The Titan Beast was rather interested, “Why did you think of cultivating with me? Although my soul power is very abundant, it belongs to the Soul Earth. There’s some dark magic power mixed in the soul power. Soul pets spend too much time and are easily affected.”

“It’s okay. Your situation here is much better than other Soul Earths. You can eliminate the dark magic power in your body by cultivating the True Martial Lightning Force. It also has a cultivation technique that can resist this energy,” Wang Che said.

Bear Treasure cultivated the Grand Martial Force and the Nine Yang Limitless Technique. They were both body tempering cultivation techniques.

Especially the Nine Yang Limitless Technique, it was extremely masculine, powerful, and domineering. The soul power in its body was as abundant as the sea, and it could remove excess impurities during cultivation.

The effect was better than the True Martial Lightning Force.

Naturally, there was no need to worry about this.

“In addition, the reason why I placed it here,” Wang Che pondered and said, “It’s mainly because it also knows your Titan True Body. This move is rather slow to cultivate. With your guidance, it should improve faster.”

“???” The Titan Beast.


‘It knows my Titan True Body?’

‘I’m the only one left in my Titan Beast Race. My ancestors’ way of doing things was also rather rough. They were not the same as other races and did not have mixed race bloodlines. How can it inherit my soul skill?’

The Titan Beast was stunned. It even began to wonder if it had accidentally left behind some bloodline…

After thinking for a long time, the Titan Beast patted the ground!

‘I’ve been single for thousands of years. Where did this bloodline come from?!’

Perhaps sensing the Titan Beast’s thoughts, Wang Che immediately said, “It has nothing to do with you. I heard this soul skill from the ancient soul beast encyclopedia. In the Fallen Ancient Era, there should have been humans who asked you to leave your inheritance power behind, right?”

The Titan Beast was stunned. It thought for a moment and understood.

‘No wonder, I knew it!’

“I see.” The Titan Beast heaved a sigh of relief and said proudly, “I have to say, your choice is very correct! Without the personal guidance of my race, others can only learn most of this inherited soul skill. It’s impossible to completely master it.”

Wang Che: “…”

“Then I’ll leave it here,” Wang Che said. “I’ll come to see it once in a while.”

“No problem!” The Titan Beast patted its chest, “This little guy has endless potential. Letting me cultivate for a period of time is very beneficial to it. However, cultivating here is very difficult. When the time comes, it can’t hold on anymore. I won’t let it leave casually.”

“At least for half a year.”

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