Villain: With God-tier Choices, I Suppressed The Protagonist Chapter 104 - 104 Traveling

Chapter 104 Traveling

Luo Chen’s 20 men drove a total of five cars. This way, if anything happened, they could take care of each other.

The group of people drove majestically towards the suburbs.

Along the way, Luo Chen kept looking out the window.

Actually, he didn’t know how to describe that sudden feeling, as if he had a premonition.


Zhao Ruoshuang was most likely in the suburbs.

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Logically speaking, if he was a kidnapper, he wouldn’t have hidden in a crowded city.

Even if he wanted to do the opposite, he had to consider Zhao Ruoshuang’s reputation.

As long as anyone saw Zhao Ruoshuang’s description, this so-called kidnapping would be over.

Therefore, hiding in the suburbs was the best choice.

There were fewer people, so there was a higher chance that no one would see them.

Secondly, it would be more convenient for them to escape in the suburbs. They would not be trapped in Jiang City by Luo Chen.

“It’s too dangerous.”

After figuring this out, Luo Chen muttered.

“Boss, what did you say?”

The bodyguard sitting in the front passenger seat heard Luo Chen’s words and quickly turned around to ask.

“It’s nothing. Pay attention to your surroundings. I’m worried that there will be people keeping an eye on us along the way.”

“Also, when we’re two streets away from the target, tell them to not drive in together. Otherwise, the target will be too big and we’ll be easily discovered.”

“If either side discovers anything unusual, don’t act rashly. You must inform me.”

Luo Chen said methodically without any panic on his face.

He didn’t know how to describe his current situation. Zhao Ruoshuang had clearly been kidnapped, and what they were doing now could be said to be putting themselves in danger.

However, Luo Chen was not nervous at all. Instead, he was slightly excited.

It was probably because his physical fitness had been improved by the system, so it was obviously different.

‘No problem, boss.’ The bodyguard in the front passenger seat nodded and looked at Luo Chen with admiration.

In the past, they also thought that their boss was just a profligate son who was wasting his life away.

For a long time, Luo Chen’s performance was indeed like this. He was almost completely abandoned by his family.

But now, it was as if he had become a different person. He was completely different from before.

The bodyguards exchanged glances. They all understood how important this mission was, so they became more vigilant.

As they approached the suburbs, a few cars tacitly separated and did not drive onto the same main road.

Thanks to the development of Jiang City in recent years, the suburbs have also been developed.

It was in the afternoon, and there were more or less some passing cars on the road. Their black cars were mixed in and were not very conspicuous.

If he had come at a quiet time, he would have been discovered before he reached his destination.

In the abandoned warehouse.

Su Han and Luo Tianming sat side by side in a cubicle in the warehouse. Both of their expressions didn’t look too good.

“Is it my imagination? I keep feeling that the hair on the back of my neck is rising.” Luo Tianming could not sit still and kept circling the room.

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Through the window, they could see that Zhao Ruoshuang was still tied to the chair safely with her head lowered. No one knew what she was thinking.

In fact, other than the first day when Zhao Ruoshuang could not believe her situation and kept struggling, she was so quiet that Luo Tianming sometimes forgot that she was kidnapped.

Moreover, in order to ensure that Zhao Ruoshuang’s body would not really be harmed, they even gave Zhao Ruoshuang a separate room to move around freely. However, it was time to negotiate with Luo Chen today, so they continued to tie her up. “Hmph, what could happen? No matter how capable Luo Chen is, it’s impossible for him to find this place in a short period of time. When we get the money, we don’t even have to make an appearance. We can just let Zhao Ruoshuang go back.

With such a huge incident, Luo Chen will definitely not call the police. Otherwise, the entire company’s reputation will be ruined.

There’s no oversight. What are you worried about?!”

The last half of Su Han’s sentence was clearly filled with emotion.

Luo Tianming wasn’t the only one who felt uneasy. Su Han’s heart was thumping as well, as if something bad was about to happen. However, after carefully recalling the process of their kidnapping, it could be considered that there was no negligence.

No matter how capable Luo Chen was, it was impossible for him to reach this place.

So what was there to worry about?


At this moment, the door of the warehouse was pushed open and two burly men walked in.

“There’s nothing unusual outside, right?” Su Han asked indifferently.

“No, no suspicious people approached at a glance. Boss, this place you found is the best. It’s secluded enough to see the surroundings.” The man said as he sucked up to his boss.

Su Han smiled and didn’t comment.

On the other side.

Luo Chen’s convoy was approaching the location marked on the map.

The closer they got, the more cars there were on the road.

“Boss, the white car in front has passed by our car for the third time. Is it here to keep an eye on us?”

The bodyguard noticed the abnormality and quickly said.

Hearing this, Luo Chen narrowed his eyes and glanced at the car that whistled past again. After a moment of hesitation, he slowly shook his head.


“Ignore him. Just follow our route. No matter how capable Su Han is, he won’t be able to monitor the entire area.”

Luo Chen did pn’tay much attention to the car.

Instead, he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes to rest. He didn’t care about anything else. Even if the emperor came today, he had to save Zhao Ruoshuang safely!


At this moment, the car that Luo Chen was sitting in suddenly trembled.

“Boss! We’ve been rear-ended!” The chauffeur jumped in fright. He hurriedly gripped the steering wheel and tried his best to maintain the stability of the car. Although they were not driving very fast, the car behind them came too suddenly. Once it flipped sideways, the consequences would be unimaginable!

“Go down and take a look. Don’t make a commotion.”

Luo Chen looked back. The car that hit them was a new car that had yet to be registered. The female driver had already gotten out of the car and was looking around nervously. From the looks of it, she didn’t seem to have been sent to keep an eye on them.

After all, it was very difficult to put on such a show.

The chauffeur agreed and got out of the car.

The car was well-sealed, so Luo Chen could only see the chauffeur talking to the female driver.


The female chauffeur looked like she was begging for forgiveness.

That watery gaze would make any man’s heart ache.

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