Wake Up As Gay Werewolf Prince [BL] Chapter 370 - 370 ONLY BLOOD AND FLESH


Trigger warning: this chapter will mention blood and flesh.


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The relationship between fire and wind was complicated. If the fire wasn’t big enough but the wind was strong enough, then the fire would go out, like when you blew out a candle. However, if the fire was already big, the presence of wind would only make it bigger, just like what happened when a house was on fire and the fire would quickly spread to the other houses in the vicinity where the fire first started.

The relationship between the two elements was indeed complicated, but it seemed that the whirlwind did not encounter any difficulties when it needed to fight against the twin fireballs created by Shao Yang. The fireball tried to break through the whirlwind, but as soon as it came into contact with the wind, it suddenly froze, and even Shao Yang widened his eyes in disbelief after witnessing what happened.

“H-how could it be like this?” He muttered in disbelief as he watched how the other fireball was also frozen by the whirlwind.

“You do not understand?” Shao Yang suddenly heard someone speak, but he was the only one in the whirlwind, and that was why he looked surprised after receiving the question.

Furthermore, it seemed that he recognized the voice, and that was why his eyes once again widened, and even his body began to shake as if he was frightened by something. Suddenly, the air around him turned cold, and he even needed to hug his bloody body as if it could protect him from the chill.


“W-where are you? Don’t you dare think that you’ll be able to scare me by speaking to me without showing your appearance!” It was clear that Shao Yang was terrified, but perhaps his pride was as high as the peak of Heping Mountain, and that was why he feigned courage as he questioned the voice that appeared without showing its owner.

He brought his eyes to scan his surroundings, but he could only see the Blue Whirlwind around him. He was the only person inside the whirlwind, and he still couldn’t see what was going on outside the moving wind.

Suddenly, the voice chuckled, and even though it was actually just a chuckle, Shao Yang somehow felt a sense of danger when he heard that. The laughter was like the sound of a door being slowly opened in the middle of the night. The door was opened very slowly to the point of making quite a goosebumps creaking sound, and to make matters worse, there was no one to be seen as the one who had opened the door.

Of course, such a sight was terrifying even for a werewolf like Shao Yang, and that was why he looked even more alert as he waited for the voice to stop laughing so sinisterly.

“You can feel the chill, right, Shao Yang? That should be enough to tell you that wind isn’t the only element that composes my Blue Whirlwind. Aside from the wind, there are also countless tiny daggers that will appear when needed, and there is also an ice element in the whirlwind. That’s why your fireball froze, and maybe your body will freeze too if you can’t get out of my trap.”

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Shao Yang had just received an important piece of information, but instead of feeling happy, he looked even more frightened.

It turned out that the whirlwind was more complicated than it looked, and Shao Yang only found out about it today. Currently, Shao Yang was alone, and he also couldn’t call for help, which was why he could only repeat the action of creating another fireball with his right hand.

His left arm was injured even more badly by the countless daggers that had suddenly appeared when he tried to escape the whirlwind, and that was why he reckoned he wouldn’t be able to create another fireball using that hand.

Thus, Shao Yang could only rely on his right hand as he immediately threw a gigantic fireball toward the Blue Whirlwind. Unfortunately, history repeated itself when the fireball froze, and just like what happened to the previous fireballs, it shattered into pieces after freezing.

This time, it seemed that the whirlwind used even more force to destroy the frozen fireball, and several chunks of ice flew toward Shao Yang and penetrated several parts of his body.

Once again, Shao Yang hissed in pain. Previously, several parts of his body were slashed by the tiny daggers, and just now a few chunks of ice did the same to his already injured body.

More and more blood flowed from Shao Yang’s body, and his black clothes gradually turned crimson as blood continued to flow out of his body.

More and more blood came out of his body, and Shao Yang looked even paler as he continued to hiss in pain, but he was extremely unlucky today as his torment would not stop until then.

“I will make you pay for what you have done, Shao Yang. Do you think you have won after you managed to kill me? Do you think I can’t turn the tide[1]? The one who wins first isn’t the real winner, and the last person to win will come out as the real winner. And definitely not you who will come out as the real victor, Shao Yang.”

Right after the mysterious voice stopped talking, Shao Yang could see how the whirlwind gradually receded toward where he was standing. It seemed that the whirlwind was getting smaller and smaller, but Shao Yang knew that this was not a good sign.

Moreover, Shao Yang could also witness how the whirlwind suddenly turned into countless tiny daggers that surrounded him at high speed, and Shao Yang knew that there was no way to escape at this moment.

The whirlwind got closer and closer to him until it finally completely engulfed him, and the tiny dagger immediately pierced his body mercilessly.

At this moment, Shao Yang’s screams sounded from outside the forest, but the screams didn’t last long as they soon stopped, and only a pool of blood and flesh that looked like it was chopped into pieces remained in the area where Shao Yang was standing earlier.


[1] Turn the tide: to turn defeat into victory.

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