World’s Best Martial Artist Chapter 1239 1234-Entering The Church Again

Since he had met King Huai, Fang ping did not mind hanging out with him for a while.

Fang ping was rather interested in Yuan gang. This white-robed Marshal was not weak. The key was not his strength, but his ability to survive.

That guy had self-destructed everything and used a wisp of mentality to escape. He did not expect to recover so quickly. It was still somewhat beyond Fang Ping’s expectations.

If the two saints had just recovered, they would definitely not have the resources to help Yuan gang recover.

Not only that, but Yuan gang should also know a lot of things.

If jiuxuan knew, Yuan gang probably knew as well.


There were many small fragmented islands like this in the forbidden Sea, and they were all fragments of the heaven realm in the past.

Yuan gang was still dressed in white. A man and a woman were sitting cross-legged beside him. The man was young and the woman was beautiful, but one could tell from their eyes that they were not really young.

"Eldest senior brother was killed as soon as he arrived, and many of our senior and junior brothers were also killed ..." Yuan gang opened his eyes and sighed.

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In addition to jiuxuan and the one he had brought with him last time, the emperor’s lineage had suffered heavy losses.

Such a loss was extremely disastrous.

When Yuan gang said that, the woman gritted her teeth and said,""Fang ping!"

Ji Yun’s death had left them even more helpless.

The woman said unwillingly,"this is a sea of misery. Fang ping, this devil. He killed eldest senior brother ... Can’t we even say anything? Senior brother Yuan, the emperor’s disciples are not afraid of this demon ..."

He didn’t want to say anything more.

But now, things were really different.

However, today ... He had to be careful.

These descendants of the Emperor didn’t dare to mention these things today.

King Kun was slightly better, as he was an existence that had broken 8%.

They were all crazy!

In the blink of an eye ... It was gone.

The human Emperor had personally descended, but he had been dejected by the Three Realms and left in a sorry state.

If he wasn’t even a Heavenly King, he shouldn’t be too arrogant in the Three Realms. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even know how he died. This was the conclusion that Yuan gang had come to after escaping from death several times. He shouldn’t put on the airs of an Emperor’s disciple.

Saints were indeed impressive. In ancient times, Saints were overlords. Even Emperor-level experts were considered strong.

Since the woman had reached the Saint realm, she wasn’t an idiot. However, she couldn’t accept this feeling of falling behind.

He had also experienced all this little by little before he could barely adapt.

He suddenly realized that the emperor’s disciple was being beaten up by everyone ... He had to admit that the difference was too great.

On the divine sect’s side, if the king of earth is completely annihilated, the divine sect will not be a place to stay for long ..."

The two people beside him looked at each other and nodded slightly.

Otherwise, the humans were now hostile to them. Although the three saints weren’t weak, they still had to be careful of being killed by human powerhouses.

"Huai Ying ... I think he’s only just entered the sage state ..." The woman said with a frown.

It was a matter of the other party’s heart.

As he said that, Yuan gang’s eyes flickered and he quickly frowned."There are others as well ... The two junior brothers and Junior Sister don’t need to say much later, senior brother can come and contact Huai Ying."


"Greetings, Marshal Yuan!"

King Huai saluted from a distance. Fang ping also bowed slightly and did not say much.

After saying that, he looked at Fang ping with a questioning look.

There were also many experts who liked to raise these demons. Some of them were used as mounts, some as pets, and some simply raised them to kill and eat.

"Fellow Daoist is too polite!"

Fang ping also said hurriedly,"greetings, Marshal. This is also my first time out of divine Ox Island. I don’t know much about the ancient history of the three Realms. I don’t know much about you, my Lords. I’m sorry for the neglect!"

Yuan gang sighed softly. The ancient history of the three Realms did have records of them, but so what?

The weapon Master, who was the most powerful figure under the Emperor of the ancient heavenly court, had fallen just like that.

Fang Ping’s current aura was only at the Emperor-tier, but Yuan gang did not underestimate him. The difference between Emperor-tier powerhouses and Saint-tier was not too big. Moreover, these people had only risen to power after the heaven realm was destroyed. It was not bad to be at the Emperor-tier.

The Three Realms was very large, and he had only just awoken. Although he did not know where divine Ox Island was, he did not think too much about it.

Only a few days had passed since the Emperor-slaying battle.

"These two are my fellow disciples," Yuan gang said with a smile.

"Greetings, seniors!" Fang ping bowed hurriedly.

Although the Emperor-level was not weak, both of them were Saint-level, so they naturally looked down on him. King Huai was a Saint-level, which was what they needed to pay attention to.

Yuan gang glanced at Fang ping and chuckled. "That’s our honor! For King Kun to take in us poor people ..."

"He did."

Yuan gang believed this.

If he really did that, his reputation would be tarnished.

Yuan gang wasn’t too clear about the other side, and there were also the other forces that the patrol envoy was in. Yuan gang was also prepared. At this moment, he smiled and said,"Then, I’ll have to trouble brother Huai. There’s no time to waste. Since the kun King is willing to accept us, why don’t we head to the divine sect now ..."

King Huai laughed,"brother ox, you don’t have to be like this. The divine sect is like the sea that holds hundreds of rivers. All heroes have gathered." Besides, brother Niu has only cultivated for less than three thousand years and has become a venerable sovereign. The Hierarch also likes to recruit talented venerable sovereigns like brother Niu ..."

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Previously, he knew that Niu Meng wasn’t very old, but since he wasn’t even 3000 years old, he could indeed be considered a genius.

The leaders of the catacombs had not even cultivated for 3000 years.

To reach the Emperor realm in 3000 years, he could be considered a genius. However, he wasn’t the only one. The Saints were still a little more polite. These people might not be far from becoming saints.

"Of course, don’t worry, brother ox!" King Huai laughed.

He was not considered weak!

Although she was not young anymore and had been cultivating for a long time, Yuping’s interest was piqued when she saw the little tiger crouching on Fang Ping’s shoulder and looking around.

Yuping nodded slightly, but did not mention anything about taking it away.

Since Niu Meng said that he was the only living being on the divine Ox Island, she didn’t bother to mention it again. She had some thoughts about it before, but there was no need to offend a venerable sovereign who was about to advance to the next level for such a small matter.

The gray cat looked at him with a blank expression, but it sent a message to Fang ping,"I know this guy! Old man Ren Huang’s eight-eyed monster has eight eyes and can see through many things. Liar, be careful, he might be able to see through you ..."

He had disguised his aura, and even broken eight couldn’t see through it, but this person could?

In the past, it and the heavenly Hound had harmed the Emperor many times. Sometimes, when the Emperor was not around, he did not care, but someone else did.

However, the current Cang Mao had strong mental power. To see through it was not something an ordinary person could do.

"Many thanks for senior’s guidance!"

The few of them chatted as they walked, and it was quite harmonious.

His performance made Yuan gang and the others think highly of him.

They were wary of his strength and ruthlessness, disdained King Huai who had already revealed his true face, and now pretended to be kind and innocent. This would only make people more wary and disgusted.

It was pretty good!

He might even want to subdue Fang ping and join the human Emperor’s lineage. The possibility of that was not small.

As they chatted, Fang ping said emotionally,"the Three Realms are in chaos. All the chaos is because of the human King, Fang ping!" I don’t hate the human King. I’m talented and unparalleled in battle, and I’ve fought for the human race ...

But now, with the endless wars, Fang ping was narrow-minded and only cared about the life and death of the human race. He had never cared about the life and death of the other races.

Fang ping sighed and said helplessly,"I came to the divine sect this time with the intention of taking revenge ... But when I think about how strong the human King is, taking revenge is just courting death. Now, I hope that the Three Realms can be more peaceful. Why do we have to keep fighting ..."

It was either black or white!

Fang ping smiled bitterly."I know, but the human King’s strength is too strong. I can only accept it." Brother Huai, I’m still a little uneasy. If we go to the divine sect, will the divine sect have a conflict with the human King?"

"I guess that’s the only way."

When it came to disguising, many people hated to mention their true identities and would deliberately avoid it. He would not do this.

Only a thief would feel guilty!


The Great Hall of the divine court.

In just one day, Seven Saints and one emperor had joined the divine sect. No matter what they were thinking, their strength had really grown.

King Kun was still rather happy.

Previously, there were many saints in the new heavenly court, but more than half of them were killed by Fang ping. Now, only four Saints were alive, in addition to Tian Zhi who had broken through to the Heavenly King stage.

Many of them had been killed, and only tianbai was still alive. Now, there were seven more, and their strength had increased greatly.

"Yes, he is good with words ... But ..." King Gen nodded his head and smiled.

King Kun didn’t really mind. Other than the human race, the Three Realms were all the same.

It was the same for the others. Who would be willing to be someone’s dog if they were really strong?


King Huai saluted as soon as he arrived. Fang ping did not kneel, but bowed in salutation. The other three saints did the same, not even looking at King Huai.

Hongkun wasn’t an Emperor yet, so he didn’t need to kneel.

"Tonight, the divine sect will hold a grand banquet to welcome you all!"

Seven Saints and one venerable sovereign. No matter what their intentions were, he was confident that he could control them.

King Kun and the others chatted for a while. Then, without any nonsense, he started chatting with Yuan gang.

Lying on Fang Ping’s shoulder, the gray cat’s ears perked up slightly and fell down quickly. At this moment, it was also transmitting its voice to Fang ping.

The two of them were conversing while the old cat was eavesdropping.

Cang Mao was usually too lazy to listen to these things, but now he was concerned. Fang ping had said that after King Kun, they would fight the big fish. Cang Mao was still interested in the big fish.

Even the patrol knew about this.

Fang ping was stunned.

Didn’t mo Wen sword obtain an opportunity in the heavenly tomb?

That didn’t make sense!𝑓𝙧𝙚𝙚w𝙚𝙗𝒏oν𝐞l. c𝑜𝙢

Could it be ... That was the place?

Heavenly King Zhen and the others also knew about it, but they didn’t go. They only sent battle King and the others, as it might not be of any use against breaking eight.

The Heavenly King and the others did not go not because they did not want to go, but because they could not go.

Fang ping did not know where the opportunity was. Since everyone was so eager, he might as well join in the fun. Perhaps he could even go and see the Wargod and the others.

Now, he was only short of two Saint tokens and two Heavenly King seals, which were all on the side of the divine sect.

He might have a chance to collect all the Saint tokens this time. As for the Heavenly King seal ... It would be quite difficult.

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