World’s Best Martial Artist Chapter 1390 1385-Many Crazy People

The Heavenly King Zhen was flustered and furious.

But it was useless.

At this moment, the Emperor God was smiling faintly as if he was waiting for him to merge his two bodies.

"Yang, I hope to see you later!"

The emperor’s tone was calm. He didn’t care about the heavenly suppression King’s double Body Fusion, he wanted to fight the sun god more.

Unfortunately, the cunning sun god did not appear at all.

The Heavenly King suppression’s two bodies started to merge. However, he did not have the intention to fight and just dawdled.

The Emperor God said calmly.

The Heavenly King was not flustered.

Who was in a hurry to die?

Since the Emperor was willing to wait, then he would wait a little longer.

One minute, five minutes ...

The Emperor smiled.

"Stop, it’s useless to delay."

The Emperor God moved. He walked forward step by step and continued to calm the void.

The Heavenly King suppression continued to retreat while the God Emperor continued to advance.

In the seventh heaven, there were fewer and fewer turbulent areas.

Heavenly King Zhen’s expression changed and he could no longer retreat.

If they retreated any further, Fang ping and the others would have nowhere to go.

"If you want to try, I’ll satisfy you!"

Heavenly King Zhen gritted his teeth and his body shot out like lightning.


The speed at which he went out was almost the same as the speed at which he flew back.

Heavenly King Zhen was sent flying back and a palm print appeared on his chest.

With blood flowing out of his mouth, he looked at the Emperor in disbelief.

The Emperor God smiled,"that’s it?" This isn’t two bodies as one. If that’s the case, then I’ll have to underestimate you!"

This wasn’t two bodies as one!

He was too weak!

On the other hand, the Heavenly King’s expression changed again and again. Although the two bodies had not completely merged, with the fusion, even if his strength was not as good as Fang ping ’s, the difference should not be too big.

But ...

He was actually not even a match for the Emperor God!

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How strong was this guy?


Behind them, Emperor Xi and beast Emperor were also shocked.

Although they knew that the divine Emperor was very powerful, the divine Emperor today was unexpectedly powerful.

The suppression Heavenly King’s Two Bodies merged together, but he was still sent flying by a single attack.

It was too terrifying!

Emperor Xi felt a lingering fear in his heart. It seemed like this old fellow had not been serious all this while. He had almost thought that this old fellow was only slightly stronger than him. Now, it seemed like he had underestimated him.


Heavenly King Zhen’s expression changed for a while. In the next moment, he shouted and charged out again!

In the void, countless heavenly suppression Kings appeared and formed a huge formation, charging towards the celestial Emperor!


The Emperor God was like a thousand-armed Buddha. Countless hands appeared in the void. They were the afterimages left behind by his fast movements.

Each of his hands would destroy one of the Heavenly King suppression’s illusory figures.

"I’ve caught you!"The Emperor suddenly laughed.

With that, the entire void trembled and only the Heavenly King was left.

At this moment, the Emperor God was holding him with one hand and clenched his other hand into a fist, punching toward his head!


Heaven suppression king’s blood Qi exploded, and with a boom, he punched through the void. He punched the Emperor’s Hand, but he couldn’t shake him off.

The Emperor God’s fist smashed down!

The Heavenly King roared again and his body emitted a bright light.


With a loud bang, the Heavenly King was sent flying again. This time, half of his head was broken.


"He’s too weak!"

The Emperor God smiled."You’re weaker than I thought. If that’s the case, it seems like you won’t be able to leave today!"

He continued forward. The Heavenly King’s expression was cold as he burst forth with his qi and blood and charged out again.

It was extremely fast!

The Emperor God, on the other hand, stood his ground and attacked with both his hands. In a short while, the Heavenly King suppression was sent flying again.

"You can’t do this!"

The Emperor God shook his head. This was just a simple fusion of the two bodies. It was impossible to do anything to him.

Yes, the suppression Heavenly King was very strong after merging. He was probably even stronger than the projection of Zhan that day.

The projection that could fight was so arrogant that it wanted to seriously injure the divine Emperor.

As for the Heavenly King?

The Heavenly King of suppression could only stop him for a while!

This was the difference!

The Heavenly King suppression wasn’t weak, but he still had two bodies. He didn’t have enough control over his strength and reaction speed. Before he even made a move, the Emperor God had already predicted his next move.

No matter how strong one’s power was, it also depended on how one used it.

The bigger and heavier the hammer, the less threatening it would be to the strong. Instead, it might hurt the child.


In the darkness.

Fang Ping’s expression was grave!

Was Sky King strong?


Fang ping felt that even if he did not have 70 million Cal, he would definitely have an outburst of 65 million.

But now?

Now that the Emperor God had easily nullified all of his attacks, he would be forced back with injuries every time. If this continued, the Heavenly King suppression would only get weaker and weaker, and would soon be unable to fight anymore.

Fang ping was restless!

He wanted to go up and help!

If this continued, the Heavenly King would be beaten to death.

The Heavenly King had two bodies now.

If he was killed, he would really be dead.


Just as Fang ping was about to make a move, a shadow condensed in the void.

At the emperor’s side.

Emperor of heaven reverse!

Looking at the panting Heavenly King, the heaven reverse Emperor shook his head and sighed,""It’s not like this! This wasn’t two bodies as one! Zhen Yang has high expectations of you, and so do we. We feel that you may become the next true invincible powerhouse who has two bodies as one.

But you didn ’T. I’m a little disappointed!"

The Emperor of heaven reverse felt a little regretful."The unification of two bodies is not purely about the accumulation of strength. It is a fusion. It is a unity! The ’return to one’ of breaking eight was actually also suitable for the present. Return to one was to integrate strength into one.

Even if there is a loss of power, it is still stronger than you now.

Now that you’ve gathered both of your bodies, your strength might be in the hundreds of millions, but how much can you unleash?

"Only by completely fusing with it will I be able to unleash greater power ..."

"Nonsense, how can I not know?" Heavenly King Zhen cursed. The key is that the power is imbalanced, and there’s no way to fuse them. Do you need to talk nonsense? Do you think I’m a child?"

All of this was nonsense!

How could I not know this?

Most importantly, there was no way to fuse them!

Emperor of heaven reverse was not angry. He smiled and said,"then make some choices. Don’t try to combine all the power. You have to learn to give up some power." If your origin source body is stronger, then give up some of your origin source power.

Let the two powers reach an equilibrium, and then fuse them together. This way, the fusion will be more smooth. "

The Emperor God looked at the Emperor of heaven reverse and said with a smile,""You’re a warm-hearted person. "

"There are not many Warriors in the Three Realms who can impress you and me," Emperor of heaven reverse said with a smile."It’s a good thing that I can go further."

"Suppress, Xue xuehao!" The Emperor of heaven reverse said again. Although the path is different, Hao did it better than you, and that’s why he has the donghuang of today. "

Heavenly King Zhen’s expression changed and he ignored Zhong Yue. He continued to unleash his power and charged forward!

However, this time, he retreated even faster.

The emperor’s palm had pierced through his shoulder blade. He raised his eyebrows in surprise, but soon smiled and said,""It seems like you still haven’t given up."

"Why should I give up?"

"Aren’t you guys just pretending to be invincible?"heaven suppression King cursed. Was it lonely to pretend to be an expert? Alright, give me a little more time!"

The Emperor of heaven reverse laughed. The Emperor God also said,"Then keep trying. I’ll give you the chance! You don’t understand. It’s been too long. Ever since Zhan fell, no one has been able to pose a threat to us. "

Invincible and lonely?

Maybe a little.

It had really been too long!

The celestial Emperor was in a deep sleep and the sun god was gone. The Emperor God and the heaven reverse Emperor were truly invincible.

The Three Realms was so vast that it was difficult to find an opponent.

Even if he died in battle, he still had to join forces to fight against the celestial Emperor and the sun god, so he would not really fight. Sometimes, people were just so pretentious.

When there was an opponent, one was afraid of threats.

When he had no opponents, he felt lonely.

The Emperor God felt that it would be good for the town to be stronger.

Just like in the guidance battle back then, he felt that Zhan was very talented, so he spared no effort in guiding him to make him stronger.

He was not afraid of being strong.

As long as they didn’t become enemies, it was an achievement for them to cultivate an expert.

When they were enemies, it might be lucky to have an evenly matched opponent.

The strong were always so special.

At this moment, the Emperor God was giving the heavenly suppression King a chance.

As for Heavenly King Zhen, he did not hold back either. He suddenly created two more clones and the two clones continued to battle around the Emperor God.

The Emperor God’s hands moved in the air, easily dealing with the Heavenly King suppression’s attacks.

But gradually, the others understood.

The Heavenly King suppression’s origin form was getting weaker and weaker.

The initial stage martial body, however, became stronger the more he fought!

Qi and blood surged, and a blood and Qi pillar shot through the world.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The beginner martial body was terrifyingly powerful. At this moment, he definitely had the combat strength to break nine. However, it seemed to be only about 40 million Cal.

The Heavenly King was very dissatisfied!

This won’t do!

He wanted to merge with his origin body at the peak of the initial martial body realm and become a top-tier expert.

Gradually, everyone felt the difference again.

The initial stage martial body was getting stronger and stronger!

It was so powerful ... That it was somewhat abnormal!

The Emperor God didn’t say anything else. He was facing this matter seriously.

"It’s too dangerous. One mistake and I’ll lose my initial stage martial body. "Emperor of heaven reverse sighed. Burning the beginner body to reach the peak and merging it with the origin body was a good way to make both bodies reach the peak.

But it’s very difficult. Your initial stage martial body will only exist for a short time. How can you successfully integrate it in this short time?

You only have one chance. If you fail, the beginner martial body that you’ve forged for tens of thousands of years will be completely wasted. "

At this moment, not only the Emperor of heaven reverse, but the other sovereigns had also noticed it.

Heavenly King Zhen was actually burning his initial stage martial body!

His initial stage martial body wasn’t as strong as his origin body, and the difference in power wasn’t small. At this moment, the Heavenly King didn’t try to weaken the power of his origin body, but instead, strengthened his initial stage martial body.

However, this brilliance only lasted for a moment.

If the fusion failed, even if the Heavenly King suppression’s origin body was still there, he would be no more than an ordinary Emperor.

There were very few such experts. There were only a few sovereigns in the Three Realms.

However, if that was the case, it would not be worth the attention of experts like the Emperor God and the Emperor of heaven reverse.

Heavenly King Zhen roared and he laughed,""Don’t you think it’s a pity? If you think it’s a pity, Dou, how about helping me?"

"How do you want me to help you?" Emperor of heaven reverse laughed.

"I want to vindicate my Dao with essence! Just a little stronger! Breaking all three gates, proving the way of the Emperor, with the position of the Emperor, merging with the body of the initial stage, becoming invincible! If you can ’t, then I’ll just die Here today and leave behind a Dao fruit!"

He wanted to be even crazier!

He wanted to continue proving his way as an Emperor and become the origin Emperor. He wanted to become the origin Emperor of the Three Realms and then fuse with the initial martial body as an Emperor.

If he died, he could still leave behind the fruit of the great Dao!

The Emperor of heaven reverse’s expression changed as he looked at the Emperor God.

The Emperor God’s expression changed, but he quickly smiled and said,""Since that’s what you want, then I’ll fulfill your wish!"

At this moment, the others felt a little strange.

"So arrogant!" The West Emperor muttered."Be careful that someone might turn the tables and kill you!"

He was too arrogant!

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Since he was willing to let the heavenly suppression King become the Emperor!

However, the Emperor merely smiled and said,"wasn’t he already prepared to become the Emperor that day?" Since that’s the case, there’s no time like the present. I’ll make up for what I missed last time. Huang is dead, Zhen RUO is a sovereign, and he’s dead. I won’t take the fruit of Dao ... Fill it up in the seventh heaven!"

"What about the third heaven?"

"I’ve just become an Emperor, so the crack isn’t big. The pressure will be much easier to suppress!"

The divine Emperor said calmly.

When heaven suppression King became the Emperor, the third heaven was rooted in the great Dao. Cracks would appear, but the Emperor God would not care. He would kill heaven suppression King, fill up the seventh heaven, and mend the hole left by Emperor Nan.

The hole in the third heaven was much easier to suppress.

This was also the reason why the other emperors were all looking for substitutes.

He would use their Dao fruits to fill his hole.

The hole created by the new emperor would not be too big. Moreover, when they were free, they would not necessarily care about the size of the hole.

"As you wish!"

The West Emperor did not say much!

Heaven suppression King laughed, and at that moment, a person appeared from the origin body.

The body of origin flashed and disappeared!

No one stopped him!

In the next moment, outside the origin, in front of a door, the heavenly suppression King’s original body appeared. With a loud boom, the huge door was shattered!

The door was broken!

Heaven suppression King stepped in!


In the third heaven, a Dao fruit was rapidly forming!

In this moment, the Three Realms suddenly began to glow with light!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A figure suddenly appeared in the void of the Three Realms!

Heavenly King Zhen!

No, today was the day of the heavenly suppression Emperor!


In the catacombs.

The powerhouses looked at the projection in the sky with shock and envy. At the same time, they also had mixed feelings.

Heaven suppression King had become an Emperor!

At this moment, a Golden Lotus appeared in the void.

The golden light was dazzling!

However, was it a good thing to become an Emperor at this time?

Not necessarily!

However, becoming a sovereign was also the ultimate goal of the experts of the Three Realms, their greatest wish.

This meant that the Heavenly King of suppression had vindicated his Dao!

An Emperor!

A true Emperor!


The seventh heaven.

The blood of the Heavenly King’s origin body exploded, and an invisible force was tempering him. The power to break the door!

At this moment, his essence body was getting stronger and stronger!

Breaking three gates had also improved.

Condensing a Dao fruit also gave him an upgrade.

At this time, his strength in his origin form alone was no less than 60 million Cal.

It had been settled for too many years!

A long time ago, he could have reached this step, but he couldn’t and didn’t dare to.

Today, he had taken this step!

He was even stronger than the emperors of the past when they vindicated their Dao!

The Heavenly King suppression bone armor, flesh, and spirit were all changing.

His beginner martial body was also getting stronger and stronger, making the final burst.

The Emperor suddenly stopped attacking and said indifferently,""I’ll give you a chance, but it’s up to you if you can seize it!"

In the void, someone chuckled and said,"suppress, fuse!" After the fusion, he’ll be invincible. Let’s see if he’ll still be so arrogant after I take care of this old thing!"

Heavenly King Zhen snorted. He was filled with resentment towards this master of his!

Invincible your head!

If I wasn’t forced to this point, why would I make such a choice?

The beginner martial body was burning, and the origin body was proving its way. The beginner martial body was destined to be finished later, and it was hard to say whether the origin body would be finished.

If he failed this time, the Emperor God would probably lose interest in him.

If he killed his origin body and left behind his Dao fruit to repair the seventh heaven, he would really be finished.

Ignoring the others, the Heavenly King’s Two Bodies gathered again.

The elementary martial body burned again, extremely bright!

His aura was getting stronger and stronger!

"F * ck!" Heaven suppression King cursed,"when I succeed, I’ll drag them all out and kill them! You want to watch a monkey show?" I’ll show you all as much as you want later!"

"All of you really think you’re so awesome!"

"Just wait and see!"


After talking for a while, his two bodies started to merge.


A shrill scream was heard!

A sizzling sound could be heard!

It was as if he had been thrown into a pot of oil and a chemical reaction occurred. At this moment, the Heavenly King’s entire body was burning.


Emperor of heaven reverse watched for a while. He frowned and suddenly sighed. "It’s still out of balance. The rejection or suppression of the origin toward the initial stage still exists."

The Emperor God also shook his head slightly. He had failed.

The balance between the two had not been achieved. The Heavenly King, who had condensed a Dao fruit, had a stronger origin and was now rejecting the beginner martial body.

If this continued, the suppression Heavenly King Chu Wu body would be burned out and his origin body would be seriously injured.

The power of a beginner martial artist was still lacking.

If Heavenly King Zhen was not ambitious and did not vindicate Dao, he might have a chance.


Someone sighed, as if he was very dissatisfied.

The next moment, a strong power was transmitted through the origin. Sun god laughed and said,""What are you looking at? back then, we took away a lot of the Origin’s power and returned some.

"If he succeeds, then there’s nothing to say. If he fails, he’ll just give you some to fix the holes in the origin."

The beginner level martial arts had taken away some power!

And this beginner level referred to the sun god!

The sun god had seized a lot of origin power, even before the celestial Thearch had proven his Dao.

In other words, it was possible that the sun god had discovered the origin in advance.

Whether he had taken it away before or after, only the celestial Thearch knew.

If it really happened in the future, the celestial Thearch was not unprepared. How could such a powerful person be so easily seized by the sun god?

However, sun god had returned some today.

Although it was for the town, if the town died, this power would naturally return to the origin.

Therefore, no one stopped him this time.

Snatching power from this place was much easier than the sun god.

"Old man, you’ve finally done something serious!"

Heaven suppression King cursed. He was happy that he was finally reliable!

At this moment, he felt the power of his initial stage martial body.

He also felt that the rejection force from his origin body had decreased by a lot!

This was because this power was originally the power of the origin.


Origin land.

The land of darkness.

The ’corpse’ opened his eyes again.

At this moment, the huge abyss under the "corpse" seemed to close up a little.

The ’corpse’ looked outside. At this moment, an illusionary figure appeared and laughed."What are you looking at? I’m returning a bit of power to you. No, I’m returning a bit of power to the Three Realms. The origin land is not yours!"

The figure laughed,"Qiong and Dou aren’t good people, they’ll kill you sooner or later!" When the celestial source matures, the human race won’t be the first to die. I think you will be the first to die!"

The ’corpse’ opened his eyes to look at him and said softly,""That might not be the case ... Actually ... There’s still a way ..." He said.

"A way?"

The figure laughed."Of course there is a way. You and I are both dead. It might be enough to fill in the energy."

Perhaps, it should be enough if you, the nine emperors, and the others die.

Or perhaps, if you die, the Three Realms will be buried with you. That should be enough.

Or, if the nine emperors die, the Three Realms will be buried with them. "

The celestial Thearch, the sun god, the nine emperors, and the three Realms.

At this moment, he was equivalent to the sun god!

Two people, two great forces.

Choosing two of them would make up for the flaws of the origin.

However, who would be willing to be the sacrifice?

"And ... The seed!" The "corpse" said softly.

The sun god smiled."Yes, there are seeds too. Seeds count too. We’ll have to choose two out of five."

"The seed ... Might be able to suppress it with a single force!"

"The key is that if you can’t find it, we’ll have to let the humans lure it out!"

"You can find ..."

"Don’t look at me, I can’t do it either!"

The sun god chuckled."I don’t have a choice. Why don’t you just kill yourself? if you die, I’ll help you think of a way to kill the nine emperors. Then, you should be able to recover."

"There will be more in the future ... Only the seed is the best choice ... In the future, someone will become an Emperor, and the expansion will continue ..."

The celestial Thearch said slowly.

"That’s a matter for the future. "

The sun god laughed and said,"what do you think?" Try it? Why don’t you try suicide?"


The celestial Thearch no longer replied.

The sun god laughed and looked at the abyss below. "It’s getting bigger and bigger. You haven’t had much success these years. They’ve made up for it in the previous battle, but it’s all useless now. "

In the abyss below, there was still an arrow stuck in it. The long arrow was trembling, and a woman could be vaguely seen.

The long arrow was stuck in the depths of the abyss, and many cracks appeared around it.

The sun god glanced at it and smiled."He’s still as strong as ever. This arrow was merciless."

"There’s no need for him to show mercy,"the celestial Thearch said calmly.

"What a pity ... If he had become an Emperor back then, do you think he could have completed this abyss?"

"That’s impossible. "

"There’s not enough energy left ..." The celestial Thearch said calmly."The energy of the origin can support others to become Emperor, but it’s not enough to support Zhan Chenghuang ... Unless ... The seed!"

"But from what I can see, that year’s battle felt that he was confident ... Do you think that he knows where the seed is?"

The celestial Thearch didn’t say anything.

The sun god laughed and disappeared.

’I’m not going to talk to this guy anymore. I’m going to take a look at the other guy. It seems like the fusion is going to be successful!’


And at this moment.

The Heavenly King roared!

His voice shook the Three Realms!


With a loud roar, Heavenly King Zhen Tian suddenly felt that he was invincible and he threw a punch at the Emperor God!


The Emperor God also threw a punch!

The two fists collided in the air. Heavenly King Zhen had thought he was invincible a moment ago, but in the next moment, with a loud boom, he smashed through the void and flew back tens of thousands of meters!

As for the Emperor God, he was not as calm as before.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Breaking the void, the Emperor God was pushed back a distance. He raised his brows slightly and said with a faint smile,""Interesting. It’s almost the Ji, but ... It’s still too weak!"

In the rear, Emperor Xi was having a headache!

Now, was it that easy to become stronger?

Qiong was really arrogant!

What did he mean by ’close to Ji’ and still so weak?

He didn’t take the few of them seriously!

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