World’s Best Martial Artist Chapter 1436 - 1436 Chapter 1431-slaying the heavenly Emperor!

1436 Chapter 1431-slaying the heavenly Emperor!

At this moment, even the celestial Thearch was feeling a little uneasy.

Qin Fengqing was dead!

He didn’t attack anyone. He was killed by the power controlled by the seed.

However, before he died, he voiced some of his speculations.

Yes, it was just a guess. He was not sure.


However, it was just a guess … And he had the seed kill him. It was clear that this guess was not without reason.

“Fang ping …”

The celestial Thearch’s entire body was surrounded by blood mist. He looked at Fang ping and said in shock and anger,”You believe him? If you devour the Three Realms, the Three Realms will be completely destroyed. Do you know that you’ll harm everyone by doing so?!”

“At that time, you will be the one who destroyed the Three Realms!”

The celestial Thearch bellowed!

Qin Fengqing was only guessing. Would you believe him?

Fang ping laughed, a brilliant smile.

“I believe in him!”

He believed in Qin Fengqing!

This fellow was unruly, arrogant, Savage, and shameless …

However, he … Had a bottom line!

He was also a human!

He had exchanged his life for this information, and Fang ping believed him.

Fang ping laughed so hard that tears were flowing out of his eyes.”I believe him. Even if he’s wrong … Then today, let me, Fang ping, be the one to destroy the world. Let all the living beings of the Three Realms leave with me!”

“Heavenly Emperor, I’ll send you off!”


Fang Ping’s speed was unbelievably fast. In the blink of an eye, he appeared behind Celestial Emperor and threw a punch. Celestial Emperor turned around to block, but his speed was much slower. The divine Emperor and the other two’s imprisonment was not for nothing.

The three powerhouses had used their lives to imprison the celestial Thearch for a moment, and the celestial Thearch’s fighting power was greatly reduced.


The celestial Thearch let out a roar and retreated hurriedly. Half of his head had been blown off by Fang ping.

“How I wish I could hack you into a thousand pieces, but unfortunaty…I’m afraid that you won’t die quickly enough, and that all living beings of the Three Realms won’t be at ease!”


One punch after another, the celestial Thearch roared and roared as he retaliated.

“Fang ping, don’t force me!”

The celestial Thearch roared!

“If I die, the origin will collapse, and all living beings of the Three Realms will die!”

Fang Ping’s face was as cold as ice. He threw another punch, and the celestial Thearch’s head exploded again.

“You’re willing to self-destruct?”

Fang ping was like a devil. He said enticingly,”if Qin Fengqing is wrong and I’ve devoured the Three Realms, I might burst myself. By then, you can still live on and become the only Overlord!”

“If you self-destruct now, you’ll lose everything, including your life. Celestial Thearch, are you willing to do this?”

“Why don’t we take a gamble and see if what Qin Fengqing said is true or false?”

Fang Ping’s smile was dark.”Aren’t you going to make a bet? If you win the bet, the Three Realms will be yours!”

“Celestial Thearch, how about we make a bet?” Fang ping said with a smile.

The celestial Thearch’s face turned gloomy!

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A bet?

He didn’t dare to take the risk!

What Qin Fengqing said could very well be true. As for the plan to invade the Three Realms, he had actually considered it before. However, as the flaws of the origin land had not been resolved, he had given up on it.


How to bet!

He was likely to die!

At the thought of death, the celestial Thearch was somewhat afraid. He was afraid of death, but not afraid of death. Thirty thousand years ago, he would not have cooperated with the seeds and chose to kill all the experts of the Three Realms.

“Fang ping … Don’t force me!”

The celestial Thearch bellowed once more,”I’ll self-destruct my origin. They’ll all die. Do you want to see them all die?”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The celestial Thearch’s vitality was at its peak as he continued to exchange blows with Fang ping. His physical body was starting to collapse. He was no match for Fang ping. Right now, Fang ping might have reached another limit. This was the limit he had been looking forward to!

The boundary after the origin land was restored, perfected, and perfected!

At this moment, he might not be able to match Fang ping even if he was at his peak.

Not to mention now!

The current him was even less of a match for Fang ping, donghuang, and the other two powerhouses. The confinement that they had used their lives to cast was extremely powerful.

“Fang ping, kill him!”

Heavenly King Zhen growled and killed the heavenly Emperor!


Would the celestial Thearch dare?

Even if they did, they would use their deaths to exchange for the celestial Thearch’s death!

It was worth it!

“Kill him!”

Old Wang and the other two shouted!

“Kill him!”

The heavily injured heavenly Hound and the Dragon-form.

“Kill him!”

All living beings of the Three Realms roared in rage, shaking the Three Realms.

Kill the celestial Thearch!

Because of him, the Three Realms had been in turmoil for thirty thousand years, and many people had died!

The war of the myriad DAOs, the upheaval in the heavenly realm, and the battle to unify the Three Realms had caused far too many people to die in the Three Realms over the past thirty thousand years. All of this was because of the celestial Thearch and the seeds.

The origin Dao was supposed to be a good thing, but in the end, it had become their blade.

Countless souls had died under the blade!

Who would be satisfied if he didn’t kill the celestial Emperor today?

Fang ping was an executioner, but the celestial Emperor was even more so!

At this moment, Fang Ping’s brain core flew out. It grew bigger, bigger, and continued to grow!

It was so big that it was boundless!

Soon, it surpassed the first origin. Soon, it blotted out the sky like a bright sun, illuminating the Three Realms.

The brain core was still expanding and covering the Three Realms!

Fang ping was going to invade the Three Realms!

The celestial Thearch suddenly roared,”you can ‘t. The origin land is flawed. The Three Realms are flawed. The sea of bitterness is a flaw. If you do this, your origin land will collapse sooner or later …”

Fang ping had devoured the Three Realms. That meant that he had devoured the flaws of the Three Realms. He would end up like him!

At this moment, a cat on Fang Ping’s body meowed happily.


Filled with joy, the scar-covered fat cat was extremely happy at this moment. It shook its bald tail and suddenly flew away.


The old cat flew higher and higher, louder and louder. Its voice was filled with joy,”liar, remember to catch the seed and let me out!”

“Old cat!”

“Will he let you out?” the celestial Thearch roared. You dumb cat! You actually took the initiative to help him suppress the origin land. You are a creature born in this Emperor’s origin land, not his!”

The celestial Thearch was furious!

This cat had chosen to help Fang ping suppress the origin and the three Realms!

This was impossible!

It shouldn’t be!

The gray cat was a creature born in his origin, not Fang ping ‘s. Now, the gray cat had actually chosen to help Fang ping suppress the origin. It understood that if Fang ping did not let it out, it would forever suppress the origin and become the place where the filth of the origin gathered.

Was this cat crazy?

“I’m happy to …”

The gray cat wagged its tail. At this moment, it had also become boundlessly large. A smile appeared on its tear-stained face. It was beaming with joy.”I will help him suppress the origin land. I won’t help you. I will anger you to death. I will anger you to death!”

It hated the celestial Thearch!

He had killed the fatty, the head chief, many, many people, many people that he liked.

It was so angry!

It was so angry!

It even wanted to self-destruct and blow up the black quagmire, destroying this origin land and killing the celestial Thearch immediately.

But the liar was still alive … It was waiting, waiting for the liar to take revenge for it.

As expected, scammers were the most powerful and omnipotent.

He was really going to win!

However, devouring the Three Realms also meant devouring the filth. These things would impact Fang ping and his origin land. Devouring the Three Realms was a risky move in the first place. Once it was attacked, it might cause Fang Ping’s origin land to collapse.

Hence, Cang Mao made a decision!

It wanted to help the scammer suppress the origin and become a real trash can cat.

Fang ping looked at the old cat that was growing bigger and bigger. He laughed and said loudly,”Go suppress it for a moment and take a nap. Once you wake up, you can eat the seeds!”

“Meow … It’s time to eat the seed!”

The old cat was in a good mood. It was so happy to eat the seed.

It believed in Fang ping!

He really believed it.

In the past, he said that he wanted to eat emperor fish meat. Although he didn’t get to eat it, he did eat Emperor dragon meat.

In the past, it was said that drinking the king’s drink, and the Dao tree could barely be considered a King’s drink.

The scammer said that he would eat good food and drink good wine in the future. Now, he even wanted to feed it silkworm babies. It believed that the scammer could.

Hence, Cang Mao did not hesitate and happily flew towards the huge brain.

It was going to suppress the origin. It would sleep, wake up, and eat the seeds!

The celestial Thearch’s expression changed drastically!

At this moment, there was no more hesitation. With a sudden roar, the first origin ground rumbled and began to move, flying toward Fang Ping’s brain core.

He didn’t believe that a newly-established second origin land would be more stable than his first origin land!

He wanted to counterattack!

He wasn’t willing to be devoured like this, and he wasn’t willing to self-destruct like this. He wasn’t willing!


The huge origin flew towards the brain core with a fiery light!

At this moment, a gate suddenly opened up in the brain. Or rather, it was not a gate, but a semi-circle that began to envelop the entire three realms!

Fang Ping’s voice also spread throughout the Three Realms!

“I believe … Qin Fengqing! I believe that devouring the Three Realms is the only way to kill the celestial Thearch!”

“I believe that everyone will survive!”

“However, I’m the only one who believes it … I’m not sure if you’ll believe it …”

“But today, I don’t want to seek your opinions. I want to be selfish for once. I want to devour the Three Realms. If the Three Realms are destroyed, I, Fang ping, will kill the celestial Thearch and the seed. I will destroy the Three Realms completely, including me …”

“If we succeed, everyone will be able to continue living …”

Fang Ping’s voice reverberated in all directions, shaking all directions!

“Today, I’m going to be the real Demon King!”

The Demon King that devoured the Three Realms!

No one could guarantee that after devouring the Three Realms, these people and the three Realms would still survive. However, Fang ping was going to be selfish for once today and gamble with the Three Realms!


In the human world.

Everyone listened attentively. The next moment, someone roared,””The human King is invincible! We’d rather die standing than live on our knees. Kill this bastard and avenge the martial King and all the heroic spirits who died in battle!”

Today, although these weaklings were unable to participate in the great battle, everyone’s hearts were concerned about the strong.

Hundreds of thousands of powerhouses had died in battle, and even martial Kings had fallen. Everyone was heartbroken.

“Kill him!” Someone roared. Our fate is in our own hands. We decide for ourselves whether we live or die! We shouldn’t be trapped by this beast. Human King, kill him!”

Instead of leaving his fate in the hands of the celestial Thearch, he might as well leave it to Fang ping to gamble!

If Fang ping was the human King, what was the celestial Emperor?

That was a true demon!

“The human King is invincible!”

“The human King is invincible!”

“The human King is invincible!”


The roars shook the heavens and earth, sweeping city after city. Billions of humans roared!


Was the human King selfish?


They had all agreed. Today, they would take back their fates that were under the control of the celestial Thearch. They would decide for themselves whether they lived or died!

Devour the Three Realms!

Life and death depended on the human King and Qin Fengqing!


In the origin land.

Fang ping laughed.

He didn’t care about the people from the beginner’s martial arts world, the catacombs, or the demons. In his eyes, the Three Realms only had humans.

It didn’t matter if the entire human race didn’t have any objections. However, he had heard their cries.

Fang ping laughed heartily!

This was neo martial!

This was the neo martial that martial King and the others had guarded for decades. This was the deformed product that Heavenly King Zhen and the others had managed for thousands of years, the neo martial!

Yes, deformed.

Neo martial was deformed!

Generation after generation of management and the efforts of generations of predecessors had made neo martial arts somewhat deformed. There were very few evil in human nature, so few that it was covered up and suppressed by righteousness.

Perhaps there was evil, but there was much more good!

There were external threats, but no internal ones!

Working together, battling the catacombs, battling the Emperor, battling the celestial Thearch, battling the Three Realms!

Was it worth protecting such a new martial arts?

It was worth it!

It was worth it!

“I’m honored!”

Fang ping laughed, his voice loud and clear.”I’m really honored! I was born in neo martial arts!”

This cute era!

She was simply too cute!

He had been worried that someone would discover his abnormality, skin him alive, dig out the secrets of the system, and use him as a lab rat for research.

However … A long time ago, someone had actually discovered his abnormality.

His teacher Lu fengrou was protecting him, his companion Wang Jinyang was protecting him, and his teacher li Changsheng was protecting him …

Very soon, mcmau was protecting him.

Then, the whole of China was protecting him!

The martial King was protecting him, and so was the heavenly suppression King!

They knew that they were abnormal.

They knew that he had a secret.

They might be curious, confused, or tempted, but in the end, they chose to protect Fang ping, not to expose him, not to think about the ultimate treasures that could make them stronger.

They were silently protecting this secret that everyone knew!

Everyone knew about this secret, but it was still a secret. No one dug it out, no one inquired about it.

Perhaps someone was secretly moved, but Fang ping had almost never encountered such a thing. Perhaps … People like the martial King had put in a lot of effort behind the scenes.

Fang ping had never asked!

But he knew that there must have been.

There must have been people who had set their sights on him, but in the end, they had all been quietly eliminated by the martial King and the others.

There was a period of time when old man Li had been following him and disappeared a few times. Fang ping had a guess, but he did not ask. However, he guessed that it might be to clear out those guys who had their eyes on him.

Therefore, it was a great honor to be born in this era!

Today, the unity of will and determination, calling him “human King” in unison, made Fang Ping’s blood boil even more.

I love this era so much!

I love this era so much!

Without these people, how could there be a martial King or a human King!

“The neo martial human race … Is invincible!”

Fang Ping’s laughter shook the heavens!

“Then, everyone, let’s witness the new era together!”

“Neo martial, eternal!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The huge brain core quickly began to devour the entire three realms, including the three continents, the boundless Forbidden Sea, the stars in the sky, and the celestial Emperor’s origin land.

To devour the Three Realms!

The celestial Emperor controlled the origin land and slammed it toward the brain core. Fang ping did not care about this. He moved forward quickly and bombarded the celestial Emperor with punch after punch.

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“This punch is from a martial King!”

“This punch is from the Wargod!”

“This punch, it’s scholarly …”

Punch after punch, the celestial Thearch continued to bleed. Fang ping killed him continuously, again and again, destroying his physical body. Very quickly, the celestial Thearch recovered. Ignoring Fang Ping, he continued to control the origin land to crash.

He didn’t want to self-destruct!

He didn’t want to die!

At this moment, Fang ping had not completed his invasion of the Three Realms, and he would not kill him. At this moment, he would not resign himself to fate and commit suicide.

He felt that he still had a chance!

Again and again, one punch after another, he blew up the celestial Thearch again and again!

The entire sky was dyed red.

And the three Realms, at this moment, was fully revealed.

This was an incomparably huge circular continent!

He was surrounded by the sea. At the edge of the sea, the first time Fang ping saw it, it was darkness, a boundless darkness, as if there was a layer of thin film. The big bowl was turned upside down, forming the Three Realms.

It was surrounded by seawater, and in the middle of the ocean was the three pieces of land.

At this moment, the brain was devouring the Three Realms, and the sea was being devoured.

In the brain, a huge cat opened its mouth and began to swallow the sea of bitterness!

“Meow …”

“So much water!”

“It’s awful!”

“It’s not as good as the king’s drink. Liar, I’m awake. I want to eat a lot of good food!”

Fang ping blasted the celestial Thearch’s head with one punch and laughed heartily.”Alright!”

“I want 100 … No, 1000 trucks of cat food!”


“I want a huge cat Palace!”


“I want a chef. Old man Zhen isn’t dead yet, so he wants to be my chef …”


Fang ping laughed out loud. Beside him, the Heavenly King smiled bitterly. ‘I’m a chef?

This cat … Had really become arrogant!

However, this cat was indeed very inflated now. It was so big that it was boundless. It wanted to swallow the entire sea of bitterness, so one could imagine how big this cat was at this moment.

Seeing Fang ping agree so readily, the huge cat blinked its eyes that were as big as the sun. Very quickly, it said joyfully,”I still want sun god to be the captain of my cat guards …”

Fang ping looked at the cat and smiled. Very quickly, he nodded and said,”Alright!”

“Ya, this works too?”

The cat was stunned. The liar didn’t lie to him, right?

The sun god old man was so powerful!

Could he really be captured to be a Captain of cat guards?

“Then … Then you still want chubby face to be the cat’s wife …”

“I’ll hammer you to death!”

Fang Ping’s face darkened. The Three Realms was instantly filled with laughter.

They were all laughing!

The human world was laughing, the catacombs were laughing, and even the beginner martial arts level was laughing.

This cat … Was really crazy.

It had expanded boundlessly!

It actually wanted the human King’s sister to be its wife. This cat was so arrogant!

Cang Mao was embarrassed and continued to open his mouth, swallowing the sea of bitterness.

Fang ping, on the other hand, was holding the celestial Thearch’s head. With another punch, he blew the celestial Thearch up again. The celestial Thearch did not make a sound and continued to recover. Fang ping did not dare to kill him. He wanted to break through the second origin land!


With a loud bang, the first origin land crashed into him!

His brain core trembled violently.

However, the next moment, the brain core began to devour the origin.

The celestial Thearch’s expression was ferocious!

Devour me?

That was impossible!

The origin land trembled violently, so much so that the brain could not devour it at all. Not only that, but the celestial Thearch also roared ferociously. At this moment, his origin land also opened its mouth wide and covered the brain.

He wanted to devour Fang Ping’s brain nucleus in return. This was dangerous, but it was also an opportunity.

As long as he succeeded, the harvest this time would be much greater than he had expected.

He would become the true Sovereign of the Three Realms!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two origin lands began to collide and devour each other.

Although the celestial Thearch was under Fang Ping’s control, his origin land was indeed very stable. This was an origin land that had been born thirty thousand years ago. How long had Fang Ping’s origin land been born?

The two origin lands were devouring each other.

For a moment, they were actually evenly matched.

Fang Ping’s expression was solemn. He was stronger than the celestial Thearch, but he did not dare to kill the celestial Thearch at this moment. If he did not kill the celestial Thearch, he could only proceed with the devouring. If he failed, he would instead help the celestial Thearch.

“I can win!”

Fang ping growled in his heart. He believed that he could win!

He definitely could!

That’s because I’m carrying too many expectations.

Heavenly King Zhen looked at it for a while and understood it. He smiled,””We’re being controlled by the origin land. If we’re strong, the origin land will be strong as well. It’ll be a great help to the celestial Thearch!”

Their combat strength was actually dependent on the origin Dao brought by the origin land.

Even though the Dao fruit had been transferred, the source of power was still the origin land. This was also why the celestial Emperor was certain that Fang ping would not dare to kill him.

The Heavenly King looked at the two origin lands that were on par with each other and laughed. He looked at Fang ping. Fang ping saw the smile on his face and frowned.”Too many people have died today. I don’t want to see another one die at this last moment!

I, Fang ping, won’t call anyone Godfather. If you want to self-destruct your great Dao and die together with the celestial Thearch, this bastard, I won’t allow it!”

“I can win!”

Fang ping grabbed Celestial Emperor’s neck. Celestial Emperor laughed so hard that tears were about to fall. He said ferociously,”You can win? Let’s see how you can win! It won’t be that easy to kill me … Or even devour me!”

The Heavenly King suppression and the other experts were the foundation of his origin land. Now, these people were providing a lot of help to his origin land.

If the stalemate continued, it was hard to say who would be able to devour who.

“Even if I lose … These guys won’t have an easy time either!”

The celestial Thearch’s laughter was sharp!

Heavenly King Zhen and the others were very strong. It was good that they were very strong. They were so strong that they even helped him to hold the origin land.

Heavenly King Zhen laughed and looked at Fang ping.”He’s very confident. I like to break this guy’s confidence! Kid, I don’t want to die, and I don’t have the heart to die. I just don’t like him!

I’ll try to save a wisp of my spiritual energy. If you win, you’ll learn from the spirit Emperor and try to resurrect me …

As for strength, I’ll give up on that!”

Heavenly King Zhen laughed,”such a powerful power can’t help you at all. It’s only difficult. Then I’ll give up on this power … And try!”

As he spoke, his power began to spread.

His Dao fruit had appeared!

After a while, Heavenly King Zhen suddenly laughed and said,””I almost forgot about an old man who won’t die! “Emperor Xi isn’t weak either. Shen, if you don’t want to be completely annihilated, come over here obediently and give up your power with me. Perhaps … If Fang ping is in a good mood, he might even be able to resurrect you!”

Within the Three Realms, a figure appeared. Emperor Xi had a bitter look on his face as he said helplessly,””What’s the matter? I’m already so inconspicuous, why do you still remember me!”


You guys go ahead and fight, I’ll just watch the show, alright?

This bastard still remembered him and forced him to give up his power and leave a wisp of mental energy … Who knew if this wisp of mental energy would survive if the Dao fruit collapsed?

Even if he could, would Fang ping revive himself?

He was not Fang Ping’s father!

Unfortunately, he had no other choice.

Even Celestial Emperor had been blown up by Fang ping countless times. If he did not give up his strength voluntarily, he would not be able to preserve even a single strand of mentality!

“Human King … You must remember to resurrect me …”

Emperor Xi’s face was filled with sorrow.”If you win, I, Chen, will have done a great service.”

As he said this, he turned to look at Heaven’s Fate, who had a look of sympathy on his face, and slapped Heaven’s Fate until he was dizzy.”You unfilial son, your father might die! If you’re still alive, remember to look for the human King. I’m afraid he’ll forget about your father. If that happens, your father will be in trouble …”

Heaven’s Fate had a helpless look on his face. He said resentfully,”after devouring the Three Realms, your son, I, might be one step ahead of you. Let’s talk about it when I’m alive. If I’m dead … You’re my father. If you die first, you’ll also benefit. You’ll live 10000 more years than me.”

Emperor Xi thought about it and felt that it made sense. He immediately smiled and said,”that’s true. You son of a B * tch can’t live longer than your father!”

Heaven’s Fate cursed in his heart. ‘I’m a son of a B * tch. Who are you?’

Grandpa turtle?

The old man was indeed brainless!

The celestial Thearch roared again,”you fools! You are all emperors. How can you live if you give up your power? His spiritual power would definitely collapse! You’ll die without a doubt! Why don’t you join forces with me? as long as we can devour Fang Ping’s origin, the Three Realms will be ours!”

These idiots, they actually believed Fang ping!

The West Emperor was an idiot. He did not even resist and was willing to use up all his strength. Was he an idiot?

If they stood on his side and won, the Western Emperor would become even stronger!

The West Emperor glanced at the celestial Thearch and said,””Look at you, do you look like you can win? I’d better try to dispel my internal energy, maybe I can recover. Following you … I’m afraid I’ll die even more miserably!”

With that, the two of them began to disperse their internal energy.

On the other side, old Wang and the other two also laughed. At this moment, a great Dao appeared!

The three of them became one again!

He drew out the power from Celestial Emperor’s origin and transferred it to Fang Ping’s origin.

The celestial Thearch struggled violently. The origin land trembled, and the great Dao trembled.

Many cracks appeared!

On the other hand, old Wang and the other two were laughing happily. They were finally of some use. They had drawn away Celestial Emperor’s power and provided it to Fang ping. As one side declined and the other rose, Fang ping would become stronger and stronger, while Celestial Emperor would become weaker and weaker. This was their use.

The strange man with three heads and six arms stuck his head out and looked at old Yao on the right. He asked curiously,””Old Yao, the heaven-destroying Emperor said that we might meet again in the future, one last time. Now that Fang ping is about to win, do you think we won’t be able to see him?”

Old Yao could not be bothered with him. Jinx!

It might not be a good thing to see him.

Old Wang also slapped iron head’s head. It was for the best if they didn’t meet. At this time, if they won and really met, it wouldn’t be a good thing.

Iron head was embarrassed. Why did you hit me?

I’m just repeating the words of the heaven-destroying Emperor.

He should have hit old Yao!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the two powerhouses dispersed their cultivation, the origin land trembled again, and cracks appeared again. The brain core began to rapidly devour the origin land, and the celestial Thearch’s face revealed a look of despair.

After losing the support of two top powerhouses, his origin land was finally no match for Fang ping ‘s!

“I’ve lost …”

Yes, he had lost.

He finally realized that he had completely lost!

In what way did he lose?

The celestial Thearch was somewhat at a loss. He had too many trump cards!

The powerful strength, the seed’s passage, the immortal source was about to mature, and the seed trapped the sun god …

What did he lose in?

He had lost because the spirit Emperor had betrayed him and cut off his life channel.

He had lost because the martial Kings had gone crazy and destroyed their DAOs and celestial sources. He had lost because the heavenly suppression king and emperor Xi had scattered their cultivation. He had lost because the celestial Emperor and the others would rather die than let him die!

A thought slowly rose in the celestial Thearch’s mind. All of this … Was actually the human heart!

He had lost the hearts of the people!

It was not that Fang ping had won, but that the powerhouses from all over the Three Realms had joined forces and dealt with him together, and finally won!

The celestial Thearch smiled sadly.

The human heart?

In the past, he also seemed to care about people’s hearts. However, when the tribe was destroyed and the remaining people scolded him for not leaving, he felt that people’s hearts were useless.

Therefore, he didn’t care about people’s hearts.

But in the end, he lost to the hearts of the people. How ridiculous!

“I’ve lost …”

The celestial Thearch muttered to himself. He laughed as he watched the brain core begin to devour his origin.

“But I … Still can’t accept this!”

At this moment, the origin began to burst with light, a dazzling light. The celestial Thearch smiled, looking at Fang ping who was holding his neck. He said with a smile,””I can’t accept this. I can’t accept this. I didn’t lose to you … Fang ping, don’t think you’ll get away with it!”

He was going to blow up this origin land!

It was so painful that Fang ping would rather die!

He was not willing to fail just like that.

Even if he failed, he wanted to fail together with Fang ping. The human heart … What was the human heart?

He, the heavenly Emperor, didn’t care!

Fang Ping’s expression was dark as he looked at the celestial Thearch. It was obvious that the celestial Thearch no longer had any illusions!

He was going to self-destruct!

Fang Ping’s vitality exploded wildly to suppress him, but he could not suppress the self-destruction of the origin.

At this moment, a domineering voice was heard!

“Hehe, I am the real heavenly Emperor!”

At this moment, a dog stood up with its broken body and opened its mouth.

“I’ve wanted to taste the origin for a long time … Fang ping … I’m the real main character. What martial King, what Qin Fengqing … They’re nothing!”

The heavenly Hound’s mouth was wide open!

“Heaven devouring divine technique!”

The heavenly Hound’s eyes lit up.”Let me try to swallow this origin. I have had this idea since I was young but I have never been able to do it. Today, I will try … I will swallow this origin … And stuff me into the stupid cat’s world … Stupid cat … I am here to find you!” Hahaha!”

The dog’s mouth opened infinitely, and a powerful devouring force came out!

Devouring The Heavens and earth!

This was the heavenly Hound!

“Heavenly Emperor? I’m the real one!”

The heavenly Hound roared. Who said that this heavenly Emperor was real?

Everyone is scolding the celestial Emperor, but they don’t even think about the fact that I’m also a Celestial Emperor!

Today, the real Celestial Emperor swallowed the fake Celestial Emperor and let you know who is the real one and who is fake!

Do you think I’m a heavenly dog to be trifled with?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The huge mouth of the heavenly Hound swallowed The Burning Land of origin. The heavenly Hound’s body began to explode, but its head and mouth were still there. It seemed that the things it had swallowed did not exist in its body.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A loud noise was heard. The celestial Thearch was suppressed by Fang ping. He could only watch helplessly as this dog devoured his origin.

Bit by bit, a large area of the origin land was devoured!

In the blink of an eye, the origin land disappeared!

In the air, there was only a dog’s head!

The heavenly Hound’s eyes lit up. With a contemptuous smile, it laughed and said,””I … Am the heavenly Emperor! Dumb cat, open your mouth, I’m coming for you …”

In the brain, the gray cat opened its mouth wide. The heavenly Hound swallowed the origin under the Furious gaze of the celestial Thearch. With a loud bang, it crashed into the gray cat’s mouth and completely disappeared from this world.

Fang ping knew where it was. It had swallowed the origin and crashed into the black quagmire on its own!

In the black quagmire, there was a dog’s head that was constantly exploding. The black quagmire had already expanded infinitely and was constantly swallowing this dog’s head.

The old cat also began to close its eyes, as if it was going to fall into a deep sleep.

Fang ping was no longer sad. He looked at the celestial Thearch, and this time, he really smiled.

The celestial Thearch also laughed.

His laughter was filled with despair!

In the end, he died at the hands of his own people.

Spirit Emperor, Tian Chen, Cang Mao, heavenly dog …

These people were all considered his own people!

Today, he didn’t lose to others, but to himself!

“Celestial Thearch … You should be on your way!”

At this moment, the brain core rapidly devoured the entire three realms. Everyone in the Three Realms sank into darkness and fell into a deep sleep!

His brain core began to devour everything.

Fang ping, on the other hand, no longer looked at all of this. Instead, he stared at the celestial Emperor. ‘You … Should die!’

The celestial Thearch’s face was filled with grief, but he quickly regained his smile.

“I … Will only be defeated by myself, and I will only die by my own hands …”

“No, you must die in my hands!”

Fang ping grabbed his head and crushed it inch by inch. Under the celestial Emperor’s somewhat angry gaze, punch after punch, punch after punch, Fang ping patiently broke all his bones and shattered all his flesh and blood.

A ball of fire appeared in his hand and burned everything!

“Celestial Thearch … I’ll send you off!”

Fang ping gritted his teeth!

The celestial Thearch sighed.”I hope … Tens of thousands of years later … You won’t regret it …”

Fang ping was certain to be the next Celestial Emperor!


A deafening boom rang out, and the three Realms turned completely dark. At this moment, the Three Realms were eerily quiet.

The celestial Thearch had fallen soundlessly after being enveloped by the brain!

If there was no earth-shattering movement, Fang ping would not give him the chance, because he was not worthy!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Although the deafening roar resounded throughout the Three Realms, no one could hear it. Fang ping looked at the celestial Thearch, who was completely burned, in silence. He let out a long breath. ‘I … Won!’

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