You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 534 (Lucky)

Chapter 534 (Lucky)

At this time, Qi Xuewen was looking up at the starry sky. The blue barrier was slowly disintegrating, it was very beautiful.

The disintegration carried a powerful spiritual pressure that shook the entire Ji family.

A voice was heard and Qi Xuewen frowned, looking at the copper plate that appeared at his feet. He picked it up curiously.

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He didn’t stay, if he was too loud, someone would definitely come.

Wu Sheng and others realized this too and returned unwillingly.

At this time, Donghuang Baizhi woke up from her sleep and flew into the sky in her pajamas, along with Ying Jingshan and Ying Kangshi.

Ye Hua stood by the window, holding his daughter who rubbed her eyes, looking at the people in the air.

Ying Jingshan cupped his hands with a smile as if seeing an old acquaintance. There was no blood feud.

Ying Kangshi was swallowing his saliva in the back. The Emperor came out in a hurry, wearing only light silk pajamas, her arrogant figure was amazing. Her pretty face was indescribable.

She was originally his own, and he felt excited just thinking about making love to her.

People from both the north and the south were shaken, looking towards the sky. They felt ashamed to respect her, just looking at her beautiful figure.

Donghuang Baizhi responded and ignored Ying Jingshan.

Ying Jingshan said, "Your Majesty, the enchantment that protects Ji’s family may have been taken by someone." He stood with his hands behind his back, standing above the Voidless Realm, not angry because he didn’t dare to be. He had a backer like the Supreme Overlord, so he had nothing to fear even if the enchantment was stolen, or even if the deities descended to earth.

Donghuang Baizhi snorted, "That’s natural."

She disappeared into the air, and everyone felt sorry. They had been there for a few days and couldn’t bear her appearance.

Ying Kangshi wanted to call Donghuang Baizhi to stop, but was stopped by Ying Jingshan’s eyes. He felt it was a mistake to call his son out this time. He agreed at the inn to not cause any commotion, but changed once he came.

Ying Jingshan shouted lightly, "What are you looking at? Go back!"

With the disappearance of the two giants, everyone began to discuss the disappearing barrier.

At this time, Qi Xuewen and Xin Ba, who had rushed back, stood together. They had just seen the Emperor’s figure and couldn’t calm down.

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Xin Ba sighed and said, "I really want to thank the barrier for breaking. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have seen the Emperor in her pajamas. It’s so beautiful, it’s in my heart."

Qi Xuewen nodded in agreement as he looked over. "The Emperor’s figure is indeed extremely beautiful, and her ethereal temperament is even more amazing. Such a woman could only exist in heaven," he thought.

Xin Ba shook his head, "Brother Qi, where did you go just now?" he asked.

"I went to the bathroom," Qi Xuewen replied with a light smile.

"Go to bed early. The competition starts tomorrow," Xin Ba said.

"You too," Qi Xuewen said.

The two walked to their rooms and Qi Xuewen closed the door, reinforcing it with spiritual energy, including the door on the balcony. He then took out a copper plate from his pocket. He was filled with doubts about the strange object.

As he input aura into the plate, he felt a strong coercion and was instantly backlashed, spurting out blood. But his excitement overshadowed his wound as he realized the plate’s power was greater than that of ancient artifacts in the hands of the patriarchs. Could it be what they were searching for?

Just then, a cat meowed and startled Qi Xuewen. He put the plate away and ignored the cat.

On the other hand, the patriarchs of the four great families in the south frowned, especially Diao Lang, who just lost his last hope. "It seems that someone got the ancient artifact before us," Wu Sheng said.

Murong Zhi nodded, "Yes, that’s why the enchantment disappeared. What a pity."

"At this moment, only we should know about it," He Tian said in a low voice.

The three looked at Diao Lang, suspecting that he had deliberately damaged his ancient magic weapon and secretly sent someone to retrieve the artifact.

"What are you looking at me for?" Diao Lang asked coldly.

Murong Zhi asked, "Diao Lang, where is your ancient artifact?"

"What do you mean?" Diao Lang shouted in anger.

Murong Zhi sneered, "Diao Lang, it seems we’ve been deceived. Your ancient artifact was never broken and you sent someone to find it while pretending to be with us."

Wu Sheng and He Tian also changed their expressions and threatened to do something if Diao Lang did not hand over the treasure.

Diao Lang was stunned and explained, "How can I still cheat when you saw my sapphire break?"

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