You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 600 (Ye Zizi vs. Feng Tian)

Chapter 600 (Ye Zizi vs. Feng Tian)

Chapter 600: (Ye Zizi vs. Feng Tian)

Ye Zizi grinned, "You’re not the first person to say something like that. The last person who said that died. Do you want to follow in their footsteps?"

There were always those who wanted to test the limits. When they truly reached those limits, they would know how terrifying despair could be. Unless they were the kind of person who treated despair as breakfast.

"This is not just a Northern matter anymore. It concerns both the North and the South. Does anyone in the Voidless Realm dare to kill so many people without fearing divine punishment?" Bai Cixin was also furious. The fact that she had been forced out of the North by the Voidless Realm was still on her mind. If she couldn’t take revenge, she would never be at peace in this lifetime.

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"Divine punishment? Actually, I am divine punishment," Ye Zizi said lightly. Her crimson gaze became even more intense. She really wanted to kill the woman in front of her who thought too highly of herself. Who had the courage to say such things? Was it Liang Jingru? [This sentence is used to express someone who gets an unknown power to do something incredible or something that they would not normally be able to do. Liang Jingru is a famous singer, one of her popular songs is ’Courage’ in which there is a lyric: Love really needs courage. Once I made the decision, I would not care what other people say.]

Baici Xin was so angry that she couldn’t speak. This was simply the most absurd negotiation ever. It was more like a declaration of war by the Voidless Realm!

Jiu Ye remained silent, looking like he didn’t want to provoke anyone.

"The negotiations are over. The Voidless Realm welcomes you," Ye Zizi said with a low laugh. She was actually looking forward to the day when Your Honor would wipe out everyone, just like he did in Tianfu last time. If that were the case, it would be interesting.

No one dared to speak any further. They never expected that one person from the Voidless Realm could suppress all of them and kill without reason, hiding her ferocity behind an innocent appearance.

Just as Ye Zizi was about to go out to find something to eat, a figure suddenly appeared!

It was Feng Tian!

Looking at his younger brother lying on the cold ground, Feng Tian walked over with a blank expression, his gaze filled with a cold and sinister air. "Who did this?"

Ye Zizi turned around slowly and smiled, "Me."

Feng Tian looked at Ye Zizi, and his eyes under the mask began to spin. A killing intent suddenly emanated from him, causing everyone to take three steps back involuntarily!

"Do you want to fight me too?" Ye Zizi asked curiously, batting her beautiful eyes.

How could Feng Tian endure this? He was full of killing intent, "I’ll make you die!"

"Okay, let’s go somewhere else to play." Ye Zizi was overjoyed. Finally, she had met someone who could fight a little. It felt good.

After saying that, Ye Zizi disappeared from her original spot, and Feng Tian followed suit.

Everyone present hoped that this little girl would be killed. She was too terrifying!

On the vast grasslands thousands of miles away, Ye Zizi’s figure appeared, and soon Feng Tian appeared as well.

"Wow, the air here is really good." Ye Zizi tilted her head back and closed her beautiful eyes, taking a deep breath. It was really comfortable.

Feng Tian’s hands were trembling, and a mighty spiritual pressure emanated uncontrollably from him. He slowly clenched his mask in his right hand! Please visit f𝗿e𝗲𝘄𝚎𝐛𝚗𝐨𝙫ℯl. c𝗼𝚖


Feng Tian directly removed his mask because he wanted to use his cruelest side to kill the person in front of him!

At the moment when Feng Tian took off his mask, the sky suddenly changed color. Dark clouds covered the sky, thunder roared and rumbled, and a terrifying spiritual energy swept through the world, forming a strange scene. The powerful spiritual energy seemed to tear through the air, while Feng Tian, with his mask off, lowered his head, appearing lifeless.

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Ye Zizi held a pink umbrella and murmured, "This is pretty strong."

Suddenly, white gloves appeared on Feng Tian’s hands, and the surging spiritual pressure rose again. The grass seemed unable to withstand such power and cracked one after another.

Feng Tian’s body suddenly disappeared with a maniacal laughter, and Ye Zizi frowned and leaned her head slightly to the right.

A fist appeared at the left side of Ye Zizi’s face. She slightly hesitated and jumped lightly.

’This person’s speed and strength are pretty good, much stronger than those deities,’ Ye Zizi thought.

Ye Zizi looked up after jumping high and saw no one there. Suddenly, she felt a burst of violent force above her head. She felt her bones loosen and recalled how satisfying it was to fight with Your Honor half a year ago. Now that she finally encountered someone who could fight, she was eager to take him on.

Ye Zizi clenched her small fist and punched towards the direction above her head.


The collision between fists shook the entire sky, and a huge shock wave spread out, even producing a dazzling light.

"Haha! Not bad, you actually blocked my punch," Feng Tian’s face appeared particularly twisted and distorted, like a madman.

Ye Zizi smiled slightly, "You’re not bad either."

"Then let me see how many punches you can take from me!" Feng Tian shouted wildly. His spiritual energy grew even stronger, and he simply punched and withdrew without any technical content.

At this point, everything else became unimportant. One punch could destroy the heavens and earth.

Ye Zizi used her left hand to hold the umbrella and her right hand to resist the attacks, with each punch producing a terrifying spiritual energy wave. A spatial crack was slowly forming.

As Feng Tian punched faster and harder, Ye Zizi adjusted her strength according to his level of power, so as not to blast him into pieces with one punch.

"This punch is good, very tricky. If it were a little faster, it could have grazed my clothes," Ye Zizi said as she fought, not stopping her constant teaching and guidance.

Combining speed and power is the key, and this is perfection. But you are not good enough here, and not good enough there. Everywhere is flawed, making Feng Tian seem useless.

From the beginning, Feng Tian was furious, but as the fight went on, his expression grew darker. A skilled fighter always holds back a little, not using their full strength from the start.

But now, Feng Tian gradually released his true power, but Ye Zizi seemed like a bottomless pit, no matter how he adjusted, she could always catch his punches.

This situation left Feng Tian speechless. His crazed and ferocious expression sank as if he had been struck with autism. Ye Zizi closed her small umbrella and chuckled lightly, "Alright, I’ll fight seriously with you now."

"What! Weren’t you serious enough just now?" Feng Tian didn’t dare to be careless and stared firmly at Ye Zizi.

In the blink of an eye, Feng Tian saw Ye Zizi’s small fist grow infinitely larger. He quickly defended himself, but was knocked back several tens of meters.

Ye Zizi waved her fist and said, "Hold on tight! Here I come!"

After speaking, Ye Zizi disappeared from her original position. Feng Tian didn’t dare to let his guard down and used all of his strength.

Occasionally, a burst of energy erupted from the grassland, and the torn space grew larger and larger. A terrifying aura emanated from within, as if a powerful creature was about to move. If the space was torn open a bit more, the terrifying being inside could appear and destroy the world!

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