You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman Chapter 639 (I Slept with Him)

Chapter 639 (I Slept with Him)

Dou Fushi’s inclusion in the team was entirely due to Jue Tian and Brittany’s reasons. Although the outcome was not satisfactory, it was ultimately accomplished, and Dou Fushi was allowed to join the team against the rules.

Before this, there were the Green and Red Brothers, and Ye Hua thought they were well disciplined and capable of handling important tasks. However, from this mission, it seemed that he had overestimated them!

He entrusted Dou Fushi to protect someone, but instead, he slept with them. In broad daylight, he was fooling around in bed, completely ignoring Ye Hua’s orders!

Looking at the whole team, there was no one who dared to disregard Ye Hua’s words, except for Dou Fushi!

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He slept with someone just because they looked good. He probably used his power to coerce them. The fact that such scum appeared in Ye Hua’s team meant that he had failed in his judgment of people!

If Dou Fushi knew what Ye Hua was thinking, he would definitely protest. It wasn’t him who slept with her; it was she who slept with him.

To please her, Dou Fushi had tried his best to fulfill her requests. He didn’t want things to turn out this way either, urging her to go out and kill men.

"Your Honor is asking you a question! Answer honestly!" Wei Chang growled, even if you smash the ground, it won’t change anything!

Dou Fushi didn’t even scrape his forehead; there was just a little dust.

"Your Honor, I don’t have the face to plead. It’s my fault for not handling things properly." Dou Fushi didn’t explain anything and quickly admitted his mistake.

Beside him, Li Hun stumbled out, blood flowing from the corners of her mouth. But she showed no fear and exclaimed, "Little Dou, get up! We don’t have to be afraid of them!"

Dou Fushi’s face couldn’t be worse. ’You foolish woman, don’t you see the situation clearly? There’s only one way forward now.’

"Your Honor, Li Hun didn’t mean to say such things. Spare her life," Dou Fushi pleaded desperately. If he angered Ye Hua, the consequences would be severe.

Ye Hua looked at Li Hun, and she met his gaze without flinching.

"If you weren’t somewhat useful, I would have killed you right now!" Ye Hua said softly. This woman was meant to deal with Qing Tiandi. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have sent Dou Fushi to protect her, and now she ended up in bed with him.

"Who exactly are you people?" Li Hun seemed to have just realized it and asked in a tender voice.

Dou Fushi remained silent, kneeling on the ground.

Wei Chang wanted to say something, but Ye Hua stopped him.

"I admired your methods of killing. I was afraid something would happen to you, so I had Dou Fushi protect you. But I never expected... you, a woman who hates men, would become dependent on a man. It’s truly ironic."

Li Hun listened silently and then asked, "Why do you want me to kill? Why?"

"There are many uses for you, so you’re still alive because you still have some value. But this... I, as the Supreme Overlord, had him protect you, and yet he slept with you..."

Before Ye Hua finished speaking, Li Hun softly interjected, "I slept with him."

Ye Hua and Wei Chang were momentarily stunned, then they turned their gaze to Dou Fushi, seemingly questioning if it was true.

Feeling the scrutiny from the higher-ups, Dou Fushi guiltily said, "Your Honor, it’s because of my inadequacy that I got slept with..."

Ye Hua initially thought it was Dou Fushi’s lust that led him to use his bestowed power on someone else, but he never expected that it was Li Hun who slept with Dou Fushi.

Li Hun is quite attractive, so why would she sleep with Dou Fushi? Ye Hua and Wei Chang couldn’t quite understand.

"And then you just kept sleeping and didn’t do anything?" Ye Hua asked in a low voice. Although he had misunderstood Dou Fushi, he still hadn’t fulfilled the mission properly! There should be consequences!

Li Hun said in a tender voice, "It was me who refused." Please visit ƒ𝐫𝗲𝒆𝑤𝚎𝐛𝙣𝐨𝙫𝙚𝚕. 𝒄o𝓂

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"Why?" Ye Hua asked, puzzled.

"Killing disgusting men was enjoyable before, but being with Little Dou is even more enjoyable."

Damn, that explanation is quite powerful. Even the higher being couldn’t argue against it. As long as it’s enjoyable, this woman’s demands are quite low.

"Your Honor, in fact, Li Hun asked me to accompany her for a few days, and then she would go out to kill men." Dou Fushi sincerely explained. That was indeed the case. Dou Fushi begged earnestly, and Li Hun compromised to spend a few days together before going out to kill men.

Today was the last day, and Your Honor arrived.

Ye Hua looked at Li Hun, and she calmly said, "Little Dou is right."

Ye Hua let out a sigh and looked at Dou Fushi, saying, "How should I punish you?"

Without waiting for Dou Fushi’s response, Li Hun walked up to Dou Fushi, slowly knelt down, as if realizing the reality.

"Little Dou is innocent. If there’s anything, come at me!" Li Hun asserted dominantly. She, who had completely lost faith in men, seemed to have found it in Dou Fushi.

Ye Hua was waiting for this statement. He whispered, "I want you to continue killing! The more chaos, the better."

"Okay!" Li Hun didn’t hesitate and agreed directly.

Ye Hua was pleased with Li Hun’s attitude. He looked at Dou Fushi and said, "I will give you one last chance. Continue to protect her. If you disappoint me again, you will be expelled! Understood?"

"Thank you for your forgiveness, Your Honor." Dou Fushi quickly expressed gratitude. The fact that Your HonorLord spared him in such a situation proved that he was indeed a good leader.

Knowing that it was a misunderstanding, Ye Hua had no intention of punishing Dou Fushi. However, he was still under observation. If he didn’t prove himself suitable, he would still be expelled. His team had no room for wasteful individuals.

"You all go and handle the matter. I hope to see the reports soon!" Ye Hua said before leaving the scene with Wei Chang.

Seeing Your Honor and Uncle Wei leave, Dou Fushi collapsed to the ground. He had been truly frightened, feeling as if he had walked on a wire of death.

Li Hun looked at Dou Fushi’s state and smiled, "Little Dou, were you there to protect me?"

"Yes, but I ended up being slept with by you and almost killed by Your Honor. I..." Dou Fushi was in great agony. What had he done wrong? Why was he constantly being bullied? Was this how an honest person should be treated?

Li Hun gently embraced Dou Fushi, who was on the verge of tears. "Alright, alright, Little Dou, stop crying. It’s not a big deal."

"Isn’t it big enough? My heart can’t calm down for a long time."

"In that case, let’s do it again, and then you’ll feel calm."

"What! Do it again? I still want to live!"

"It’s fine, everyone has left. We’ll do it once more and then get to work. Hurry up, I want to..."

Dou Fushi: "······"

With a sense of despair, Dou Fushi was dragged into a small dark room. The pleading look in his eyes was like a signal sent to the entire universe. Although Li Hun was obedient, the demands were too high. This wasn’t the kind of wife Dou Fushi wanted...

On the other side, Ye Hua arrived at Wei Chang’s house.

"Xiao Tang isn’t at home today?" Ye Hua curiously asked.

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