Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Afterword of Afterword

Afterword of Afterword

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou 1

Author - Shirakome Ryou

At the time after about a week passed since the students of earth were summoned to another world Tortus.

At the training place of knights and soldiers in the Hairihi kingdom, there were the figures of the students making wondrous cane or accessories shined while activating magic, swinging around splendorous sword or spear with fairly experienced air.

The students were showing splendid skill like heroes that appeared in fairy tale in just about one week. Their vocation that bloomed by descending into this world and displayed matchless talent in its field, and the pointed support from the kingdom side, those factors were the reason why the students were growing with a speed like sponge absorbing water.

While those students were endeavoring in their training, there was the figure of a boy looking down while moaning ‘hm hm’ at the corner of the place.


The young man――Nagumo Hajime was whispering with a voice that could be heard as cursing or feeling exasperated. Before his eyes there were something like a thorn? growing up limply from the ground.

Hajime was hanging his head down while moaning wasn’t because he was gasping from stomachache while desperately enduring from spurting out black history from his butt, nor because he was desperately repressing the chuuni soul that was sealed in the deepest part of his heart.

He was merely using his talent the “transmutation” skill desperately. He was repeatedly testing if he could somehow grow out thorn from the ground using transmutation to attaackk! like in a certain manga, otaku style, but the result was totally limp like jelly lump no matter how many times he tried it.

Although he was at a corner, but the visibility of the place was extremely well, so naturally such figure of Hajime entered the sight. Hiyama Daisuke and his gang who came to make fun of Hajime glanced at Hajime’s result and then smirked obviously.

The other classmates too, they were also emitting unfriendly air, as though they were making fun of him somewhat, or looking down at him as an existence that wasn’t worthy to be taken seriously, or perhaps deciding that Hajime wasn’t even worth any interest.

But, at that time, something cold poked at the cheek of Hajime who was starting to concentrate once again……


Hajime reflexively jumped while raising a scream that sounded somewhat unbefitting for a man. A lovely chuckle that sounded like a ringing bell reached Hajime’s ear. That clear voice didn’t sound malicious by any means, it sounded like someone who succeeded in their prank, or possibly an expression of happiness from seeing that rare reaction of Hajime.

「Shi, Shirasaki-san……don’t surprise me like that.」

「Fufu, I’m sorry, Nagumo-kun. For some reason it looked like you were really persevering at it, so I’m wondering that some rest might done you good. Here, it’s nicely cooled already.」

Ahead of the gaze of Hajime who was turning around, there was the figure of a girl――Shirasaki Kaori presenting him with a cold drink. It seemed she came bringing drink in consideration of Hajime who was straying off course into a training without any clear prospect.

Hajime smiled wryly while saying thanks and took the glass. Inside the glass was filled with a mysterious liquid that was rainbow colored with popping bubbles. Actually it was a carbonated drink with a taste that resembled apple, and it was Hajime’s favorite but……it seemed that Kaori-san had grasped Hajime’s preference before anyone knew it.

Hajime shivered a bit in a different meaning. Seeing such Hajime, Kaori said 「Oh no, you are catching cold there」 and quickly approached Hajime with her misunderstanding in full throttle. And then, as expected she was fully prepared, Kaori took out a towel from somewhere and began to faithfully wipe the little sweat Hajime was perspiring.

(Ple, please be conscious, of someone’s personal area, and also the TPO!) (Note: TPO = Time, Place, Occasion)

Hajime was letting out sweat further from the torture of the piercing gazes from the surrounding while taking distance away from Kaori slowly, but the more he was backing away, the more Kaori was advancing with light steps. And then, saying 「Waa, you are sweating a lot」, she was wiping and wiping even more.

Slowly, backing away. Step step, forward forward.

Sweat sweat, wipe wipe.

(No, no good. The eyes of Hiyama and others are looking murderous-. Ah, even the other boys are making their artifact shine-. Wai-, girls!? Isn’t that the chanting for the combination magic you all just learned!?)

Hajime’s state of mind was exactly like a mouse that was cornered by a cat. But, the cat-san that was really bothered by the mouse-kun that it couldn’t be helped looked really worried from the bottom of her heart seeing the worsening color of mouse-san’s face, that she approached closer even more insistently.

Hajime class changed from mouse into rabbit and began to seriously think to run away just like a panicky rabbit, but it was at that time that his savior finally arrived.

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「Come on, Kaori. You should stop there. You are being too close. Nagumo-kun cannot rest if you are like that, see?」

「Ah, Shizuku-chan.」

It was Yaegashi Shizuku who was Kaori’s stopper and also best friend. It seemed Shizuku was completely grasping the current situation, so she made a troubled smile from having to look after her best friend’s rampage even while nonchalantly pulling Kaori away.

The temperature of the surrounding’s atmosphere was decreasing. It seemed that the voltage of the classmates was going up and down in comparison with the distance between Kaori and Hajime.

And then, Kaori who became a bit calmer similarly like the surrounding’s atmosphere blushed from how close she was with Hajime and she backed away with brisk steps. And then, she gazed at Hajime shyly with brief glances and upward stare. With an upward stare!

(Kuh, as expected from Shirasaki-san, what fighting strength-. Is she a monster-)

Using such impression that was painted with impoliteness and joke material, Hajime pretended to not notice his heart that was beating like an alarm bell while sending his gratitude toward Shizuku once more. Even though Shizuku shrugged her shoulders at that, but it seemed she saw through Hajime’s pretension and she didn’t bother to hide her amused air.

Shizuku pulled at Kaori’s hand while the corner of her mouth was twitching.

「The, then Kaori. You have finished giving the drink already, we should go back to our own training too, okay?」

「Wait, Shizuku-chan. I have something I want to ask from Nagumo-kun.」

「Something you want to ask? Come to think of it, you were really deep in talk with the maid just for asking about the drink that Nagumo-kun often asked for before this.」

While comprehending that the information source was actually from a maid, Hajime was getting a bad premonition seeing Kaori who was looking at him with determination.

It seemed that his premonition was right on the money. The next moment, the words that Kaori fired showed how she was still in charge ahead maiden mode.

「Na, Nagumo-kun. You, you see……Does Nagumo-kun like a girl who is wearing maid uniform I wonder!? I wonder!?」

「Just what are you saying so suddenly, Shirasaki-san!?」

Hajime was greatly shaken at this situation where he was publicly interrogated by a girl classmate about 「Do you like maid?」.The eyes of the girls changed as though they were looking at trash, as for the boys……several of them were averting their eyes.

「Because, Nagumo-kun. Your eys often chased after the maids in the palace…… Sometimes, when you looked at the casual act of the maids, you would nod with a face like a critic somewhere……」

「Stop-. More than this and it will be all over for me!! Shirasaki-san, you actually hate me right!? Isn’t that right!?」

The life point of Hajime’s heart was being shaved off greatly. But, it seemed that the word “mercy” didn’t exist in the dictionary of the beautiful girl who was even praised as the two great goddess along with Shizuku in the school. Beside her, the best friend was looking at the sky with an expression that was mixed with resignation, saying 「This is no good, she is completely in charge ahead mode」. Kaori didn’t even notice that and launched her second blow.

「And, and also. I think the work of the palace maids must not get obstructed. Nagumo-kun is also a boy, that’s why you mustn’t do anything even by mistake, that’s what I think.」

「Hey, Shirasaki-san. Do you notice? You said that my existence is a hindrance for the maids, you are saying cruel thing nonchalantly there you know? What’s more, you said that I might assault the maids……in my heart, right now Shirasaki-san’s words are stabbing all over and over you know?」

「That’s why, I reluctantly, yes, really reluctantly make this suggestion!」

「You aren’t listening to me at all aren’t you! Oi Yaegashi-san, your best friend is completely going wild here! Quickly stop……wait, what’s with that face that seem to say 『Man can only pray to the god』!? Don’t give up! If you give up here, then it’s the end for me!」

Shizuku made a transparent smile while starting to look at the sky far away. The figure of the pitiful boy was already not reflected in those eyes.

And then, while feeling uneasy, Hajime opened his mouth to stop Kaori somehow, but right after that, Kaori beat him to the punch by dropping the bomb.

「So that Nagumo-kun won’t commit any mistake! And also for the sake of the maids too! I’ll wear maid uniform for you!」

The tension of the classmates broke through the sky. Of course, to the direction of the negative.

Surely that was something that couldn’t be helped. Listening objectively, in order to protect the maids from Hajime’s sexually hungry gaze, Kaori would wear maid uniform and exposed herself to Hajime’s gaze in the place of those girls……that was how it sounded like.

Hajime dashed away without glancing left or right like a rabbit on fire. In order to jump into the chest of the reliable older brother replacement of everyone――the captain of the kingdom’s knight order, Meld who was not present because of some business. ‘If it is that person, he should be able to protect me from my frenzied angry classmates!’ That was the lifeline that Hajime was holding on to.

Behind him, beside Kaori who was holding her blushing red cheeks with closed eyes while saying 「I, I said it!」, *dododododo* the berserkers were passing through with steps that were making tremor on the ground.

「……I’m sorry, Nagumo-kun. Forgive this powerless me.」

Shizuku’s powerless voice slipped into the breeze weakly and vanished.

After that, Kaori who noticed Hajime’s escape and the classmates’ misunderstanding chased after Hajime and others in panic in order to resolve the misunderstanding, what she found ahead was the sight of captain Meld who was being embraced by Hajime. She was swallowed by the vortex of misunderstanding, 「I have to bring back Nagumo-kun away from that path!」 and resolved to a completely unfounded direction, and for a while she directed vigilant gaze at captain Meld in every chance and continuously troubled him, such thing happened.

And then, among the palace maids, this and that about captain Meld and the incompetent boy were whispered……

「「Why it become like this……」」

The strongest knight of the kingdom and the weakest boy of the summoned group whispered with overlapping disheartened voice.

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou 3

Author - Shirakome Ryou

When Shirakome write light novel, what came into mind first is the character.

Character come into mind, the scene I want to write come into mind, and then the story in order to reach that scene is fleshed out……something like that.

The characters that become the origin of such tale. Famous image character is needed for those characters. The impetus for my wild delusion is generally starting when Shirakome is reading some kind of work that cause Shirakome to grin by himself w

And so, I’m thinking to introduce for just a bit of the image characters that become the basis for Arifureta characters.

First, the main heroine Yue-san――the image character for her is the great sage-sama (loli version) of Genso○ somewhere. Seeing a certain work in Niconico douga, Shirakome went 「Uwaa, Yu○ri-san, totally cute」 and my delusion gave out such result.

Next, Shia. It doesn’t even need to be said. You all know right. Yes, she too is based on from a former military officer rabbit-san (however, the not insane version) from that Genso○ somewhere. What’s more, my delusion spread and before I realized a certain Mon○ji black rabbit-san was mixed.

For Kaori, it’s from the class representative-san of a certain tokimeku diary (only love), Shizuku is from a certain magical ○dex’s fallen angel maid-san (saint ponytail swordswoman-san), and Kouki is from the proto Saber-san of F○te.

And, for Tio who made her entrance at third volume……her image character is from world’s number 2 dragon god-sama of Hi○ School DxD. Yes, she is completely different isn’t she? She needed loli-ness, and taciturn-ness, and also pureness. For some reason I cannot just get into goth-loli……yosh, then, I’ll rather do everything in reverse! From such idea that kind of girl was born. Shirakome himself thought it the most, how did it become like this……like that.

Now then, this time there is also characters that I don’t introduce (like the main character), it will be for the next chance someday.

Please look after [Arifureta] from here on too.




Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou 4

Author - Shirakome Ryou

At the「Afterword of Afterword

」 last volume, I introduced the image characters regarding the main characters.

What about the other characters!? If there are those who are holding expectation about that, I’m sorry. This time borrowing this place, I’m thinking to introduce the image models for the artifacts Hajime created.

For example, the arms that are representative of Hajime, the two large revolvers “Donner & Schlag”, the model is from Constrictor and a certain black cat’s ornamental gun, the revolver of tongari(pointed) gunner, and so on.

Doing air reload using two of those revolvers with slightly peculiar design while performing Gun Kata of the movie Equilibr○m……that will be absurdly awesome!! The result of Shirakome’s chuuni soul feeling itchy like that gave birth to Donner & Schlag.

For the sniper cannon “Schlagen” and gatling cannon “Metzelei”, there is no image model especially for them, but if I’m forced to say, Metzelei is from Black Ro○ Shooter I guess.

Rocket and missile launcher “Orkan” is from that thing of the big bro pastor from Tri○n. Puni○er-san is top ranked romance weapon even inside Shirakome.

For pile bunker, I imaged it from the thing that came out in nico douga’s Azatho○ Diva(アザトゥー○?ディーヴァ). It’s not exaggeration even if Shirakome said that this video series is already sacred video for me. The uploader-sama is god.

The four wheeled vehicle Breeze is from Hummer. The two wheeled Steiff is from around Goldwing F6C. The dearest wish of Shirakome that want to ride both of them someday leaked out.

And the last is Doryukken, this is from RWB○, as expected it’s modeled from romance weapon that came out in Niconico. This video is heaped with romance weapons that made one writhed.

Now then, for the time being, this time let’s end it until here. When the story is advancing and we come to this section once more, I’m thinking to be allowed to talk about the characters, or the romance weapons, or the behind the scene, and so on.

Well then everyone, please take care of [Arifureta] from here on too.




Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou 5

Author - Shirakome Ryou

I’m thinking to be allowed to talk about the behind the scene of Arifureta in the「Afterword of Afterword

」 of this volume too.

Honestly speaking, 「Arifureta」, was planned by me to end at volume 4――that is to say, at the scene where Hajime and Kaori’s reunion was actualized was planned to be the end of the volume. It was planned to give the readers the feeling of 「Ooyah」 and ended the volume with the atmosphere of 「Our journey will start from here!」.

If asked for the reason, the big reason is because when Shirakome started writing [Arifureta], watching the Gunda○ Seed’s episode of 「Descending Sword」, when the main character flew down from the sky and saved his comrades, the wild delusion 「What the hell is this, awesome!」 was overflowing out.

In other words, at the point when Hajime smashed the labyrinth ceiling and saved Kaori, I was in the state of 「Shirakome, is super satisfied☆」 you see.

If so then why, is the story became this long……

That is simply because many people in [Narou] were giving support, no other reason for it. In a sense, the one who gave birth to the story of the volume 5 and the rest of it were everyone, the readers of [Narou[, it’s not an exaggeration even if I said that.

Because everyone is skilled in flattering, this stupid Shirakome got carried away and wrote a lot of after stories even after the conclusion of the main story. Rather, it feels like the after stories are the one that get better popularity……

Now then, I don’t know how far I will continue writing [Arifureta], but so that the extra stories and the published version after revising become even more fun work, I’m investing all my experience point to delusion power and work hard, so please take care of this work from here on too.




Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou 6

Author - Shirakome Ryou

About the afterword of afterword this time, there is no behind the scene talk like before. If it’s the behind the scene about artifact or character, there is a tiny bit, but it feels like it will end with just a few lines, so I’m thinking to do it in the next chance.

And so, this time is a bit of short story. That guy that was blown up by Hajime in the fifth volume is actually alive, I got that kind of idea at the time. And then, actually it formed this kind of connection with that child that was left behind in Erisen……it’s that kind of story.


Myself is a clione. My name is――likely, none.

Myself have heard other organisms calling I things like ancient monster, or devil of the ocean, or repulsive eater, or ‘that guy won’t be killed no matter what you die, he is seriously super annoying’.

Possibly, those might be mine names.

Though myself think that the last one is too long……

Or rather, myself feel like that’s already just a badmouthing……

By the way, mine favorite is the “repulsive eater”. For some reason it sound cool.

Putting that aside, myself has nice sexy body that look transparent like jelly, possess shape like a clione, truly a beautiful and great being, but recently, there was something absurd that threatened the existence of such myself.

Myself met a demon.

That guy, is seriously bad news. Really bad news.

Even like this, myself has lived for a long time. Don’t mention about the race called “human”, myself has been living since the time when even the race called “monster” didn’t exist. However, even in that several thousands, tens of thousands of year of long life, myself had never seen that kind of brutish fiend!

After all, this demon tried to burn myself to death in our first meeting!

Even though myself only tried to eat him a bit!

What’s more, the demon tried to escape into the water, so myself hurriedly chased behind, but then――myself was exploded! What a deed!

Mine body shrunk really much, mine tension also decreased a lot.

It couldn’t be helped, myself filled my stomach and then myself thought to go out to the ocean to take a walk, but as though lying in ambush for myself to do that, that demon flew out from the bottom of the sea toward myself.

After that, it was already a competition of survival. Myself was desperate. Myself was also a tiny bit angry, myself won’t let him escape anymore! Thinking that myself even produced a tsunami.

Thinking back now, that was a mistake. If the demon wanted to escape, then it would be fine if myself let them get away. It would be great if myself didn’t get carried away thinking that it was just a bit more to gulp the demon down! like that.

But, even still. Although it’s certain that some fault lie in myself who got carried away, but still.

Black sticky liquid was splashed all over inside mine body and the demon burned me from inside, and in the end myself was exploded, myself think there is something wrong with that! Myself will get bad dream of death for several thousand years after that!

Normally, will anyone do something terrifying like that!? Furthermore that demon, seeing myself writhing in agony, the demon laughed! How terrifying! Since when the race called human became that much of a fiend!?

Fortunately, in a stroke of good luck a part of mine body the size of a fingertip remained safe, and myself got away just barely alive, but myself is completely traumatized.

Myself didn’t even have the strength to swim and promptly got washed away by the current, at the end myself encountered a kind hearted little girl……her name is, what was it……Nyuu? Muu? Yuu? Her name was something like that. If that little girl didn’t kindly look after I, surely mine mind would fall sick and myself would become fertilizer in the sea.

Human is scary. Human is bad news. That recognition of mine doesn’t change, and don’t even mentions eating human, myself absolutely won’t even approach them, but that kindly hearted little girl, myself has to return the favor someday.

If, there is time when that little girl have a need of I, myself will always be available to rush at her side.

Oh kindly hearted little girl of sea. Please, I wish that you won’t lose your kind heart till the end of time.

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I wish you won’t grow to become like that kind of brutish fiend.

Myself pray from the bottom of mine heart for that little girl’s healthy growth!

……There is no way, that girl has any relation with that brutish fiend right?




Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou 7

Author - Shirakome Ryou

The ocean where the sunlight was pouring down glaringly.

Amidst the flow of calm wave and sea wind, the surface suddenly swelled up as though to break that calmness.

*Splash-* The sea water splashed up, next, 「Puhaah」 a young girl of seaman race rose up from inside the sea.

「Nmyuu~ nano~」

The girl narrowed her eyes pleasantly while her emerald green hair sparkled. It was obvious from that distinctive speaking habit, it was Myuu.

Myuu was relaxing for a while with her face up. She was having her fill of the coolness of the sea water and the warmth of the sunlight while drifting lazily on the sea surface, entrusting her body to the wave.

It was one of Myuu’s hobby recently. It was an adult way of having fun for a little girl, normally she would often make merry with friends of the same age, but sometimes she would want to entrust her body to the sea like this very much, and immersed herself in her memory.

It was the memory of the thick and striking adventure despite its briefness. And then, the memory of the people important for her who were irreplaceable. Of her beloved papa.

It was unknown how long she was like that. Myuu who confirmed that the sun had reached the peak was,

「Nn~, it will be noon soon nano.」

She spoke to herself and turned her gaze to far away. A lot of buildings, piers, and then boats could be seen from between the undulating sea surface.

It was Myuu’s hometown, the city on the sea, Erisen.

Myuu wanted to entrust her body to the sea’s current like this for a bit more, but there was no way she could trouble Remia mama who should be preparing lunch for her, so she took a deep breath.

*Hyururi* She turned around with flowing body motion. Myuu dove into the water with the elegance that would cause even a first class swimmer to go pale.

The distance until the town was easily five hundred meter, but for Myuu who was of the seaman race that was the heaven sent child of the sea it was a strolling distance. She advanced within the water smoothly with only dolphin kick. Sometimes she would also roll *twirl twirl twirl* around.

If there was a diver from earth here, they would undoubtedly get emotionally moved from witness ing a beautiful mermaid girl.

Like that, Myuu was going home while enjoying the sea world at the same time, then she suddenly felt a gaze.

She looked around restlessly while swimming inside the sea.


『Oops, looks like I became nuisance in your fun. Really sorry, Jou-chanlittle miss. I thought I felt a familiar magic power here.』

An old man voice that sounded really thick resounded. When Myuu turned her gaze there――she found it. A human faced fish with old man face.

『Mo, monster nano!』

『O? You can use telepathy? You became even more similar――wait, calm down Jou-chan. I ain’t planning to harm you. Look, I’m just an old man.』

The human faced fish swam smoothly with joking gesture. Myuu was about to escape in full speed at the appearance of a monster, but she stopped seeing the fish’s movement and voice that were really like clown.

『You, can talk nano?』

『Yeah. I’m that kind of species. More importantly, Jou-chan yourself, it’s rare that you can use telepathy. That’s amazing.』

Myuu grinned proudly. She was happy as though her papa was praised.

『That’s right nano! Papa is amazing! This pendant allow Myuu to be able to talk with mama anytime nano. It’s so that no matter what happened to Myuu, this time Myuu will be able to tell it to mama right away.』

Saying that, Myuu showed the pendant with red jewel on it that was dangling from her neck. This was an artifact that her papa, Hajime presented to her when they parted from each other. It had the function of telepathy, barrier, alarm, and so on. Matching item was also given to Remia.

『A present from your father huh. However, this magic power……by the way, what is your papa’s name?』

『Nmyu? Papa is called Hajime nano!』

『So you’re Ha-bouHajime boy’s daughter! That bastard, he didn’t say anything that he got a child. Are you his child with Shia missy? No, the race is different…… Kukuh, looks like Ha-bou is a lecher huh.』

While Hajime wasn’t knowing, he got a label as harem bastard attached to him from a monster. Although that label wasn’t necessary mistaken, so nothing could be said.

Myuu guessed that this fish seemed to be an acquiantance of Hajime-papa. She threw away her wariness completley and after that, she enthusiastically talked about hajime with the human faced fish――Leeman.

Like that, Myuu suddenly recalled that she was in the middle going home. Knowing that, Leeman went 『Oops, is that so. My bad for stopping you here. However in any case, if you are Ha-bou’s daughter than uncle too got to watch out for you. Myuu-jouchan. If you got any trouble, call for uncle any time. I’ll lend you my strength.』

The human faced fish Leeman declared with manliness. Myuu smiled widely and said her thanks.

『Thank you nano! Lee-san!』

『Ou. Aah, also, if Ha-bou come to pick you up someday, tell him this for me. ――At the end pick a nee-san wife. But, don’t accept her highness wife. Don’t turn into hen-pecked husband okay.』 (Note: Nee-san wife = wife older than yourself, her highness wife = overbearing wife)


A lot of “?” were dancing above Myuu’s head. But, before Leeman could convey to her the meaning of his words, a loud telepathic voice was transmitted like a quake.

『DEAARRRRRR-! How long you need just to go picking up lunch! This useless man!』

『Yo, you……why are you he――gueh』

Another human faced fish with demonic look was yelling angrily while throwing a weapon that was like sea weed vine, which caught the part around Leeman’s gill.

『That’s because you didn’t return no matter how long I waited-. Come on, we’re going home right now! You’re always loitering around! I’m going to tie you up inside the house today! Play with your children for a bit!』

The human faced fish who seemed to be Leeman’s wife yelled such thing while dragging back her husband and vanished into the depth of sea. Leeman’s yell 『My regards for Ha-bouu~~~~~』 at the end felt like he was really used with this situation.

『My, Myuu don’t get it nano.』

Myuu muttered that and she stared at the bottom of the sea where Leeman and his wife vanished for a while. And then she returned to her senses with a ‘hah’ and this time she finally returned to her home.

After going home, Myuu tried asking Remia while eating lunch.


「Whaaat, Myuu?」

「Is mama a nee-san wife nano?」

「……Err. I, I guess. If Hajime-san become Myuu’s papa, certainly mama can be called that. But, Myuu. Where did you hear those wo――」

「Then, is mama a her highness wife nano?」

「……M, my my, Myuu? Mama don’t under――」

「Will Mama put rope around papa’s neck and tie him up nano? And then make him play with Myuu like that nano?」

*Clang* Such sound rang out. It was the sound of Remia’s fork getting dropped. Myuu tilted her head. In respond, Remia was,

「Myuu? Will you talk with mama for a bit, about who taught you those words? Mama has to have a “TALK” with that person.」

「Ma, mama?」

‘My my, ufufu. There is a troubling person out there isn’t it?’ Remia questioned Myuu with a laugh that didn’t reach her eyes at all. Frankly, she looked absurdly scary.

‘I see, so this is what Nee-san wife, and her highness wife means nano……’

Myuu was trembling slightly while remembering the new words. But, if possible, she wished that her mama’s relationship with papa would be a bit more peaceful, not like the Leeman couple nano……was what she thought.




Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou Zero 1

Author - Shirakome Ryou

Great country of technology, Welka Kingdom. Its capital, Welnika.

A weeping voice ‘hics hics’ bawling sadly was resounding inside a restaurant located in the corner of the capital’s downtown.

The time was before noon.

If it was a restaurant in downtown, it was time where the place would be bustling with customer. In fact, adventurers and workers from nearby who were regular customers had also started to gather in this restaurant too.

Normally, the poster girl of the restaurant would be calling out to them energetically and approached them to take their order but……

「Hics hics, uu, sniff. Oscar-san, why did you go leaving me behind……」

‘That’s because, you ain’t his lover or anything.’ The tsukkomi from the adventurers were naturally said only inside their heart because they feared poking the bush where snake was hiding.

‘More importantly can you take our order quickly?’, they tried filling their gaze with such earnest feeling, but the poster girl of this restaurant who was sobbing listlessly right now naturally wouldn’t give notice to them.

「He, hey Ayesha-chan. We are also shocked that Oscar-san left the capital but……look, he was together with that kind of cute girl.」

「As I thought! Oscar-san told me that it’s for work though! But he was actually eloping with that girl called Miledy something!」

The poster girl――Ayesha-chan hit the table *DAN-*. The regular female customers who tried to console her (the group who was aiming for Oscar just like Ayesha) became shaken and said 「Eh!? Eloping!? No one said that!」.

And then, after Ayesha-chan kept going *DAN DAN DAN-* because thing didn’t work out like she wanted and the table became lightly cracked, she collapsed once more on the table and began to cry ‘Waaa-‘.

‘What to do about this……’ The regular customers looked at each other with that kind of air.

There, the restaurant owner who was also the cook, Ayesha’s father Sergey showed his face from the kitchen.

「Oi, Ayesha. How long you’re going to bawl like that huh? The customers are waiting.」

He didn’t give a damn at his daughter’s broken heart. Sergey told her mercilessly to work right away. Ayesha raised her head in a flash in response to that and,

「Otou-san you idiot! This is why Okaa-san ran away from you!」

「She isn’t running away! Father-in-law’s condition is bad so she went home for a bit, that’s all! Ayesha also knows that right!?」

「That’s just the excuse! Surely Otou-san who doesn’t understand woman’s heart cause Okaa-san to give up on you! The final blow is when Otou-san forgot the wedding anniversary day before this! That’s how it is!」

「Sto, stop it Ayesha. ……She never contact at all even though one month passed already but……that’s a joke right? Isn’t that right?」

The owner Sergey went pale and looked shaken. Ayesha’s broken heart problem turned into the danger of her parents’ divorce unnoticed.

The regular customers looked really interested! 「Come to think of it, recently I didn’t see auntie」「To forget the wedding anniversary……this is why man is just…uugh. Aa~ah, the countdown until their divorce is already ticking」 etc, etc. Their mouths were whispering at each other without hiding it. The popular restaurant in downtown was turned into chaos before noon.

Although, the customers also weren’t people with free time. The adventurer duo that was previously called out by Oscar and Miledy――Vivitri and Hetarei smiled wryly while addressing the father and daughter.

「Now now Ayesha-chan. Don’t vent it at your father. Besides, Oscar and Miledy-chan’s relationship is not like what you are thinking you know?」

「Right right. Also, the guys at downtown rushed at Orcus Workshop asking if Oscar got excommunicated, but seems like the boss himself denied it clearly.」

Even while being dejected, Ayesha-chan reacted to the words of the two.

「Bu, but, when I asked Oscar-san when he would be back, he didn’t answer me clearly you know? In other words that mean, he won’t return anymore to the capital……」

Vivitri and Hetarei wry smile deepened while they shrugged in response.

「That’s not guaranteed yet. Even that guy must have a circumstance he cannot tell other people.」

「……Oscar-san’s circumstance……」

「Besides, Ayesha-chan. Until now you used us adventurer to gather information about Oscar, if you are also concerned this time, you can just make a request to search for Oscar’s movement, ain’t that right?」

Aisha’s big and round eyes widened even bigger.

「That’s right. A circumstance, Oscar-san must have some kind of big circumstance! An outrageous circumstance that he cannot tell other!」

「O, oi, Ayesha-chan?」

「Wa, wait, calm down.」

Even the words from Vivitri and Hetarei didn’t reach the ears of Ayesha-chan who got a fire lit inside her.

「Oscar-san, surely he didn’t say anything so that he wouldn’t get me dragged into it. However, he is actually really troubled, worrying about it by himself, and he is looking for someone to help him!」

The regular customers started holding their head saying 「Aa~, Ayesha-chan’s wild delusion habit is running wild~」 at their wits’ end.

But, Ayesha-chan didn’t stop. Nothing entered her sight anymore! She was heating up in such state.

「But surely, Oscar-san won’t say help me or anything. Because, that person is kind after all! I understand, Oscar-san. I, Ayesha is the only one who understand you! You are actually looking for your beloved spouse to lean on amidst your loneliness and worry!」

It seemed it became that Oscar was searching for wife before anyone knew it.

The restaurant’s poster girl clasped both her hands in front of her chest and immersed herself into her own world with a praying pose. If there was a spotlight that was directed to her, she would surely be able to job change into stage actress even now.

Inside the restaurant that became 「Uwaa」 in various senses, Ayesha-chan twirled and looked straight at Sergey. And then, she declared.

「Otou-san! You have taken care of me until now! But today, Ayesha will leave the house!」

「Just what are you saying!?」

「Don’t stop me! Everything is for the sake of love!」

Ayesha swiftly ignored Sergey’s question and this time she went toward the adventurer duo with her frilly apron flapping in the air.

「I have request for you two! Please become my guard while I’m searching for Oscar-san!」


Surely they never even imagined that their remark would send the talk flying until this point. Vivitri and Hetarei’s eyes snapped open wide.

But, Ayesha-chan who was carried away in her mood didn’t stop! She currently had job changed from a scheming maiden to a maiden that would charge forward!

「If it’s the request fee don’t worry! I thought that something like this would happen, so I have a lot of secret saving I saved from the restaurant’s sale that I pilfered!」

「Ayesha. Just now, Otou-san think that he heard something he cannot ignore though……」

Ayesha didn’t give a damn at Sergey whose expression turned serious. Seeing Vivitri and Hetarei who didn’t respond immediately, light vanished from Ayesha-chan’s eyes. And then, she whispered in low voice into the ear of the two with those cold eyes. Then,

「We will accompany you no matter how far yeah, Nee-san!」

「Leave it to us to guard you, boss!」

The two who were drenched in sweat returned a salute in straight and stiff stance. Their gazes were fiercely darting around, and their expressions were grandly twitching, but Ayesha-chan smiled brightly 「Thank god! Thank you very much!」 in return.

It was a scene that invited terror very much.

「Then Otou-san! Be well!」

「Ah, hey, Ayesha! Wait!」

Ayesha-chan rushed out from the restaurant energetically. After that, Vivitri and Hetarei followed behind with their shoulders dropped in dejection.

Sergey was chasing further behind them, but Ayesha-chan’s legs were fast. The distance was opened in the blink of eye, heading toward the sun that was shining brilliantly.

「Oscar-san! Please wait for me! Right now, your Ayesha is coming!」

She yelled.

After that, whether Ayesha and her two companions could be reunited with Oscar or not……

It would be told in another chance.

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