Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 100

Chapter 100

The kingdoms capital had fallen into chaos after the sudden attack which broke the barrier and appearance of the Demon race.

As people start running out of their houses, they wore stunned faces as they were greeted to the great barrier shattering. To such a site, the patrol groups could only angrily shout, “Don’t leave your houses!”. The ones with quick thinking quickly pulled themselves together. They attempted to leave the capital with only the bare minimum luggage. Meanwhile, a significant amount of people gathered at the royal palace gates to seek shelter! Screams were heard.

Although it was late at night, with this amount of noise, it wouldn’t be weird for a mob to be formed in the next few minutes. Especially because the royal palace wasn’t able to calm down the confusion either. Anyways, the royal palace was confused the most about the situation, especially when everything happened in the flash of a few seconds. By the time they noticed, they were already placed into a situation where a sword was drawn before their throats. It was to be expected.

Although they were trying to quickly assemble their army……


It was not on time.

The last barrier was finally broken, the force of monsters that were created through Age of God magic and Demon soldiers riding them surged forward, making the land rumble in the process. Their last defensive line was only a wall made of stone which enclosed the kingdom’s capital. Although that’s the only thing, it was still boasted of having considerable strength……however thinking that it would last very long would be too optimistic.

In order to crush the wall, the Demons assembled multiple people to cast advanced magic. Along with that the monsters casted peculiar flame and lightning magic. Ice shards and rock shards shot out, and a group of cyclops-beetles which were four meter in length started scraping the walls with their maces.

Even at a different location, there were boar typed monsters which measured up to five meters in length, bashing against the wall with an intense force while clad in wind to increase their power. With that, a destruction on the level of an earthquake struck the wall with every impact. Furthermore, the monsters with flight such as black eagles and grey dragons were in the skies and completely ignored the wall and continued in to invade the capital.

Though the soldiers that were stationed on top of the wall were fighting back desperately towards the unexpected large army, their interception was badly carried out. It was as if trying to counterattack a steel train’s rush with an airsoft gun.

In such a situation, standing by Tio who was watching the overall situation from the big clock tower in the capital, were Yue and Shia who had just left the royal castle.

“……Tio, have you found that guy?”

“Tio-san, where’s the idiotic guy at?”

“…You guys…no, maa, although I understand your feelings? ‘With everyone gathered together it’s much more reassuring!’ is what I remember Princess Liliana saying, she’s quite pitiful……to be discarded so easily.”

“……Don’t mind.”

“It’s a minor thing.”

Tio was staring at Yue and Shia with an amazed expression, the two didn’t seem to think much about it at all. This must also be Hajime’s influence. They’re not interested if they have no opponent.

Yue and Shia both have their eyes opened wide while looking for Freed Baghaur, and then their telepathy stones reacted. Hajime’s voice came from it.

“Oi! Tio! Come over here immediately!”

“Nuo! Master? What’s wrong?”

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Due to the unexpectedly strong voice which came from the telepathy stone, Tio who was called instinctively expressed her surprise.

“A dangerous one came out. I want you to take care of Sensei. Otherwise, I won’t be able to go all out.”

“!? Alright, I understand! I’ll head over there immediately!”

Tio who recognized that Hajime was fighting an opponent where he needed to be at full power, in an instant used “Dragon Transformation”, then quickly dashed towards the target which was 8,000 meters in the sky.

“……Hajime, be careful”

“Hajime-san! Yue-san and I will be going to finish off the monster tamers, so don’t worry!”

“Ha? Aren’t you guys with the Princess…Uuo, that was close! Sorry, it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to talk in this situation! Though I don’t know what you guys plan on doing, be careful as well”

Though Hajime seemed doubtful about what Shia said, due to the intense battle he was in, he had to cut the connection. While protecting Aiko, the opponent wasn’t letting up against Hajime at all. In an instant, Yue and Shia started wondering if they should go and help.

“Yue-san, what will you do?”

“……If its Hajime then it’ll be alright. Tio will be there too. More so, we need to take care of the demon tamer. Also, we can’t allow them to break the Age of God magic formation.”

Right, the reason why Yue came out to the battlefield, though there was also the reason for getting revenge for Hajime, she also couldn’t just let the other Age of Gods magic bearer, Freed, run around unchecked.

In the case that Freed knew where the great labyrinth at Kamiyama was at, Just like before at the Great Volcano, he’ll likely head there first. Moreover, he might destroy the magic formation afterwards. They noticed that the monsters and structure of the Great Volcano will gradually be restored, so it’s possible that over time, everything will be restored, but it’s unknown how much time it would actually take. Therefore, Yue wanted to avoid that at any costs, and decided to attack Freed.

In the first place, retaliation was 90% of the reason……

Then, at that time, while on top of the clock tower Yue and Shia noticed two monsters looking like a black eagle at approximately 3 to 4 meters in length. While eyeing Yue and Shia, they then dove down to attack from both the left and right.


The black eagles let out a courageous shout and approached. Without looking, Shia took out Doryukken from the “Treasure Warehouse” and set it to shooting mode, and then without hesitation shot out an exploding slug bullet. Yue as well, without looking, just snapped her fingers with her right hand and innumerable wind blades shot out like heavy rain.

Of the two black eagles which were approaching the girls, one’s head blew up due to a shock wave, and the other, like being executed by a Guillotine was chopped up into pieces. Their tragic appearances fell onto the roof of a civilian’s house. At that time, the people who were inside the house heard the noise and became extremely nervous from the sound.

After those two were killed, all monsters with flight turned around and noticed Yue and Shia. If you looked closely, you’d notice that about a third of them had Demons riding on them. After looking like they were surveying the situation when noticing the two eagles dropping down, understanding that the other party was a rabbitman and petite girl, as if looking at an idiot, they snorted at Yue and Shia, and then began chanting their magic.

Both Yue and Shia didn’t have any intentions to guard the kingdom from the big army, however their purpose was Freed Baghaur. It was like trying to leave without permission, there was no other way but to counterattack when being targeted.

For now, Shia said, “We aren’t enemies, just now we were attacked so there was no other choice.”, although they were laughing at the foolishness it didn’t seem like they had any intentions of stopping their attacks.

The Demons thought the opponent was worthless so they proceeded and left a few friends behind to deal with it, in the next moment, the screams and roaring sound of their last moments resounded out from behind, and when they turned around to see the cause, their eyes became wide in astonishment.


It was a dragon made of thunder, roaring as it devoured their friends and monsters one after another.

To the spectacle, the Demons could only stare in blank surprise. Trying to escape from the thunder dragon, a Demon desperately tried to get away towards his friends on his monster, stretching out his hand, as if asking for help.……however, in the next instant an exploding slug bullet flew through the wind with murderous intent from behind, and the gray dragon and its rider broke into pieces.

Although the blood relatives of those who died became ferocious, they struggled to understand what they just witnessed. The Demons that became stiff pulled themselves together and prepared to pursue the cause. And they began looking for the girls who crushed their companion in an instant. Due to the unexpectedness, they began seeing illusions of their own deaths. With the high tension, they forgot to even wipe their own sweat as they strained their eyes. And, in front of them appeared Yue and Shia.

However, to them their appearance was completely unexpected. Because rather than hiding from the group pursuing them, they stayed in the same place. Yue and Shia didn’t even bother looking at them. Just like the first time, they concentrated their sights on searching for something outside of the wall. Their backs spoke louder than words.

In other words, they couldn’t care less.

The moment they guessed that, the Demons’ expressions which were stiff with high tension distorted into anger and rage. While breaking their comrades into pieces, in Yue and Shia’s eyes, they were nothing more than pebbles being kicked on the roadside. As a warrior, or due to their pride as Demons being trampled, heat ran through their entire bodies and their blood boiled.

“Damn you—!!”



While consumed by anger, their abilities as soldiers were natural and they got into their positions. They showed great teamwork. They formed a box on all sides to surround them and then they all shot magic at the same time. The magic from the Demons were excellent. Normally, the scene would cause someone’s expression to twist in despair.

However, they were amazed by Yue’s bored expression. Then, she flexed her finger like a thin baton.

“……The difference in ability, you should learn to realize it instinctively.”

At the same time that she said those words, all the magic was completely blocked out by the thunder dragon coiling around Yue and Shia like a cocoon. And, the thunder dragon once again opened its jaws like a gate, as if they were committing suicide, they all looked as if they were voluntarily jumping in.

Then, expecting that multiple people on the other side would begin chanting magic which excelled in penetration, another part of the thunder dragon opened. Shia whose rabbit ears were fluttering dove out with the speed of a cannonball.

In an instant, all the nearby Demons knew that she planned to obstruct their chants, so they all casted the beginner class magic flame bullet which practically took no time to cast at all.

However, Shia, as if she didn’t even care, dodged all the bullets with simple outbursts from using Doryukken to change her orbit, she then swung Doryukken sideways aiming at the three Demons who were chanting.

“Ri… ya… aaaaa!”

With one shout, Doryukken was swung, and due to gravity magic, it obtained the weight of 4 tons on the moment of impact. With that, her body was also strengthened through physical reinforcement. The result was better off unsaid. The three Demons’ upper bodies were blasted away. Even the monsters that were being ridden had their spines crushed due to the shockwave. They were blown away while raising the screams of their last moments.

Shia who was still in the air, in that instant cut down Doryukken and her own weight to 5 kilos or less, and again, danced through the air like a feather. Then, switching Doryukken back into shooting mode, exploding slug bullets were let loose aiming at the Demons that shot the flame bullets. As intended, once again in the night sky of the Kingdom, bright red flowers bloomed.

Shia, she pulls out 2 colorful disks which shot out into the air from the “Treasure Warehouse”, they floated in the air disregarding gravity and was being used as a stand. She looked over the surroundings while in place, tapping Doryukken on her shoulder.

Just then, in a place a little away, the last Demons left was about to desperately commence a suicide attack on Yue.

“Little girl… gaaa!! I’m gonna kill you!!”

With bloodshot eyes, and an “even if I’m stabbed!” kind of feeling could be felt from his desperation. However, Yue’s attitude towards him was cool like a wet blanket.

“… You’re 300 years too early, boy…”

He probably planned on attacking when the thunder dragon was still dealing with his friend. However, his lips distorts when he thinks that what Yue’s words meant was that the thunder dragon had already returned, immediately after that, his head was cleanly cut off by a wind blade that came from below and it flew into the alleyway with spinning eyes.

After time was meaninglessly taken, Yue began to search for Freed once again. Next to her, Shia landed while carrying Doryukken.

“They completely think that we’re part of the Kingdom’s fighting forces right?”

“… It doesn’t matter. They can think that if they want.”

“How dry… Maa, it certainly seems that way……”

The two joked around with each other as Freed was not easily found, Maybe, he’s already gone to the great labyrinth through space magic……they began to become uneasy, then,

“!? Yue-san!”


At the same time as Shia’s warning, Yue jumped away from the clock tower without hesitation. Immediately after that, an oval film appeared in the middle of air, a large aurora gushed out from it. The aurora completely erased the upper part of the clock tower where Yue and them were standing, however it was so powerful that the building was blown off radically.

“As expected, some kind of foresight. How annoying……”

At the same time that the masculine voice resounded, the Demons, Freed Baghaur who had red hair and was the white dragon’s rider, appeared from the oval film. From his expression, you could see irritation from the ease of dodging the surprise attack.

Then a white dragon’s appearance came through the “gate”, along with several Demons riding on the back of black eagles and grey dragons appearing by the hundreds, Yue and Shia were completely surrounded.

At the same time……a terrible roaring sound is heard and a part of the outer wall was finally destroyed, afterwards demons and Demons invade the capital one after another, some of the troops saw Yue and Shia and rushed up fiercely at them. It appears that they intend on completely killing Yue and Shia here once and for all.

“I can’t believe that you’ve managed to survive from that situation. ……As I expected, that man’s passion to survive……is too dangerous. To start with, we’ll completely kill you who is that guy’s companions.”

Towards the words of Freed which contained hatred, however, Yue and Shia were both fearless. And, they both replied back at the same time. It strangely, was the same words that the boy whom they loved currently in the sky 8,000 meters above the ground had said.

“Kill us if you can (please).” X2

As if those words were a signal, the surrounding demons and Demons shot magic all at once.

Flame spears of the caliber which was enough to even scorch the atmosphere were flying around, lasers of water were shot out cutting through space, wind of murderous intent became blades and attacked, a bombardment of ice and snow roared out, sands of petrification and permanent poison scatters about, and a whip of thunder shaped like a snake moved around in the night sky. And, an Aurora tore through the sky just in case.

A group of 40 Demons or more and over 100 demons. In every direction, lies an enemy. The sight is filled with a storm of attacks.

However, Yue and Shia, were still calm despite being surrounded by death on all sides, their postures showed no sign of attempting to dodge. Some Demons, “Have they given up……”, as their expressions showed that they were losing momentum, only Freed raised his awareness because of an unpleasant presentiment which rose intensely from within.

“Field Pierce.”

Yue activated her Age of Gods magic.

Immediately after that, two shining gates appeared before the Aurora. Freed dubiously drops his eyebrow. When connecting the gate to such coordinates, even if they teleport the aurora, it’ll likely appear out of the other gate for a direct hit.

However, that expectation, could only be assumed if only one pair of gates were created. Freed based his expectation on his own limitations.

Therefore, he couldn’t understand why Yue and Shia jumped through the gate, it wasn’t possible for him to notice immediately that a gate had already appeared behind them.

“Cra-, evade it!”

Yue and Shia disappeared through the other gate, the moment when the aurora connected with the gate, though Freed who noticed his misunderstanding warned his companions, but it was already too late.

Although Freed himself was able to evade on time, many subordinates behind him… while being directly hit by the aurora became slightly conscious that they were dying, and with that only a few were left.

“Curse you, killing my subordinates. ……I didn’t expect you to be able to open 2 at the same time…does that mean I’ve still underestimated you……”

Rage filled his eyes, at the same time, he was also in awe that Yue was able to create both gates simultaneously and properly succeeded to use it in combat. There was also no traces of chanting or using magic formations either, though he confirmed their true nature in his mind, right now, it’s necessary to look for the 2 missing people.

“Freed! Over there!”

One of Freed’s subordinates pointed outside the outer wall. Certainly Yue and Shia were there.

It was difficult to fight as houses were right underneath them. If Freed truly hopes for a confrontation between them, it would be unlikely that he would just continue invading the Kingdom’s capital, and so he would transfer himself directly outside of the outer walls. Of course, it would be an emergency situation if he actually continued his invasion instead of confronting Yue and Shia, as the sickle of the death god would surely swing down on his back.

Because Freed also understood this, he couldn’t turn his back against them. Yue stretched her right hand out and with her finger Kui Kui bent it as gesture to approach, from this action, all Demons’ rage exceeded their boiling point.

It was obvious that the young girl with a childish appearance was provoking them, and the detestable rabbitman who slaughtered their comrades was also there, with that in their minds, “We’ll be your opponents.”, while lining up their sights…the provocation wasn’t possible to ignore due to their own pride as the superior race even if the opponents were few in numbers.

“You’re only a little girl!”

“You dirty beast, don’t get so full of it!”

While shouting such abusive words, all the Demons attacked at the same time. They sent the demons after Yue who was able to fire off fatal magic in rapid succession without time lags at all. From the ground, part of the large army also attacks Yue and Shia fiercely.

Shia, thanks to the “Treasure Warehouse”, was able to continuously fire out explosive slug bullets which were practically unlimited in number. In the sky, and even on the ground, Shia’s magical power emits a color resembling moonstones, rippling out, in the next instant, it was converted into a shockwave and destruction scattered everywhere. The only thing that remained were only their broken corpses, crushed as if they were ran over to death.

And, there, the white dragon and grey dragons all vomited out their breaths at once. The attack would be fatal to Shia even with physical strengthening applied when hit directly. However, Shia wasn’t panicking at all.

““Exceeding Curse.”

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Yue shot out a black swirling globe which appeared before Shia’s eyes. The jet black sphere contained supergravity, just like a black hole, the aurora’s approaching Shia were twisted then completely devoured.

“Ku, you used it last time too. ……that Age of God magic that I don’t know of. All members, listen! I’ll take care of the blond caster! You all gang up and kill that rabbitman! Separate them apart, don’t allow them to cooperate!”

“Understood!” X5

It appears that, Shia serves as Yue’s vanguard and while away looked like she was breathing exhaustively, the rear guards decided to separate Yue in order to defeat them both. Though that’s what it seems, when Shia started to evacuate towards Yue, the Demons riding an especially huge black eagle which was clad in a huge tornado, charged out like a cannonball.

Shia who was in the air, wielded Doryukken and looked as if she was going to throw it, due to the unexpected timing, the Demons prepared themselves in a suicide attack, the other side wasn’t supposed to be able to respond on time. With one rotation while in place using the outbursts from Doryukken, all attacks coming from the Demons were stopped and they were all blown away radially.

In a rush, the Demons on the black eagle cladded in a tornado tried to confront her, as expected there was no time for her to counter the attack, even evading wouldn’t be on time either, so she took up Doryukken as a shield and increased her physical power as well. One of Doryukken’s gimmicks activated, while making a sound Kashun Kashun a round shield formed.

“Even if it’s just you! I’ll definitely kill you without fail!”

The Demons with short blond hair shouted out, while looking at Shia with eyes filled with hatred from his companions being killed, and collided with Doryukken which was held up.

Shia who was pushed back was separated from Yue, although she tried to increase her weight to withstand the push, before it was actually carried out, a black teleport gate had already opened up behind her. In that instant Yue and Shia’s glances overlapped, the rash suicide attack was meant to buy time for Freed to cast his space magic.

“Yue-san! I’m sorry! We’ve been separated!”

“N……there’s no problems. I’ll kill this fellow here.”

Immediately before being pushed into the gate, Yue with a thumb sticking up said, “Good luck!” (Tn: In an American accent). Shia smiled a little from that. The smile was seen by the Demon riding the huge black eagle, his face twisted into rage. Although he didn’t really mind Shia, it was Yue’s own comrade that was swallowed into the gate which meant that they were now both separated.

“That frivolously smiling face, how disgusting. When your Limbs are torn apart we’ll drag them in front of your man.”

The first Demons that passed through said while exiting the gate. Seeming unlike the rest of the Demons, Shia guessed that it was due to a personal grudge, while frowning dubiously she asked him.

“……Have we met somewhere? I don’t remember having done anything to receive such stares though?”

“Do you still remember that Demon woman with red hair?”

Shia who couldn’t understand why the sudden talk of a woman turned up could only incline her head in wonder. But, the male Demons, took that act as not being able to remember, while clenching his teeth together, he voiced out further information about his grudge.

“You bastard, the woman that you guys killed at “Orcus Great Labyrinth.”.”

“…………Ah! That person!”

“You bastard.”

It was very clear that Shia had forgotten all about it until now, the man who was already mad till the boiling point shot out numerous blades of wind with short chants. There, Shia avoided them as if they were nothing.

“Wait a sec, who was that person to you? With just what was said a while ago I still don’t understand.”

“Cattleya, the woman that you guys murdered……was my fiancée!”

“! Ah, I see……what about it.”

Shia nodded as she consented.

It seems that the man in front of her, was the lover that the woman at “Orcus Great Labyrinth.” whispered her love to for before dying-it was Mikhail. Though she doesn’t understand how he found out, he knew that Hajime was the one that had killed his fiancée, he looks as if he’s burning with revenge. To make Hajime feel the same feelings that he did, he plans to bring both Shia and Yue’s corpses forth in front of him.

“How dare you, Cattleya……was wise and gentle, she always thought of her country……”

Mikhail who was shouting out his grudge with bloodshot eyes, Shia’s usual brightness became cold as if it were a lie, and replied with extremely light words.

“I don’t know anything about that.”

“Wh, what was that!”

“No, if she didn’t want to die she could have just not fight? In the first place she was the one that challenged us. Hajime-san even warned her. We won’t chase if you run away. If a important person was killed, it’s obvious that they’d bear a grudge…even if you told what the person who was killed was like……we’re not interested……do you guys hear me? Just like all the lives of the ones that you’ve taken up till now……there’s no way you’d be interested.”

“Sh, shut up, shut up, shut up! Cattleya’s enmity! I’m going to torment you until you go mad, then kill you!”

Mikhail, yelling as if he lost his temper, another tornado was produced again to increase the huge black eagle’s speed while plunging towards Shia. It appears that the tornado was Mikhail’s magic and not the huge black eagle’s inherent ability. While riding, Mikhail continued chanting and numerous wind blades shot out from the tornado in an attempt to block Shia’s escape routes.

Shia, wielding Doryukken, knocked down the wind blades and then lightened her weight as she jumped to a disk as a stand in order to avoid the charge of the tornado cladded eagle.

However, before she avoided it, troops of Demons riding black eagles gathered as Shia and Mikhail were talking. Because Mikhail was riding the huge black eagle, they were likely his subordinates.

Shia was in a situation where all the black eagle forces that were in the skies shot out needles of stone at her. It was exactly like a downpour of rain. Shia shot out exploding slug bullets to create shockwaves in order to knock down the needles.

And, jumped to a nearby black eagle after opening a way through the barrage. Disregarding the startled Demons, she swung Doryukken without any hesitation. The Demons that was hit vanished into the darkness of the night as all his internal organs and bones were crushed.

Shia further continued to use her momentum of the attack and crushed the Demons and the black eagle that were away from the rest.

“Ku, do not engage in close combat! The sky is our domain! Attack with waves of magic and stone needles from a distance!”

Towards the comrades that were blown away like a pinball, Mikhail judged that close combat would be impossible and ordered for all attacks to be strictly ranged. Again, Shia was forced to avoid their magic and stone needles that came from all directions by continually jumping off the disks that she sent out as stepping stones.

However, she never got within range to attack, every time she moved up they distanced themselves and she was becoming irritated at that fact. And then, she judged that it wouldn’t be efficient if she only used exploding slug bullets, she pulled out a new item from the “Treasure Warehouse”.

It was a red metallic ball. It was approximately 2 meters in diameter. A chain extends from the metallic ball and Shia attached it to the top of Doryukken. Then, she used her leg to kick up the metallic ball that was dropping due to gravity and swung horizontally at the metallic ball with Doryukken.


With a roaring sound the metallic ball flew out at an unbelievable speed.

While panicking the targeted Demons tried to quickly evade it, however suddenly, the side of the metallic ball bursted out and with that its course changed. The Demons and his black eagle were not able to respond to the suddenness, the metallic ball which weighed up to 10 tons collided into them, they were instantly killed as every bone in their bodies were crushed in the night sky.

Shia pulled back the chain with Doryukken and the metallic ball which just slaughtered its enemy quickly returns to her reach. And as it was returning she was firing out exploding slug bullets in rapid successions in order to keep the others in check, or, simply to kill them. When the metallic ball returned, it was then once again launched at another target.

Right, what is Doryukken’s newest gimmick, it’s basically kendama (Tn: Japanese toy) with a built-in system that allows it to change its weight and shoot out shells in order to change its trajectory.


Shia continued to play kendama in the night sky of the Kingdom’s capital while letting out shouts. When the ball was sent off, its trajectory was always changing and it always returned after blowing away its target. The kendama became a red meteor that shot out irregularly throughout the night sky, it began to turn even redder as the blood of enemies were smeared on it.

“Curse you, such strange techniques! Above! Attack her from outside of her range!”

Mikhail, while biting his lips from his subordinates being killed one after another, gave out orders for a barrage of attacks to be sent out in order to keep her in check and buy time for him to cast his own magic. Shia easily avoids the attacks as if dancing in the air weightlessly.

Then, immediately after avoiding the last attack, ranged attack magic poured down over her head like a wall.

Shia held the center of Doryukken over her head and began to turn it in circles. With that, the metallic ball that was connected by its chain also began to rotate due to the centrifugal force and was swung along with Doryukken. Doryukken and the Kendama rotated at high-speeds with intense force, it became an improvised round shield which was also bordered with a red color, and the magic attacks that were pouring down were all blown away and dispersed because of the matchless force.

“You’re mine!”

Mikhail who judged that she would be too busy dealing with the overhead attacks, charged at Shia. The huge black eagle shot out an extraordinary amount of stone needles which ran along with the wind magic ordinance. The local storm raised a howl as it rushed towards Shia.

Shia allowed herself to free-fall in order to reduce her altitude quickly and avoided the bombardment of wind. Mikhail’s lips twisted as expected, again he decided to aim for the moment when she lands due to evading, and he planned to shoot out more blades of wind.

However, in the eyes of Mikhail who was watching his target, Shia did not have an expression wrapped in despair, the spectacle that he saw was that a fist sized iron ball appeared from thin air underneath Shia’s feet and she bounced off it.

Shia took out the iron ball from the “Treasure Warehouse” and used her legs at maximum strength to launch herself off of it. The iron ball that was kicked out at an overpowering velocity, with perfect aim, hit the huge black eagle which Mikhail was ridding! The vivid sound of flesh caving in could be heard.


The huge black eagle screamed from the pain of the impact as it falls while spinning. Mikhail again, shot out a cannonball of wind that contained stone needles in desperation as he fell with the huge black eagle.

Shia who finally passed by all magic attacks that came down at her head, bounced away the quickly approaching cannonball of wind using Doryukken. However, the needles made of stone couldn’t be completely avoided, some of the needles pierced into her shoulder and arm.

“We did it! She was struck by Kotorisu’s stone needles!”

“With this it’s over!”

The needles themselves didn’t deal much damage, however all the Demons looked equally joyful that Shia was hit by the stone needles.

Shia looked at their suspicious expressions.

The answer to her question was answered immediately. Starting from where the needles were sticking out, she began to petrify. It appears that Kotorisu was the name of the huge black eagle, its inherent magic seemed to allow its stone needles to petrify upon contact. It was an unpleasant and troublesome ability.

Normally, when afflicted with an abnormal status you’d use specific medicine to cure it, or purify it with recovery light magic. However, right now Shia is alone on the battlefield so the Demons thought it was already over. As long as they continue attacking her without giving her a chance to take medicine she’ll be completely petrified.

However, in the very next moment, their expressions which were convinced of victory, changed into one that was dumbfounded, and finally changed into despair.


“Mmm, what a blunder. However, if it’s just this much!”

While saying so, Shia pulled out and threw away the needles and in order to concentrate she closed her eyes. Then in one moment, the petrification that was gradually spreading, stopped suddenly, following that, the flesh that had turned to stone regained its former color. And, finally, the wound from the needles were also patched up, she returned to her normal state as if nothing happened.

“W, Why!”

“What’s going on!”

There wasn’t any signs of recovery magic being used, there also wasn’t any behaviors of using medicine either, however Shia easily cured the petrification and damage from the needles by just concentrating a little, fear began to appear on the Demons’ expressions. A fear of the unknown which couldn’t be understood. Their voices were upset and trembling.

There’s no need to think much about how Shia managed to heal herself. She simply used reproduction magic. As usual, her aptitude with it was rather bad, it was only enough to be able to heal wounds and abnormal statuses within her body.

Her selfheal was like the downgraded version of Yue’s “Automatic Reproduction”, she can even cure serious illnesses, however it’s not automatic and she cannot reproduce something external. However, a few wounds or simple fractures would heal within several seconds with a little bit of concentration and if she spends more time she can also recover from serious illnesses.

There’s no helping it that the Demons were despairing. Because including her overwhelming power she also possesses the ability to recover, they couldn’t think of any methods to corner her. The eyes that were looking at Shia were the same eyes that the people who confronted Hajime had. In other words, a monster! Then.

“Saa, here I come?”

Shia while holding Doryukken quickly appears before the eyes of the stiff and confused Demons. Then, a deadly blow! With just one hit, another Demons died. At that moment, the remaining Demons went into panic and yelled out an incomprehensible cry, there was absolutely no cooperation and they began to suicide attack recklessly.

Shia calmly, while brandishing the Kendama, or through the use of exploding slug bullets, quickly and surely reduces their numbers.

Finally the last man of Mikhail’s forces became food for Doryukken, however the moonlight was suddenly shut out and a shadow covered the entire area.

Shia looked up above, behind the dark clouds, Mikhail was falling from the sky. It looks like the huge black eagle was also at its limits, a straight dive attack might have been all it was capable of now.

“Innumerable thunder pouring down from the sky, avoid it if you can!”

At the same time that Mikhail shouted, innumerable amounts of thunder poured down while roaring out disorderly. It was like an intense rain of thunder. This magic originally caused a very large thunder strike to fall from the dark clouds, an advanced attack magic “Thunder Mallet” of the wind system, he daringly multiplied it, he likely created it as an Area of Effect magic. With that alone, you could tell how advanced Mikhail was with magic.

The thunder quickly overtakes Mikhail and pours straight down towards Shia.

Most likely, in order to absolutely kill her, he took up the resolution to stab her despite his own thunder raining down as a suicide attack. He’s already used up a lot of power just multiplying the thunder, however superhuman Shia may be, she’s not fast enough to avoid the thunderbolts.

The speed of which thunder falls is 150 kilometers per second. It’s not possible to avoid it after recognizing it. In Mikhail’s eyes, as his subordinates were killed one after another he was enduring it while single-mindedly continuing his chant using all the magic power in his body, this time for sure, she’ll fall! His will of strength could be seen.

However, immediately afterwards, Mikhail saw an unbelievable scene. Unexpectedly, Shia had avoided the thunderbolts raining down. No, more accurately, it was as if she knew exactly where the area that wouldn’t be hit was and moved there before the thunderbolts fell.

It was Mikhail’s miscalculation. Shia had a technique that allowed her to avoid things even before it became recognizable.

A deviation of her inherent magic “Future Sight” and “Revelation Sight”. It allowed her to see up to 2 seconds into the future. Although it’s a downgraded version of her “Future Assumption” sight, rather it doesn’t even use magic power, it’s a convenient ability that can be used in rapid successions several times. It was the result of Shia’s efforts from continuously training.

“What are you, what exactly are you!”

“……I’m just a rabbit eared woman.”

He couldn’t believe what he saw, Shia had avoided every thunderbolt, naturally, Mikhail’s attack while diving down can easily be fended off, and she wielded the Kendama and waited for him to pass by.

Then, the Kendama circled greatly around Mikhail, the chains coiled around him and he was instantly restrained.

“Nuguoo! Let go!”

“I’ll release you, just as you wished!”

Mikhail who was caught by the chain was flung by Doryukken, as he was freed the centrifugal force caused him to fly towards the ground. The centrifugal force caused by the heavyweight lump of iron was terrific, Mikhail was flung towards the ground like a meteorite.

At once, he set up a barrier of wind and escaped instant death, however it’s likely that every bone in his body was crushed as he laid on his back without moving an inch. Gobog Gobo he coughed out blood.

Shia landed by his side.

Carrying Doryukken on her shoulder, she had compromised Mikhail. Mikhail while still faintly conscious, his vacant eyes turned to Shia. On his lips, due to being unable to bring down his enemy, or, due to the impossible situation of being completely annihilated despite having close to 100 subordinates, a smile of self-ridicule that even Mikhail himself didn’t understand was shown. To be beaten down into this state, it’s possible he could do nothing but laugh at himself.

To Shia who was looking down on him, Mikhail realizes his end. In his heart, he apologized to his dear fiancée that he couldn’t take revenge, then he spoke his last words.

“…Goho, this…goho……monster!”

“Fufu, Thank you very much!”

Mikhail’s last retaliation seemed to only have made Shia more pleased.

At last, while watching absentmindedly as the hammer was swung down at his head, Mikhail thought that if there was an afterlife, he would go and search for Cattleya, he lost consciousness as he was thinking such dark things.

While carrying Doryukken after giving the final blow, Shia’s cheeks are loosened because of Mikhail’s final words.

“It seems that finally I’ve become strong enough to be called a monster…fufu, it seems I’ve become closer to Hajime and them. Now then, how about Yue-san’s side……”

Shia looked towards Yue’s direction, they’ve been considerably distanced. And, even now she expected that she might still be able to give Freed one good hit, she began to dash out to join up with Yue.

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