Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 101

Chapter 101

The shining moon became invisible behind the crowd of ash dragons.

There’s likely over 100 figures that could be seen. And at the center of it all is the white dragon, the appearance of Freed Bagua could be seen riding it’s back.

[Don’t think less of us. Dividing up the enemy forces is a standard technique in battles]

Shia and Mikhail had just disappeared into the transfer gate “Field Pierce” made through space magic. Then Freed ordered the black eagle force to pursue them, as they passed by they glared and trash talked Yue who was stationary.

Although there wasn’t any signs of wind magic being used at all, to the appearance that floats in the skies just like the moon that floats in the nocturnal sky, a smile appeared even when their reactions were heard, Yue is only quietly staring at Freed expressionlessly.

Freed is a proud Majinzoku, rather than looking at others equally, they’re looked down upon. He is a pious believer in their Majinzoku God whom they worship, he’s the type of man that would not accept any other way of life or values.

Hence, it was impossible that he would have an interest in a woman from another race. However, that Freed is now, while the ash dragons and his subordinates were still blocking the true moon, to the girl with a pretty face that shines just like the moon, felt charmed with the thoughts “It would be regrettable if such a gem were killed”.

With those thoughts, although he understands it’s necessary to kill Hajime, and though he holds hatred because his brethren were killed, still, foolish words came out of his mouth.

[How regrettable. ……Woman, as a spellcaster, no matter how much I want the ability to cast magic without chants, though this may be reckless in this situation. How about it? Will you join me? We won’t treat you badly just because you’re a woman]

Towards Freed’s invitation, Yue’s reply was…

[……Fu~, come back after being reborn. Ugly man]

It was indescribably severe, a reply of severe sarcasm mixed with ridicule was returned.

By the way, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration that Freed’s figure if evaluated by ten people, every one of them would agree that he was a good-looking man. Combined with his vast powers, he was extremely popular to the Majinzoku women. Therefore, he’s not an ugly man at all.

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However, Yue saw Freed’s desolate expression at the [Mountain of Great Flames] when he talked about his god, in her memory it was awful and sickening. Such a man, invited her with a clarified face. The only thing seen was already just a sickening foolish man. To begin with, she doesn’t feel anything for any other man but Hajime, so it was nothing but foolish talk to begin with.

When Yue’s response was heard, Freed’s eyes twitched and cramped up.

[Have you chosen your path as a martyr? Or, because of your loyalty to this country? Discard your teachings, do not simply follow a country in blind faith, do you plan on sacrificing your life for those kinds of things? That is the highest reaches of stupidity. Once you know of our god, “Aruvu-sama’s” teachings. Then, you’ll be purified after just closing your eyes just once!?]

To Freed who began blabbering on about unrelated topics, Yue simply answered by rapidly firing out Wind Blades. It was merely because she couldn’t endure hearing him babble on any longer.

A spray of blood dances on the evening winds. Because Freed managed to dodge his body, the Wind Blades that Yue shot out only managed to cut his shoulder shallowly. Immediately, Freed was able to react to the Wind Blades, he was definitely one of the few great people who conquered a labyrinth. If not, he would have lost an arm immediately.

To Freed who was glaring at her with anger, Yue only returned it with a cool gaze. Then, she announced to the foolish looking demon leader.

[……Your question is unnecessary. The moment you hurt Hajime, you were already sentenced to death in agony]

As if the words were a signal, extremely cold ice and snow blew around Yue.

It instantly turned into a huge tornado, it climbed up towards the heavens as it surrounded Yue. A white storm which connected the heavens to the ground, the surrounding temperature is quickly reduced to absolute zero, the ash dragons which were blocking the moon were completely frozen.

This was a compound magic of ice at a superlative degree in the system attack magic “Frozen Prison” along with the intermediate wind system attack magic “Storm Emperor” which created a wide range tornado at absolute zero temperatures.

Almost like a mammoth being frozen instantaneously due to the climate change that brought upon the glacial epoch, the ash dragons all died without damage to their exterior, they fell and crashed onto the ground, breaking their bodies into pieces. It appears that their insides were completely frozen as red crystals of blood bounced around on the earth.

[Did you not hear me. ……Guess there’s no helping it. Shoot her down!]

Freed who lost nearly 20 ash dragons instantly, ordered the attack while gritting his teeth. As a result, the ash dragons all deploy together from all directions, top and bottom, they shot out aurora’s disorderly from every direction.

As if they were meteor showers, over 100 aurora’s were shot out in the night sky. The dark night was torn up by the flash of lights, as if the spellcaster in the center was committing suicide, an absolute zero blizzard blew out and raged like a flower pinholder.

From the impact of the countless auroras, the tornado of ice and snow dispersed as if melting in the air. The scattered ice and snow created a spiral, what appeared from the center was the appearance of Yue who was wounded from the powerful blast…actually no, it was an unhurt Yue accompanied by the black swirling star which circled around her.

Without wasting a second, over 100 aurora’s were once again seen after they confirmed the small enemy was still there.

However, the matchless lights of death which would normally eliminate everything, one after another is swallowed into the black star that was tossed around by Yue, or bent and reflected outwards towards the horizon, none of them reached her at all.

Yue used gravity magic to further increase her altitude. While being exposed to countless auroras, there is no unrest in her expression at all. “Exceeding Curse” was used to swallow up everything and “Cursed Sky” was used to move the ball of extreme gravity, as if it were a protection satellite orbiting and defending the moon.

[The breaths are uneffective, directly swat her down! Go!]

To Freed’s change of strategy, the ash dragons didn’t lag behind at all and followed the orders obediently. While releasing the roar of a dragon, murderous intent was shown in its eyes from wanting to tear up the slender girl with its sharp claws and teeth.

They intended to attack in waves. Yue’s environment was immediately buried under the gray crowd of ash dragons.

Yue who was being confronted didn’t worry at all at the incoming ash dragon’s murderous intent, she calmly closed her eyes. While deeply concentrating. It could be said that it was convenient for the ash dragons that she wasn’t moving, their claws expand, and their strong jaws spread open.

At the moment where they thought that it would be impossible to escape death, while facing them, Yue’s eyes opened up! And then, her lovely thin lips voiced out.

[“Beheading Threads(cut)”]

At that moment, their world shifted in unison (. . .).

Like a mirror which had cracked, countless lines are drawn out in the open space, the lines were purposely made adjacent to the starting point. And then, the ash dragons which were coming in succession into the cracked space, after stiffening for an instant, fell to the ground while hearing the sound of their scattering and spraying blood from their cut body parts that came into contact with the broken space.

Space magic “Beheading Threads”. Through cracking space and moving it, it’s a no brainer that it’s a magic that will cut apart any object.

By Yue’s unseeable cutting magic, more than 30 ash dragons died without being able to do anything but scream out their last moments. Freed’s expression trembles from the activation of space magic, motion speed, and development scale that were far from what he could do.

[What great ability. …By chance, are you one of the people chosen by God! If that’s so, then you’re rejection of my proposal is understandable]

Freed sweats a good amount while nodding in consent, Yue, [This misunderstanding imbecile, it’s extremely sickening though…], anyone could understand that she had an unpleasant expression.

[……What a joke. Whenever I fight, it’s always for Hajime’s sake. Don’t place me in the same group as you]

Towards the harsh words, Freed whose personality holds the gods in high esteem, love and respect, (he couldn’t imagine it) and became expressionless. It appears that mentioning that was taboo for Freed.

[Rejoice. I won’t be saying anymore than this. We’ll kill you and I will throw your corpse in front of that man. If I step on it, it may provoke some unrest. At that time, it would be that man’s end]

[…That mouth sure runs a lot. Can’t you just show it through your actions while being silent? Ugly man]

Towards the words that subdued his angry rant, multiple veins showed on Freed as he was ridiculed. Just as Yue had said, he decided to show it with actions.

But it was already seen at [Mountain of Great Flames], Freed issued instructions to a small bird-type demon that rode on his shoulder. Then, a part of the crowds of demons that had invaded and broke the outer wall of the Kingdom’s capital, surged towards Yue from the ground. It appears that they intend to attack from the ground.

Yue, while protecting herself from the ash dragon’s auroras with her gravity ball, summoned the “Thunder Dragon”. The golden dragon appeared from the dark clouds in the sky and let out a roar of lightning. It approached as the auroras from the ash dragons and Freed were being restrained by “Exceeding Curse”, the thunder dragon was then sent to wipe out the ground troops.

As usual, it was a no brainer that the thunder dragon’s mouth sucked in everything……was what was supposed to happen, but the advance was stopped by 6 pairs of turtle-typed demon Abusodo that exceeded 5 meters in length. One of the huge Abusodos opened its big mouth and in reverse, actually started consuming the dragon instead.

Abusodo was also seen before with the Majinzoku woman named Cattleya at [Orcus Great Labyrinth], it’s a demon whose inherent magic is able to take in other magic into its body. However, the Abusodo that was consuming the thunder dragon on the ground was a different size from the Abusodo seen in the labyrinth. Most likely, it was improved and strengthened.

Still, as expected of the thunder dragon. Though it’s being swallowed by the Abusodo, with its large body, though slowly, it’s surely lifting it up. It appears that the limitation of only being able to swallow one type of magic hasn’t been changed yet. Even if the thunder is being swallowed, it cannot swallow the gravity magic.

The 6 Abusodos were gradually floating and they flailed around hastily, before their big bodies were carried off by the thunder dragon, another Abusodo began to swallow the gravity magic. As expected, the thunder dragon couldn’t endured the 2 strengthened Abusodo’s with their inherent magic “Magic Storing”, the body of the thunder dragon was consumed.

Immediately after that, the compressed magic was launched at Yue.


Just like an anti-aircraft homing missile was launched from the ground, it accurately attacked Yue. Yue who was using the gravity ball to the best of her abilities to block the ash dragons and white dragon’s auroras, immediately evaded by “falling” from the sky.

[Fu~, I understood that you used strange thunder system magic. As long as Abusodo is here, your magic will be sealed off]

Freed laughs while grinning. However, Yue isn’t particularly worried, only quietly observing the Abusodos, only after a short time, her eyes wandered in the sky while thinking something and then concentrated on them again.

[Are you trying to tear space again? I won’t be giving you that kind of time!]

The white dragon and ash dragons further increased the severity of their attacks, a black panther typed demon approached by kicking off the ground and into the sky.

Although the storm of aurora’s were blocked by the gravity ball, most of Yue’s consciousness was used to construct another magic, her movements were lacking compared to before. There, the appearance of the black panther approached quickly from the ground, it began releasing countless tentacles, furthermore, its sharp claws also bypassed the gravity ball which was focused on preventing the auroras from hitting.

Between offense and defense, countless wounds appear on Yue’s body, red blood splashes in the night sky. However, because it was only a flesh wound, it wasn’t much of a problem. To begin with what is Yue’s true defensive powers, certainly not barriers nor gravity balls. It was the cheating “Regeneration Power”.

A barrier would be placed if there was a companion, or evaded if the attack will cause clothes to tear because it would be a nuisance, originally she would just disregard the other parties attacks and leave it up to her regeneration powers, Yue’s true battle style was simply, one-sidedly attacking.

To Yue who was spraying blood, Freed’s expression was that of one who was convinced of their victory, when Yue’s wound was automatically restored, his eyes could only open widely in astonishment.

[Is that also an Age of God’s magic? Just exactly how many have you acquired!]

Although he wasn’t completely wrong, while voicing out his misunderstanding to Yue, he gave out orders for all demons to continue attacking until they beat her recovery rate. And then, Freed also started chanting an Age of God’s magic.

However, naturally, Yue was already concentrating on her magic previously. Yue’s eyes opened up and showed strength, in the space of the thundering roars and flashes, her lovely voice resounded.

[“Five Heavenly Dragons”]

Immediately afterwards, dark clouds appear and the thunder roared, the swirling wind turns into a storm and blew harshly, the water currents produced were frozen into ice, a gray cloud of sand took shape like a big snake, and flames strong enough to burn up the atmosphere were condensed.

As a result, the appearance of 5 demonic dragons were seen in the night sky of the Kingdom’s capital. Although they were dragons created from gravity magic, they all had their own respective attributes.


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The 5 dragons roared out greatly enough to make the atmosphere tremble.

The group of gigantic demonic dragons looked divine, the ash dragons probably realized on instinct that they were greatly outmatched and leaked out a small miserable cry in their fright. In their eyes, there’s already little to no murderous intent towards Yue, instead fear and shock settled in its place, their eyes glanced over to their master Freed, demanding for help.

Freed once again exposed his disgraceful behavior of having his jaw drop down from the magic that lacked common sense while riding the white dragon. That chance wasn’t missed, Yue sent the 5 heavenly dragons to assault the ground troops.

The thunder dragon charged at Abusodo and swallowed it first, Abusodo put up a fight and opened its large mouth as well. Although the thunder dragon was slightly consumed, it was different from a while ago, the blue dragon dashed out from behind the thunder dragon, when they both collided together, Abusodo melted due to the intense heat.


The pain generated from its shell melting down while still alive caused Abusodo to cry out painfully as its inherent magic was completely bested, the thunder dragon then aimed at another target. It was, another Abusodo that was swallowed by the storm dragon. While letting out a godly roar, it bit into the other dragon where Abusodo was, the edge of its body transformed into ash from being scorched.

Again at a nearby place, the ice dragon is freezing Abusodo and the stone dragon rolled up and caused all surrounding areas to petrify. The storm dragon which was freed by the thunder dragon, advanced onwards and cut the demons such as the black panthers besides Abusodo into pieces.

As expected, using the 5 heavenly dragons was harsh, Yue was panting and her forehead was drenched in sweat. After quickly disposing of the Abusodos, her next target were the ash dragons in the sky.

Freed’s group of matchless dragons were similarly challenged by Yue and her dragons. Without a doubt the figures of the ash dragons becoming food to the 5 heavenly dragons could be seen, this seemed to just show the difference in ability between Yue and Freed.

Freed finally realized after coming this far. The shape of a terrible monster which would normally be avoided. It was not just the boy who took heavy damage from the surprise attack at [Mountain of Great Flames], but also the girl in front of his eyes, she was without a doubt someone that he had to risk his life against when fighting.

He was ashamed at himself for becoming arrogant for saying what he had said before the fight.

Therefore, this next magic attack is literally with all of Freed’s energy put into it.

[——————World which is always swaying, giant’s iron hammer, roar of the dragons, Army of trampling legs, both worlds are never met, hearing rumbles, bringing screams, It’s God’s sigh! It’s God’s grief! Thou, be crushed with despair! “Trembling Heaven”!]

The surrounding space rumbles intensely. Sounding lower than a hungry bellies groan, as if the world itself was screaming.

Yue’s thoughts, [Mu~!] her cautiousness intensifies as she has knowledge of this magic, a defensive system was immediately thought up. The range of the blast magic was far too wide to evade in time. And all average defenses would be completely broken in an instant.

After canceling the 5 heavenly dragons and the gravity ball, she immediately constructed space magic. This is because she has no room to spare resources on other magics. Yue with the quick use of space magic and simultaneously, the space shrunk momentarily and caused a great explosion.

Space itself exploded. Without a doubt, it was had great force, even the leftover ground troops and ash dragons were obliterated in an instant, it gouged out the earth and even blew away all clouds within the area.

Space magic “Trembling Heaven”. Space is forcefully compressed, it’s a magic that generates an extremely powerful impact from letting loose the compressed space.

[……N~, as expected…of Age of God’s magic]

However, Yue had survived even though she was at the center of the impact. Her clothes were torn in some places, blood dripped from her mouth, some of her internal organs were probably damaged, however it was all too light compared to the impact that went off.

Her slight injuries were also quickly healed.

Normally, it had enough power to completely wipe out everything without a trace……

The reason was because Yue had used the space magic “Restraining Threads” before “Trembling Heaven” activated. This was a magic that restores space. In use, it was an convenient magic that could be used for defense and restraining. More so, it’s magic consumption wasn’t at the point of wanting to tear out the whites of ones own eyes out.

The space wasn’t completely restored because it was instantaneously created, though Yue took some damage, other than physical restoration from “Automatic Reproduction”, her clothes were also restored through reproduction magic, her appearance in both the inside and outside were flawless.

At the center of where everything in the surroundings were destroyed, a figure was seen bathing in the moonlight as if nothing had happened at all, it was an amazing combination of divineness and strength.

However, there was one person who didn’t doubt Yue’s strength. He assaulted Yue from a blind spot.

[I knew you would withstand it! Monster disguised as a girl!]

Passing through the gate behind Yue, Freed who rode on the white dragon appeared while shooting out an aurora.

Though Yue evaded the aurora by immediately “falling”, she could not dodge the white dragon’s opened mouth as they intersected, it tried to devour her arm from the shoulder down in one go.

Bushu~! blood gushes out from the wound. The white dragon was unable to completely tear off Yue’s arm, when its sharp fangs sank down onto her soft skin, it tried to shoot out an aurora at point blank.

It seemed to be improvised as Freed continuously shot out great magics, this time he was once again convinced of his victory, he turned to look at Yue in delight. However, the moment he saw Yue’s expression, an unspeakable chill ran through Freed’s spine, his eyes full of delight turned into fear.

Because, on Yue’s lips was a smile in the shape of a perfect crescent moon. Her thin pink lips easily stood out. The smile no longer showed the divineness that was shown awhile ago. The moonlight which shined on Yue, changed into one not of solemnity, but one of devilishness.

Through the night wind, deep red eyes shining brightly between the gaps of her beautiful gold hair could be seen.

In other words

-You touched me?


The chant of the Age of God’s magic was quietly voiced from Yue’s mouth.

[“Destruction Engraving”]

Immediately afterwards, in the night sky where the devilish moonlight pours down, the scream of two were simultaneously heard.



The white dragon writhed from the impact, this time Yue’s arm was completely torn off, However, she didn’t have an anxious expression and manipulated gravity magic to go up into the sky. And, in an instant, the appearance of the missing arm returned, she then glared at Freed and the white dragon that was in agony while gushing blood from their whole bodies.

[……How is it? The same wounds that Hajime received. Does it hurt?]

[Guuu~! Damn you, this……]

To Yue who was expressionless and shouldering the moon on her back, Freed grit his teeth in fierce pain and glared sharply back.

Freed and the white dragon’s states were severe. The white dragon suffered a hollowed chest through combustion, in addition it was bleeding throughout its entire body, it seemed that it would crash at any moment. As for Freed, he was bleeding slowly from an incision wound on his chest, his left arm was broken and lowered lifelessly, and he was coughing out blood intensely as his internal organs were damaged. In addition there were big and small wounds throughout his whole body.

All of the wounds were the same as the time where Hajime was injured at [Mountain of Great Flames]. Reproduction magic “Destruction Engraving”-a magic that reproduces the wounds and destruction that an object once received in the past. Although not direct nor indirect, if it’s not touched within a radius of less than 3 meters it wouldn’t work, the wounds that can be reproduced is proportional to the magic power being used.

Yue if possible, wanted to corner Freed with this magic. This fight was personal revenge from Yue to the end. At the [Mountain of Great Flames], her lover was greatly injured and anger took root in her heart, unable to escape unless revenge was carried out. Since then, [……The next time we meet, I’ll definitely beat the hell out of him], she promised.

And when she obtained the reproduction magic at [Merujine*pronounced Merujeene* Undersea Ruins], while remembering the events at [Mountain of Great Flames], now that she could, she intended to use “Destruction Engraving” on him. Yue’s “Yan” whispered out so there was no helping it.

However, Yue was weak in close combat. it would be futile as she wouldn’t be able to activate the magic in time before Freed and his white dragon which flew away at high speeds before they could touch. Therefore, she thought she’d have to substantially damage the enemy before she could use it but……Freed and them purposely touched her instead. There was no helping it that she unintentionally leaked out a smile. To Hajime’s enemies, her mind cannot stop the “Yan Yan”.

[……The me right now……does it mean I wasn’t chosen to be the victor this day. ……I was unprepared]

[……I wouldn’t let you]

Freed guessed that it was checkmate and grits his teeth, at the time when Yue was about to deal the finishing blow, waves of attack magic that shot from the ground were aimed at Yue.

[Freed-sama! Please pull out at once!]

[We will buy time!]

They were the ground troops that had gone to invade the Kingdom’s capital. They seemed to have guessed that Freed was in a predicament and came to rescue him.

[You guys! …Ku, sorry!]

The Majinzoku’s that came to the rescue, after seeing Freed and the white dragon covered in wounds, their eyes borne hatred, they carried out suicide attacks without thinking about defending at all. Naturally, there’s no way they could kill Yue with just enthusiasm. However, it seems that the very limited time earned was enough for Freed to open a gate.

Immediately before the flame spear that Yue shot could pierce Freed and his white dragon, they both jumped into the gate and disappeared.


Yue after Freed successfully ran away, still, [You dare do that to Freed-sama!], coldly looked down at the Majinzoku who attacked repeatedly while yelling the same thing, the space magic “Trembling Heaven” that Freed used awhile ago was used once again. Although Yue completely annihilated their snarling feelings in an instant, you could see some irritation on her expression. Her pent-up anger wasn’t cleared.

While Yue was taking deep breaths to calm herself, an unbecoming bright voice resounded on the battlefield.

[Yue-sa~n! Is that guy still alive? If he’s alive, let me hit him once……uwa~a what happened here? Was there a natural disaster?]

Shia’s usamimi’s waved as she jumped to the floating disk and asked while looking at the surroundings with an amazed voice.


Shia understood roughly what went on from that single phrase, while being slightly surprised at Freed’s unexpected tenacity, she soothed Yue with a wry smile.

And while waiting to replenish their magical powers, they exchanged their information, then an explosion occurred in the corner of the royal palace, following that, a huge pillar of light poured down from the sky, an impossible scene of the large army of demons consisting of tens of thousands that were outside of the outer walls were completely obliterated, then they looked at one another.

[ [……Hajime (San)] ]

The two answered at the exact same time.

[……For the time being, should we go to the royal palace?]


Shia and Yue concluded that the perpetrator of the lack of commonsense was Hajime, they smiled as they glanced at the huge crater where the demons had vanished, together, the two went to the royal palace where Hajime would be.

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