Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 105

Chapter 105

Going back in time a little. Precisely when Ririana and them arrived in the Royal Palace.


[Tsu!? Just what is-!?]

Towards the unpleasant sound of glass being broken, Shizuku Yaegashi who was sleeping in her room quickly jumped into alert mode and got out of her bed sheets while grabbing onto her black katana which was beside her pillow. It was clearly the movements of a person who continues being cautious of their surroundings even while resting.


For a while, Shizuku hid her breathing with a stern expression and was ready to draw her katana at any moment, however there were no abnormalities within her room so she leaked out a sigh of relief.

The reason why Shizuku was releasing this kind of alertness was because over the past several days, there were absolutely no signs or sightings of Ririana or Aiko.

Even for some time before that, she noticed a sense of incongruity within the Royal Palace. On that day, the day when Aiko returned, she disappeared after announcing that she had something important to tell them at dinner time, due to this shizuku suspected that something bad had happened to Aiko in order to silence her.

Naturally, she searched for the two missing peoples whereabouts, though they were told that Aiko and them were just being questioned by the head of the church, Ishtar, at the main temple, she wasn’t allowed to meet them directly. In addition they even forcefully avoided her by declaring to Shizuku that they would be released in a few days, moreover, Ririana’s father, King Erihido also said to not worry about them, she could do nothing but withdraw reluctantly for the time being.

However, even then her vague anxiety didn’t disappear, just like now, when going to bed she was vigilant and cautious like a spy.

When Shizuku soundlessly got off her bed, she quickly straightened up her equipment in a few seconds and carefully left the room. Since Kaori decided to travel with Hajime, Shizuku was the only person in the room now. When she confirmed that there were no abnormalities within the corridor, she immediately knocked on Kouki and Ryutaro’s door which was opposite to hers.

The door opened immediately and Kouki’s appearance was seen. Ryutaro was in the back of the room and seemed to be fully awake. It appears that they’ve also woken up like Shizuku due to the loud sound a while ago.

[Kouki, please have more caution. To suddenly open the door……wouldn’t it be troublesome if it was an assailant?]

Shizuku’s eyebrows drop a little when Kouki opened the door without any caution and warned him. On the other hand, Kouki had an astonished expression. Even though he heard the breaking sound, he didn’t think that there would be any immediate dangers in the corridors of the Royal Palace. It appears that he wasn’t fully awake yet.

These past several days, Shizuku had a sense of incongruity within the Royal Palace and about Aiko and them, [Something is wrong, keep your guard up], is what she continually said but, Kouki and Ryutaro thought she was thinking too much about it and didn’t take it seriously.

[More importantly, Shizuku. What was that a while ago? It sounded like something was breaking……]

[……I don’t know. Anyways, lets wake everyone up and gather information. Whatever it is, I’ve got a bad feeling from it…]

Shizuku only said that and turned around to knock on her classmates doors one after another. Most of the students were gathered for an immediate meeting due to the sudden crashing sound from a while ago. Uneasily, Kouki began to raise his voice as the students began to gather in the corridor looking annoyed that their slumber was disturbed.

Then, at that time, one of the maids that was friends with Shizuku rushed in. She comes from a house which enjoys fencing and had the linage of knights, due to this connection she became intimate with Shizuku.

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The maid called Nia ran up besides Shizuku while looking like she was in low spirits. It was a shadow of her usual dignified atmosphere, Shizuku remembered the sense of incongruity and raised her eyebrows, but it was overtaken by surprise at the information that Nia brought, her sense of incongruity was completely blown away.

[The first large barrier was broken]

[……What was that?]

Nia plainly tells the truth as Shizuku instinctively asked back.

[The Majinzoku are invading. A huge army was developed on the outskirts of the Kingdom’s capital and their attack broke the large barrier]

[…it can’t be, just how did they……]

The information was far too unbelieveable, even Shizuku lost her calm and became stunned.

The other classmates were also the same, they began to mutter noisily. The Majinzoku’s army, it was impossible for them to be able to invade the King’s capital without arousing anyones attention, with the large barrier broken it became even harder to take in. It’s unavoidable that they wouldn’t be able to keep calm.

[……Is only the first barrier of the large barrier broken?]

Within that, with a stern expression Kouki asked Nia. The large barrier that protects the Kingdom was composed of 3 pieces, The first on the outside, second, then third barrier, the third barrier was the strongest as it covered the smallest scale of land out of the others.

[Yes. For now……however, the first barrier was broken in a single blow. It’s only a matter of time before they topple though everything……]

Towards Nia’s answer, Kouki suggested to everyone that they should help out in repulsing the army.

[Even if just a little we should help buy time. In the meantime the Kingdom’s residents should take shelter, if the army corps and knights are prepared…]

There were few that showed a resolute expression towards Kouki’s words. Shizuku and Ryutaro, Suzu, it was only the front groups such as Nagayama’s party.

The other classmates only had a gloomy look while turning their eyes away. They are the people who have lost their will to stand on the front lines. To suddenly challenge a huge army was only further increasing their hesitation.

Then even if by ourselves, Kouki began to resolute his heart, surprisingly, Eri Nakamura answered.

[Wait, Kouki-kun. Rather than fighting on your own, I think we should quickly join with Meld and them]


[Nia-san, the army……how much do we know about them?]

[……they’re roughly 100,000 in strength]

The students all held their breaths when they heard the number.

[Kouki-kun. We can’t suppress them if it’s only us. ……We have to oppose numbers with numbers. Even if we’re stronger than an ordinary person, I think that you should go to the place where you’re most needed. That is, shouldn’t we cooperate side by side with Meld’s group……]

Although it was from the modest and docile glasses girl Eri, the strength in her eyes wasn’t below that of Kouki and the others. And her opinion was justifiable.

[Un, Suzu is also in favor with Eririn. As expected of Suzu’s Eririn! Those glasses aren’t just for show!]

[Suzu~u……The glasses are unrelated~]

[Fufu, I also agree with Eri. I lost my calm a little there. What about you Kouki?]

Towards the 3 girls opinions, Kouki was hesitating. However, after carefully thinking over Eri’s judgement, Kouki also trusted her quite a bit, in the end, he decided to join up with Meld’s knights and army corps just as Eri said.

Kouki and them began to run towards where the knights and soldiers were mobilizing. No one noticed the smile in the shape of a crescent by their side……


When Kouki and them reached the point which was designated as the emergency meeting place, a lot of soldiers and knights have already lined up in an orderly manner, the deputy leader of the knights, José Rankaido, was on the platform and briefing them in a loud voice. While bathing in the moonlight, the soldiers were all standing still with pale and stunned expressions, they just stared at José with no vigor.

Then, José who noticed that Kouki and them just entered the plaza stopped talking and beckons Kouki.

[……Good job coming here. Do you understand the situation?]

[Yes, We’ve heard from Nia already. Ehtto, where’s Meld-san?]

Kouki nodded towards the welcoming words and question of José, and he didn’t see Meld’s appearance as he looked around so he asked about his whereabouts.

[The head is dealing with a few things. More importantly, sa~a, come into the center. The Hero is our leader after all…]

As José said, Kouki and them were guided into the center where the soldiers were lined up. The classmates who stayed behind, [Eh? Us as well?], showed a puzzled expression, while being crowded by silent soldiers they could do nothing but follow Kouki and them.

Passing through the silence, the surrounding soldier’s expressions hardly changed at all too, along with the knights appearances, the feeling of incongruity began to swell up within Shizuku. It was the bad feelings that she felt ever since the beginning when she woke up, Shizuku’s heart was conflicted. Unconsciously, she put power into her hand that was gripping her black kanata.

And when Kouki and them were completely surrounded by the soldiers and knights, José restarted his speech.

[Everyone, the situation draws near. However, there’s nothing to fear. There is no enemies who can stand against us. We do not know defeat. Death shall not strike us. Sa~a, everyone, welcome our Hero. Right now, we exist specifically for this day. Sa~a, take up your swords]

The soldiers and the knights draw out their swords altogether.

[It’s the beginning of the slaughter. Watch closely]

José took something out of his bosom and held it over his head. As instructed, not only the soldiers but also kouki and them payed attention.



Light bursted out.

The thing José was holding shot out bright light which was comparable to Hajime’s flashbang. Kouki and them who were paying attention to it were completely defenseless, they immediately avert their eyes and cover them while releasing a short scream, their sights have been temporarily blocked out by looking straight at the light.

And, in the next instant……


countless vivid sounds ring out.




Following that, muffled screams were heard from many places.

The screams were different from the ones caused by the light a while ago. It was the voice that leaked out when in agony and pain. Then immediately afterwards, there was the sound of countless people falling onto the ground ~Dosa Dosa~.

Inside that, only Shizuku understood the cause. After entering the open space, her caution was raised to the maximum. She felt a sense of incongruity within José’s speech. Thats why, immediately when the flash of light exploded, she took up a defensive stance without being shaken and immediately after that she was able to block the assassin’s blade with her black kanata. It was likely the gift of training that allowed her to only rely on the presence she felt while her eyes were blinded.

And, after the light settled down, Shizuku began to look around her surroundings as her sight began to recover, every single one of her classmates were pierced in the back by the knights and soldiers swords and being held down onto the ground.

[Wha, this……]

They raised their groaning voices as they were knocked down and suppressed from above, furthermore, looking at her classmates appearances that had swords in their backs, Shizuku’s voice was stuck in her throat. It can’t be, she began to imagine the worst outcome that they were all dead but, it appears that everyone was just barely alive as they all raised out voices in agony.

Although she was slightly relieved when knowing that, Shizuku turned a stern glance towards the surrounding soldiers in the unpredictable situation, a strange scene was reflected within the mesh of the crowd and she unintentionally stiffened up.

[Ara-ra, should I say that it was as expected? ……Ne~e, Shizuku?]

[Eh? Eh……what are you-!?]

Right, while all other classmates were in critical condition on the ground, there was only 1 other student that was calmly standing. That student was completely different from their usual self, with a glutinous voice they talked to Shizuku. Since their atmosphere changed too much, Shizuku’s questions and doubts were stuck in her throat.

In that moment, once again, a knight thrusted out their sword towards Shizuku’s back.


While being shaken up by the other persons sudden change, Shizuku was barely able to dodge and turned towards the student with an amazed glance.

[You also dodged this huh……really, Shizuku is troublesome huh?]

[What are you sa-!?]

Further increasing in intensity, the soldiers and knights join in and thrust their swords out. Shizuku surpassed them all then suddenly turned her gaze as her name was called out.

[Shizuku-sama! Help……]


There the appearance of Nia was thrown on the ground with a knight on top of her and a sword about to stab into her. Shizuku immediately arrived nearby Nia’s location in an instant with her high-speed movement skill “No Rhythm”, she swung her sheath at the knight who was on top of Nia and blew him away.

[Nia, are you alright?]


While supporting up Nia who was on the ground, Shizuku looked around her surroundings in caution.

Towards that Shizuku, Nia murmurs and clings both hands around her.


……A dagger was stabbed into Shizuku’s back.

[Agu~!? Ni, Nia? Wh, why……]

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With an expression like she couldn’t believe what happened and grimacing over the acute pain running through her back, Shizuku looked down at Nia who was clinging to her.

Her expression no longer had the cheerful look nor the familiarity it once held, she only returned Shizuku’s glance expressionlessly back at her.

Shizuku finally noticed it at last. At first, she thought Nia’s state was due to the Kingdom being invaded, however that wasn’t it, her atmosphere was almost identical to the expressionless knights and soldiers which surrounded her, there was definitely a different reason for this.

Nia held onto Shizuku’s arm and twisted it as she pinned her down onto the ground, she then attached shackles which sealed her magic just like all the other students had.

[Ahahaha, as expected even for Shizuku, surely you didn’t think that that child would turn against you? Un un, that’s probably right? That’s why I purposely took time to prepare it?]

With scorching pain running through her back and gritting her teeth on the cold ground, Shizuku realized that something was done to the soldiers and Nia. And although she didn’t want to admit it, the disastrous scene that unfolded before her, right now, she called out to her close friend who had an unusually unpleasant smirk on her face.

[What does this…mean……Eri]

Right, that person who was modest and quiet, attentive and kind-hearted, Shizuku and their trusted companion which they shared their joys and sorrow with, it was that person, Eri Nakamura.

Even while sustaining severe injuries, the students who were targeted and still alive could do nothing but have an expression filled with agony, they watched Eri’s expression as she walked calmly and steadily through the soldiers in a grand manner.

Rather than answering Shizuku’s question, Eri began to laugh oddly in amusement as she moves towards Kouki. And after taking off her glasses, she pulls on the magic sealing collar which was placed on Kouki’s neck with an attractive smile.

[E, Eri…Just…what…gu…happened……]

Although not to the extent of Shizuku and them who were his childhood friends, Eri who was one of his companions and close friend had a far too different atmosphere around her, Kouki desperately questions her while enduring the pain of the sword which ran through his body. However, Eri had a delirious expression which contained heat within it and disregarded Kouki’s question.


[Aha, Kouki-kun, I~caught~you~]

while saying so, she placed her lips on top of Kouki’s. Within the strange silence which surrounded the area, a vivid sound of water lapping could be heard. Eri was crazily releasing her emotions as if she had been saving it up for years towards Kouki.

Although Kouki couldn’t understand what was going on, he was desperately trying to shake free but, he was suppressed by several people, along with the magic sealing collar, like all the other students he also had his hands and feet bound as well, moreover his power was sapped from him as there was a sword thrust through his body.

Was she finally satisfied, Eri separated her lips while creating a silver thread. Then, with and ecstatic expression in her eyes she licked her lips and started to stand up slowly, she then glared at the students who were being held down and bleeding. Absentminded expressions as well as agonized expressions were lined up. When she saw such a spectacle she nodded in satisfaction, her eyes stopped towards Shizuku and she smiled.

[Ma~a, these kinds of things. Shizuku]

[~……What do you mean…Kofu~…]

With an expression which showed she didn’t understand, Shizuku vomited blood as she glared at Eri, Eri shook her head with an expression that said, my bad, and began to talk about the reason as if she was talking to a baby.

[U~n, you don’t know huh? You see, I’ve always wanted Kouki-kun. That’s why, I did what was necessary to obtain him. It’s as simple as that]

[……If you liked Kouki then…if you’d confessed then…this kind of thing…]

Towards Shizuku’s rebuttal, for a moment Eri’s becomes expressionless. However, she began to talk and returned a smirk immediately again.

[It’s useless, useless, use~less. Confessing is useless. Kouki-kun’s kind-hearted so there’s no way he’d see someone else as special. Even if there’s only garbage with no value around his surroundings, he wouldn’t leave them alone because he’s too kind-hearted. That’s why, in order to make Kouki-kun mine only, I have to work hard and get rid of all the garbage in the surroundings]

You can’t even understand that? as Eri shrugs her shoulders like it was a foolish thing. Although they were Being called garbage, they didn’t have much anger as they were too surprised at the sudden change. For the person in front of her to have changed this much, honestly, Shizuku looked at the girl as if this was the first time they’ve met.

[Fufu, it was good that we were sent to a different world. In Japan, it would have been truly difficult to clean up the garbage, it was harsh living there. Of course, I won’t allow us to be sent back after this war is over. Along with Kouki-kun, the both of us will continue living here for ever~and~ever~]

While looking at the laughing and giggling Eri, a sudden impossible guess came into Shizuku’s mind and she unintentionally voiced it out.

[…It can’t be…the reason the large barrier…broke so easily was because……]

[Ahaha, so you’ve noticed? Right, It was me. I told them to break the artifact maintaining the large barrier]

It appears that Shizuku’s worst case scenario was spot on. The reason why the Majinzoku was able to arrive at the outskirts of the Kingdom without being spotted and easily breaking through the large barrier, everything was due to Eri. Eri’s line of sight was interestly looking at the soulless soldiers and knights that were standing by her side, she would probably let them do it.

[If I killed you guys, I wouldn’t be able to stay in the Kingdom any longer……That’s why you see, I contacted the Majinzoku, guiding the Kingdom to destruction through the people from another world, I’ll send the knights which I turned into puppets to the devil’s lands as tributes, then it’ll only be me and Kouki-kun left around]

[Impossible…to contact the Majinzoku…]

Kouki somehow recovered from the shock of the kiss, he muttered with an expression which that showed he couldn’t believe it. Eri had been training together with them at the Kingdom for a long time. Inside of the large barrier the Majinzoku wouldn’t be able to get in, it shouldn’t be possible to contact them, he began rebutting out poor arguments while trying to believe in Eri.

However, Eri easily shatters his hopes.

[The Majinzoku woman who attacked us at [Orcus Great Labyrinth]. While leaving I quickly did it, Necromancy that is? As I expected, the Majinzoku came to recover her body, so I used it. From that situation, I definitely got cold feet. If what I proposed was rejected and I was murdered instead……unintentionally, I had used Necromancy……I didn’t want to be doubted so I showed my necromancy to increase their impressions……ma~a, in the end everything was alright…]

According to Eri’s words, she performed Necromancy on the Majinzoku woman, and left a message for the Majinzoku who would come and look for her since she didn’t return. Due to this, Mikhail had known how Cattleya had died. In addition, she communicated with the Majinzoku through a suitable “human’s” dead body.

When Eri’s story was heard, Shizuku remembered about Eri’s Necromancy and her face which was already pale from blood loss became even paler.

Necromancy was magic which acts on residual thoughts(. . . .)of the corpse. She concealed the fact that she could actually use it perfectly. If that’s so, all the knights and soldiers who looked soulless that were surrounding Shizuku and them, the worst possible situation came to her mind when she thought about Nia who was holding her down.

[The reason…for these guys…appearances is……]

[Of course it’s because of Necromancy~. Everyone is already dead~. Ahahahahahaha!]

Shizuku grit her teeth as she was told the cruel answer and a desperate rebuttal was voiced.

[…That’s a lie…the undead…cannot talk back……They shouldn’t…be able to!]

[Look, that’s because of my ability? Through some memory and thought patterns during their lifetime being added in they became able to talk. It was my original through Necromancy “Bind Soul” I guess? Ah, even then the sense of incongruity remains huh. I wasn’t able to carry through with everything within a day, there I began to worry about what to do……one day, a person offered their cooperation. A beautifully silver haired person. I was surprised that my plan was found out, in that instant, I prepared my resolution for various things……It wasn’t certain that I was being accused at the time, although I couldn’t trust them I could at least take advantage of them instead~]

Really, in such a hurry~, Eri pretended to be wiping away her sweat. Most likely, there might have been various processes which had to take place, but she didn’t show any signs of explaining them out.

[Actually, I accidentally got my hands on the King’s close aid so I’m great right? In return he became like a dangerous drugged person though. Ma~a, thanks to that I was able to quickly push forward my plans. Kufufu, it’s alright! I won’t waste everyone’s deaths. I’ll properly~, recycle them and allow the Majinzoku to use them!]

Originally, they only act on residual thoughts through necromancy, but if you take in the consideration of the dead person’s intent while still alive, the residual thought’s would be coated in magic as they’re brought back to life, they’ll move exactly as the magician wants, alternatively in a way where techniques are used to possess a corpse and make it do the magicians bidding.

Their performance is normal, it’s uncompared to while they’re alive, they won’t move unless directed since they have no thinking ability of their own. Of course, if you give an order like “Keep attacking” they’ll continue, they’re able to keep moving even without detailed instructions.

In other words, when Nia and José talked with Shizuku and them, they had no ability to think, it should be impossible through necromancy. That’s why there was a sense of incongruity, the technique which Eri called “Bind Soul”, it’s a technique which adds memory and thought patterns of thinking into the corpse through extracting the remains of the spirit.

This was basically an ability to interfere with the soul. That is, Eri managed to work hard and step into the realm of the Age of God’s magic on her own. Definitely a cheat, she often said that she was unsuited for Necromancy, that amount of studying and genius-class talent is definitely something that deserves astonishment. Alternatively, it may be due to her immense drive towards her obsession.

By the way, the reason why Eri didn’t immediately kill her classmates was because “Bind Soul” could only be used once at a time immediately after death.

[Gu~u…stop it…Eri! If you do those things……I……]

[Won’t forgive me? Ahaha, I thought you’d say so. Kouki-kun is kind-hearted right. Besides, no matter how much garbage I clean up…that’s why, I’ll also properly use “Bind Soul” on Kouki-kun, I’ll be able to turn you into mine? No one elses, only looking at me, carrying out my every wish! Only my Kouki-kun! A~a, a~a! Just imagining it makes me feel like cuming!]

Eri began to embrace herself and writhe her body with a nympholeptic expression. There was no longer the appearance of the calm girl who was in the book committee. All the classmate’s thought. She’s gone insane. “Bind Soul” was a skill specifically made to ease and further increase the Necromancer’s convenience in giving out instructions, however there is no change that a puppet is only a puppet. Once you understood that, still, she didn’t seem to mind that kind of Kouki.

[Lies…that’s a lie! Uu, Eririn is, th…there’s no way Eri would do this! …surely…something… right…she’s only being manipulated! Come to your senses Eri!]

Suzu who was Eri’s best friend shouted out with a distorted expression while panting in pain. She was scratching at the grounds with her hands as if she was trying to crawl towards Eri. Eri turned towards Suzu and looked her straight in the eye with a smile. And she slowly walked towards the closest person who was laying on the ground, Kondo Reiichi.

Kondo possibly felt a bad premonition, [Hi~], he let out a scream while trying to get even a little bit further away from Eri who was approaching. Naturally, he was perfectly held down, the only thing he could do was scream as his magic was sealed as well.

Eri who came besides Kondo which caused him to once again tremble with fear, and gave him a smile. Kouki and them were raising their voices, [Stop!] [Stop it!].

[St, stop!? Ga~a, ah, agua…]

Kondo’s muffled screams began to break out. The sword was once again stabbed into Kondo’s back but this time, where his heart was. For a little while, though Kondo struggled and showed tenacity because of his strong status, his movements quickly became feeble, and……he stopped moving altogether.

Eri placed her hands on Kondo and began to mutter a chant. After she completed the chant and muttered the magic name “Bind Soul”, a semitransparent Kondo overlapped with his own corpse.

Just after that, the knight who was holding down Kondo got up and moved back one step. Kouki and them were waiting anxiously, Kondo whose heart should have been destroyed, slowly lifted his body up, he stood up with a soulless expression just like the surrounding soldiers and knights.

[Yes~. One puppet’s been completed~]

Eri’s bright voice resounded as the other students looked at Kondo with surprise as he stood still silently and expressionlessly. Just now, one person was finally killed, towards the scene of death they couldn’t even voice out their thoughts.

[E, Eri…why……]

Towards Suzu who voiced out a question with a shocked expression, Eri voiced out the worst possible conclusion.

[Ne~e, Suzu? Thank you? Japan and even here, you were very convenient to use to stay nearby Kouki-kun?]


[I give up? The atmosphere between Kouki-kun as he was around Shizuku and Kaori was too much. If you approached carelessly, other women would drill holes into you……because we had no powers on that side, it was a matter of time before you’d self-destruct for getting close. In that respect, I was thankful for Suzu’s existence. You seemed to be bright no matter how foolishly used and exposed you were? Even if I approached Kouki and them no one would complain about it. Thats why, the position of “Suzu Tanimura’s best friend” was truly convenient. Thanks to you, I was able to stay close to Kouki-kun over on the other side and even when in a different world we got to be in the same party…… un, Suzu was really~ convenient! That’s why, thank you!]

[……Ah, uu, ah……]

From the shock of Eri’s confession, the sounds of something breaking within Suzu ranged out. Suzu learned that her best friend which she had been together with and believed in all the time, was nothing more than a fantasy. Even the light of the escapism within her eye disappeared.

[Eri~! You’re-!]

Towards the overboarding words, Shizuku yelled out in anger. Nia who was turned into a puppet pulled up Shizuku’s head by her hair and pounded it onto the ground. However, as if she was stating, what about it, Shizuku’s eyes flared up in anger.

[Fufu, you’re angry huh? That expression that you’ve got is very good. I extremely hated you. Your face fit in so naturally besides Kouki-kun and even your eyes carried a sense of condescending attitude, I hated everything about you. That’s why, for you in particular, I’ll be giving you a special role]

[…a role…you say?]

[Kufu, ne~e? What kind of feelings would you have for killing your best friend after finally meeting together after a long time?]

From those words, Shizuku’s eyes opened widely as she guessed what Eri was planning to do.

[…It can’t be, Kaori!?]

As if saying, You did well!, Eri began clapping her hands together with a smirk on her lips. While using Shizuku as a puppet, Eri was going to try and murder Kaori.

[It was alright to just leave her with Nagumo but……there’s a person who said, I would love to have that person as a puppet! I had been helped in various ways, so I decided to give them their reward. I’m someone who goes through with their promises after all! I’m such a good woman right?]

[Quit joking around! Gofu~…aguu~a!?]

While enraged, Shizuku who tried to move only managed to voluntarily enlarge the wound which was inflicted on her, Nia’s blade sunk further in.

[Aha, is it painful? hurts? I’m kind-hearted so. Right now, I’ll relieve you of your pain……]

This time it appears to be Shizuku’s turn, with a smirking smile she compromised. Kouki and them desperately tried to resist as an illusion of Shizuku becoming a puppet like Kondo came into their minds.

Kouki’s resistance in particular was much more intense, while desperately raising his voice, cracks began to appear on the 5 magic sealing shackles which were on him. Did he use “Limit Breakthrough” and “Supremacy Dispersal”, terrifying pressure began to overflow from his body.

However, the knights whose brain limiters were removed showed extreme strength uncomparable towards their lifetime and perfectly held down his joints, it wasn’t possible to immediately shake them off. Kouki’s expression became crossed with despair.

Shizuku was desperately focused her conscious which was fainting because of the amount of blood she was losing, she decided that until the final moment, she would continue staring directly into Eri’s eyes with fierce anger until she averted her eyes.

At that, Eri looked down on her with a smirk on her lips, did she want to perform the last rites herself in the end, she received a sword from a nearby knight.

[See you later then? Shizuku. Pretending to be your friend seemed to make me want to puke?]

Though Shizuku was staring at Eri, inside of her heart she was looking towards her best friend. Although she knows it’ll likely not reach her, still, thinking about the tragedy that was to come in the future, she gave her prayers to her best friend who was on a trip somewhere in the world.

(I’m sorry, Kaori. The next time we meet, please do not trust me……stay alive……obtain happiness……)

The knights sword which was invertedly held in her hand reflected the moonlight and shined. And, as if driving a wooden stake into a vampire, the sharp tip of the sword was brought down quickly towards Shizuku’s heart.

While watching the approaching danger, Shizuku prayed. Please allow my best friend to survive, please allow her to obtain happiness. Although I’ll be going on ahead, the dead me would end up hurting you, but because he is near you I’m sure you’ll be alright. Live strongly, gain happiness with your beloved person…please……

Fadingly, the world began to pass by slowly within Shizuku’s mind within that moment. Ah, this is my life flashing before my eyes…finally, Shizuku began to think that the sword would now pierce through, her life

………was not taken.



Eri’s voice sounded out along with Shizuku’s.

The knights sword which Eri brought down was stopped by a barrier which was the size of a palm. The two who were completely stunned at what had happen, heard the voice of someone which should not have been there. Being driven into a corner, the voice was full of impatience. It was the person who Shizuku was wishing happiness for, her best friend’s voice.


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