Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 106

Chapter 106


Along with the voice, before she noticed 10 shining barriers were created and protected her. And within those, there were also lights which cut in between Nia and Eri that bursted out! Should it have been called, barrier burst or something, it was a technique which makes the magical power contained within the barriers go out of control and bursts out light as well as letting loose the remains of the barrier.


Eri immediately covered her face with both of her arms but, she was blown back after flinching due to the bright light which caused her to lose her balance as the remains of the barrier rammed into her.

Nia who was holding down Shizuku was also similarly blown back. Although she immediately got back up to try and restrain Shizuku, before that, a rope of light grew out from the ground and bounded her.

Shizuku was completely dumbfounded at the current situation and turned towards the voice which called out her name.

And from within the gaps of the knights who were surrounding them, she caught the appearance of her best friend which shouldn’t have been here. It was not an illusion. Kaori was definitely looking at Shizuku with a grief expression. Surely with the sight of Shizuku and everyone elses tragic state, being able to just barely make it in time has allowed her eyes to loosen up in relief.

[Ka, Kaori……]

[Shizuku-chan! Wait for a bit! I’ll help you right away!]

Kaori’s voice sounded out desperately towards Shizuku and them who were surrounded by soldiers as she appeared from the entrance of the plaza. Then, she quickly started chanting full-heal recovery magic. It was the first-class recovery magic of the light system, “Sacred Text”. From her classmate’s current state and the situation, she judged that she should quickly heal all members.

[~!? Why are you here! You guys sure are set on getting in my way!]

Eri gave out orders to the knights as her face distorted in anger. The knights all attacked Kaori together in order to stop her chant.

However, Kaori was not hurt, the swords that the knights were wielding were stopped by a barrier of light.

[Everyone! What exactly happened! Return to your senses! Eri! What exactly does this mean!?]

Having protected Kaori who was chanting the first-class recovery magic, Ririana soon appeared right behind Kaori. A sphere-like barrier wrapped around Kaori and herself in order to defend themselves.

Ririana was extremely confused as the situation was that the knights and soldiers were trying to kill Kouki and them and they were also following Eri’s commands. While placing up the barrier she called out to question Eri. However Eri wasn’t listening at all.

Ririana’s techniques were definitely of the higher class. Being able to cover an entire caravan in a barrier and holding out against the attacks of over 40 bandits. That’s why, even if the knights delivered severe attacks with their limiters removed, it was definitely capable of holding out until Kaori’s chant was finished.

And, because Eri understood that, her expression showed impatience.

[Chi, it can’t be helped I guess?]

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Was it because of impatience? Eri gave up on turning her classmates into puppets and decided to kill them all off before they were healed.

Then, at that time, suddenly before Ririana’s eyes, one of the knights who brandished his sword against the barrier was beheaded and collapsed onto the ground.

The one who appeared behind the fallen knight was……Daisuke Hiyama.

[Shirasaki! Princess Ririana! Are you alright!]

[Hiyama-san? With such an awful wound, you-!?]

Ririana’s face turned pale as she saw Hiyama’s state. Although her chant wasn’t interrupted, Kaori’s eyes also opened up widely. That was to be expected as Hiyama’s chest was drenched in blood. No matter how you looked at it, he had desperately and recklessly tried to escape from his restraints.

He shook violently and staggered, Ririana quickly removed part of the barrier and allowed Hiyama who had his hand placed on the barrier, inside. With a thump, Hiyama fell down. However in that moment, Shizuku’s impatient shout resounded out.

[Don’t! Get away from him!]

She warned them desperately while vomiting out blood. Shizuku had noticed. Why was only Hiyama able to break out of the restraints when even Kouki couldn’t and who was the person that Eri talked about who wanted Kaori……It was clear that Ririana’s barrier would stay in place until Kaori’s chant was finished. Despite all that, the only person who would pretend to help out……



Shizuku’s warning was not on time.

Ririana’s barrier disappeared, what was seen there was the appearance of Ririana who was embracing Kaori’s back closely had been knocked down onto the ground and a sword ran through Kaori’s chest.


Shizuku’s scream echoed out.

With an crazed look in his eyes, Hiyama had embraced Kaori’s back closely with his face buried onto her neck. What was in his hands behind Kaori was obviously a sword which pierced through her heart.

Hiyama was never injured in the first place. He had been pretending while preparing in the case that Kouki’s explosive powers as the hero allows him to break free. And though he was surprised at Kaori’s and Ririana’s appearance, he judged that at the rate things were going, Kouki and them would get healed and decided to act.

[Hihi~, finally, I’ve finally obtained it. ……As expected, I’m better than Nagumo? Yeah, that’s right? Na~a, Shirasa…no, Kaori? Na~a? Gihi~, oi, Nakamura, hurry up already. The contract]

Eri shrugged her shoulders towards Hiyama’s words. And in order to place “Bind Soul” onto Kaori she approached.

Right afterwards, a scream resounded out.

[Gaa~aaaa! You guys-!!]

Kouki was. Desperately trying to break out of the restraints even as his body creaked as his anger was at his boiling point. He had thought that Kaori had been killed and seems to have lost himself. The cracks on the 5 magic sealing shackles began to gradually grow larger. It was extraordinary strength. However, it was still not enough to be released from the knight’s restraints.

Then, as Hiyama relaxed as he saw that, a low muttered voice could be heard in his ear. If you looked, it was Kaori who was muttering even after receiving a fatal wound. Hiyama became anxious and brought his ear closer to her mouth. And what he heard was……

[-at…the…end of…the…year, I…smile…”Sacred…Text”]

Even with a mortal wound, she completed the first-class magic. Kaori’s magic was casted through will power. Hiyama’s eyes were opened wide in astonishment.

Kaori herself should have realized that a fatal wound was inflicted onto her. Despite it all, till the last breath what she muttered were not cries of lament, nor calling out the name of a precious person……she decided to fight.

Kaori had thought about it. He, the person who she fell for, no matter the situation and no matter the opponent, he fought without giving up. If so then, she who wished to stand next to him could not expose such ungracefulness. And with barely any consciousness left, with just her strong desires to finish chanting the magic, it has definitely been completed in exchange for her life.

Ripples of light began to spread out from Kaori. In the blink of an eye it ran throughout the plaza and resulted as a powerful heal for those that were injured. The swords were being pushed out by the healing light. For some reason the puppet’s movements also became more dull.

Naturally, the light of healing also affected Kaori, though the wound was being healed, the injury that Kaori received was through a vital place unlike the others. Moreover, as the wound was closing up Hiyama frantically gouged into her wound and she wasn’t healed at all. With that, Kaori was certain to die.


Kouki’s scream gushed out.

With his body healed he could perform at his best, with that the shackles that were already cracked were all destroyed as if they were fragile things. At the same time, pure-white light radiated intensely from his body, expressing his anger. With the intense torrent of light, Kouki had raised his stats by a magnitude of 5. It was the final derivation of “Limit Breakthrough”, “Supremacy Dispersal”.

[I’ll never……forgive you guys!]

Although the knights were trying to restrain Kouki, Kouki easily snatches the sword of the knight which stabbed him and easily cut the puppet into two. Then, held out his hand to retrieve his sacred sword which was taken from him, the sacred sword rotated throughout the air and flew into Kouki’s hand.

Eri was expressionless, puppet soldiers were rushing at him but Kouki easily cut them into two. He shouldn’t be able to overcome the feelings of murder. However, right now with the intense fury of losing a comrade, he recognized that his opponents were already dead so there was no hesitation in his sword.

On the other hand, the front-lines group gathered around the other classmates and the fight to protect the stay-behind group began. No matter how many they took down they were still surrounded once again by puppet soldiers, there was also no time to remove the magic sealing shackles so their fight was based purely on physical strength. Ryutaro and Nagayama literally became a meat wall, they desperately tried to protect the stay-behind group which were trembling.

Shizuku desperately attempted to get to Kaori’s place with a tearful expression. However, just like Ryutaro and them she was still in shackles, waves of puppet soldiers attacked and she wasn’t able to easily advance ahead.

At that time, Kouki had finally beaten the puppet soldiers which surrounded him. With an angered look, Kouki glared angrily at Hiyama and Eri and quickly advanced.

But, there, Eri’s trump card which took advantage of Kouki’s weak point appeared. As a result, just as Eri predicted, Kouki’s sword stopped.

Kouki called out towards that trump card in a shaking voice.

[It, it can’t be……even…Meld-san……]

Right, the reason why Kouki’s sword stopped in its place was because it was Meld Roginsu, leader of the knights.

[……Kouki…why, are you pointing your sword at me…I didn’t teach you such things…]


[Kouki! Don’t listen! Meld-san has already-!]

Shizuku’s voice scolded at Kouki who was shaken. When he regained his senses, Meld’s sword was already approaching. Immediately he used his sacred sword to receive the blow. Along with the terrific shockwave, Kouki legs shook. It appears that the kingdom’s strongest knight has had his limiter removed.

[……Meld-san……I’m sorry!]

Although Kouki’s expression twisted in sorrow, he swung his sacred sword in intense waves towards Meld. Even while dead, Meld’s swordsmanship was still great, he barely managed to get by Kouki’s attacks while he used “Supremacy Dispersal”. Because of Meld’s appearance, Kouki’s boiling head had cooled down a little, his sword attacks which ignored feelings of murder began to dull. However, even still Meld shouldn’t be able to beat the current Kouki, finally Meld’s sword was flung away.

Kouki instantly closed in and side swept at Meld’s neck with his sacred sword.

But, before the sacred sword dug into Meld’s neck,

[………Help me……Kouki]


Kouki’s sword stopped unintentionally after hearing Meld’s words. Even though it might be impossible, maybe, Meld might not have actually been killed and is only being manipulated? Isn’t it still possible to help him? He was unable to throw away such thoughts.

This was Kouki’s weak point. In short, it was half-heartedness. If you’re going to help, then help. If you’re going to kill, then kill. You can choose either one but resolution and determination are needed. Kouki had none of that. Based on the information presented to him, a convenient interpretation of the situation occured. That’s why, though he usually doesn’t doubt his righteousness, he loses himself at the most crucial times.

Meld used his foot to bounce up the knights sword which was on the ground. In an instant with the hand which gripped the sword, he once again crossed swords with Kouki. However, Kouki didn’t have the overwhelming drive from awhile ago, rather Meld was the one who was pushing.

[~!? Gaha~!]

After somehow managing through Meld’s attacks, Kouki’s body lost its strength and his knees gave out. It was not due to the time limit of “Supremacy Dispersal”. That much time hasn’t passed by yet. The incident didn’t stop with just that, finally he even began to vomit out loads of blood. The blood soaked into the ground and Kouki’s confusion increased greatly.

[Fuu~, it’s finally kicking in. It was quite the strong poison…as expected of Kouki-san. If I didn’t prepare Meld-san I would have lost]

Towards Eri’s relaxed voice, Kouki desperately tried to support up his body with a questionable expression.

[Kufufu, with the cause of the prince kissing the princess, if the princess kisses the prince he’ll fall into a slumber (Killed) and become hers……there’s that kind of development as well right? Ma~a, even I have some preparations in case of emergencies~]

With those words Kouki had realised. The kiss that Eri gave him in the beginning. In that moment, she likely made both of them take in poison. Eri herself may have taken the antidote earlier. He never would have thought that he’d be fed poison through mouth-to-mouth. Let alone being able to imagine what someone in love would do. Kouki once again was reminded of the fact that the Eri that everyone had known was nowhere to be seen.

With the poisons effects, Kouki was completely unable to move, Eri laughed out satisfyingly and then turned around to walk towards Kaori once again. Because soon the time limit for “Bind Soul” will be over. Hiyama demanded Eri with an ogre-like form.

Kaori was dead and about to be defiled. With that Kouki and Shizuku were both furious with anger, and with a regretting expression Shizuku was about to charge straight in.

However, Eri had already placed her hand over Kaori. Eri began chanting the spell. After several tens of seconds, the Kaori puppet which will obey all of Hiyama’s words will be completed. Shizuku and their expressions flared up in anger, Hiyama was laughing loudly, and Eri was smiling with a smirk.

Then……a voice which betrayed the battlefield that was filled with despair and betrayal sounded out.

[……What the heck is going on?]

It was the boy with white hair and an eyepatch, Hajime Nagumo’s voice.

Towards Hajime’s appearance, as if time stopped, everyone’s movements ceased. This was because Hajime’s ferocious pressure was being emitted.

Normally the puppet soldiers which had no emotions shouldn’t have stopped due to Hajime’s pressure being released but, Eri who was their spiritualist was overwhelmed by the natural feeling of the weak instinctively concealing themselves as the strong came around which in turn caused the puppet soldiers to also do the same.

Hajime was completely unphased at the hundreds of eyes gazing at him and he began to check out the surrounding circumstances. A large amount of soldiers and knights were attacking his classmates, his classmates were grouped up and formed a circle, Meld was in front of Kouki who was on the ground and vomiting out blood, pounding her knee with a black katana in one hand was Shizuku, Eri and Hiyama who became stiff, and……Hiyama while embracing onto Kaori was holding onto the sword which secured that Kaori’s life had ceased……

The moment he saw her appearance, an out-of-this-world terrifying presence instantly appeared at the plaza. As if insects were crawling throughout their entire body, inside it felt like their hearts were being clenched directly and left them uncomfortable, they trembled frightenly against the presence. The presence of overwhelming death. It was exactly like their blood had frozen. For an instant their bodies lost its temperature and the heavy murderous intent made them envision their deaths.

In an instant, Hajime’s appearance disappeared.

And Hajime who was moving at a pace which no one could comprehend had appeared besides Kaori with a roaring sound. The roaring sound was caused by Hiyama being flung back and ramming straight into the back wall of the plaza and destroying it. In an instant Hajime had kicked Hiyama in the chest and sent him flying without influencing Kaori at all.

Normally, one blow would be enough to cause Hiyama’s entire body to burst apart, however because he held back a bit it only caused numerous bones to break and damage to the internal organs. By now he should have fainted in the wall, once he wakes up again from the pain, the hell would likely once again begin.

Hajime held up Kaori with one arm and cleared her face of her hair. Then, with a loud voice he called out to his comrade.

[Teio! I’m counting on you!]

[~……Umu, leave it to me!]

[Shi, Shirasaki-san~!]

In response towards Hajime’s request, Teio quickly rushed over towards them. Aiko’s complexion changes as she also came towards Kaori’s side. Once Teio was handed Kaori by Hajime she quickly began chanting.

[Ahaha, it’s useless. She’s already dead. I would have never expected that you guys would be coming here……no, the moment Kaori appeared I should have noticed. ……Un, it seems like it’s already over for Hiyama, I’ll give it to you? As long as you’re not hostile against me, I’ll bring Kaori back to life with magic for you. It wouldn’t be genuine but, she’ll stay pretty like now? It’s better than rotting right? Ne?]

Radiantly, Eri proposed her suggestion while sweating from her forehead. Disregarding Aiko whose eyes were opened up widely in astonishment by his side, Hajime abruptly got up. Eri who knew of Hajime’s strength, held out her hands as she clicked her tongue secretly while emphasizing that Kaori would just be rotting if left alone.

But, Hajime’s overflowing murderous intent wasn’t shaken one bit, expressionlessly like wearing a Noh mask he slowly walked towards Eri.

[Wait, wait a bit, Nagumo. Come on, look at the surrounding people? There’s not much difference between them and the living? Although it can’t be helped that she’s dead, at the very least I could make her like them? Furthermore, I can create a Kaori that you like? For that you’ll absolutely need me……]

Eri was rapidly speaking as she backed away.

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Then, at that time, a shadow was running up behind Hajime. A blow from a sharp spear which was uncomparable to the other puppet soldiers shot at him. The shadow’s identity was Kondo Reiichi. It was the spear user that was pitifully killed by Eri earlier and turned into a puppet.

To begin with, although I say puppet, it still exhibited the strength of a cheat which came from a different world. The powerful thrust incorporated with Kondo’s class “Spear Master” was spiraling with wind straight towards Hajime’s heart.

[Ahaha, Carelessness is our greatest enemy~. As well as rage o-……]

Eri’s expression of impatience was quickly changed into one of a smirk but, as if Hajime didn’t feel a thing he continued walking which caused her expression to cramp up. Hajime had probably already knew what was coming up from behind. A mass of red magical power was compressed to the size of a 10 yen coin and completely held off the spear which was thrusted out. It was the derivation of “Vajra”, “Intensive Strengthening”.

Hajime silently turned his left elbow towards his back and without any hesitation, he shot with his shotgun. A roaring sound resounded and at the same time, Kondo who received the attack of great power from super point-blank range in the face, had his head turned into small chunks and blown away. The sound of blood splattering and splashing around was heard clearly.

[~……Kill him]

With a steep expression, Eri ordered the next puppet soldiers and Meld. Although not as much as Kouki, Hajime had held some intimacy with Meld, at the [Orcus Great Labyrinth] it was to the point of using a potion to heal him who was near death. Therefore, she intended to use the chance which exposes itself through hesitation just like it did with Kouki. The puppet soldiers were waiting eagerly for that opening to be exposed.

However, that kind of common-sense judgement won’t work on Hajime.

While disregarding Meld who was coming at him, Hajime took out Metsurai from his “Treasure Warehouse”. All of the sudden from out of no where, the form of brutal weapons appeared and caused everyone present to hold their breaths.

Immediately, Shizuku shouted out.

[Everyone! Lie down!]

Ryutaro and Nagayama while crouched down, dragged down students that were still standing onto the ground.

Immediately after that, with the unique rotation sound and shooting sound resounding out, the incarnation of destruction roared out. It was once used to completely crush all golems that the liberator manipulated, turned huge crowds of demons into a sea of blood, the fangs of the monster which offsetted even the silver feathers of death which “God’s Apostle” shot out. That kind of thing was released, there was no way the puppet soldiers would be able to withstand it.

The electrically charged bullets weren’t lukewarm enough to just be said to have shot just one person, it went and broke through all obstacles, while blowing away the plaza wall as if it were just paper trash, with Hajime as the center, everything was being cut down. The puppet soldiers bodies were crushed, reduced into lumps of flesh which scattered around and could not be distinguished at all.

Before long, Metsurai’s roaring stopped and once again foot steps echoed in the silent plaza. Everyone who was laying down on the ground were motionless, naturally the one who was walking after the attack which mowed down everything in its path was Hajime.

Everyone else was similarly desperately lowering their heads until the storm passed by, the tip of shoes appeared in front of Eri’s eyes. Eri slowly raised her face. She glanced up at the owner of the shoes, what she saw there was a pair of eyes which looked at her as if she was just a pebble on the roadside without value. Hajime no longer carried Metsurai in his hands. He was simply standing above Eri and looking down on her.

Eri couldn’t say anything and only returned the gaze with an aghast expression, then Hajime slowly began to open his mouth.



Hajime had no further information on what Eri had done. He just simply understood that she was an enemy. If it was simply an enemy then all he had to do was mercilessly murder it and everything would end. However, Eri had touched something which she should have never touched. It was already at the point where just killing her wasn’t enough anymore. Before she died, she needs to feel “despair”……

That’s why Hajime asked her a question. What else can you do? You can’t do anything huh?

Eri accurately understood what he meant and began to tightly grit her teeth. The edge of her lip had a cut and blood was dripping down. Up until now she was the owner of this place, she should have been in the position with an overwhelming advantage, however, in an instant Hajime had unreasonably overturned that which caused her to hold hatred and awe.

The moment that Eri was about to unintentionally curse out passionately at him, the muzzle of a gun was suddenly pushed against her forehead.

Eri swallowed up her curses as the quick draw was so quick, she wasn’t even able to comprehend when it was pulled out.

[………Whatever your motive was, I have no intentions of hearing any of those worthless things. If you’ve got nothing left to show then……die]

Hajime’s finger began to pull on the trigger. The Hajime in Eri’s eyes right now was someone who would murder his own classmates himself and realised that even if she had turned Kaori into a puppet he wouldn’t have even hesitated.

——I’m dead.

Eri’s head was completely filled up with those words. However, Eri’s devilish luck seems to have not run out yet.

The moment when Eri’s head was about to splatter, a flame bullet came flying towards Hajime. It’s flames had a considerable amount of power in them. However, it obviously didn’t work against Hajime. He turned Donner’s muzzle towards the flame bullet and with pinpoint accuracy, he shot through it’s core and it easily dispersed.


From the interior of the dispersing flame bullet was Hiyama who was covered in wounds, and it was doubtful if he was capable of human speech anymore as he was calling out Hajime’s name in an odd tone. With a sword in his hand, a large amount of blood being vomited out of his mouth, and his right shoulder broken and badly damaged which hung down as he aimlessly flung himself at Hajime. He no longer looked like an impudent ogre, now he only looked like some kind of ugly variant of a creature.

[……Shut up]

Hajime braced himself like it was a hassle as Hiyama ran up and performed a worthless kick. Dogon~! an explosion sounding like a sonic boom resounded and Hiyama’s body was floating in the air. He wasn’t blown away because the shockwave wasn’t allowed to leave his body.

Then as Hiyama was just floating in the air, Hajime lifted his leg up towards the sky, and swung it down with intense force. It was exactly like his heel drop was an axe swung down to chop firewood, it mercilessly struck Hiyama’s head and threw him onto the ground. The ground cracked because of the impact and Hiyama’s fresh blood from his head was splattering into those cracks. Hiyama who bounced up like a brick was already white eyed and lost his consciousness.

Anyone who saw him could see that he was already barely alive. However, Hajime had a quality which wouldn’t let up. His bouncing head was once again kicked upwards to float in the air. Was something secretly carried out? With that impact, Hiyama regained his consciousness.

Hajime gripped Hiyama’s neck and raised him up into the air. Hiyama who was hanging in midair was violently thrashing around without any power, Hajime who had inhumane strength was unphased.

[Yo”u! Iz not fo yo”u, Gaori wud, be mine!]

He was overflowing with grudge and murderous intent. It was shivering to think that a human could fall this low with ugliness. Would an ordinary man divert his eyes away? They would likely be overcome by feelings of sickness and run away.

However, Hajime didn’t show that kind of reaction towards Hiyama’s. Rather on the contrary, Hajime’s eyes held pitty.

[No matter if I existed or not, the results would have been the same. At the very least, with your nature nothing would have happened even if the world was overturned]

[Iz’s yor fault]

[Don’t place the blames on others. The reason you fell so low was your own fault. Even in Japan and over here, you were always the loser. not “someone else”. it was “yourself”. All you did was criticise everyone else in dissatisfaction while not shouldering anything for yourself. ……you’re a genuine underdog]

[I’lr kill ju! Desinitely, jus you!]

Hiyama became further enraged and insane from Hajime’s words. After Hajime looked at the underdog who continued to lose himself, he noticed something in the distance and looked towards it. What was over in that direction was the vanguard of demons who invaded the Kingdom.

Hajime returned his cold gaze onto Hiyama, then once again threw him up into the air, and with a blow from his artificial arm he hit where Hiyama was falling down according to gravity. Rotational force was applied in with the impact and Hiyama began rotating like a top.

[Let’s test if you can survive or not. Ma~a, it’s probably impossible for you]

Hajime also hammered him with a spinning kick which caused the air to be blown away. Hiyama let out an unpleasant sound and was blown outside of the plaza by the shockwave.

Rather than quickly shooting Hiyama to death, Hajime was unconsciously avoiding his vitals and pummeled him. It wasn’t revenge for dropping him into the abyss, it was revenge for injuring Kaori.

Although he doesn’t know the amount of awareness the actual person in question has, Hajime began to think that just killing him off comfortably wasn’t enough. That was how he thought of the idea of kicking Hiyama into the crowd of demons after just barely keeping him alive.

However, due to dealing with Hiyama, the time he had to kill Eri was shortened. Although Eri didn’t run away, an aurora was shot at Hajime.


Hajime jumped back while clicking his tongue and used Donner to shoot where the aurora had come from. Three explosions roared out simultaneously, like a dragon climbing up the waterfall of aurora, 3 flashes tore through the sky.

Immediately afterwards, the aurora’s trajectory bent, it nearly baked Kouki but, thanks to Eri they managed to evade somehow. Even for Eri, it would be a bad joke that she didn’t want any part in if kouki was completely wiped out due to friendly fire.

Soon, the aurora calmed down and Freed descended down on his white dragon.

[……That’s enough. Boy with white hair. If you don’t want to lose anymore of your precious compatriots and Kingdom citizens, then settle down]

It appears that Freed was under the misconception that Hajime was fighting for Kouki and them and the Kingdom. If you looked around the surrounding area, you’d notice that demons had already surrounded Ryutaro and them, Shizuku, and aiming at Teio and Aiko.

If Hajime and them seriously fought back, there would be a great deal of collateral damage so they decided to take on hostages instead. Although Hajime doesn’t know that Freed was already severely injured by Yue, Freed realized that and used this as a last resort. It should be noted that the wounds caused by Yue, although far from being completely healed, was healed by the white crow’s inherent magic.

Then, at that time, as if something happened to Kaori, Teio called out loudly to Hajime.

[Master! I’ve somehow fixed it for now! However, any more than this……will take time…If possible, I’d like to have Yue’s cooperation as well. We can’t leave it as a temporary fix forever!]

Hajime nodded powerfully as he looked behind his shoulder at Teio. The classmates who didn’t understand the circumstances had dubious expressions. However, Freed who also had Age of God’s magic had somehow managed to guess, he looked at Teio’s magic with wide eyes.

[Ho~o, new Age of God’s magic……by chance is it [Kamiyama’s]? Then it would do you well to tell me of it’s location. If you defy me then y-!?]

The moment that Freed tried to threaten Hajime and them for the location of [Kamiyama] great labyrinth, flames erupted from Donner. Immediately, the turtle-type demon set up a barrier and somehow managed to endure it from being fully destroyed. Freed narrowed his eyes and the surrounding demons closed in more.

[What’s the meaning of this? Are your compatriots lives not important? The more you guys resist, the more the Kingdom’s citizens will suffer as well? Or are you such a fool that you can’t comprehend that? There are 100,000 monsters at the outer wall and on the other side of the gate is 1 million demons. No matter how strong you guys are, continuing to fight while protecting everything is……]

Hajime who received those words, turned his cold eyes away from freed and towards the outside of the Kingdom—an army of 100,000 was trying to invade into the Kingdom. Then, he silently took out an induction stone which was the size of a fist out of his “Treasure Warehouse”. He activated the induction stone while disregarding Freed’s dubious look and emitted a light which was uncomparable to the ring which manipulated the crossbitts.

Freed who started feeling an intense bad premonition, immediately shot an aurora at Hajime. However, Hajime’s Donner kept them in check, as a result, he was able to activate the device.

-Light of condemnation poured down from the sky.

The pillar of light was the representative which connected the sky and the ground. Whatever it touched, no matter the race, sex, nor social class, everything was mercilessly destroyed and erased. Burning up the atmosphere and tearing through the darkness, as if it was the daylight, the sun’s rays, the targets were mowed down.


The pillar of light as if investigating, let out a roar as it struck down onto the earth, the diameter was around 50 meters. Demons, Majinzokus, and living organisms alike were all evaporated under the light without exception, the shockwave and heatwaves were intensely scattering destruction on it’s surroundings.

When Hajime poured magical power into the induction stone in his hand, the pillar of light moved through and mowed down all the demons and Majinzoku that were fleeing away on foot. Defending was useless. Evading was useless. That is unless you could travel through space like Freed, it would be impossible for organisms which ran on foot to get away. The demons and Majinzoku who were trying to invade at the outer wall saw the pillar of light approaching and they all began to panic, they desperately tried to advance onwards into the Kingdom madly.

The pillar of light zigzagged along and trampled the huge army, everything up until the outer walls were eradicated and disappeared into the void.

All that was left was the smoke which rose from where the Earth was scorched and an enormous crater. As well as deep scars which were carved into the Earth. The Majinzoku who managed to just barely make it on time into the Kingdom(. . . .) weren’t relieved, just, sitting down with their comrades in surprise that their army had completely vanished in an instant.

With that, Freed and Eri who were in front of him, Shizuku and everyone else as well, their thinking stopped and were just spacing out in utter amazement.

[The foolish one is you, you big fool. When exactly did I say that I was allied with the Kingdom and these guys here? Don’t just selfishly categorize me with them. If you want a war, then go right ahead. However, if you get in my way just like now, I’ll erase everything. Ma~a, I’m not free enough to waste my time on 1 million opponents though, this time around I’ll let you off so hurry up with the remaining people and get lost. You’re the commander of the army right?]

It was hard to object after his comrades were obliterated in an instant, Freed’s eyes were dyed in rage and hatred. However, even if he created a gate and allowed his huge army to come through, he had no information on the pillar of light which Hajime shot, it would only cause to making the same mistakes once again. That alone must be avoided at all costs.

Although it was vexing for Hajime as well to let them get away, right now it was necessary to treat Kaori as soon as possible. If time goes on, they’ll lose the upper hand. Much like, doing something for the first time, he was completely winging it. Furthermore, the blow from the previous light was actually a weapon in its prototype stage, after that one shot it had already broken. Without the annihilation weapon, he’d have no time to deal with a million demons. It would be a bad idea to kill Freed who was the commander of the army.

Freed who doesn’t know of that, bit down onto his lips and clenched his fists so hard with rage that it started bleeding, he was thinking that he could no longer continue sacrificing his people, and while opening up a gate, he replied back full of grudge.

[……I’ll definitely repay this debt……only you, in my God’s name, I will definitely destroy you!]

As Freed was turning back, he glanced at Eri to urge her to get onto the white dragon. Eri looked at Kouki who was surviving due to his strong status and smiled at him with a smile filled with obsessiveness and insanity. Even without words you’d know, it was the look that was filled with will of obtaining Kouki no matter what.

At the same time that Freed and Eri who were on the white dragon passed through the gate, 3 bursts of magic bullets lit up and roared through the sky. It was probably a retreat signal. At the same time, Yue and Shia came down from the sky with great force.

[……N, Hajime. Where’s that ugly man?]

[Hajime-san. Where’s that scoundrel?]

It appears that both of them came chasing after Freed to beat him. They probably already knew that the pillar of light was due to Hajime so they didn’t ask.

However, right now they don’t have the time to deal with those simple matters. Hajime told Yue and Shia about Kaori’s death. Both of them opened their eyes up in surprise. However, after looking at Hajime’s eyes which contained spirit, they immediately recovered.

And then Hajime asked for Yue’s help with his eyes. Yue accurately understood what she needed to do and with few powerful words, [……N, leave it to me], she nodded.

They turned around and rushed towards Teio. Then Hajime held onto Kaori in a princess carry position and intended to leave the plaza straight away. However just then, Shizuku called out to Hajime while staggering with a desperate expression.

[Nagumo-kun! Kaori is, about Kaori……what should……I……]

Shizuku seemed to have been exhausted to a state which was never seen before, with such a grievous expression, if left alone she may suffer from mental illnesses. During battle her tensed heart was able to support her, however now that that’s gone, she’s probably being tormented by the pain of her best friends death.

Hajime entrusted Kaori to Shia and told her to go ahead with Teio. Yue and them who sympathized with Shizuku’s expression left the plaza while being guided by Teio.

His classmates were still in a state of being unable to move, Hajime went and dropped to a knee before Shizuku who was sitting like a girl with her head dropped. And with both hands sandwiching Shizuku’s cheeks, he forced her to look up until their sights aligned.

[Yaegashi, don’t break. Believe in us and wait. I’ll let you two meet again without fail]


Shizuku’s eyes which had lost it’s light, only a bit but, power had returned. Then and there Hajime laughed while saying things which sounded like a joke.

[If Yaegashi becomes like this, who’ll take care of all the troublesome things in the future? What’ll happen if Kaori saw a broken Yaegashi……please give me a break? I’m not a problem loving human like Yaegashi]

[……Who’s the problem loving human, baka. ……Believing that……is fine right?]

Hajime smiled with an earnest expression and nodded firmly.

Up close, Shizuku was staring into Hajime’s shining eyes and she understood that he was serious. He was seriously trying to do something about Kaori who should already be dead. Within those strong willed eyes, Shizuku felt that her frozen heart melted a bit.

The light within Shizuku’s eyes further increased. And just like Hajime did, she nodded powerfully. Then the will to believe in Hajime and them appeared from within.

After confirming that Shizuku’s risk of breaking down mentally has lowered drastically, Hajime removed a test tube container out of the “Treasure Warehouse” and placed it in Shizuku’s hands.

[This is…]

[Let the other childhood friend drink it. He’s in quite the bad shape]

After Hajime’s words, Shizuku glanced towards Kouki who was laying on the ground. Kouki had already lost consciousness, he was visibly weakened. She recalled that the holy water which Hajime handed her was once used to immediately heal meld who was about to die, and presumed that it was the most effective medicine out of all other medicine. As for Hajime, he’d be troubled if Shizuku broke down if Kouki dies even after he said all that he did to her…after looking at Shizuku’s expression it appears that she was more thankful than expected.

When Shizuku tightly grasped the container of holy water, she looked at Hajime with moistened eyes and said words of thanks, [……Thank you, Nagumo-kun]. As soon as Hajime received those words of thanks he immediately turned around. Then he started chasing after Yue and them like the wind.

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