Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 108

Chapter 108

The Kingdom was unusually noisy as crowds of people were talking and chattering.

Usually you’d express it as “everyone is lively” but, if you looked at the facial expressions of the people in the Kingdom, you’d notice that the majority of those people had sorrowful and dark expressions. The invasion of the Kingdom was truly an unexpected event.

It’s been 5 days since that day, the sense of loss and sorrow still lingering in the people’s chests were bringing pain to their hearts. However, that still doesn’t stop them from working on the reconstruction, that was surely “The strength of people”.

On the main street of the Kingdom which was filled with sorrow and strength, a man with white hair and an eyepatch was buying something hotdog-like (because something that wasn’t a sausage was inserted instead) and chewing on it as he walked towards the guild headquarters, it was Hajime. Only Yue and Shizuku was by his side. After going to the guild headquarters they were going to repair the great barriers, Shizuku volunteered to guide them to the artifact’s location.

Shia and them were house sitting at the Royal Palace. It was judged that it would be better to not needlessly stimulate the people with the appearances of another race walking through the Kingdom, so they volunteered to stay behind. Even if the Kingdom citizens know that the ones that attacked them were Majinzoku’s, right now they’ll likely indiscriminately target them because they “aren’t humans”.

The Kingdom were high believers of the church, to begin with, besides the Demi-human slaves, there were hardly any other race but humans. That’s the judgement was proper. Right now if you’re just judging by appearances then Kaori counted as human so she was currently helping Aiko and them who were busy helping Ririana, and Teio was sleeping in order to refill the magical power she’s used up continuously for the past several days.

[The guild headquarters is……in the end, what do you plan on doing there?]

Shizuku asked Hajime as she was also similarly chewing on a cheese flavored hotdog.

[N? Ahh, I thought I’d just send a message reporting that the request was completed. Although it’s something that should be done directly with words, it’ll be far too troublesome to travel from Fuyuren towards the Sea of Trees. If I send a report through headquarters they’ll properly deal with it]

[……By report……are you talking about that child called Myu? Come to think of it, I don’t see her appearance……]

After Shizuku was slightly disappointed and lowered her eyebrows, they explained that Myu was safely reunited with her mother. Was she done in by Myu’s cuteness after only meeting momentarily? [I wanted to hug her……] Shizuku muttered. However, after hearing Yue’s words, her eyes opened up widely.

[……It’s fine. You’ll meet again. Since Hajime will be taking her with us to Japan]

[…………Hai? What does this mean Nagumo-kun?]

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[What do you mean what does this mean, it’s exactly as said. I’ve made a promise with Myu. I said I’d take her with me to my hometown]

[Eh…no…but……Myu-chan is a Umininzoku right?]

Hajime shrugged his shoulders like there was nothing wrong while Shizuku was baffled.

[I understand what you’re saying, but its not that much of a problem? There are lots of ways around it, and if there’s none then just make one. Isn’t it often said? something like, Whether or not it’s possible, or whether you can do it or not]

[That’s, ma~a, that’s certainly true but…]

[To begin with, isn’t it too late now? Shia’s got usamimi’s……and Yue’s not even albino but she has sharp canines and bright red eyes. If you look in the long-term, her appearance won’t change either……You probably didn’t even think about it when I said that I was going to bring both of them back to Japan]

As Hajime made his points, Shizuku certainly had a wry smile now. Yue who was besides him had a faint smile on her face. She was quietly holding onto the hem of Hajime’s clothes with her hand. Faintly, a sweet atmosphere began to drift. When Shizuku was hit by the atmosphere, her temperature went up a bit, [Thanks for the meal], she said while fanning herself.

And while glancing over to the side at the two harmonious people, Shizuku was convinced that whatever happens Hajime will somehow find a way through it all even though she had no evidence, when she thought about the steep path which her best friend was traveling on, Shizuku began to become troubled and her eyebrows became an 八.

[……Are you properly looking after Kaori?]

[N~? That’s something you should ask the actual person herself. No matter what I say, I don’t actually know how she feels? Ma~a, for me, just as promised, I don’t intend to be cruel]

Shizuku suddenly became more worried after hearing those words. If you looked at Kaori’s appearance then, somehow or another she understood what the answer was without hearing it, [You overprotective guy], she said as she looked towards Hajime.

Shizuku was feeling somewhat shameful and as Hajime showed signs of being amazed at the remarks, Yue suddenly dropped a bombshell.

[……Because he’s like that he was assaulted. Hajime, hang in there]

[O, oh]

[Eh? Please wait a moment. Was assaulted? Who did to who?]

[……Kaori did to Hajime. It seems that during the confusion she stole a kiss……darn that Kaori]

[Ka, Kaori did……no way…right, Kaori’s already gone up the stairs towards adulthood…]

Before she knew it, her best friend had powered up in various meanings, Shizuku had distant eyes and her cheeks cramped up. As if she was left behind she began to feel lonely.

[……Aiko is also dangerous. Be careful Hajime]

[……There’s no way that’s true]

Hajime quickly averted his eyes away from Yue’s sharp glance, he was one beat too slow in denying that possibility. Shizuku who regained herself as the 2 people talked, that’s right! with a sharp glance just like Yue, she thoroughly questioned Hajime.

[Somehow, you’re talking as if you’ve realised it? And? Nagumo-kun, what have you done to Ai-chan?]

[Oi, kora. Why are you already assuming that I’ve done something]

[Ever since the day that Ai-chan came back to the Kingdom she’s been acting funny. ……Whenever she spoke of you she blushed. ……I highly doubt that it was because you repelled that large army. Something definitely happened while still at the town of Ulu? Sa~a, truthfully spill it out! It’s an important matter of whether or not Kaori’s rivals will be increasing!]

[No, like I said, I……]

Shizuku who had heated-up, [do~u, do~u], and trying to suppress it, she began to try and get idea’s out of Hajime. Then there, Yue while expressionless, exposed it all.

[……They kissed. Dense guy]

[! Nagumo-kun! People like you! The other party is a Sensei!]

[Wait, calm down. I’ll explain it so, don’t grab my neck, don’t shake me!]

With a, This high-grade flag architect!, expression, Shizuku began to shake Hajime, and then Hajime’s story of the lifesaving act that was performed at Ulu was told. Due to the poison, Aiko couldn’t drink the medicine on her own, because the situation called for urgency, he forcefully made her drink it.

Since then it further increased when Shimizu was shot and she was rescued from the isolation tower at the head temple, with Yue adding onto it, Shizuku became convinced. Ahh, don’t…fall Ai-chan.

[Ma~a, I understand that it wasn’t completely intended to happen but……Nagumo-kun, you look as if you’ve somehow figured out Ai-chan’s feelings. Since when have you found out?]

[……Since the time when I was taking care of Sensei after she blew up the head temple and killed Ishtar and his group. ……Because she was looking at me with strangely feverish eyes, It couldn’t be though~ is what I had thought but……As expected, it was like that?]

[……It’s like that]

[It’s like that right]

Towards Shizuku and Yue’s confirmation without hesitation, the emergency which was pushed into the corner of his mind came up again as Hajime looked up towards the sky. What are you going to do? is what the glances from both sides said to him, Hajime started thinking of ideas as he groaned out, [U~n]……

[Un, let’s neglect it]

is what he concluded with.

[……Ma~a, I don’t think Aiko-chan will be taking on the offensive. Rather than dealing with it poorly, just leaving it as is might be better……]

[Ah? ……Ahh, it’s just like you said. That person’s a teacher so she has her commitments to keep. Since I’m a student, pretending that I haven’t noticed it is the best course of action]

Actually, it was simply too troublesome to deal with, so as Hajime said out the plausible reasons he was averting his eyes somewhat and that fact was seen through by Shizuku who was staring at Hajime.

Shizuku’s glance showed that she was through with the topic and ate all that was left of the hotdog, then Hajime and them finally reached the adventurers guild headquarters in the Kingdom. The building had a feeling like it wasn’t inferior in history or scale when compared with Fuyuren’s branch. When the entrance opened up, there were a lot of adventurers going in and out busily. The amount of requests in the Kingdom likely shot up after the invasion after all.

Hajime and them entered the guild and walked towards the ten rows of large counters. Though it was jammed packed with adventurers, as expected, the receptionists of the headquarters showed splendid skills in their procedures and the lines continued progressing at a fierce rate. In addition, the receptionists were all beautiful women. Right, they were incredible beauties. There was also a cute child as well. An incredibly cute child.

However, Hajime was not one to fall for such honeytraps. After all, Hajime’s lover was someone who wouldn’t lose out in cuteness nor beauty, she was the perfect beautiful woman. Even now, she was the happy and cute woman holding onto Hajime’s hand. There was no chance that he’d ever be fascinated by other women.

That’s why, Hajime was thinking that he’d want to be given a break from the traps while breaking through happily and gayly. Because he really won’t be fascinated by any other woman other than Yue after all.

After having enough of Shizuku’s amazed expression while beside them, Hajime finally reached the receptionist. As he took out his status plate he also took out to submit the documents proving that Myu was safely returned to Erisen.

[Though I’ve come to report a completed request, is it possible for the head the Iruwa branch to report it to the Fuyuren branch from headquarters?]

[Hai? …A nominated quest……right? I’m sorry, please wait for a moment……]

The receptionist tilted her neck a little in puzzlement from Hajime’s words. It was a proper reaction because a nominated quest from a head of a branch would never be given out to just any adventurer. Currently, the adventurers who were doing their procedures next to Hajime were looking at him in surprise.

When the receptionist received Hajime’s status plate and looked at the contents, her clarified expression was destroyed and became just like the adventurers who were surprised. And after comparing the status plate and Hajime’s face numerous times, she stood up in a panic.

[Are you without a doubt, Na, Nagumo Hajime-sama?]

[? Ahh, it’s exactly as written on the status plate]

[I’m deeply sorry but, would you please come into the reception room? On the occasion that Nagumo-sama visited the guild, we’ve been informed to bring him inside……I’ll immediately call the guild master]

[Ha? No, I just want to request that the completed report gets sent to the head of the Iruwa branch. Besides, I’ve got plans to go and repair the great barrier after this. Please pardon me from the trouble]

[Eh, eh~, that’ll put me in a troubling position……I’ll immediately, immediately, call the guild master to come so, please wait for a moment!]

With that the receptionist disappeared into the interior while leaving behind all of Hajime’s paperwork and status plate with a speed which seemed that it could generate enough force to make a ~Pew~ sound. Hajime became disappointed. Yue and Shizuku patted Hajime’s shoulder as if saying, ma~a, ma~a.

Although Hajime was told to wait for a while, he wondered if this was more troublesome and if he should just report directly to the Iruwa branch? as he thought this, an old man with a beard appeared with the receptionist from a while ago. When Hajime saw the old man he was convinced. He was absolutely the kind of old man who while tossing away his clothes to show his muscles, turn into a macho-oldman while raising out a shout, [Fun’nu~ua!].

That old man with the weird atmosphere was definitely the guild master and from the moment he appeared the guild suddenly rapidly became noisier. When the guild master called out to Hajime, the commotion spread out to the entire guild.

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It appears that the guild master’s name was Barusu Raputa. It was a name which somehow sounded like it’ll being a person into ruins. Somehow it wasn’t as bothersome as Hajime had first expected, his glance seemed to indicate that he wanted to talk with Hajime about the report to Iruwa.

No matter which town he travels to and whatever incidents occurred, he had a feeling in his chest that everything would turn out alright but, that was expecting too much.

[Barusu-dono, won’t you introduce them to me? If it’s someone who’s being eyed by the guild master then, by all means, I’d like to become an acquaintance? Especially because as a gentlemen, it would not do to not greet those lovely women?]

The person who said such affectionate lines while coming closer besides Hajime and them was a bond pretty boy. 4 beautiful women were following behind him. When the surrounding adventurers saw him they began to whisper between themselves. The reason was because he was a “Gold” rank adventurer named Abel. It seems that his second name was “Flash Blade”.

With that, Barusu announced that Hajime and Abel were both “Gold” rankers. The surrounding noise became incredible in an instant which caused Hajime to have a purely troublesome expression. Hajime was about to take Yue and Shizuku and immediately leave the guild but, Abel definitely had an interest in Shizuku and Yue so he had no intentions of allowing them to leave so easily.

Or rather, does no one notice that Shizuku was in the Hero’s party? Hajime thought with a questionable face. While disregarding Hajime’s current state, Able called out to Hajime with a refreshed face and laughingly.

[Fu~n, you’re “Gold” huh~. You seem quite young though……just what kind of hand did you play? There’s no way it was a proper method right? Ahh, since it wasn’t a proper method you can’t say it out here huh……sorry for not being considerate enough?]

Abel was spitting out poison while smiling. At this point, Hajime had completely discarded the thought of fighting with Abel. It was because he judged that he wasn’t worthy enough to be an opponent. Yue and Shizuku also realised what Hajime was thinking and also tried to quickly leave the guild.

[Ma~a, wait a bit. Just because I’m a real “Gold” doesn’t mean you have to run away. It’s not like I’ll eat you? Ma~a, since you might not be able to stay around, leaving is fine but, how about I go out for a meal with those girls? I’ll show them what a real “Gold” is?]

So Abel says as he blocks them off. His eyes were convinced that if he invited the women they would absolutely not refuse. However, considering what Abels words sounded like in front of the 3 cheats……it sounded absolutely ludicrous. Since Barusu knew of Hajime and their true identities, his face was trembling and shaking.

[Oi, Yaegashi. Taking care of these unfortunate pretty boys is what you’re in charge of right? I’ll leave it to you, the specialist, this is just like a degraded version of Amanogawa]

[Who’s the specialist of what. To begin with, what are you saying about another person’s childhood friend. Kouki isn’t ……this disappointing? ……Maybe, surely……he’s not that pitiful and regrettable]

[……Shizuku, you say some unexpected things sometimes. But I intensely agree]

The 3 people were having an extremely natural conversation while being through with Abel. He’s probably never received bad treatment ever since he obtained “Gold”. The other women were also glaring scowly at Yue and them.

As expected it was becoming a riot so Hajime was thinking about starting a countdown before blowing away all members that were laughing, including the guild master……while Hajime was having such dangerous thoughts, an unexpectedly deep voice spoke out like a young girl called out to Hajime and them.

[Ara~a~n, Isn’t it Hajime-san and Yue-oneesama over there?]

Hajime felt chills from the mysterious voice and immediately took a defensive stance with Donner pulled out. And the one who appeared when Hajime and them turned around was……

[Wh, what is this monster!?]

[Who~is, who could ever confuse San-chi’s face for a monster!?]

Abel shouted out instinctively towards the mass of muscle with wide open eyes! It had thick muscle armor throughout its entire body and face just like what you’d see in comics and was around 2 meters in height. Yet it had it’s red hair tied up to make twintails with a cute ribbon and what they were wearing was a so-called Yukata dress. There were lots of frills attached onto it. They were fluttering around a lot. The thick legs were wonderfully exposed.

For a moment, Hajime had thought that it was the monster, Christabel, from Brook town but, it appears to have been a different person. Unless that guy had a shape shifting ability……

[Hi~i, st, stay away! Who do you think I am! I’m the “Gold” ranked “Flash Blade” Abel! If you come any closer than this, I’ll cut you down here!]

[Ma~a, that’s terrible! To be called a monster on our first meeting and killed…you’re the same “Gold” as manager but you’re treating me quite differently~. But……you’re face is to my preference?]

Hajime and them stiffened up from being called out by the man-woman and reminded of Christabel, meanwhile Abel had somehow been cornered. No, he? She? was just there but, San-chi was seen as an enemy and about to be cut down by Abel.

The man looked towards Abel with an amazed expression as he screamed out instinctively? She? If so then, she seems to prefer Abel’s looks and impatiently approached. With her eyes shining like a beast and while licking her lips.

[I said don’t come over here! You monster!]

Abel who was unable to withstand the fear finally pulled out his sword. It was a “Gold” ranked adventurer’s attack. Everyone had thought that it would take the life of the man-woman but, the reality was well beyond their expectations.

The man-woman who cut the distance in an instant towards Abel while leaving an afterimage held onto Abel’s sword with one hand and grabbed him as is. In other words, it was a bearhug.

Abel’s body could be heard creaking out and was desperately trying to escape. However, because the restraint was formed by muscles, he wasn’t able to escape, while he was struggling desperately, Abel’s tragic time had begun.

[Nufufu, I’ll thoroughly punish the bad child]

[Stop it! Don-mmu~guu!?]

Abel began to break out into convulsions, after a while, the sound of a sword clanging onto the ground was heard. That sight was almost like a flower’s bud being cut off.

The women who were serving Abel all turned pale faced in an instant and ran out of the guild at full speed. Afterwards, the guild as wrapped in silence, Abel was finally released and fell to the ground as if broken. No matter how you looked at it, the victim was the ruffian.

However, what was there was definitely a “Gold” ranked adventurer. He still retained some consciousness as he glared at the man-woman. ……But, he immediately looked away from the man-woman and glanced over towards Hajime.

[O, oi, you! You’re the same “Gold” right! Then help me! Besides, although you may have obtained it through unjust means, I’ll put in a good word for you! You’re role is to help me, the “Flash Blade”! It’ll be an Honor! Look, quickly do something about this monster! You slowpoke!]

Although Hajime didn’t understand why he was asking for help while verbally abusing him but, his glance was past amazement and turned into pity and regret for Abel. Incidentally, if this really is “Gold”, then this world’s adventurers are doomed? Barusu thought. Barusu shook his neck as if he was denying something. There may have been various problems with Abel being “Gold”.

And while Abel was unleashing out all kinds of unbearable insults, the one who came forwards was not the man-woman, but Yue. There, Abel got the wrong idea.

[Ahh, you’re willing to help me? Then, tonight I’ll make time just for yo-……]

[……Don’t open your mouth]

Hajime and Shizuku understood that Yue’s voice carried anger in it. It seems she’s a bit ticked off that he was verbally abusing Hajime. While interrupting Abel’s words, a black swirling orb appeared in Yue’s right palm.

[……Be born once again then come back “Beep” rascal]

[Eh~? Wai-!? Stop, ah, ah, aaah———!!!]

On this day, another person from this world, a man has perished and the gave out their first cries as a man-woman.

With a satisfied expression, Yue who crushed the symbol of a man, returned to Hajime’s side. If you looked at the surroundings, all male adventurers covered their crotches with both hands while slouching over and trembling. Someone within them had tears in their eyes as well. It appears that just seeing it was enough to damage them.

Then, at that time, whispers began to be heard in the guild that was wrapped in silence.

[O, oi, a blond girl with red eyes and a white haired boy with an eyepatch……]

[Eh? It, it can’t be, the “Crotch Smasher”!]

[Seriously……then those two are “Sma-love”……]

[Eh? What’s that, those two horrifying names]

[You don’t know? They’re the adventurers who appeared like a comet several months ago. “A blond girl with red eyes like a rose. Don’t be misled by those good looks, if you get pulled in what awaits you is a new world. She has the appearance of a goddess but she’s also the son killing demon king””By her side is the white haired boy with an eyepatch. The incarnation of unreasonableness. Words never get through to him. Do not make eye contact. Do not speak out to him. Do not get into his sights. If you still want to live that is”, that’s what the minstrel who came from Brook said. In fact, even in Fuyuren and Hourado, theres been quite a lot of men’s whose son were murdered to the state of being unable to recover by an unknown group?]

[What’s with that, how scary]

It appears that Hajime and Yue’s name circulated even to the Kingdom due to minstrels. The surrounding adventurers looked at Hajime and them in terror while shivering, if we make eye contact, we’ll get done in! they thought as they gradually distanced themselves while covering their crotch.

[You guys……what exactly were you guys doing]

Shizuku looked at Hajime and Yue with an amazed glance. Yue looked indifferent but, Hajime’s cheeks were cramping up grandly as the rumors of the 2 names spread. Then, the man-woman from a while ago called out to them.

[It’s been a while? I’m happy that you two haven’t changed, wan]

[……No, who are you. Are you Christabel’s acquaintance?]

Hajime asked while being openly on guard towards the man-woman who winked at them. He had a slight trauma of the time when he was attacked by Christabel while leaving Brook Town. Once again, Shizuku who also witnessed the strange scene, thought, where did the usual everyday social conversations go, her cheeks were unintentionally cramping up, as she casually withdrew behind Hajime to make him a shield.

[Ara, how thoughtless of me……you wouldn’t know from my appearance nen? I once confessed to Yue-oneesama and I literally suffered an honorable death as a man but……have you remembered?]

[……Ah. Really?]

It appears that Yue had an idea as she looked up at the man-woman with a shocked expression. The man-woman laughed happily as Yue managed to remember.

According to his self introduction, he confessed to Yue at Brook Town but was immediately shot down, the people who she mainly performed a crotch smash on were mainly adventurers, and as a man-woman he/she studied under Christabel. By the way, it seems that his/her name was Mariabel (Named by Christabel).

[At that time, I was truly foolish, wan. I’m sorry ne? Yue-oneesama…]

[……N, you’ve become splendid. A new life should be enjoyed]

[Ufufu, I thought that Oneesama would say that, wan. Speaking of which, recently, there have been more and more boys hoping to become Christabel’s apprentices. If I remember right, it was a former “Black” rank adventurer and some former mercenaries based in the hidden organization in Horuado……with that, the manager has to expand her shop nen. Today is the preliminary inspection]

Hajime’s spine began to tingle and his expression distorted and trembled in fear. It appears that because of Hajime and them, there were large quantities of man-woman in this world and they were multiplying.

However, Hajime hadn’t noticed that Mariabel was originally an average height and built man. The rapid growth within these few months was……due to Christabel’s training methods, by itself, it seems to be at a monstrous level.

Furthermore, from what Mariabel spilled out a while ago, Christabel was originally a “Gold” rank adventurer. Naturally her disciples would become extremely competent in combat. It was clear from the fight that Mariabel had with Abel a while ago.

A huge unparalleled army of man-woman……it’s a nightmare.

As Hajime watched Yue and Mariabel exchange conversations in a friendly manner, he renewed his determination to escape from this world as soon as possible.

Shizuku said with an amazed voice, [You reap what you sow…], as she stood behind him. Somehow or another, Hajime who was angry, pushed Shizuku off onto Mariabel.

After this, the pleased Mariabel gave Shizuku a grand hug to the point of causing her face to turn pale, after she was separated from Mariabel, she went and quarreled grandly with Hajime, at that time, the rumor ridiculing Shizuku’s relationship started spreading but……it’ll be omitted here.

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