Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 109

Chapter 109

At the adventurers guild Hajime had learned of a separate kind of world threat, however, he tried to ignore it as much as possible as he went to repair the great barrier.

The place where Shizuku guided them to was being guarded by a considerable amount of soldiers, the guards turned a dangerous look towards Hajime as he approached. However, they’re eyes softened up immediately when they noticed that Shizuku was by his side.

Thanks to Shizuku’s face pass, they were easily allowed in and found a space which was made out of white marble-like stone, at the center was a magic formation with a cylindrical artifact enshrined on top of it. The artifact would normally be around 2 meters in length but, right now it was broken from the middle and it’s remains were scattered around.

Around it’s surrounding was a few men worrying till wits end as they groaned, [un,un]. They were most likely the craftsmen who were trying to repair the great barrier.

[Oya? If it isn’t Shizuku-dono. ……What brings you here?]

A man who was around his 60s with a fully grown mustache and carried an obvious craftsman aura called out to Shizuku as soon as he noticed. It appears to have been one of Shizuku’s acquaintances.

[Hello, Worupen-san. I’m just a guide. I’ve brought along a Synergist who may be able to repair the great barrier]

[What was that? Is it by chance that boy there?]

The man who Shizuku called Worupen turned his glance over to Hajime and was clearly suspicious but did not voice it to Shizuku.

Truthfully, Worupen was under the Hairhi Kingdom’s direct control as the head synergist. The great barrier artifact was naturally an Age of Gods artifact, in the present age, attempting to repair it was extremely difficult even for the head synergist of the royal palace. So even if he was suddenly told that a boy who wasn’t even 20 yet was able to fix it, it would be natural that he wouldn’t be able to believe it so easily.

However, Hajime wasn’t concerned with those kinds of glances and passed between Worupen and the other craftsmen towards the artifact and place his hand onto the ruins. What he activated was “Mineral Appraisal”.

[He~e, I see……it should be strong if it’s like this]

[Fu~n, you’re just a kid so what could you possibly know about it]

As Hajime nodded as he understood how the great barrier was able to protect the Kingdom for hundreds of years from foreign enemies, Worupen grunted out from his nose in a bad mood.

However, Hajime was indifferent towards Worupen’s attitude and proceeded to begin “Transmuting”. Red sparks began to spread out around Hajime and one after another he began to fuse the wreckage with one hand back into their original places.

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Towards that transmuting speed and accuracy, not only Worupen but also his subordinates weren’t able to peel their eyes away. Shizuku who was also seeing Hajime’s all-out “Transmuting” for the first time, seemed to also have been fascinated by the red sparks which was dancing around in the white space as she mutters, [How beautiful……].

Hajime who finished repairing the Age of Gods artifact in only a matter of several tens of seconds suddenly began pouring in magical power into it to activate the great barrier.

The cylindrical artifact shot out light from its top which climbed up towards the sky. Immediately afterwards, a soldier who was guarding outside rushed into the room and reported that the 3rd barrier had revived.

[……How could this be……an artifact from the Age of Gods was so easily……]

Shizuku told the stunned Worupen with a wry smile that Hajime came from the same world as she did. [No wonder…] Worupen and them said with a convinced face.

Incidentally, when she told them that the black katana which fired them all up before was made by Hajime, they’re eyes suddenly sparkled and shined like beasts. Hajime disregarded them and continued to quickly walk towards the next artifacts location.

However, Worupen and them with their massive craftsmen spirits, knew that they couldn’t just easily let go of a synergists who was above them.

[Please wait a moment-!! An apprentice! By all means, please take us in as your apprentices-!!]

[Uo! Wha, what’s with you guys suddenly. Or rather, don’t cling onto my feet! You’re creeping me out!]

Worupen was appealing to become Hajime’s apprentice as he clung onto his feet. In addition, Worupen’s subordinates begin to one by one cling onto Hajime in order to not let him escape. While genuinely being disgusted from the bottom of his heart that he was in such close contact with such hairy men, Hajime tried to shake them off of his leg but they had firmly gripped on so it was hard to get them off.

Since there was no helping it, he activated “Thunder Clad” which caused everyone to go, [Ababababa], and he broke free. Even still, the craftsmen crawled and reached out with their hands, as expected even Hajime couldn’t ignore them and said out a clear reason to decline them.

[Look here, I’ll be immediately leaving this place and I have no plans to return to the Kingdom either. Having apprentices is also very troublesome as well, first of all, even if you became my apprentices I wouldn’t have anything to teach you guys]

[But, you easily repaired the artifact and even made Shizuku-dono’s black katana as well. We have absolutely no idea how to create something like that at all. If you’re willing to teach us then……]

[No, it wasn’t just “Transmuting Magic” it was also “Creation Magic”, a magic which you guys aren’t capable of is required]

[That can’t be……]

Worupen and them exhaustively dropped their shoulders towards Hajime’s words. Truthfully, the great barrier artifact was also created with Space magic through Creation magic, the barrier of the Kingdom was a special type which intercepted space.

A normal synergist wouldn’t be able to repair it. Of course, since space magic was ingrained into the ores, if you steadily repaired it, it’s likely that you’d be able to repair it to some degree but not until perfection.

Disregarding Worupen and them who hung their heads, when Hajime tried to once again go towards the location of the other artifact, Worupen and their eyes sharpened up again.

[Still, it doesn’t change the fact that you have excellent transmuting skills! By all means, take us in as apprentices~!!]

[How persistent!]

Such fearsome craftsmen spirit. It wouldn’t be good if he didn’t compromise. In the end, while Hajime was repairing all of the artifacts, Worupen and them who were supposed to be the Kingdom’s synergists were sticking onto him and crying like babies.

Furthermore was it because they heard of the rumors? Those who gathered weren’t just the synergists at the scene, eventually Hajime was being crowded as they tried to learn his techniques. Hajime who was close to wits end was beginning to fling the craftsmen far away into the distance but, they got up like zombies as they tried to learn of the secrets to his “Transmuting” and crowded around him once again.

As expected of the craftsmen’s and their desires to reconstruct the Kingdom, Hajime was planning to escape but……it appears that they were communicating through the craftsmens network in the Kingdom, wherever he went they appeared! and asked limitless questions. It appears that until they learn of everything, they have no plans to stop clinging or leaving, as expected even Hajime was shrinking back from it.

While being bombarded with questions, Hajime finally planned to seriously escape and created the game of tag that all craftsmen in the Kingdom participated in.

[Damn, what’s happening here. Even though I’m using “Hide Presence”]

[Hahaha~, those kinds of things are useless against our “Craftsmen intuition”]

[We can clearly feel you! Nagumo-dono’s passionate pathosssssss!!]

[Ha~a, Ha~a, the presence of techniques! We can hear the gasping voice of the amazing techniquessssss!!]

The craftsmen? were equipped with a different kind of institution which surpassed Hajime’s. While having a cramped cheek of not wanting to be touched, he seriously thought over if he should pull out Donner and schlag or not.

In the end, the escaping and pursuing drama caused great confusion because the craftsmen’s had disappeared from their reconstruction sites, when it finally reached Ririana’s ears, the royal family intervened and restored control in the situation.


[Yaegashi……couldn’t you have helped me out? You were acquainted with them right?]

Hajime had returned to the royal palace as if tired out from something, once he returned he treated himself to tea while staring and complaining at Shizuku.

Yue was also next to Shizuku, when Hajime came back, she quickly prepared the tea. It was exactly something a lover would do. Having to look at the army of craftsmen who were approaching with bloodshot eyes and panting out, [Ha~a, Ha~a], they returned back to the royal palace first while averting their eyes from Hajime’s, she was a wonderful lover.

[Don’t say such ridiculous things. ……The case with the black katana was already an uproar but, that’s exactly why I knew that it was impossible to stop them who had flames within them……]

[Hajime, thanks for the good work]

Shizuku made an excuse while looking away and Yue drank tea while patting Hajime on the head. When Hajime hugged Yue tightly, as is, he carried her like a princess and sat down on the opposite seat of Shizuku.

[……What is it I wonder, these smoldering irritated feelings. Even though Yue took the same actions as me……]

[Ha? There’s no reason Yue and Yaegashi are on the same level is there? If you’re the other party then I’ll get angry, if it’s Yue then its no problem]

[Un, Yue is your lover after all, I get what you’re saying but……right now I want to hit you so badly]

Towards the obvious difference in treatment, even though she understood that she’d naturally get done in, a blue vein appeared as she became angry. It was the same concept of becoming angry at lovers who were flirting in front of her even if she knew they were lovers.

Yue who was on his knee, began to say, [A~n], to Hajime with the snacks that came along with the tea, [I’m in your way huh? I’m a bothersome insect huh?], with twitching cheeks Shizuku was thinking about escaping to where Kaori was but, suddenly, the door to their room was flung opened with a ~Ban!~ sound without being knocked on.

What is it? what was reflected in Hajime and their sights was a 10 year-old blond haired blue eyed pretty boy and he glared at Hajime while ~Ki’ing!~. Moreover, did he not like that Yue was sitting on Hajime’s lap? After seeing Yue for a moment his eyes became further enraged which seemed to contain 2 times the anger from before.

[Was it you! The scum who adjusted Kaori! M, moreover, even though there’s Kaori, those, those kinds of things…I won’t forgive it, I’ll definitely never forgive you!]

The person appearing and saying such things was the prince of this country, Randell S.B. Hairhi. Randell clenched his fist and ran towards Hajime while letting out a courageous shout, [U~oooooo!]. His mind was filled with giving Hajime a beating.

Although Hajime didn’t understand what was going on, for the time being he decided to pick up a sugar cube that was prepared for tea on the table and flicked it in opposition. The sugar cube which flew out at impossible speeds, accurately hit Randell in the forehead, [Higu~u!], he let out a strange scream as his head was flung back onto the floor.

The pain of his forehead and the back of his head caused him to roll around with his hands covering his head. After writhing in pain for a while, he got back up and ~Ki!’ed~ at Hajime as he glared and rushed in again.

Therefore, Hajime let loose the second shot. ~Bachikon!~ sounded out as Randell’s head was flung backwards. The sugar cube was crushed and scattered into the air as if dancing and Randell was forcefully performing a backflip due to the sheer power and fell onto the ground once again.

[Your, your highness~! You~, how dare you do that to his highness~!]

[We’ll beat and cut you!]

[Protect his highness!]

From the door that Randell flung open, some old men who were guard-like came running in and charged at Hajime.

Bachikon! Bachikon! Bachikon!

Of course in one rotation, the sugar cubes were accurately fired into all members foreheads, in another sense they were all artistically kneeling together.

However, Randell and the old men were quite tenacious, they glared at Hajime as they tried to stand back up. While thinking that they had some nice guts, Hajime grabbed the whole bottle filled with cubes and fired them all after taking them out.


An impossible sound ranged out and sugar cubes were flicked out like a machine gun from Hajime’s hand, Randell and them were writhing on the ground like a bad marionette performance.

Although damage was kept to a minimum because they were just sugar cubes, it doesn’t change the fact that it still hurt. Shizuku who became absentminded with her jaw dropped down, finally regained her composure and restrained Hajime, the room had already been filled with sobs of sorrow.

After Hajime stopped firing sugar cubes because he ran out, he stared at Randell who had his legs arranged as if he was a woman who was assaulted by a thug and had his face buried into the floor while crying in sorrow. It appears that his heart broke after taking on Hajime’s relentless attacks.

The surrounding old men rushed up towards him and were saying, [Your highness~! The wounds are shallow!], in order to comfort him.

Then, Ririana appeared at that timing.

Shizuku was scolding Hajime that he went overboard, Yue who was on top of Hajime’s lap was calmly eating and chewing on the teacakes, Hajime who was receiving a warning from Shizuku was indifferently drinking his tea, and Randell who broke down into tears and the old men who were trying to cheer him up as he cried.

When Ririana saw them she understood the situation and covered her eyes with one hand as she looked up towards the sky.

[It appears that I was too late……]

[Hime-san huh? I don’t know what it’s about, but your blood brother seems to be emotionally unstable? Won’t you quickly reclaim him?]

Ririana’s eyes seemed to want to say, [It’s probably your fault right!], but, certainly it was also because Randell suddenly went out of control under false charges, she gave a deep sigh and helped Randell get up.

The cause why Randell charged at Hajime was obviously due to Kaori.

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The completely changed Kaori (body) caused Randell to be surprised and he asked for the reason why she’s become like that. From the results, it appears that he understood that it was because of “Hajime-kun”, furthermore, due to Kaori’s expression while talking about Hajime being exactly like a maiden in love, he finally realised who his true enemy was.

And, a guy who tossed away Kaori’s original body can’t possibly be a good guy! once he convinced himself he began to rush in and witnessed Hajime embracing another woman while Kaori was yearning for him in her heart which caused him to hit his boiling point in anger.

Randell had intended to challenge and rescue the trapped princess from the demon lord Hajime but……the results were as shown presently.

Far from giving a beating, he wasn’t even able to get close and treated as a minor hindrance, it was pathetic and mortifying so tears finally started flowing out.

While being picked up into Ririana’s arms, Randell suddenly cried out, [Aneue~*Older sister*] and clung onto her. Looking at his state, as expected even for Hajime, did I overdo it? he thought as he scratched his cheek. Shizuku was piercing him with an amazed glance at his childishness.

But, Randells misfortunes have not yet ended. Immediately after he buried his face into Ririana’s chest, Kaori entered the room.

[Ah, his highness Randell, and Riri as well……wait, what’s wrong your highness!? Your crying so much!]

[Ka, Kaori!? No, this, this is, it’s not like I wanted to be comforted by my sister……]

Randell quickly separated from Ririana and desperately made excuses. In front of the woman who he liked, he couldn’t bear to say that he was a boy who wanted to be comforted and held by his older sister.

However, Kaori understood the rough situation from Shizuku and Ririana’s expression and from Randell’s crying and Hajime’s attitude, and she finally dropped a bomb after a long time.

[Geez…it’s Hajime-kun right? Who made his highness cry. It’s not good to bully a younger child]

[No, it’s because he suddenly tried to beat me, I just patted him a little……]

He was actually being serious, but not even being a threat to Hajime, Randell fell into shock. However, the most damaging part was that it was judged that he was naturally being bullied. Suppressing his chest he groaned out, [Gu].

[Patting him……did you properly “hold back”? His highness is still a “child” after all?]

After having been treated like a child from the woman who he liked, Randell who was humiliated by the assumption, [Ha~u!], further suppressed his chest.

[Ahh, I only flicked some sugar cubes? There’s probably hardly any damage. As expected even I wouldn’t go around shooting a child]

[But he was “holding onto” Riri wasn’t he……moreover his forehead is reddening. Even though he had such a “cute” face…his highness is a bit “quick to assume” and “tends to run out of control” but, at the bottom of it all he’s a “good child” so if possible I’d like it if you could “properly choose your opponents”……]

She was completely aware that he was comforting himself with Riri, while being evaluated as cute as a man, having his bad points pointed out that his older sister continually noted, and furthermore being treated as a child. Randell’s knees suddenly gave out and he fell onto the ground on all fours.

[Ara~ra], Riri had a troubled smile but, Shizuku and the old men, [Please stop already, his highnesses life points are already at 0~!], seemed to be raising out bitter voices within themselves.

However, Kaori didn’t let up. She worried about Randell who suddenly fell and called out anxiously.

[Your highness, are you alright? As expected the spot where you were hit was too much…]

[……No, I’m not injured. Rather than that……Kaori……what does Kaori think about me?]

Randell who was covered in wounds, decisively heard Kaori’s feelings

[For his highness? Let’s see…sometimes I become envious of Riri. I also~ want a naughty younger brother like his highness]

[Gufu~…young, younger brother……]

The bomb that was dropped with a smile gave additional damage to Randell. Shizuku and the old men were thinking, why would you purposely pour salt onto the wound like that! with a face that seemed to want to cry, it seemed that Randell’s eyes had no more strength to withstand it.

However, even if he’s small Randell is a man, he can’t afford to stop here. Over the past few days, he cried a lot from the news of his fathers death, was helped up by his mother and older sister, and had just sworn in front of the grave to be strong. Now that the king of this country was gone he needed to lead it, he can’t afford to be stopped by this level of pain!

[Then……is that kind of guy good? What’s so good about that guy!]

Rendell stared and ~Ki’ed!~ at Hajime, it was as if he was appealing and implying, [Open your eyes Kaori! You should already know who’s better!].

Hajime firmly held onto Yue from behind as Randell stared at him. From Randell’s view, he was likely the worst person a woman could fall for.

However, Kaori’s reply was obvious……

[Eh? wh, what’s with that your highness, suddenly…mo~u, it’s embarrassing. But……fufu, let’s see. That person is the person I love. If you asked me what about him I liked then, everything, I guess……fufu]

And, that gave the final blow to Randell.

Once again Randell looked down and trembled greatly while still on all fours. Although Kaori was worried and about to rubbed his back with her hand and call out to him, Randell suddenly got up and rejected Kaori’s hand as he bolted towards the entrance.

And, he turned around once he reached the door,

[I hate the likes of youuuuu!!!]

He cried out loud and ran off. As he left, the shining thing at the corner of his eyes probably wasn’t their imaginations. From a distance, [Ua~aaaaaan!!], it was not understood if it was a cry or a courageous shout but it was clearly heard. After Randell’s sudden escape, the dumbfounded old men, [Your highness~!], they shouted as they left the room to chase after Randell.

[……That’s youth for you]

[Hi~i, more like personal affairs……you’ve made him cry]

[No, ma~a, that’s right but……the one who dealt the finishing blow was Kaori right?]

[Ku, I can’t refute that……]

Hajime muttered out as Randell’s first love dispersed like the petals of cherry blossoms and Shizuku added in a tsukkomi. Kaori was wondering what was going on and about to run after Randell but Ririana stopped her.

Ririana knew that sooner or later Randell’s first love would come to an end, she had intended to comfort her younger brother by sleeping together with him for tonight. Randell was someone who will soon become the King of this country. He should be able to shrug off one or two unrequited loves.

When Ririana firmly closed the door that was left open, she walked towards Hajime and them along with Kaori. It appears that, rather than chasing after Randell, it seemed like she had something to talk about with Hajime and them. Ririana took the seat next to Shizuku.

Kaori was……locking arms in “hand to hand” against Yue while trying to sit on Hajime’s opposite knee which caused them to look like they were pro wrestling.

If it were her original body then, Kaori wouldn’t be able to stand up against Yue because she was able to strengthen her body through direct magic manipulation while Kaori was a support type, however, because of the apostle’s body she’s well able to compete now…more like she seems to be the one who was pushing.

[Kaori…You’ve become so strong…]

[No, Shizuku. Stop being impressed and stop them]

Ririana tsukkomied Shizuku who had a slightly lonely expression while making her remark. Since there was some shock when Kaori died once, Shizuku was slightly becoming a regrettable person when regarding Kaori. There’s no way they could have the classes number 1 person with the most common sense turn into a regrettable character so, Hajime gave Kaori a strong flick to the forehead which forced her to sit on the seat besides them.

[U~u, it’s unfair that it’s only Yue……]

[……Fufu, I won’t give up Hajime’s knee]

[Ano~, I’d like to begin the talk soon but……]

Ririana called out coyly. However no one paid any attention to her.


[Don’t look at me with those eyes, Kaori. You’re sitting next to me, isn’t it fine?]

[……I guess it can’t be helped then. I’ll give you my hand]

[Eh? Really? Then, I want you to caress my cheeks just like how you do it for Yue. ……Or is it no good?]

[If it’s just that much then I don’t mind]

[Ehehe, thanks, Hajime-kun]

[I’ll wait then. Waiting should be fine right? Yes, I’ll wait no matter how long……~gusu~]

Ririana who completely missed her timing to talk, [I, even though I’m a princess……It’s like I’m air], with tears. Shizuku interviened as she couldn’t stand it any longer, and finally, Hajime and their pink barrier was removed. Was a bit of Kaori also a part of it? It seems to have been stronger than usual. Is it proof that Kaori’s single-minded pursuit was overcoming Hajime……

[~Kohon~. Back to what I was saying, just as Nagumo-san asked I’ve spread the rumors about the truth of the churches teachings but…unexpectedly, it seems to be going rather well. As expected, Aiko-san, no, “Goddess of Fertility” seems to have been effective]

[I see. ……Ma~a, people will believe in what they want to believe in, people will naturally get taken in the more it dramatically shakes their hearts. I expected that they’d believe it all without any problems. All that’s left, is to wait to see the actual effects…there’s no knowing what’ll happen after all]

[……That’s right. But, it’s still hard to believe. What we’ve believed for years have been nothing but a fantasy……my individual stance aside, it’s inevitable that a panic will start in the public. As someone from the royal family, Nagumo-san’s proposal was a god send]

Ririana bowed and thanked Hajime with a complex expression. Shizuku leaned her neck to the side and and asked, [About what?].

What Hajime and Ririana were talking about was, an explanation for the head temple’s collapse to the people.

It’s not possible to keep it under wraps forever, the royal palace needed to explain it eventually. However, according to the truth, the “Ehito-sama” which everyone believed in only saw them on the level of being toys and was a bastard who loved war, because everyone in the head temple of the church were a bunch of fanatics, they were all blown up to bits! If that was said it would only cause a panic to occur.

There, Hajime prepared a draft to explain the details and asked Ririana to explain it to the people based on what he had written on it.

It’s contents were, reason, an evil god who wished for a war had brainwashed the church members and caused the Kingdom to be invaded. Reason, Aiko who was sent by god was anxious of the situation and fought voluntarily. Reason, the church members risked their lives and fought along with god’s apostles and died as martyrs in the end. Reason, In order to protect the Kingdom, Aiko’s sword of light poured down, is what it said.

It’s not true but it’s not a lie either. It was roughly correct.

With that, Aiko as the “Goddess of Fertility” will further, “The evil god may have used Ehito-sama’s name, for our own sakes, the true god that we believe in we shouldn’t be something that we automatically believe in, we must become humans who are able to think for ourselves and decide when to take action for god. What’s right? You must act upon your own judgement. That is what our true god believes in, and for those of the church who died as martyrs” have that kind of speech later at the memorial ceremony.

In other words, Hajime created a false “Evil Ehito” who was mistaken for the true “Good Ehito”, the “Goddess of Fertility”’s speech will be the wedge which will plant recognition into the people’s hearts. Even if Ehito’s name was being talked about, whether it was the “Evil Ehito” or the “Good Ehito” wouldn’t be distinguishable by the people, which would in turn make them think about what they should really believe in themselves.

This way, they’re able to suppress the public panic of telling the truth that everything that they’ve believed from when they were born was nothing more than a fantasy, and also, it may become a source of resistance against god in the future……it’s only a possibility though.

[I see now……Nagumo-kun is actually thinking about a lot of various things huh. The talk about god too, leaving it up to Ai-chan to tell the story, and about todays things…]

[Did you mistaken me for some kind of muscle for brains or something? Ma~a, I thought of it on the spot, since it doesn’t take much time or effort I decided to do it just this once, although we laid down the foundations……]

[fufu, I didn’t particularly think you were a muscle for brains. I’m saying that you’re reliable. Just accept it as a complement]

Hajime shrugged his shoulders towards Shizuku’s words. Shizuku glanced at such a reliable Hajime. Somehow the exchanges dispositions were shown, Yue and Kaori were both piercing their eyes onto Shizuku. Shizuku who noticed suddenly began to shake, [Eh, what? What is it?], she asked Yue and them.

[Yue, what do you think?]

[……N, it’s still fine. It’s still at the friend level]

[Right. “still” huh]

[……N. We need to be cautious]

Yue and Kaori were whispering to each other as they consulted about something. It made Shizuku feel extremely discomfortable. And Ririana became air once again.

Hajime looked at Yue and them with an amazed expression as if saying, what are you guys talking about?

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