Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 110

Chapter 110


The red sky was spreading, peoples shadows were growing thin as it stretched, the shadow of a person stood still in front of a huge stone monument made from the stones from the mountain range at the northwest of the royal palace.

[I’m sorry…]

Right, the shadow of the person muttering was Aiko.

The monument towering in front of her, a so-called monument for the faithful who died in battle (A tower which symbolized praise to the souls who died while loyal to their country). It was for the people killed in action and victims who carried out their duties out of loyalty towards the Kingdom, their names were carved here without exception. Even now, there are lots of flower offerings and mementos left by people in front of the monument for those who have died.

Right now, although it’s unconfirmed how many people’s names were carved onto the stone but, Meld’s name will also be added onto here.

Aiko gently placed weapons within the mementos left behind. It was the damaged western sword and spear. It was the artifacts of Aiko’s students who passed away——Daisuke Hiyama and Reiichi Kondo.

Aiko voiced out her confession while alone, just what should I be conflicted with. That I wasn’t able to bring back Hiyama and them back to Japan, or, because one of my students caused many people to die, or, everything including what I’ve done……

While AIko was looking down with a dejected atmosphere, she remained standing as if she was enduring something, ~Za zaa~ footsteps resounded. The violently echoing sound was likely to purposely inform others of their own existence approaching. Usually he wouldn’t make such noises.

Aiko was startled and raised her face towards the sound.


[What a coincidence, Sensei]

What was making that noise earlier was Hajime. His eyes were lightened up by the shine of the setting orange sun and stared right at Aiko. He had flowers in his hand. It’s obvious to understand that he was there to offer flowers as tributes. Aiko showed a slightly unexpected expression towards his actions.

Hajime noticed that Aiko’s expression and guessed that she was probably wondering what he was planning on doing, with a wry smile he placed the flowers onto the floral tribute stand.

[Even I feel like mourning for the dead people a bit, Sensei?]

[Eh? Ah, no, I mean, I don’t particularly……]

Hajime suddenly talked to Aiko in an unexpectedly regrettable voice which caused Aiko to be shaken and tried to deceive him by waving her hands back and forth in a hurry. Then Hajime shrugged his shoulders like it was a joke and stood silently by Aiko.

As Aiko frequently glanced at Hajime, it appeared that Hajime was looking up at the huge stone monument and didn’t particularly care about Aiko, he didn’t seem to have any signs of talking either. Somehow, silence suddenly fell into the area and Aiko decided to reluctantly start a conversation.

[Eh~tto, those flower are……is it……for Hiyama-kun and them?]

[There’s no way of that happening. It’s for Meld]

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Hajime raised an eyebrow and plainly replied at the wrong guess.

[For Meld-san……]

[Ahh, though we weren’t acquainted that much, I don’t particularly hate people of his nature. Contrary to his position, he worry quite a lot, failed a lot, and was always trying to improve himself……although I’m only offering flowers its more along the feelings of “how regrettable” towards the people]

[Nagumo-kun……that’s right huh…]

Towards Hajime’s words, Aiko’s expression suddenly turned gentle. Even though Hajime mercilessly killed his enemies, he still had the proper feelings to mourn for a person’s death so Aiko became happy at that. Her cheeks naturally loosened up that he purposely took the time to come and bring an offering.

Actually, Yue and them were taking a bath, he ran away when the women gave off a carnivorous glare in their eyes of wanting to take him into the bath room with them, since there was still time he became free, when he by chance glanced at the flowers being displayed in a vase, he thought, how about killing time by offering flowers? and he pulled some flowers from the vase but……although his feelings about regret for Meld was real, he couldn’t actually tell the truth.

Hajime was taking in the circumstances of the surroundings and frowned at Aiko who loosened her cheeks.

[You’re not going to blame me……]


Towards Hajime’s sudden words, Aiko tilted her neck.

[That thing about Hiyama. The circumstances were different from Shimizu’s case. It appears that he was eaten by a demon in the end but, I was the one who pretty much killed him. I killed another of Sensei’s beloved students again? Kondo as well, although he was already dead, the one who pretty much destroyed his shape was me. ……I had thought that Sensei would have hit me once or twice out of anger]


Aiko’s smile was erased and she looked down once again. Hajime was silent. He wasn’t pressing her for an answer. How much time was spent silently?………Before long, Aiko began to gradually voice out her words.

[……To be honest, I can’t easily give out a clear answer. I don’t believe that it can be forgiven that Hiyama-kun killed Shirasaki-san but, if possible, I would have liked that he live out his life to atone for those sins. It was shocking that Kondo-kun turned out like that. But, I can understand why Nagumo-kun was enraged and showed your strength. An important person was killed in front of your eyes……with that, although it’s against what I’d ideally want, you couldn’t do anything but vent out your anger on them. ……Besides, I don’t have the qualifications to blame Nagumo-kun]

Aiko crossed her arms and rubbed them both. It was as if her body was getting cold and she was trying to keep warm.

[Are you talking about what you did at the head temple?]


A silent confirmation. Temporarily, although Aiko’s mind’s balance was broken, Hajime and Teio had somehow reverted it back to normal with reproduction magic, once again, it appears that her mind is being worn down by her sense of guilt and ethics. If you looked carefully under her eyes, you’d notice that she had dark circles that she tried to cover up with makeup, it was clear that she wasn’t able to sleep for the past several days. It’s possible that she was having nightmares.

Silence descended down once again. Hajime didn’t say anything and stood still. Was she unable to endure the atmosphere anymore? Aiko asked Hajime while lacking drive.

[……Is it……not painful for you Nagumo-kun?]

[Killing people? I don’t particularly think it’s painful……I think that that part of me probably broke when I fell into the abyss. That’s why I can’t sympathise with you]


Towards Hajime’s words, Aiko’s face distorts in bitterness. Something important in Hajime was broken and, in a single strike, Aiko’s state of mind further tightened up.

[……No one……blames me]


Aiko leaked out her voice as if she couldn’t endure it.

[No one blames me. The eyes of the children in our class doesn’t look at me any differently, as for the Kingdom’s citizens, they were looking at me with praise]

That was a fact. All classmates, had a strong impression from Hajime who was too gruesome in his battle, they didn’t really have much feelings about Aiko’s assistance in homicide, rather they were under the impression that Aiko fought for herself and took on the brunt of the load for their sakes, the Kingdom aristocrats and government officials were thankful that the brainwashing problem was solved.

[Though I’ve talked about it all to David-san and them, even they wanted a bit of time to think about and left it rather than immediately blaming me. Even though I robbed them of their important things]

Blood dripped from her lip that she bit. Aiko probably wanted to be blamed for it. The act of killing a person……is heavy. As long as they’re not a maniac or rotten person, normally their minds would be hurt by the blades named guilt and ethics. So for such people, taking the blame and accepting the punishment, are in a sense a kind of salvation.

Aiko herself probably unconsciously seeked for that. However, that wasn’t given to her.

Although Hajime can agree that she played a part in overthrowing the church, he believed that even without Aiko, Teio would have still somehow managed to exterminate them someway or another, he thought that bearing the burden alone was a bit much, so as if he was troubled he scratched his cheek as he opened his mouth.

[Even if you say that, Sensei. The direct cause was due to Teio’s breath, Sensei only helped out a little? I don’t think you should take on the burden as if everything was your fault……]

[Those kind of things don’t matter! I certainly……understood the possibility of them being killed but I still helped Teio-san. That’s no different than directly murdering them!]

Unexpectedly, Aiko gave out her rebuttal strongly. Aiko herself probably felt ashamed that she raised her voice as she shrank down apologetically. Looking at Aiko with a side glance, after a moment of silence, Hajime calmly asked.

[……Do you regret it?]

[~……No, at that time, I was resolute with Teio-san……because I couldn’t overlook what the church was doing…to help you……if that was left alone then the students would surely have had terrible experiences……that’s why……]

While Aiko was holding back a painful voice, she replied that she “Had no regrets”.

At that time, when she looked at Ishtar and them who had cornered Hajime, not just for Hajime but also for the sake of her students to not have to fight, her resolution to dirty her hands was real. Even now that was still unshaken. However, she was suffering while carrying the people who she’s killed on her back, it wasn’t something that reasoning could solve.

Hajime let out a small sigh that wouldn’t be noticed by Aiko as he glanced towards the side at Aiko who looked like she was suffering. Why did a teacher like Aiko reveal such heavy feelings to a student like me. Even though I only came here to kill some time……he grieved in his mind.

And, suddenly, he recalled Aiko’s feelings that Yue and Shizuku pointed out earlier in the day and worried if that was the cause. It appears that Hajime was leaving Aiko’s student category in full-blast.

Hajime’s eyes were wandering around. He was completely looking for words.

[About Sensei, will you still be a Sensei from now on?]


Towards Hajime’s abrupt question, Aiko’s expression unintentionally became blank. And she remembered that she was asked the same question once before. At that time, she should have answered with confidence, [Naturally!]


Now she was unable to immediately answer. That was because she questioned herself if she should declare herself as a teacher after having killed people. Aiko was tightly clenching her teeth and her expression distorted. He understood that Aiko was having an extreme conflict whirling within her mind.

As if he expected it, on behalf of Aiko who couldn’t answer, Hajime began to talk.

[If, Sensei says that she’ll continue being our Sensei from now on……will you listen to my selfishness as a student]

[Selfishness……is it?]

Aiko who had a bad complexion and seemed to collapse at any moment, showed a perplexed expression from the words that came out of Hajime’s mouth.

[Yeah, my selfishness]

Hajime removed his sights from the monument while nodding and faced Aiko to match their eyes together. As she was being stared at Hajime, from somewhere within her, warmth was starting to well up and as if attracted by it Aiko also stared back.

After Hajime confirmed that he was firmly reflected in Aiko’s eyes, he slowly said his words. Exactly as Hajime said before, they were hopelessly selfish words.

[Sensei……I want Sensei to feel guilty about it. I want you to shoulder it’s weight. Justly fighting, justly shouldering it, justly suffering, and justly complaining. To be human-like is slightly dazzling. I’m already unable to feel anything after all……you’ll be a good example for me to not forget my “Humanity”. So that’s why, continue shouldering it from now on. I’ll properly watch such a human-like Sensei after all. If I do so then even after I return to Japan, I’ll be able to live humanely]


Aiko’s eyes opened up widely towards Hajime’s words. She would have never thought in her dreams that he’d not blame her nor cheer her, but instead tell her to continue suffering from now on. But, towards that selfishness, in a sense, made her remember the shock which came from killing as it formed ominous clouds within Aiko’s heart.

The results of her determination and actions were serious. All the more it was painful as well. She wanted to run away and almost became broken. Her natural character made it extra painful because she was determined and resolute.

But, when she looked at herself, she had people who were willing to help her. The important things that were lost, there’s a person who can’t feel but remember them.

Aiko thought.

——Ahh, how very selfish. What mercilessly gentle selfishness

A transparent drop ran down Aiko’s cheeks. Everything she’s endured up until now in order to not cry easily crumbled.

As Aiko was shedding tears, Hajime averted his glance and turned his back as he troubled conveyed the his last words.

[Ma~a, times when it’s so painful that it seems like you’d break, by all means……since there’s no one here……since there’s really~ no one here so it won’t be embarrassing……I’ll lend you my back]

[~…Really……people like you are……]

I’ll pretend that I didn’t notice that Aiko was crying? is what Hajime seemed to say as he showed his back, Aiko approached while smiling and crying and buried her face into his back.

[Then, I’ll be borrowing it for a bit. ……Nagumo-kun]

[Alright, Sensei]

Aiko’s cheeks loosened up because of Hajime’s casual answer and she entrusted her body. While shedding tears as if they were everything she’s saved up, she once again vowed. In other words, she’ll continue being a teacher. And continue shouldering her sins. If a selfish student would be watching her then……she felt like she’ll be able to do her best.

The shadow of the two people expanded towards the east. As the night fell, the sounds of sobs resounded for a while.

After this, Hajime returned to the royal palace along with Aiko after she had finished crying but, while blushing randomly and looking down shamefully, Aiko was gracefully walking besides Hajime, to be honest, this may have done it……it goes without saying that he was breaking out in cold sweat.

And sure enough, Yue and them noticed and it’s needless to say what happened when he was taken into their room. About this case, Shia and them and i, Yue’s silent expressionless stare n particular was the most painful.

It should be noted, that they coincidentally met up with David and them of the temple knights as they returned to the royal palace but……it appears that, in the end their love for Aiko won.

To begin with, the reason why they accompanied Aiko as guards was due to various senses of values but, after being forcefully pulled away from Aiko when they returned to the Kingdom and was forced to descend the mountain without being confirming her safety made them start harboring doubt for the people of the church. Although they were considerably shocked when the truth of the church and god was revealed, as expected they still came to the conclusion that they couldn’t hate Aiko.

Although they kinda had a feeling of complete desperation hanging around them……from now on, while believing in the “Goddess of Fertility”, they decided to revive and serve to protect the Kingdom as knights. Thinking about it again, it felt as if they carried a strange sublime feeling of love for Aiko but……surely they had lots of things to think about as well.


[Enough already, really geez! Ok!]

[Hajime-kun……please be a bit more cautious?]

[Fufufu, as expected of master, to deliver the final blow after we just looked away for a moment…]

In the dining room of the royal palace, while eating dinner, Shia’s and their voices resounded out as if blaming something. Hajime who it was being directed at was just enjoying the meal in front of him as if it was someone elses problem.

Although Yue who was sitting to his right wasn’t saying anything, her eyes looked at him as if she was looking at a troublesome person. When they heard of the circumstances, [Ma~a, guess It couldn’t be helped then] is what they thought, clearly the feelings that Aiko has for Hajime inside of her was complex due to the fact that he was her student.

Moreover, after hearing Hajime’s stance of “neglecting” Aiko’s treatment, they somewhat harbored feelings of sympathy for Aiko.

[……Hajime. Does it seem like Aiko will be able to endure?]

Because they heard of the contents from Hajime, Yue was slightly worried and asked. As opposed to it, Hajime stopped eating and seemed to be thinking a little.

[N~, it’s not alright? Worst case scenario, if it looks too dangerous I’ll have to create an artifact to stabilize her mind using Spirit magic. Ma~a, even if we don’t worry about it, with time, that person will be able to digest it in neatly]

[……I see, that’s good]

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As Yue’s eyes loosened up, Hajime also smiled.

[As expected of……Yue-san. With just one step, she gets ahead by two]

[Is this……the difference between her and me? Ku, I won’t lose! I won’t lose!]

[Umu, should it be called naturally or something…it was a technique which touched masters heart as if completely natural……If I had to say it, it’s a godly skill. Obediently allow me to praise you]

[……Unwillingly evaluated]

Shia who was looking at her with a terrified expression, Kaori who looked mortified, and Teio who was feeling admiration. Yue’s expression became bitter after being unexpectedly evaluated. Hajime smiled wryly as he stroke Yue’s hair.

Among Hajime and his companions, in a sense as their feelings of getting along was firing up, an unexpected group came into the dining room. It was Kouki and them as well as his classmates. It appears that everyone including Aiko had come.

When Hajime looked at them for a moment, he frowned slightly. Beforehand, he heard of the times when they would be eating, he had thought that he would be able to comfortably eat with his companions but……it appears that that plan was thrown off.

Ma~a, there’s no need to anxiously consider it, Hajime renewed his thoughts as he continued eating his meal. Yue and them didn’t particularly mind either.

But, it doesn’t appear that his classmates thought the same, some people thought it was rather interesting, some people felt slightly awkward, and some people were lost as to what to do and became restless. Although they frequently glanced over, they were reminded of Hajime’s previous statement that he didn’t see them as companions and much less held much interest in it, so they were hesitant to call out to him. By the way, Aiko was staring at Hajime for a different kind of reason.

[Ah~, Shizuku-chan! Over here!]

[Kaori. Can I sit next to you?]

[Of course]

Kaori was showing a friendly smile with Nointo’s cool face, Shizuku also naturally loosened her cheeks as she sat next to her.

At first It was still hard for the classmates to accept the fact that Kaori had changed her body but, the atmosphere of Kaori’s image and smile allowed them to loosen up. Even if her body has changed, Kaori’s peaceful atmosphere allowed her classmates hearts to relax. Or rather, when compared to the time when Hajime lost his cool, it was only slightly nerve wracking, there were many classmates who were glad that Kaori had returned.

When Shizuku sat on the seat, Kouki sat on the seat next to her, and Aiko sat on the opposite side, while Suzu sat next to aiko. Aiko was right next to Yue. The other classmates proceeded to sit on the other remaining seats. Suzu looked at Yue as she sat, [Excuse me……for sitting besides Oneesama!], she said with a strangely tensed expression. Yue said, [……Why Oneesama?] while tilting her head.

When Kouki and them took their seats, the excellent maids of the royal palace began to move together and set the table. It was practically the same menu that Hajime and them had.

Then, at that time, over Yue’s head, Hajime and Aiko’s glances connected. At once, Aiko’s cheeks were lightly stained, she shamefully averted her eyes. Even still, she’d frequently glance back at Hajime, and secretly whispered out in a quiet voice.

[A, ano, Nagumo-kun……sono, that thing from a while ago……sono, if possible…]

Having to talk over Yue caused her to be a bit uncomfortable, most likely, as an adult, and, as a teacher, it was shameful to ask of Hajime so she kept quiet and decided to not say it.

Hajime guessed that Yue had decided to not mind it, and he thanked her within himself while looking at Aiko.

Suddenly her body was shaken and Aiko’s ears began to be dyed as well. There was a feeling that it was too late now that their eyes had matched up, Shizuku and them paid attention to Aiko’s appearance as she stared at Hajime. Fortunately, it was a blind spot for the other students so they weren’t found out but, the relatively close frontlines-group classmates saw it and were rather suspicious.

[About what, Sensei. Was there something?]


Naturally Hajime had decided to pretend not to know anything. Aiko was momentarily dimmed by that attitude but, she guessed that he was willing to keep it a secret, with a wry smile, [No, it’s nothing], she answered. Although she was thinking that she was cowardly for having Hajime take care of it, she became happy and smiled because he was considerate.

When they saw Aiko’s state, more and more, the female’s began to turn their eyes onto Hajime. Only Yue was comforting Hajime by patting his shoulder, in addition, [Ah~n], as well. As expected of the true heroine. She was clearly different from the recent violent heroines of today.

Hajime was absorbed in his deep thoughts, as expected, Yue is the best lover! I don’t know how many times I’ve “fallen for her again”, Shia who sat on his opposite side began to tug on his sleeve.

[Hajime-san. Ah~n, desu]

It appears that rather than getting angry that her rivals in love seems to have increased, she judged that now seems to be the time for her to show her appeal. While blushing and glancing upwards, she gracefully presented a fork. At that point, she didn’t forget to also quietly draw her Usamimis closer to Hajime as well. She was wonderfully cunning.

Hajime had no hesitations since they’ve been doing it for a while, and consumed it in a bite. As Hajime chewed it in his mouth, Shia’s Usamimis were waving as if she was happy, incidentally, her bunny tail was also wiggling.

When such a spectacle was shown, Kaori and Teio couldn’t afford to stay put either. Both of them panicked and thrusted their forks into their food.

[Ha, Hajime-kun, me too, ah~n!]

[Master. Please eat mistress’s without delay. ah~nja]

[……Just this once]

No matter how many [Ah~n] were done, if the menu was the same then he’d get bored. That’s why, he gave out a warning, the 2 [Ah~n]’ed as they responded to Hajime. With that he consumed both with a bite each. Kaori and Teio both had soft and warm expressions.

[What’s with this atmosphere……it’s very uncomfortable……]

Shizuku’s cheeks cramped up as a pink barrier surrounded Hajime. Kouki and Ryutaro who was next to her and Suzu also felt uncomfortable. Only Aiko had thought for a moment if she should also do it, while she was scolding herself for thinking about it everyone else were already through with it.

The other school girls had an awkward air around them as the sweet air dispersed, as they stared at Hajime and them they began to, K~ya K~ya, and make a ruckus. The eyes which seemed to have looked at Hajime containing slight fears was now converted into a love story almost immediately. Since that day when he fell into hell, who would have thought that “he” would become the owner of this kind of harem……the girl’s eyes shined with curiosity and watched Hajime.

On one side, the boys as had slight fears like the girls but it turned into awe as they paid attention.

However, there were also glares of jealousy and envy which burned brightly that appeared here and there. After all, Hajime was surrounded by beautiful women and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call them “peerless” beauties. Many eyes gazed on Shia in particular. As expected, even if they didn’t have a geeky hobby, a girl with Usamimis accurately tickled the heart of a man. Furthermore the present Shia had a lovely smile as she was next to Hajime, occasionally, her Usamimi’s that moved around had extremely destructive powers.

But, no matter how much they were consumed by jealousy and envy, would they get to know the secret to happily get along with beauties in a different world if they asked? but they couldn’t say it. Once before, they called Hajime “incompetent” so they kept to themselves quietly, his overwhelming strength and unique atmosphere he carried now was enough to make them lose their nerves.

Hajime was lightly ignoring his classmate’s stares however for some reason, Kaori who he saw at the edge of his view was blushing while holding a fork……

Kaori had allowed her eyes to swim around a bit and seems to have come to a conclusion about something, she apologetically used her fork to eat up the rest of her dish. And she blushed once again.

Instinctively, is it puberty! Hajime was tempted to tsukkomi but, before he could, Yue’s severe tsukkomi came out. At the same time that Kaori who noticed that Yue was quietly watching her and aligned their eyes, those words came out.


[! Tha, that’s wrong! What are you saying! I, I’m only eating as usual!]

[……Is what you say, but you’re thoroughly enjoying Hajime’s taste]

[A, am not! Be, besides, if you’re saying such things then, Teio is the real hentai right! Look, she’s magnificently licking the fork!]

[Rerorerorero, nmu?] Note: Rero = Licking noises

Kaori refuted Yue with a bright red face, ~Bishi~! and pointed an Teio. Up ahead of that was Teio who was licking and savoring a normal fork with a blank look.

That’s right, are there any problems? is what her expression was like, Teio was holding the fork in her mouth like nothing was wrong. She was clearly enjoying something else. She was through with some other kind of content. She was a huge M hentai, but it appears that she somehow evolved into a anything goes hentai somewhere along the line.

[Teio, stop that immediately. Or I’ll send you flying]

Hajime warned Teio while his temple was twitching.

[Mu~u, I guess there’s no other way. ……Master still hasn’t kissed mistress yet. If I don’t satisfy myself at times like these, I’ll become frustrated]

Hajime’s temple twitched more because for some odd reason he was criticized back. Then, at that time, Teio suddenly recalled something and her eyes started shining.

[That’s right! Master! I haven’t received my reward yet! Mistress desires the promised reward!]

[Ah? “Reward”?]

Towards Teio’s words, for a moment Hajime was thinking, [What are you talking about?], as he frowned, then he immediately recalled and clicked his tongue ~Chi~. The people who didn’t know what they were talking about tilted their heads, as the representative, Shia asked.

[What do you guys mean……by reward?]

[Umu, at the head temple where Sensei-dono was entrusted to me, I was promised that I would be rewarded if I kept her safe until the end. Nufufufu……master. You’re not thinking about going back on your promise right?]

Shia and Kaori both, [That’s sly!], and made a ruckus, Teio urged that the promise be kept while laughing heartily. Somehow or another, everyone’s attention were gathering, Hajime had an unpleased look as he turned towards Teio.

[And? What’s your wish? Though I’ll say it first, I’ll only do what’s “within my range” alright?]

Implying that just like the time with Shia’s reward, requests like “Hold me” won’t be allowed? Teio also seems to have guessed his intentions and she nodded exaggeratedly that she understood it. And while blushing and fidgeting, she said her demand.

[Be relieved, I won’t be asking anything unreasonable. It’s~, just like when we first met……I want you to tease mistress’s ass]

With both hands on her cheeks, [K~ya! I said it!], Teio seemed to be implying as she ~Iyan Iyan~’ed. Because it’s already been done once, it wouldn’t be unreasonable? And completely disregarded the abnormality of the contents as she asked for an unreasonable demand. As expected of a Hentai.

Sure enough, all humans other than Yue and them were intensely shocked by those remarks.

Their eyes turned towards Hajime, it was the same eyes as if looking at a criminal.

[Rejected, this worthless dragon. Don’t go saying remarks that remarkably invite misunderstandings!]

Towards Hajime who plainly rejected the demand, Teio made an expression as if she was shocked and intensely protested.

[Wh, why! It shouldn’t have been an unreasonable demand! Just like at that time, I just want you to thrust your thick and hard, black rod into mistress’s ass! Just like that time when you were always grinding up and quickly pulling it out while ignoring mistress’s pleas! I want you to relentlessly torment mistress’s ass!]

[I’ve already said it! Quit saying remarks that invite misunderstandings!]

The gazes being directed at Hajime turned into eyes as if looking at a devil.

[……But, It’s not a complete misunderstanding right?]

Yue and them, [Ah]’ed, Aiko who seemed to have been slightly displeased expression called out to Hajime with thorns attached.

[……Certainly, you didn’t say any lies]

[Actually, it was stuck……]

[Un, Nagumo-kun was completely merciless]

The classmates’ doubts changed into conviction after hearing Aiko and the Ai-chan bodyguards such as Sonobe and the others voiced their thoughts.

[……Hajime-san, as expected calling it a misunderstanding is a little……]

[……Hajime. Hajime was the cause of Teio’s Hentai transformation. It can’t be helped]

Unexpectedly Shia and Yue had betrayed him.

[Na, Nagumo-kun……people like you……what have you done to Teio-san……]

[Hajime-kun……how envio-……I mean, you have to take responsibility]

The gazes directed at Hajime were like eyes that were looking at a demon lord.

Hajime slowly stood up without a word and stretched out his right hand upwards. In front of everyone who was wondering what he was going to do, Hajime pulled out the black stake for Pile-bunker out of the “Treasure Warehouse”. For some reason, the stake was already giving out red sparks as he pulled it out.

Cold sweat ran down Teio’s cheek.

[OK, Teio. Lets give you your reward. Eh? You want it rammed up your ass right? Rejoyce, its much thicker and harder than before, it’s an excellent piece which I can boast about. You won’t even have time to pant, you’ll die in an instant]

Teio had realised, [This is bad, I got too full of myself].

Pile-bunker being used on Teio was the results of a fight, while being viewed with eyes as if looking at a pervert, Hajime simply went berserk. By the way, if you looked objectively, it certainly wasn’t a misunderstanding when pointed out.

[W, wait a bit, master. What I said a while ago was only an example, I didn’t say that you had to use it again? As expected, if something like that is used I’ll end up dying! I’ll apologise so, quickly, put that away!]

[Don’t hold back Teio. You want this right? What, did you want to waste precious time to go to a room. I’ll pierce you here]

[Hi~n, master’s eyes are serious~! Yue, Shia, Kaori~, stop master already! Help me~!]

As Hajime approached while gushing out sparks and crackles, Teio became teary eyed and asked for Yue and them for help. As expected, she didn’t want the punishment of dying in a single blow. But, her cheeks were slightly blushed and her breathing was rough, it seems that her performance ran deep.

Hajime looked at Teio who was clinging onto Kaori and hiding behind her, and with his upset feelings washed away he, ~Fu~n~, snuffled with his nose, the stake was returned into the “Treasure Warehouse” and he returned to his seat. However, the classmates didn’t lose their evaluations of him being a demon lord. Later, two kinds of names spread throughout the Kingdom about the “White haired eyepatch wearing demon king” but……if Hajime had known that he would have gone insane.

[Ha~a, and? The reward itself doesn’t really matter but, don’t you have a more decent demand?]

Hajime let out a sigh as he got back to his seat, it was a sigh of relief in various meanings. The scene where the ass of a beautiful young woman that was about to happen in front of their eyes was well over the capacity for the high school students.

[U, umu. Then, let’s see, the rights of laying on the bed with you? See, it’s always Yue and Shia who gets to be next to master right? Mistress has never slept next to master before. That’s why, tonight, I want to sleep next to master, how about it?]

[Something of that degree is cheap. ……Or rather just say that from the start]

[Mistress’s passion surged out, it’s not something I can control so easily. Accept it]

Teio who was ashamed was wiggling with a surprised expression, when she looked at Shia who was next to her, Shia said, [There’s no helping it then huh~] and shrugged her shoulders. It appears that, tonight, he’ll be sleeping between Yue and Teio. But, while in bed, Hajime would be sandwiched by something else……

The school girls were making a ruckus again as they went, K~ya K~ya, and the male students were beginning to utter out some kind of curse.

Additionally, Aiko, sleeping with multiple females is immoral! began to give out a teacher-like (Actually, she probably held a lot of personal resentment) preach, on the other hand, with Shia and Yue’s relation exposed she was objecting against it now, Yue leaned on Hajime and stuck out her tongue and released her bewitching atmosphere after finishing her meal, because of that the classmates were further heated up, and some boys were unable to stand up straight anymore……and, the dining room’s atmosphere was filled with chaos.

While ignoring the noisy girls uproars, Hajime decided to recall what happened today.

They free falled from [Kamiyama] and appeared with Kaori whose body was replaced, they went to the adventurers guild and created a “Gold” ranked man-woman, played a grand game of tag with the craftsmen of the Kingdom which caused great confusion, allowed the royal family to gain control of the situation, beated up the to-be king and he also lost his first crush.

In order to kill time, by chance, he met up with Aiko and she revealed her heavy worries, and while having dinner expecting to relax it turned into a disturbance. These were the events which happened to Hajime in a day at the Kingdom. It may be Hajime’s fate to be a maelstrom of confusion and disturbances.

Tomorrow, Hajime and them will be taking Ririana and them and leaving the Kingdom. Hajime and them have no intentions of entering the Empire’s capital at all……Surely, “without a doubt” probably isn’t possible.

As expected, what really lies on the grounds towards the east……Hajime had a premonition of the new disturbances to come, while feeling the softness and warmth of Yue who was hugging his arm, ma~a, whatever it is, he shrugged his shoulder.

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