Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 111

Chapter 111

The thick clouds underneath them were quickly passing by. The grass plains and trees were overlapping with the clouds, occasionally a small village could be seen, but as expected it would be quickly left behind in no time at all. It was supposed to going at a considerable amount of speed but, some kind of barrier was placed which made the breeze comfortable.

Someone’s ponytail trademark was drifting in the comfortable breeze, It was Shizuku who was watching the scenery before her eyes, and she changed her glance over towards the sun which shone brightly overhead.

The blessing of lights seen from clouds, if we reached out would we be able to grasp it? it was so close that it could be mistaken as so. Shizuku was leaning her back on the handrail while blocking the sunlight with her hand, as if looking far into the distance, she suddenly muttered something as if she was tired from just thinking about it.

[……Who would have expected that he built an airship. ……He can already do everything huh]

Right, the place where Shizuku was currently at was the rear deck of the airship “Feruniru” that Hajime created.

This Feruniru was mainly made out of gravity stones and induction stones, along with other various functions built in, it was their new way of transportation. The reason why they’ve never used it up until now was solely because Hajime had thought that it was too early.

Though it wasn’t difficult to move something through gravity stones, the bigger the mass became the more you needed to be experienced in Creation magic. As far as the Cross bitts go, they had a limit of being able to only lift up 1 person.

However, through the results of pilling on training between several intervals of time, he finally became skilled enough to freely operate a large floating mass, the compiled data was then used to create the airship, “Fenuniru”. Since they’ve left the Kingdom, everyone was doubting Hajime as they gathered at the grass plains on the outskirts of the Kingdom without a wagon nor a car which ran on magic, when Hajime showed Fenuniru he had a triumphant look on his face.

[It’s commonsense that flight transportation devices are obtained near the end of a journey]

Is what he said while full of confidence.

This Feruniru was 120 meters in length and in the shape of a devil fish, inside of it contained halls that led to the bridge towards the front and living quarters at the center, furthermore there was also a kitchen and room to take baths. Though I say that, because they’re able to travel to the Empire which usually takes 2 months by carriage in only 1 and a half days, how much the utilities are going to be used is unknown. Even just floating in the sky consumes quite a bit of magical power. If it wasn’t Hajime, then using it for long times would be impossible.

[So this was where you were……Shizuku]


As Shizuku was recalling Hajime’s words and tsukkomied in her mind, just what about this is commonsense?, she was called out to.

When Shizuku looked towards the voice, Kouki’s face appeared from the hatch that just opened up. Kouki came straight up besides Shizuku and with both arms on the handrail, he began to look towards the clouds that were in the distance.

And he started to mutter something.

[This is……incredible]

[That’s right. ……I’m already tired of being surprised at every little thing]

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Naturally, what Kouki was talking about was the airship Feruniru. However, his expression showed no colors of admiration, it was somewhat discouraged and at the same time, mortifying.

[Hows everyone else?]

[Ryutaro and the imperial guards are eating what Shia-san cooked for them. Suzu is chatting with Riri. ……Nagumo is……flirting around. At the bridge laying down and relaxing……]

The reason they accompanied Hajime was to keep their promise of protecting and sending off princess Ririana and her imperial guards to the Empire, and it was only Kouki’s Hero party. The remaining students who couldn’t fight were left with Aiko, the Nagayama front-forces as well, they decided to protect the Kingdom while Kouki and them weren’t there.

To begin with, the long-distance transfer that Freed left behind at the Kingdom gave them a hint, there was an artifact that allowed them to return at anytime, if Kouki and them asked Hajime they’d be able to return immediately.

Shizuku glanced towards Kouki who was a biting his words. Shizuku could somehow sympathized with his behavior, she scratched her cheek and showed a wry smile as if asking, what’s up, and talked.

[What is it, you seem pretty dissatisfied? Does it not sit well with you that Nagumo-kun is popular?]

[……It’s not like that]

Shizuku called out while poking fun at him, Kouki’s expression seemed to have been ill-humored and replied bluntly.

[……Being able to create something this amazing……and being insanely strong……why is it that he’s able to act so nonchalantly like that. ……Why was he so easily able to abandon them…]


It appears that Kouki is still not comfortable with Hajime’s judgement to not fight god and abandon this world. If he himself had that much power then he’d go off and save the world from god himself……while he was thinking about that, Shizuku completely understood what he meant.

[……He’s probably already chosen]


Shizuku’s reply which she muttered made Kouki turn his glance at her again. While Shizuku was looking far into the distance, she took her time to choose her words.

[He is……probably not as free as he appears? Perhaps, even though he looks calm, I think he’s probably always “frantic”. He’s always “frantically” trying to survive with his important people]


[He’s already said it too right? You don’t do something because you’ve gained power, because you want to do something you use power. Right now what you’re feeling is the “difference”, it wasn’t something that he had from the beginning. “Incompetent”, “Good-for-nothing”, while being told such things, he crawled up from the bottom and obtained it. ……Literally, what he obtained at the end was determination and resolution. Not In order to defeat god, nor save the world. It’s much simpler, it’s for those who are close to him……it’s completely different from us who “because we can, we will”. That’s why, even if hes being told “because you can, then do it”, he won’t easily nod and agree with it. Because, he didn’t obtain power for that purpose, if he looks the other way and loses his most important things then he’d obtain nothing out of it…]

[……I don’t really understand]

[U~n. Though it may be a bit different, look, in order to become the boxing world champion I worked hard, since you’re strong, wipe out all the evil in the town! saying something like that just doesn’t work out?]

[Mu…when you say it like that……but, what’s on the line are the lives of the people of this world]

Midway in, Kouki stubbornly refuted Shizuku while his eyebrows were in a 八 shape.

[Ma~a, not being able to leave behind people in need is one of your good traits but……that’s only Kouki’s senses of value so you shouldn’t force them onto Nagumo-kun]

[……What’s with that, do you have his back on this?]

[What childish things are you saying. I’m simply talking about people in general? Besides, I’m sure you haven’t forgotten it, somehow or another Nagumo-kun has saved numerous people including us. It was the same for the town of Ulu as well, Kaori also said that he saved the Ankaji dukedom too. It seems he also wiped out the hidden organization that took part in human trafficking at Fuyuren and he also rescued Myu who was a Umininzoku child and returned her to her mother too. ……As for us, I don’t think we’ve done much to save the people from this world?]


[Surely for himself……he’d only act for those who are important to him such as Yue and them……fufu, thinking about that, eventually he might “Take the opportunity” to send god flying away?]

[What’s with that, that pitiful god…]

While thinking of such silly things, Shizuku laughed as she thought that it was possible in the future if it was Hajime. Kouki had a complicated expression but, he didn’t have the strength to deny Shizuku’s words so he tsukkomied and stopped at that. For a while, a time of silence passed by. Shizuku guessed that Kouki was thinking while carrying conflicted feelings within himself again and decided to not say anything.

Then, at that time, Feruniru which had flown in a straight course and fixed speed suddenly went off course. Kouki and Shizuku were wondering what happened since if they just flew straight they’d reach the Empire.

[……Did something happen?]

[For the time being, shall we go back inside]

The two nodded in consent and quickly returned into the ship.


When Shizuku and Kouki entered the bridge, everyone had already gathered around the crystal like object at the center.

[What happened?]

[Ah, Shizuku-chan. Un, for some reason people are being chased by the Empire’s soldiers]

Kaori answered Shizuku who asked. What Kaori pointed towards in cubic crystal was, several Usagininzoku’s running through a valley, behind them were approaching empire soldiers who were playing a real game of tag with them.

This crystal was created with the “Distant Viewing Stone” and “Distance Transmitting Stone” through Creation magic, it was possible to project the image of the distant surroundings with the crystal installed in the bridge, in simple terms, it was a telescope which was capable of projecting an image.

When Shizuku looked at the crystal display, certainly, there were 2 Usagininzoku women between a narrow valley without any flowing water, they seemed to be worrying as they ran away from the Empire soldiers who were approaching behind them. Behind the approaching Empire soldiers were several large transportation carriages, rather than chasing them from the beginning, did they escape instead? Or were they trying to catch the Usagininzoku’s that they found by chance?

It appears that Hajime and them saw the situation and slowed down Feruniru. Normally he’d just ignore it but, because it was Shia’s race he decided to be concerned about it.

[Isn’t this bad! If we don’t immediately help them!]

Kouki shouted out as expected. It seemed like he’d jump out at any moment even though they were in the sky.

However, Hajime didn’t answer the rushing Kouki, he drew his eyebrows closer to the crystal display and looked at it suspiciously.

[Oi, Nagumo! Surely you’re not intending to abandon those girls are you!? If you won’t be helping then I’ll go! Hurry and let me down!]

[Shia, these guys are……]

[Eh? ……Ar~e? These 2 are……]

Hajime ignored the raging Kouki and called out to Shia. Shia also seems to have noticed now that they zoomed in on the image.

[Why are you two so laid back! Their the same race as Shia-san right! Do you think nothing of it!]

[I’m sorry, you’re a bit noisy so could you quiet down for a bit? ……Hajime-san, there’s no doubt about it. It’s Rana-san and Mina-san]

[As expected huh. ……Because of their sudden change in condition I had a hard time remembering. ……These guys movements and expressions……fumu]

Kouki’s opinion was completely cut off by Shia and he instinctively became quiet. By the way, the reason why Kouki was addressing Shia with “San” was due to the results of her introducing herself by her first name with a refreshing smile, but Shia had said to just call her by her first name without adding honorifics with a smile.

In the meantime, the two Usagininzoku women stopped moving their legs as they fell onto the ground. Their current position was at a slightly more open valley.

When he saw that, Kouki regained his senses and decided that he’d leave the bridge and go to the front deck. Though there’s still quite some distance between them, for the time being he was intending to shoot magic to attract the Empire soldiers attention.

[Ma~a, wait. Amanogawa. It’s fine]

[Wha, what are you saying! Those feeble women seem like they’d be attacked at any moment!]

~Ki~ Kouki glared at Hajime in frustration, However, Hajime was smiling from ear to ear and muttered like something was interesting as he looked at the crystal display.

[Feeble? No way. Those guys are……the “Hauria” you know?]

What are you saying? immediately after Kouki’s doubtful expression, [Ah!], someone’s astonished voice sounded out. When Kouki looked towards the crystal display to see what happened, what was there was……a mountain of corpses consisting of Empire soldiers who were beheaded or pierced accurately through the head by an arrow.


Not just Kouki but everyone who didn’t know of the Hauria tribe became dot eyed. In the meantime, feeling suspicious that the forces which left the transportation wagons weren’t returning after they went to chase the Usagininzoku, they decided to send out several scouts.

And, when those scouts found the mountain of their comrades corpses, they called out to the two Usagininzoku women who were at the center leaning on one another and shaking as they approached in a threatening voice.

They may have usually been much more careful of their actions after suddenly finding a mountain of their comrades corpses but, before them were the pet slaves who had absolutely no fighting power. They approached while upset but had no caution. They got closer.

The moment when one of the scouts was about to grab one of the Usagininzoku woman by her Usamimis, an arrow shot out from somewhere and pierced through the scout behind him in the head. When the scout noticed the sound of the man collapsing on the the ground and convulsing, he looked back.

In front of him, the Usagininzoku woman who should have been trembling in fear got up without a sound, at some point she was already wielding a short sword in her hand and the scout in front of her was easily beheaded.

And the other Usagininzoku woman also immediately kept a low posture as she crawled on the ground towards the beheaded man who was falling sideways and easily reaped the head of the last scout who was stunned towards the sudden situation.

The head popped off as if it was a toy, Kouki and them, [U~], became pale faced and held their mouths. Princess Ririana and her imperial guards instinctively stared at Shia when the impossible scene of the Usagininzoku killing the Empire soldiers were shown. The special one wasn’t only you!? with their eyes opened wide in surprise.

[No, without a doubt I’m the only special one? There’s no way that there would be so many just like me. That was the results of training for them. ……Hajime-san placed them into a hell which couldn’t be lukewarm, it was training which could be called devil remodeling, that kind of feeling]

[ [ [ [ [……] ] ] ] ]

Everyones line of sight turned towards Hajime. Their eyes all clearly expressed the same things. In other words, [It was you again!?]. Hajime abruptly averted his eyes.

In the meantime, the situation was coming to its final stages. The remaining empire soldiers and the transport wagon finally reached the slaughter site. The Empire soldiers foot completely came to a stop when they noticed the appearance of their comrades that were scattered on the road to block them.

They couldn’t just advance on ahead by trampling on the corpses as if nothing happened, above all they became intensely agitated as they made a ruckus.

And the Hauria tribe didn’t let that chance go by. No, everything may have been done for the sake of that chance to appear. The remaining Empire soldiers numbered 12. The Hauria tribesmen jumped out from both sides of the cliff, suddenly they appeared but even with the 2 women from before their numbers was only 5 people. However the Hauria tribesmen who jumped at them were better prepared to fight against the Empire soldiers, 3 heads were sent flying, and 1 person was shot right through the middle of their forehead by an arrow.

The Hauria didn’t let up their fierce attacks. Just like the flowing water, they attacked the Empire soldiers as a group.

The moment that one of the Empire soldiers managed to grab their sword, a Hauria would jump from the side and immediately cut their head off.

Arrows came flying towards the Empire soldiers from the front. It’s speed was unlike those before it, they were transparent and the instant they tried to clear away as the Empire soldiers read where the arrow was going, a different Usagininzoku would come in from their blind spot and cut off their head.

While the Empire soldiers gave out a courageous roar as they approached and kicked the heads of the beheaded soldiers. The moment that their eyes were fixed onto the Haruia who were unforgivable due to their angered hearts, a different Hauria suddenly appeared behind their backs and beheaded them.

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When you thought it was the right, they came from the left, when you thought they were in front, they came from the back, there were no restrictions, the Empire soldiers were at the mercy of the ever changing attacks. It didn’t take much time……until their heads flew through the air.

[Is, is this supposed to be the Usagininzoku……]


[Rabbit’s are scary…]

Mutters filled with horror were heard on the bridge of Feruniru.

[Fu~n, their proficiency hasn’t dropped at all. It doesn’t seem like they skipped out on training. ……But, their ending was a bit weak]

As Kouki and them were still stunned with open mouths, Hajime pulled out Schlagen and opened up a part of the windshield and pushed the muzzle outside with a standing shooting posture. There was still around 5 kilometers before the site. Everyone besides Yue and them were popeyed, Hajime was smiling and looking straight ahead without moving. Then he gently pulled the trigger.


The sound of an explosion was heard and a line flashed through the sky from Schlagen which gave off bright red sparks.

It blew up the head of the Empire soldier who jumped out of the carriage and was about to cast magic on the Hauria. There were also Empire soldiers in the carriage. With “Distant View” in Hajime’s magic eye, he was able to detect the surge of magic building up, he had noticed that the soldier was planning an ambush attack so he sniped him from Feruniru.

On the crystal display, it showed the Hauria tribesman’s surprised expressions when the ambushers head was completely blown off. They immediately traced the line of trajectory and noticed Feruniru that was flying in the sky.

Normally they’d become cautious with the attack that came from a mysterious flying object but……In the next instant their expressions became joyful.

A boy with a crossbow on his shoulder jumped out from the shadows of the rocks and smiled fearlessly! and decided to wildly salute. They seemed to have noticed who the person who shot out that flash was. It was to be expected of them. A bright red flash was a classic symbol of their boss who they loved and respected……

The Hauria tribesmen saluted the boy whom they followed gladly. There appearances were seen reflected on the crystal display and once again everyones gazes turned towards Hajime. This time their eyes contained a lot of amazement. What kinds of things did he have to do to make the gentle Usaginizokus turn into that, Kouki and the others had eyes that silently questioned that.

[Hajime-san, Hajime-san. Let’s quickly get down. To be doing this kind of thing outside of the Sea of Trees……maybe they’ve run out of control again……]

Kouki and them watched as Shia rushed Hajime. From the Hauria tribesman’s strategy, they were clearly aiming for the Empire’s transportation force, it appears that, they took a trip outside of the Sea of Trees in order to kill Empire soldiers which caused Shia to became worried if they were intoxicated by battle again and ran out of control.

Hajime had thought from their appearances that there was no way of that happening but, because Shia had an anxious face, Hajime himself became slightly interested and decided to land Feruniru in the valley.

When Hajime and them got off at the valley, there were a lot of Demi-humans there besides the Hauria. There seems to have been about 100 people. It appears that that contents of the transportation wagons were Demi-humans. Besides Usagininzokus, there were Kitsuneninzoku*Fox* as well as Inuninzoku’s*Dog* too, Nekoninzoku*Cat*, and many women and children Morininzoku*Forest People/elves*. Everyone looked at Hajime and them with cautious eyes, they weren’t able to hide their surprise at the flying vehicle which they’ve never seen nor heard about before. It certainly was an encounter with the unknown.

And, with 80% of those who were surprised, a boy with a crossbow on his shoulder ran through the other 20% of Demi-humans who were confused and cautious, he immediately appeared before Hajime and performed a splendid salute with his back straightened.

[It’s been a long time, Boss! I’ve been awaiting the day when we meet once again! I’ve never thought that you’d appear again like this, I’m once again impressed! Also for helping us a while ago, I thank you!]

[Yo~o, it’s been a long time. Ma~a, don’t mind what happened earlier. Since it was you guys, you’d likely be able to take on that kind of damage. …You’ve guys have improved quite a bit]

When Hajime had a smile on his face and said that, 2 women and 3 men with Usamimis had come out from the dumbfounded Demi-humans and saluted just like the boy with Usamimis, their eyes were beginning to water up because of their overflowing emotions. And, while wonderfully harmonizing their voices and their arranged heels sounding out.

[ [ [ [ [ [We’re grateful, Sir!!] ] ] ] ] ]

The Hauria’s voices trembled and echoed through the valley. They were moved enough to tears, but they didn’t cry as their boss who they hold in high esteem praised them of their growth. Everyone looked up towards the empty sky and seemed to have held back the tears that were about to pour out. It appears that they put in slightly too much effort into holding the tears back as their eyes became bloodshot and scary. Hajime, Yue, and Shia were calm but, Teio and Kaori in the back, Kouki and them and Ririana and them were completely taken aback.

[Ehtto, It’s been a long time everyone! It’s great that you’re energetic above all else. By the way, where are father and them? Is it just you guys Pal-kun? Also, why are you guys in such a place, going against the Empire soldiers……]

[Please calm down, Shia-anego Note:*older sister, extremely humble way*. If you don’t ask one at a time I won’t be able to answer? For the time being, right now there’s only the 6 of us here. There are various circumstances, lets find a calm place where we can talk in detail. …And also, it’s not Pal-kun, its “Baltoferd of Certain Death”. Please don’t make mistakes?]

[……Eh? Did you tsukkomi me just now? Or rather you’re still taking up that name……Rana-san and you guys should also be cautious]

Pal was the same as always and Shia massaged her temple as she endures her headache. However, the opinion to move to a different place was reasonable, for the time being she’ll not press them any further, Shia gave out a warning to the woman Rana as well as the other members to not follow Pal’s lead and change their names.

But, the reality was already something that went above expectations.

[……Shia. It’s not Rana……its “Rana Inferna of Swift Shadows”]

[!? Rana-san!? What are you saying……]

Out of the Hauria’s, Rana had a firm older sister feeling, Shia’s cheeks start cramping up as she never thought this would happen. However the Hauria’s furious attacks didn’t stop. Attacking through waves of cooperation was their strengths.

[I’m, “Minasteria the Sky Render”!]

[ !? ]

[I’m, “Yaozerias of Mighty Illusions”!]

[ !? ]

[I’m, “Yorugandal of Crawling Decapitation”!]

[ !? ]

[Fu~, I’m “Liquid Break of Light Rain”]

[ !? ]

Everyone had extremely triumphant looks as they took on poses like joO as they introduced their second name. Shia’s expression was dyed in despair. It appears that, the boom of Hauria having 2 names (Chunii) was here. At this rate, the possibility of everyone in the whole clan having them is high. By the way, their official names were only two characters in their heads.

The family which she’s reunited with after a long time turned into a situation where they took on poses with triumphant looks while declaring their second name, Shia’s appearance was quite pitiful as she spat out ectoplasm from her mouth. That’s why, Hajime was going to warn them that after several years they’d writhe around on the ground due to the embarrassment whenever they recalled their expressions.

However before he could, a stray bullet shot out from Pal.

[By the way, Which is better boss, “Crimson Flash of Rondo” or “White Claws and Fangs of Gale”?]


[Boss’s second name. It was a heated discussion at the clan meeting for 10 days, somehow we’ve managed to narrow it down to these 2. However, we need to find out which is the best in the end, it was settled as a tie after fighting among the clan……since its come to this, we were to entrust it to boss’s judgement after reuniting. By the way, I’m on the “Crimson Flash of Rondo” side]

[Wait, since when was it required to have 2 names?]

[Boss, I’m firmly on the “White Claws and Fangs of Gale” side]

[No, listen to what I’m saying. I…]

[What are you saying Rana Inferna of Swift Shadows. No matter how you think about it, Boss perfectly fits “Crimson Flash of Rondo”!]

[No, kora, enough of this……]

[That’s right! He releases sparks of red magical power, master of various weapons and able to freely run around the skies, it’s exactly “Crimson Flash of Rondo”! This is the best JK]

[Stop it, anymore of that shameful commentary is-]

[Oioi, Yorugandal of Crawling Decapitation. If you say that then, that trademark white hair that waves around as he carries his powerful weapons in both hands called his claws and fangs and attack in waves like a storm, there’s no other way of expressing it than “White Claws and Fangs of Gale”, why can’t you understand? Since when have you become so senile?]


Ectoplasm began to flow from Hajime’s mouth. It appears that the surprise present of their embarrassing commentary was making his mind reach it’s limit. As they were getting along well with each other, unknown energy were flowing in the back of Hajime and Shia’s mouths, ~Bufu~! the sound of it spouting resounded.

[Shi, Shizu Shizu, it’s not nice to laugh, Bufu~!]

[Su, Suzu’s laughing as well…Kufu…I wonder…have they been infected with chunii, fu, fufu~]

When Hajime regained his senses and looked behind him, Shizuku and Suzu’s shoulders were shaking as were desperately trying to keep in their laughter. Although they were unable to keep it in at all.

For the time being, Hajime decided to shoot Pal and them who were having their heated discussion with rubber bullets and then turned towards Shizuku and Suzu with a reproachful look as they gradually shook.

[Yaegashi, for the cool you, I’ll forcefully give you a twintail ribbon as a present later. Of course I’ll also keep image recordings of it]

[ ! ]

[Taniguchi, I’ll shorten your height by another 5 centimeters]

[ ! ]

Shizuku and Suzu’s laughing immediately stopped and they trembled in fear. Even if it was unreasonably misplaced anger, if Hajime became serious then the 2 wouldn’t be able to oppose him. And Hajime’s eyes were completely serious.

[Ano……is this a good time?]

While avoiding the Hauria that were floundering on the ground, Shizuku and them were protesting Hajime’s unreasonableness, the voice which called out was a beautiful girl from the feet up, she was a slender beauty who had long blond hair and blue eyes. From her sharp pointy ears they could tell that she was a Morininzoku. Hajime had felt that she kinda looked like one of Fair Bergen’s elders, Alfrerick.

[Are you without a doubt Nagumo Hajime-dono?]

[N? That’s certainly right but……]

When Hajime nodded, the beautiful blond haired blue eye Morininzoku gave out a relieved sigh as she patted her chest. To begin with, both of her thin hands were bound by metal handcuffs, it seems to have been quite a pitiful state. Her ankles also had shackles with chains fixed on it, every time she walked her white skin turned red as it rubbed her skin.

[Then, is it fine to believe that you won’t capture us and enslave us? I’ve heard from my grandfather that your senses of value for your own race is for better or worst, equal for everything. You would not toy with us Demi-humans……]

[Grandfather? Is it possibly Alfrerick?]

[That is correct. I’m sorry for the delay but, I am, the only granddaughter of Alfrerick an elder of Fair Bergen, Arutena Haipisuto]

[An elder’s granddaughter was captured……it appears that there really were various circumstances]

Speaking of being the granddaughter of an elder, she’s practically the princess of the Morininzoku, naturally, they should have also had firm escape methods and guards in case of emergencies. Without being able to use them, or it could be said that even if they used them they’d still get caught, that just shows how tight the situation was. As expected, something happened at the large tree? Hajime frowned as it was becoming increasingly necessary to hear Pal and their stories as he sharpened his glance.

In this situation, Hajime called out to Pal and them while ignoring Arutena’s odd continuous stare.

[Oi, you guys. Bring over all the Demi-humans. Incidentally. I’ll send you guys to the Sea of Trees]

[Yes, Sir! Ah, I’m sorry about this but, boss. I want to contact a comrade who’s lurking on the Empire’s outskirts, may I leave midway in?]

[Ahh, that works out just fine, we have a few guys here that we’ll be sending to the Empire, I’ll unload you guys a bit away from the Empire together]

[Thank you very much!]

Currently, Hajime and them were currently not to far away from the Empire. The fact that the Demi-humans were being transported through carriage here would mean that, it wasn’t going from the Sea of Trees to Empire, but rather it came from the Empire and was heading for another place. In other words, Pal and them went to the Empire to gather some kind of information, hearing the story of the transportation, they came chasing after it.

The Demi-humans began walking timidly and uneasily as they were told to by Pal and them. When he saw that, Hajime and them also returned to Feruniru. Then, at that time, nearby Hajime, [K~ya!], a cute scream resounded. Arutena appears to have tripped because of the fetters*chains*. While panicking with both hands in the air, immediately, since she was close-she ended up clinging onto Hajime’s back.

In an instant, the Demi-humans turned blue and stiffened up. If the other party were Empire soldiers then, the moment they were used as support, an open palm would come flying. While shouting [Why are you touching me without permission, you dirty beasts!]. That’s why, Arutena also thought it would happen? she probably had an illusion that she was going to be hit.

However, Hajime isn’t able to do such vulgar things.

[Ahh? …Jeez]

As Hajime glanced behind his shoulder, he looked at Arutena’s hands and feet as she cowered back after their glances aligned, [Well, yeah it would be hard to walk in those], while he convinced himself of that, he scratched his head like it was troublesome and kneeled down before Arutena who was standing. Towards that, the Demi-humans began to make a ruckus as if they were upset.

[Ah, ano…]

[It’s fine so just stay still]

Similarly, Arutena was shaken when he suddenly decided to kneel down, right afterwards, Hajime’s actions caused her to become even more uneasy. That was because Hajime was touching Arutena’s foot. To be accurate, he was touching the fetters, Arutena was shocked and trembling. Never before has a man knelt down and touched her feet before, she became stiff and uneasy as her eyes swam around. Then, in the next instant, her eyes rounded up in surprise. Once she noticed that red magical power was gushing out, without a sound the fetters came off.

When Hajime stood back up, this time he held onto both of Arutena’s hands. At that point, Arutena had understood what Hajime was going to do and managed to regain some composure. And once again the fascinating red radiance gushed out again. A small voice that may or may not have resounded, [How beautiful……], was muttered. Recently, has Hajime’s magical powers been sharpened? It seems to have been much brighter than before.

After removing the handcuffs he immediately threw them away and he finally touched Arutena’s neck. It was because a slave’s collar was attached there. With a serious look and having her neck felt by Hajime, Arutena’s cheeks were heating up for some reason. After Hajime easily removed the collar, [This should be alright now], he convinced himself, and as if nothing happened he turned around.

And, Hajime noticed that strangely he had become the center of attention. The Demi-humans were looking at him as if looking at a mysterious person, Pal and the other Hauria seemed to be proud, Kouki and them seemed to be slightly complex, and Yue and the females had eyes filled with both amazement and sharpness. While flinching a bit Hajime questioned, [What is it?].

However, against that, the females who noticed Arutena’s slightly blushed cheeks reacted.

[ [ [ [ [……Nothing (ja*Teio*) (desu*Shia*)] ] ] ] ]

It was incredibly cold.

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