Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 112

Chapter 112

After Hajime had unshackled all the demi-humans, they began to explore the airship to satisfy their curiosity, back in the bridge Hajime was listening to Pal and his group’s story.

[I see… the Majinzoku attacked both the Empire and Sea of Trees]

[Affirmative. Though I don’t know of the details of the Empire, the Sea of Trees was invaded by a large group of strong demons. It would have been dangerous if not for our previously laid traps]

According to Pal, the Majinzoku also took along an army of demons to the Sea of Trees. [Harutsuina Sea of Trees] its natural since Freed’s groups goal is to obtain more Age of Gods magic they would would aim for it, after all it’s well known as one of the great labyrinths.

Naturally the soldiers of Fair Bergen couldn’t permit the Majinzoku to just waltz right in, so they gathered the biggest forces they could muster up in order to confront them. They believed that they had the advantage due to the naturally dense fog, but their expectations were easily betrayed and they soon fell into confusion. Apart from the Majinzoku, the demons that they brought along showed their powers to the fullest extent in the Sea of Trees. Even though the demons were not of the insect type, they paved their way through, defeated and took the lives of many soldiers of Fair Bergen one after another through their odd magic.

The Majinzoku turned around and asked the defeated Demi-humans, similarly to Hajime, [Where is the entrance to the large labyrinth?] However they couldn’t just obediently give information to the enemies, they didn’t know when the Majinzoku would start advancing towards Fair Bergen to ask random bypassers, so they quickly sent someone back to the town. The council was quickly gathered and a decision was made, the demons were far too strong to defend against, they decided to give them the information. In order to avoid a disaster like in Hajime’s case. The labyrinth itself will clear away all who aren’t worthy.

However, even though they asked the same question as Hajime, the Majinzoku had a different sense of value for the Demi-humans. No, the Majinzoku didn’t do as Hajime did at all, they carried a huge sense of discrimination and hatred against Demi-humans.

They believed that the world belongs to the Majinzoku, and that these beasts that have been abandoned by god is of the utmost humiliation and are absolutely unbearable. Their expressions were that of mad men with absolute confidence in their own god.

And, the Majinzoku bared their fangs at Fair Bergen. They decided to hunt down the Demihumans before going into the dungeon.

The soldiers of Fair Bergen fought back desperately. However, the army of unknown demons were too strong and had no troubles in the Sea of Trees, their chances of winning was low.

As it stood, they would be defeated sooner or later, a soldier of the Kumaninzoku*Bear people* understood this and looked for a chance to escape from Fair Bergen. His purpose was not to run away. His purpose was to beg for help.

His name is Regin Banton. It was the elder which attacked Hajime out of anger and was greatly injured in the process, it was the man that held a deep grudge against the Hauria*Shia’s group* tribe.

Now, Regin, without shame nor reputation, went forth to bow down to the Hauria tribe which was banished from Fair Bergen. He ran desperately through the Sea of Trees, his body was covered in wounds, when he finally reached the new village he prostrated himself on the ground many times. He asked them earnestly.

—I need your help, please lend me your power.

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The head of the Hauria tribe, Cam, went out and answered the wish.

The reason is not for Fair Bergen. Of course their own species, the Usagininzoku were still in Fair Bergen, but that wasn’t the reason either, above all, the thing that Cam could not forgive was the fact that the Majinzoku’s purpose was the great labyrinth.

Emergency, if the Majinzoku’s do something wierd to the labyrinth……

When their boss Hajime returns at a later time. He would not be able to look him in the eye if the Majinzoku did something to it.

As a subordinate of Hajime, it would not do if the bosses wish was obstructed by something, in order to have a happy reunion where we can proudly stick out our chests, otherwise we don’t have the qualifications to call Hajime, boss! he said.

Though Hajime doesn’t really mind such a thing……it’s the pride of the Hauria.

As a result, the Hauria tribe, rather than answering Regins request, [Who dares put their hands on something that belongs to the boss, ahn!? if they want to fight, shall we give them a fight!?] with that in their minds, they decided to participate.

Regin’s thoughts later.

[The Hauria were really scary at that time. though they weren’t in a frenzy like last time, their lips were waveringly shaking, and splitting abruptly…they were laughing. Uu, it wasn’t possible for me to sleep well from that day on. ……The rabbits lips were recalled in my dreams, my neck…Haa~ Haa~……no more. My anxiety doesn’t stop. ……Where is the medicine……]

As the Hauria entered the war, they first decided to wiped out all demons outside of Fair Bergen. Their purpose was to build strategies by confirming the demons movements and odd magics. Although the Hauria tribe became strong, it was due to using their racial abilities to the fullest, along with the mentality of not running away from fights, their spec’s didn’t actually increase in any way, shape, or form. Therefore, they didn’t recklessly charge in against a new kind of demon they’ve never fought before.

The other party was a formidable foe, so resolution was needed, preparation of stealth attacks, surprise attacks, lying and deceiving, they did everything to gather information.

And, when the chest board was set up, they all took the offensive at once. Even if the dense fog wasn’t effective, the demons were skillfully being killed by the Usaginizoku’s original techniques.

Sooner or later the Majinzoku finally started to notice that their demons were disappearing, they ordered a quick regroup. The Hauria that couldn’t defeat demons were made to be decoys, Instructions were then given to place traps around their new village.

Then guiding them was simple. anyhow, being baited so easily, the Majinzoku’s blood rained down and heads rolled on the ground. Then they appeared and snorted through their nose…it was enough.

After wiping out the Majinzoku, the Hauria suffered some losses as well.

However, their current situation wasn’t over yet. Though Fair Bergen was saved by the Hauria, the amount of collateral damage was huge. There was no room to guard the Sea of Trees with all the nursing and funerals that were needed.

Then, at that opening, the Empire soldiers invaded the Sea of Trees.

Their purpose was to abduct Demi-humans.

After the battle was over, the Hauria went back to their village and was late to notice, as a result, there was basically no resistance while kidnaping. When Cam noticed the kidnappings, he kidnaped and questioned an empire soldier, apparently the Empire suffered from a demons attack, it was decided that they needed to secure manpower for repairs, in other words, the Demi-humans(………)that appeared to be the reason for invading the Sea of Trees.

Cam quickly rushes to the other Usagininzoku villages, but he was too late, most of the women and children have already been kidnaped. It’s clear that the powerless Usagininzoku’s were not abducted in order to help with the required manpower for the empire. Their purpose was to be used to satisfy their people after receiving an attack.

As expected, the Hauria tribe could not overlook their fellow species, the majority of their forces were left to guard the Sea of Trees, Cam and a small group chased after the Empire soldiers transport wagon that was heading towards the Imperial Capital.

However, communications with Cam was suddenly cut off after they reached the Imperial capital. No one came to the meeting place that was set up ahead of time.

The remaining people at the Sea of Trees became restless and decided to send out scouts towards the empire.

Results, Cam’s group that invaded the Imperial capital never came out.

Afterwards, in order to invade the Imperial capital and find out Cam’s status, Pal’s group was gathering information on the security of the capital when they noticed that there was a transportation wagon with a large amount of Demi-humans leaving for another town, Pal’s group then put information gathering on hold and went to rescue their comrades.

[However boss, by any chance, have other places also been attack by Majinzoku?]

[Ahh, they’re active behind the scenes here and there? well, luckily I was around and they were all defeated]

If you think about it, Hajime could be considered a God of Plague for the Majinzoku. This is because he doesn’t actually hold any hostility towards their race, it just so happens that their timing is bad, so he ends up kicking them out of his way when they obstruct him.

[Well, I have a rough understanding of what’s going on. First of all, you need more information about Cam who’s in the Imperial capital?]

[Affirmative. And, though I’m sorry boss……]

[I understand. We’ll be passing by anyways. The fellows that got caught, I’ll send them back to the Sea of Trees]

[Thank you!]

Pal and his group all bow at once. Though Shia mumbled a little, nothing was said.

Hajime noticed it and knew what Shia wanted to say, but he waited for her to say it herself, in the end nothing was said.

Finally, Hajime received a message for the leftover forces at the Sea of Trees, then dropped off Riria-na*the Princess* and Pal’s group off a little ways away from the Imperial capital. Then his party set a course at full speed towards [Harutsuina Sea of Trees].


Once again Hajime set foot on [Harutsuina Sea of Trees] and welcomed the dense fog which shuts out all light ahead.

Still, if there were no Demi-humans to guide the way, people who were below Hajime’s inhumane level would likely be driven mad. As Hajime led the group, in order to not be separated he placed Demi-humans on the outside to enclose their surroundings.

Strangely Arutena was walking especially close to Hajime, he decided to ignore it and keep advancing. Shia who was walking nearby had an anxious face, suddenly her ears reacted with a ~pico pico~. Shia lifted up her face, then began to stare at what lied ahead.

[Hajime-san, there’s an armed group up ahead]

The surrounding Demi-humans turned a surprised look towards Shia due to her words. Even the kidnapped Usagininzoku in the group were surprised that Shia had managed to perceive something that they couldn’t.

As if confirming Shia’s words, a group of Toramimi*Tiger eared* Demi-humans appeared through the fog with weapons. The armed group had fierce eyes and stared at them, then they sensed that there was a large group of Demi-humans in the group, so they decided to not suddenly attack.

Among them, the eyes of the Toraninzoku*Tiger race* who seemed to be the leader, stopped at Hajime. His eyes were then opened wide in astonishment.

[You, that time……]

Hajime also recalled the Toraninzoku’s appearance. His name is Ghil, he was the commander of the security force that confronted Hajime the first time he came to the Sea of Trees. Apparently he survived the invasion and is currently patrolling again.

[What on earth do you want this time……is that, Arutena!? Are you alright!?]

[Ah, Yes. These people and the Hauria tribe helped me]

Ghil tried to ask Hajime’s purpose in a wild voice, and Arutena who was by his side noticed and showed herself. To the words of Arutena, a deep sigh of relief and amazement was heard.

[That’s good. Alfrerick-sama was very sad. quickly, please show him your energetic appearance. ……Boy. You, for what reason did you help us Demi-humans? Though it doesn’t suit you who is arrogant and haughty……well, you have my thanks]

[There wasn’t a specific reason. it was only a coincidence, a coincidence]

From the atmosphere of meeting an acquaintance, Shizuku’s group had doubtful faces. Shia then explained what had happened quietly, also how she fell in love with Hajime, and their faces showed consent.

[Now then, are any of the Hauria tribe stationed at Fair Bergen? or, a fellow that knows where their current village is located?]

[Mu? If its people from the Hauria tribe, there should be several in Fair Bergen. Though you’ve likely heard, there was an invasion, so many are currently living in Fair Bergen]

[Thats good then. Well, lets quickly head for Fair Bergen]

Hajime says so and urges ahead quickly. With an amazed face again, as usual it seems his attitude hasn’t changed much, Ghil ordered his troops to brace their arms in order to guide them back.

There wasn’t any feeling hostility like the first time anymore, is it because they were saved by the Hauria tribe which Hajime trained, or is it because there’s a great number of people this time……they were being mature about it and guiding Hajime, though it is convenient that they can get in without any trouble.

At last we’ve reached Fair Bergen, though it has changed greatly. First of all, the huge dignified gate had collapsed, the leftover remains have yet to be cleaned up.

And, the capital of the Sea of Trees which charmed Hajime with its fantastic beauty of nature, was completely destroyed with remains here and there, the air corridors and waterways made of tree trunks were broken down in places.

[This is awful……]

Someone muttered.

Hajime totally agreed as well. The cold breeze coming from the darkness and Fair Bergen itself contained a gloomy atmosphere.

Then, people who happened to pass by saw Arutena and their expressions stiffens up, it was unbelieveable, afterwards, they exploded into cheers and ran up to them.

They finally notice that there is a party of humans by their side, when they were told of how Arutena was helped by them their expressions were still stiff, but as they embraced one another exposing their joy, their wariness was relinquished. Of the kidnapped people, there were many that ran at full speed towards their house, after first bowing to Hajime.

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The circle that encloses Hajime gradually grows, and the surroundings were completely buried by the people of Fair Bergen as they noticed. After a while the crowd begins to open a pathway. On the other side, stood Alfrerick Haipisuto, the most important person of Fair Bergen.


[Oh, Oh, Arutena! Im glad, you were alright……]

Arutena, ran at full speed while tears overflowing from her eyes, and jumped into her grandfather’s chest. To the reunion of two family members that was thought to never be able to see one another again, many surrounding people were moved to tears.

After embracing one another for a while, Alfrerick later separated from his granddaughter and gently pats her head, then his gaze was turned to Hajime. A wry smile appeared in his expression.

[……Its become a surprising reunion, Hajime Nagumo. Surely, I didn’t think that my granddaughter would be saved. Our previous relationship aside. ……We sincerely express our gratitude, Thank you]

[I only brought them here. If you wish to thank someone then thank the Hauria tribe. I’ve heard that there are people from the Hauria tribe here, let me meet with them……]

[Yes, but it’s you who changed the Hauria tribe. What goes around, comes around, you’ve not only saved my granddaughter, but also, us all. That is the fact. Your kindness is far more than we deserve and we would never be able to repay it all, but, at least accept our gratitude.]

Hajime, from Alfrerick’s words, just shrugs his shoulders reluctantly and was scratching his cheek from having been slightly embarrassed.

Yue, Shia, Teio, and Kaori are happy from watching the heartwarming scene. And, the man who dove into the dungeon in order to train and save the human race, to the fact that Hajime has been saving people all around the world, a complex expression was shown on Kouki’s face.

Afterwards, Hajime, the Hauria tribe heard of their arrival and are quickly returning to Fair Bergen, we were given permission to wait in Alferick’s house.

As to Alferick’s order, they were treated to tea(Arutena blushed a great deal when our hands touched while she handed me tea) When we finished drinking one cup, men and women of the Hauria tribe rushed in noisily.

[Boss!! I haven’t seen you in a long time!!]

[We waited for you! Boss!!]

[I, I’m honored to finally meet you desu~! Sir!!]

[Uoi! Newbies! Boss has returned! Tell all the other guys! Get there in 30 seconds!]

[Yes, roger de arimasu~!]

The attitude of the leftover forces, Kouki who should have expected it already from the reaction from Pal’s group is completely surprised! He spat out his tea. While all members were wiping off the tea, they noticed that multiple Usagininzoku were lining up! Standing upright and immoveable with heels in arrangement, it was the appearance of wonderful saluting.

Though there are many who don’t actually know Hajime, their behaviours and speech seems to have been trained into them voluntarily, and expanded their powers.

[Un~, Yes, its been a long time. Temporarily, since there are other people here lets stop the saluting]

[ [ [ [ [ [Sir, Yes, Sir!] ] ] ] ] ]

With a cheer for the boss that could be heard throughout the Sea of Trees, the Hauria tribe seemed to be very satisfied, to the genuine cheer that they’ve experienced for the first time [we’ll also finally.……] the Usagininzoku that wasn’t part of the Hauria tribe was filled with anticipation.

Surely, after Hajime leaves the Sea of Trees, the angry voice of Sergeant HarOman might have resounded throughout the Sea of Trees.

[I’ve meet Pal’s group and understand roughly what’s going on. You guys seem to have played an active role? You’ve done a great job repelling them]

[ [ [ [ [ [Yes, We’re grateful de arimasu~!!] ] ] ] ] ]

The last reply was said full of emotion in a tearful voice. Hajime, then passed on Pal’s groups information on to the Hauria who are trembling with emotion. In other words, Having found that Cam’s group invaded the Imperial castle, they will also invade it. And, there is a request for assistance.

[Indeed. ……The message from “Baltoferd of Certain Death” has definitely been received. We express our thanks, boss]

[…………Na, by the way……what is your second name?]

[Ha? Me? ……Fu, of course. Like the falling thunder, an unpredictable thunderclap striking down his foes, I am “Iorunikusu of the Thunder Blade” desu~!]

[……Is that so]

It seems that it’s already too late for the Hauria tribe.They’ve been completely infected. I regret that I didn’t stop this from spreading beyond Baltoferd of Certain Death.

Hajime pulled himself together and asked “Iorunikusu of the Thunder Blade”.

[There seems to have been members outside of the Hauria tribe thats been trained, now, how many exactly?]

[……Rest assured… Many brave young people from tribes that have good relations to our Hauria tribe have heard of the rumors and begged to be trained…… Our actual combat force goes up to 122 soldiers]

Not only Hajime, but also Yue and Shia were surprised, if thats the case then they’ve increased their numbers by a fair bit. Hajime’s intentions aren’t understood so “Iorunikusu of the Thunder Blade” has a doubtful face.

[we can carry all of the members at one time. ……Io, Runikusu. Quickly gather all the guys who want to follow us to the Imperial capital. I want to see everyone together here]

[Ha? Ha! Roger! At once!]

It appeared that “Iorunikusu of the Thunder Blade” didn’t understand right away and asked back with a questionable face, then he guessed that it meant that they would be going with Hajime to the Imperial capital, he saluted and immediately left to gather the other members.

“Io……of the Thunder Blade, Hajime returned in order to go to the great labyrinth, it appears he didn’t think that Hajime would actually help them. It seems he shaken up by the unexpected words.

And, Io wasn’t the only one who was surprised, Shia who stood next to Hajime was also surprised. Her eyes are open wide, and her rabbit ears are standing up straight! She stares at Hajime.

[Ha, Hajime-san……the great labyrinth……]

[You’re worried about Cam’s group right?]


Hajime hit the bulls-eye so Shia shuts her mouth.

Hajime’s purpose is the great labyrinth, Cam’s circumstances are unrelated, Shia was unable to say that she wanted to search for Cam’s whereabouts, entering the Imperial capital which would prove too troublesome. Moreover, Cam wasn’t kidnapped, he went in on his own accord. If anything its his own responsibility.

Shia also decided to follow whatever Hajime’s decisions were. Just like her father had his own path, Shia had hers.

However, still, if you know that your family members whereabouts are unknown, naturally you would be worried and search. Because of the anxiety being shown on Shia’s face - Yue, Hajime, and the rest understood.

Hajime, walks up right beside Shia, who was quiet because she was grateful that extra time would be used, and places his hands on her cheeks.


To Hajime’s sudden action, Shia absentmindedly let out a voice with a confused face. While looking straight into Shia’s eyes with persuading power, Hajime smiled and said.

[Shia, that anxious face doesn’t suit you. If you’re worried about Cam, just say you’re worried]

[B, but…]

[No buts. Now, what do you want to do? You’ve always just said whatever you wanted. What happened to your impudence from our first meeting? To begin with, if you’re not smiling…… I wont be able to contain my anger]


Though it was snappishly said, it’s obvious that he worried about Shia in all truths. The words that Shia yearned for. She understood, Shia places her hand on top of Hajime’s hand thats on her cheek. Her eyes began to moisten with joy and love.

[You might not realise this……but this, sono, what. it’s enough, that i think that you’re important. Therefore, Cheer up… I won’t hesitate to do my best]

[Hajime-san, I……]

[Just say what you want to say. Because i will definitely listen]

With a gentle warmth transmitting to her cheek, to the eyes that looked straight back into her eyes, Shia’s words that she locked up within herself began to spring forth.

[……I, I’m worried about father desuu~. ……Just one look is fine, I want to see his safe appearance desuu~.]

[Really, you only had to say that in the beginning. Now, did you think i would decline?]

[Wa, I, I didn’t mean for it to be like that! Mou, Hajime-san is truly annoying!]

Though she puffs her cheeks as if sulking, stars twinkled brightly in her eyes, her cheeks were dyed pink, and the face of a woman who was looking at her boyfriend was seen. To say it out, happy feelings were overflowing from her whole body.

Shia, though it was not intentional to be reserved with Hajime, due to the increase of women who thinks about Hajime(rivals), She unconsciously held back to increase her ratings.

Everything was blown away at Hajime’s words, “You’re important.”

When this Shia was seen, the women reacts.

[……N~. Shia, cute]

And, Yue watches Shia heartwarmingly. Just like an older sister.

[I ask of you, I’ll be happy if you occasionally abuse me~]

And, Teio gave off an impression that couldn’t be anything but perverted. will there be a way to cure her serious illness.

[Uu~, how enviable~]

[well, I would be glad if the man I liked said that to me……]

[Na, Nagumo-kun……Your very straight forward. I’ve changed my opinion of you. Suzu is shocked]

[Shia……is enviable, I also towards Hajime……]

The order is Kaori, Shizuku, Suzu, and why Arutena as well.

Then, at last, Shia notices her surroundings, Her face is dyed crimson red and she covers it up with both hands. However, her shame can’t hold back her joy, her rabbit ears were waving happily, even her tail was moving according to her joy ~Rifu~.

Then, Io came over at just the right time. It seems that the preparations of the Hauria tribe is finished. It was unreasonably quick.

Alfrerick and Arutena were seeing off Hajime’s group as they left on Feruniru*the airship* and flew off towards the Imperial capital.

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