Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 113

Chapter 113


What kind of place is the capital of the Hoelscher empire? Might(Strength) is the only words you need.

If you investigate you’ll find the buildings are without affection and are practically placed in a row. Are the streets readjustments of town lots? Is there anything delicious? There are entrances continuing to the back alley in disorder with big and small things here and there.

The atmosphere as well, there is tension strained everywhere like as if there was recently a disaster, even storekeepers who have opened a street stall serves people far from the idea of a “customer”.

However, it was dark and stagnated but never became too much, they were lively with freedom of doing whatever they wanted to do. They had the freedom to do whatever they wanted, their only responsibility were to themselves. This was the creed of the citizens of the imperial capital.

The Hoelscher empire is a new country that an active group of mercenary in a previous great war established, A military nation to which strength speaks for everything. Many of the citizens of the empire are no stranger to fights, to the point that its almost an illness. Theres a huge arena of a colossal size, the kind where there are events done many times throughout the year.

[Oi, you [Doga!!] gupe~!?]

It was Hajime who entered the Imperial capital, naturally Hajime was leading around beautiful women so it was understandable, this process has been repeating many times, before they were done talking they were already kissing the ground. Just now a man with weapons came by and was knocked down while talking and the force caused him to do a triple axel as he fell to the ground.

However, the people do not seem to think much about it. This level of “Fighting” might be an everyday experience for them.

[Uu, though i heard about it already… after all, the empire is unplesant desuu~.]

[Yes, i feel that way as well. …In a sense its good that we weren’t summoned in this place.]

[Well, this is a military nation. Far from firepower being minimal, even the residents, there are many who have combat experience. The bad atmosphere is natural, the fighting is natural. Wanting to live is everyone’s desire, mistress.]

Apparently, Shea didn’t like the Imperial capital. Though Yue is silent, she also nods in agreement, after all this country isn’t liked by women. Especially for Shia, the things she sees breaks her heart one at a time.

[Shia, don’t look so much. …There’s no helping them even if you see.]

[……Yes, that’s right]

What Shia sees are slaves of the demi-human species. The slaves are being bought and sold actively. The empire allows the use of slaves, so business is very prosperous. There are children of the demi-human species turning their gaze to Shia as they were put in their cages with price tags on them, Shia’s expression is clouded.

Yue clenches Shia’s hand anxiously. Hajime as well, caresses Shia’s cheek ~munimuni~ with awkward consideration. The warmth of two people is transmitted to the hand and cheek, and the rabbit ears on Shia’s head moved around joyfully.

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[……I cannot permit it. Though we’re all living… the slaves.]

Kouki who was walking behind Hajime was grinding his teeth. He seemed like he would charge right in if left alone.

The influence of the church is strong, even the Hairhi Kingdom has a strong sense of discrimination against demi-humans. The matter of keeping demi-humans as slaves tend to be evaded, because there was no chance of Kouki and them seeing how demi-humans were treated in the castle. Therefore, there might have been extra shock to their minds.

However, it would be bad if he actually charges at them…… Hajime promised in his heart that he would pretend to not know him immediately if such an event happened.

Though, we don’t have to worry because we have a reliable person here, the man of the world(Shizuku) is here so we don’t have to be worried at all. Now, Kouki is getting fired up while being lectured about this and that. Ryutaro, the muscle for brains fuels it, Suzu casually holds them down. In a sense, they make a good team. Though the team seems to fail quickly if not for the women…

[That’s right, wasn’t Shizuku proposed to by the Emperor?]

[……That’s right, there was that too]

Shuzuku frowns as she remembers something she didn’t want to.

Yue looks at Shuzuku and lets out a sound, [hoo~], with a slight smirk. Shizuku, frowned more at the glance. Kouki has a bitter expression nearby. Apparently, not only the country but also the emperor seemed to be dislikeable.

[About that, Nagumo-kun. Where exactly are we going?]

Shizuku, dodging the women who seemed to want to hear the details at any moment, the talk was redirected to Hajime. Though the story of confirming the safeties of Shia’s father was heard, a concrete plan wasn’t heard yet.

[N~? the adventurer guild first of all. If the “Gold” rank is used, most information can be found through questioning]

[……Does Nagumo-kun believe that he’s been caught?]

[I don’t know. If he has have been caught its possible he’s been made into a slave, its also possible that he’s just laying low somewhere too. The guards of the Imperial capital is on high alert, but to an abnormal level? To the point where its impossible to go out, entering was a good choice……]

Hajime was right, and on a level was not an exaggeration to say that it was excessive. An empire soldier was stationed not as patrol on the outer wall and always kept a close watch until a physical checkup was done individually at the entrance gate.

Even in the city, the empire soldiers of a minimum of 3 man teams went glancing around not only in the main streets but also the back alleys. Perhaps it was due to the surprise attack of the demon, that would cause them to get ready for high-level caution even if there wasn’t an order yet.

Because the Imperial capital is in such a condition, Pal and them are having trouble with invading, and are waiting for a chance. The Usagininzoku*Rabbit people* who aren’t slaves can’t just pour on into the imperial capital, and there are limits to pretending to be Hajime’s slaves. Therefore, the reinforcement unit that Hajime brought is hiding in a remote rock zone away from the Imperial capital to not attract attention for now. Rather its strange how Cam’s group was able to invade it.

However, Hajime said, [I don’t know], its almost certain that Cam was caught by them already. As for the Usagininzoku,they were a demi-human race of first-rate stealth operations, and Cam continued to polish it. Even if going in and out is severe, he will likely be able to do something by sending a message to the outside by some method. If there are no signs, Its natural to think that

hes been caught already.

Of course, I don’t think that the information on Cam can be found at the adventurers guild. However, there might be the case of an event or rumor related to it.

Shia looking uneasy, Hajime extends his hand to caress her cheeks again ~munimuni~. Shia, though she likes when her ears are felt, her cheeks being caressed was also a favorite. Hajime, told a joke to Shia while laughing that left a feeling of uneasiness.

[If hes been caught, we only need to take him back. Don’t worry, shia. When the time comes, even if we have to turn the Imperial capital to ashes, we’ll get him back.]

[N…leave it to us, shia]

[Hajime-san, Yue-san…]

[nonono, do we have to turn it into ashes? Though your eyes aren’t laughing, is it really a joke? is it?]

[Shizuku-yan, the Imperial capital is already……]

[You’ve already given up? Have you already given up, Kaori!?]

Was Hajime’s joke not really a joke? Though shizuku tsukkomied while her cheek cramped up, she began to panic because Kaori seemed to be sad and shook her head.

Actually, it seemed too much like a joke, because surely Hajime cannot destroy one whole country.

While Hajime walked on the main street towards the adventurers guild while joking about a joke that actually wasn’t, the state of the town began to change. Several buildings were collapsed, and there was debris scattered everywhere.

On the way, according to what they heard through their ears, the demon being managed in the coliseum for a duel, suddenly mutated and became a strong and huge demon which has never been seen before and it raged about. Suddenly the huge demon appeared at the center of the city (it seemed to be 30 meters in length.) the empire reacted afterwards and confronted it.

Finally, the Majinzoku*Devil Race* seems to take advantage and approached the emperor with a dash. While managing the demon by going to the front personally, the emperor was able to repel the Majinzoku somehow…The compensation was large no matter how you looked at the state of the town.

It started at the colosseum which meant that it collapsed radially, at the miserable sight, many demi-human slaves were barefoot and brought out to remove the debris in great number.

Because of the collapse on the other side there were watchmen surveying the intense place, though we need to get to the adventure guild, due to nature, we watched. It reminded me of how the pyramids were constructed in ancient Egypt, the state of having to carry debris with a gloomy expression while under severe monitoring and abuse from the armed empire soldiers, which put a finished setting to the word misery.

The side effects of the damages in the Imperial capital seems to effect the demi-humans more than anyone else. Even though demi-humans are known for their physical powers, If one is overworked they’ll definitely fall down and then someone will appear and beat them until they get back up.

If they don’t get back up, the empire would simply attack the Sea of Trees to gain more supply of slaves because they don’t see demi-humans as people. Or, the sense of values that strength reigns supreme and only the “weak” are excluded. The purpose of Arutena being transported to another city is also to replace previous slaves.

Just then, a boy around 10 years old with dog ears and tail tripped on some debris and fell down loudly, all the debris contained in his cart also fell out. The inumimi*Dog eared* boy was crouching down enduring the pain of his foot, the empire soldiers of the watch had a dangerous look, he began to approach with a club in hand. It’s obvious what he plans on doing.

And, the ally of justice couldn’t remain silent about something about to happen right in front of him.

[Oi! Stop…]

Kouki, tries to run out while raising a loud voice to stop the empire soldier. However, he was stopped by the event that happened in the next moment.


At the same time as the subtle sound was heard through the air, the empire soldier toppled down like a brick and dove onto the debris.

Gosha! an indescribably miserable sound was heard, the empire soldier who was approaching the inumimi boy didn’t move an inch. Apparently he fainted somehow. Afterwards the empire soldiers co-worker came rushing in a hurry, after seeing his condition, he shook his head with an amazed expression and carried him away somewhere. Leaving behind the inumimi boy.

The inumimi boy, just looked with a blank surprised expression for a while as he didn’t understand what just happened, He then quickly rakes up all the fallen debris that fell out and resumed his job as if nothing happened.

Kouki who was going to begin running was stunned and baffled. Then, Hajime’s voice ranged out.

[Though i don’t care if you thrust your neck into something troublesome, at least prevent it from troubling us?]

[N…was that you just now Nagumo-kun?]

Hajime shrugs his shoulder towards Kouki’s question. Actually, the empire soldier stumbled and fell because of the needle that was shot out from his artificial arm. Apart from having been helped earlier by me, Kouki, frowned at the word “troublesome”. Apparently, i’ve seemed to flip on his justice switch.

[What is troublesome. …Is it bad to help? Even you helped me]

[If anything, stopping you from making a scene is the correct choice. If you went and stopped him more empire soldiers would have shown up and it would have become a riot. We came here to look for a person. Not to cause extra commotion. Can you not cause an unnecessary uproar, if you’re going to cause one at least do it away from us so it won’t be a nuisance]

While giving an indifferent answer while waving his hand, Kouki heats up and sends their purpose of finding Shia’s dad into the corner of his mind, He began to appeal for the sense of values of his ethics and justice.

[You, as your watching the demi-humans, do you think of it as nothing at all! Look, now, at this time, they are suffering!]

[Haa~, hey Yaegashi*Shizuku*, quickly do something about this fool whos lost sight of our purpose. I’m leaving it in your care]

Hajime also, Myuu was helped before. If a child suffers in front of his presence, he feels nothing at all. Be an adult…do something about it yourself, think what you want.

However, even after the original purpose was said, i can’t work on the emancipation of slaves, so i left it to Yaegashi because its troublesome to play with Kouki.

Shizuku, though a sigh was let out…ahead of that, Kouki raised his voice in anger. Apparently, he seems to not like that Hajime had relied on Shizuku for this incident.

[Shizuku has nothing to do with this! Right now, im talking with you! You value Shia, so why are you deserting these demi-humans!]

As Kouki’s voice became loud, people in the surroundings began to pay attention. Some of the remote empire soldiers and watchdogs began to glance towards Hajime frequently.

Since Hajime is an outsider and is looking for Cam who is currently hostile with the empire, he didn’t want to stir up anymore unnecessary trouble with the authorities. Therefore, he rolled his eyes abruptly towards Kouki.

[……Amanogawa*Kouki*. I’ll say it one more time for you who has bad memory. Alright? i don’t want to hear your repetitious complaining, and i don’t plan on having a debate on ethics or sense of justice. I don’t recognize you as companions, so i don’t intend to get along with you. After all you asked for “permission” and “followed” along. Therefore, don’t rush in by yourself,

its unsightful. If you make too much noise……should I crush your limbs and send you back to the Kingdom?]


[I said it a while ago, but i don’t intend to interfere with you either. Therefore, while your still in range don’t do anything that will trouble us. We came here to look for Cam. There is no time to be distracted on other things. ……And Shia is more important than other demi-humans to me]

Hajime, turned away from Kouki’s glare, as if uninterested.

Slavery, its completely natural in this world. Though they’re certainly receiving cruel treatment, it’s “bad” to help a demi-human thats been enslaved in general. Because it counts as stealing another persons “possession”.

“Still” it’s probably necessary to think about it eventually. The resolution to fight against the empire itself to create a method of abolishing the slavery of the demi-humans. As it is, even if we help the slaves with force, there’s a threat of retaliation and the demi-humans would be captured and treated more harshly than ever before.

Does he finally understand, if not…… Kouki stares at the back of Hajime and doesn’t move. Still being urged by shizuku and them, he finally let it go reluctantly.

Kouki, though he’s accompanying Hajime with permission, if what Hajime said about gods were true and others as strong as Nointo will be appearing more often, then he has to obey, because it would be too difficult to obtain power otherwise.

To be able to obtain the Age of Gods magic by obeying Hajime was certainly the best choice. Therefore, he held back the ill feelings in his chest and became silent.

With the delicate atmosphere(only Kouki’s group) they reached the adventurers guild at last.

There are tables put in the large space for miscellaneous things, and two counters. One counter for the procedures and receptionist, who was also a woman, while the other counter was a bar. There are fellows drinking in the daytime here and there, if there wasn’t, i felt like tsukkomi-ing to help with its revival.

When Hajime set foot inside, due to his familiar encounters he understood. In other words, vulgar glances would be placed on Yue and them. Therefore, Hajime while moving towards the counter used “Pressure” as soon as he stepped in.

As expected of a military nation, even as they drank there was no one who fainted, they began to expose caution and sobered up all together.

The receptionist at the counter, there’s no radiance from her as seen in the other towns. Only looking down on Hajime with an expression of no motivation. I get the feeling that i should state my business quickly.

[I want information. Recently, was there any demi-humans which caused a commotion here in the Imperial capital a few days ago?]

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To Hajime’s question, the receptionist gives Hajime a suspicious look. This is because the content of the question was strange.

You only have to go to the slave association of the merchant guild if you wanted information of a slave, even then slaves cannot cause a commotion in the Imperial capital. That is because a slave’s collar seals off most of the resistance. And, Hajime’s question does not change, what he’s asking is something impossible in the Imperial capital unless they weren’t a slave.

Result, the receptionist pointed towards the bar counter, whether its a regular system or it became too troublesome to deal with.

[……Such information can be heard there]

As Hajime looks towards the counter, he sees the figure of a man past middle age, polishing glass, apparently the bar also counted as a place for information gathering. The receptionist returned to doing what she was before, as if declaring that her work is done.

Hajime shrugs his shoulder and walks towards the bar counter.

There are dangerous glares appearing from the adventurers, Kouki and Ryutaro also react and glare back. Suzu seemed to be weak in these cases and shrinks back behind Shizuku. Holding the hem of Shizuku’s clothes, she looked cute for a moment.

Hajime goes up to the counter and asks the same question to the bartender. However, the other party just kept polishing glass while disregarding it. Hajime’s eyes narrowed.


[This here is a bar, Not a place for children to come and play around. I don’t plan on having anything to do with people who can’t drink. Leave quickly]

so he’s looking for a drinking master. Then I’ll give him a drinking master! Hajime’s tension began to increase. He’s still just polishing glass to make it shiny, but he values his reputation. If you come here, and the liquor is drunk in great loads, he’ll definitely be delighted.

Hajime, places money on the counter with an poker face while secretly being happy about being able to taste a fantasy game hero’s feelings. From the darkness in the corner of his mind, a mini-Hajime asked, [You called?], peeping out.

[That’s true. Master, I ask for the strongest and worst quality liquor you have in this shop]

[……If you vomit, i’ll kick you out]

The master, the moment Hajime ordered, reluctantly pulled out a bottle from the shelf behind him and his eyebrow twitched slightly as he placed it on the counter with a pikui~ sound.

Adventurers were all staring at Hajime because they felt cautious that he wasn’t just a kid, they understood due to the pressure he released.

Hajime picks up the bottle and abruptly cuts the tip off with his finger tips. The action itself was fluid and people who understood held their breath. Even the master’s eyes were widening a little.

A strong alcoholic smell drifts from the bottle as soon as it was open, Shia and Kaori who was by his side instinctively covered their nose due to the fumes. Kouki and them also backs away while groaning “Uu”.

[hey, Nagumo-kun? So, do you have to drink that? Shouldn’t you stop?]

[yes, that’s right. you’ll absolutely vomit. Suzu already seems to want to vomit]

[In the first place Hajime, lets have it be a better liquor if your going to drink it anyways]

[Its as Kaori says, Hajime. Why did you purposely ask for that one……]

Shizuku and them relay their complaints without restraint. Yue by his side pulls the hem of his clothes while frowning from the smell of the liquor.

[No, its bad manners to not taste liquor thats open… are you looking down on the liquor?]

Hajime replies as they’re worrying.

A smile slightly appeared on the mouth of the master from the joke. Hajime thought, I got the master to smile! There must not be a lot of adventurers who respect the taste of liquor very often.

Hajime, [ah~] Kaori and the rest let out a voice as Hajime began drinking the liquor with horrible smell. Rather than pouring it into a cup he’s drinking it directly. Hajime’s mind seems to be calm but deep within, “see i am a drinking master, i’ve definitely lived up to your expectations.” As the mini-Hajime explains in the mind, his left arm begins to ache.

Only the sound of [gokyu~ gokyu~] was heard echoing within the store from his throat. And, in no time at all the whole bottle was drunk up in one go.

An empty bottle was held in Hajimes hand! When he puts it on the counter, the master looked at him while having a smile on his lips. Hajime’s eyes conveyed [Any complaints?] towards the master.

[……I get it, i get it. You are definitely a customer]

The master put up both hands and showed will of surrendering while smiling wryly. Its quite bitter sweet. Hajime’s, “act with a master to gather information was finished” with that he was content with the outcome.

The liquor that Hajime drank was said to be 95 percent alcohol. [could it even be called a drink anymore?] the level of its quality was the worst as well. Its the feeling being treated to free alcohol.

They needed to prove themselves that they weren’t just kids in order to get the master to have a different opinion of them.

By the way, Hajime has a constitution which will never get drunk no matter how much he drinks. The reason is because of “Poison Tolerance.” Originally the delicious way of drinking liquor was instilled to him by his father while in Japan, though it was one of his best memories, its become impossible for him to get drunk completely because of “poison tolerance”, so Hajime regretted for a moment.

[……De? Is there any information on my question a little while ago? Of course I will pay a suitable value for it]

[No, I don’t mind the same amount as the drinking money a while ago. ……You wanted to hear about the Hauria Usagininzoku right?]

[! ……There seems to be some information. Give me the details]

Apparently, the master actually had suitable information on the matter.

There seemed to have been a huge arrest several days ago, that time there was a group of Usagininzoku who tried to escape the empire soldiers through force. However, it wasn’t possible and they were soon completely surrounded by over 100 empire soldiers, It appears that they were taken to the castle when caught.

Still, the ability to overturn the common sense of the Usagininzoku was an excellent topic, due to the unusualness of the topic there was actually a lot of information throughout the town.

[Hee~, the castle……]

When Hajime sees Shia by his side muttering, he notices that her complexion has become cloudy. Really, what kind of treatment will a demi-human receive if they invade the Imperial capital…at the very least we can’t expect a bright future.

However, the place he was taken makes me anxious. Though there’s also demand for male Usagininzoku, but males of middle age like Cam doesn’t have very high demand. Moreover, the existence of these excessive empire soldiers practically showing off their power. It would be natural if he was executed immediately on the spot.

In other words, the empire finds some value in Cam, they’ve decided to make the best use of him. The possibility of Cam being alive is still very high. It’s still too early to give up hope.

Hajime clenches Shia’s hand under the counter in order to reassure her. Yue also does the same for her other hand. Hajime and Yue’s feelings were transmitted to Shia, power returned to her eyes and she nodded.

The master looks at Shia’s hair-color which is rare for demi-humans. The relation of the Usagininzoku that was caught could be guessed. Hajime suddenly asked an unexpected question to the master in a light tone.

[Master, if i paid the price, the Imperial castle, would you give me information on it?]

[! ……Though your question sounds like a joke……It doesn’t seem like a joke when i look at your appearance…]

Though Hajime was smiling, the eyes that looked straight at the master wasn’t laughing at all.

Due to the strange pressure, even masters expression stiffened up a little. The content of the question is tricky as well, If answered unskillfully, the intention of aiding a rebellion will appear.

Mostly, because the adventurers guild is an independent organization, so there is no actual reason to have a “rebellion” in the empire. Hajime, having based his assumption of this, asked his question and put the master in a bind.

However, though the master is someone that belongs to the adventurers guild, it’s also his home country, if it’s known that he sold information on the castles stronghold, he wont get away scott free, therefore he cannot easily pass on that information. Because Hajime was starting to understand what the master was thinking he started applying pressure which caused the master to hesitate even more.

So, the master finally decided on telling Hajime of someone else who knew of the information to his question.

[……There is a man by the name of Nedeiru in the fourth unit of the patrol group. He’s a former jailer]

[Nedeiru. Alright, i’ll visit him. We’re indebted to you, master]

Because Hajime didn’t think that master would tell information about the imperial castle to him, the next best thing would be telling him of someone else who knew.

Hajime left the adventurers guild and walked out onto the main street. Meanwhile, Shia asked Hajime about the exchanges from a while ago.

[Ano, Hajime-san. Being introduced to a former jailer person a little while ago, by any chance…]

[Ah. In order to hear about the details of the place, i intend to invade it tonight. Now then, Yue and I will go and collect information, you guys go off and eat a meal at a suitable place. We’ll be back in two or three hours]

Shia’s face changed to doubt after hearing Hajime’s instructions.

[? Why is it only you two? …Ha!? Surely, your not just trying to get some time alone with Yue!? Always! Always!!]

[Na!? Is that so Hajime-san!? No, that’s no good! Just what are you thinking in this situation!]

[Mu? Its always only Yue~. …hey, husband. May i participate in the battle too?]

[Th, there’s no way that would happen! How are we going to do that with the amount of people here. I’m not a guy who can’t read the air]

With the suspicion of Shia and Kaori who sensitively reacts to it, and, to Teio that demands a 3P, Hajime instinctively threw out a tsukkomi.

Kui~Kui~ Hajime’s sleeve was pulled. It was Yue with blushed cheeks glancing upwards at Hajime.

[……We’re doing it outside?]

[No, because we’re not doing it]

[……Then, we’re doing it indoors?]

[No, its not a problem of where we do it. Please just leave it there]

[……Muu, i understand. I’ll prepare for the battle at night]

[The battle at night, you’re talking about the invasion of the Imperial castle right? that’s what you mean right?]

Yue’s joke is clear. ……It must be a joke. Though her eyes had a sharpness to them which resembles a wild wolf about to prance on its prey with a bewitching atmosphere.

On the other hand, Shizuku who had been watching the exchanges of Hajime was considerably confused.

[O, How mature! It should be a conversation between classmates, but its a mature topic *slightly improvised*, what do we do Shizuku!]

[…Afterall what can i do. …But, Kaori still? ……What should i do? should I be supporting my best friend here? Or should I scold them while its not too late? …I don’t understand. The level of the conversation is too high for me!]

With Suzu who was blushing and hiding herself behind Shizuku while squirming to keep the ero inside, and Shizuku was muttering things, [Are you Okan ka!] I tsukkomied. The hero was blushing slightly and the muscle for brains and passbyers A-B-C- through Z was affected by Yue’s bewitching atmosphere.

[You guys stop it already……The reason why its just Yue and me is because if Nedeiru isn’t obedient, a politer “talk” will be needed, Yue who’s accustomed to Reproduction magic will be useful……]

[Even i can use Reproduction magic……]

[Kaori, you should leave it to Yue this time.]


Nedeiru was a soldier of the Empire, he wouldn’t obediently give information about the Imperial castle. In other words “Force” will be used through questioning. And, Reprodction magic would be useful in order to use “Force” properly, its too severe for Kaori, Shizuku who guessed Hajime’s intentions calms Kaori down.

Kaori also, she had guessed Hajime’s intentions, “still” she wanted to be with him, she also wanted be of help to Shia, but because she understands that the soldier will likely not give information unless force was used she withdrew reluctantly.

Every member consented and while Hajime and Yue started disappearing into the crowd, Shia shouts out.

[Hajime-san! Yue-san! Ehtto, sono……]

She doesn’t appear to have the right words yet, a troubled smile appears on Hajime’s face when he saw that Shia was stumbling with words. Surely, It was the same serious atmosphere she has in the labyrinths.

After all, Shia said the words with a smile and slightly embarrassed to Hajime.

[Keep H to a moderate level!]

[Its ruined! This damned rabbit!]

After Hajime shouted back, he grabbed Yue’s hand and disappeared into the crowd.

Several hours later, they returned to where Shia and the group was on standby, Yue was strangely glossy and Hajime was haggard.

What exactly did they find out……

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