Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 114

Chapter 114

Imperial Capital of the Hoelscher Empire. In the corner of the restaurant on the first floor of the Inn, cold air flowed slightly.

Sitting down at the table where the cold air was being generated, was of course Hajime’s group. After Hajime and Yue returned from gathering information, the females glared cold gazes at Hajime.

Especially, Shia and Kaori’s eyes which were lacking all light, honestly, it was enough to make Hajime feel terror. Just behind Kaori, a Hannya started becoming visible.

[You seem to have had a great time?]

[Yue, is very glossy? What were you doing? Nee? What did you do? Nee, Nee]

There were no intonations in the voices from the two, the people from the next table couldn’t endure any longer and also quickly left. Judging from the appearance of the two people, It wasn’t possible to intervene at all, the waitress could only give Hajime a troubled look from afar.

The reason why this happened, was naturally, due to Yue being strangely glossy after returning, also because Hajime looked slightly haggard as well.

In other words, although they went out to gather information, what else could the 2 have done other than that! Their anger was building up

[……You’ve misunderstood. Yue is glossy because she sucked my blood?]

[ [ N? ] ]

both of them were misunderstanding Hajime’s situation and were shocked when the truth was told. Due to unexpected answer, both of their faces became identically goofy looking.

[Did you guys really think I’d place my hands on Yue? Am I a dog in heat. Is that what you guys think? Eh?]

[Ah, ahahahahaha, of course not~, I knew it right away. I thought that would be the case. Ne, Nee, Kaori-san]

[Ye, yes! Of course, Shia. The amount of mana consumption from using Reproduction magic is harsh. I thought it was that from the beginning]

Hajime only had a sarcastic look in his eyes, Shia and Kaori’s eyes swam around all over the place while trying to defend themselves.

Hajime, suddenly turns his sights to Shizuku’s group. They immediately looked the other way while beginning to blush. It appears that they also misunderstood completely.

[Ha~a, oh well. Anyways, we got the information that we needed. Tonight, we’ll sneak into the palace where Cam and the others are most likely being held. Though security seems to be quite severe, as long as Cam’s group is found, we can quickly escape using space magic, so it shouldn’t be that difficult. Only Yue, Shia, and I will be infiltrating. Just in case, since you guys can’t use sign perception and teleport. You guys should meet up with Pal’s group outside of the capital. Because we’ll transfer directly there]

[……We understand……in the first place, is the information is correct? Isn’t it possible that this Nedeiru guy lied……]

[Thats probably not possible. After having his crotch flattened, then regenerating it before he loses consciousness, moreover it was actually crushed…a mans treasure, many times, repeatedly. Its just not possible for a man to endure it……after we got him to spill out the information, Nedeiru was already shedding tears of relief while holding his hands over his crotch, even I could feel his pain]

Your the one that did it! is what Kouki and them really wanted to Tsukkomi, though they stopped and sighed instead because Hajime was unnaturally showing a sad expression. Shizuku’s thoughts, after having felt chills, it’s a relief that Kaori didn’t go.

At the same time, Yue who grounded up and crushed the man’s crotch many times, thought nothing of it at all, it wouldn’t be odd for them to both be referred to as the “ball smashers” throughout the Empire, Kouki and Ryutaro while shivering, swore to never defy Yue. Their inner thighs became somewhat uncomfortable under the table.

[Na~a, Nagumo……right now, if Shia’s family is in the Imperial castle, shouldn’t you just ask for them back? Riri should be there too, I’m a hero as well……I think we should manage if we just talk it out……]

Kouki said, completely late with all the efforts that have already been put in.

Certainly, its as Kouki said, with Kouki’s words as a hero, an appointment for Riria-na could be set up in order to ask for help. Rather than relying just on Hajime’s raw power, negotiations was also a choice.


[And what do they get out of it?]


[Cam’s group are invaders, what if they’ve already killed Empire soldiers? Moreover, although they completely surrounded the Usagininzoku, Cam’s group became a completely different existence to them because they dealt damage to the Empire. Do you really think that they’d just hand them over for free?]

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[They’ll definitely want some sort of compensation. They’ll definitely take complete advantage over it, there’s too much risks. Also consider how they intend to save face as well. Even if they get freed it won’t be over for them. Or, it will likely affect the princess who has to deal with the negotiations. Are you still fine with that?]

The possibility certainly exists, Kouki just kept quiet. Perhaps, he also wanted somehow help with the situation. There was that thing with the Demi-human slave a while back too, he couldn’t ignore it and now continued to think about something.

~Hijiyo~ Hajime started to feel a bad premonition, he looked at Shizuku for an instant. And Shizuku said [Ah, this, this is bad] she noticed Kouki’s expression. Apparently there are signs are recklessness appearing from Kouki.

Hajime’s thoughts, though i never thought it would happen, when we invaded the Imperial capital, Kouki suddenly required “Huge Care” for his actions, I need to take the first move.

[Naa, Amanogawa. I have a request for you……]

[Tsu!!!? wh…what? a request from Nagumo? ……Impossible……]

Kouki stiffens up and becomes flabbergasted from the word, request, that Hajime suddenly said. Ryutaro and Suzu also did the same thing. Its as if they had discovered a UMA*Alien* in town by chance. A “request” from Hajime, judging from how he usually is, that word should have been impossible.

However, Hajime had expected that kind of reaction, though he was a little irritated, he didn’t voice it out.

[Ah~, never mind, it’s fine after all. I can’t ask you to do such a dangerous thing. Sorry, forget about it]

[wa, wait, wait a second! First tell me what you want me to do……]

He started to feel bad due to the atmosphere when Hajime was so quick to give up, Kouki easily took the bait.

[Nothing much, although i’ll be invading the Imperial castle, security is too tight. That’s why I want you to be a decoy to raise the success rate even by a little bit. …For example, a person that is willing to rage and attract the Empire soldiers for the sake of helping the Demi-humans, like the inumimi boy from a while ago… something along those lines. Ah, however, its too dangerous. Please forget about it]

Of course, there’s no reason why Hajime wouldn’t be able to invade the castle even if security was strict. Although, a decoy would be helpful, its not particularly necessary. simply, there was no other way but this. It would be bad if he went and did something reckless by himself, so i decided to give him a task to do. At the very least, it’ll actually help! So that he doesn’t try to say that he’s coming along to the Imperial castle……

[Decoy…those children……do it. I’ll do it! Nagumo! Please let me be the decoy!]

[O, oh, really, I understand, indeed, you are a hero……alright. To such a wonderful hero, I’ll give you this]

After saying so, Hajime pulls out some ores from his “Treasure Warehouse” and transmuted them into four masks.

The masks are divided by color, red, blue, yellow, and pink, its a full-faced helmet which makes you think about the heros of a certain crew. It was an ingenious design that didn’t obstruct breathing or sight. An average Synergist wouldn’t be able to create it at all. It was a useless skill that had been refined in vain without waste.


[As you can see, a mask]


[Why you say, is it alright to have a hero raging around in the Imperial capital? Your identity would be known. Therefore, the mask’s purpose is to hide your identity. In every country, the hero’s identity must never be known. It begins with a masked hero, and it ends with a masked hero. I even color coated it so that you guys could tell each other apart]

[Eh? No, suddenly, with that kind of reasoning……well, As for our true identities, we should definitely conceal it. We’ll probably trouble Riri if found out…but, this……]

Kouki looks at the masks with a cramped cheek.

[………Don’t worry about it hero(laughs). To you, the tidy leader, I’ll give you “Red”]

[……Naa, just now, did you attach something at the end of hero?]

[Sakagami*Ryutaro*, you’re blue. Blue shows a calm disposition. Though I hesitated to create a black and make you it instead, my judgement for you(Muscle for Brains) was that blue would be best. I think it was a good decision if I do say so myself]

[O, oh? Though I don’t really understand, you’re giving it to me]

[And Taniguchi*Suzu*, you……]

[P, pink right? right? I’m a little embarrassed……]

[You’re yellow. Eh? did you hear? You’re yellow. You’re easily happy, so your Yellow. In various meanings, you’re Yellow]

[……Nee, Nagumo-kun, by any chance do you hate Suzu? That kind of thing?]

[And the last one is……Yaegashi*Shizuku*……]

[Please wait, Nagumo-kun. Though there’s only one remaining…but it can’t be right?]

[Yaegashi, of course, the remaining pink, it’s yours]

[I don’t want it! In the first place, Isn’t there other ways to hide a person’s identity rather than wearing masks? It should be fine if I just cover up myself with a cloth! Nagumo-kun, you, truthfully you’re only doing it for fun right!]

To Shizuku’s protest, Hajime feeling relieved, shrugs his shoulders. Shizuku’s cheeks have cramped up and are twitching because his attitude was unreasonable like a childs.

[Alright? Surely you can hide your identity! But. The mask fits on comfortably, it won’t fall off easily, and it’s shock absorbent. In addition, it’s so light you won’t even notice its on, and its endurance is so high that average attacks wouldn’t even scratch it]

[All, all those things in a single moment……what uselessly high skills……]

[And Yaegashi, you’re the cool beauty type and usually well defined, but in truth, you actually like cute things, its a classic. Therefore, I purposely and thoughtfully made you pink even if you said no. Show some gratitude]

[J, Just what are you assuming…wa, cute things, I, I don’t particularly……]

[Ah, you’re right, Hajime-kun! Shizuku’s room is filled with stuffed animals]

While Shizuku was desperately trying to deny Hajime’s assumption, a betrayal emerged. Kaori exposed Shizuku’s hobbies. On Shizuku’s head, “!?”, mark appeared.

[………Thinking about it, she always loved animals back in the days. Especially, rabbits and cats.]

[ ! ]

[Ah, the standby photo on Shizuku’s phone was also a bunny rabbit ne~]

[ ! ]

[Whenever we pass by the arcade, she always makes sure to play the UFO catcher game. Moreover, it’s usually delicious.]

[ ! ]

[I see, and Shizuku-san would always stare and look at my Usamimi*Rabbit ears*.]

[ ! ! ! ]

[……Yaegashi. Sa~a, take it. Pink…is yours]

Hajime was quietly holding out the pink mask with gentle eyes. For some reason, all other members also, watched her with a gentle expression. Before anyone was aware, the choice to not wear a mask, disappeared.

[……What’s up with this, this air……though you guys say that, I, though I don’t really like pink, but? I’ll reluctantly take it, but don’t misunderstand about this alright? Also, is there any person out there that doesn’t like small animals? That’s why, this time only, there’s no other reason…so, stop looking at me with those gentle looking eyes!]

Even as her ears were reddening, Shizuku honestly received the mask.

While trying to deny it desperately and embarrassingly, Shia quietly said, [If it’s Shizuku-san, do you want to touch my Usamimi a little?] an empty effort that destroyed the dere aspect of friendship.

By the way, After Hajime finished pushing the 4 to their positions, he was snarling.

The plan was, if 4 people wearing masks suddenly appear and make a huge commotion in town, their names would exceed the 2 names that the Hauria game to him.

In reality, during the time where he was talking with Pal’s group, it seems that he held a grudge against them for laughing at the names he was called by. Moreover, because their color coated, they won’t be called by their names directly, it’ll be enough agony to make them want to conceal themselves up in a mountain……

While thinking about how to stop Kouki’s recklessness, the intentions to scheme his revenge also appeared, Yue had a look that was slightly amazed.



There were innumerable rooms fitted with grates and not one light in the darkness existed. The grates were made from special metals, it formed a solid barrier and there were carved magic formations on the ground, as if declaring in silence that they’ll never let the people in the small rooms escape.

There was a nasty smell generated from the filth and blood, it was extremely dirty, even if they couldn’t see properly they could tell.

What is this terrible place, Of course, it was the prison which was purposed to restraining prisoners, it was also considered as the dungeon in the castle of the Hoelscher Empire.

As expected, a jail worthy of the Imperial castle, the quality of the metal ore that was used to create the dungeon was certainly excellent, the magic formations carved on the ground in order to not let any prisoners escape was also excellent.

Any person that attempts to break out, or anyone sneaking in will definitely die, there were also traps engraved onto the walls that seemed to be extremely painful when tripped, but, as long as the aria that releases the trap is not recited properly it’ll be fine, though in the first place, arbitrary actions might have been predicted and sealed off already.

With that, there is no possibility of being able to break into the prison, while being tormented by the putrid smell without even one light, if someone is placed in a cell, an ordinary man would go insane in just a day. Guards are situated in front of the only door leading down from the outside, their replacement schedules are much longer during the night time.

However, despite being one of the worst places, now, for some reason there were many voices heard.

[Oi, how many did you break today?]

[All his fingers, and 2 ribs…You?]

[Hehe, it’s my win. All his fingers and 3 ribs I believe?]

[Ha, only to that extent? I broke 7 ribs and his cheekbones……and also one of his Usamimi’s]

[Are you serious? Just what did you do? Though they don’t really care how we beat them, they specifically said not to put our hands on their Usamimi’s…]

[Na~Ni*What*, it’s just the usual, who’s the person that you’re working for? because, he never answered my question properly. ……Then he said. “It’s your mother. I’m your new father, so I came to check up on my son.”]

[Uwaa~, I guess, anyone would lose their temper over that…]

[But, those fellows, their Usamimi’s aren’t dropping down at all, maybe they’ve received orders? it might be something like disobeying us……]

[Ah~, they’ll definitely be disposed of. Kekeke, I can’t get enough of this stuff~!]

When I heard them, they were boasting of who inflicted the most damage. Though they didn’t die because the minimum amount of recovery magic was used, to have the courage to talk about it in the middle of the room, the owners of the voices state that their prisoners are all covered in wounds.

Still holding it in and enduring it, the identities of those being joked about was, the Hauria that were caught by the Empire.

They, competing who dealt the most injuries, weren’t particularly out of order. As they’ve already prepared themselves for it.

Since being placed into the dungeon in the castle, they already expect not to live anymore. Were they to be executed, or turned into slaves……It seems to have been the latter case, because they’ll likely try to commit suicide when an opening shows, as expected, they have no will to live. As they would only be forced to fight against their own family, it would only be a nightmare, so they’ve resolved themselves beforehand.

And, they don’t have any power because, they intend to go out with a bang.

The Empire, because the Hauria’s abilities are too far apart from common sense, they’re suspecting that someone is plotting something behind them.

Moreover, even if that wasn’t true, his Majesty the Emperor likes the Hauria tribe, he seems to want to use them as pawns for his empire army. Battle operations, able to use weapons, and fighting spirit, a method of changing the gentle Hauria, the Hauria tribe was like a treasure box for his Majesty which liked strong people.

The Hauria who suspects as much, until their lives were finally extinguished, will continue to defy the empire. Because their resolutions were already made, it was foolish to waste time torturing them.

By the way, being put in this dungeon covered with wounds, they’re still tortured in the name of questioning in their cells, The hauria tribe still showed a confident smile, most of the empire soldiers that saw their confidence showed fear in their eyes.

[This time, the chief was quite grand as well……]

[Thats right. ……Naa, while we have the chance, want to have a competition with the chief to see who can handle the most injuries?]

[Oh? Sounds good. Then, my Usamimi’s would be complete]

[No, you, it’ll be a great loss right?]

[No, the chief is starting to sound more and more like boss. ……especially when training recruits……]

[Ah, just as if the boss was possessed huh. When being verbally abused like that……its impossible……]

[Ma~a, if the boss was caught in the first place, normally he’ll try to destroy everything from the inside even when caught!]

[Rather, don’t you get the feeling that the Imperial capital is crying? surely, disappearing from the map.]

[Boss is relentless afterall!]

[Because he’s an ogre!]

[No, he’s the Devil!]

[Then, looks like he’s the Demon Lord]

[Oi, oi, doesn’t that make him sound like the lord of Majinzoku’s. Compared with the boss, the Demon Lord is an insect that can’t even compare. An insect]

[Then……the most devilish inspired malevolent god?]

[ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ Thats it! ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

[……You guys are fairly energetic? This “Beep” guy……It’s been a long time but it seems you guys have gotten much more talkative? Eh~?]

[ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ ………… ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

The voice that was filled with anger that affected the Hauria sounded out from the dark.

It was a very familiar voice, the Hauria fell silent and froze. Inside the darkness, their breaths became shallow as if they were small animals waiting for a carnivore to pass by.

[Oi, Kora. Why are you guys falling silent for. I’m the Ogre, demon, Satan, malevolent god? right?]

[Hahaha, hey, guys. I, it seems like I’ve finally made it to that point. ……I’ve begun hearing hallucinations at last……]

[Feel relieved, you’re not the only one. ……I’m the same]

[Is that so……you guys too……but that last voice sounded like bosses angry voice……]

[At least allow us to hear the voice of a cute woman before our end]

The voice from the other party that wasn’t there should have been properly heard, but the Hauria treats it as a hallucination in order to escape reality.

To such people, Hajime the owner of the voice, pointed out the reality. Yue that was nearby pulls out a sphere of light, the darkness in the dungeon was completely wiped out. And, the appearance of Hajime was clearly seen inside the Imperial castle.

[ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [Gee, boss——!!?] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

[Quiet down you idiots]

[……You look energetic?]

[Looks and feels like it, though we’re in pretty bad shape……our worries have faded away though.]

Everyone of the Hauria tribe, while suffering from a extremely cruel injuries, being kept in a dirty prison, though they’re not in the state to stand up, their wild voices raised as if meeting their own clones.

Hajime, Yue, and Shia, the Hauria were amazed.

[Wh, why, is the boss at such a place……]

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[Save the talk for later. First of all, we’ve come to rescue you guys. ……Jeez, although you guys are in tatters up you’re quite spirited. Just how tough are you guys]

[Wa, wawa, obviously, its because we were trained by boss]

[Compared to our training with boss, being tortured by the empire soldiers is practically like playing a game]

[It’s like their thirst for blood wasn’t enough? It was too lukewarm, they were even considerate enough to nurse us]

[Ma~a, bosses thirst for blood, is on the level of where in just one moment there is an illusion of being killed in hundreds of different ways, there’s no helping it]

While coughing ~Gefug Gefuu~ and blood, towards the words that the Hauria were joking around with, an indescribable gaze came from Yue and Hajime, looking at Shia.

When that happened she coughed ~Gohon~ to try and deceive Hajime, the traps in the dungeon were confirmed by the Magic Eye, it was then conveyed to Yue and Shia. And, dismantling the traps quickly began.

The magic trap formations, usually, without the correct aria(Key) it cannot be released. But it was being neutralized through the process of dispersing the magic put into the magic formation by operating it through aria.

Though there is the method of directly destroying the formations as well, however usually, the moment it’s broken, it’ll activate, because there are functions which alarm the other formations that one has been broken, so releasing them all by aria is actually the only way.

However, this method only works for the person that placed the magical powers into the aria. conversely, if the person can directly manipulate magic, it’s possible to dismantle them without allowing them to set off other traps even without a key.

Hajime’s group completely neutralized the Imperial castles dungeon which the Empire is so proud of, the Cells are opened one after another through transmuting from Hajime, all members of the Hauria were also completely recovered through Yue’s Reproduction magic.

[Ha~a, as ridiculous as always huh. For the time being, boss……]

[ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [Thanks for coming to save us!] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

[O. Ma~a, it was for Shia. She was worried. Moreover, I don’t see Cam’s appearance. ……Do you know where he is?]

[About that……]

One of the Hauria began to speak, apparently Cam is currently being interrogated, the position of the interrogation room was also told.

They, by all means, also wanted to rescue their Chief! Though they appealed for it, they weren’t allowed to help out, because they also understood that leaving it to Hajime and them who already invaded this place would be best, believing in Hajime’s words they entrusted it to them.

In the first place, their bodies began shaking intensely because of Hajime’s “Order”……

Hajime, a metallic plate about the size of his palm was taken out from the “Treasure Warehouse.” It had a lustrous gray shine, there’s a magic formation carved on the handle and the tip was jagged, it was basically shaped like a key.

In front of the confused Hauria, Hajime pours magic into the key type plate, then he pushed it out slowly into the space in front.

Then, the tip of the key type plate pierced through the space in front, a ripple formed and expanded vertically. The ripple gradually grows until it became the size of an adult human being, then Hajime literally twisted the key type plate with a ~guri~ just like a normal key.

Immediately after that, a “hole” extends around the Key type plate, when it fully extended out to a size of an adult human being the Hauria were popeyed, the rock zoned area could be seen on the other side.

[Alright, all of you pass through this. On the other side is the rock zone that’s a little bit to the left of the Imperial capital. Pal and the rest are on standby there]

[Yes Sir! Boss, please take care of the chief]

Though the Hauria were dumbfounded at the lack of common sense that occurred, it was the Ha in Hajime! When they regained their consciousness, it was obviously due to the boss! as soon as they finally understood, they saluted wonderfully. And, they passed through the gate created by the artifact without hesitation, the fellows with Usamimi’s were trained well.

What Hajime took out was, an artifact that produces a gate for super-long distance space transfer.

It was a pair key type artifact, “Gate Key”, and the keyhole artifact, “Gate Hall”, when thrusting out the gate key into space this process was “Opening the Lock”, the gate then connects the space to the place in the gate hall that is set up before hand in order to be transferred to it. Of course, it was created with a combination of space magic and creation magic.

When the Hauria were transferred, the gate is used again to “Lock” the hole in space shut, Hajime and the rest then headed for the place that Cam was being kept.

The severe security was broken through by skills and magic, they quickly reached the location.

The person at watch outside was quickly knocked out silently and they arrived in front of the door, an angry voice could be heard from the inside.

Shia’s expression freezes. She had prepared herself because an injured Cam would likely be on the other side, the feelings of worrying about a tattered family member began to well up.

Its seen, so Hajime put his hand on the doorknob and was about to open it at once, but he stopped instinctively because of the angry voice that came from the other side.

[What, make a firmer fist first! Are you even a soldier of the Empire! Use your hip more, you “Beep” that is only useful to “Beep”! You’re just like a “Beep” thats been “Beep”! A new born kittens fists is better than yours! What happened! Are you mortified, at least break a bone! If you can’t, you’re just “Beep” after all!]

[Sh, shut up! Why do i have to listen to anything you say!]

[Get those hands moving if you have time to move that mouth of yours! Is your hand “Beep” is it your lover, huh? Ah, in the end your lover must also be a “Beep” too huh? You “Beep” and “Beep” are well matched for each other!]

[D, damn you! Natasha is not that kind of woman!]

[St, stop Johann! You shouldn’t do that! This guy will die!]

[Sheet, is that fellow there a “Beep” as well. The empire’s soldiers, every single one of them are “Beeps” huh! Or better yet, why don’t you guys just rename yourselves to “Beep”! You pair of “Beep”! You’re both about equal, how about showing some murderous intent!]

[What was that! What did this guy just say! This guy can’t possibly be a Usagininzoku! Somebody answer me!]

[I’ve had enough of this! When I talk with this guy, I feel like I’m going to lose my mind!]

such a shout leaks out from the door and is heard.

Everyone was quiet. While looking down at his own hand that was on the doorknob, he began to doubt himself of this event that went against common sense, the empire soldiers that were supposed to be questioning Cam, were actually being cornered instead.

[Naa, is our help necessary?]

[……lets return?]

[……Say, sorry for now, but please help him. Because I don’t think he’ll be able to leave by himself……]

Shia yearns for the gentle father of the past, she asked Hajime while looking far-off into the distance. Actually, we would definitely have to help Cam because he doesn’t have the power to get away by himself……

[Sheet, do you know how to do anything besides moving your lips. I am the dark hunting ogre from the wriggling abyss, Cam von fantasy, L F light, the rhode rear, to become the enemies of the Hauria, its still much too early!]

From the other side, something with incredibly bad sense was said.

[……Shia, your father, something amazing was just said]

[……The more you think about it, the more confusing it gets]

[Uu……does my father have a grudge against me? Trying to kill his own daughter through embarrassment]

Shia was crouched down and covered both her hands over her face. The amount of damage seems to have been serious.

And, as for the condition of serious damage, the interrogators were also the same.

[I’ve already told you, I don’t get it! Damn, I don’t want this anymore! If I have to stay with this madman any longer i’ll go insane! I’m going home!]

[Wait, Johann! What about work! In the first place, what’s with those lines, its sinister so stop it!]

The sound approaching the door could be heard ~Dota Dota~.

Hajime then thought, [As expected, it was too much for them huh~], he then formed a fist in front of the door.

And, the moment that the door is loudly opened, his fist thrusted out.

One of the interrogator’s called Johann, for an instant [Eh?] his face was full of surprise and astonishment, the fist of steel was buried in his face the next second and he was blown back into the room.

Hajime then, steps into the room, fortunately similarly, the other interrogator was stunned as well and in that instant he was also knocked out.

And, the two people that were knocked out instantaneously formed a bad pose with their bodies. Whoever discovers this would have a variety of misunderstandings.

[It can’t be……is that you…boss?]

[Ahh, what to say, even though you’re in tatters you still abused them with words. ……You’ve become strong, in various amounts of ways……]

To begin with, it was in the meaning of the 2 that were just blown away a moment ago.

[Ha, hahaha. It seems like I’m not dreaming…O~o, Yue and Shia as well]

For a moment, Cam seems to have thought it was a dream, he replied to Hajime with more power this time, though he’s more tattered than the other Hauria’s were. His intellectual powers haven’t dropped either, he seemed to have immediately guessed that Hajime and them came to help.

[Jeez, I’ve shown you guys a bad appearance even though we’ve finally been reunited. Moreover I was busy abusing the damn empire fellows, I didn’t even notice your presences……Jeez, it’s shameful]

[……Father, I don’t think it was that kind of problem anymore. You need to quickly get to a hospital. Of course, for the treatment of your head……in the first place, with those wounds why are you so energetic]

[through willpower?]

[……Hajime’s demon remodeling…how fearsome]

The constrained Cam was truly embarrassing, he scratched his head with a finger that was broken in a suitable direction towards his head. His thoughtless answer was tsukkomied by Shia.

Yue who was using Reproduction magic, stared at Hajime rather than Cam with a frightened look. Hajime’s thoughts. Truly frightening, rather than “Sergeant HarOman” was I the pathogen of “chuunibyou”……

Cam jumps up and down ~Pyon Pyon~ confirming that his body had completely recovered, Hajime then took out the gate key again.

[I’ve already sent off the other guys first. Lets quickly leave]

[Yes, Sir! Ah, boss, about our equipment that was taken away…]

[Ahh? Just leave it, just leave it. With my current transmuting skills I can make more and better equipment than before, so lets just do that]

[I’ll be able to enjoy new equipment? With that, my tension’s shot up, kukuku]

To Cam who was laughing suspiciously, Shia pushed him into the gate and entered together, Hajime and Yue also went into the gate.

After that, the mysterious masked group causing a disturbance in the Imperial capital and the Hauria tribe that was in the Imperial castle both disappeared suddenly, It’s needless to say, the Hoelscher empire was in an uproar until morning.



At night of the Imperial capital where alarm bells resounded, suddenly, light surges out, at the shack district where Demi-human slaves who are engaged in removing stones are staying and sleeping, the soldier post there was blown away. Apparently it was an attack that was held back greatly, only the building flew, the soldier inside seemed to be safe. Though the majority of them had fainted.

The shadow of 4 people could be seen with the moon shining behind them in a grand manner.

[Who are you guys! Don’t think you’ll get away after defying the Empire!]

The person who looked like the head of the platoon said out angrily towards the shadows.

[Furthermore, furthermore……wearing those funny looking masks! Are you guys fooling around or what!]

[Eh? No, we’re not exactly fooling around……]

[No matter how you look at it its foolishness! Especially, the pink colored one!]

[ !? ]

[Do you feel that you’re showing off your cuteness or something!? I only feel sick when I see that mask! You damn sex offenders!]

[ !? ………I didn’t have the intention to show off my cuteness. ……And its not like I like that kind of stuff in the first place……I was forcefully……It’s not my fault……]

[Wait a second, don’t mind what the uncle with the ugly face says Shizu…don’t make fun of Pink! Suzu……Yellow will really get mad!]

[Thats right! Shizu…it’s alright to like pink and cute things! Thats enough, if you hurt Pink anymore, I……Kamen*Mask* Red won’t forgive you!]

[A~, for the time being, Kamen Blue also won’t forgive you~]

As Kamen Pink’s shoulder dejectedly drops, all the other Kamen shout back at the empire soldiers.

The masked groups goal was, to cause an uproar in the Imperial capital, in order to help Hajime’s group to invade the castle easier…Hajime who accurately saw through Shizuku’s facade, in order to stop Kouki from doing reckless things it was unavoidable unless another task was given to him, definitely when they return, she swore in her heart that she would get revenge on him.

While Kamen Pink was being depressed, the heated up empire soldiers suddenly, [Immediately catch those annoying masked guys!] and attacked. However, although they aren’t equal to Hajime and his groups power, even still, they were summoned from another world, in other words, cheaters. The ordinary soldiers wouldn’t stand a chance, one after another they were kicked about.

[Damn it all! Those damn masked guys are all too strong!]

[Damn you, Pink~]

[More like, that sword that Red is holding, I get the feeling that I’ve seen it before…]

The angry groan while laying on the ground was cursed out from the empire soldier. About 3 platoons were already unable to battle. The commander couldn’t endure any longer and shouts out.

[Damn, you fellas, just exactly what is your purpose!]

to the question, Kamen Red stopped and declared loudly.

[I demand that all Demi-humans conditions are improved immediately!]


[Your speech and behaviors towards Demi-humans are too intolerable! Stop indiscriminately hurting them!]

Towards the impossible request given to the Empire soldiers, [What’s that guy saying?], and they looked at each others expressions. That sounds about right. What Kamen Red and the others saw happening during the daytime, was common sense. Even if they were to suddenly be told to do that, they simply don’t understand.

[Ku, what, the attitude……it’s just how things are done……]

[This…Red. The insane ones, it’s unfortunate but it’s probably us. Don’t forget about our other purpose as well]

[I know! But, at the very least just the children…]

[Do you know how many people that is. Do you plan on helping every child that you see? also, it should be almost time. …Even I’m feeling mortified about this, but, now, lets properly focus on our objective]

[……Yeah, your right]

Masked Red, withdrew reluctantly in understanding.

[Empire soldiers, Listen here. Our behavior is due to an arbitrary decision. So, the slaves had nothing to do with it so don’t put the blame on them. If, you guys do something like that…]

[Wh, what is it you want to say……]

[Tonight, behind you when you’re taking a shower, when you’ve woken up and look at of your stomach, in an alley where there shouldn’t be anyone else, under the desk, the gaps through the curtains, the edge of the mirror, in your dreams……you’ll always see a mask]

The empire soldiers towards the words that Kamen Pink indifferently said without intonations, all swallowed their saliva at once, and thought, [Scary…]. It was certainly a Horror film.

The masked group, after completing their goal said, [To~u!], that kind of feeling and jumped down from the building and into the back alley. And then, the Empire soldiers rushed after them in a panic, but they completely disappeared like phantoms.

Later, among the soldiers of the Empire, [Fear Kamen Pink~that fellow is always looking at you], an urban legend was spread, but that is another story.

Why, because when you’re alone……, the person in the Pink mask breaking down is also another story.


Extra 2

[That is all I have to report!]

[Good work, you may leave]


After the resounding footsteps of the subordinate that left disappeared for a while, Hoelscher Empires Emperor, Gaharudo D. Hoelscher, turned his sights onto the girl who had been talking a while ago.

It was Riria-na S.B. Hairihi, princess of Hairihi Kingdom with a cleansed face, when she noticed Gaharudo’s glance, [It seems to be quite serious?], in a worried voice, a troubled smile was returned. As a princess of the neighboring country, anxiety could be felt due to the report heard just a while ago, however she knew not to interfere because she would only get in the way, such an expression was shown.

[Jeez, I’m troubled. Just after dealing with a ridiculously strong demon some ridiculously strong masked people show up, the strength of those 4 were certainly not a joke……about this matter, what do you think about it? Princess Riria-na]

[……I, don’t understand? Still, maybe it was the Majinzoku behind the scenes again? Because an impossible demon was used before, there may also be impossibly talented people as well?]

[yeah, that’s right. ……There’s a possibility of that. For example, one of those guys were able to freely manipulate high level magic with ease, there was even one with a sword that gave off a dazzling light, na?]

[……yes, that’s right. It’s a fearsome thing]

[Ah~, definitely. After being asked what their purpose was they started blabbering about improving the treatment of Demi-humans and their labor conditions, It’s very frightening when its too incomprehensible, is what I think]

[that’s, right]

Riria-na’s expression doesn’t collapse.

Gaharudo was amusingly observing Riria-na, it was an impregnable smile guard. Thats because, rather than a smile pasted on, it was an indispensable royal family secret skill, able to change their smiles depending on the current situation without fail.

However, Gaharudo did not not miss the slight moment where her breath was disturbed.

[By the way, Princess Riria-na]


[Right now, where is Hero-kun?]

[……The hero, presently, he’s out traveling. In order to earn experience and power]

[Gee, and here I thought he surely came to the Imperial capital? And, I remember hearing about the emancipation of slaves from someone before as well]

[Oh dear, Emperor Gaharudo about what you’ve just said, have you confused speculation as truth? There’s no way that would have happened right?]

[Hahaha, of course! Speculation without proper grounds cannot be considered a fact]

[Fufufu, yes, thats right]

After a while, [Hahaha], [Fufufu], the laughter of the Emperor and Princess resounded throughout the reception room.

Seemingly, though it looked like Riria-na had confidence, in her heart.

(What are you guys doing! Kouki and co.—!! I mean, why masks!? There should have been many other ways to hide your identities! To begin with, using your sacred sword will obviously reveal your true identity! What a bad prank! Absolutely, it was definitely someone’s prank! And, the only one who would do this is definitely Nagumo-san desu! Why, because of his prank, I the Princess have to deal with this stifling conversation with the Emperor! He always treats me casually too, but unexpectedly the things he does causes a lot of damage. Even though I’m the princess)

is, what she screamed inside.

Apparently, Hajime’s masks were made in vain, their true identities were found out by both countries.

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