Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 115

Chapter 115

Cam was rescued, Hajime’s group passed through the gate and teleported to where Teio and the other Hauria were standing guard at the rock zone, when they appeared they were greeted with the Hauria’s enthusiastic welcome.

All of the Hauria pat each other on the shoulders, bumped their stomachs with one another, cross countered their arms, and they were all screaming as they were pleased that everyone returned safely.

At that time, Hajime’s ears were filled with the loud shouts of joy which drowned out all the surrounding sounds.

Hajime’s hand rose out with extremely natural movements. A familiar katana in a black sheath was gripped and held out.

[……What do you plan on doing with that, Yaegashi?]

The identity of the assailant which attacked Hajime with the black katana while still in its sheath was Shizuku Yaegashi. Shizuku’s blade was caught in the fingertips of Hajime’s hand, she clicks her tongue when he wasn’t phased at all even though she’s applying all her strength in the attack.

[………I’m only relying on Nagumo-kun to relieve some stress. It’s alright, I, believe in Nagumo-kun. Your caliber is deeper than the Mariana trench……so, obediently! Allow me! To hit the octopus!]

[Ah~, Un, you didn’t want to be Pink that much? ……I prepared that with good intentions in mind]

[Thats definitely a lie! I know what your intention was! It was absolutely a prank! Somehow I was pulled into the atmosphere! In a sense, I got what I deserved! -As so, I can’t help but beat it into you, these feelings! If you’re a man then accept them!]

[Nna, how unreasonable……]

Apparently Pink has suffered more damage than initially thought.

Certainly, it would have been fine if she declined, it was the natural consequences of being caught up in the atmosphere and accepting the mask. But, even though she understands that, it was obvious that it was Hajime’s speech and behavior which tricked her to be verbally abused by the empire soldiers, Shizuku couldn’t help but snarl.

Most of all, Hajime and Shizuku’s difference in ability is clear, actually, there was no signs of the black sheath which was making a ~Gichi Gichi~ noise overcoming that difference at all. So, reluctantly, Shizuku’s black katana’s ability- she decided to release it. Literally, even Hajime would feel some pain if it was a direct hit, hoping that, she put her trust in it.

[You~! “Run rampant, Thunder flower”!]

[Oh? Oh~h]

However, while gripping the black sword which was discharging electricity, rather than being painful, Hajime’s appearance was that of someone who feels admiration. Shizuku unintentionally shouted out a tsukkomi.

[Wait a sec, Nagumo-kun. Why are you still fine even though electricity is being released?]

[No, it’s nothing much, you should have seen me shoot out railguns numerous times already. I use thunder with my own flesh, there’s no way this degree of electricity would be enough then right? Rather than that, you did well to be able to activate that function.]

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[Ku, it can’t be helped then……I’ll withdraw this time. However, I’ll hit that calm face one day. And also, this was due the results of all the synergists at the Kingdom.]

Shizuku withdrew reluctantly and gave a reasonable answer. Kouki and the rest were popeyed in the back. It appears that they’ve just returned. Shizuku’s unexpected actions caused them to be surprised.

Kaori and Yue just keep staring at Shizuku from somewhere. Then whispered, [……For Shizuku-chan to be snarling…] [……We were too reliant on her], was said, it appears that the two were only having a playful exchange with one another.

[Boss, is this a good time?]

Finally, it seems that Cam’s group was finished celebrating, they came forward towards Hajime. With their serious expressions, Hajime as well, it didn’t seem like it would be a greeting of reuniting again.

Hajime quickly transmuted chairs in a circle and with a glance, conveyed for them to sit down.

[First, although a lot of things happened, putting it simply, it seems we went a little overboard……]

was said, when summarizing from when Cam’s story began, it can only be stated that way.

In order to gain more Demi-humans slaves, The soldiers came into the battered Sea of Trees, Cam’s group of Hauria had gained substantial numbers, and defeated them. The empire soldiers seemed to be extremely cautious of their surroundings. Their comrades kept on disappearing outside of the combat zones, and when they were found, their necks showed signs of assassinations.

The group specializing in the assassinations were a mystery, the Empire had no way of confirming their true identities. Then they thought out a plan. It was an encirclement of the Imperial capital. In short, they were inviting their foes.

Cam’s group easily blundered and fell for the trap, but, it could only be said that it was because there was no telling when the empire might set foot into the Sea of Trees.

Or, many Demi-humans were captured and the blood went into their heads as they weren’t able to overlook it, they might have rushed in too quickly when they saw a chance. The empire’s attack burned down the edge of the Sea of Trees and while passing through the fog they were torturing the Demi-human slaves, the unjust methods may have also been the cause.

In the case that Fair Bergens was in its usual state, they would have likely been able to fight while moving in an organised manner, it’s likely that they also knew that it was attacked by demons. Time is of the essence.

It was unthinkable in their miserable state, Cam’s group wasn’t completely calm either.

And, the Empire soldiers were likely the same. After all, the mysterious group carrying out the assassinations caught in the net were none other than the gentle Usagininzoku which would never be accused of fighting. Moreover, It was not the Sea of Trees, they made full use of cooperation to surround an empire soldier and fought equally. Naturally, the lack of common sense caught the higher up’s interests.

As a result,

[We were captured alive, and were interrogated day after day. The other side was mainly interested on how the Hauria tribe had changed so suddenly and where they got their equipment, and, they intended to go to Fair Bergen. It appears that they mistook us as Fair Bergen’s secret force……actually, the whole clan was close to being executed, if our relations were found out it’s likely that it wouldn’t end with just banishment]

The interrogators, asked for the relationship of Fair Bergen and themselves, though it was said various times that they had a rather hostile relationship with them, it was taken as a self-sacrificial action in order to protect their own country. Especially because they had fearless smiles even when his Majesty the Emperor came to watch the interrogations, his eyes shined like a child who found a new toy.

[And? what’s with your excuses for becoming captives? Just hurry and speak of the main subject]

[Pardon me, boss. Then, the main subject, we gathered many more new family members for the Hauria in order to create a new Hauria tribe……With that we picked a war with the empire]

Cam declared with an accomplished sharp look in his eyes, the time for all those around stopped.

Under the illusion, Hajime and excluding everyone in Cam’s Hauria tribe, all movements stopped and became stiff. Whether they haven’t understood yet, or due to the surprise of the idea. Silence filled the surroundings, the cries of insects could be heard in the rock zone during the night.

It was Shia who broke the silence.

[What, what are you talking about, father? Did I hear it wrong? Just now, I was supposed to hear the reason why my family was fighting against the empire……]

[Shia, you didn’t mishear. We hauria tribe, picked a war against the empire. I definitely said that]

[Don’t, don’t, don’t say such foolish things! Just what were you thinking! Certainly, you guys have become strong, but don’t you guys only have around 100 people? Even then to fight the empire? Have you gone mad! Because of the resentment of being robbed of the same race, you’ve become unable to judge properly right!?]

[Shia, thats not it. We’re sane. listen to……]

[I don’t have to use my Usamimi’s to listen! If its not revenge, you’re just getting full of yourselves then? If so, take up your weapons right now! I’ll be your opponent before you guys fight the empire. Allow me to cut down that extended nose of yours!]

In an excited state, Shia took out Doryukken out of the “Treasure Warehouse”, and one rotation was made with the strong style and a ~Bishi~! Shia pointed it towards Cam’s nose. Her expression was way past recklessness, it was nothing but pure rage at the thought of Cam and the others who had decided on the suicide attack.

Shia’s magic power pours out around her body in a light blue color with physical pressure which overpowered them, it even exceeded the top Hero’s from a different world which would be considered cheats.

Truthfully, this rage of unimaginable power is not something you’d expect from Shia who’s always energetically laughing, Kouki’s group were holding their breaths. However, Cam who had Doryukken pointed at him with enough power to cause the hero’s to flinch, only quietly stared at Shia just like the surface of calm water.

They stare at eachother, or, while holding their breaths everyone was staring at the two, as expected this man moved, it was Hajime. Before anyone was aware, Hajime had already approached Shia from behind, as if Shia was a wild animal he grabbed her fluffy bunny tail to calm her down, suddenly rubbing it was beyond strange.

[Hiyaan~!? Don’t~, that place is no good~! Hajime-Shan, shtop it~]

Actually, in a different sense it felt better than having her Usamimi’s felt, when her bunny tail was being felt by Hajime it started “feeling good”.

Shia fell onto all fours, started leaking out hot sighs ~Haa Haa~, and stared at Hajime reproachfully. However, her eyes were wet and feverish too, she was only emphasizing her charming figure and nothing else in this situation.

In the intimidating situation, everyone was popeyed because in an instant the atmosphere turned pink. There were also a few in the group that were slouching over too.

Disregarding their surroundings, this time Hajime stroke Shia’s Usamimi’s. Although it wasn’t in an erotic way like before, it was gentle like driving away the pain. Though Shia glared at Hajime reproachfully who started sexually harassing her in the middle of a serious talk, soon it became eyes that seemed pleasant.

[How about it, have you calmed down a bit? Cam’s story isn’t finished yet. It wouldn’t be too late to blow them all away after first hearing everything right?]

[U~……that’s right……I’m sorry. Too much blood went into my head for a moment. I’m alright now. I’m sorry father]

[What’s bad about worrying about your family? There’s no need to apologise. like-wise, I should have listen to your words as well. ……Thanks for everything recently, I tend to forget those concerns. ……Even so, kukuku]

[Wh, what is it, father, laughing like that…]

[No, I only hope for your happiness above all else. ……You seem to be loved a fair bit by the boss? Un? When will I be able to see my grandchild’s face?]

[Na, gryand, gryandchild you say……what are you saying, father! We, we haven’t, I……]

Cam was teasing her, Shia glances upwards at Hajime frequently while her face was bright red-hot. All the Hauria that sees it were smirking greatly. Really, each and every person showed good personalities. Hajime, while thinking of such things, ignored it lightly and asked Cam.

[Cam, though I wouldn’t have believed it, about that talk, you’re not expecting me to participate are you?]

[Haha~, there’s no way I would. Only, the reason this decision was even possible was due to the boss for training us. Therefore, our decision is our own, at least thats what I believe]

Cam denies Hajime’s question while laughing. It appears that they really plan on only doing it by themselves.

However if that happens, the decision couldn’t be anything but recklessness, so they began to worry about the reason that led to such a decision. Shia as well, Cam and them were getting too full of themselves with their power, they were really serious about not going at it for revenge as well, a sorrowful expression is shown.

[Whats the reason?]

[Thats unexpected, do you want to hear it? I thought you weren’t interested though……]

[If your decisions were thanks to me training you guys, then when you guys do something careless wouldn’t it also reflect back on me? If its just that much, it’s not something I shouldn’t know……]

Saying so, Hajime glanced at Shia for an instant. Cam guessed what his intent was, his eyes loosened up and joyfully, [I see], with a nod, he begins to speak about the reason.

[As said a little while ago, the Usagininzoku have caught the Emperor’s interest. And its a very strong interest. The empire is a country where people who believes the principle that abilities reign supreme gather, the emperor isn’t free of that saying either. And, their senses of values of weak people are natural according to their principles being ingrained into their characters]

[In other words, you want to say that the Emperor will begin hunting the Usagininzoku for you? Rather than killing you guys, but in order to make you guys his?]

[Affirmative. While I was still being interrogated, the Emperor himself came, “I’ll keep you” he said. Of course, I spat at him on immediately…]

Towards Cam spitting on the Emperor’s face and then verbally abusing him, the Hauria said, [As expected of the Chief!] while getting fired up, Kouki’s group said, [You did that to that Emperor!?] while exposing their surprise.

No one could blame them though. In history, Cam was likely the first person of all races to have spat saliva on the Emperors face. Even Hajime as well, unintentionally raised a voice of admiration, [Ho~o].

[However, it seems to have had an opposite effect. Capturing all of the Usagininzoku and then training them seemed to be interesting, while laughing loudly with an extremely greedy face. When he declared it, his face was quite serious. Once again he’ll advance onto the Sea of Trees, more Usagininzoku will be attacked this time. Also, Fair Bergen hasn’t finished rebuilding yet, they won’t be able to endure another attack. Therefore, it’ll be likely that the Empire will demand all Usagininzokus to be handed over for them to cease their attack…]

[I get it now. If this is handled passively, they’ll literally rob you of all your family……]

[Affirmative. If its so that only the Hauria survive, it’s not that difficult to do. However, because of us, all the the other Usagininzoku will be deprived of their futures…it’s too much]

It seems that it was a bigger problem than initially thought, Cam’s group was cornered situationally.

It was as Cam had said, Just the Hauria surviving wouldn’t be too difficult if they devoted themselves to escaping and guerrilla warfare while making use of the Sea of Trees, But all the other Usagininzoku will be seeing hell. If they cannot answer the Emperors wish of “Strong Usagininzokus”, women, and children will probably be killed rather than being turned into a pet slave.

[But, you can’t really believe that an army of a little over 100 will be enough to stand against the Empire right?]

[Of course. A head-on collision while shouting courageously would be out of the question. We are Usagininzokus, we won’t lose to any other race in terms of stealth operations]

Cam said while smiling from ear to ear. Hajime also guessed his intentions.

[In other words, Assassination?]

[Affirmative. if they bear their fangs at us, the first moment that they’ve relaxed, their necks will fly from a blade in the darkness…In practice, fear and sense of crisis will be planted into those fellows. Always not knowing where attacks are coming from, the Usagininzoku will show their power that only their race can do. We are neither weak nor lower ranked, they’ll realise that we’re a threat that requires absolute resolution of death to attack]

[The Emperors entire clan, don’t you think that there have already been measures placed against assassination?]

[Of course they probably do. However, we’re not aiming for the Emperor’s clan, it’s the humans around their environment. As expected, none of the surrounding humans would have severe defenses. Yesterday, today, the humans who have been intimate, one person, and then another person will disappear. What we can do at the moment is this, I think it’ll be pretty effective. Then finally, it’ll be perfect if they create a policy of noninterference for us]

It was an indescribably unsophisticated plan. However, rather than saying that they’ll assassinate the Emperors clan, they thought of a very realistic idea.

however, thats it, because there’s not enough time to make the Empire feel any kind of threat, It’s more likely that it’ll cause a full-scale retaliation, will the Empire decide to completely annihilate the Usagininzoku, or will they feel threatened and decide to negotiate at a table, it’s obvious which decision would be made. They’re taking part in a very bad gamble.

However it still needs to be done, the Usagininzoku will have a dark future either way. Everyone has an expression which shows that they’ve already prepared themselves.

[…Father……you all…]

Shia’s shoulders dejectedly drop. Turning the empire soldiers into enemies, the Usagininzokus which just broke out of the dungeon in the Imperial castle which would in other words be called a prison, If the Emperor doesn’t overlook his own interests for his duty to the public, she could also guess what would happen.

The road left for the Usagininzokus, would they be able to dessert all the other families in order for the Hauria to survive, would all members be happy about becoming toys of the Empire, will they risk their lives and fight, there’s only one choice.

[Shia, Don’t make such a face. We won’t run away like before while being looked down on, we’ll eventually overrun them, submitting to them reluctantly would be an ungraceful thing to do……Now, we’ll fight like this, to be able to have this will, we’re extremely glad]


[Shia, to win the right to live, we’ll fight. However, our purpose is not to live. Our purpose is to live with honor as the Hauria. Against any kind of power, if we retreat now, in the end we’ll be the same losers that we were in the past. Only that cannot be permitted]


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[Look forwards, Shia. Don’t look back at us anymore. You should have already decided. When going with boss outside, in order to advance ahead. With that determination, advance forwards]

Cam, not as the chief and not as the leader of the battle group, but as a father, pushed his daughters back. They cannot allow them to stop any further, the others also wished for them to continue advancing forwards.

After being looked with gentle eyes Shia’s expression turns upside down which seemed like she was going to cry, Cam changes his glance to Hajime and nods. he was gesturing for him to take care of his daughter.

Instead of Hajime, Kouki had a silent expressionless face, Indeed, [I’ll do something about it!] he said as he got up despite the atmosphere, Shizuku hit the back of his head with her black katana. It appears that stress has built up, her way of stopping him became extreme unlike her usual self.

When Hajime didn’t show any reactions, Shia looked back at Hajime. However, before Shia opened her mouth, Cam called out in a strong tone for her to stop as he guessed her intentions.


It was shocking! so much that Shia’s body was shaking.

Cam and them had no intentions of asking for Hajime’s help in the first place. The situation was their own consequence for falling for the Emperors trap. Here, relying on Hajime’s powers and entrusting him with the solution would mean that nothing has changed. As Cam said, this is a fight to carry on the Usagininzokus pride which is on the line.

And, Shia also understood that. She could also only run away before so she understands, Now, there is the pride of being Hajime and Yue’s companion. But, she feels sad that her family has to make a gamble with such bad stakes.

In the end, Shia kept quiet without being able to say anything.

Hajime, glanced at Yue for an instant and scratched his head then sighed. And, as you would expect, Yue’s eyes softened and noded as she understood what he wanted to convey. Hajime smiled a little and calls out to Shia who was looking down.



Shia’s eyes showed expectations slightly.

[This time there’s no way I can fight]

[I…I see. That’s right]

But, the words followed by Hajime caused her to look down again. In the back Kouki is shouting something, disregarding that the electrical current from the black katana caused him to faint when hit from the side, Hajime grabbed Shia’s cheeks which were sunk due to jumping to a hasty conclusion.

[Oi, you, don’t jump to a hasty conclusion. Though I won’t fight, I didn’t say I wouldn’t help did I?]


To Hajime’s words, a silly reply was given while her cheeks were being stretched. Kam’s group also looked at one another with a bemused expression trying to interpret the meaning of Hajime’s words.

[This matter, the Hauria family must show their strength. You should let the other party know that the Hauria tribe is not an easy opponent. The Demi-human discrimination is common sense in this world, if I fight to protect them, the same situation would begin again when I’m gone. Above all, there is Cam and their wills. Thats why, I will not take one step in this battle]

There Hajime patted Shia’s cheeks and turned his gaze to Cam.

[However, our energetic companion is making this kind of face, if you thought I’ll obediently stay out of this matter, your greatly mistaken?]

[H, however, boss…then, just what…]

To Cam who displayed a deep perplexity, Hajime with a fearless grin declared.

[Cam, and the Hauria tribe. All of this guys odd strategies are hereby rejected. You all directly point your blades at the Emperor’s neck. Grab his hair and drag him down, his relatives, his friends, pin down all of his subordinates in front of him. Suppress the Imperial castle, if help does not come, the Empire would be finished by the end of night! engrave it into their bones that the Hauria tribe can finish them anytime they want! Anywhere in this world, there is no safe place, if you antagonize the Hauria tribe, the neck cutting parade begins, force them to write it into their Empire’s history!]

Silence fills the area. Everyone became drunk of stiffness from Hajime’s spirit. ~Gokuri~ The sound of saliva being swallowed could be heard clearly.

Hajime while glaring at the surroundings, shouted out in an angry voice which could be mistaken as thunder which makes everyone breathless.

[What’s your answer! You “Beep’s”!]

[ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [~!? S, Sir, Yes, Sir!!] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

[I can’t hear you! You maggots plan to go to war like that! In the end are you guys just a group of “Beep’s”!?]

[ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [Sir, No, Sir] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

[If you’re not, then prove it! Rather than going after the small fry, go for the King!!]

[ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [Gung Ho! Gung Ho! Gung Ho!] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

[With the blade of revenge and the guts that you’ve sharpened, cut down anyone who obstructs you!]

[ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [Behead! Behead! Behead!] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

[I’ll thoroughly prepare you, the lead role belongs to you guys! I won’t permit halfheartedness! Do you understand!]

[ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [Aye, Aye, Sir!!!] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

[Very well! Get fired up! The new Hauria tribe, with 122 people……]

[ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [……] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

[You will bring down the Imperial castle!]

[ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [YAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

What do you plan on preparing, isn’t it impossible to bring down the Imperial castle, such thoughts and doubts flew away from the heads of the Hauria who were completely excited.

The person that calls himself boss is saying that he’ll give them the key that opens the door to them. Then, if they don’t wait and go on cutting their obstacles that lie ahead, it’ll be the shame of the new Hauria tribe. They won’t be able to show their face in public and even to Hajime who trained them. Therefore, the Hauria’s heart and minds become one, they were burning up with fighting spirit to bring down the Imperial castle.

In the rock zone away from the Imperial capital, the shouts of fighting spirit and murderous intent resounds.

[U~u, Shizu, Shizu, those people are scary~]

[You’ll be alright, Suzu. I’m scared too……I mean, in the first place Nagumo-kuns idea is already scary in itself]

[Nagumo-kun, that guy……Hehe, who would have thought that he’d take on the role of HarOman-sensei, he’s not too bad]

[Ryutaro!? Why, do I sense a little intimacy!? No matter how you look at it, its an abnormal atmosphere!?]

Shizuku and them could only stare with a dumbfounded expression at the Hauria who were wrapped in a strange heat. A smile seems to have appeared on one person who was in awe and increased his respect towards Hajime.

[U~mu, this is awesome~. For the Usagininzoku to change this much. As expected of master. To make crushing the Empire the goal immediately. I can’t get enough of this~. I want to be abused with such spirit]

[……Shut up, perverted dragon]

[~!? haha]

[Un, Teio-san read the mode a little? Rather than that, look at Shia’s expression, Yue. She melted]

[……N, cute. So that Shia doesn’t cry……it’s obvious I’m happy]

[That’s right~. It is good, I also want that kind of thing said to me~]

Yue, did she know this was going to happen from the beginning, the darkness in Shia’s eyes were wiped out and it gradually softened, though Kaori feels relieved when she sees so, she was also envious of Shia.

Afterwards, Hajime gave out the details of bringing down the Imperial castle, it was then decided that they would rest in preparation until that time.

Shia, for a while did not want to part from Hajime’s side. Her usual energetic self was rather silent, However, she wasn’t depressed, she snuggled up while blushing and held onto the hem of Hajime’s clothes quietly.

Her Usamimi’s occasionally when touching Hajime backed off and touch again. As it is, it’s nothing but showing feelings of wanting to be by Hajime’s side.


Dawn at night, shortly before the eastern sky begins to shine, there were two shadows sitting on the rock. It’s Hajime and Yue who woke up early. By the way, only Hajime is sitting on the rock, Yue is cradled on Hajime’s lap.

Everyone aside from the lookout post is asleep, the place they’re in is also a blind spot, the two people were enjoying their first quiet time together in a long time. And, at that time, Yue who had rested her head on Hajime’s shoulder looks up slowly at him, without a sign she kissed Hajime’s neck. A cute smooch sounded out, the silence of the morning was slightly shaken.

[……What’s wrong, suddenly?]

[N……somehow I just recalled something from last night]

The thing that happened last night that Yue was talking about, was about the talk of bringing down the Imperial castle. However, why that, the connection with the kiss couldn’t be understood, while returning a gentle look to Yue’s gentle gaze, Hajime looked puzzled.

[……Rather than the labyrinth, you gave priority to Shia who was “Important”. I’m happy that you’re treasuring Shia. I’m happy that the people who are “Important” for Hajime are increasing. So full of happiness that……I suddenly wanted to kiss]

When Yue said so, this time she kisses Hajime’s cheek.

[……Will Shia become “Special” too?]

[……That’s, Naa. This worlds number one, although number two would be a tough fight……the “Special” one is only Yue after all]

[……Mu~u, it would be fine if it’s Shia……but, it’s troubling that I’m happy]

Yue’s expression was a complicated mix of happy feelings and troubled feelings.

Inside of Yue, it was her first friend that she made after getting out of the Abyss, it was her companion, and, Shia’s existence was that of a younger sister to her which seemed to also be an exception. Thats why, she wouldn’t allow the “special” seat to belong to any of the other women. Therefore, though she’s happy from the words of the single-minded Hajime, she becomes troubled by his obstinate outline.

To Yue’s appearance, Hajime gets offended a little. To be troubled for not allowing any other special women, somehow or another it offended him. So, for the time being, in order to not think about this situation anymore he decided to attack Yue’s lips with no questions asked.

[N~……N~, Ah mu~u…Haji~……N~]

The eastern skies finally start brightening more and more, it begins to create a shadow behind the two people. The perfectly overlapped shadow occasionally separate but quickly overlapped again, because of that, vivid sounds resounded each time.

Yue’s eyes moistened up in a fever, her cheeks were pink, and her lips shined glossily. Exactly as Hajime had intended. As it was, the movements of the two people as if natural, continued…they began to hear the voice of another person from the other side of the rock shade where Hajime had tried to do it.

[O~i, Nagumo. Are you there?]

Apparently it was Kouki, he came to look for Hajime who was not in his bed. Because his positivity has risen as well, everyone will likely wake up soon.

[Chi, it was just getting good, that bastard. Although I can stomach that he wants to learn some Age of Gods magic in the case of more like Nointo shows up……In various ways, this has become troublesome]

While cursing, there was no helping it, Hajime tried to stand up while holding Yue, but it didn’t happen.


[Hajime, I won’t let you escape. N]

[Hey, wa~]

It was because Yue pushed down Hajime. While riding Hajime’s waist then rising halfway up and positioning herself down to his waist again, Yue attacked Hajime this time.

[Kouki, was Nagumo-kun there?]

[Ahh, His presence can be felt somewhere around here!?]

Shizu and Suzu appeared behind Kouki, Ryutaro also showed up. Kouki took a detour around a rock while answering Shizuku, but he instinctively stiffens up when he witnessed the spectacle. While looking at the suspicious Kouki who stopped at the other side of the rock, Shizuku and them also peaked over the rock……~Bishi~! they stiffened up.

In addition, from behind Shia, Kaori, and Teio are coming over. And, while dubiously seeing the stiff group, detoured around the rock……

[Hey~~~! Just what are you two doing so early in the morning!]

[……Mu, Shia coming in too?]

[Eh? Is that alright? Then…]

[There’s no way that’ll be alright! Hurry up and separate! Attacking each other in the morning, how envi……I mean, unreasonable!]

[Mu~u, am I no good? Just beating me a little would be fine though……]

While feeling the tiredness in the state of chaos manifested in the morning, this time around, Hajime lifts up Yue in one hand, and warded off Shia who was applying physical reinforcement onto her body to take up the previous offer, [Uu~, Uu~] Kaori groans out, Just like the pervert wanted, a strike hit her cheek [Ahan~] while controlling the condition he increased its force.

In a place a bit away, Kouki’s group who had stiffened up began to come to their senses. Suzu, [They’re adults, They’re adults~] although her face was still stiff her face became heated and dyed in red, Shizuku was carrying her by the side. However, that Shizuku’s ear’s were completely red.

The eastern sun that breaks out in the sky, though its also the signal which leads the Hauria to a battle for a new life……it was a very stupid beginning for the start.

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