Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 117

Chapter 117

When we entered into the room, it was a fairly plain room with little decoration and there was a table large enough to hold about 30 people. On the upper seat of the table sat a man, the Emperor of the Hoelscher Empire, Gaharudo D. Hoelscher, who had a fearless smile while resting his chin on his hand. There are 2 people behind him, they had a keen air about them in the sense of “We’re capable” as they stood waiting.

And, although we couldn’t see their figures in the room, there was also 2 more people on the other side of the wall, 4 people in the ceiling, and Hajime also felt 2 people soundlessly outside the closed door they came though. It wasn’t only the 2 behind Gaharudo, the other hidden men seemed to have been considerably skilled as well.

[So, are you Hajime Nagumo?]

When Hajime’s group entered, Ririana also introduced them, while completely skipping the greetings to Kouki who was the hero, Gaharudo released pressure while looking at Hajime with a piercing gaze.

It was pressure from the overpowering man who ruled over several hundred thousands of people who were wild and strong and believed in the nature of power. It was no joke. Ririana who was also in a royal family voiced a small groan from the stifling pressure, Kouki’s group backed away instinctively.

However, from such overpowering pressure, these 5 people, Hajime, Yue, Shia, Teio, and Kaori, were calm. In the first place, even Kaori who had little experience survived from the attack of an immortal monster thats been alive since the ancient times at the [Merujine Undersea Ruins].

So although the Emperor had an overpowering pressure, when compared to the monsters in the great labyrinths, it was nothing more than a soft breeze.

Gaharudo’s mouth lifts up more and more in interest when he sees that Hajime’s group is unphased, then Hajime answered.

[Yes, I’m Hajime Nagumo. Its an honor to have been known by you, your Majesty the Emperor]


While placing his hand on his chest and lightly bowing, Kouki’s group looked at Hajime with astonishment at his words.

Their eyes opened wide and clearly conveyed, [Who are you!]. Especially Ririana who was shaking in unease. While receiving Gaharudo’s overpowering pressure and raising a small groan, though her expression hardly changed, it wasn’t able to conceal that she was staring at Hajime with an aghast expression.

Hajime also knows of the TPO*Time, Place, Occasion*. However, he was always just ignoring it.

But, because he had business in the Imperial castle this time, he didn’t want to be thrown out because he disrespected the Emperor. Since he shouldn’t believe in God anymore, the title of “God’s Apostle” is probably not effective anymore. The only way to pass is with the title of Hero. Thats why, he judged that he needed to at least use the bare minimum amount of etiquette. Although the changed person was definitely still Hajime.

[Kukuku……I never even considered this. What happened to your usual arrogant attitude? N? It’s quite different from the cries of a certain princess somewhere?]

However, Gaharudo only makes fun of him while laughing.

Hajime glanced over at Ririana. [Princess~, You, just how much did you unnecessarily talk about, A~a?] Ririana who was receiving Hajime’s glance, ~Pui~! looked in another direction. When Gaharudo asked what kind of person Hajime was, she unintentionally yelled and complained a great deal about her treatment.

[……Ha~a, that’s right. hm then, as usual]

[Kuku, then it’s fine]

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Though they were surprised of Hajime’s sudden change, they sat down in order.

Finally after Gaharudo removed his gaze off Hajime, he noticed Yue and them who took up their positions by Hajime and observed them interestingly, his eyes seemed to significantly glance at Shia in particular. Following that, he turned his gaze towards Kouki’s group……he looked at Shizuku who was next to Kouki and a grin appeared on both his lips and eyes.

[Shizuku, it’s been a while. Have you finally decided to become my wife?]

[O, oi! Shizuku already declined before!]

Kouki reacted to Gaharudo before Shizuku did. Gaharudo’s glances over at Kouki for an instant, then back at Shizuku and started laughing hysterically. Kouki had the “I don’t care” attitude but veins were appearing on his forehead.

While sighing at the 2 people, Shizuku had a clarified face and answered.

[I have no intentions to take back my previous words. I’ll have to decline your Majesties offer]

[Quite heartless. But, it wouldn’t be interesting otherwise. More than the world, allow me to tell you it’s good. I await the day when that clarified face is dyed in red from longing for me]

[That day will never come throughout all of eternity. ……Or rather, don’t you already have an Empress?]

[What about it? Are you dissatisfied as a concubine? Fumu, there are a variety of problems when you become the legal wife……]

[I didn’t mean it that way! You’d place your hands on other woman other than the Empress……]

[What are you saying? I’m the Emperor? 10 or 20 concubines are normal]

[Gu~……that’s right. A, anyways, I will not become his Majesties. Please give up]

[Ma~a, since you won’t be returned by God anymore, you’ll probably be stuck in this world for a while, I suppose I should take my time to convince you. Kuku, prepare yourself, Shizuku]

It appears that Gaharudo really likes Shizuku. As expected of a greedy Emperor, he won’t give up even when he’s been refused. His sharp eyes were completely locked onto Shizuku. Though Shizuku looks away with an expression that seemed to hate him from the bottom of her heart, she also seemed to not care at all.

Then, at that time, the direction that Shizuku looked in, by chance, aligned with Hajime’s sight. From Hajime’s glance at that time, [As expected of the worldly-wise man (laughs)] a color of amusement and interest was clearly included.

The angered Shizuku just used her finger to play with the sugar cubes that were prepared for her tea. Although it wasn’t as strong as Hajime’s, the sugar cube flew with excellent power, it’s aim was accurately flying towards Hajime’s hateful face……

However, it wasn’t a direct hit, it flew into Hajime’s mouth and was caught. ~Mogo Mogo~ Hajime’s mouth moved around with an air of flamboyant pride, after the sweetness of the sugar cube was firmly satisfied, he swallowed it. Shizuku’s face was mortifying, however Hajime’s was clarified.

When Gaharudo saw her in such a state, he turned his sharp glance back at Hajime. It seemed to convey a variety of things.

[Fu~n, this is quite the interesting situation. ……Hajime Nagumo. Though I have a mountain of questions that I want to ask you, first of all, answer this]

[Ah? what is it……]

[You, have you already embraced my Shizuku?]

[ [ [ [Bufu~u-!?] ] ] ]

To Gaharudo who abruptly asked such an unexpected question with an eager expression, several people including Shizuku blew out air.

Even the guards that were waiting behind Gaharudo, [Your Majesty……the first thing you wanted to ask, was that……] with a pained expression. They also seemed to be worldly-wise men.

[Wai-, your Majesty! Just what are you suddenly saying…]

[Shizuku, you remain silent for now. I’ll hear it from Hajime Nagumo right now]

Naturally, although Shizuku tried to burst Gaharudo’s bubble with a tsukkomi, Gaharudo turned his eyes to Hajime, ignoring it. On the other hand, Hajime had an amazed expression.

[What did you think about to reach that conclusion]

[It appears that Shizuku has the heart to forgive you……Judging from that manner, it’s not impossible, so just in case]

[Ha~a, there’s no way that would happen]

[……Fumu, that’s not a lie right. Then, what do you think of Shizuku?]

To that question, all the glances in the room turned to Hajime. Eyes conveying various meanings from Yue’s group and Kouki’s group pierced him.

Hajime let out a sigh about why the first question asked by the Emperor after meeting him was about his relationship with Shizuku, anyways he turned his gaze over to Shizuku. Shizuku’s expression was supposed to be extremely amusing. Hajime looked at Shizuku who was inclining her neck.

It appears that Shizuku’s ears began to slightly redden……

For the time being, the answer (real intentions) was given.

[……She’s like a mother]

[OK, that fight you’re looking for, you’ve won it. Get off the table, Nagumo-kun]

a young 17-year old girl was being held down, of all the things to say, why was it “She’s like a mother”, is what Shizuku who was still sitting on her seat and was getting up was conveying with hatred in her glare at Hajime. The delicate atmosphere from a while ago had already disappeared. Suzu and Kouki who were next to Shizuku were panicking and desperately tried to hold her down.

[……I didn’t think it would be such a boring answer……ma~a, fine. Shizuku, don’t go accidently falling in love now? Because you’re mine]

[I’ve already said this but, I have no intentions of being his Majesties and I’ve also not fallen for Nagumo-kun! Just stop with the nonsense and get back to the main subject]

[I get it, I get it. Don’t get so angry. An excessive denial will only be taken as a positive one?]


Shizuku instinctively tried to raise a groan in objection to Gaharudo but decided to sit down loudly. Suzu calmed her with a wry smile, however for some reason Kouki was glaring at Hajime.

[Hajime Nagumo. You as well, don’t go placing your hands on Shizuku?]

[Be relieved, I don’t have the faintest interest in doing that. Rather, if you’re only going to idly chat, I’d like to leave now?]

[Our chit chat was unneeded huh. It’s a talk about a new concubine……or Empress that may appear you know? It even involves the Empire’s future……ma~a, what I wanted to talk about certainly wasn’t about Shizuku. You should already know right? It’s about your abnormality]

Gaharudo bought time by starting with Shizuku to observe Hajime, he judged it was the proper time and slowly the entire atmosphere changed. It was different from the playful atmosphere, it was now one filled with ambition, it gave off a radiance of a sharp blade.

Gaharudo cut to the chase and asked the biggest reason for meeting with Hajime’s group.

[I’ve heard about it to some degree from princess Ririana. You’re someone who’s made it to the end of the great labyrinths and obtained the ability to create artifacts……completely repelled the Majinzoku’s army, and was able to travel the distance which would normally take 2 months in less than 2 days, such an artifact. Is it true?]


[And you have no intentions of sharing those artifacts with neither the Kingdom nor Empire?]


[Fu~n, one person monopolizing that power……do you think we’d allow such a thing?]

[Whose permission is required? If I’m not allowed, what exactly are you going to do about it?]

Gaharudo steeled his eyes to Hajime’s response.

The Emperor’s ambitions increased even more, Ririana began gritting her teeth and was worrying nonstop. The bodyguards behind Gaharudo began to release bloodlust before Gaharudo did. In contrast, the presence of the people who were hiding in the room began to diminish even further. It was exactly like a touch-and-go state.

Towards the tensed air Kouki’s group had stiff faces and steeled themselves for battle.

However, Hajime’s group completely warded off the breeze-like bloodlust with their own heavy bloodlust which could be felt sticking onto their skins, then calmly reached out for the tea cups. At that instant, he glanced at the locations of where the hiding people’s hidden presences were. [Have we been noticed?] they said.

did they notice properly, their presence that could be felt shook slightly.

[Hahaha, stop, stop it. We were completely seen though. This guys a genuine flesh and blood monster. If we fought now, we’d be completely annihilated!]

Gaharudo was laughing hysterically and hid his ambitions. The surrounding people who had dangerous airs also matched it accordingly.

[Why do you look like you’re enjoying this so much?]

[Oi, oi, I’m the head of the “Empire” you know? When you meet a strong guy, it’ll be a lie to say that your heart doesn’t dance around right?]

Kouki’s group, although they couldn’t understand what was going on, they let out relieved breaths because the atmosphere was less tense, Hajime also tsukkomied the unusually happy Gaharudo. Gaharudo’s answer was definitely one of those who believe in the abilities reign supreme policy.

[Even so, those women you’ve got there are quite outrageous. Oi, where did you find them? For there to be women of this caliber, I want to ask you a request directly……allow me to have one of them, Hajime Nagumo]

[Don’t say such foolish things. You’re in over your head……no, it might be fine if it’s Teio]

[~!? Wh, what did you……say, master casually wants to sell mistress to another man! Haa~ Haa~, being treated so……I can’t get enough of it. Haa~ Haa~]

[There’s a slight problem, though she’s a great woman appearance-wise]

[Sorry, even the Emperor has his limits. As expected, a girl dripping with pervertedness is too much]

[Th, this guy, to say it right in front of the person being talked about! Kuu~uu, N~, N~, surely, after this I’ll be forcefully taken by his Majesty, messing up mistress right before master’s eyes…Haa~ Haa~……N~~………I need to change my underwear]

Even Gaharudo and them could only stare dumbfounded at Teio’s strangely refreshing expression. Then they turned their gaze to Hajime who traveled with such a perverted woman. Gaharudo changed the mood by clearing his throat.

[As for me, I’m quite more interested in that Usagininzoku there? I’ve never seen an Usagininzoku with that kind of hair before and she completely disregarded my bloodlust as well. That mental attitude reminds me of the toy’s that I caught a while ago, how about that one?]

Towards Gaharudo’s word “Toy’s”, Shia’s eye twitched for an instant in reaction. Yue who was next to her, clasped her hand quietly underneath the table.

[Even if you tell me about your toys……]

[You can’t think of anything, you mean? Do you want to go check them out later? Actually, I still have more(. .)animals, although they’re a woman and a child, they’re quite——]

[I’m not interested]

Gaharudo’s words were a bluff. Through Cam, it’s been confirmed that all the people caught were already rescued. He’s probably trying to ask baiting questions. Compared to that, Hajime’s answer was only a line.

However, Gaharudo’s attack wasn’t over yet.

[Ho~o, those fellows had special short swords and equipment on the 5-star level, even then you’re not interested, Synergist(. . .)?]


[……I see. By the way, yesterday, there were some people who managed to break out of the prison in the dungeon, the Imperial castle was easily invaded and they escaped, that kind of thing could only be done with a special artifact’s(. .)magic, do you know anything about it?]

[I don’t know]

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[……Ha~a……then it’s fine. This is the last question I want to know of……what do you think of God?]

[I’m not interested]

[Ah~, I get it already. Jeez, you’re such an unsocial brat]

Gaharudo was cursing as he scratched his head ~Gari Gari~. However, he still had a somewhat happy expression. He seems to favor the other party who he argued with. From what he soaked in from the exchange, Gaharudo probably guessed Hajime’s was connected with the Hauria tribe, he noticed that the prisonbreak was through Hajime’s guidance.

And he seemed to understand Hajime’s stance on this world’s problems from his short answers. At least, it seems like they won’t be facing off against Hajime. After all, not being chased out of the Imperial castle is already great evidence.

Then the time came, one of the men waiting in the back quietly whispered into Gaharudo’s ear, Gaharudo slowly left his seat.

[Ma~a, I heard the minimum amount that I wanted to hear……rather, I already understood, so all is well. Ah, that’s right. Tonight, we’ll be holding princess Ririana’s welcome party. By all means, please attend. It’ll also serve as my son and the princess’s engagement party. Even though the truth is different, if you didn’t know of it, the blessings as a “Hero” or “God’s Apostle” would be good. I’m begging you here? Hero’s only of form?]

Gaharudo ignored Kouki and their dumbfounded looks when they heard the explosive remarks suddenly dropped into their ears, and provocatively stared at Hajime with a fearless smile, he then gallantly left the room.

The door sounded out in a slam, As a result, Kouki and them regained their composure and quickly questioned Ririana.

[Ririi, what’s this about an engagement! Just what exactly happened!]

[That’s…for example, besides the mad Gods, if the Majinzoku attacks us then there’s no choice but to retaliate. The king of our country has died, the successor is still only 10 years old, it’s not enough to steer the country, then, it’s necessary to strengthen our relationships with an ally]

[That’s why Ririi is getting engaged with the prince?]

[Yes. My partner is the crowned prince. There have always been many discussions about engaging us beforehand. He was practically already my fiance, It’s just that it’ll be finalized at this party. Exactly because we’re shaken up by the devils invasion, is what I mean]

[What about the Kingdom? You don’t have to consult this with them?]

[There’s already been a majority that consented to it before, so there shouldn’t be any objections. To begin with, it was that kind of story. Besides, right now the most substantial person in the Kingdom is me. Randell is only in form, because mother isn’t a person to step up into the front. Therefore, there are no problems. Right now, quick decisions are necessary]

Ririana said with a resolute expression. Kouki’s group had their jaws opened, then they closed it with a sour look on their faces.

[……Does Ririi like that person?]

[It’s not about liking or disliking. This is to build a connection between countries. It’s just that, the crown prince already has many mistresses, the amount of people would cause you to become offended and hurt your stomach. My position aside, we cannot balance out if I’m married to the other princes, there’s no helping it……]

[Wh, why, how can you be fine with it! Even though you don’t like him, to be marrying that kind of man is strange!]

[If you look at it, that may be what it looks like, because I’m a princess from the royal family. Since birth, this was natural]

[Natural you say……even Ririi is a girl. Don’t you want to marry someone that you actually like?]

Kouki couldn’t understand and yelled, Ririana could only reply back with a troubled smile.

Ririana was certainly a girl. She became especially close friends with the women that came from another world, If it’s about Koari and Shizuku’s girls talk then, naturally she yearns for a romantic love.

To Ririana who was wryly smiling, Shizuku stopped Kouki who’s arguing became increasingly wild. Inside where the delicate atmosphere flowed, Hajime slowly left his seat. And tried to leave the room as if nothing happened. To that, Kouki let out his feelings that had nowhere else to go.

[Oi! Nagumo! Do you think nothing of this!]

[Ha~a? What do you think I can do about the princess’s engagement? More so, this is a form of politics taking shape as a marriage? Rather, this isn’t something an amateur can even intervene in]

[Gu~, bu, but…]

[More importantly, there are things that we have to do. If you do something rash and end up obstructing us, I’ll knock you down flat alright?]

After Hajime said that, Yue and them also quickly left. While calming down the riled up Kouki, depending on the results of what’ll happen in the near future, the engagement talk may be scrapped, Shizuku looked up towards the ceiling with some tiredness.


Hajime and them who exited, after Shizuku’s group talked with each other for 2 or 3 stories, they returned to their rooms arranged for them by the attendant maids because Ririana had to prepare for the party at night. For such an occasion, it’s mainly dresses.

[Ma~a, it’s wonderful, Ririana-sama!]

[Really……you look exactly like a flower fairy]

[Surely, his royal highness would be pleased a well!]

One of the dress candidates was chosen in the end after trying on dozens of others, to Ririana who turned around in front of the full-length mirror, the entranced blushing maids surrounding her let out compliments. Although shew as only 14-years-old she had an exquisite charm as a woman, combined with the light pink dress only amplified it’s effects to the maximum. Just like one of the maids had said, she had the loveliness of a flower spirit.

[That’s, right. Shall we go with this. Next is the accessories……]

Ririana herself seemed to consent with a nod.

No matter how much this was a political marriage, the crown prince was an extreme ladies man who resembled his father, Bias D. Hoelscher, when they met several times in the past, he looked at Ririana with indecent eyes when she still hadn’t even reached the age of 10, that scums actual ability wasn’t half-baked, he called a lower class knight for “practice” while at the Kingdom to show off his strength as he teased the knight, however the fact that he will become her husband won’t change.

As so, Ririana couldn’t bring shame to her partner, since it’s their engagement party, Ririana intended to dress up to her maximum potential. Shaking away the word “liked person” that Kouki said from her head.

Ririana was also a woman. She was also popular with many other talented women of the Hairihi Kingdom, so she had yearnings to be a normal girl as well. When she’s in a pinch, the prince who she dreamed of would appear, then they’d be attracted to each other from their chanced meeting, she’s even dreamt up stories of overcoming multiple obstacles in their reach for love together.

But, it’s an impossible future. Because Ririana was intelligent, she accepted that she would be called for on a mission since she was young. That’s why, even if she feels repulsed by the other partner from the bottom of her heart, her feelings of wanting to be an excellent wife is true, she was determined to magnificently serve the crowned prince after the party.

Then, at that time, suddenly, the outside of her room became noisy. Ririana’s door was flung open without knocking, and a large man without hesitation, rudely entered the room. Though he stopped as the knights of the Imperial guards*the Kingdoms* ran up to Ririana’s side, the man didn’t particularly care.

[Ho~o, is that the dress for tonight……it’s about average I guess]

[……Bias-sama. Suddenly breaking into a lady’s room isn’t an admirable act]

[A~a? I’m going to be your husband? why are you talking back at me?]


The person warning Ririana with a gloomy expression is, Bias D. Hoelscher, whom she is to be engaged to. The same as several years ago, he carried a rude tyrannical atmosphere, he continued to look at Ririana from top to bottom indecently. A chill ran through Ririana’s spine.

[Oi, everyone leave at once]

Bias with a grin on his lips, suddenly ordered all the maids and knights of the Imperial guard to leave. He ordered again threatenly for those that were puzzled, the maids left the room panickingly. However, the Imperial guards, naturally hesitated. Ririana notices that Bias’s eyes were becoming dangerous, unsure of what to do she ordered the guards to stand down.

[Fu~n, when disciplining your dogs, make sure to do it firmly]

[……They are not dogs. They’re my important vassals]

[……Rebellious as ever I see? Kuku, still the same brat that hasn’t even reached 10 years old, it was worthwhile being glared at with that hateful gaze of yours. At that time, I already decided that you were going to be mine someday]

When he said that, Bias had a disgusting smile on his face while watching Ririana who had stiffened up from the bottom of her heart, suddenly her breasts were grabbed at.

[~!? No~! Ouch!]

[Even still, you’ve grown up. It’s still not enough though, however that in itself is appetizing]

[St, stop]

Towards the violent action, Ririana’s expression distorted into pain. When Bias saw the expression, his laughter became much more excited, he then pushed down Ririana onto the ground. Although Ririana was screaming, the Imperial guards outside didn’t seem to notice.

[You can cry as much as you want? Because this room has a special mechanism in place, sound cannot reach the outside. Ma~a, even if those dogs entered, they can’t do anything against me because I’m the crowned prince. After all, do you want those fellows to see your virginity being taken away? Ku, Hahahaha~]

[Why……this kind of……]

Ririana became pale when she thought of the things that will be done in the future, she courageously glared at Bias.

[It’s those eyes. Those rebellious eyes, painfully, despairing, I want to turn those into eyes of pleasure. Above all else, I love teasing defiant people into submission. People who are struggling desperately, there’s no higher pleasure than to have them kneel down and lower their heads. If you taste this pleasure even once, you can’t live without it. Ririana. When I first met you who was courageously judging me with your eyes, I thought that I’d want to mess you up at some point]

[People like you……]

[Na~a, Ririana. Rather than after marriage, if you lose your virginity before the engagement party, what kind of face will you have at the party? While enduring the pain from your groin, what kind of expression will you have in front of the people? A~a, I just can’t wait to see it]

For example, even if she feels disgust towards the other party, if she properly supports him as a supportive wife, surely, eventually he will become a splendid emperor, No, the heart that Ririana steeled up had already started cracking.

Ririana realised. In front of her was a grinning man who wanted to see the enduring Ririana’s tears fall out desperately, in another sense, he was definitely the “Crowned Prince of the Empire”.

The dress that she chose in order to not shame Bias, was torn by his hands. The skin of a stainless gem was exposed, Ririana’s face blushed in shame. Both of her hands were suppressed above her head, she wasn’t able to conceal herself with her legs.

Bias while smirking, possibly attempting to kiss her, his face was slowly coming closer to Ririana. Almost like, Ririana’s eyes remained opened wide full of fear. Ririana couldn’t turn her face away because her chin was held in place, unknown to herself, tears began to flow from her eyes due to the fear and shame, then she thought.

I prepared myself for the marriage, but as expected it was impossible, this is too much. In reality, she wanted to dedicate her body and heart to the person she liked and wanted to become happy with them. That was her sincere feelings as a woman that leaked out from the concealed armor called a princess.

And, the stories of Kaori and Shizuku were recalled. Appearing at the time of a pinch, attacking and bringing down the unjust, it was said to be rescued from a swamp of danger, exactly like a fairytale story.

If she prayed for it, would she be saved. Ririana laughed at herself for thinking such foolish thoughts, still, her heart wished for it despite so.

In other words,

-Save me


At that moment, Ririana who was pinned down by Bias saw something approaching from behind him, something like a small spider fell from the ceiling! and she witnessed it land. [Eh?] Ririana’s eyes opened wide in surprise at what was before her eyes, when the spider took 1 step with its foot, it sanked into Bias’s neck! the leg pieced though.

[Ow! What? Just now, my neck……]

He felt pain running through his neck, Bias who was about to lock lips with Ririana’s stopped and felt his neck. At that time, the spider had already retreated back up it’s string and onto the ceiling.

Ririana watched the scene in amazement, Bias suddenly became sluggish and his eyes were starting to shut, immediately after that, he lost consciousness as is, and fell down onto Ririana.

[Eh? Eh?]

In front of the confused Ririana, again, the spider climbed down it’s string onto Bias. Bias is currently still covered on top of Ririana, the spider climbed down to his shoulder which was before Ririana’s eyes. While staring at it upclose, Ririana noticed a strangeness from the spider for the first time.


Right, the spider that was on Bias’s shoulder was made of metal. In front of the popeyed Ririana, the metal spider, [Stop~!], said to it, again, ~Pusu~! a different foot from a while ago was thrust into Bias’s neck. Despite already losing his consciousness he shook! Bias started trembling. He was still breathing, so it wasn’t meant to be a decisive blow.

Ririana didn’t think it’s purpose was to actually deliver the final blow though. And, the girl stared quietly at the spider before her eyes. If Ririana looked closer she noticed that the metal spider had a luster like crystal, it crawled up its string and smoothly returned to the ceiling.

[Ah, wait, please wait! By any chance, are you……]

Although Ririana called out to it confusedly, the metal spider continued on ignoring her, while clinging to the ceiling with its 8 feet, ~Kisa Kisa~ it moved towards the outside wall. Then a slight red light was emitted, it walked out of the room while closing the hole it made through the wall and escaped.

While sitting down, Ririana used the torn dress to cover herself and at last the situation was understood, she muttered to herself while smiling.

[Thank you……Nagumo-san]

Bias was Ririana’s fiance, just now in the place that she was helped, she understood when it patched up the hole. But, still, at this time, having answered her plea for help, she was helplessly glad. She gripped both her hands tightly as she held down the torn dress on her chest, Alternatively, it looked like she was grasping onto something else.


Hajime and them who left the reception room was guided into another room by the maid attendants. After sending away the maid, Hajime who always had his eyes shut and was concentrating on something, abruptly opened them. Yue who noticed called out to Hajime in fewer words that usual.

[……How was it? Hajime]

[……N~, excelent. ……there was something troublesome in the middle of it though……60% of the plan was completed]

The voice that answered Yue was slow and was concentrating on something else.

[that’s fast. As expected, are there many traps?]

[……that’s right. but, there’s no reason to disarm them all]

[Fumu, it’s great that there’s a party today. If people gather, it’s easier to move around in various ways]

[It seems that people have finally begun to gather at the party hall huh. ……Will it go well?]

Shia said with a slightly uneasy expression.

After all, a once-in-a-lifetime great event that’ll decide her families futures is on the line. It would be weird if she wasn’t tensed. Towards such a Shia, Hajime felt her Usamimi’s, Yue caressed her cheeks, Teio was brushing her hair, and Kaori tightly clasped her hand.

To the smiling companions, Shia’s feelings began swelling up in her throat.

However, tears did not come down. For instance, even if it were tears of joy, it’ll be far to early to be crying when nothings even started yet. In its place, just like always, she smiled her bright smile. I’m not alone. My family is here too. I’m blessed to have them, her smile revealed such thoughts. It was the charm that Hajime and them liked about Shia.

Hajime who confirmed that Shia had smiled, is happy to have such a powerful companion and a smile that resembles a childs mischief grin appeared on his face.

[Now then, shall we prepare the stage for the main characters?]

To those words, Shia, Yue, Teio, and Kaori also had a similar smile and nodded powerfully.

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