Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 118

Chapter 118

The sun has completely fallen, the corners of the Imperial castle become encased in darkness. 2 Empire soldiers were on patrol around the perimeter of the building leading to the dungeon. Some kind of torch-like fire magic was burning brightly in their hands, they’re paying a lot of attention towards the darkness in case of intruders.

[Ha~a, the upper brasses party should be around this time……I bet they’re eating delicious food…]

[Oi, don’t talk about meaningless things. If it’s found out, we’ll both be held responsible]

The soldiers sigh was mixed in with his grumbling as he looked towards the light of the other soldier further up ahead. Though both of them were frowning, their expression’s were due to different reasons. If anything, the atmosphere was like the feeling of “becoming even hotter because you’ve complained about the heat being hot.” In the back of their heads, they both released a complain.

[Though however, you’ve also woken up early, you’d also want to attend those kinds of things?]

[……Well yeah. though If we were allowed to go, there would be the problem of not having money nor a woman……]

[Thats right~. After eating and getting drunk at the party, they’ll be playing with the ladies until morning? It’s like heaven. Ah~, rather than some meaningless patrolling, I want to embrace women~. The Usagininzoku women would be good~]

[You like Usagininzoku women right. Although all the other Demi-human women have nice bodies, the only thing you think about at the brothels are the Usagininzoku]

[That’s because those guys are the best out of the bunch when threatening them. They cry out in a good voice]

[That’s a rather distasteful hobby……]

[What are you talking about. Don’t you think that the Usagininzoku’s just give out a, please tease me, aura? I’m only granting that wish. Even you like to crush countless people down]

[There’s no helping it though? They cry out in a good voice]

The 2 patrolling soldiers looked at one another in interest and began laughing out vulgarly.

In the Empire, the fact that Demi-humans were considered tools won’t change. In order to release their stress and sexual desires, there were many variety of tools that they could use. Therefore, these 2 are special, not through their sadistic characters though, it could be said that it was commonsense that every Empire soldier had the tendency of liking to shame their partner.

Then, at that time, one of the soldiers gave out a voice and expression as if they saw something unknown in the shadows of the buildings.

[N? ……Oi, just now, something……]

[Ah? What is it?]

While thrusting out the torch before himself, the soldier was moving towards the buildings shadow. The other soldier also followed along while voicing out his doubt.

The first soldier proceeded to say, [Is anyone there?], but there was a gap in the buildings that was just barely big enough to fit one person! he turned the torch of fire towards it.

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However, there wasn’t the figure of the shadow he had seen awhile ago, [Did I see wrong……], he muttered as he sighed in relief. Then, he turned around to look at his comrade while smiling wryly……

[My bad, I saw wr-………? Oi, Maul? Where are you? Maul?]

His comrade was not there, only the torch that he held was on the ground where he was once standing. Where did he go, the soldier looked around restlessly throughout the vicinity, however there wasn’t any shadow’s of a person. Then he felt a cold sensation running through his spine.

He began to feel fear welling up, the soldier went to pick up the torch that was suddenly fallen on the ground and called out to his comrade in high tension……

[Oi, Maul. Quit joking arou-gu!?]

At that moment, two arms expanded without a sound from the gap in the buildings that no one was at earlier.

A black frosted knife that absorbed even light was being gripped in one of the hands which seemed to have grown out directly from the darkness, simultaneously, one hand covered up the soldiers mouth, and with the other, stabbed him through his medulla oblongata.

In an instant, the soldier’s body that was convulsing started relaxing as strength left his body and disappeared into the darkness as it was dragged by the two arms.

And before anyone noticed, the torch that he was trying to pick up had disappeared and nothing was left, only a lukewarm evening wind blowing softly.

A small whisper can be heard from the wind in the darkness.

[HQ, this is Alpha. Suppression of Point C is complete]

[Alpha, this is HQ. Roger that. Move towards Point E. There are 4 sentinels. Sneak around from the East]

[HQ, this is Alpha. Roger that]

After whispering that, two or more people wrapped in black clothes from head to toe, starts moving one after the other.

Though they tightly concealed their faces with a black cloth, only their eyes were clear so that they could see, a sharp gaze was peeping out from there, in addition, they had two small swords bundled on their backs. If they were seen by a Japanese person they would probably say, [Ah~, a Ninja!].

But, even if you can’t identify the specific individual, unfortunately their true identities could easily be seen though. That’s because overhead of the covers you could see 2 grown Usamimi’s standing tall. No matter how you looked at it they were clearly Usagininzoku, the Hauria tribe.

They were concealing themselves under the darkness and shadows of buildings. they quietly peeped their face through there and saw the reported 4 sentinels which were broken into 2 pairs. A hand signal is sent towards the 3 people who were behind the Haura tribe member that called HQ a while ago.

The 3 people nodded in unison and slipped back, they disappeared into the dark as if they melted completely.

After waiting for a few seconds. From the place that was pointed to, ~Chika~ one of the sentinel’s glances deviated! and lights twinkled. Similarly, they didn’t actually enter the sentinel’s view, one of the Hauria opened a lid of a lighter-sized container for in an instant. This had a Green Light Stone inside which imitated a flashlight.

The Hauria which saw the signal began to move while issuing orders with hand signals towards the 2 behind him.

The moment the 2 sentinels were out of eachothers eyesights, they lowered their presence to the limit and quickly approached, one person covers the soldiers mouth and nose while the other stabbed him through his medulla oblongata, another also thrusts through the other soldier’s kidney while restraining him with one hand similarly and knocking him down to the ground.

The last person was taking the torches that the sentinels dropped and put out its fire and confirmed that there are no traces left. Then they dragged the bodies into the shadows of the buildings quickly.

However, as expected due to the long silence from the other pair, the 2 sentinels, [N?], turned their glance.

The appearance of their comrades which they glanced at earlier were no longer there. There’s not even light from the torch, only darkness. [Where did those guys go?], the sentinels looked hard with doubtful expressions, they managed to see a shadow that moved faintly in the darkness. It was the figure of something big being dragged.

[Anyway, this is bad!], the sentinel stretched out his hand to reach the alarm whistle which hung on his neck……

In the next instant, a knife was stabbed into the sentinel’s neck, there was no time to scream nor time to feel pain, his consciousness drifted into eternal darkness.

Next to the sentinel which held his whistle, similarly was his comrade who was also stabbed by a knife and dead. At the same time, the torches were put out and they dragged the bodies into the shadows of the building.

Presently, similar slaughters were being carried out everywhere at the Imperial castle.

A lot of stationed soldiers which were in pairs of two or more have already experienced an eternal separation from their bodies, soldiers who were sleeping in the barracks were drugged with sleeping pills made in the Sea of Trees which put them into a deep slumber. Even if the alarm was sounded, they’ll still be sleeping until morning and there fatigue would be fully relieved.

A crescent moon is now floating in the evening sky.

It’s other name was “The 2nd Moon”, where it was so thin that you can kinda see it but kinda not as well.

It was exactly like the smile of demon.

The people who praised the principle that strength reigned supreme and cursed the weak, seemed to be completely laughed at under the moon.


——HQ, this is Alpha. Suppression of Point H4 is complete.

——HQ, this is Bravo. Suppression of all of Point J is complete.

——HQ, this is Charlie. Scattering of sleeping medicine in the barracks is complete.

——HQ, this is Echo. The prince, eldest grandson of the Emperor and 2 princesses have been captured.

At the brightly glittering party hall, Hajime had a unusual smile on his face which was usually impossible and was talking with the aristocrat of the Empire, then he heard the reports of the Hauria which was entering his head one after another.

The hall was large, many places were gorgeous and decorated well. It was in the form of an all you can eat buffet, there were hundreds of dishes and sweets being displayed on the snow-white tablecloths spread on the tabletop, and waiters skilled in etiquette were distributing glass gallantly as they walked.

All of the people participating were VIP’s of the Empire. It was only people wearing glittering showy clothes with an atmosphere of mutual understanding of civil officers and military officers, military officers had conceited personalities because of the principles they believed in, the civil officers stood in relief and realized that the military officers were of a higher standing.

Hajime’s voice was heard positively speaking with those military officers.

After all, he was “God’s Apostle” and in the “Hero’s Group”. To general people he was a strong man who participated in the capturing of [Orcus Great Labyrinth], an indispensable force for the world, “Strength” was likely the standard existence which interested them all. Of course there were also secret desires to create good personal connections with him as well.

To begin with, presently, the people talking to Haime that had no ulterior motives and interests seemed to show more interests in the pretty women which stood by his side and never left it since the party started. it was obvious since their glances were always briefly turned towards Yue and them who waited behind Hajime as they talked with him.

But, it wasn’t completely unreasonable. The party was to welcome princess Ririana as well as her engagement party, Yue and their existences were rather than an uproar of decorated flowers being on display, it was more of the sense of being the leading role of the hall.

Shia wore a moonlight colored miniskirt dress which exposed her slender and beautiful legs.

However, it wasn’t vulgar, from the skirt extending softly, it created a unique atmosphere which empowered all of Shia’s loveliness. It also matched her beautiful straight hair which hung straight down, those factors were probably what gave her so much cuteness and elegance.

Next to her, Teio who was elegantly tilting her wine, wore a black long dress which was similar to her usual black kimono. However, because the dress was the type to show her bodylines, she had an intense bodyline without any irregularities, furthermore, because the back and her chest opened up greatly, it revealed her beautiful hills which could not be called anything but stunning as it was likely to spill out at anytime. The eyesights of the men at the hall would always glance towards it every now and then! They were attracted towards the lethal weapons, one after another their women partners gave them all glances of disgust.

Kaori was dressed in a slender line dress which completely exposed her shoulders. Although her bodyline wasn’t as intense as Teio’s, it’s ballance was definitely molded by God. Her beautiful legs momentarily peeped out through the skirt which had a deep slit like the Chinese dresses called the Qipao, along with the brightness of her silver hair, it caused her sex appeal to show and eyes unintentionally turned towards her.

And, Hajime’s favorite, his beloved blood sucking princess——wore a pure-white wedding dress(modoki).

The cloth was lustrous, her shoulders were exposed, and her skirt’s hem was ruffled with frills which expanded out greatly. Her hair was in a ponytail with an elegant white flower ornament to hold it in place. Her exposure was-few in number, it was her glossy white neck, her lips of red rouge which attracted much attention, and her eyes which were slightly moistened had conceived heat which provoked men’s desires helplessly. As usual, Yue’s charms came from the gap of her childish appearance and her bewitching atmosphere which was enhanced several times over.

Inside of the room, Hajime and the other men were waiting for Yue and them to finish changing but, the moment when they entered, it was unavoidable that they were taken in by the overflowing charm and became completely stiff.

Especially, Hajime whose eyes were completely nailed down to Yue, anyone who saw it would notice that his heart was completely taken away. Yue as well probably understood it. She stared straight back at Hajime with a joyful smile.

Although the other females became angry at Hajime for not glancing at them and was about to start complaining to him, Hajime moved faster and forcefully embraced Yue closely and gave her a deep kiss, now the males without female relationships stiffened up for a different reason, afterwards, they began to tear apart Hajime and Yue who were remaining together forever by force which was also later known as the “Hajime’s reasoning was blown away incident”……

Anyways, [Do you understand who’s engagement party this is? Ne~e? Do you know?], they began tsukkomi’ing Yue and them who took away the show.

By the way, Shizuku and Suzu was also dressed up, although they were gorgeous enough to not lose to the daughters of the Empire nobles……as expected, they weren’t at the level of taking away Hajime’s heart like Yue and them, rather they had no strong motive to do so in the first place, to begin with they gave out less of an impression when compared with Yue and them’s mature impressions.

[Even still, Nagumo-dono’s companions are all beautiful ones]

[That’s damn right. I’d like to take one of them to keep me company for the dance after this]

——HQ, this is Delta. Blast preparation points are all prepared.

——HQ, this is India. Suppression of Point M is complete.

To the half-serious words of the Empire nobles, Hajime exchanges a smile with them as he hears the report from telepathy which reached his ears, the entrance to the hall became increasingly noisy. It appears that it was time for the appearance of princess Ririana and his Highness Bias to take the leading role. A civil officer-like man conveyed the appearance of the two people in a loud voice.


Ririana’s figure in a dress emerged from the door which was exaggeratedly opened, people in the hall raised out voices mixed with surprise and perplexity.

It was because Ririana wore a jet black dress which seemed to breath in all the lights. Normally, if you consider Ririana’s figure and the outline of the engagement party, a brighter dress would be much more suitable. Towards that fact, [I’m here out of obligation], kind of feeling along with a cleansed face, the jet black dress looked like a wall that Ririana had put on.

Her partner, his Highness Bias as well, with a slightly sour expression as if having crushed a bug, no matter how you looked at it, this was not the scene of a happily married couple, for the time being the hall started being filled with applause, it was a very delicate atmosphere.

As is, those 2 went up to the platform.

the Chairman person allowed the party to progress even though it was puzzling. Looking at Ririana and Bias’s states, even now Gaharudo was about to explode out laughing while greeting them, music began to flow into the hall. It was time for the greetings circle to dance with Ririana and the others. Elegant music resounded in the hall which wiped out the delicate atmosphere.

At the center of the hall, Men who took out their flowers began to dance freely. Although it was completely mechanical, Bias and Ririana also danced. Mainly, Ririana’s expression was due to the atmosphere.

Even if Bias draws closer forcefully, a slight distance was noticed in regards to the melody. As it was, one piece of music finally finished, Ririana quickly advanced onto the next person in the greetings circle.

Bias had an irritated expression, however, he needed to continue on with the greetings circle. In a state that seemed to subtly care about his groin. Actually, after just having woken up a few minutes ago, he did not have time to confronted Ririana what had happened before the start of the party and no one else knew. For some unknown reason his son was blocked out from reviving (the appearance of the person that revives), feeling impatient and irritated of the situation he could do nothing but follow Ririana, as no one else knew.

——HQ, this is Romeo. Suppression of Point P is complete.

——HQ, this is Tango. Suppression of Point R is complete.

[How do I say this, that not like Riri at all. Usually she’d hide her real intentions……]

Kaori muttered as she saw Ririana exchanging greetings indifferently without a smile.

[……Ma~a, Those kinds of things are impossible huh. The princess must also have a lot of things to think about]

[……Many things?]

Yue and them became puzzled at Hajime’s words.

[Nagumo-kun, did something happen to Riri?]

[Oi, Yaegashi. What do you mean by that, come on]

Shizuku was in a wine-red long dress and looked at Hajime suspiciously.

[Because, Riri’s showing that kind of attitude in a public place……if something insane happened then, it’s roughly Nagumo-kun’s fault right? That’s been the rule for all the times up till now. In fact, you seem like you know something]

[Chi, that’s hard to refute……but, this time I’ve really done nothing. Just that, as I was passing by I helped out the Princess who was about to be raped by the crowned prince]

[Right, Riri was being ra-……what was that?]

[Wait a second, Hajime-kun!? Just now what did you!?]

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Led by Shizuku and Kaori, everyone turns a surprised look towards Hajime.

Since the dance started a lot of troublesome men have come to ask Yue and them for a dance, although Yue and them had no intentions of dancing with any other man other than Hajime, presently, they’ve all been driven away by Hajime’s “Pressure”, so only Yue and them as well as Shizuku was around.

Kouki was forcibly taken out by the ladies and was dancing desperately as he wasn’t accustomed to it, while Ryutaro was single-mindedly eating. Suzu was dancing with a dandy old man in a, [Ho~ee] kind of feeling.

Therefore, the only people who heard about Ririana almost being raped by Bias was Yue and them. Unexpectedly, Kaori and Shizuku demanded with lots of momentum for an explanation from Hajime, attention started to gather around.

[Ah~, yes, that’s why……Yue, do you want to dance once?]

[N~……I’d be pleased]

[Ah, wait a second, Nagumo-kun! Don’t run away just because it’s become troublesome! Explain it properly to us!]

[Th, that’s right! It’s an important matter! Properly explain it!]

According to Shizuku’s words, Hajime who thought that an explanation would be too troublesome, took Yue’s hand and planned to escape onto the dance hall. In another sense, the attention was focused on the girl with a pretty face which resembled a work of art much more remarkable than Ririana who was the leading role and on the boy who was her partner (Tuxedo Ver.) with white hair and an eye patch.

Normally, in order to match Yue who was accustomed to royal dances and was leading, Hajime decided to use “Light Speed” while dancing. Since the dance was being observed, he wanted to look good. Joyfully, Yue’s expression was that of someone who was filled with happiness, and Hajime’s eyes were softening towards that, combined with their clothes and looking from the sides, it was completely an engagement party for those two.

Although the musicians somewhere desperately tried to heat up the place as it became awkward, they used Hajime and Yue’s atmosphere to begin playing joyfully. By now, the leading role in the hall is Hajime and Yue, everyone paid attention to the two that were dancing round and round happily.

Towards such people, Ririana watched them with a smile. In there laid some color of envy as well.

On one hand, there was a group of women yearning for Hajime, and more may appear in the future, Ririana temporarily pushed the events that just happened into the corner of her head, [Who’s next!?], it became a battle for the second person.

The performance would be ending soon, Grand applause was presented towards the two people who were kissing with each other lightly as the aristocrats of the Empire were watching with smiles. In their eyes, pure feelings of admiration and praise were seen. The daughters of the noblemen as well, [Ho~u], absentmindedly leaked out hot sighs.

Hajime and Yue gracefully bowed in return towards the applause and returned to their friends while holding hands. Apparently Teio won the competition and gets the next dance, she looked towards Hajime with eyes of expectation.

However, Teio’s expectation was easily betrayed.

[Nagumo Hajime-sama, would you please accompany me for one dance?]

Right, it was because another person had already called out to him.

The other person was Ririana.

[Princess…for the leading role to be separating from their partner, what happened suddenly?]

[Ara, that leading role was just deprived of her seat, so aren’t those words rather cruel?]

[Isn’t it because you’ve got that work face on? Actually, is it alright to leave the crowned prince alone?]

[If it’s about the greetings circle it’s practically finished already, now is the time to enjoy the party. In the first place we’re supposed to dance with several people. Look, the crowned prince is also dancing with one of his mistresses]

[A mistress……you don’t look concerned at all huh]

[Fufu. Rather than that, I’d like you to take my hand soon…can you not dance?]

Hajime noticed that Ririana didn’t only want to dance but also say something, he could roughly guess what it was she wanted to talk about, with a, what should I do, he scratched his cheek. To be honest, he wanted to keep bathing in the afterglow of dancing with Yue……

Then, towards the hesitating Hajime, Yue who was next to him said, [Meh!]. It seemed she said that to convey to not disgrace Ririana at a public place. Yue understood that Hajime couldn’t decide on what to do so the, [Meh!], that was said to decide things for him.

[Ah~, I get it. ……I would be happy to be your partner, Princess]


Had they attracted attention, there was an unusual action of Hajime respectfully taking Ririana’s hand and led her towards the center of the dance hall. Previously, the dance with Yue was still probably within their minds. Ririana has a slightly ashamed attitude and the degree of attention towards that is high.

By the way, during the interactions with Ririana, nobody cared about Teio who hardened up as her hand was held out for a long time. [Th, this timing, so it’s come! Whatever you do, I understand master! Haa~ Haa~……N~], with reddened and blushed cheeks, nobody bothered to tsukkomi.

The melody of music began to flow out calmly. Ririana and Hajime were sticking close to one another as their bodies shook waveringly gracefully. Ririana whispered quietly while her face drawn close to his shoulder.

[……Thank you very much for a little while ago]

[As I thought, it was that……so you know]

[Such an insane situation, it couldn’t be anyone but you right? Besides, your “Deep Red” is very beautiful……I wouldn’t mistake that]

[Is that so? Ma~a, the first prince of the Empire is also stuck with that, it’s only a temporary measure though*Thanks The_Codfish, I thought it sounded odd lol*. Sooner or later]

[You’re just saying it blatantly huh. ……But, even if it was just an example I was glad. I heard from Kaori about when you saved them, I longed for that a little bit]

She said as she separated from Hajime’s shoulder with a little smile on her face. That smile was Ririana’s original charm which couldn’t be compared to with the one seen with Bias a while ago, the surrounding aristocrats which were paying attention became slightly noisy when they noticed.

[And, are various things settled about your attitude in that dress?]

[Does it not match me?]

[It suits you. But, as expected that pink dress would have suited you more. Did you plan on insinuating them to reveal the truth?]

[Yes, because this degree is enough for a husband who assaults his wife……more so……as expected you saw everything through that spider huh. ……My improper appearance…a~a, I’m not fit to be a bride anymore]

Yoyoyo~! then, towards Ririana who buried her face onto Hajime’s shoulder again while pretending to break down, [What are you talking about…], Hajime looked at her with a ridiculous expression.

[Despite saying it in a low voice, don’t say such seldom remarks in such a place. Or rather, haven’t you been making too much contact since a while ago? The crowned prince has quite the incredible expression?]

[It’s fine isn’t it. Once this night ends I’ll be the crown princess. Just for now, allow me to be just a girl. Also, I’ll be assaulted one day, can’t you succumb to the selfishness of a pitiful bullied princess for a little while?]

[Being assaulted, it’s not set that you’ll be bullied……]

[It’s already a fact]

There Ririana, while hiding her expression by clinging onto Hajime tightly, suddenly muttered something as if on accident.

[……If……if, I said “Help” what would you do?]

Ririana herself didn’t plan on hearing about these things. It was necessary to put a conclusion to the matrimonial relationship between the prince of the Empire for the future. Both countries took damage from the surprise attacks from the demons that the Majinzoku brought, it was necessary to show strength of unity as humans to stabilize things now that the head church temple had disappeared. As someone from the royal family, she should take on that role. For example, even if a painful marriage life filled with the lost of her dignity awaits her.

But still asking Hajime of such things, her voice trembled with fear from the bottom of her heart in the case of the help that she was expecting for doesn’t come, having seen Yue look so happy while being embraced by Hajime, she thought that surely Hajime would say, “I refuse”. And she steeled herself for that possibility. It was because she thought that it would be fine for her to be selfish for this one time.

But, Hajime’s answer was completely off from what she expected.

[Ma~a, before I accompany you, you’ll be saved regardless? In this case, the Empire(...) may be ending tonight……at the very least, the crowned prince would be hopeless]

[……Yes?*more of a, what?, sense*]

——HQ, this is Victor. Suppression of Point S is complete.

——HQ, this is X-Ray. Suppression of Point Y is complete.

Towards Ririana who instinctively looks up, Hajime’s mouth lifts up into a grin.

His expression was seen and a bad feeling surged into Ririana’s mind. There wasn’t a touching atmosphere like a while ago, Ririana felt her cheeks cramping up. Hajime quietly drew his mouth close to Ririana’s ear.

[And also, I’ll make it so that you can understand easier. I’m insensitive, so I might end up doing something carelessly]


Ririana’s body shook with a shock. Though there was the breath and voice coming down onto her ear, it’s because she understood what Hajime was implying.

In other words, “I’ll Help you”. Ririana’s heart was shaken intensely. The princess within Ririana began to shout. This marriage is an obligation that should be fulfilled. That’s why, I wanted you to cast away that girl who held onto those dreams in one strike.Then.

[Why?], in another sense acting upon cruel treatment, or perhaps it was due to her joy that her eyes moistened up towards Hajime, Hajime acted as if it was nothing, in another sense, he replied without reading the atmosphere and gave the worst response possible.

[The Princess is unfortunate, to be feeling bad for those guys]

Hajime said so and glanced over towards Kaori and them. In brief, their purpose was not exactly for Ririana’s sake, although Hajime said, Ririana was unfortunate, he seemed to also imply don’t hurt my “Important” people. Ririana guessed so and stared at Hajime.

[Isn’t that, too much of a lie even if it’s coming from you? We’ll, surely fall?]

[What are you going do if it happens? Ma~a, for the time being, it’s just necessary to think that the worst outcome that you’ve thought of won’t be happening. As long as you’re important friends of these fellows, that is]

[……Nagumo-san’s resolution doesn’t shake huh………truly, I’m envious of Yue-san]

Ririana watches Hajime with a hateful expression. Hajime was indifferent towards it and glanced right back. Then finally the end of the music was coming up. Hajime looked unfazed, Ririana who eventually gave up, [Fuu~], breathed outwards and leaned her body onto Hajime, she decided to at least momentarily enjoy the dance for now.

And while leaving a lingering sound, the music stopped, Ririana reluctantly parted her body away, and for a while kept their hands held together while quietly staring at Hajime……[Thank you] she muttered. With a lovely smile just like a flower that was fully bloomed.

It was simply the smile of a 14-year-old girl. A smile that was so pure that it didn’t have any impurities, it pierced through all the hearts of the people who saw it. A sigh filled with heat could be heard somewhere. And, after a while, a grand applause which didn’t lose against Yue’s dance from a while ago resounded. It appears that Ririana only danced with the other people simply because it was required, Hajime separated from her and returned alone, and the eyes of ladies greeted him.

[Hajime-kun’s a woman killer……]

[……Hajime-san, when on earth did you……I can’t let down my guard at all]

[No~o, Master. I got a little wet from the neglecting play, is it alright for me to change my underwear?]

[This has to do with those assault remarks from a while ago right. ……You said something about helping out Riri during a dangerous time, did you plan on dealing the finishing blows during the dance? Ne~e, what exactly did you whisper to her? To begin with, isn’t Riri a married woman now? Do you understand? Ne~e, do you understand? Nagumo-kun?]

[Hawawa, Nagumo-kun, finally you’ve obtained the NETORI*taking another person’s lover* attribute……you’re too much of an adult. You’ve well exceeded Suzu’s capacity]

A number of perverted remarks were mixed in, equally, towards the female group that was bad mouthing him and Ririana, [What are you talking about], he said with an amazed expression.

Hajime began talking, he helped out while he was passing by, then danced only because it was requested of him. Afterwards, because Kaori and them would be concerned, he only informed them the minimum amount about how he helped.

There was no intentions of persuading them in any way. And if by chance, to the hundredth millionth decimal, that Ririana fell in love with Hajime, Hajime himself gave off a [Like I care?] feeling.

For now, just to be sure, he turned his gaze towards Yue to not misunderstand it, Yue understood and gripped onto Hajime’s hand in assent while nodding her head, as expected Yue was different from them, his love for Yue knew no bounds and rose way beyond the universe. It must have been his imagination that her grip was stronger than usual.

——HQ, this is Zulu. Suppression of Point Z is complete

——Notify the entire force, this is HQ, all arrangements have been completed. Start the countdown.

Shia’s expression stiffened up a little as she heard the communication. Kaori had a slightly tensed expression as well. Shizuku and them who were not given the Telepathy stone (Improved Ver.), only looked at the 2 with suspicious expressions. Moreover, Gaharudo often went up onto the platform on a daily bases and kept glancing towards Hajime and them. This time it appears that he was going to give out a speech and a toast in celebration.

[Now then, first of all, let me express our gratitude for having joined us on this party which serves as a celebration for Princess Ririana visiting our country as well as being engaged with my son. There were many various surprises and it indeed became an interesting event]

Then Gaharudo turned a meaningful glance towards Hajime. Hajime was pretending to not know. Gaharudo’s expression seems to convey that it’s become even more interesting.

At the same time, a resolute voice was heard from Hajime’s telepathy stone.

——To all troops. This is Alpha One. From this point on we will put an end to this persecution we’ve suffered through for hundreds of years, we will carve our names into the history of this world. Our name will be used as the pronunciation of fear. This place is the intersection of fate. Will we fall into hell or advance towards the future, everything depends on this one battle. There’s no need to hold back. Sa~a, we’ll show them just how weak our claws and fangs are

——10, 9, 8……

——Boss. For leading us into this battle, we deeply appreciate it.

Hajime and them heard the Usagininzoku’s countdown which concerned their fates.

The aristocrats of the Empire doesn’t suspect a thing.

the speeches of the 2 different races overlapped with one another.

[The party has only just begun. Tonight, eat a lot, drink a lot, and dance as much as your heart pleases. It will become the best blessings for my son and daughter-in-law. Sa~a, raise your cups!]

As Gaharudo confirmed that everyone in the hall held up their cups, he poured himself wine to the very brim of his cup. And, with his breath taking initiative with a ~Suu~ breathing in with ambition.

The other side of the telepathy also, once again similarly.

——Get fired up! Let’s go!!!

——[ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [Ou~!!!] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

——4, 3, 2, 1……

And, the countdown has finally-

[The unity of humanity will become stronger with this marriage! There is nothing to fear! We are the glorious Human race!]

[ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [For Glory!!] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

——0. I wish you great fortune in war.

At that moment.

All lights vanished and the hall was swallowed by darkness.

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