Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 119

Chapter 119

[What!? What happened!?]

[Iya~a!? What’s with this!?]

The aristocrats of the Empire who were suddenly deprived of one of their senses shouted out angrily in a shaky voice which contained confusion and unrest.

[Don’t panic! Use magic to create ligh-ga~a!?]

[What’s wron-gya~!?]

[What happen-gu~!?]

A relatively calm person tried to create a sphere of light while giving out instructions to others to secure their vision. However, the sound of a scream and something falling down happened right afterwards. At the same time, the confused aristocrats all begin screaming one after another.

The place soon sanked into confusion once again. Especially, the mademoiselles who completely fell into panic and began running around blindly, the sounds of collisions and people falling resounded out rapidly from various places.

[Calm down! Can you bastards still call yourselves soldier’s of the Empire!]

Gaharudo’s voice filled with ambition resounded throughout the hall in the darkness. With the loud scolding voice, the aristocrats who started falling into panic and screaming due to the darkness stopped.


Hyu! Hyu! Hyu!

[~!? Chi! Sneaking around so annoyingly!]

Countless arrows came flying towards Gaharudo from the darkness.

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With short notice, a surprise attack of arrows which held amazing speed and power attacked Gaharudo from all directions. Moreover, it was pulled off with exquisite timing, being bombarded with arrows which were incredibly accurate was definitely a bad position to be in, with so much flying towards him Gaharudo had no choice but be pushed into a one-sided defensive battle. He couldn’t afford to give out instructions to recover the situation anymore.

Still in the pitch black darkness, while fending the blows with the ceremonial sword, he could only grasp where the arrows were coming from due to the noise of them cutting through the air. The noise surrounding Gaharudo began raising out roars. Gin! Gin! Gin! The sound of metal colliding resounded out.

The sounds of peoples screams resounded one after the other while collapsing, due to Gaharudo’s scolding, people who regained their calm created fireballs to act as a light.

They called out to the guards loudly while looking around their surroundings with a fierce expression.

Something like a black shadow zinged by in the edge of their sights! It traveled quickly as if slicing through the wind.

[~!? Who are y-ggebu!?]

Immediately the aristocrat man tried to shoot a fireball towards the shadow.

However, the shadow that dashed out from the darkness dressed in black (+Usamimis) immediately pulled out a small black sword which completely blended in with the darkness, as if it was a joke, a head was mown down instantly.

~Pon~ the head flew through the air and rolled around on the ground with the vivid sounds. The head had a blank face, it seems he didn’t notice that he was no longer connected with his body.

Before anyone noticed, all fireballs which were illuminating the surroundings had disappeared and the only color left was the darkness.

The aristocrats and mademoiselles gathered towards the people who created fireballs like moths being provoked by the light, they managed to catch a glimpse of the shadow’s Usamimis immediately before the fireball was extinguished, then the spectacle of the persons head flying through the air was witnessed immediately afterwards. Then once again, their waists gave out against the assailant who disappeared under the cover of the darkness.

[Hi~, m, monster~!]

[I, I don’t want to die~, someone, anyone!]

Most of the people unable to stand up were the mademoiselle and civil officers, quite a few of the military officers as well too. Their minds couldn’t endure the darkness which was equivalent to the death god’s sickle and the assailant’s existence which appeared right in front of their eyes.

As such, without exception, without being able to do anything, and while doing nothing, the tendons in their hands and feet were cut by the person dressed in black soundlessly, they fell laying on the ground writhing in pain.

Although there were those pathetically miserable people, as a military nation which adheres to the principles that abilities reigned supreme, some couldn’t permit themselves to continue wailing away in confusion forever. Veterans who survived countless battles, although they didn’t have a sword like Gaharudo, relied on their daggers which they kept in their breast pocket for self defense, they united with their companions and began creating a battle formation.

while back to back with one another, the magicians were placed in the center. It was splendid cooperation.

The people who were relatively nearby to Gaharudo immediately created a battle formation to defend his back. The range that Gaharudo had to consider was immediately decreased by half, now the attacks were no longer a problem. Gaharudo began chanting while knocking down dozens of arrows to the side.

A bit less than 10 fireballs were produced in an instant and shot out at surprising speeds. They spread out throughout the hall and began to brighten up the darkness.

Begin the counter attack! Though it was Gaharudo yelling out threateningly, immediately afterwards, a lump of metal rolled around in front of him.

[What? Is this……]

The man who serves as Gaharudo’s aid moved in closer to check out the objects purpose with suspicion. It wasn’t only him though, others who secured their lightsource at different areas were the same.

Gaharudo had an severely unpleasant premonition, he immediately yelled out in a controlling voice

[Stop! Don’t get clos-!?]


Although the aid who heard Gaharudo’s words reflectively tried to leap back but, that action was meaningless judging by the effects of the lump of metal. That was proven in the next instant.



All of the sudden, just when you thought the lump of metal popped, intense light surged out and an immense sound indiscriminately violated the surroundings.



[What is!?]

The moment the light bursted out, Gaharudo shut his eyes and covered his face with his arms, he wasn’t able to completely block out the surprise attack, although his eyes were shut tight he still couldn’t see temporarily, he also lost his hearing due to the severe ringing in his ears as well.

And, the Hauria assailants couldn’t overlook this golden opportunity.

The Hauria’s dressed in black rushed forwards with exquisite timing and immediately came within the targets bosom while they killed off their presence. Then with one spark from the small jet black sword, a second spark emitted again.

With 2 of their senses taken away from them, the tendons in the officers hands and feet were easily cut without any kind of resistance.

The aides screamed in pain as they fell and laid on the ground.

Immediately, their tongues were torn through by a knife. The purpose was to restrict them from chanting. Several people prostrated themselves in the same manner in various places, bleeding on the ground with the tendons in their hands and feet cut and from their mouths. People who tried to fire off big magics were mercilessly beheaded.

Meanwhile, ~Gin Gin Gin~! the sound of metal clashing resounded out. Surprising it was Gaharudo who had lost his sight and hearing, he was able to slash back at the two Haruia tribe members who killed off their presence to the utmost limit.

The two Haura members which were attacking opened their eyes wide in surprise from this demonstration.

Did he feel their unrest in that instant, taking advantage and with fighting spirit, Gaharudo generated a shock wave by using Quake Legs.



The 2 haruia whose stance was broken instinctively let out a groan. And Gaharudo accurately sliced sideways towards the side of the 2 people as if his eyes and ears weren’t damaged at all.

[Scatter and disperse! “Wind Wall”!]

The two haruia members were pushed aside by the sword’s destructive power as they were just barely able to receive the attack with their small swords, a terrific barrage of arrows were shot at Gaharudo and with the wall of wind which only took 2 words to cast, all of the arrows trajectory was easily averted.

[Shoot out! “Flame Bullet”!]

The magic was once again duplicated. 10 “Flame Bullets” were produced which were stronger than the “Fire Balls” from before. It shot back towards the trajectory at which the arrows had originated from when in contact with the “Wind Wall”.

They shuddered from the abnormal presence of Gaharudo who shout out countless magic with power and speed. The Hauria who had hidden their presence unintentionally leaked out their presences slightly.

Gaharudo’s closed eyelids opened up slightly, although he shouldn’t be able to see yet, his eyes carried the light of a dangerous wild beast. And with a grin! he turned his neck and glanced accurately at the direction where the Hauria were in the darkness. He had felt the presence that leaked out a while ago.

[Oooo~o! Burst out, “Flame Bullet”!]

While turning his back against the Flame Bullets he shot out, Gaharudo rushed straight towards the Hauria in the darkness and chanted once again. Immediately, the flame bullet in the back flew towards the ceiling of the party hall and exploded loudly with a roar.

The Hauria who were on the ceiling providing support with their crossbows, quickly withdrew to evade the flame bullet, but because the flame bullet exploded, it wasn’t possible to completely dodge it due to the heat wave generated that scattered widely. At the very least, the places which were used as scaffolding were collapsing down, in the little time before they manage to reach the next sniping point, support cover has completely ceased.

[Dancing wind! Carry out my will, “Sound of Wind”!]

Gaharudo casted his next magic in that timeframe. Supplementary magic “Sound of Wind” from the wind system. It interferes with the surrounding air and amplifies sound, it’s a magic that allows small sounds in the distance to be heard. His hearing was amplified to megavolume, with the assist of this magic he’ll likely regain his hearing.

Certainly, it could be said that this was the magic version of the skill presence perception when applied. Though I say that, the accuracy decreases because they’re being perceived through hearing only, concentration was required to make sense of what’s heard due to that it’s an unsuitable magic to be used during the proximity of battle. This was a basic magic that scouts and secret agents used for information gathering.




Along with the yell of fighting spirit, his slashes bent and transformed as if he were using a whip.

While raising out a voice of anguish, Gaharudo deceive his senses by overriding them to feel the presences, the Haruia managed to get through it by cooperating with each other. However, because of “Sound of Wind” their presences were seen though. With each step the Hauria took, they generated a subtle sound in the wind.

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With his sight deprived, although the method being used was far from proper “Presence Perception”, with a torrent of blood thirst, courage and ferociousness, Gaharudo moved forwards without hesitation and entrusted his body to the information gathering magic.

This is the Emperor. This is the head of a military nation. The king of warriors who boast that power is everything!

This was what the Hauria’s managed to feel first hand……

However, everyone had a ghastly smile on their lips that was far from shrinking away. The eyes that pierced through the masks shone ferociously in glare, a heavy thirst for blood surged out from each and everyone of them. If they couldn’t hide their presence, then they’ll just cooperate and bring him down! As if announcing that, the Haruia began to move as if they were all one creature.

[Kukuku, You’re giving off quite the good thirst for blood there! Na~a, Hauria’s!]

The cooperation attack was on the level that wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it exceeded the techniques based on hit and run from all directions pouring in. While fighting back against the peculiar swordsmanship, Gaharudo shouted out happily. It appears that he found out that they were the Hauria tribe long ago.

Even though they heard Gaharudo’s shout, the Haruia were silent. They only singlemindedly released their murderous intent.

[A~a? You guys won’t let out shocked voices!?]

Judging from his words, as expected, only his sense of hearing has recovered a little thanks to the magic. Towards Gaharudo’s shout, the Haruias released especially strong thirst for blood——while Cam was brandishing his two short swords, he replied back while overflowing with murderous intent.

[Those are tasteless words on the battlefield. Survive if you can]

[~! Ha, just what I wanted!]

Sparks danced in the darkness and the sword swings became much more intense like a storm.

However, the blades didn’t reach either bodies. Tens of seconds, several minutes……the people whose mouths, arms, and legs were cut in a certain places began to have anguished expressions, they prayed for their kings victory while being irritated that no one was rushing in from the outside.

At the same time, they guessed that the assailants from the shadows were Usagininzoku due to seeing as the sparks were produced by the swords, towards that impossible scene and towards the unknown, they were desperately holding in the fear they felt.

Then, at that time, their expectation was betrayed by the situation.

[~!, What the? my body……]

Gaharudo suddenly began to stagger, his movements rapidly dulled. As if saying, [We were waiting for this!], the Hauria sprang from all directions.

Although Gaharudo somehow managed to resist back, it appears that Gaharudo’s oddness was assumed to happen from the beginning, an arrow shot out with exquisite timing and dug deeply into Gaharudo’s calf.


Cam wielded his small sword towards Gaharudo who was folding from his knees. While blocking Gaharudo’s sword with one short sword, the other was used to cut through the tendon in his arm, his sword finally dropped to the ground.

Although Gaharudo tried to move instantly with magic, 2 of the Haruia’s blocked his way at that exact moment and wielded their small swords in confirmation of the battle still going on, they destroyed and blew away the magic formation and the artifact that was being concealed. At the same time, the remaining arm and legs tendons were cut.


Severe pain was gushing out, however, Gaharudo didn’t scream out, his body began to incline slowly against his will, and ~Dosha~ it was the sound of his body falling prone on the ground.

The party hall fell silent and no words were emitted. Though a few were physically unable to say anything due to their mouths being forced shut, surely, even if they could open their mouths, none of them would have been able to actually say anything.

The Emperor of the Hoelscher Empire was defeated.

Even if their view was shut by darkness, they could tell. Towards that fact, the shock was so huge it erased everything else from their minds.

One of the Haruia tribe members approached Gaharudo who was still laying on the ground. And for now, gave him medicine to recover his sight and hearing. This was done in order to negotiate about the future.

[Fu~n, a monsters paralysis poisoning was scattered here so that you’d stay in place]

[Damn it, were you aiming for that from the beginning……]

Gaharudo was removed of all magic formations and artifacts that were inscribed onto his clothing. When Cam told him of the reason why his body was acting abnormally after restoring his sight and hearing, he cursed out at him.

Light suddenly poured down over Gaharudo’s head. It was due to one of the Hauria’s equipment which acted as a flashlight. It shined down on Gaharudo as if it was a spotlight.

[Wwwwwwww, what does this mean!? Ttttttt, this!? Nyanyanya, Nyagumo-san!? jjj, just what!!]

[It’s fine, calm down a little princess. Right now is the climax after all]

With the tendons in the hands and feet cut, clothes torn up here and there because of the destruction of the magic formations, the appearance of Gaharudo being illuminated by the light appeared on the ground, with lots of agitation Ririana’s mouth closed and opened while shakingly asking Hajime questions who she assumed was the reason for such an event.

During the attack, although Ririana was besides the crowned prince Bias, Hajime instantaneously retrieved her and returned to his original position. During the Hauria’s strategy execution, Hajime and them all gathered in the corner of the hall so that they don’t become obstructive.

Kouki was frowning grandly as he noticed that many aristocrats were dead. Suzu, Shizuku, and Ryutaro fell silent with a difficult expression. This was the biggest chance of improving the Demi-humans standings, because they understood this they kept silent as the battle was literally deciding the Haruia’s fates, though they still couldn’t fully accept the tragedy that unfolded in front of their presence so easily.

In the first place, there was no other choice but to just watch things happen. If they let out their emotions, [Anymore than this is overdoing it!], they’d be obstructing Cam, at that instant, they would be attacked in the back by a railgun.

Although Ririana was speaking loudly and shakingly in unrest, Hajime had Kouki well within view and consideration. Shizuku was thinking about what to do in the case that that does happen, in another sense, cold sweat appeared more from Hajime’s glances at Kouki than of the Haruia’s massacre.

[Now then, Gaharudo D. Hoelscher. Do you understand why you’re still alive right now?]

[Fu~n, you have demands right? Just say them, I’ll listen]

[……Points deducted. Gaharudo. Know where you stand]

The appearance wasn’t seen but the voice of a man echoed throughout the hall. It’s true identity was Cam.

Although Cam called out to Gaharudo who was on the ground, from Gaharudo’s insolent attitude, after several intervals, he gave out advice in a mechanical voice.

And, the advice didn’t stop at just words.

Suddenly, the spotlight distanced itself from Gaharudo. There, with the tendons in their hands and legs cut just like Gaharudo, it was the appearance of a man whose tongue was torn to seal off chants. An arm extended from outside of the spotlight and was gripping onto the man’s hair and forced him to stand on his knees, in the next instant, the man’s head as if jokingly was easily cut off.

[You bastard!]

[Points deducted]

Gaharudo instinctively raised out an angry voice. The other survivors should have seen it perfectly from where they were at. Breathtaking screams could be heard. However, in a serene voice just like a machine was returned towards Gaharudo’s attitude.

Then, the spotlight once again moved to a different place, and that man was similarly beheaded.

[Vesta! You, getting so carri-]

[Points deducted]

Was it an aide, the name of the man who was beheaded was called out, Although Gaharudo was cursing out, in return, the indifferent voice sounded out and another man was beheaded.


While grinding his teeth tightly he fell silent, Gaharudo’s stared into the darkness with eyes that seemed to be able to kill a person with just a glare. Towards such a Gaharudo, Cam indifferently talked anyways.

[That’s right, understand that your position has reached rock bottom. Judge quickly and choose your words wisely. Right now, the lives of all the people in this hall, depends on your speech and behavior]

Simultaneously with those words, a hand extended from outside of the spotlight and placed a necklace on Gaharudo’s neck before he was aware. It was a thin chain with a bright red jewel attached on the tip.

[This is the “Collar of Oath”. Gaharudo, the oath which you’ll pledge to from your mouth, this artifact will be holding your life as lateral. If it triggers even once, not just you, but anyone else who’s connected with your soul throughout your life will die. If the oath is broken, naturally, you’ll die]

The implied meaning, all humans in the room have been secured, Cam informed him that all others have been forced to wear the same artifact. Gaharudo seemed to have understood and his expression twisted as if he was forced to chew 10,000 bitter worms and insects.

The necklace artifact called “Collar of Oath” that Cam placed onto Gaharudo’s neck, the jewel and ore it was made out of was created through Generation Magic which infused Spirit Magic into it, according to Cam’s words, it has the effect of making sure that the oath that comes out of his mouth stays carried out on a spiritual level.

Specifically, the oath that is said will be directly engraved onto their spirit, if the oath is broken or the “Collar of Oath” is removed, their spirit itself will disappear. Moreover, it even affects the next in line souls, in other words, it affects Gaharudo’s entire clan, similarly they would all die if they don’t wear the “Collar of Oath”. In short, towards every one of the Emperor’s clan, the oath from the artifact will have to be followed throughout all generations to come. (A separate artifact is needed for people who become relatives through marriage)

[An oath…you say?]

[There are 4 contents to the oath. First, the emancipation of all the existing slaves, second, a definite promise of nonaggression and nonintervention with the Sea of Trees, third, prohibiting the enthrallment and persecution of Demi-humans, fourth, make all conditions legal laws. Have you understood? If you understand, say, “I swear it here on behalf of Hoelscher”. After that it’ll activate]

[And if I don’t?]

[The Imperial house ends today, the necks of officers will continue flying until the empire straightens out the situation, afterwards, assassinations would be carried out repeatedly for a long time to come. Until we, the Haruia tribe is annihilated, the Empire’s safety in the night is long lost. Officers of the Empire when coming home will only find the heads of their wife and children]

[Don’t underestimate the Empire. Even if we die, it won’t collapse so easily. An army will definitely be led to invade and attack the Sea of Trees and this time, Fair Bergen will definitely be destroyed. You should already understand. It’s not difficult to navigate through the fog of the Sea of Trees if a slave is used. Although combat is harder, it can easily be done through numbers, there are no problems through smashing the Sea of Trees from the edge inwards. Up until now, the reason why we haven’t crushed Fair Bergen……]

[Because it would be impossible to harvest if you crushed the field……right?]

[So you do understand. Right now, you’ll still be in time. For example, even if you borrowed that guys power, the skills to bring down the Imperial castle in such short time, and that last battle……as expected, losing you guys would be regrettable. If you guys don’t want to be slaves then I will give you preferential treatment to be under my direct command as my personal troops?]

[Out of the question. You do not deserve our trust based on your behavior of Demi-humans thus far. That’s why I’ll have you pledge to the “oath”]

[Then, it’s war huh. I will definitely not pledge to the oath]

How about it? Gaharudo was about to say until his lips distorted, Cam was as mechanical as always.

[Is that so? ……Point’s deducted, Gaharudo]

Once again, those words resounded out, what was picked out by the spotlight which poured down was……

[Let go! Who do you think I am! This impudent bunny beast dares! I’ll massacre you all! I’ll kill every last one of you! One by one, I’ll torture you in front of your families until you die! Even the women, until they break I-egu~e———]

It was crowned prince Bias.

The sounds of the crowned prince’s shout could be heard throughout the place.

Immediately following that, without any hesitation, a silver line fluttered and the head of the crowned prince of the Hoelscher empire was easily flung into the air.

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