Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 120

Chapter 120

Just like a joke, the head of the next inline Emperor, Bias, was easily flung into the air.


[That was the next Emperor. Your successor……can you bear seeing that, can you bear hearing that, that was quite awful]

[……I should have already said it. Even if we were all massacred, I won’t be pledging to anything. Be crushed by the fury of the Empire]

[To have that kind of attitude even after your son’s been killed. Ma~a, to begin with, he’s probably never been loved by you. After all, the position of Emperor is decided through ability, that’s why it’s not unusual for relatives to try and murder one another]

It was exactly as Cam said, relatives could gain the position of Emperor by winning a duel. Even if the partner is killed during the duel it wouldn’t be considered a crime.

Gaharudo had many concubines who gave birth besides the queen, Bias himself was a child of a concubine which managed to become Crowned Prince through showing his abilities in duels. It was befitting of their principles, the weak will follow the strong! and there you have it.

Probably because of that, Gaharudo’s expression didn’t change at all. Since the beginning, the standards were either weak or strong, there have been rumors that there were no love for his sons and daughters……there didn’t seem to be any hidden emotions either, so it may very well be true. Rather, the aide from a while ago was the only time he really exposed his anger.

Gaharudo that was snorting towards Cam’s words.

[If you know that it’s useless now then just stop]

[There’s no rush. You won’t pledge no matter what? You’ll continue tormenting the Demi-humans after this? You’ll continue tracking down our Haruia Tribe?]

[How repetitious]

[Is that so……”Delta 1, this is Alpha 1, do it”]

———Alpha 1, this is Delta 1. Roger

All of the sudden, Cam started saying things which Gaharudo couldn’t comprehend. Though Gaharudo had a questioning expression, in the next moment, he felt and heard the roar of a huge explosion through his belly and the complexion of his face changed.

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[-. What was that just now!]

[What, it’s not that much of a big deal. We only blew up the barracks that were watching the slaves]

[Blew up? It can’t be……]

[Fumu, how many people were inside again……anyways several hundreds of soldiers just died. It’s all your fault, Gaharudo]

[You bastards did it!]

[Nope, it was you, Gaharudo. Your decision claimed the lives of those soldiers. And……”Delta 1, this is Alpha 1, do it”]

Once again, Cam muttered things which Gaharudo couldn’t comprehend, Gaharudo immediately called out to him. It was far too bad of a joke that they could remotely detonate explosives from this location.

[Oi! Hauria~!]

However, Gaharudo’s words were in vain, a second roar erupted. Not within the Imperial Castle. A large explosion occurred somewhere in the capital.

Holding back his emotions, Gaharudo asked.

[……Where was that explosion?]

[The hospital]

[Wha, damn you!]

[Be relieved. What blew up was the military’s hospital. The only ones that died were soldiers and their doctors……to begin with, the public hospital, Inns, brothels, residential areas, though lots of people lost their homes and are living in temporary shelters after the Majinzoku’s attack, do you have any request?]

[Don’t go laying your hands on the general public! How far are you going to fall Hauria!]

[……You guys always persecuted us Demi-humans. You’ve got no right to complain when the positions are turned around……”Delta, do it”]


The entire Empire persecuted the Demi-humans, at this point how is the general public not involved? Cam showed a slightly amazed voice. Then, mercilessly gave out the order.

The third explosion was heard, this time Gaharudo was grinding his teeth together as he was convinced that the publics buildings were bombed. But actually it was the drawbridge which allows entry into the Imperial castle. Since there will likely be reports coming from the capital about the explosions, the only route to enter the castle was destroyed.

In addition, Cam’s words were partly a bluff, they never set any bombs in areas that weren’t related to the army. The explosions weren’t caused through remote methods either, a unit of Hauria’s that sneaked into the castle had to manually set them off, due to this they couldn’t set up bombs in many places.

[If you won’t be pledging then we have no other choice. I’ll have to set off every bomb we’ve set up in the capital, you Imperial aristocrats and leaders here will be lending a hand in it. Thousands of people will be accompanying each other to the otherside. It’s not a bad way to end huh?]

What he was saying was definitely terrorist-like. Who the heck taught him……though some glances were focused on the boy in the corner of the hall, the actual person was indifferent.

Towards the merciless demand, Gaharudo couldn’t decide quickly and became silent. Though he was looking through his head for a method of breaking out of the current situation, no bright idea’s came to mind. His expression was sour and breaking out in cold sweat, it showed that he was being cornered.

And despite that Cam didn’t allow him any breathing room at all. Since the reply was slow he gave out orders.

[“Delta, this is Alpha 1……do-”]


Gaharudo called out in a panicking voice. And he slammed his head into the ground several times to calm himself down, looked up with a face as if giving up

[Shi-, damn it all! I get it! It’s my defeat! I’ll accept your demands! That’s why, stop taking lives indiscriminately through explosions!]

[That’s excellent. Then pledge to the oath]

Even though the demands were accepted, Cam replied indifferently. Gaharudo could only show a bitter smile. And while relaxing his shoulders, he talked to the remaining survivors within the hall.

[Ha~a, damn, I’m sorry you guys. I was done in this time. ……In the Empire strength is everything. These Usagininzoku, the Haura, showed it through “bringing down the Imperial castle”. Holding the lives of people. Hence, “As the representative of Hoelscher! All Demi-human slaves shall be freed! We shall never interfere with the Sea of Trees! Now at this time, the persecution and enslavement of Demi-humans is now prohibited! Those who break these vows shall be severely punished by the Empire! They shall also be enacted as new laws in the Empire!” If you guys have complaints, come to my place! If you can beat me, you can do whatever you want afterwards!]

If you wanted to treat Demi-humans as slaves like always, exterminate all who hold Hoescher’s blood! I’ll take you on! he declared. He really was a man who adhered to the principles that abilities reigned supreme. Of course this judgement does no harm to the Empire besides their loss of relations with the Demi-humans, as expected, losing in a direct battle had quite a huge impact.

[Fumu, you’ve finally answered correctly]

Along with those words, spotlights showed down onto everyone in the Emperor’s clan. The still young and oldest grandchildren who should not have been at the hall had a necklace with a bright red stone on their necks.

[If you don’t want the Hoelscher blood to be exterminated, don’t forget the oath]

[I know]

[The content of the oath will be made public tomorrow, at the very least liberate all the slaves in the capital by the end of tomorrow]

[By tomorrow? Just how many slaves do you think there are in the Empire……]

[Do it]

[You dirty bastard! I just have to do it right, I’ll do it!]

[Free the slaves and send them directly to the Sea of Trees. Gaharudo. You must accompany them to Fair Bergen. And then repeat the oath in front of the elders]

[Alone? Wouldn’t I normally be killed?]

[We’ll return you back safely. If you died, various problems would arise?]

[Haa~, I got it. I’ve had a bad feeling ever since you guys broke out of prison. To think that we’d be pushed this far. ……Na~a, do you have a grudge against me or the Empire, Hajime Nagumo?]

Gaharudo glared at Hajime through the darkness.

However there was no answer from Hajime. While holding Ririana by the neck like a kitten, he was leaning against the wall and yawning. Right now was the Haruia tribe’s time to take the leading role. That’s why, he seemed to take on the stance “I’m only a spectator in this affair”.

There weren’t any lights, even though Gaharudo couldn’t see his appearance, he at least figured that Hajime had no intentions of answering. Gaharudo grandly clicked his tongue.

[Gaharudo, as a warning. We definitely obtained some help from our benefactor who changed us. However, that power had already became ours exclusively. If we wanted to, we could easily search for information and invade the castle at any time. It’s easy to scratch your neck when sleeping. If you don’t make the laws, even without the power of our benefactor our blades could easily cut your neck]

[Exclusive use. I’m quite jealous. To be able to use artifacts even though Demi-humans have no magical powers……]

Gaharudo’s crushed and sour expressions weren’t hard to believe. Because it was impossible for the Demi-humans to stand up against another race without magic, however with the use of artifacts that fact was easily destroyed.

However, it isn’t enough to just say stop it, at best they could only curse out at them. [Jeez, what else could I do!], Gaharudo shouted his feelings towards Hajime.

His army was burning down because of the person who created an artifact which allowed him to fly in the air and travel the distance which should have taken 2 months into just a day and a half, if anyone were to be armed with artifacts of that stature then the Hauria’s claim of being able to invade anywhere and carry out assassinations held lots of credibility.

By the way, what was used this time around was the “Spider-typed Golem Scout”, “Improved Telepathy Stone”, and the “Gate Key”.

The “Spider-type Golem Scout” was the spider that saved Ririana. It was approximately 5 centimeters in length, can go anywhere through remote control with “Transmuting” and “Thread”, the images are sent to the “Crystal Display” through the “Distance Transmitting Stone”, and it can sense magic traps just like the magic eye. It also has paralysis and sleeping poison in its feet, even poison which makes it so that the little sonny doesn’t get up.

After Hajime entered the castle, he scattered and installed countless spider-typed golems everywhere. The reason why Hajime was seemingly distracted while in the castle was because the majority of his concentration was used to operate the golems. It was only a coincidence that he saw and helped Ririana while moving towards an installation point.

And the images that the countless spider-typed surveillance cameras that were set up were being transmitted back to the crystal displays installed at Headquarters, each Hauria force had an operator who communicated through the “Improved Telepathy Stone”, which enabled efficient and precise suppression.

The “Improved Telepathy Stone” was the single and most useful artifact to use against Gaharudo.

The principle was this. Ore’s with the property of “High-Speed Magic Recovery” was created through Creation Magic and added into the magical power tanks which caused them to auto regen, it always added fuel back into it as “Magic Radiation” was being emitted.

And the magic formation needed to activate it was a kind of sliding switch which was placed on it to allow it to smoothly activate on and off. Furthermore, there was a function which responded to the blood and status plate, meaning only the blood of the user would be accepted.

As a result, the Hauria forces were able to cooperate elaborately with Headquarters which was stationed outside of the capital.

Since they can’t actually operate the golems, without Hajime they’d have to manually place the spider-typed surveillance cameras. For that purpose, they infiltrated into the castle and installed the new hidden camera’s for the Haruia. Because the golems were unnecessarily complex, they were made to be hard to spot.

Moreover, the key-typed artifact “Gate Key” held a similar principle, because Hajime set up and concealed the keyhole-typed artifact “Gate Hall” in places, the Hauria are able to invade the castle anytime through opening the gate.

Really, from the Empire’s view, [What else could I do!], was definitely the right state.

To begin with, the magic traps are difficult to disarm without being able to directly manipulate magical power, so the fact is, another invasion would probably never be as smooth as this one.

Hajime and them purposely used Kouki to enter the castle, besides installing the spider-typed golem scouts, they were also to disarm traps that the golems discovered. Hajime and Shia in particular, Yue and Shia had to use the “Presence Severing Stone” to easily hide their presence, Kaori also acted, the magic traps were disarmed without notice before the party began.

For now, though there were artifacts devised to disarm magic traps, Fairglass (a goggle-typed artifact which could detect magic traps) was distributed to the Hauria, however this time they had no time for that. That’s why although they wouldn’t be able to disarm the traps, they could evade them instead.

[Don’t worry about it, Gaharudo. The artifacts only belong to the Haruia and no other Demi-humans. Now that you’ve swore to the oath, it wouldn’t do for us to get full of ourselves and attack the Empire. If that happens, we Hauria will wield our blades against the foolish people of Fair Bergen]

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Towards those words, Gaharudo guessed that the Hauria were independent from Fair Bergen, however they single-mindedly interfered in order to save their fellow Demi-humans (although it was actually only for the Usagininzoku).

[Is that so. I get the idea now. That’s why, release us already. An unreasonable request was made to be done by tomorrow. If I don’t act now I probably wouldn’t be able to make it on time]

[……That’s good. We Hauria will always be watching you guys. Don’t even think about forgetting it in your dreams either]

Towards those last words, the spotlights disappeared and silence surrounded the hall. At the same time that his presence perception informed him that the Hauria were withdrawing, Hajime received a transmission.

-Boss. This is Alpha 1. All troops have withdrawn. For all the help, we cannot thank you enough

-It was for Shia’s sake. Don’t mind it. Besides, everythings not over yet. Stay cautious. Or rather, what’s up ahead is the true battle. There’s no guarantee that there wouldn’t be an idiot who’ll think “Eliminate the Emperor’s clan”.

-I’ll take it to heart, boss. Since the beginning, we’ve been resoluted and prepared to fight. This path, is the path that the new Hauria tribe has decided to walk down.

Towards Cam’s words filled with resolution and drive, Hajime’s lips raised up. And he gave them a pure praise.

-Is that so. If you’re resolute then there’s nothing else for it. To all Hauria tribesmen. You were superb!

Towards the boss who they loved, respected and led them, all Hauria’s Usamimis extended straight up! and after a beat passed by.

In the next moment through the telepathy stone, a grand shout erupted.


That was the cry of victory. For hundreds of years, they were the losers of losers who continued suffering bitter experiences, it was the cry of delight after finally bringing down a huge enemy for the first time.

Being completely honest, what lays ahead is a sight where it’s prohibited to enslave and persecute Demi-humans, prohibited to interfere with the Sea of Trees, and Demi-humans are protected. Exactly as Hajime said, people who desired Demi-humans as slaves would come and try to eradicate the Emperor’s clan, there’s even a possibility that there’s a hole in the oath which the Empire may use to oppress the Demi-humans again.

That’s exactly why, it was appropriate to say that the Hauria’s battle starts now.

At the very least, the oath was imposed, by now, if the Empire invades the Sea of Trees, the Hauria wouldn’t be able to do anything. With this earned time, the Hauria can save and gather power and numbers, and if necessary acquire high level techniques (Assassination) and guerrilla tactics. That way, even if the Empire is prepared to overcome the Oath, they won’t get what they want so easily.

Right, the point of the strategy right now was to make the people at the top of the Empire wear collars and buy time to allow the Hauria to gather strength to be able to withstand the Empire. As such, certainly, the victor of this fight was unmistakably the Hauria Usagininzoku from the weakest Demi-human species.

[Damn, those guys, I shouldn’t have left them unattended. ……Someone, the lights…a~a, that’s right is anyone there……tte, kora~a! Hajime Nagumo! You bastard, how long do you plan on pretending! At any rate, you’re uninjured! Do something about this situation!]

Hajime narrowed his eyes as the Hauria’s shout of joy was being communicated, at the same time Shia was embracing and rubbing up on Hajime because of the strategies success, from the other side (even in the darkness Hajime could see Gaharudo’s appearance rolling around) of the darkness, and began to hear Gaharudo’s angry voice.

By the way, the moment that he was embraced by Shia, Ririana who he was holding onto was cast aside without hesitation. Towards the sudden attack which caused the death of her fiance, Ririana could only be stunned, after being treated so by Hajime, with tears in her eyes, [Even though, I’m a Princess~!], while muttering about her constant grief, she crumbled onto the ground like a woman who was deserted by her lover.

[alright, I hear you……]

While embracing Shia with one hand, he took out an ore from the “Treasure Warehouse” which flew up towards the ceiling and emitted light. The light stone that floated towards the ceiling in the darkness caused the hall to brighten up just like daytime when they were brought to the hall.

The party hall became completely visible, “horrifying” was the perfect word for it. There were huge quantities of blood splattered everywhere and countless heads on the ground. Besides the heads on the ground which didn’t have time to say goodbyes, everyone else seemed to be alright, though they were all groaning and crawling on the floor with their tendons in their hands and feet cut.

There were lots of mademoiselles who had toilet accidents due to the fear and pain. The moment when the hall was lit up and the disastrous scene was seen, many lost their consciousness, in a certain sense it was good fortune.

Though some of the courageous mademoiselles were just barely conscious, the moment they saw Shia’s Usamimis, they gave out screams and fainted as the whites in their eyes showed. Even the men who didn’t fear much was frightened when they saw Shia.

It appears that the fear of the Hauria tribe was deeply carved into them.

Within that, Hajime’s group and the Hero’s group was clearly completely unhurt. The people who were fighting until they end were giving them stares full of hatred. It appears that they completely believed that it was a conspiracy.

[Oi, kora, Hajime Nagumo. Quit flirting already and help out. What kind of nerves do you have to be able to admire a woman in this situation, and on top of that an Usagininzoku woman at that]

[Nah, look, Shia’s a weak rabbit after all, the raid from earlier frightened her. She’s so pitiful. Those guys were truly fearsome people. All I could do was protect myself]

While saying those foolish things, Hajime was shivering unnaturally.

Veins appeared on Gaharudo’s forehead. Even the people whose tongues were cut to seal off there chants, while on the ground glared at them cruelly as if stating, [We’ll kill you with glares!]. Kouki and them who had strong nerves even trembled from the gazes.

[How impudent……in any case, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re unhurt. If you hold no malice against the Empire then, nurse us, being needed by people is good isn’t it]

[However about that, your subordinates are giving out blood thirst as if saying that the instant they’re healed they’ll attack us……In that case, is it alright if I just finish them off?]

[There’s no way that’s alright! Oi, you guys! Don’t ever lay your hands on that monster over there! Even if he’s just a damn cheeky brat whos always being surrounded by great women and surely started a conspiracy with the Haruia tribe, don’t you dare go waste your lives!]

The surviving subordinate’s eyes distort due to their masters command for them to stay alive with regret. Hajime saw their eyes distorting.

[Look, even if I want to kill you guys, there’s no one here stupid enough to willingly jump into a monster’s jaws. I won’t have it. If we don’t get started soon some people are going to bleed out. I’m begging you, Hajime Nagumo]

[Ma~a, I don’t particularly mind if you guys won’t be coming at me. I’m relying on you, Kaori]

[Un~, leave it to me……”Sacred Text”!]

Without chanting. Without magic formations. the wave of first-class recovery magic shined immediately after calling out the magic name and rippled throughout the entire party hall. With that the wounded people were healed up instantly.

[Even recovery skills are monster class. ……I can’t take this]

Gaharudo complained with a tired expression after he noticed that Kaori’s recovery magic wasn’t normal. Gaharudo’s subordinates were dumbfounded as well to be completely healed in an instant. To be able to immediately cast first-class magic was impossible for the general people so it was natural.

Disregarding the mademoiselles who fainted and didn’t get back up, those who could fight immediately gathered around Gaharudo and they looked towards Hajime with stern and cautioned expressions.

[I’ve already said it, give it up already. If you release blood lust like awhile ago and cause a counterattack we’d all get completely annihilated]

[But your Majesty! These guys clearly guided them in!]

[That’s right! Even the Crowned Prince……we can’t just leave them alone!]

[At this rate the Empire’s pride will fall to the ground!]

Gaharudo’s troublesome subordinates all speak out in sequence.

Even though they felt that Kaori’s recovery magic wasn’t normal, they had not witnessed Hajime’s powers with their own eyes. Moreover, some of them previously saw Kouki and the Emperor’s fight at the Kingdom, because of this they “alternatively” used it as reference.

Above that, the damage that the Hauria caused was massive. After all, they placed a “Curse” on the present Emperor and his clan, although that was largely the reason, it was also because the next-in-term Emperor was beheaded. They couldn’t back down easily.

Towards the subordinates rage, Gaharudo sighed out while gaining drive. For them who groaned and staggered, Gaharudo’s voice filled with dignity turned towards the people within the hall.

[Quit making so much noise! I believe I’ve already said, don’t go dying pointlessly. Got it, that white haired eyepatch wearing fellow is a true flesh and blood monster. Even if we brought out an entire army, he alone would annihilate it, that’s who we’re facing. ……They’re strong, don’t even step on their shadows. I’m not saying we have to follow what that guy says but, as people who adhere to the principle that abilities reign supreme, at least have the ability to judge the opponents strength!]

With an angry and shaking voice, the subordinates and even the aristocrats stiffen up.

[It goes the same for the Hauria tribe. Those guys who should have had the weakest power came and challenged the entire Empire. The reason why we were done in was because we were stupid and weak? I don’t intend to leave things off like this, those guys also probably think the same……but first admit it. We lost. The losers follow the victor. That is the Empire’s rule! Even still, if you have a complaint then let me hear it! Convince me through power, make me follow you! Just like those guys did!]

Gaharudo’s angry voice echoed throughout the party hall. Those who couldn’t stand looked towards him, after the subordinates around Gaharudo hesitated slightly, they hung their heads down before him. Deep within themselves they knew, the one who fought until the final moment was Gaharudo. Gaharudo’s words, more than anything was heavy.

[Un, with this it’s case closed]

Towards Hajime’s satisfied words, everyone turned to look at Hajime with hatred. Those gazes spoke more than words. That is, [You’re one to talk! You God of Plague!].


Even while hiding their hostility against Hajime and them, the surviving Empire soldiers had to face the reality that they were unable to meaninglessly throw away their lives, Little by little they regain their composure because of Gaharudo.

Although the drawbridge was destroyed empire soldiers began to arrive at the castle and the silent party hall began to become noisy once again, control was quickly brought back from the confusing situation.

Leaders of the survivors were gathered, despite being in the middle of night they were holding an emergency meeting to adhere the oaths. Mid-way in, one of the leaders who wasn’t at the party hall laughed at the foolish contents of the oath……

That moment, the lights in the conference room instantaneously died out, when the lights came back on the horror of a subordinate’s head laying on the table appeared, it was the subordinate of the man who was opposing them. The man could do nothing but nod away while turning pale. The other leaders were reminded of the party and began to tremble. The later talks seemed to have been settled quickly.

While compiling damage reports from every place, the laws for the Demi-humans were rapidly made (the draft prepared by the Hauria). At this point, Gaharudo found out that the Hauria had not laid their hands on the general public.

However, from the fact that none of the general facilities were reported to have been destroyed through explosions, he received a message that it was possible to blow them up at anytime and began to worry substantially because of all the possible bombs planted in their facilities.

And within the middle of the night, soldiers were woken up because of the explosions, their individually owned slaves were guided to the countless temporarily raised tents on the open plot of land from the previous demon turmoil. They immediately began to retrieve the slaves in the next building where slaves were being held.

Naturally, fierce resistance was bound to happen. Just when they were woken up in the middle of night, the owned slaves were being forcefully seized. In particular, the slave association was showing symptoms of becoming bankrupted. Financial compensation was promised to be given at a later time, even though it was a royal command by the Emperor, they weren’t able to easily consent to it.

Nevertheless, it was a direct order from the country, they had no choice but to compromise……stretching time in between then and now, there were many who folded and whined, roughly all of those people were found beheaded in the morning.

And when the afternoon of the next day came to pass, an abnormal situation with Demi-humans gathered in one place in the capital caused citizens to gather and the announcement from the Empire was announced. About the consent of the oath and the additional laws that were established.

Towards the bluntly reported announcement, the citizens became dumbfounded. That was to be expected. Their familiar and convenient tools were suddenly taken away from them. Moreover, it was forbidden to capture them in the future. The situation was honestly one where they couldn’t comprehend.

Eventually, the obvious and natural complaints began to flow out and it quickly became a large and strong opposition. It was about to become a riot, the Empire soldiers began defending the Demi-human slaves from the people in cold sweat, but it became quiet after the announcement made with exquisite timing.

In other words,

[All actions towards Demi-humans was because an “Oracle” from “Ehto-sama”!]

Furthermore, with the appearance of Kaori who fluttered her silver wings and was shining as she descended down from the sky, Kouki showed the light and appearance of his sacred sword. As a result, the announcement held credibility.

Towards the divine appearance (being produced by Hajime’s artifacts) the citizens all got down on one knee and prayed.

Actually, Kaori was trying hard not to run away as she was blushing in shame, if Kaori felt like it, the silver feathers that were being worshiped by the citizens, [Thank you~], could easily be turned into weapons that decomposed everything, Gaharudo who was at wits end on how to explain the laws and emancipation of slaves was simply proposed, [wouldn’t it be alright if we just use Ehto?], Hajime who was in high spirits was chuckling to himself about how amusing it was that the citizens were so serious……Everyone could surely faint peacefully together.

Obtaining and holding onto “God’s Apostle’s feathers”, reluctantly the slave owners backed down as there was also compensation from the country and the majority of citizens were cheerful. In front of their eyes, several thousands of slave’s shackles were being removed by the soldiers one after the other.

The Demi-humans seemed to have been stunned but accepted it with silence. Being completely honest they weren’t sure about what was happening at the moment. Even if they understood they likely wouldn’t be able to believe it.

Before long, with some time the slave’s shackles were all removed and Kouki who showed natural charisma led the Demi-humans outside of the capital. Along with him was also obviously Gaharudo as well as Hajime and them.

The Demi-humans were stunned as they left the capital, amplifying her voice with physical reinforcement Shia shouted out, [You guys are free~! Return to your homes~!], they finally seemed to realize that they were “liberated” and they all shouted out in joy all at once which caused the ground to shake.

Under the cheerful blue sky, while at the Empire’s outer walls, several thousands of Demi-humans headed towards home. Towards the impossible illusion, tears were falling down and Demi-humans were joyfully patting eachothers shoulders.

Within those, there were many who received cruel physical and mental wounds as well, but they were healed through Reproduction Magic and Spirit Magic. Because even Yue couldn’t accurately erase their memories enmass, she compromised that it was necessary for them to be surrounded by family and friends in the long-term.

There were also many Demi-humans that were transported to many different towns, Hajime and them couldn’t be responsible to heal them. They as well, after returning to the Sea of Trees, have no choice but to allow their minds to be supported by the people around them.

Even still, they’ll be able to once again live in their hometown, they can meet their important people that they were separated from once again……it was surely suitable to call this event a “Miracle”.

Hajime who was looking at the Demi-humans shouting in joy, began thinking about his family in Japan, [Someday I too will……], he muttered inside himself and quietly clenched Yue’s hand who snuggled up closely. The cute lover was as if saying, [It’s alright], gently returned strength into Hajime’s hand.

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