Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 122

Chapter 122

The wind was roaring and howling, and the ground underneath was quickly flowing backwards.

The Demi-humans that the Empire had released were wondering whether what they’re currently experience was really reality or not, to confirm it, they’ve pinched their cheeks many times to the point of becoming teary eyed. And, they were unsettled as if declaring, I’m not waking up from my dream~, once again, they looked at the unrealistic scene. Although it’s sometimes referred as, escaping from reality.

They were currently boarded on a “basket” that Hajime had installed onto the bottom of the “Flying Airship”, “Feruniru”, and are currently experiencing their first time traveling by air.

Feruniru was as expected, not on the scale of being able to allow thousands of Demi-humans to board, so a large basket was quickly installed. Image-wise, it looked just like an airship gondola.

Actually, the gate hall was set up for Fair Bergen and the Hauria’s hidden town, although it was possible to get to the Sea of Tree’s instantly after opening a gate, they daringly chose to travel by air for the sake of setting up the stage. That way, there’ll be much more impact of the Demi-human’s being set free by the Empire.

As it was, there was need for someone to assure the words at the open space from last time, “Releasing the Demi-humans were God’s will”. The spectacle of a huge flying object turning towards the skies to return home was required to completely fool the Empire citizens.

but, as the price, Hajime who started up Feruniru was faced with a harsh burden from having so much people loaded on. While gushing out red magical power on the bench seat in the bridge, laying on his back with his legs stretched out languidly was not the embodiment of arrogance.

As expected, to pilot the ship with thousands of people boarded on, their accumulated weight which forced his magic consumption to drain out was definitely not half-assed.

However, while his magical powers were gradually drained away, with the current situation he decided to train his magical ability to efficiently operate magical power through his consciousness with much effort, however the cause of his languidity was likely not just due to the magic consumption though.

To others it would just look like someone was being lazy but, it was actually a person’s effort to train whenever possible. It was really hard to tell the difference……

Yue, Shia, and Kaori were attending and beside Hajime. Though Hajime’s appearance was that of a father becoming lazy while sitting on a bench as his child plays at the park on a holiday, at his right arm was Yue, on his left was Shia using it as a pillow, and Kaori who was fiddling with his hair from the back of the seat.

He was really training seriously but……there would be no rebuttals that the scene looked just like a guy with his Harem.

[Oi oi, that’s quite the attitude while in front of the Emperor, eh?]

[……Nagumo-kun, although I’m only saying it……I think you should respect yourself a bit more?]

[How enviou……I mean. Right. it’s indecent]

Though he was concentrating on training to operate his magical powers efficiently, unconsciously Yue and Shia were patting his head as the voices multiplied towards Hajime.

In order to swear the oath in front of Fair Bergen’s elders, Gaharudo, the Emperor of the Hoelscher Empire accompanied them, Ririana accompanied them as a member of the royal family of the same human beings to witness the oath as a princess of the Hairhi Kingdom, and the usual Shizuku. Of course, Kouki, Ryutaro, and Suzu was also there.

And another person as well, Teio who was asked by Gaharudo to show him around on the airship was also there but, when she returned and saw Yue and them, [Mistress as well~], she declared to Hajime and began carrying out the ruOndaibu, sensing what was about to happen Hajime used his legs to strangle her and without a problem she dropped to the ground. Although her eye whites were showing and she was slightly convulsing, there were no problems.

[Ah~, did you finish exploring the warship?]

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[Yeah, it’s quite ridiculous. I have absolutely no idea how this mass of metal is able to fly. But, its extremely interesting! Oi, Hajime Nagumo. Prepare an aircraft for us. I’ll pay whatever you ask for]

Gaharudo sat on the bench and faced towards him, his eyes were shining star-like in curiosity at Hajime. Shizuku and them also sat on the seats.

By the way, Shizuku and Ririana were sitting right next to hajime. Though Gaharudo was a bit unpleased, but his eyes were shining like a little boy and he didn’t care much about it. He seems to have greatly liked this airship.

[I have no need for stuff like money. Give it up. This is going to be the only time you’re getting on board. Do your best to enjoy the time you have right now]

[Don’t say that. Na? Just one, even a small plane is fine]

[There’s no merit in it for me though]

[Nugu~u, if money is no good then how about women! One of my daughters was finally becoming just the right age. Though she has quite a lot of pride, her beauty is top-tier. I’ll add her into your harem so, na? It’ll be nice right?]

It appears that Gaharudo thought Hajime was an unparalleled playboy. It was sad that situationally it was something that couldn’t be denied.

However, it would be troublesome to suddenly be handed a woman so Hajime was about to reject while laughing but, the females reacted quicker than him.

[ [ [ [ [No(desu*Shia*)(ja*Teio*)!!] ] ] ] ]

[……And there you have it]

[Chi, you’re just showing off……n? Princess Ririana, just now, didn’t you also react?]

Gaharudo sulked and clicked his tongue and turned his line of sight towards Ririana and noticed. Allured by that, the others also turn towards Ririana.

[Eh? N, no way. Are you sure you weren’t mistaken?]

[……Kukuku. Come to think of it, at the party, you were having much more fun dancing with Hajime Nagumo than with Bias. Oi oi, Hajime Nagumo. Aren’t you moving along too quickly? Even I’m amazed at your speed]

[Whawhawhawhat are you talking about! Me and Nagumo-san absolutely don’t have that kind of relationship! R, right? Ne? Nagumo-san!]

[Ah? Ah~, it’s as impossible as the heavens overturning itself]

[……You didn’t have to take it that far……]

Towards Hajime clear objection, the riled up and increasing tension that Ririana had was immediately cut down. She looked away at something sulkingly. From that attitude, Ririana understood that she had no chance……

Or rather, in her heart she was looking back towards the dance from the party. Hajime should have been thinking about it too but, to completely put down the person in question on the spot, glances of sympathy was looked at Ririana, then towards Hajime.

[……Why do I have to be looked at with those kinds of eyes. In the first place, the princess is something like a married woman. Although her fiance was beheaded, that doesn’t mean that her marriage with the royal family was lost. That’s why, eventually she’ll be paired up with another royalty right?]

[Ah~, about that……]

On behalf of Ririana who had the expression of having chewed hundreds of bitter insects and worms, Gaharudo answered.

[Being completely honest, my clan is currently not in the position for that kind of thing. After all, we have to wear these necklaces throughout our entire lives or else we’ll die, we’ve got to deal with the many ridiculous situations that arose]

Just like Garuda had said, a necklace with a red gem was definitely on his neck.

[From the contents of that oath, even if someone else other than the royalty disobeys the contract, the royal family will “judge accordingly by the law” to the best we can, our lives are connected now, as it is, it doesn’t change the fact that the lives of the public have also been grasped. A radical reform of punishment needs to be created in order to enforce the laws, and all the other towns besides the Empire needs to know of the law as well……everyone here and there are desperate right now]

As Gaharudo leaned back deeply into the backrest of the seat, he scratched his head as if saying, [I’m lost!].

[Now that I don’t know when we’ll be dying, I can’t afford to have the princess of another kingdom marry in, there’s absolutely no other choice. moreover, we’ve lost manpower because of the emancipation of the Demi-humans. There’s people fussing about everywhere. We also need manpower in correspondence towards suppressing the public, honestly, it’s a situation where the Empire actually wants to ask (. . . . .) for the Kingdom’s support instead]

[I see. In other words you’re taking back the marriage proposed to the princess?]

[Ma~a, that’s about it. We need to calm down the situation and confirm the safety of the royal family first, then once that happens, this time, it would be a better idea for his highness Randell……or rather Majesty now… to marry with a princess instead]

Towards Gaharudo’s explanation, everyone present gave off a, [Heh~] expression.

By the way, actually, one of the royalty screamed out, [As if there’s any truth to that foolish talk! I’ll be removing this necklace!], and they really removed their necklace, afterwards, they suddenly turned mad and rampaged around, and as if their threads were cut, they died on the spot, this was the reason why the royalty began to work desperately.

[Isn’t that great then! Riri!]

[It really is. Freedom to love……might actually still be impossible but, for the time being, you’ve gained time]

[Un un. I’m glad for you, Riri]

With Kouki first, the members glanced at Ririana with a gentle gaze. Ririana showed a bitter smile towards her friends who were glancing at her, pleased without reserve that the “marriage had been cleared up”. Oddly enough, Gaharudo also showed a wry smile.

[With that, Hajime Nagumo. Right now princess Ririana is currently free*english accent*? If you want, the Empire will cooperate with you with all it’s might]

[Na~!? Your Majesty! What are you saying! I, I’m not……]

Gaharudo was grinning from ear to ear as he said it. Once again Ririana was riled up.

However, Hajime was taking the contents of the talk lightly and turned an amazed expression towards Gaharudo. He had enough of Ririana’s current attitude.

[Then, I’ll have to give you an airship in return? No matter how you look at it there are no merits……rather, isn’t it a demerit?]

[Just what are you implying!? Nagumo-san!]

[Oi oi, she’s the princess of a country? Normally, it’s a place that men can’t even reach]

[Wait a second, did you two hear what I just said? Are you guys listening to me!]

[Don’t group me with you. I have no hobbies to collect women. Princess is only a title, rather it’ll only cause troubles]

[Hai-hai-hai, you guys definitely didn’t listen. No one here listened to me. ……~Gusu~……what exactly is a princess I wonder……]

[Riri……it’s alright……U~u, you’re a princess so don’t worry]

[Ri, Riri! I heard you properly, so! Show some spirit!]

Ririana was completely through with Hajime and Gaharudo’s discussion, Ririana finally began writing characters on her seat in a negligent manner. At the edge of her eye, something was gathering and sparkling. Then Shizuku and Kouki were desperately trying to cheer her up.

Disregarding Ririana and them, Hajime was currently groaning, [Unununu], and Gaharudo who was trying to negotiate with him let out a sigh.

[I have nothing I want right now, just give it up. Eventually, just maybe, you’ll find something worth negotiating over……so just wait patiently until that time]

[Nu~uuu, you really have nothing that you want? Anything you want done? Just honestly say it out. Humans always have wants. It’s always been decided that someone who says that they don’t want anything are either no longer human or just scheming something behind the scenes. ……Ah~, that’s right, you were a monster]

[You trying to pick a fight? ……Ma~a, I can understand what you mean. But……]

As Hajime was saying that, he jerked and embraced both Yue and Shia.

[What I really want is already in my arms. “Having them with me at all times” is already enough to fill my entire head, I can’t think of anything “more” than that. Probably for life]

That’s why-, Hajime expressed that negotiations were useless. Yue was so happy she brought her body closer, Shia’s eyes were opened wide to have also been forcefully held like Yue, in the next moment her Usamimi and bunny tail began wagging back and forth and she threw her arms around Hajime.

On Hajime’s chest, Yue’s and Shia’s eyes met, both of them both laughed, [Kufufu], and smiled at one another.

[Ah~, ah~, I get it, I get it. Chi, it’s way too sweet for my mouth to handle. I guess I’ll go and enjoy the scenery on the deck……]

Gaharudo got up with an annoyed look and quickly left the bridge. Hajime was smiling wryly. After seeing the face-to-face discussion, Kouki and Ryutaro didn’t know what to do and let their eyes wander around. Suzu let out an odd voice, [Howa~].

And a voice came out from behind Hajime and his legs.

[Uu~, it’s unfair that it’s only Yue and Shia! Ne, ne~e, Hajime-kun. “In my arms” is a metaphorical expression right? It’s not only limited to Yue and Shia right? Ne?]

[Ma, master. Although I got to experience your wonderful foot technique, will you not hold mistress closely either? “In my arms” would be nice……]

Kaori clung onto Hajime from behind, she was desperately trying to appeal for her existence. Teio sat up and pleaded to Hajime with her chin on his knee.

The person who reacted to the two was Yue.

While getting up a little, she glanced towards Kaori and Teio.

[……How unfortunate]

[Wha, what do you mean!?]

[Mu~u, I can’t ignore that just now, Yue!]

Kaori and Teio had an atmosphere as if they were chewing onto a handkerchief while letting out [Ki~iii!], as they looked at Yue who was expressionless. Yue inclined her neck as if she was thinking about something, then she slowly pointed at herself and Shia.



Following that, she pointed at Kaori and Teio.


And as expected, it was said with her expressionless face. Then as it was she snuggled her cheek against Hajime’s chest. Then at that moment, a sound of something being cut “~Buchi~” could be heard within the bridge.

[Fu, fufufu…Yue’s pretty weird right? suddenly saying things that don’t make sense…she’s surely broken somewhere?]

[That’s right. That must be true. Then mistresses must fix it]

[Speaking of fixing, there’s a simple way of doing it]

[Umu umu, broken things will……]

[ [Be fixed if hit! (No-ja!*Teio*)] ]

They suddenly both stood up and overlooked down on Yue while smiling.

Extremely tensed*Doki as in the effect doki doki*? Fighting spirit*Toki*?-like began to overflow. From that pressure, Kouki, Ryutaro, and Suzu huddled together to brace themselves. Kouki began to whisper in a mutter, [Is, is that Kaori?].

Yue who was hit by both of their pressures, once again, smiled slightly which ruined her expressionless face and looked up.

[……Stop it. If we seriously went at it, both of you have no chances of beating me]

Are you Codiota they wanted to tsukkomi her lines. And that was quite the intense provocation.

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[ [Just what we wanted! (Ja!)] ]

Sure enough it caused Kaori and Teio to heat up even more. Yue also slowly got up.

[Wa, the three of you wait a second! To suddenly start fighting……or rather, Nagumo-kun! Stop them!]

Shizuku was sweatingly and flustered around trying to do her best to arbitrate the situation. And quickly came to the conclusion that she wouldn’t be able to stop them herself! So she gave up and turned to ask for help from Hajime who was the cause of this dispute.

Hajime just casually said……

[It’s impossible. I’m sluggish……]

His magical power was already drastically decreased and he became sluggish. He didn’t seem to have any intentions of moving.

To begin with, a small quarrel was an everyday occurrence, rather it was more like a kind of communication for the girls, so Hajime didn’t pay much heed to it.

[P, people like you are~]

However, Shizuku was still oblivious towards her surroundings then, a cheek began to twitch.

Then, a hanya-voice called out to Shizuku.

[Shizuku-chan! Please take that back!]

[Ar~e? Since when did I get pulled into this!?]

Quite naturally, Shizuku’s participation in the war was decided.

[Sa~a, princess, let’s both step up together! You’re an barrier expert right? I’ll leave defences to you and Suzu over there!]

[Eh? Me as well!? Why!?]

[Suzu was also casually included!?]

Teio with her draconic strength held Suzu and Ririana’s necks like a kitten and dragged them. [Princess……I’m a princess……], Ririana muttered out with empty feelings.

[……Shia, I’m entrusting you as the Vanguard]

[A, alright! I won’t let anyone get near Yue-san!]

Full of spirit. It seemed that Shia served as Yue’s vanguard. She got up from Hajime and started twirling her arm around.

[……Hajime, wait for a bit. I’m going to beat them and come back]

[O~h, do it in moderation~]

[……After we’re done fighting we’ll embrace again]

[Anytime is fine~]


With that, the female members (except for some) left towards the deck with the atmosphere filled with fighting spirit. Although the deck was a moderate size it couldn’t be said to have actually been enough. Surely It’ll likely be good battle training. It’s necessary for Kaori to get used to Nointo’s body so moving around is a good idea. Since there’s no telling what kind of ordeals they’ll be facing at the great labyrinth, [Harutsuina Sea of Trees], it’s good to train even if only a bit.

However it was unknown whether Yue and them had that in mind though.

After a while, roars and explosions were beginning to be heard. Kouki and them were startled. They had anxious expressions, wondering if it was really alright to just leave them as is.

[They’re having fun huh~]

However, Hajime’s impression was just that.

[……Or rather what’s with you, Nagumo……]

[As expected, you’re quite outrageous…]

The bridge that was only filled with men now, after looking at the bored Hajime, Kouki and Ryutaro were half amazed and half concerned. He wasn’t phased at all with that riot that the women started, it seemed to have been completely natural so they were impressed as men.

After that, Yue and their fight ended after terribly scaring the Demi-humans, and finally the Sea of Trees were beginning to appear up ahead. Although it sounded as if the first to scream out was the emperor……it must have surely just been their imaginations.

While quietly worrying for the emperor’s safety, they began to prepare and land at the Sea of Trees.


With the sun hiding its face, the curtain of night fell down.

The interior of the Sea of Trees was illuminated by Fair Bergen as people produced orange lights. Normally, no matter how busy they are with reconstruction, the time for pleasures of family meals and family time would be long past, and the serene silence would be flowing in the air.

However, the current Fair Bergen was as if the night and day cycle were reversed, it was wrapped up in clamor. People were busily running to the right and left. People started gathering in the village outside of Fair Bergen, it appears that people were arranging the soldiers and instructing them.

Towards that clamor, while looking out the window that was left open to let in the evening wind, one of Fair Bergen’s elders, Alfrerick Hapisuto of the forest people had a slightly indescribable expression while holding a document in one hand.

In the contents, was a report about accepting in several thousands of their brethren back, it was that kind of document. The other elders were also helping out to split the work.

[Fu~u…Cam. Is our brethren truly coming back?]

[……You’re still saying that kind of thing. I’m not going to keep reassuring you every time you ask, just hurry up and finish preparing to accept them]

When Alfrerick began talking, as if the room was alive a person’s presence appeared. Beside Alfrerick was the Haruia, Cam, who had concealed his presence.

Cam and the Hauria tribe came back through the gate ahead of Hajime and them to tell of the Demi-humans being liberated. And used the telepathy stones to increase efficiency of the preparations to accept in their people, that was their roles as volunteers.

[I know that. It’s just that, it’s still just to hard to believe. That Empire is really liberating our brethren……]

[That’ll be proven in a few hours from now. Ma~a, I can understand your feelings. ……For us, if it wasn’t for boss, never in our dreams did we think something of this scale could be done]

[Boss……the qualified person—Nagumo Hajime, huh. If that story is true then, he is not just my granddaughter’s but all of our brethren’s savior. We’ll have to think of a way to repay him……]

[Boss probably doesn’t expect any of those kinds of things. Rather than that, quickly move that hand of yours. The reports are stacking up again]

Cam who heard a report from the telepathy stone, glanced towards Alfrerick for an instant. Although something was said to Cam through the telepathy stone, he only looked out into space, his appearance had no openings at all either. On the contrary, intense drive appeared from his lack of presence.

They once had an expression of resignation towards their expectation of their clan being executed……you’d never think they were the same person. Their original gentle atmosphere was also nonexistent now, instead they had a sharpness that seemed that it would cut anyone who just touches them.

In fact, that sharpness had already been shown.

That was because as soon as Cam came to the elders and told them to prepare to accept in the slaves which will be liberated, no one, not even Alfrerick could believe his words but, on that occasion, one of the elders felt that Cam’s behavior was irreverently and unpleasant, so they started throwing out words in contempt at Cam and even tried to get him to kneel down forcefully.

Even if they’ve avenged the Kumaninzoku before and helped out when Fair Bergen was attacked by the demons and empire, the values that the Usagininzoku were seen in where likely not able to change so quickly.

However, towards that action due to fixed values, he returned it with severe murderous intent. The moment that one of the elder’s subordinates tried to touch Cam, just where were they hidden, simultaneously the Hauria tribe appeared and placed their blades on all of the elder’s necks.

Naturally, the man who was about to confront cam also had a blade pointed at him, it turned into a situation where no one moved a muscle. Filled with murderous intent, if you spoke poorly, there’s no doubt that they’ll bear their fangs, Alfrerick was somehow able to resettle peace in that situation.

In an instant, they occupied Fair Bergen’s elder meeting who carried the highest power, and, made them all breakout into cold sweat with their fierce murderous intent, for the time being they decided to trust them and see what happens. Or rather, they couldn’t do anything but that. The Hauria’s blades which were on the scruff of their necks were dangerous.

[Oji-sama*Grandfather*, preparation for the meals are complete. This is the quantity left after consumption]

A lovely voice just like a bell ranged out and pulled Alfrerick out of his recollection which made him break out in cold sweat.

[Mu, Arutena huh. Thanks for the hard work. But, you keep going back and forth, don’t stress yourself out]

[I’m just fine. My brethren are coming back, I can’t just sit and do nothing]

Arutena took on a resolute attitude as Alfrerick was worrying. However, after passing on the report to Alfrerick, strangely she began to fidget restlessly. Though Alfrerick was dubious, he noticed that his granddaughter was frequently glancing towards Cam, and somehow guessed what she had in mind.

[If you’re anxious about him, how about hearing about it from Cam?]

[! N, no, I wasn’t particularly thinking about Nagumo-san……]

[However, I never said anything about a man did I?]

[Oji-sama! No way, please don’t find faults in others words like a meanie!]

Alfrerick was visibly pleased while watching his granddaughter who was restless, he may have been serious about it?-she thought.

Due to Arutena’s personality and figure, there have been many marriage proposals since her birth but, up until now she’s rejected them all, the person in question wanted to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps and work for the country rather than thinking about marriage. That’s why he had never had this kind of discussion until now……

From within Alfrerick, his foolishness and teasing as a grandfather started to rise up.

[Fumu, that man is definitely your benefactor but, he doesn’t think of you as special? Or rather, to be specific he was helping out the Hauria tribe? Although you shouldn’t think too much into it……it’ll be difficult to get him to become your partner]

[I’ve already said it~, it’s not like that! Mou~! I heard that Nagumo-sama was bringing back our brethren, so I was only a bit interested about it. Yes, that’s the only reason!]

With a puffed out face, Arutena started to leave the room and Alfrerick secretly let out a sigh.

Then, at that time, Cam who was quiet until then, unexpectedly called out to Arutena.

[Miss Arutena]

[Eh, ehtto, yes? Cam-san. What is it?]

Cam had a smile as if he was amused at something which made Arutena reply back wryly. Cam reported smiling as he saw Arutena who was cautious.

[Although it seems as if boss allows many women to serve him, the fact is, he’s fairly single-minded. And, the “special” positions have already been covered, as so, it’s immovable. It’s possible to get closer towards those seats but, you’d likely need a substantial amount of trust for that]

[Wa, ha~a……Ehtto]

Cam was fearlessly grinning at the puzzled Arutena.

[By the way, according to boss’s actions, the closest person towards that seat is……my daughter Shia. After all, the reason why he helped us bear our fangs at the Empire was because, “For the sake of Shia’s smile to not become clouded” he said]

[! Is, is that so?]

[That’s right. If it was for Shia’s sake, Boss would take on a country’s army. Right, all for Shia’s sake. Fufufu]

[ ! ]

Arutena sensitively guess that he was basically implying, [You can’t win against my daughter!].

Actually, Arutena was the same age of Shia who was 16 years old. Therefore, having been compared with another girl of her age and told that she wouldn’t even be a proper match…… there was no helping that she was angry.

[When you say Shia-san……you’re talking about the one with the pale bluish hair right. Allow me to say that I don’t think I’m inferior to her. Though there is definitely a difference in the amount of time spent together……even I would, with the same amount of time given to me……]

[*light hearted no’s*Iya, iya, our Shia is an extremely special existence, as expected, miss Arutena should stop from doing such useless things for your own sake, allow me to give you some advice. If you miss the marriageable age it’ll become a very bleak thing]

[That’s uncalled for!]

[Ha~a. Cam, would you leave the teasing of my granddaughter at that……]

The huffing mad Arutena and the grinning Cam. Alfrerick let out a grand sigh as he looked at the two.

The reason why Cam was provoking Arutena was because he was a bit meddlesome.

Of course, he was not going against Arutena, he was going against Shia. The relationship of Shia and Hajime when they left the Sea of Trees could be said that Shia was rushing it. That is, as long as you’re looking at appearances only, Cam had felt that their relationship had become quite intimate. After one push, make sure to rush straight beyond the goal!

That one push, in other words it was a detonator for Arutena to start scheming, If Shia had heard it, [That’s extremely uncalled for!] she’d say in anger.

Cam chuckled to himself as he had lit up Arutena’s feelings of rivalry. The appearance of a girl whos decided to love without hesitation and resort to anything was……incredibly devilish.

Then, at that time, all of the sudden the outside became noisy. It wasn’t the same noise from running around like before, it was the noisiness of tension from an unexpected situation. They even began to hear roars.

[What’s going on!]

Alfrerick suddenly stood up from his seat and walked up to the window. Then he saw the cause of the commotion.


Exactly according to those words, light as strong as the sunlight during daytime was shining down onto the trees, no, the light was incomparably strong, that, rather than just the trees it lit up past them and lit up the plaza of Fair Bergen.

The situation was currently unknown, Alfrerick had his eyes wide opened and a calm voice resounded.

[Don’t worry, Alfrerick. Boss has arrived]

Right, the identity of the light which illuminated Fair Bergens plaza, was the searchlight of the airship “Feruniru” which has arrived in the skies of Fair Bergen.

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