Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 125 — Even if the Appearance Changes

Chapter 125: Even if the Appearance Changes


A roar shakes the ground in the sea of trees over and over, creatures which inhabit it were desperate to escape from the center of the explosion while panicking.

[Oraa! I’ll destroy this forest, get out of my way!]

Among the sounds that roared consistently, you could hear a scream.

It was Hajime’s voice.

Incidentally, it is Hajime who bombs the sea of trees in the present while scattering the roaring sound. A vein on his forehead is showing while he uses “Orkan” in both hands and randomly shooting rockets and missiles.

[A, Ano, Hajime-san, anymore is ……]

[That’s right, Hajime-kun, I’m sure that demon is already died, too and …]

Without hiding his anger and frenzy, hundred of rockets and missiles were already shot by Hajime who keeps shooting cluster bombs with the “Cross Bits” from the sky in the forest, while Shia and Kaori fluster to restrain him.

However, …

[Well, what?]

[Ie, it is nothing.]

[Un, I’m sorry to bother you.]

The two retracted their previous remarks immediately, because Hajime looked back with bloodshot eyes.

[Uu,… scary. Shizushizu~ stop him.]

[Do not say the unreasonable, Suzu. I do not want to die yet. I think it’s also reasonable why he is angry……]

Shizuku gives out a sigh while she’s calming Suzu who is clinging to her. She looks a little to the side. There was a crouching figure that was suppressing his own eyes with both hands while weeping.

[My eyes~, my eyes~, damn it, Nagumo! What are you doing so suddenly!]

A voice of agony is raised like a colonel from somewhere. It was the state of a person who got his eyes busted. Also, according to the words, Kouki’s eyes were pierced by Hajime who used his fingers like scissors.

So why is Hajime so mad that he burned the forest and crushed Kouki’s eyes?

After Hajime and the others fought a bee-shaped demon, they searched in the sea of trees for approximately 30 minutes. It was because of the encounter of a certain demon.

The demon was a monkey-type which attacked in crowds. The attacks flew from all angles freely by using the trees as a foothold and it was fairly troublesome. They were equipped with sword and clubs etc. Though it was unknown where they got these weapons.

Kouki, Shizuku and Suzu were fighting the monkey-demons and were played around with the tricky movements of them. Naturally, the monkey-demons were not Hajime’s enemy, as one would expect.

Hajime, who wanted to join with Yue as fast as possible, let Kouki’s group spar with the enemy to some degree.

Is it possible that the monkey-demon has some intelligence? The monkey-demons tried to take hostages. However, for Hajime, the thinking of that degree was too shallow. The monkey-demons that tried to take a hostage were all killed.

In those circumstances, the monkey-demons realized that they are no match and tried to withdraw, however…… it accidentally made the wrong choice. It was the worst decision they could have made.

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The main cause is the peculiar magic of the monkey-demons - “Mimicry”. It is the same one as the one from the rust-colored Slime which made Hajime angry.

They also got the information of Yue’s group and it is possible for them to disguise themselves as the companions which Hajime’s group was separated from. However, unlike the rust-colored Slime, the monkey-demons were more intelligent.

In other words, it is possible for them to mimic actions which would disturb the others. They were able to think of that.

As a result, they used “Mimicry”. It was to be used against the most dangerous enemy with the person they value the most. It was the lowest method to shake them up.

The monkey-demons dragged their brethren that used mimicry from the back of the bush. Its appearance was that of Yue. The figure that was dragged along was badly bruised with an unladylike appearance. Because it is based on the information of the teleported team, the appearance is exactly the same as the real one.

Of course, Hajime was able to see through the mimicry of the rust-colored Slime before, so he obviously knew it was not Yue.

Still, even with Yue’s nudity and miserable appearance you can’t tell the difference between the fake a real thing. When closing in the distance with his “Instant Movement”, Kouki’s eyes, which almost looked at the “Mimicry”-Yue, were crushed.

At this point, though Hajime has already started losing his temper, it was still enough for his reason to work. However, the monkey-demons, despite their high intelligence, couldn’t read the mood. They hit the “Mimicry”-Yue in front of Hajime with a smile. In addition the “Mimicry”-demon was imitating Yue’s voice. [……Hajime, help me]. It became a serious matter because of that.

At that moment, everyone heard it. “BUCHI” was heard and something snapped.

And now, you can see a part of the sea of trees surrounded by flames of hell.

The scorched field which was 500 meters in every direction was already complete. If you look here and there you can see carbonized humanoids. In the wreckage, bee- and ant-demons were also seen.

Because it was an instant air strike, there will probably be not a demon that escaped unless some demons can make a space metastasis.

After Hajime burned everything in the sea of trees, he advanced while ignoring everything else.

[Don’t give up you both, please! Who else can stop Hajime-san other than Shia and Kaori!”


[No buts. Why do you give up here? It ends when you give up! Hora, do your best! Hang in there! Dekiru, Dekiru! (2xYou can do it!) A maiden in love is invincible!]

The words from Shizuku, reminiscent of some coach, inspired Shia and Kaori. To be frank, Shizuku was desperate to make the two to go to Hajime as he was hard to approach now.

Without knowing the real intentions of Shizuku, Shia and Kaori nod to each other and jumped at Hajime while he was reloading “Orkan”.

[Hajime-san! Leave it at this!]

[That’s right, Hajime-kun. You may drag Yue’s group into it!]

He desperately glares at Shia and Kaori clinging to him. Hajime seems to be dissatisfied and utters a twisted expressions and raised his voice with an [A?, a?]

The appearance was, no matter how you look at it, one of a person that wanted to free his head. However, as he sees the two going [Ne?, Ne?], he regained his composure after a while.

[Fuuuuuu~~~~~ I understand. For now I’ll leave it at this. I feel refreshed after shooting.]

Hajome relaxed his shoulders and called back the “Cross Bits” and put them away along with “Orkan” into the “Treasure Box”. Shia and Kaori regained their composure and let out a relieved breath.

[My bad, I made you take care of me.]

[Ie, I also got mad at their methods. It was inevitable.]

[Un, really, it was the worst…… In a sense it was expected from the great labyrinth.]

When Hajime regained his composure he showed a wry smile, the two shaked his head while shaking their own heads in denial.

When Hajime was talking in the background of a part of the sea of tree that almost turned into wasteland, Shizuku stepped forward while having a cramp on her cheek.

[Naguno-kun, if you calmed down could you do something about Kouki …]

With the words [Ah, Now that you mention it.] Hajime turns around to Kouki.

Kouki was shedding tears while sobbing. His appearance was indescribably pitiful. Kaori immediately used recovery magic when it was suggested by a glance.

[Uu, This feeling. Is it recovery magic? Oh, i can see light]

Kouki is liberated from the pain in his eyes and is looking joyfully. In addition, when Hajime who is the ringleader of the pain is spotted, he lifted his eyes and raises a voice of protest.

Shizuku explains the situation and the other party shows a dissatisfied face.

[You see, Amanogawa, though i am at fault, i couldn’t hold back. It was a critical moment of whether my lover’s improper appearance was seen by another man. A mans … eyes should be crushed, don’t you agree?]

[What’s with that “common sense?”. Don’t demand for an agreement in that tone. I almost became blind. In the first place, how can you tell the fake apart? Setting aside the real thing, when i think about how i tasted the pain because of the impostor…… I’m really angry.]

[You are foolish. Comparing your eyesight with Yue’s half-nakedness…… is like putting a stone from the roadside with a high-class jewel on a scale.]

[My eyes aren’t roadside stones!]

Kouki objects to Hajime and shows resentment towards him, while Hajime wards of his remark, he goes back to his search.

While not taking notice of the other party, Kouki begins to get even more irritated. Shizuku and Suzu try to soothe the situation. In a certain meaning, they were indebted to a familiar girl. It was an unpleasant common point.

At that time Hajime caught a presence with his “Sign perception”. It will come at the speed of a small run.

Judging from the feeling of the sign, it seemed not to be a very powerful enemy. Therefore, Hajime looked back at the sea of trees with a doubtful look.

Shia also tilted her neck while gazing at the depths of the sea of trees.

Kouki also guessed that something approached them while looking at the manner of the two. It was a creature that resembled a goblin, while it made a rustling sounds. It had a dark skin with an ugly and distorted face, it wore a rag and was about 140 centimeters tall.

The goblin made a “Guga”-sound when it saw Hajimes appearance. Thought it cried with a somewhat excited voice, it movements stopped as it was startled by its own voice. It stopped and looked at Hajime. Because of its face, murderous intent was released.

In fact, it looked that way to Kouki.

Because he was not playing an active part in battle a feeling of irritation was felt by him and he made a rush to the goblin. He closed in the distance in the blink of an eye with his Holy Sword in hand.

However, the goblin which life was almost nearly cut, for a moment, it’s glance turned to Kouki, but it still did not show any behavior of taking a defensive action.

In an instant, even if Kouki had some doubts about it, he swung his Holy Sword down, because you couldn’t be careless against demons in the great labyrinth.

At that moment, when the Holy Sword cladded in light, almost cut the strange goblin in two,

[What are you doing, idiot!]


Hajime who caught up in a moment, kicked Kouki away with a “Rolling Savate”. A strange scream was raised and Kouki disappeared in the interior of the sea of trees, as if being run over by a dump truck.

Despite the demon before them, Shizuku was dumbfounded by the action of an ally getting blown away by a “Rolling Savate”. She couldn’t overlook the action, lifted her eyes in anger and rushed over to Hajime.

[Wait a moment, Nagumo-kun! What was that for!? No matter how you look at it, it was unreasonable. Kouki merely wanted to defeat the demon!]

[That’s right! Or rather, is Kouki-kun alright? We must go look for him immediately.]

Shizuku and Suzu turned a look of criticism to Hajime. Shia and Kaori also did not understand the reason for Hajime’s action.

However, Hajime did not hear their voices, he only gazed at the goblin in front of him.

In her eyes, Kouki was kicked away by Hajime’s “Rolling Savate” without reason and Shizuku put herself on guard against the existence of the goblin.

Kouki turned up from the back of the sea of trees while rubbing his arm. Apparently, he seemed to have been alright. However, it seemed he was going to jump at Hajime, while anger was omitting from his whole body.

[…… Nagumo. Why did you do that? Why did you get in my way? The situation is different from a while ago. Don’t make excuses. To protect a demon, are you sane?]

[It’s not a demon.]

[What did you say?]

Without reacting to Kouki’s anger and ignoring his muttering, he kneeled in front the still standing goblin. All members were astonished by the action and are doubting him more and more. Only Shia noticed something and muttered [No way…].

Hajime, who is meeting it’s eyes on the same level, says some words that startle the others.

[…… You are Yue, right?]


[[[…What the?]]]

While Kouki and the rest were standing there with open mouths, Hajime did not hesitate and took the goblins hand and muttered [Yue…]. The goblin, with a joyful cry, answered [Gugya.].

[Ehm, Hajime-san. I would never have imaged it would be Yue-san. Uhm, I can only see a demon…]

[I, I can only see a demon. Is it really Yue?]

Shia and Kaori raised a voice of doubt, while looking at the goblin in front of them. The goblin begins to cry out/complain to Hajime with [Gugya , Gugogo, Gyaagya], while looking at both of them. It shoulders dropped, because it is not able to talk with them.

However, Hajime is there. There is nothing impossible for the man who loves Yue.

[Yes?, Yes~ The next thing you knew is that your appearance changed after the transfer?]

[! Gugya ! …… Gugogo]

[Fumu, So it only changed the body……]

[Gugya …… Gyagya , Gugi]

[The equipment was also lost?…Oh, you came after the markings i have left?]

[Gugutsu …… Gogagoga]

[That’s right, Hajime is where the explosions come from? Well, you aren’t wrong……]

[……Gyuuu, Gogo]

[Is that so, you aren’t able to use magic…… But, you don’t feel any other changes.]

[Gigigi , Gagi]

[Well, it should be alright. It’s probably one of the trials. It was an inevitable start of the game]

[…… Gyuuu]

[And Tio and Sakagami weren’t with you. Perhaps the same happened with them as with Yue. I still don’t know anything about the demons here…… Well, Don’t worry about it Yue. I’ll do something about it as always.]

A normal conversation has been established.

[[[[[ …………… ]]]]]

Kouki and the rest were speechless. Hajime didn’t try to hide the fact that he was happy to be reunited with his lover and smiled.

[This kind of thing. Let’s try “Reproduction Magic” out.]

[[[[[ No, no, no, no, wait, wait, wait, wait ]]]]]

[Oh, What’s wrong?]

Kouki and the rest tsukkomied in a beautiful harmony and looked at Hajime with puzzled expressions. Everyone wanted to tsukkomi Hajime even more. Or rather, they weren’t able to hold out any longer.

[Isn’t it strange? It is strange, right? How can you communicate? Like nothing is going on!]

[Nothing is going on… I talk because it is Yue?]

[Suzu only hears “Gugya”! No other words! How do you understand it?]

[No, with feelings… it is possible to talk with eyes.]

[Which reminds me, you always stare at each other………It really is useful at such a time…… How the two of you communicate breaks through the center of the universe.]

[No, It’s normal for a lover.]

[It’s not normal? Obviously it is not normal……What should we do. The “special” seat feels very far away.]

[Rather, Nagumo-kun. How did you notice it? Did you notice it before kicking me?]

[How did i, you know…… It’s a simple story.]

Many tsukkomis were made and the others had tired expressions because Hajime answered with his common sense. At the end, Kouki uttered a question towards Hajime, who looked peacefully at the goblin shaped Yue,

[It’s just that… Her appearance may have changed, but i will never lose sight of Yue.]

[[[[[……Is that so?]]]]]

[…… Gugya]

With an expression that seemed like it was made of sugar, Yue (goblin Ver.) answered happily to Kouki’s group.

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[Putting that aside. Kaori, I leave the “Reproduction Magic” to you.]

[Ah, Un, I understand…… Well then, here we go Yue: “Absolute Imitation”!]

Kaori, whose eyes slightly regained sanity, was appealed by Hajime, turned towards Yue (goblin Ver.) and used “Reproduction Magic”. Needless to say, reproduction magic is an age of gods magic and the effects are enormous. Hajime’s group thought it would return her to her old appearance if they used it………


[What? Why? One more time: “Absolute Imitation”!]

Yue’s appearance did not change back.

It’s like the “Reproduction Magic” isn’t activating. A silver light pours down over Yue, but Kaori’s magic is erased with a crunching sound. There is still no sigh of Yue’s appearance turning back.



Kaori is stunned and Yue (goblin Ver.) dejectedly drops her shoulders. Even the other members had worried expressions. In the middle of it, Hajime folded his arms and hit the temple while brooding over the phenomenon.

Hajime wore a difficult expression. Yue (goblin Vers.), while gripping the bottom of his clothes, looked up to him with an uneasy expression. She though that it would be also difficult for her to turn someone back with “Reproduction Magic”.

To such a Yue (goblin Ver.), Hajime returned from his deep thoughts and turned a vibrant smile towards her.

[Everything is alright, Yue. I’ve said it before, we fell into the trap, but a Game Over is impossible at the start. There must be a method to turn you back. I believe the “Reproduction Magic” doesn’t work because the quality of the age of gods magic is different. A special method needs to be used. It is a self-evident truth, that the challengers of the trial have “Reproduction Magic”. There would be no meaning to the trial otherwise. In any case, we will find the method to turn you back if we proceed further.]

[…… Gugya]

[Aa, don’t worry about it. And, i forgot about this. Can you hold this?]

[…… Gigi?]

Hajime passed Yue (goblin Ver.) a pair of jewel earrings. Because she transformed and can’t use magic, he guessed that she needs something and gave her an artifact ―― “Telephatic Jewels”.

[……Hajime?, Hajime? Can you hear me?]

Then, a lovely voice affected the space, the same way as Tio’s transformation into a dragon does. Hajime’s expression loosed up and he looked very happy while hearing a dear and nostalgic voice, even if it was only for a moment.

[Yeah, I can hear you, Yue. Your appearance changed…… but i’m glad you are alight.]

[…… Nn. I knew Hajime would notice it.]

[That’s natural. I’m the one who understands you the most.]

[……… Nn. But i was happy. I love you.]

[……Stop it. It’s embarrassing.]

[…… Fufu]

The air around them became sweet and pink, even though she was a goblin. Even if the appearance changed, they still create their own world. The eyes of the other members became like ones from dead fish.

[*Cough*! Isn’t it about time? Yue, I’m glad you are alright.]

[N…… Kaori, too]

[Yue-san…… Zettai, zee~~tai! We will turn you back! For that reason, you can rely on me!] (Note: “Zettai” means “absolutely” ,left it in japanese, because reasons……)

[…… Shia, Thank you. I can’t fight now, so i’ll count on you.]

Shia and Kaori somehow regained their spirit and were able to exchange words with Yue.

[Yue-san, well, i’m sorry about a while ago. I didn’t notice it was you… I almost injured you.]

[…Don’t worry. It was inevitable. And i believed i wouldn’t get injured…]

[Eeh, is it about me?]

[… Even from the hero (lol), Hajime would protect me.]

[…… Is that so.]

Yue’s casual remark performs a clean hit. While withdrawing dejectedly, Kouki raised a dry laughter. Shizuku and Suzu try to encourage him.

[Well then, to change Yue back and find Tio and Sakagami we should push forward and quickly conquer the labyrinth.]

With Hajime’s command the party proceeded to advance in the sea of trees once again.


[……Hajime-san, even I see it. That is Tio.]

[I also understand it. No matter how you look at it, that is Tio.]

[…Rather, it would be a serious matter if it wasn’t Tio.]

[Unmistakable, That is Tio.]

Hajime and the others turn their eyes towards the filth they see.

After 30 minutes they joined up with Yue, they saw a group of goblins. The group assaulted one goblin with kicks and punches.

However, there was no intention of killing it and an atmosphere like bullying was there. The goblin seemed not to be injured while receiving an assault from the group.

If it was only that it was bullied because it was weak, it would be pretty natural……

[No matter how i see it…… It’s in ecstasy……]

[Even though it has the face of a goblin…… We could never broadcast that.]

[Nagumo…… You, to that kind of person… I don’t feel like i could win it’s heart.]

[Stop it, Amanogawa. I feel bad because i allowed that transformation……I can only give up……]

The goblin was floating in ecstasy, while the others where muttering. The appearance was reminiscent of a certain pervert. Or precisely, there could only be one such person.

[Tio… You are…… It’s too late already… Let’s give up though it is regrettable.]

When Hajime shaked his head in a sad expression he quietly turned his back. Yue and the rest followed him without any hesitation. Normally, Kouki would say [Never desert a nakama!], among other things, but now his gaze is wandering.

[Gu? Gyagya!]

And, at that moment, the goblin noticed Hajime’s group and raised its voice.

As a result, the assaulted goblin seemed to notice Hajime. It opened its eyes wide and rushed towards Hajime, despite receiving an assault earlier.

The goblin (Tio) was crawling in a high-speed on the ground, while the other goblins instinctively pulled away and backed away. In fact, while the goblins tormented and bullied it in high spirit, they felt [Huh? Somehow you are strange.] and now they were convinced about it.


Meanwhile, the goblin (Tio) tried to jump with a rupa○dive into Hajime’s chest. Though they can’t understand goblin words, seen that, it was surely [Master~ This one longed to see you] or something along those lines.

Of course, Hajime responded and said,

[Don’t come near me, you pervert!]


And he used an uppercut with his artificial arm.

The goblin (Tio) made an artistic backflip with four and a half turns, but did make a sound like it should have been. She crashed.


Yue (goblin Ver.) peeked into the bush where the body of the goblin (Tio) fell. It’s tail was pierced by a tree branch.

Then, [Bikunbikun]! The body of the goblin (Tio) was twitching, while regaining consciousness. Though the body is that of a goblin, the endurance may be that of a dragon. Or, she became an even bigger pervert……

[GaGaGa! GoGo, Guge! Guga!]

The goblin (Tio) held her cheeks with both hands and screamed excited, while her body twisted around. And then, she began looking at Hajime with feverish eyes.

Instinctively, Hajime starts pulling out “Donner” and Shia desperately tries to calm him. Kaori handed over a “Telepathic Stone” over to the goblin (Tio).

[Uh-huh, a “Telepathic Stone”…… Do thou hear me, Master? This one met the beloved Master and the first words and actions were those of abuse.]

[Damn it. Even if the body changes, the toughness does not. It should just die already.]

[Tsu! Aah? Beloved Master. The lack of pardon, this one can’t hold out. Mistress is useless without Master. Now, Master’s beloved servant has returned. It’s good how the mistress, who is reduced to ugliness, is attacked without restraint!]

Apparently, even if she changed into a goblin, she still felt the pleasure. It was already too late as Hajime said.

The goblins, while ignoring Tio who is lying on the ground saying [Do as you like! Burn or boil me!] and still twitching, were insta-killed by Hajime. And the search was resumed in silence.

The other members also did not seem to care about it and follow Hajime without turning their eyes.

[Ho, is this neglect play? Master can’t be helped~ Ey, don’t leave this one behind!? This one wants you to wait~ This one is still shaking because of the blow a while ago~]

Tio’s voices echoes empty in the sea of trees. However, nobody stopped walking.


The huge branch bends and attacks irregularly like a whip. Leaves dance like a blade and scatter around. Tree nuts are shot like cannonballs. A sudden spear-like root dashes out from the ground like the sharp point of a sword. Each of these attacks are fatal.

It is very similar to the Tree-Demon Hajime once fought in the [Orcus great Labyrinth]. The demon is a so-called “Trent”. But then, when Hajime compared this Trent with the one he fought, the size is extremely different. It was 30 meters high and 10 meters in diameter.

Kouki, Shizuku, Suzu and the ogre-like creature are confronting the huge Trent.


Meanwhile, while raising a shout like a real Ogre, it is Ryutaro who attacks with his fist to intercept the branches that come in.

Along the way, an Ogre was discovered fighting other Ogres. However, while the fight went on martial arts were seen - To be frank, it made refined karatemovements. It was obvious that it was Ryutaro.

Ryutaro might have been dead if they found him later as his status has fallen as Yue’s and Tio’s did. To go that far without running away, a tsukkomi was made about his muscle-brain.

And, Ryutaro finally joined with them as the last member. They reached the place with the gigantic tree which was obviously on a different size compared with the surrounding ones…… The gigantic tree said [Defeat me if you want to go further!] and began to rage as it said it.

At the present time, Kouki’s group which did not show any results till now said [We will defeat this guy!] and rushed out. Hajime’s group didn’t care and started to spectate the fight. By the way, Kaori is participating as a healer.

[Gwuuuu. The attack is heavy.]

A branch with the thickness of a log approaches, while cutting through the wind, and is received by Kouki with his Holy Sword. However, a groan leaked from the space of gritted teeth, while reminding how excessive the weight of the attack was.

Shizuku is busy with shuriken like leaves, which fly like throwing knifes. Suzu puts up a powerful barrier to somehow intercept the attack and Kouki desperately decides to use the opening to attack.

[Kuu, No good. Because Kaori is here, we do not have to worry about not being able to continue……]

The black katana “Tsumehirameki” was fully taken advantage of. Shizuku gridded her teeth while cutting branches and leaves one by one.

Hajime’s words before entering the great labyrinth, sank into the bodies of Shizuku’s group. Without Hajime they would have been annihilated already. The confidence they gained in the [Orcus great Labyrinth] was crushed into pieces.

After worrying a little, Shizuku shouted towards Kouki.

[Kouki! Use “Supreme Destruction”!]

[No, it’s not good. The chant is too long!]

[It’s alright! We will defend you without fail! Believe in us!]

Kouki was troubled what he should do about Shizuku’s suggestion.

It was obvious that the Trent before them was stronger than the demons of the woman of the Majin-tribe. The attacks only come one by one, however the fight is only somewhat manageable with Kaori’s backup. They could lose their lives if they lose concentration even once. It would take more than an average nerve to expose oneself defenseless in such a time.

However, it was certain that without an overwhelming attack they can’t reach the Trent. At this rate, they wouldn’t be able to defeat it.

In addition……

Kouki recalls the time when Hajime met Yue again. A mutual trust that did not change, even when the appearance changed. Hajime saw the true nature of his lover in an instant and Yue did not show any unrest while she was almost killed by Kouki. Honestly, it would be a lie so say that he did not envy such a relationship.

Therefore, Kouki was determined. We have a relationship of mutual trust. It was absolutely not to prove that they will not lose to Hajime.

[I understand. I leave my back to you!]

[Yes, leave it to us. Ryutaro, Suzu! Let’s gather up!]


[Aye yo!]

Kouki did not move an inch while raising his Holy Sword over his head. Only his mouth moved while chanting. That state may be called defenseless, because his whole consciousness was poured into the chant of “Might of Heaven”.

The Trent was sure not to miss that chance. The tree branches from right and left, a leaf blade which approached like a tornado from above, a shell of nuts from the front and the root of a tree attacks from the ground.

[This is sacred ground, the enemy of god will not be allowed to pass! “Absolute Virtue!”]

Suzu foresaw an attack and put up a barrier. Up till now her barriers have saved the party. The barrier withstood somehow the first barrage of attacks with small cracks.


Because of the consecutive attacks of the Trent, the barrier couldn’t hold out and breaks. Suzu’s groan resounds loudly, while Shizuku and Ryutaro (Ogre Ver.) are attacking in despair.



They were badly bruised in an instant because of the offensive waves of attacks. They intercept every attack with their skills, while screaming and roaring. Though two people get damaged and blood spilled out, they didn’t let any attack pass to the back.

[“Kaiten!”] (Note: Changing the world or turning the tide. Japanese sounds a bit better.)

With only one world echoing on the battlefield, Suzu’s wounds are healed in an instant by Kaori’s magic.

Though “Kaiten” is a recovery magic for multiple targets, it’s effects are already above the advanced level. Most wounds are healed in no time. After getting Nointo’s body, Kaori was inspired to create new healing magic. It was possible to heal with “Regeneration Magic”, however the magic consumption from the age of gods magic is larger than normal magic.

Suzu puts up a barrier again and earns a few seconds, however it gets destroyed again. Shizuku and Ryutaro put their lives on the line again. Kaori immediately heals their damaged bodies and Suzu puts up another barrier. They repeat this three times.

Finally, from Kouki’s body, a huge amount of magic gushes out and covers his Holy Sword. The Holy Sword is cladded in light like the sun and Kouki takes a deep breath.


[――――Everyone! Here i go! “Supreme Destruction” !!]

He unleashes his trump card, his strongest magic. A huge torrent of light strikes the ground and flies forward. A leaf blade is blown off, the tree branch gets eliminated, the bombardment of the nuts is swallowed and the Trent is hit directly.

The roaring sounds and light explode, while the surroundings are dyed white.

[I did it!]

Kouki gives a smile of satisfaction and shouts. Hajime watches in the back, while stuffing a small cake into his mouth, and mutters [Aah, he raised the flag……].

The flag was certainly raised.

The light and dust clears up……and the Trent is unhurt.

[It’s a lie, right……]

Kouki is stunned and makes a lifeless voice. It wasn’t only Kouki. Shizuku’s group also were shocked because Kouki’s last resort was useless.

The Trent lets out murderous intent towards Kouki’s group and starts attacking in waves again.

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