Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 126 — The Pseudo-Trent

Chapter 126: The Pseudo-Trent

“Supreme Destruction” ―――― Is a power like the name says. A power worthy as a hero’s trump card, a magic of the highest grade. Kouki came as a beginner into this world, leveled up, gained experience and was able to slaughter all enemies with his special technique.

However, the Trent emerged unscathed from the dust.


Kouki was unable to move because of that fact. Shizuku realized something and raises her voice.

[Kouki! Look at that! It wasn’t a direct hit!]


When Kouki looked into the same direction as Shizuku, he saw a large amount of trees scattered around, broken into small fragments. Apparently, Kouki’s “Supreme Destruction” did not hit the Trent directly. It was prevented by a large amount of trees in the front.

Though there shouldn’t be any trees there? Where on earth did such a great amount appear from? The questions from Kouki’s group were answered by the Trent.

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At that time, the Pseudo-Trent gave out a pale light. A large number of trees spread out from the base and grew in a very great force.

[…… Unique Magic.]

Suzu muttered. That opinion was right. It was the unique magic of the Trent of the “Sea of Trees”. It was freely able to create a large amount of trees and manipulate them freely.

[This, this is bad! This is sacred ground, the enemy of god will not be allowed to pass! “Absolute Virtue!”]

Suzu was momentarily dumbfounded, but was able to invoke “Absolute Virtue” immediately. Attacks poured in from all directions, while a shining barrier was deployed with Suzu’s group inside.

The branches which had a sharpened point like a spear gave an intense shock to the barrier one after another.

Not only the Trent, but also the surrounding trees also produced a similar attack. It seemed they wold get crushed to death by the almost oppressive amount of resources.

The “Absolute Virtue” won’t be able to hold out without a chant. It already cracked here and there, it did not seem to hold out for another several seconds. And, when Suzu’s barrier gets broken, will the others hold out till she deploys it again?……Only an optimist would judge it doable.

[No good…anymore…]

Suzu realizes by the magic consumption, that the barrier will soon break and informs the others.

Kouki looks at Suzu. [Then i have to use “Limit Break” to survive!] He made his resolve. There is no choice but to accept that they need to use two of their trump cards directly at the first stage after entering a great labyrinth.

However, after guessing Kouki’s intentions, assistance came from the rear.

[“Forever Engraved”]

The reproduction magic “Forever Engraved”, which Kaori used - regardless of the substance of the object - can regenerate everything to the state one second ago every one second it is used.

Suzu’s “Absolute Virtue” which seemed to break at any moment, gets surrounded by a silver light. After one beat, the barrier recovered to its dignified appearance af if nothing happened. Even after the attacks of the Trents , it returns to its original state. “Absolute Virtue” is repaired every second.

[Wow, Kao-rin! Thank you!]

Suzu, while maintaining the barrier, looks back and thanks Kaori. Kouki and the others slighty relax their bodies because they got of the predicament and look to the back.

There, the Trents surrounded Hajime’s group like it did to Kouki’s. Hajime and the others did not seem to care about it.

Four “Cross Bitts” were arranged by Hajime in the surroundings and a triangular pyramid was spread as a barrier. The space interception type produce a spatial magic “Four-Point Barrier”.

“Reproduction Magic” isn’t even used and still there are no signs that the barrier gets shaken. It seems to be a totally impregnable castle wall, without allowing any attack to come near.

[That seems to be the limit. I thought they would hold out longer……]

Hajime murmured while looking down at Kouku who had a complicated look.

[U~n, Wouldn’t they be fine if the hero-san uses his “Limit Break”?]

[I wonder. Well, if he goes over his limit maybe…… However, what will happen after he weakens after that? It is unlikely that he can recover from the fatigue of his “Limit Break” with healing magic.]

[……It may be possible with Reproduction Magic.]

[I don’t want to use it as the magic consumption is big. It’s still too early for that.]

[Fumu. Well then, we should clear up here before the hero-boy uses it.]

Hajime was wondering if Kouki and the others would be acknowledged to have cleared the great labyrinth. Kouki and the others should obtain the age of gods magic , because [If Nointos appear in a great amount we could use the “throw the heroes at them”-strategy.]

So, they should raise their military strength in the great labyrinth [Appeal with: “We should fight hard!” ] Or so he wished……

Because it is unknown what may happen beyond this point, it’s not preferable to use age of gods magic in succession because of its magic consumption. Even though they have magic stones stocked up, they don’t know when Yue and Tio can turn back and are able to fight.

[Master, this one thinks you should not worry too much about the outcome of the battle.]

[Yes? What do you mean? Is it about the concept of the great labyrinth?]

The goblin (Tio) advises Hajime who thinks deeply about the current situation. Despite her being a pervert, her words and knowledge are very thoughtful. Though, she is still a helpless pervert.

[Yes. The concept is probably “testing the bonds”.]

[Bond…… Speaking of it, the word was also on the stone tablet at the entrance.]

[That’s right. Not only to test the bonds with the sub-humans, but also to test the bonds when capturing the labyrinth. Is it not so? See through the imitations, accept the companions which changed. It is truly testing the “deep woven bonds”.]

[I see…… If there is a goal after clearing this trial you could call this a “guidepost”. If it’s that way, then there might be no problem if I clean up the battle. Amanokawa and the others only need to get over the “testing the bonds something” what comes after this.]

[That’s right. Well, it is only a guess in the end.]

It is still a very reliable guess.

With understanding that, Hajime makes his decision and lets out a sigh. Even though he strengthened Kouki and other with the artifacts greatly, the great labyrinth reads the memory after the capture and there is a possibility it won’t accept them if he makes them too strong and so he waited.

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Hajime glanced at the Goblin (Tio) and lets out another sigh. Tio occasionally gives sharp consideration and makes suggestive advice because she lived far longer than him. He’s reminiscent that the race is supposed to be noble and respectful.

Originally she is thoughtful and considerate and has the perfect nature of the Dragon-Race which Yue longed for. Every man would be captured by her beauty as she’s a very attractive lady.

Even though she’s already a pervert……

[Really, is it my fault?] Hajime worried in his mind. And he looks at the Goblin (Tio) and regretted it.

[Mu? Master’s look of pity at this one…haa, haa, this is in itself…… already…Mistress is no good without Master.]


Tios wriggling with her Goblin body gave out unpleasant feelings.

Hajime looks at the Trent which attacks without restraint but still can’t tear Suzu’s “Absolute Virtue” and Hajime’s “4-Point-Barrier”. In addition it still generates more trees. The surrounding view was already filled with trees.

[Taniguchi. I’ll burn everything now. Don’t undo the barrier if you don’t want to die.]


Hajime warns Suzu before unleashing an attack while she is defending from attacks from all directions.

Suzu suddenly answers dumbfounded with a great voice. Kouki and the other turn dubious expressions towards Suzu. The expressions will soon turn into dumbfounded ones.

Outside of the barrier, Hajime throws a moonlike-ring (Getsurin) into the air and takes out a remote control with an induction stone out of the “Treasure Box”. With the power of “Wind Claw” and “Sign Perception” the surrounding trees were easily dissected and thrown into the air. (Note: Actually the author has written “sky”, but i choose to change it to “air”. Makes somehow more sense. I’ll use “Getsurin” from now on, just needed to explain what it is.)

The numbers exceeded 20. It’s impossible to make them get battle mobility, but it’s easy to change the tide.

And in the next moment, black liquid scatters around the Trent like raid because of the Getsurin. The black liquid scattered around is a tar that burns at 3.000℃ which even melts Fullum ore.

Hajime transfers a large amount of tar stored in the “Treasure Box” by using the gate function of Getsurin.

While trying to figure out what Hajime was doing, Shia and the other let out a [Uwaa~] and their eyes turned towards Hajime.

Certainly, it was effective to deal with the Trent and all the trees it quickly generated………

While the girls gazed at Hajime, he threw a small live coal towards Getsurin.

In that moment,

Gooooooooo !!

Everything in sight was dyed instantly in flaming red.

The Trents, which didn’t even worry when the tar was released, are now surrounded by a prison of flames of 3,000℃ and instantaneously burned by it. Though they don’t have vocal cords, it seems they are screaming in agony.

The spectacle may be mistaken for hell which has manifested on this world. Now, every object outside of the barrier is certainly carbonized……No, even cinders might not remain.

The tar does not burn for long, but the heat is terrific. The hellfire produced by Hajime extinguished naturally after 15 minutes. However, because the Trents ran wild, it even spread to normal trees, so Kaori managed somehow to extinguish the flames with water magic.

[We joined up with Yue and the other already, so i had no problems burning everything down…]

[Hajime-kun… Do you even think before destroying everything?]

[Where Hajime-san is, there is also destruction… Father and the others might think of two new names if they see it.]

[……Hajime not restraining himself…Wonderful.]

[This one agrees, Yue. Merciless Master… This one gets wet.]

Hajime releases the “4-Point-Barrier” and walks toward Kouki and the others who have somewhat tired expressions, while Kaori turns to Hajime looking troubled. The members other than Kaori are saying [That’s very Hajime-like.] and [As expected from Hajime.]. With satisfaction on her face she nods in agreement.

[Nagumo-kun…A little while ago… No, it’s nothing. A rocket launcher has already been fired at random and cluster bombs were scattered around. This much is already normal for him. Therefore, get a grip, myself……]

Kouki and the others made a complicated look, as if they are really safe. At the same time, Kouki glanced towards Hajime and bits his lips tightly.

Kouki wasn’t able to knock it down even with his last resort and Hajime did it as if it was a side-job. Even if he was persuaded to come here to obtain the age of gods magic, will he really obtain it while being helped……? Such uneasiness was welling up in his mind.

Kouki averts his glance from Hajime and tries to shake off his negative thoughts and looked back in panic as he heard “Mekimeki”-sounds from behind.

[Did it regenerate?]

Like Kouki said, a big tree grew rapidly from the carbonized ground while rumbling the earth.The Trent grew in no time. Exactly how a “Regeneration” would feel like.

Kouki and the others took a stance, however the regenerated Trent showed no signs of attacking. After standing for a while it started to make a cave. The trunk tears open, the left and right side crack and an open space in the middle is created.

[I thought it was a middle-boss, but it was also the door which goes to the next stage.]

Hajime advanced towards the cave without nodding or hesitating as he was convinced. Yue and the others follow him. Kouki and the others who assumed a stance, followed him in a hurry.

The inside of the cave was without any special characteristics. However, after everybody entered it, the entrance in the cave shut them in and their feet began to shine at the same time.

[Another teleportation……]

It was the same magic as the one at the entrance of the great Tree. Hajime strongly drew the Goblin (Yue) and the Goblin (Tio) towards him while muttering.

Because those two can’t fight right now, even a trivial thing would be fatal. He wants to do something, even if it’s a trifle thing. After coming this far, it’s impossible to lose these two.


[Ma, Master… Uu, this one is troubled by your gentleness.]

Were Hajime’s worries transmitted to them? It looked more like the two goblins were really happy, rather than being scared of the transportation. Tio showed a very uncommon embarrassed (dere) side.

Shia and Kaori jumped towards Hajime with the words [Ah, me too~] and wanted to hug him………

However, the attempt was one step too slow. As for Hajime’s view, the scene where two people stretched out a hand was painted out with enormous light at the end.

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