Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 127 — Ideal World

Chapter 127: Ideal World

Chrip, Chirp, Chirp

The singing of birds and sunlight invading in the space of the curtain informs that morning has come. Responding to the sound, the master of the room covers his head in his futon (Note: Japanese bed) and it turns into an impregnable fortress.

And in the next moment a click resounds plainly and the devil raised a roar. (Note: Alarm clock = devil. I understand, same for me~ Die alarm clocks. Every one of them should be killed by a hero.)

Jiriririririri !!

A noise destroys the silence of the morning in the room [Wake up, boke!]


The master of the room tries to protect himself from the devil in his fortress, but it’s impossible to do that forever. He extended his arm from the futon and in an instant “Banban”! The palm looks for the devil and hits it.

The head of the devil is caught at the third time by the arm because of the experience of the devil subjugation for 10 years and he succeeded in silencing the screaming.

However, the act that has continued on countless occasions wasn’t hard work at all. The arm of the master of the room dropped in exhaustion and was withdrawn straight into the fortress again. And he stopped moving after that.

Immediately after that,

[Hajime~ Wake uuuuup!! Don’t go back to sleep ! Wake up already~!]

A familiar voice is heard from downstairs ―― The voice of a mother is demanding to wake up. The master of the room, Hajime, has certainly heard the voice in his half consciousness. [Resistance to the bitter end!] The defence of the fortress is gets even stronger after saying that.

[No good after all~. Mou, now really, every morning. Sorry~ Can i count on you again?]


The voice of the mother is heard again from downstairs. It reached Hajime’s ears because it was spoken loud on purpose so that Hajime hears it even if it was on the other side of the door.

Not thinking of the voice of the mother which has given up, already knowing who she’s talking with and what will happen, Hajime still had no intention to get up obediently.

After all, every morning is a happy morning for Hajime……

A “konkon”-knocking sound echoes.

However, because there is no reaction, the person understood the reason for it and opened the door immediately. The person calls out to the dumpling gently while getting closer to the bed with small steps.

[……… Wake up, Hajime.]


Still, no reaction. A little more, he wants to hear voice more till he fully awakes.

[………Hajime, wake up. If you don’t wake up……]

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She gently uses her hand shaking him. A small hand can be seen over the futon and Hajime’s cheeks begin to soften.

[…I’ll attack you. Sexually.]

[Un, I’ll wake up, so will you stop saying such a vivid thing in the morning?]

He wakes up immediately after feeling chills down his spine! And the futon was pushed aside.

[Morning, Yue.]

[……N. Morning, Hajime.]

Hajime smiled for a while with his dear lover and savored the first happiness of the day.

Hajime is walking to school while suppressing a yawn. Yue is besides him and looks upwards towards him. Such a gesture can only be called cute…… Hajime is looking at Yue while they are going besides each other and is busy restraining himself.

Yue is wearing a blazer from Hajimes school. Her short skirt is fluttering gently while she goes backwards, turns her head towards Hajime and speaks to him.

[………Again, staying up late?]

[Un, I was doing the work father asked me to. It was morning before i noticed.]

[………It’s good to be enthusiastic, but take care of yourself. Please don’t overwork yourself.]

[Un, I’ll be careful.]

Hajime and Yue are having a gentle conversation. They create a sweet atmosphere between them. A long time passed since Yue became Hajimes lover, however, the passion between them has not declined at all. For Yue to be near Hajime, the homestay was forced into Hajimes house and the transfer procedure to his school was finished very quickly.

Suddenly, the pretty girl with blonde hair became Hajime’s lover and it became a fuss at the beginning. After all, Hajime is a genuine Otaku that spends most of his time helping his father who manages a game company. It’s unimaginable why Hajime got such a beautiful lover.

His mother doubted it and panicked because she thought it was because of hypnotism and his father thought he had the ability to make delusions real. Even at school, after it was revealed that Yue was Hajime’s lover, it became the hottest topic of the whole school.

Afterwards, it is needless to say that the boys were envious of Hajime. Yue is like Yue is, she was waging war with several girls for some reason.

Such things continued for several months. It stopped only recently and their school life calmed down. Thus, because they overcame the storm, they can now leisurely stroll to school together.

Hajime, while looking at Yue and her blonde hair which reflects the light and shines brightly, tried to recall how they have met.

By chance, he helped Yue who was caught by some thugs and in a desperate fight he somehow manage to defeat one and rescued her. His face becomes hot when he recalls that she kissed his neck as gratitude towards him. After that they became lovers very fast. (Note: Author used “rapidly”, but that sounds somewhat strange.)

(However, even thought i am an Otaku i managed to beat them. Humans can somehow manage it when they are desperate.)

Hajime smiles involuntarily, remembers his act of rashness, but somehow feels uneasy.

(……Huh? Where did i meat Yue again? Why was I at such a place? Huh?)

It’s obvious that Yue is a foreigner and became a homestay student. That means he should have met her in a foreign country. Hajime himself remembers that he met Yue in a foreign country.

However, where was that actually? He wasn’t sure and his thoughts were hazy. As soon as he noticed that, those doubts came battered like being spilled from a bookshelf in his memory. The uneasiness and doubts swelled up in Hajime one after another.


[Uwa, what happened? Why did you shout out so suddenly. You surprised me.]

Yue normally never talks in such a loud voice while commuting to school. Hajime’s hearth almost jumped and he came back to reality from his whirlpool of thoughts.

After that, Hajime looks at Yue who has a somewhat sulky expression.

[……Because you ignored me many times when i called you.]

[What? Really? Sorry! I was thinking for a moment……]

Yue turns around suddenly in a bad mood. She was sulking and Hajime’s eyebrows turned into the letter of eight. At that time, Hajime’s doubts disappeared completely.

Yue shows a mischievous smile and Hajime repeatedly apologizes. She did not sulk at all, she only wanted Hajime to care about her. She was happy that her plan succeeded.

To such a Yue, Hajime lowers his eyebrows to the character of eight again [Can’t do anything about this girlfriend] and he wears a troubled look on his face with a smile. However, he wasn’t really troubled like his expression looked like. He was rather happy.

While doing a brilliant turn towards Hajime again, Yue lines up next to Hajime and says something with a small voice.

[……Doze off. In happiness. Look only at me.]

That voice did not reach Hajime. While Hajime looked at Yue who snuggled up to him, his eyes gently softened.

When Hajime arrived at the school and was changing his shoes at the shoe cabinet, a soft impact is transmitted to his back. It was certain that someone bumped into him and it was a happy feeling for any man.

[Hajime-san~! Yue-san~! Good morning! ]

[n…… Good morning, Shia.]

[Uwa, Shia-san ! Let me go! I always tell you to stop hugging me when you greet me.]

[To take away my happiness…… This is cruel! At this point you should take responsibility and marry me!]

[You skipped some steps! Anyway, let go! Highlight is disappearing from Yue’s pupils. She stares without blinking!] (Note: Author has written “highlight” so I left it. This does sound strange in english. Think of her eyes looking dead or something.)

As for Hajime, he tries to tear of Shia from his back while not being too happy about the feeling on his back.

Shia is also a foreigner like Yue and came to japan to study abroad. Also by chance, he helped her and her family who were attacked by a thug and she repeats to show gratitude with repeating extreme physical contact.

The trademark headband (??????) she’s wearing is shining in a blue color in addition to her white hair and her innocent smile she is popular regardless of gender and she also has a fan club.

Honestly, I am happy that such a girl is showing me goodwill, even though i am confused. It isn’t so that i don’t think of what would have happened if i had not met Yue earlier than her.

However, there is no meaning in thinking about such IFs. With Yue as the best lover, Shia’s aggressiveness is becoming a headache for Hajime.

Though Shia’s goodwill which she turn to Hajime with her excessive physical contact makes Yue have a bad mood, they get along well and they may be called best friends.

That way, they aren’t able to be unkind to each other, and somehow they are stuck in a dilemma. Even though Yue wants to monopolize Hajime, she shows no signs to ditch Shia, her best friend. To Hajime is their relationship mysterious.

(Good grief, saving two girls from delinquents and receiving their goodwill. Which Gal-game is this? Moreover, a harem-route to be OK is realistically impossible. …… What? Come to think of it, was Shia always wearing such a headband? Somehow, more, like, a different feeling……)

While Hajime watched Shia’s headband and searching his memory, suddenly both his arm were wrapped in a happy feeling.

While pressing such heinous fruits (deadly weapons) against Hajime while talking, they pulled him towards the classroom.

[Why do you make such a difficult face in the morning? If we don’t go to class soon the first bell will ring.]

[n…The teacher will scold us.]

Warm sunlight is entering from the window and raises the temperature gradually, however because of two people it becomes midwinter in the blink of an eye.

Hajime is paying attention to not spend too much time with those two at school. From the mouths of those two the words “classroom”, “first bell” and “teacher” escaped. So he had no choice and felt a discomfort in his chest.

When he entered the classroom, in that moment, the looks of envy and jealousy were emitted from the men and stick all to Hajime. Because of Yue’s and Shia’s aid he doesn’t get chased directly, their piercing gazes still hurt………

(N? What is it? How to call this…… nostalgic? Huh, why, Why do i feel that way?)

Hajime couldn’t understand his own feeling and sat down on his seat while twisting his neck and being even more confused.

Immediatly after that, one girl from the class approaches Hajime.

[Hajime-kun, Good Morning. You came at the last-minute today. You should come earlier.]


The girl — Shirasaki Kaori — who greeted him is not inferior to Yue or Shia even if you compare them. She was the School Madonna before Yue and Shia came. Also, she is also a girl who favors Hajime for some reason.

She has called out to Hajime often already before, but he did not think it was because she had courtesy for him. However, because Yue named herself as Hajimes lover, Kaori started to make her goodwill shown towards Hajime as she knew she had feelings for him. Because of that it was impossible to run away from misunderstandings.

Kaori came closer to Hajime with “patapata” steps which sounded happy and Hajime showed a troubled smile……This time however, because Hajime was caught in his thoughts he didn’t answer Kaori.

(That line……somewhere…Damn it, What is it? Why did i think of that as “nostalgic”? Though it is the usual… Today is somewhat strange.)

[Hajime-kun… Why do you ignore me? Well… Have I made you angry somehow?]

When hearing the trembling voice, Hajime looks up and sees Kaori with a tearful expression. Hajime noticed that he had been ignoring Kaori’s greeting and answered in a hurry.

[No, sorry. That’s not it. I was thinking for a moment. I’m really sorry. Morning, Shirasaki-san.]

[Oh, i’m glad~ . Un, Morning Hajime-kun. And don’t i always tell you i want you to call me “Kaori”?]

Kaori puffs out her cheecks and shows her dissatisfaction. Because of such a lovely gesture, all the young men that looked at Hajime were almost all shot.

[No, Shirasaki-san. That’s a bit…]

[It’s Kaori. Call me that?]

[No, that’s……]


[That, err, Ka, Kao……]

Muu! Hajime is overwhelmed by Kaori as she wants him to call her by her given name. And when he was almost persuaded to do so,

[……Don’t trouble Hajime.]

The savior appeared. It was Yue.

Yue protected Hajime and cut in between Hajime and Kaori with an imposed stance.

[Muu, you came out, Yue. For the time being, Morning.]

[……n, for now, Morning. Kaori.]

While Yue and Kaori greet each other, an icy enviroment between them is created. They officially recognize each other as rivals in school.

Warm sunlight enters from the window and it becomes warmer, however between those two, it becomes midwinter suddenly. “Cold War” ―― The battle over Hajime between Yue and Kaori is known not only by the students, but also by the teachers.

Though those two stare at each other for a while, there is no malicious feeling there. In spite of the war of love between them, those two, in a dignified manner, collide with each other openly.

For Hajime it wasn’t too strange, rather than rivals, they were like close friends which did not hate each other, but had a quarrel like friends.

Meanwhile the bell rang, and the head teacher entered the classroom. Yue and Kaori who had been exchanging glances returned to their seats quickly.

In the first period was the english class from Tio-sensei. A beauty that for some reason likes Hajime. She is an erotic female teacher that always without exception sexually harasses Hajime………

Immediately make some disciplinary dismissals! While thinking that, he glares at her while neglecting the harassment and she stops immediately her sexual harassment. For some reason, she tries to hide her expression which is red and her shoulders shake……… Hajime got depressed because he thought she was scared of his face.

After school, Hajime and Yue were walking besides each other towards a certain place. Shia, Kaori and for some reason Tio-sensei wanted to come with them, but Yue cut them down with a single strike of a sword. (Of course, only in a mental meaning.) Because they were temporarily immobilized, only those two were able to go.

The place at which they arrived at while enjoying an innocent conversation was a kindergarten.

At that place, Myuu, the daughter of Remia which was mothers friend was there and they came for her because Remia was busy. And this picking-up, until Remia comes back, became the daily life of Hajime’s family which continues since long ago.

[Aa Pa…… Onii-chan! Yue-neechan!] (Note: She almost said almost “papa”. I want to take her home. Onii-chan = brother, Neechan = sister, most will know. Just in case)

Hajime and Yue went through the front gate of the of the kindergarten and Myuu came running to them with small steps. She was smiling with her whole face. Unconsciously, Hajime and Yue had a warm and fluffy feeling. The two catch Myuu which rushed to them and embraced her with a “gyu”.

[Myuu, it’s no good to dive/jump into us. It’s dangerous you know? Also, did you just try to call me “Papa”? Really, don’t do that.]

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[………I wouldn’t mind being called “Mama”.]

Hajime almost break out in cold sweat because of how Myuu wanted to call him.

Myuu called Hajime “Papa” before and it became a hassle as other parents also were there. Remia was a widow, Myuu didn’t know her father and they thought that the gentle older man, Hajime, was her father.

However, calling Hajime, an active high school student, “Papa”……… Naturally, some rumors were spread.

Moreover, Yue is also a foreigner the same as Myuu is. It should be understood what the other parents were imagining. Namely, they thought she got pregnant somewhere between primary school and middle school!

When Yue heard about the misunderstanding, the misunderstanding escalated further as she only blushed without denying it. Yue imagined making a child with Hajime, but the timing for that was just too bad.

In one way or another, the teachers of the kindergarten solved the misunderstandings. On a later date, Remia has written a letter so that the misunderstanding doesn’t spread further so that it disappears from Hajime’s town. Honestly, he almost was breaking out in cold sweat.

Moreover Remia is a widow and it was possible he would aim for her next time? A lady-killer with a docile face! And most turned cautious eyes towards him. Recently, he has given up on that already. Still, more or less, he doesn’t let her call him papa.

They walk with Myuu between them while holding hands home. From time to time, they swing Myuu forth and back like on a swing while chatting. If you look from the side, it completely looks like a family.

[………Myuu, what were you doing today?]

[Ehm, today……]

Myuu answers Yue what she was doing today. While seeing such a Myuu, Yue looks at her very gently. It is full of love and warmth overflows. Somehow, Hajime has been fascinated by such a divine Yue.

It takes a while till a ill-humored voice reaches Hajime.

[Mou, pap- Onii-chan! Do you hear what Myuu is talking about?]

[Eh? Aah, sorry, sorry. I was spacing out for a bit.]

Hajime smiles with a wry smile while apologizing to Myuu which is angry and lifts her arm. And to please her, Hajime starts to cuddle with her.

Though Myuu restores her mood very fast as she was held, she doesn’t want to let go and tries very hard to still pretend to be angry at him. It was obvious for Hajime, but he pretended not to notice it and Hajime was still soothing Myuu.

At that time, a faint quarrel finally reached their ears. A woman’s voice and of some men. Judging by the voice, the female seems to be in a pinch. Hajime and Yue look at each other and peek into the alley where the voice was heard.

[What a template is this…]

[……Enemy of women, won’t be forgiven.]

Like you can imagine it, some men were trying to forcefully pick-up a girl.

Hajime twisted his head while holding Myuu and thinking what to do. The enemy’s strength wasn’t very big. Judging from their postures, they only seemed like small punks. It wouldn’t be a big deal, even if they were armed.

Their potential was analyzed (?????????) and Yue on his side plunged forward to the punks.

They have turned towards Yue as they have realized that she approaches them and were momentarily stunned by her pretty face and were smiling, however immediately they smiles became vulgar. Their eyes were seeing new prey.

Because of their glances, Hajime got angry. However, before he was able to able to something, Yue got in between the pick-up guys in a moment. In addition, in only a moment, their joints made a “bekibaki” (breaking) sound and Yue got control of them immediately.

Believe it or not, the guys were beaten up without a chance to speak. They fell on the ground while screaming in pain after getting hit.

Yue didn’t show any mercy and the girl’s face became stiff and Yue went back to Hajime immediately. And they began walking home again. Not even three minutes had passed after the commotion. A short-term battle, that reminded of a certain space hero.

[Yue-neechan is strong~! How coool~!]

[…N, Myuu will be trained when you grow up.]

Myuu’s future is a bit worrisome. Myuu praises Yue, however Hajime feels irritated as he wasn’t able to do anything as a man. Even with his troubled look, he fell in love again with his lover.

(Huh? Was Yue so strong in close combat? Moreover, why was I able to analyze their strength………)

While holding Myuu with his right hand, Hajime unconsciously puts his other hand to his thigh. And there, his hand is searching for something. However, that “Something” is not there and he feels some kind of discomfort.

At night.

After dinner and taking a bath, Hajime threw himself onto his bed. His hair was not dry yet, and he had begun brooding over something.

He had a strange feeling. It should be his unchanging daily life……but his instincts say something like [This is wrong!] and his happy daylie life got denied. [Wake up!] it said.

Hajime scratched his head while being irritated.

At that time, knocking-sounds unexpectedly sounds.


[Aa, yeah I’m here.]

Yue opened the door and entered the room.

In a negligee. White sexy arms and feet were shown. Yue came closer to Hajime and noticed that he had wet hair and scolded him! While having a scolding gaze, she arrived at his bed.

In addition, she began to dry off Hajime’s hair while he was lying on the bed.

[N……It’s dry now. It’s bad to leave it wet. You’ll catch a cold.]

[You are right, Thank you, Yue.]


Hajime was thanking her and Yue hugged him from behind.

And she buries her face in Hajime’s neck like a spoiled child. Both of her arms invade Hajime’s clothes from the back and start to caress Hajime’s chest. After Remia picks up Myuu, Yue becomes a spoiled child.

As long as Myuu is there, they can’t be spend much time as lovers, so some fault lies in that. When there are holidays, Yue is sulking pretty much as he cares for Myuu too much. It’s inevitable to some degree, however her desire to monopolize him is strong.

(She is stronger than any thugs, full of love and kindness, she loves me and is the best girlfriend there is. ……I am satisfied with this everyday life. I should feel blessed. Yet… Why am i dissatisfied) What is wrong? Why is there a “moyamoya”-feeling in my chest?)

While feeling the softness and the temperature of Yue’s body, Hajime tries to ignore the uneasiness which swells up. To such a Hajime Yue whispers something to his ears.

[……Everything is fine. Do not worry. I’ll make Hajime happy.]


[……Look only at me. Everything is fine, i am here. Hajime’s ideal. Forever at your side.]


While melting in such a sweet whispering, Hajimes consciousness began to fade. At this rate, how sweet would it be to sleep while being spoiled by Yue.

(That’s right. Yue is here. There isn’t anything more important. …There shouldn’t be. I don’t need anything else. Even if i would need to throw everything away…… My ideal lover is besides me. Only that……)

His consciousness is breaking off. Losing strength in his body, without change his self is being comfortable soaked in warm feelings.

Then, while all his dissatisfaction are on the verge of disappearing,

――I defend Yue, Yue defends me. With that we are the strongest. We’ll defeat everything and overcome the world.

Suddenly, strange words appear in his mind. Hajime consciousness surfaces rapidly and he opens his eyes wide.

――Aa~, If you like, Yue can come too?

His voices echoes again. It was the promise of taking Yue back to his home.

Afterwards Yue smiled. They go back to his home together. While he said that she had smiled like a blooming flower. She was happy from the bottom of her hearth.

If you think of it, when Hajime saw that for the first time, he was probably done in.

Also, the oath was set on the day of departure after passing life or death situations and stepping into the world. They vow to protect each other, defeat everything that stands in their way and go to Hajime’s hometown together.

His instincts tell him that. Immediately before he his consciousness fades he remembers the important oath embraces himself and “Something about seeing Yue” and stands up.

(……Ideal Lover? Sweet, gentle world? I’m stupid (???)! )

Hajime covered his eyes and gritted his teeth to the very limit. If he did not do so, he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself.

(……I forgot the promise. Was almost blinded by this world. I’m disgusted about myself.)

Hajime hit his cheek with his full strength for punishment. Though Yue is surprised by the sudden action of Hajime and extents her hand,


It was deflected by Hajime’s hand.

Yue wraps her hand with her other hand with a sad expression. With the expression, which was probably produced in the great labyrinth, Hajime […Don’t kid with me] spat out an abuse.

[……Hajime, what’s wrong?]

Yue’s question was disregarded and Hajime turned a sharp glance towards Yue like he was another person.

[Well, Yue. Yue is important for me. I don’t need anything besides her.]

[……Hajime, I am happy.]

Though Yue is confused by Hajime’s sudden words, her expression softens up immediately. However, contrary to the words, Hajime’s gaze remains sharp.

[That why, If I tell you to cut down or cast away someone else, will you do it?]

[If Hajime really wishes for that.]

Yue nods to Hajimes words without hesitation.

[Even if it were Shia, Kaori, Tio or even Myuu?]

[If Hajime wishes for that.]

Almost like embodying Hajime’s ideal Yue and carrying out all of Hajimes wishes. To such a girlfriend, rather than being happy about it, he shows an irritated expression. He mutters in a small voice [I was drawn in by that, impossible……]

And, with a sharp glance he spits out words.

[Is that so……I understand, bastard.]

In the moment when he declared Yue as an imitation, Hajime’s appearance changed. From the appearance of a japanese with black hair, to a boy with gray hair and an eyepatch.

[Crap. I really fell into the trap just like that……That’s why you shouldn’t be careless in a great labyrinth……Better said, the one who created Haltina is one of a fella.]

Yue walks up to the cursing Hajime. And she reaches out to Hajime with a clinging expression.

[……Stay here? If Hajime stays here he will be happy.]

[Shut up, fake. Don’t call my name so familiarly.]

[……Why? I’m Yue. Hajime’s lover. Ideal lover. With what are you dissatisfied.]

[With everything you idiot. Doing everything I want, monopolizing me, my ideal lover? That’s only a doll. I don’t have the hobby of playing with dolls.]

Hajime wants to get out of this space already and spits out to Yue that she’s a fake.

[……Wrong. I’m not a doll. I have all the personality of Hajime’s ideal lover. That’s why, stay here. Everything that Hajime wants will be like his ideal. I’ll always stay by his side.]

Apparently, it doesn’t seem to be an ordinary fake. The world was also produced by the memory and also the characters were read with the transition/teleportation. There, IF there would be something more impossible “Maybe, if it’s that way”-created, an even more ideal world would be created.

Certainly, with the pain tasted in hell, and with what may stand before them in the future, that it would be ideal to live with Yue and the other in the peaceful Japan.


[It’s beyond help. It couldn’t be even more wrong.]

Hajime says it like it was like a trivial matter! A red light emits from his body. The clear red magic is spread though the world in a moment and isn’t stopping and raising its density by a dreadful amount.

As long as this is a trial, when clearing the conditions, it is possible to escape it, but he can’t help it and uses his whole strength. The point is, he’s venting his anger.


It should be his ideal word, so Yue asks Hajime why he’s rejecting it. Hajime continues to discharge his magic power and turns his glare to the fake.

[Don’t “Why?”-sheet me. It’s a simple story. My ideal Yue is not such garbage. This real one exceeds my ideals by far. The real Yue is more attractive than a Yue which doesn’t exist!]

Hajime pours out magic to the very limit and remembers the worthless feeling again, lets out a loud roar and pours even more magic out and the space finally begins to crack.

While the worlds cracking it make a “bikibeki”-sound and expands a bit, however the magic is not strong enough and it’s already exhausted. However, there is still a stupid method left as he doesn’t want to yield to this space. That’s because he’s pretty stubborn.

Hajime takes out a magic stone out from his stock and uses “Limit Break”. He raised his magic power in one go.

[Those guys are always like this. They always trample on my ideals and try to end them! To tie us with them! Strongly! It won’t go like those troublesome guys want to! Still, for this reason, I will be the strongest!]

The world is dyed crimson red. Like piercing the heavens, a bright red torrent bursts out.



The world was broken.

Fragments of the world are fluttered like glass in the air. It shines like diamond dust.

At the end of its life, like sparking, the imitation Yue lets out a smile in the broken world. It wasn’t like Yue’s smile. It was like…… someone else’s smile.

Hajime had an idea what that was, however his consciousness began to fade rapidly and he wasn’t able to point that out.

[……You passed. With only being nice you don’t stand a chance. There is no sense in only giving. Even if it’s hard or painful, only what was piled up in reality can make you happy. Don’t forget that.]

It was a voice different from Yue’s. It’s more manly than feminine. However, it was a very gentle voice.

Hajime at the end of his consciousness cannot help it and raises his voice.

[None of your bussiness……But, I’ll remember it.]

The person was already hard to see, nonetheless still raised a gentle smile at the end……it felt just like that.

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