Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 131

Chapter 131

Disgust, no, the best word was hatred. Such a deep, dark feeling, Hajime felt for… Yue.

It was apparent that Yue felt the same way. Her eyes were distorted with a murderous look as she glanced at Hajime as well.


“… Hajime.”

They called each other’s names with familiarity, but with a sort of discomfort as well.

“… I completely despise you.”

“… I feel nothing but hate.”

With strong emotion, the pair pull out weapons and raise them at each other. Hajime aims Donna straight at Yue’s forehead, while Yue lifts up a flame in her right hand. The words “Oh?” and “Who first?” hung in the air like a classic scene in a Yakuza shop.

“Hey, what are you two doing?”

A voice came forth between the two. It was Shia. Her left shoulder holding Doryukken, her posture like she was about to attack, with a very restrained voice.

“Shouldn’t the one you want to kill be me? Don’t be selfish.”

Like Hajime and Yue, Shia stared at them with hate and malice in her eyes.

Hajime also had negative feelings towards Shia that rivaled the murderous feeling he had for Yue. When Hajime gritted his teeth and looked around, he felt death glares from Tio and Kaori as well. They looked at Yue, Shia, and Hajime all with hate-filled eyes.

“Oh, hey guys. What are you guys doing? Nagumo is just Nagumo.”

It’s Kouki. Kouki seems to be protecting Hajime while giving Yue and the others a stern glare. His eyes seem to hold a great deal of affection for Hajime as he accuses the others of acting strange.

Ryuutaro and Suzu did not seem to share any particular strong feelings against Hajime. Rather, Ryuutaro seemed to be giving Kouki a look of disgust. Shizuku also seems to have hate in her eyes when she looks at Hajime, and a condemning look for Kouki, and a downright murderous look for Kaori.

Fortunately, the “holy shield” barrier was still being maintained by Yue. The swarm of roaches had surged again, trying to catch Hajime and rest off-guard during this abnormality, as the group just glared at each other.

More cockroaches gather into magic circles, attempting to create more special cockroaches outside their protective barrier. Another tsunami of cockroaches flies by, buying them a bit of time.

Hajime analyzed the effect of the light magic using “detect magic” and judged it against his changing emotions to take a guess at the situation now.

“Apparently, the light magic we felt a moment ago seems to have reversed our emotions. The intensity is proportional to the strength of the original emotion.”

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“… Nn, reasonable conclusion, I unwillingly agree.”

Hajime explains without turning away; Yue agrees with a disgusted look. Even though the feeling is reversed, they didn’t lose their memories. By inferring from memory how they original thought about each other, it was likely the correct guess.

While holding angry looks, no one else raised an objection.

“The extent of this trial… You can still remember, but the emotion has been reversed. It’s difficult to shake off what you remember versus how you feel. It’s a disgusting ordeal. The deeper the bond, the more it’ll try to tear it apart.”

As Tio explained the extent of this trial, she started blushing as she watched the cockroaches crawling on the outer wall, clogging her words. The allure of the cockroaches seem to jam up every one’s words; it was Kaori who managed to put it into words.

“… look so pretty.”

So that was also a problem. For the black devils that they would hold as enemies, the hate was flipped. Instead of being repulsed, Hajime and the others only felt endeared by the cockroaches. It was only their memories of disliking them that kept their guard up.

Their emotions were inverted. They needed no more evidence to support that conjecture. The allies with the deepest bonds would be cut, their capacity to defend themselves weakened by their hatred. That might be the goal. Especially against these demonic cockroaches, they certainly had to hold on to their disgust.

With the group unable to cooperate, they’d be swallowed by the tsunami of cockroaches, or fall prey to the medium-sized ones about 1 meter in length. These boss cockroaches were being produced one after another.

It wouldn’t go amiss to call this a desperate situation. … However, the current people here were far from ordinary.

“… It’s the mountains of cockroaches I want to kill.”

“… I’d like to kill them, as well as you.”

Hajime and Yue stared out at the cockroaches. Their eyes seemed to penetrate through the cockroaches pressed up against the outer wall, contemplating on the boss cockroach that had created this situation.

“… More than that.”

“… Than that.”

Hajime and Yue’s eyes flashed with brutal glare. Yue, who usually doesn’t show much expression, wore an aggressive look like that of a wild wolf, her eyes narrowed. Dwelling in those eyes was a fierce anger like never before.

“I like to love… man, I want to kill!”

“… I want to love him and be cherished.”

Two heads reached a boil.

Their anger gushed out, hot like magma. They remembered how they had previously felt for each other. The cockroaches had messed with their feelings. No one should trifle with those important feelings between two people in love.

Even against roaches, dislike and anger weren’t enough to describe the ferocity that they felt for the cockroaches, something that changed to something sadistic. The feelings grew to a bitterness over the nature of the entire labyrinth up to this moment as well.

And Hajime and Yue weren’t the only ones.

Kouki and the others flinched from the pressure of the overwhelming anger emitted from Hajime and Yue, causing them to retreat. But behind them, Shia, Tio, and even Kaori wore eyes red with anger that could only be described as demonic.

Yue opened up the “Holy Barrier”, causing Kouki and the others to caste looks of skepticism and panic. Red magic began to spread out from Hajime’s feet. His lip is lifted, his canine exposed, and a look of absolute murder on his face.

Shortly after,


Hajime leaped from the passage like a single bullet, the roar leaving behind a crater in the middle of branch where his feet previously were. Using an ability like “ground shrink”, mixed with “enhanced legs” and “impact change”, his body moved like a bomb with body reinforcement of pure magic. The “body reinforcement” was applied to the whole body, making him harder than steel, and his body was covered in “Lightning Clad” and red magic, appearing like the embodiment of thunder.

Unable to stop Hajime, Suzu’s “Holy Barrier” was easily destroyed from the inside like waste paper. Hajime rushes the boss cockroach with the intent to destroy it.

“I’ll love you until death.”

The boss cockroach couldn’t even react, its visual recognition unable to match the speed of Hajime moving like a madman with a screw loose.

Suddenly, the cockroach didn’t seem so dangerous. Maybe it was because they reverse their feelings, or didn’t expect someone to sneak out during the siege of cockroaches, but this demon boss seemed rather… simple?

Hajime, as the weapon he was, took out his anger on the cockroach, delivering a fatal blow, using the momentum of his rush combined with a knee kick.


With the resounding roar of steel on steel, the boss cockroach disappeared a second later, Hajime appearing in its spot. The boss cockroach had blown away at an unperceivable speed.

Hajime remained in place using the “aerodynamic” to stand still, receiving the glares and murderous intent as he looked at the direction the boss cockroach was blown away.

On the other side, once Hajime had taken off…

Suzu was panicking, desperately trying to bring back the barrier that he had taken out. However, the cockroaches that drew near no longer disgusted her. Was there a good reason to stay away from the cockroaches? In fact, aren’t they desirable? While thinking this, she lost to the spell.

The cockroaches in this labyrinth are just insects… after all.

Yue stood up to fill the fatal gap in Suzu’s actions to rectify the situation.

“Shaking heaven.”

Around Yue and the others, space itself seemed to wave for a moment. She had started to show the full extent of her god-level magic.

Just as the wave of cockroaches was about to reach them, Space began to explode. The tremendous power generated shock waves that crushed into the cockroaches, crushing them in small pieces, and a moment later only sand remained.

Yue was not finished yet. “Five Heaven Dragons.”

The moment that magic name sounded from her lovely voice, thunder, the blue flame, the storm, the snow and ice, the five bodies of dragons appeared. As tens of thousands of cockroaches rushed towards them, Yue’s dragons circled around them with a distinctive roar and were decimated in an instant.

Yue began to float up with the use of her gravity magic without a glance back to the others. Her body began to rush towards the boss cockroach along with the whole body of the dragon in free fall.

As a formation of 200 medium-sized cockroaches made an attack formation against Hajime, Shia blew it away.

Shia, Tio, and Kaori had all realized, much like Yue in the beginning, that their affection for Hajime had been played with. The cockroaches looming above who had chosen to reverse their emotions were met with a fierce anger raging beyond the intentions of the labyrinth. (Translation Note: In other words, don’t mess with the dere or you get the yan.)

Shia lept into the air with magically reinforced legs, scampering across the sky on light blue disks that rippled with beautiful blue light. Also, Tio and Kaori respectively expanded their dragon wings and sliver wings from their backs, leaping up at once as they met glares with the mid-sized cockroaches.

“Oh, hey, I no longer find you repugnant. However, I’ve still decided that you die.”

“That, That’s right. Bug-chan is cute but… I can’t die, and I have to fight as expected, don’t I?”

“Yes, but decapitate them? Such dear creatures?”

“If we don’t kill, then we’ll be killed. We must be strong, and fight strong, so that we aren’t left behind.”

Though, it’s shameful to say that to them, the Cockroaches might as well have been a Chihuahua staring at them with round eyes as they tried to aim for its neck. It was like trying to kill a small dog that you’d loved from birth. It was these messed up and crazy inconsistencies that they had to deal with, but couldn’t help but think that way.

The remaining people from Kouki’s party couldn’t fly freely through the sky, stranding them at the center of the branch passage. They began to fight passively. They battled side by side and shoulder to shoulder with people they didn’t like. It was a troublesome feeling.


The boss cockroach that had received Hajime’s flying knee kick had flown off into the trunk of the big tree, sinking magnificently and being blown to bits by the furious momentum. An abdomen that would have taken pride as having the strength of steel was pounded radially centering on the part that received the direct hit, whitish body fluid spilling out from the newly formed hole.


The boss cockroach made an unpleasant cry sound while swinging its antennae. A group of cockroaches immediately swarm around the boss cockroach, dissolving into its form in an instant, assimilating and curing the injury the boss had sustained. As long as the small cockroaches remained, they’d be able to keep fighting indefinitely.

The boss cockroach picks out a splinter that had embedded itself into the cockroach from the big tree. The cockroach seems bigger now as it lets out an unpleasant sound.

The cockroach eyes glanced around for the one who injured him…

“Still, let me enjoy this a bit more.”

It seemed like hitting the abdomen just cured the impact further. The roaring sound once again came as steel struck steel. Hajime had quietly approached from the side and send in a Yakuza style kick.

The boss cockroach sinks into the trunk again. Hajime began to attack it mercilessly like a wild beast. Do not use weapons. Hajime had no intention on ending the moment. Applying a “magic shockwave” to his fist and reinforcing his body with magic, he quickly undercuts the bosom of the boss cockroach with another and then another.

Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong! Dugong!

Every time a fist in Hajime’s left or right struck, the form of the boss cockroach twists like a toy, but seems unable to escape, its body being embedded into the cracking trunk of the big tree radially. The cockroach is replaced with a glossy black piece of meat and white blood mixed in shattered wood chip.

The boss cockroach was a foe where even if a physiological hate could be held, its form was too dreadful, although it only looked pathetic in its current form.

A moment later red and black light began to emit from the boss cockroach. A great deal of cockroaches appeared in the route behind Hajime’s back, and with a dreadful speed they formed into a magic circle.

Black smoke emerged from the magic circle, overflowing and assaulting Hajime with furious speed.

“… Tsh.”

Hajime judged that being touched by the black smoke was bad and evacuated with “aerodynamic” and “ground shrink” before it reach him. Where Hajime was an instant before, smoke wrapped around the boss cockroach and the great tree.

With a moment free of Hajime, the boss calls for a group of cockroaches. A large amount of cockroaches rush into their own black smoke.

After a few seconds, the boss cockroach regained its form, removing the wounds and shaking off the black smoke. The tree behind the cockroach that had been exposed to black smoke had collapsed, seeping down the trunk as a gray mush. Apparently, the black smoke had some kind of corrosive effect.

The boss cockroach’s six wings began to shake at a high speed, BIIIIII! The boss cockroach took off at high speed. Hajime entered high speed flight to give the cockroach his regards once again, quickly overshadowing it simultaneously as the cockroach assumed a posture of struggle.

The accelerating Hajime circles around the cockroach again and rushes, blocking off its retreat. At the same time, a tsunami of cockroaches begin to slope up behind Hajme. While giving the cockroaches a smile as if he was saying “What is it, cutie?” he jerks out his left arm, he drew out some weapons. He had a mind to attack from the front while letting the cross bit attack from behind.

A wall of air appeared around the boss cockroach. It had made it to the speed of sound. They didn’t know if the branch passages would give way to the shockwave and vacuum and become destroyed. He also would be destroyed if he tried to avoid the tree at the last moment.

Still, Hajime showed no intention of leaving, even as the vibration smashed against his artificial arm. He attacked directly from the front.

Just then, a huge dragon of thunder and another clad in blue flames broke through the wall of cockroaches behind him and appeared.

Hajime feels it coming, and without looking back gives a face as if to say “Yuck.” However, the cockroach is already in sonic speed. The ‘blinking light’ perceptive abilities were already being stretched many times, and it was already hopeless.

“Why, I was!”

He delivered a single blow. An outburst of the elbow and “magic shockwave” mixed with fire at the same time, struck the boss cockroach straight on. The cockroach was also stretching its leg with a clawlike sharp blade, but was eluded completely with the intense cross counter. The face of the boss cockroach was pounded in detail with the effect of vibrations smashing and spreading across the creature in waves.

The impact on the front of the head caused the cockroach to round vertically and fly off in the direction of the day after tomorrow.

Immediately after, the roaches aiming for Hajime were consumed by Yue’s dragons in the spot Hajime just was.

“… Thank you, removed.”

“Was that for me? Or those dear cockroach-kun.”

“… Of course, the yellow cockroaches.”

“Hey, what’s that? I’m getting things going. It looks like a new cockroach species?”

Hajime moved next to Yue, wearing an unhappy face. Yue floats a very hateful smile towards Hajime disdainfully. Hajime, who held up through the offensive of the thunder dragon and the blue flame dragon while narrowly escaping floated a blue vein on his forehead, but where does the wind blow?

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“Your intention was to kill me.”

“… Of course not, at your level there was no reason to believe you’d be killed.”

“Oh, certainly, but could you have attacked worse than that?”

The two wore an atmosphere of disgust towards each other, being in a state where they dislike each other more than anyone, that’s the effects of the emotion reversal, yet still they were able to trust each other in combat.

The boss cockroach had approached the sonic speed while still wearing the black smoke of imperceptible corrosion. It turned out Yue could take it on easier from the front and engaged without thinking.

Furthermore, the large tsunami of cockroaches were approaching. If you looked closely, a small cockroach was wrapped in a black haze. The boss cockroach draws near from Yue’s side as the pair acknowledge the sea of corrosion.

“Hey you, that smoke decays everything. Don’t let it touch your clothing or things might become erotic.”

“… Perhaps for a rotten character like you. I’m sure I’m resistant.”

They spit venom at each other without hesitation, cutting words at close range.

Meanwhile, the black smoke coalesced into a black tidal wave of corrosion around the boss cockroach moving at sonic speeds, targeting Yue and Hajime in a manner that was anything but disordered.

However, it seemed like the two couldn’t be bruised.

The black smoke rushed in making a sonic boom, reaching out for the two people in front, and they instantly moved away, dancing around the streams of smoke as they glared at each other.

Their movements seemed impossible to follow, Hajime had drawn Donna and began firing while Yue used her finger as a baton, creating a dragon with the body of a tornado.

Six of Hajime’s bullets shot out in a flash, landing in the forehead of the boss cockroach at the same place and time. The boss cockroaches head explodes, and which is blown off, sending it into a tailspin once again.

Meanwhile the black tidal wave was engulfed with the colors of five dragons. The thunder dragon left only remnants of roaches while the blue dragon annihilated them completely. The ice dragon froze them while the stone dragon petrified them, 100,000 at a time.

“You’re playing through them quickly, will you run out?”

“… Even without material, I’ll play.”

While the cockroaches rain down like a torrential downpour, the boss continues to take in small cockroaches with each movement in a move that only feels desperate. Yue and Hajime’s voices could be heard, looking up with crescent shaped mouths and laughter like devils.

It probably wasn’t a conscious action. It was a more instinctual thing. It’s instinctually realized that it touched a presence that should never ever be touched and became an enemy.

“Gigi iiii!!”

The boss cockroach clad in the black smoke of corrosion began to panic and gave a scream. More small cockroaches were called, and as they approached the boss they became clad in the black corrosion as well before compressing.

The smoke seems to compress into a black shell, creating hundreds of shots. And of course, the shells maintain the corrosive properties. So the boss was creating corrosive ammunition out of the small cockroaches. Effects of the instantaneous corrosion and compression left an uneven smoke.

The boss released a shockwave, sending out the corrosive shells which struck and corroded a branch aisle the moment it was pierced. It headed for Hajime and the rest rapidly.

“… Wasteful.”

Yue uttered a word. Shortly after, a gate forms right in front of Hajime and Yue and spreads. The spatial magic does a spatial field that becomes an invincible shield at the same time. The shell that would corrode anything the instant it lands, couldn’t avoid passing through the developed gate and disappearing into somewhere. It’s a perfectly wasteful ball as Yue had said.

But the boss cockroach, now in a complete state of panic can only half acknowledge that. Averting the orbit while screaming, it bypasses the gate to rush at Yue. However, the gate wasn’t simply a place to banish the cannonballs away.


Just after increasing its speed and detouring, it struck something in the air, and as it was caught it became a whole body crucifixion.

“Its movements are simple. Is its mind still only that of a cockroach?” Hajime murmurs so next to Yue as he makes his stone ring react.

The ring had been connected to the bola beforehand. The boss cockroach expected a route, its eyes on the gate while Hajime established the bola in the air simultaneously.

And the wire used for this bola is extra fine, so-called steel thread. Steel thread could be stretched as the effect given by generation magic “sign insulation” concealed an ore part of the bola, and a cobweb might be spread in the air.

The boss cockroach had rammed into the net, ready to catch it if the cockroach touched. And carefully, the bola matched the impact of the rush and entangled, securing the boss cockroach in the air as it is.

While spitting curses and strangely trusting each other, the pair continued to fight back to back without hesitation, sharing in the defense and attack without requiring a wink of conversation…

Were these guys really hating each other under the emotion reversal? If the boss cockroach could say words, it surely would have grandly Tsukkomi’d asking as such.

“I wonder, Yue…”

“… Hmm?”

Hajime inclines his neck while spearing the eye of the boss cockroach, continuing to harass it while it remained crucified in his web.

“I think my feelings of hate are starting to fade… it’s about halfway gone now. I’m able to stand it.”

“… coincidence. I also feel that Hajime is bearable. And with the cockroaches, I don’t feel the need to love them.”

“Oh, indeed.”

Tio guessed that the emotion reversal was another trial of the great labyrinth. Like the pleasure hell that chooses viscous liquid of milky slime, Hajime also inferred that it could be conquered. After all, it’d be a troublesome place if you’re feeling reverse could never be conquered and you ended up hating your partners forever.

However, Hajime and Yue fought together to overcome it by nature, or so it seems.

Potential? After having your spirit upset by feeling the reversal, and the cruel treatment center filled with making the boss cockroach, the feeling of turning back may be tempting.

Alternatively, it may be that the two of them exerted a simple and mysterious ability of creating pink space anytime, anywhere.

In any case, it reminded Hajime of a quote about “every time not being a possibility” that certain working authorities once murmured.

“Well, Yue, since you’re acting playfully, how about one last game with Mr. Cockroach?”

“… Nn. Winning is possible if you like your opponent.”

Again, two people show a smile that could only come from a devil. Absolutely, are we sure they had a feeling’s reversal? Is that really likely? An observer might have tsukkumi’d.

The boss cockroach has finished restoring its body and managed to sneak out of the bola’s restriction with the use of the black smoke of corrosion. It wore black smoke and again produces three to six shock waves and a vacuum blade with a flap of its wings.

However, the boss cockroach shouldn’t be negligent. Up to this moment, Hajime had been pulling his hand. He refused to use heinous weapons, no direct attacks by powerful magic. Not even attack while playing. He was playing to the full level.

Things that were not perceived were the complete lack of aggressive intention. Demon or not, the creatures body showed the miserable result.

Hajime appeared at the back of the boss cockroach, inserting centrifugal force with body strengthening, hammering down with an aerial turning kick into the back of the boss cockroach with an instant move.


The boss cockroach which made a noise curved like a shrimp with its shell in the air and blew away. The black smoke of corrosion should have been worn, but with Hajime covered in bright red magic, it did not seem to affect him at all.

Blown away at intense Gs, the boss cockroach desperately tried to regain its balance. Yue appears from a spatial change right in front of the boss cockroach, waving her had slightly in front of it.

Immediately after, space become Gyobo! A shock wave with some directionality makes a noise, and shrinks, and generates the power by which space turns back at the next moment.


The boss cockroach which is assaulted by a dreadful impact from the front like a pinball this time blows off in the direction of the day after tomorrow. The surface of the body is ragged already, but that’s just the start.

Hajime had already moved position. Once again, an intense kick blows the cockroach away. Blown away, and still, to Yue, blown again. Back to Hajime.

Hajime and Yue hit each other, such as the air tennis with a boss cockroach ball. Echoing are the heartbreaking cries of the boss cockroach in the vast underground space. The boss is moving so fast and irregularly that the swarms of cockroaches are unable to have time to help.

The corrosive smoke doesn’t affect Hajime and doesn’t touch Yue to begin with. Yue’s body is able to repair any damage before she’s even aware, so there is no risk of dying.

Their play seems to be the doing of devils and fiends. Using up and playing with their love by this trial in the labyrinth might have turned them into such.

Further, a rule of the game is loss of the person who failed in the rally first.

“… Hajime.”

And, in the middle of their rally, suddenly received sense talk from Yue. Because they are moving at high speed with changing distances, this was necessary. Hajime replies while flicking the boss cockroach with an overhead kick.

“What happened?”

“Oh,… Hajime.”

“Mm. What is it?”

“Hajime… Hajime… Hajime… Nn…”

Yue just kept calling Hajime’s name repeatedly by sense talk for a while. The tone seemed to be changing into something more spoiled like. Hajime begins to notice it in the tone. In the feeling.

“Yue, back?”

“… Nn… perfection. For Hajime?”

“Yes, me too… there is only pure malice for this cockroach any more, and for Yue…”

“… Me?”

Hajime packs in a word without leaving a torrent of the feelings taken away. Such as having the opposite feeling for Yue even for just a moment. He didn’t want to think about it. The violent malice as well as the anger for the boss cockroach rose up once again, but he had to say the words to his sweetheart where there were once cruel words.

When he took a deep breath, Hajime used sense talk while looking at Yue, who had changed ahead of the boss cockroach and blew it straight for Hajime.

“There is only love.”

“Nn… me too.”

The voice that seems wonderful and sounds dear to Hajime. Feelings of thousands of emotions were included and the word floods through his chest. Hajime and Yue stay in the air just as it is, saying only those words with patience even if it has to be seen. The boss cockroach with discharged body fluid flied overhead, but the two people’s eyes don’t look away. It was just Yue and Hajime.

They say nothing, when the distance between them disappear, and two people embrace in midair. Their lips meet naturally. Light kiss without words, only just touch, as if the thought was more than enough.

Hajime holds Yue’s slender waist and Yue wraps her arm around Hajime. Their lips release as the two of them confirm that the feelings inside them are normal once again, staring close distance, with smiles on their faces.

The boss cockroach which had finished playing around at that point gave them some distraction. With a scream, it dispatched cockroaches which rised up simultaneously.

That won’t be the light one such as tidal waves any more. They were forcibly trying to close the space with cockroaches. A huge dome began to form heading up towards Yue and Hajime. Hajime had long since lost track of what happened to Kouki and the others.

The dome was filled with black smoke of corrosion. When seen from the outside, the surface seemed to rustle, the mountain rising where it could be seen. The underground space where the big tree was made at the center was buried with a mountain of cockroaches, mostly.

The cockroaches had managed to accumulate not just at the bottom, but also the ceiling and walls as well. If someone said all the cockroaches in the world were gathered here, it’d not be surprising.

And the space was closing quickly with cockroaches in the next moment GoGYUUU! It was reduced quickly with the sounds that suggested so.

Will they be crushed to death or captured inside of the ocean of cockroaches? The center is of course Yue and Hajime. At the end of the underground space, there was Shia striking down a medium-sized cockroach and leaving it for Kouki’s group to defeat. They also seem to have exceeded the pile of cockroaches a short while ago. It also seems to come off from an area by a compressed thing.

The boss cockroach is entering a reduced sphere directly while flapping. Closed space of a hug cockroach was in the compressed state so that there were no gaps to the interior already.


The boss cockroach makes an unpleasant sound. That seemed to be an attempt to clear it’s former humiliation as a ball, and it seemed to be the roar convinced of a victory.

But that will be overturned immediately after. A cockroach was repelled from a spherical center, trying to find the dead body from the center of the sphere of cockroaches.

“Oh, you want a fervent embrace?”

Yue, putting both hands together, was seen there with her eyes closed to concentrate. Next to her is Hajime, who laughs dauntlessly within the 4 point barrier.

The boss cockroach stops, instinctively taking a step back.

The fear of being teased by these two people ran deep, but that’s because the power they exuded was feared above all else.

A gap formed that Yue could put out both hands together. They flash blue, and in the meantime a small group of flames begin to swirl around.

When seeing that, they seem to have just done the flame systems finest aggressive spell “blue sky”. When ordinarily thinking, making “blue sky” can excel in some small extermination. It’d seem like an insignificant act.

But genius magician Yue wouldn’t do such a nonsense thing.

The blue flame between the two hands, the splendor is increased from moment to moment. On the contrary, it kept burning. It’s as if looking to crate small stars.

“… Selection.” Yue muttered quietly.

Then, the finished fist-sized orb oozes blue aura.

The bead of blue flame which contains a power and identity that was unknown.

That one was for the boss cockroach. The cockroach realized it’d be completely destroyed. If not, they’d make it understand. The cockroach let out a scream, pushing cockroaches and black smoke against the four point boundary to break it and kill the pair and break the orb before it was too late.

However, the action was too late too. Well no, whatever action the cockroach would take would be the same thing. There’s no way to stop it now.

Yue hung the blue flame orb towards the sky. Yue illuminated Blue Star gave its own appearance that was far too mysterious and beautiful. Hajime gently hugged Yue’s body from behind. Yue had entrusted her back to Hajime to fawn after all.


“… Divine flame.”

Like the judgement of god himself, the pulsating blue overran the entire place.

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