Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 156 — What Was Lost

Chapter 156: What Was Lost



Hajime and Shia reflexively yelled with voices driven by unease. The unknown light pillar that was obviously aiming at Yue swallowed her, giving them nothing but a bad premonition. There was no way they wouldn’t become uneasy.

Yue whose body was stiffened finally moved as though she was released from a binding inside the half-transparent pillar shining brilliantly.

As a matter of fact, Yue had received a binding for an instant. The cause was the darkly flickering sphere fired by Eri――the Degenerate Consciousness. It was a magic of dark element, it would blow away the target’s consciousness just for a few moments, it also had the other use to obstruct commands dispatched from the brain, even though it worked only for the moment it would take to blink.

This time it was used in that second way. In addition, the nature of Eri’s vocation as Necromancer came from the dark element, and with her strengthened body, her specs were explosively raised. Due to all those, this magic was strengthened to incomparable power compared to before.

Because of this, Yue’s body was momentarily restricted because her body’s nerve transmission was blocked, she was late in taking evasive action and also prevented from using magic.

Yue’s hand touched the boundary of the light pillar in order to escape. But what came back was a hard sensation. From what she felt, it didn’t seem like it would simply harm her. Yue who comprehended that she was captured invoked space magic and attempted to split the light pillar altogether with the space.


However, surprisingly the space splitting that she certainly had invoked exerted its effect everywhere but the boundary of the light pillar. It was unable to even scratch the pillar. Far from scratching, the pouring down light increased in radiance glaringly, causing its gravity and eeriness to grow.

Yue gave up breaking the light pillar and tried opening a gate. But it seemed the light pillar didn’t allow even that. Ahead of Yue’s slightly impatient gaze was a distorted space that immediately returned back to before as though nothing had happened.

“Chih. Myuu, Remia, don’t move from here.”

“Yes, nano!” (Note: Myuu got something like a catchphrase that made her sound cuter.)


Hajime who sensed Yue’s distress laid out a barrier around Myuu and Remia using his crossbits and then rushed to break the light pillar.

“Fufu, you think I’ll let you?”

Aruv saw Hajime’s grave expression and his expression distorted in joy while his finger snapped. At that moment, a great number of monsters and apostles, as well as those from the devil race and human race appeared inside the audience hall. The same as how the apostles appeared just now, they oozed out from distorted space.

The people from the human race all had blank eyes without exception, but the pressure released from their bodies wasn’t inferior to that of a monster. Most likely they were Eri’s puppet soldier――furthermore they had been strengthened considerably.

The apostles flew all at once toward Hajime who was heading towards Yue’s distress.

“You all are in the way, you puppets-!”

With an angry roar, crimson magic power surged out from Hajime. It was his ‘Limit Break’. Furthermore, his fighting style had been polished to a level incomparable from before when he fought Neunte, and his railguns that had their spec rapidly increased using sublimation magic accurately drilled through the apostles. (Note: The use of the name Nointo before this is mistaken, it should be Neunte which mean nine in German)

The one who analyzed their opponent wasn’t just the apostles. Hajime also had never slackened in his diligent study even for one day. He had done image training anti-apostle battles many times and increased his ability to this day.

Even so, his opponent were apostles. Possessing deviating spec, they were genuinely the soldier of god. They wouldn’t get broken through that easily. Also, by using the advantage of number, they didn’t let Hajime approach Yue.

The other members were also in the same situation.

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Shia had her hand full from protecting Aiko and the others. Tio, Shizuku, Ryuutaro, and Suzu were also surrounded by apostles, monsters, and puppet soldiers and it was everything they could do just to protect themselves.

“-, Kouki-kun, return to your senses! ‘Omni Sky’!”

And then even Kaori who was attacked by Kouki was handling the attacking apostles at the same time while attempting abnormal status recovery magic after judging that Kouki was under the effect of some kind of magic, but…


What she got was an attack from his holy sword. The two of them entered a sword locking contest once more. Kaori raised an agitated voice.


“The one who needs to return to their senses is you, Kaori. How long are you going to continue something like this?”

“What are you saying-“

“You listened to Denreed-san’s story right? Even though he is trying to save this world, but Nagumo, against such a splendid person he…it’s unforgivable.”

Kaori made a bewildered expression hearing Kouki who was prattling on incomprehensibly. And then her eyes suddenly met the eyes of Eri who currently was in the middle, repugnantly but accurately interfering with Shizuku and her group’s consciousness using dark element magic to disrupt them with their battle. Instantly, Eri grinned with an evil smirk.

“-, Eri, you-“

“Kufufu, that’s not it, you knowww, I was only guiding Kouki-kun’s consciousness for juu-st a little. I was just planting a convenient story inside Kouki-kun, you knoow? The rest is just Kouki-kun believing it by himself, seee”

It seemed that Kouki was brainwashed to believe only the bullsheet first part of Denreed’s story. His originally strong prejudice and bad habit of convenient interpretation, and then all the burdens that repeatedly weighed his mind until now allowed Eri to easily brainwash him.

“You are saying you didn’t make him into a ‘puppet’-“

Kaori was harboring doubt seeing Kouki who appeared to not listen at all to the conversation between her and Eri, and also at how he was only targeting her. She then threw her question at Eri of why she didn’t she kill Kouki at this chance and use her ‘Bind Soul’ on him, which was her earnest desire.

Toward that Eri’s reply was…

“I’m doing it, you knoow?”


Kaori leaked out a befuddled voice from lack of understanding what Eri meant. She then received a fierce attack from the apostles that aimed at the opening she unconsciously created. Although Kaori somehow evaded and parried and avoided a lethal wound, several scratches were left on her body. She instantly healed those while directing a questioning look at Eri.

Eri cackled while answering, looking like she was enjoying that state of Kaori from the bottom of her heart.

“Even I wasn’t just playing around, you knoow? I didn’t shirk working hard in order to obtain an even better Kouki-kun and become a ‘fine woman’ seeee”

“That-, what do you-“

“You see, I had improved ‘Bind Soul’ so that it not only manipulated residual thoughts of the dead, now it can even directly affect the thought of the living person you knoow! So to speak, it’s something like making a living spirit into your underling. While the person is still living, he will become my subordinate without feeling anything is out of placee! I guide Kouki-kun’s consciousnesss, plant what is righteousness mean for Kouki-kunn, and then inside his mind I become a pure heroine that will give him supportt!”

Hearing Eri’s talk, a shudder ran through Kaori’s expression. Since they arrived at the devil king castle, Eri was excessively clinging at Kouki closely, most likely that was for the sake of putting on this evolved ‘Bind Soul’ in him. What should be feared from this was the chanting of this spell using methods that didn’t sound like a chanting. Words that were easy to understand for the target became a chanting that bound the will just like that.

Furthermore, after the guiding was finished, even when the magic wasn’t used anymore the effect didn’t cut off. After all, the person himself was under the impression that he thought and decided by himself. And the more time passed, it would become a truth for that person. It was a technique with extraordinary effect for a human like Kouki.

The reality was, the current Kouki was seeing Eri and Denreed’s group as exactly the people who were running about in order to save the world like an ally of justice. Hajime who hindered that was the bad one, and the people who followed such a Hajime were all brainwashed victims.

He was aiming at only Kaori surely because Eri was telling him to do that. Eri who would hate it if Kaori rampaged with the strength of the apostles guessed that if it was Kaori then she wouldn’t immediately kill Kouki with no questions asked. She then instructed Kouki to cooperate with the apostles to check Kaori in place. Kouki decided in his subconscious that it was the ‘right’ decision. No matter what kind of logic was attached to it.

In other words, Kouki was completely turned into Eri’s puppet soldier even while he was still alive. The thinking that a person wouldn’t fall into Eri’s technique as long as they weren’t killed was a na?ve one. It seemed that Kouki had already fallen into Eri’s hand.

From here on, no matter what kind of truth and words anyone lined up, Kouki would surely be easily manipulated just by a single devilish sweet word of Eri. Furthermore, Kouki believed that as ‘something right’ that he decided by himself, so there was no decrease in his fighting ability. Ironically, the weak point of Kouki that Hajime pointed out――his hesitation that would appear at the last moment due to his weak will was now completely gone.

While Kaori was racking her brain facing such a Kouki and the apostles, the other members were also falling into a considerable predicament.

Inside such a situation, the one who by his lonesome was blowing away several dozen apostles leaving them without all their limbs intact, scattering the entrails of the monsters, and turned the puppet soldiers into smithereens while steadily advancing forward was Hajime.

Right now even in this moment he was in the process of predicting the coordination of the apostles, analyzing the weak point of the new type monsters, and comprehending the movement pattern of the puppet soldiers.

“-, stop right there-. Irregular!”

One apostle crossed her twin large swords while rapidly approaching with multiple afterimages created behind her. Even though Hajime and the apostle were previously equal, now he was being engaged by multiple apostles at the same time, yet they were the side that got blown away one-sidedly. Although only a few apostles ceased to function completely from that, most got away with only injury. Coupled with how his advance was unstoppable, those facts made the apostle’s voice grow rough unconsciously.

And then an apostle circled to Hajime’s side to tyrannically strike the large sword. Still, with her voice sounding rough…

“Out of my way-“

Hajime’s artificial arm reached as though he had already understood from the beginning that she would materialize here, catching her face in an eagle grip. The apostle reflexively gulped. With an angry voice along with ‘Strong Arm’, Hajime threw her to the front.

While he was at it, the moment his hand released her, he didn’t forget to fire a bullet from his palm and pulverized her head. The beautifully arranged face was half blown away and the apostle glided on the air like a cannonball, hitting the avalanche of approaching apostles and monsters.

A momentary path was created forcefully, which Hajime broke through while leaving behind an afterimage.


The roaring Hajime was growing up in battle strength by each second, by each move, and by each difficulty. Seeing that caused Aruv and Freed’s composed attitude to crumble as their look turned bitter. They were showing an intention to attack Hajime. Naturally the apostles also matched that intention and commenced their assault.

{I won’t let thou-}

Right after that, a shadow covered the audience hall. That was the large body of Tio who turned into a dragon. Perhaps she used metamorphosis magic, her size was now larger by a level compared to usual. Her coloring also felt like it became blacker.

No matter how spacious the audience hall was, turning into a dragon inside limited space like this would only make her into a nice target. Tio herself should have also understood that, nevertheless. she still turned into a dragon, It was for the sake of becoming Hajime’s shield using her body.

She took a position between Hajime and Aruv’s group and turned into a castle wall using her dragon scales.


“Hmph, I’ll take payback for before.”

Aruv and Freed mercilessly launched attack magic. The apostles at the surrounding were also attempting to kill Tio using their disintegration ability without a drop of mercy.

By invoking sublimation magic, metamorphosis magic, and ‘Pain Conversion’ to the greatest effect, she heightened her ability of dragon scale reinforcement to the extreme, and for the last, she deployed many layers of wind barrier in an attempt to disperse the enemy’s force but…her opponents were just too dangerous. Tio’s beautiful black scales were shaved away in the blink of eye.

{Guu, uUUU…}

“Tio-. Don’t be reckless!”

Tio’s prided dragon scales became fragments and scattered everywhere along with a shockwave sound, looking at her state where her body was even possibly gouged out, Hajime couldn’t endure and yelled.

While counterattacking using her breath attack, tail, and countless wind blades launched at the surrounding, Tio turned her long neck, her golden eyes that were split vertically carried blazing resolve in them, with that she faced Hajime.

{If not now, then when will it be the time to get reckless! Quickly go-}


{That light is not normal! Quickly save Yue-. …Rest assured. Until Goshujin-sama embraces me, I absolutely won’t die!}

“…Geez, thanks okay. I’m counting on you.”

{Yes. Count on me-}

Hajime didn’t turn back anymore and focused his mind on slaughtering the enemies standing in his way between him and Yue. He ignored the attack from behind by Aruv and Freed. He had said that he would leave it to the woman that he counted on. There was not the slightest bit of cause to pay it any more attention.

Like that, Hajime who pulverized several apostles finally arrived at the pillar of light.



Looking at Hajime who leaped out from the crowd, the imprisoned Yue opened her mouth but her voice didn’t reach. From how Yue was breathing heavily, it was obvious that she had been testing every kind of magic. Even so, the unbreakable pillar of light was abnormal just like Tio said.

Yue inside the light was clutching her chest tightly with her hand while unease and pain showed on her expression, it seemed that she was receiving some kind of effect due to the torrent of light that was pouring down like heavy rain. Her figure that shook her head sometimes as though to shake away something was also making Hajime feel uneasy.

“I’ll smash it away-“

Hajime took out a pile bunker from his ‘Treasure Warehouse’ and aimed it at the pillar of light. He was releasing strafing fire at the apostles attacking him from behind using crossbits to buy time.

While feeling impatient hearing the charging sound peculiar for the pile bunker, he also had an expectation at the maximum strength attack from the weapon’s spec that had risen using sublimation magic, Hajime pulled the trigger at the same time with the completion of the charge.


Tremendous impact sound resounded, the jet black giant stake pierced the pillar of light.

The pillar of light that was unharmed even against Yue’s magic, but now just why it was so easily pierced like this…without even any time to ask that doubt, cracks ran noisily with that pierced area as the center, Hajime activated the pulverizing vibration of his artificial hand while launching a punch of all his might along with a loud yell of fighting spirit.


Combined with ‘Strong Arm’ and ‘Impact Conversion’, the fist that had immense power residing in it straightly pierced through the pillar of light, the pillar was smashed into small pieces with a bursting destructive sound. The light pouring down to the ground raged like a flood, scattering particles of light while hiding the figures of Hajime and Yue from view temporarily.

“-, Yue!”

Sweeping away the eerie light particles coiled around them. Hajime went toward the spot where Yue was and reached his hand. Even now when the pillar of light was destroyed, Hajime was still calling at Yue impatiently because when their eyes met just before the pillar of light was destroyed, Yue’s expression was distorted in pain. A bad premonition was surging through his whole body.


“…I’m here.”

Yue finally responded after he called at her for a few times. Soft sensation was transmitted at the tip of his reached hand. It was Yue’s hand. Right after that, Yue showed her figure from the interval of the light particles. She leapt into Hajime’s chest.

“I’m glad. Yue, are you unharmed?”

“…Fufu, I’m all right. Rather, I actually feel refreshed.”

“Ah? Yue? You――”

With her face still pressed on his chest, Yue answered with a voice that sounded cheerful somewhere in it. Hajime narrowed his eyes to that. And then, the moment his unending bad promotion that still rang alarm bell inside himself even with this reunion changed into a chill and repugnance, Hajime tried to take distance right away.

But, it seemed that it was slightly too late.

“Gahah…you bastardd…”

“Fufufufu, this is really a good feeling, Irregular. Just how long it had been since I last materialized in this world…”

Hajime was unable to take distance. It was Yue’s voice, Yue’s figure, be that as it may, Hajime was convinced that it wasn’t Yue, due to this ‘someone’ clad in an atmosphere that gave off a feeling of dread somehow. He couldn’t take distance because this someone――stabbed his stomach.

The weapon was Yue’s slender arm. That hand which formed a chopping shape stabbed straight, piercing through completely until his back. The small hand of Yue that was normally willowy was now colored with ghastly red and dripping wet.

Right after that, the wildly scattering particles of light whirled toward above and vanished. Unnoticed the apostles stopped moving, Shia and others sent them doubtful but vigilant gaze, but they immediately returned to their senses and sent their gaze at the direction of Hajime and Yue. And then, their mouth fell wide open looking at the hard to understand scene in bewilderment.

Hajime immediately emitted magic power and tried to blow away Yue using ‘Impact Conversion’. The current Yue was obviously not in a normal state, based on her willingness to attack him, Hajime decided that for the time being he should take distance.

However, that was also beyond his power.

“I command in the name of Ehito――’Don’t move’”


Hajime opened his eyes in shock. The reasons were two. The ‘name’ that came out from Yue’s mouth, and his body that helplessly obeyed that command. It was as though all the nerves inside his body were blocked and then stiffened as though he was a preserved specimen.

The one with the figure of Yue, who if what she said was true then this was ‘the creator god Ehito’, smiled sweetly at such Hajime. That smile made Hajime feel déjà vu. It wasn’t Yue’s smile, it was something he saw even farther in the past…yes, it was when they were summoned to this world at the holy church headquarters God Mountain, the portrait of Ehito that he saw inside that cathedral, it was the smile that was painted there.

Ehito pulled out the arm from the stomach of Hajime who was drenched in sweat while unable to move. Immediately, blood spurted out grandly from Hajime’s stomach. While bathing in that spray, Ehito that was colored with gruesome red crawled his tongue leisurely at the blood dripping his hand.

“Hou, is this the sweetness that a vampire feel. Not bad. I thought that I will kill you at the end of your despair but…if you like, how about I keep you alive as livestock? Hm?”

“Fuu, fuu, -AAAAAAAAH!!”

In front of Ehito who was spouting out words full of malice while smiling friendlily, Hajime who was restrained by an unknown technique screamed. A Large amount of blood spurted out from his stomach that had a hole opened there, but he put his strength without even paying attention to that. The radiance of his ‘Limit Break’ also increased further.

And then there was a sound *bakin* that sounded like something broke, at the same time Hajime recovered the freedom of his body and leaped backward at one go. At the same time, Donner was aimed at Ehito and it roared.

There would be no problem against physical damage with Yue’s regeneration power. Anyway, right now it was necessary to suppress the enemy.

But, that bullet was…


It stopped still in front of the hand of Ehito who was standing calmly, it didn’t even manage to touch him.

“Oh hoh, to unbind my ‘Divine Statement’ by your own power. Perhaps I should say, as expected from an irregular. ――’Heaven Miracle’.”

Right after that, twenty lightning sphere floated at Hajime’s surrounding and walls made from thunder were formed. And then, within an instant, a pillar of an extremely gruesome lightning attack ran through Hajime.

That was the highest grade of lightning element magic that once granted bitter damage toward the hydra of the last trial at the bottom of the abyss. But, the might of this magic was in a different league compared to that time. The number of the created lightning sphere, the speed of deployment, and then also the lightning strike itself, from how Hajime in ‘Light Speed’ state was unable to escape from the barrier of lightning spheres, anyone could tell about the bizarreness of the magic.

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Gruesome lightning thundered inside the audience hall, the field of vision of the people there was dyed pure white, their eardrums were buried under thunderous roar.




The scream of Shia, Kaori, and Tio who had released her dragonification echoed among the thunderous roar.

Without even any composure to question why for some reason the apostles didn’t hinder them rushing at Hajime, they lifted their arms to cover their face from the shockwave of the fiercely sparking lightning while stepping forward.

Before long the lightning strike of tremendous might settled and what appeared from the center where white smoke was rising, was Hajime who had white smoke similarly rising from his whole body. It seemed that the lightning broke through the defense of ‘Vajra’ and he received direct attack,

Looking carefully, the crossbits that were supposedly deploying at Hajime’s surrounding were all lying on the ground. Surely Hajime was trying to lay out a barrier using crossbits, but before the crossbits could do that they were struck down first. Looking from their state, they were likely being put under gravity magic.

However, Hajime had activated ‘Limit Break’. Even while injured with burn on his whole body his consciousness wasn’t blown away, he gritted his teeth while glaring at Ehito who was possessing Yue.

“So you endured that, Irregular. But, having been showered by that much electricity you probably cannot avoid becoming dulled. ――’Four Directions Quake Sky’――’Spiraling Calamity Sky’.”

Hajime’s instinct raised an alarm bell in full blare. He reflexively leaped away, but seeing the scenery where the whole surrounding distorted like jelly, he realized that there was already no place to escape. He cursed inside his heart while once more deploying ‘Vajra’ fully and took out a large shield at the same time.

Right after that, shockwaves that burst the space attacked Hajime from four directions, at the same time gravity bombing that was whirling like a hurricane crashed from overhead.


His large shield was pulverized like a joke, ‘Vajra’ that he deployed was easily pierced., it was an outrageous storm of age of god magic that brought immense impact. It was obviously a use of power that easily surpassed the current Yue.

“Stop it!”

“Get away from Hajime-kun and Yue-“

“To hit Goshujin-sama using Yue’s body…that’s worthy of ten thousand death!”

Shia and others who guessed the outline of the situation from Yue’s action and the relation between Aruv and Denreed rushed all at once to hold down Ehito.

However, against those three, what Ehito released was only one word.

“I command in the name of Ehito――’prostrate’.”




Just from that Shia, Kaori, and Tio were struck to the ground as though an immense power was crushing them from above and they became unable to move. That was a fatal opening.

“――’Devouring Strange Beast’.”

Along with those words, the floor around the three bulged up and in an instant turned into wolves made from stone. And then, those sharp claws pierced on the back of the three while pressing down. The three raised pained voice, but the stone large wolves opened their jaws in annoyance and put their sharp fangs on their neck as though ordering the three to shut up.

Kaori tried to blow away everything using disintegration ability. However, even faster than she could invoke it…

“I command in the name of Ehito――’suspend your function’.”


Due to Ehito’s command, light vanished from Kaori’s eyes. It was as though she had turned into a mere doll. Judging from Ehito’s words, he made Kaori’s body of apostle to change into suspended state. Perhaps it was something like the special right of the creator.

At the same time when Shia, Kaori, and Tio were completely suppressed, the storm of magic attacking Hajime finally petered out. Hajime stood still for a short while, but he immediately vomited blood from his mouth like a waterfall and fell on his knee like a marionette that had its string cut.

Looking at the state of Hajime, Shia, and co, Shizuku and others yelled their names while also rushing at them.

But, as expected, before they could do that,

“――’Stigmata of Twisted World’.”

Although he was on his knee, Hajime showed his will to not put both his hands on the ground. The space distorted and took a shape of a cross above such Hajime. That phenomenon which was created from the distortion of space itself was like a glasswork with extremely high transparency. The cross was guided only by Ehito’s gaze and fell on Hajime’s back.


The severe pressure made Hajime further vomited blood, just like that he was helplessly crushed down. The cross made from distorted space stood up like a grave marker on Haijme’s back. That cross was fixed at the space like that, sewing Hajime on the ground.

Ehito didn’t stop and with a flowing motion he pointed his finger at Shizuku, Ryutaro, and Suzu and formed words.

“――’Manifestation of Arresting Nightmare’.”

“-, a”


“U, a”

Just with that Shizuku and others turned pale while tumbling down. And then they caressed their neck as though to ascertain that their head was still really connected, they looked down to see whether their legs were still there and began to confirm the texture with trembling hand. But, it seemed they couldn’t feel anything and so their pale face didn’t recover their color back. They didn’t even look like they could stand up.

These members could even take on the apostles, monsters, and the puppet soldiers, but now they were easily annihilated just by Ehito who had possessed Yue. This result caused Shia and others who were crawling on the ground to be shocked while gritting their teeth at the same time.

“Hmm. Well, this is how it is I guess. In this world of mine, everything is the same like trash. Although, perhaps without this excellent body then I might not be able to use my strength as it is. Are you listening, irregular?”


Ehito walked around with steady steps while talking calmly at Hajime who was crucified on the ground. Hajime tried to operate his crossbits but it seemed enormous gravity was put on them and they didn’t even twitch while sinking on the ground.

He somehow twisted his neck and turned his gaze to take a look, there without him noticing the crossbits protecting Myuu and Remia were also in the same condition. Myuu whispered “Papa” while staring at Hajime with an expression that almost burst crying.

Aiko’s group looked like they wanted to step forward to try to help Hajime and others, but they were stopped by the apostles and they were helpless to do anything.

Hajime was going to take out explosive items from the ‘Treasure Warehouse’ and blown away Ehito altogether with himself. Perhaps he would be saved if he protected only his vital spots with the ‘Concentrated Reinforcement’ of ‘Vajra’, and then he could recover as long as he could drink god water.

But, as though that intention of his was read ahead, right at the moment when Hajime was about to activate ‘Treasure Warehouse’, Ehito snapped his fingers with a gesture that gave off elegance.

As the result, the ring of ‘Treasure Warehouse’ worn on Hajime’s finger suddenly vanished, the next moment the ring transferred on Ehito’s palm. Not only Hajime’s ‘Treasure Warehouse’. On Ehito’s palm, there were also several other rings there. Those were the ‘Treasure Warehouse’ Hajime created for Shia and others. It seemed that without even making a gate, Ehito teleported multiple objects at the same time with pinpoint precision.

Not just that, right after that at Ehito’s Surrounding, Donner, Schlag, and Doryuken, black katana and so on, many artifacts that Hajime created were teleported and now ended up floating in the air while rotating.

“These are good artifacts. Several of the artifacts among these are also quite interesting. It seems that the world of irregular is a pleasant world in its own way. Fufu, even I have grown tired of amusing myself with this world. It’s difficult for an existence of only soul to transfer to another world but…now I have obtained my own vessel, how about I try playing in another world this time then.”

Ehito who played with the ‘Treasure Warehouse’ while chuckling with an evil smile that Yue would absolutely never make suddenly clutched his palm tightly. And then, a light leaked out slightly from inside the fist and when the hand was opened what appeared was the scattered remain of the ‘Treasure Warehouse’ that looked like dust. The hand then tilted with a relaxed motion and the dust wreckage clad in dregs of light spilled down smoothly.

The fragments of ‘Treasure Warehouse’ were scattered right before Hajime’s eyes as though to show him despair. And then as though being swallowed by coiling light, the remains finally vanished without leaving behind even a single dust.

The items stored inside the destroyed ring didn’t come out. Surely all the items were collected with some kind of method and annihilated. Furthermore in front of the widely opened eyes of Hajime, beginning from Donner - Schlag, other weapons were also turned into dust before getting engulfed into light and vanished.

“Oops, I forgot something.”

While making a smile that was obviously showing how he absolutely didn’t forget anything, Ehito’s gaze turned at Hajime’s artificial arm. And then, just like what was done to all the other artifacts, magic power was released while Ehito’s fingers snapped.

Just from that, Hajime’s artificial arm crumbled with a loud sound. Hajime’s artificial arm had pseudo nerves from magic power going through it so that he was able to sense touch and also temperature. Naturally, that included pain. Although he could adjust it, the sudden pulverization of the left arm tormented Hajime with intense pain and he raised a howl mixed with fury.


“You really flounder on the ground well. Even though your inside has been messed up. Perhaps making you into my vessel would also be good. Though my heart had been completely diverted to you by the survival of my vessel who was supposedly lost three hundred years ago…no, your magic talent is really no comparison I guess.”

Hajime was in the middle of raising his crimson magic power, it undulated and made the binding of space magic to creak loudly, however Ehito wasn’t even particularly bothered by it and was only thoroughly observing Yue’s(his own) body while making a pondering face. It appeared that he was thinking that something like Hajime’s struggle was of no importance.

Hajime saw that…immediately after he pulsed his crimson magic power. The magic waved with pounding pulse *dokun dokun* like a heartbeat, the magic power of ‘Limit Break’ was further increasing without limit. Right after that, the crimson magic power burst like an eruption. The torrent of crimson magic power traced a spiral that pierced the ceiling――the last derivation of ’Limit Break’, ‘Supreme Break’.

Until now there was no enemy too strong that Hajime couldn’t defeat using ‘Limit Break’ and so he hadn’t awakened this derivation, but in front of the overwhelming strength of the creator god, this skill finally bloomed. The act of Ehito who was using Yue’s body looking as if he was the owner of that body, perhaps it didn’t even need to be said that it became the fire that lit the fuse of Hajime’s rage that had been pooling inside so much.

At a slightly distanced spot, Aruv who was shedding tears while sporting a look of ecstasy from the descent of Ehito returned to his senses suddenly and his expression flipped over into a shudder. That was because the torrent of magic power Hajime emitted rivaled the divinity that he possessed after manifesting in this world by possessing the excellent man called Denreed. Although his strength was so far separated from Ehito, he couldn’t help but be shocked.

“My lord!”

“It’s fine, Aruvheit. This is just the struggle of a bug after all. I command in the name of Ehitorujue(????) ――’quiet down’.”

The name was different with the name from before. No, the name was further appended. As the result, it affected Hajime with immense power. It was truly far more effective than the command of ‘Don’t move’ before this.

The radiance of the roaring light of magic power was gradually settling down. It was as though Hajime himself was obeying Ehito’s command, he was currently canceling ‘Supreme Break’ with his own will.


Hajime raised a scream once more. Crimson magic power flickered repeatedly as though to display the conflict inside its owner. Looking at that, Ehito warped Yue’s face evilly. From the depth of his heart, he was feeling that it was interesting like watching a sideshow. Possibly, it was to laugh at the desperate struggle.

“Hou, it’s unexpected that you will resist even the ‘Divine Statement’ using my true name. …You give me quiet some entertainment. Your comrades defeated, your beloved stolen, the artifacts you relied on were also crushed. Even so you still don’t have enough of my despair.”

“…Ob, viously. I will…kill you-. Take back…Yue-. …This will end with that-“

“Ku-ku-ku-. I see I see. Then, I think it’s about time to finish this. I too am very much happy that I am able to reveal the reason why your resolve is not yet exterminated.”

Ehito made a full smile toward Hajime who was overflowing with killing intent while vomiting blood. And then, he daringly invoked an original magic created by Yue.

“――’Five Heavenly Dragons’…it’s quite an elegant magic. I’m pleased with it.”

With Yue as the center, five magic dragons manifested. But their might was far surpassing when it was used by Yue. The density of the dragons was at a different league. If it was the current Five Heavenly Dragons, surely it was possible to annihilate even that large Abusodo just with one of the dragons in one attack.

The five elements magic dragons raised their long neck and the glint of their eyes fixed at their respective targets. Myuu and Remia, Aiko and Liliana’s group, Shizuku and Ryutaro and Suzu, Shia and Kaori and Tio, and then Hajime.

It was clear what they were planning to do. In front of Hajime’s eyes, Shia and others were going to be eaten by the magic dragons. Everything that Hajime had, would be stolen in front of his eyes by the magic of his beloved, Ehito would enjoy to his heart’s content the figure of Hajime that was tormented by incomparable despair before dealing the finishing blow.

“Yue-! Open your eyes!”

“Fufu, in the end you are going to rely on your lover? That’s pointless. This is already mine. Or else is this buying time? After all even during this time, the commandment on you is loosening. Good grief, you are quite something. …But, in the end you are just a tiny human.”

“Yue-! You should be able to hear my voice-. Yue-!”

Hajime’s killing intent was able to make many monsters near him lose consciousness when they were hit by it, but Ehito only narrowed his eyes as though he was hit by a pleasant breeze, along with joy, he bared the fang of magic that was personally polished by Yue herself at the people who couldn’t move.

His slender finger was lifted up as though to make a show, he was going to swing the finger down as though to sever their thread of life――at that time,

“-!? What…my magic power…the body…don’t tell me-, impossible-“

Suddenly Ehito opened his eyes wide, his body was trembling. His body staggered as though his body was not working freely, the control of his magic power also didn’t go as he wished and the Five Heavenly Dragons flickered. Aruv and Freed were agitated. Shia and others were also gazing at wonderment when at this absolutely desperate predicament Ehito showed pain.

There, a voice resounded.

――I won’t let you

That voice which resounded in the audience hall like a telepathic communication had the same voice tone like Ehito who was spouting curse in irritation. Be that as it may, in the ears of Hajime and others, it was a charming voice that was far lovelier.



The voices of Hajime and Shia yelled with the color of happiness filling them. Kaori and the others also yelled Yue’s name from their mouths.

Regardless of the nearly lethal amount of blood that Hajime had already vomited, his body and magic power howled as though he had recovered his vitality. The cross on his back creaked and cracks began to appear on it. Shia and the others also raised a yell of fighting spirit trying to stand up.


“Kuh, don’t get carried away, you lowly mortals. I command in the name of Ehitorujue! ――’Suffer’!”

Even while sweating coldly, Ehito released a powerful ‘Divine Statement’ using his true name. Due to that, terrific agony ran through their whole bodies, Shia and the others displayed a look full of agony. They writhed while screaming loudly.

There was only one person, Hajime who was strong against pain endured without raising even a pip even while his expression distorted. Even so, he was really not in a condition that could break the binding right away.

“…Aruvheit. I will return to the Holy Precincts for the moment. I planned to use the opening of this vessel’s shaken mind created by your deception but… as expected compared with this state of open heart, it seems that this possession is not going flawlessly. It’s unbelievable, but this vessel is resisting even with me as the opponent. Adjustments are necessary.”

“My, my lord. My deepest apology…”

Aruv’s original talk before this was for the sake of making the Ehito’s possession certain. The relation between body and mind was something extremely connected. Even for a god, it was hard for a perfect hijacking of the body. That was due to the limitation that gods couldn’t exert their power fully if they weren’t in their Holy Precincts…in any case, they made use of Denreed’s memory in order to open Yue’s heart even for a moment.

But, their scheme was obstructed by Hajime. Aruvheit attempted to at the very least shake up Yue’s mind to make it easier to possess her when he spoke the last words of Denreed, but…with Yue who had already rallied her mind as the opponent, as expected a perfect possession was just out of reach.

Ehito lightly waved his hand at Aruvheit who was shrinking in fear and replied.

“It’s fine. If I have three, four days I’ll be able to seize this body. I’ll leave this place to you. Freed, Eri, you can come together with me. Your wishes, I’ll grant them to you.”

“Yes, everything is according to the lord’s will.”

“Okay oookay. You will give me a world where I can be together with just Kouki-kun right? Then, I’ll do whatever it takes you knooow”

Glancing at Hajime and the others who were writhing in agony, Ehito somehow suppressed the consciousness of Yue and then lifted his hand above his head after giving instructions yo Aruv and the others.

Thereupon, this time light particles that resembled the light pouring down before this flew high from that hand, a part of the ceiling of the audience hall was erased in a circle shape, without stopping it continued blowing through until it made a hole to the outside.

The light particles ascended to the sky as it was, it created ripples in the sky above the devil king castle while producing a large round gate. It was a powerful gate made from light particles that connected the heaven and earth――truly a spectacle that came out right from myth. Most likely it was the gate for going to the place that Ehito called the Holy Precincts.

When Ehito lowered his lifted-up hand he then floated lightly, he lorded over Hajime and the others from the nearby ceiling.

“Irregular gentlemen and ladies. I’ll take my leave here. The soul that is making a cute resistance has to be taught its place without fail. And then, I’m thinking to make this world lively with blooming flowers in three more days. I will fill the world with crimson flowers made from people. That will be the last game. After that, I’m thinking that I am going to try playing in another world. Although, this is something unrelated with all of you who are going to die in this place, isn’t it?”

It appeared Ehito was seriously planning to end this world, and then he was going to choose earth as his new sphere of activity. And then, the time limit of that was three days. It was the needed time for him to seize Yue’s body.

“Wa, it-, return back, Yue…”

Hajime reached his hand towards Yue with a voice that sounded like it reverberated from the bottom of the earth. Before anyone realized the cross had been destroyed and he stood up by driving off the influence of the ‘Divine Statement’. Under his feet there was literally a sea of blood created there, it was as though all the blood inside his body had completely flowed out.

Hajime was clad in crimson magic power while he leapt. But he was assaulted by the apostles from behind and got held down. Furthermore, Aruv used some kind of technique and stiffened Hajime’s body. The apostles wrestling him used their disintegration ability and dispersed the magic power covering his body and all the magic circles of transmutation built into his clothes.

Even so, Hajime held on to his consciousness that was hazy from excessive bleeding with killing intent and hatred, he was still struggling, reaching his hand toward Yue.

Despite his state that was already completely held down and his wounded body, it wouldn’t be strange if he dropped dead anytime. The eyes of the apostles wavered as though they were holding fear somewhere inside from looking at Hajime who was advancing forward little by little.

Ehito who gave a glance at that snorted with a distorted mouth. And then, without stopping he ascended toward the shining gate in the sky.

Freed, Eri, and then Kouki too followed after him. Eri was clinging to Kouki once more while whispering in his ear, Kouki then nodded with a comprehending face. Surely, she was planting ‘rightness’ that was convenient for Kouki again. In front of Ehito who was supposed to be the enemy, Kouki didn’t even make any fuss. Far from that, he instead directed a determined gaze at Shizuku and the others. That was quite a proof of his state.

Suzu tried to say something and her mouth opened, but pain hindered her and no voice came out. Eri too was already not seeing any one of them anymore.

Continuing after Freed, Eri, and Kouki, the apostles, monsters, and puppet soldiers were also floating up. Around half of them were raising to the sky. Outside of the devil king castle too, a great number of apostles and monsters, and then the devil race people were heading toward the shining gate in the sky.

Ehito who was visible from the hole at the ceiling stopped in front of the gate and then spread his arms as though to welcome all those people to come in. It was just like the portrait that they once saw at the cathedral. It was as though Ehito was saying that everything belonged to him.

The devil race people raised excited shouts. Surely they had been notified about this time from quite some time ago. This was the supreme moment for them when they were welcomed by god to enter heaven.

Ehito smiled sweetly at those people and then he went into the light and melted into it.


Hajime’s scream echoed meaninglessly.

His reaching out hand, didn’t grasp anything.

In that hand, the lovely sensation that had always warmed it was…

Not there anymore.

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