Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 158 — Young Hero

Chapter 158: Young Hero

“――Anything and everything, disappear(Deny All Existences)”

At that instant, sound of *boba-* could be heard from the three apostles holding down Hajime and they were bisected into two, upper part and bottom part. And then, right after that they were further torn to pieces left and right, top and bottom, left and right, in less than a few seconds they had turned into smithereens.

There was no blade, but even if there was one, the impossible phenomenon shouldn’t be called bisection but should be called as dispersion in linear shape instead. Everybody was speechless, all of them only opened their eyes wide without moving. It was at that time magic power burst out thunderously.

A torrent whirled with Hajime at the center, however it was far different compared to his usual vivid crimson, it was a darkish red color of blood that looked poisonous. And this abnormal state of his was also conveyed to all the people in the audience hall whether they wanted it or not.

Hajime was slowly standing up in the middle of such situation. With a face that was pale like a ghost from losing blood, he exposed an expression even more inhuman than the apostles, *plop, plop* blood was dripping down…

Myuu who was right beside Hajime was covering her face with her hands to protect her face from the dark red magic power flow that was like a local storm while raising a small scream “kyaah”. It looked like she would be blown away backward soon, but right after that, the floor under her feet crumbled as though it was dispersed where Myuu then fell there.

“H, hmph, pointless effort. I command under the name of Aruvheit, knee――, ah, igi, aaAAAAAAAAAAAAA-!!”

Aruvheit somehow pulled himself back together and tried to stop Hajime using ‘Divine Statement’. But, before he could finish his command, without any previous sign whatsoever Aruvheit’s both hands were severed neatly from his shoulders.

Even when Aruvheit’s forehead was shot before this he was still keeping his calm somehow, even when his four limbs were shot through he didn’t scream at all, far from that he even recovered instantly, yet now his expression distorted in intense pain while shrieking.

In his eyes, there was not only agony but also strong bewilderment dwelling there. He was completely unable to understand the reason of how he was getting a damage that made him felt intense pain.

The two hands of Aruvheit that was cut away were rotating in the air from the recoil when they were cut. And then, at the next moment those arms raised *boba-* sound just like the apostles before and turned into small pieces, and then the pieces vanished just like that without leaving even dust behind.

“Wha, what is-. What is happening!? This is, just what in the world-“

“Aruvheit-sama. Please stand back. A really fine string…no, something like a chain is dancing in the air. It will cut anything it touched ignoring any defense and erased them.”

“Wha, what did you say-“

If Hajime had that kind of stupidly powerful artifact like that then there was no way Ehito would overlook it, also, if Hajime had that, then it should be better if he used it when fighting Ehito…if that was the case, then why was that kind of thing only came out now that the situation had turned like this.

Aruvheit’s confusion was deeper than anything he had ever felt, his deadlocked mind caused his body to stiffen. He couldn’t find any answer, there was no way he could give any instruction, even reacting might be something out of his capability right now, he was merely opening his eyes wide, his mouth closed and opened wordlessly, for a god he looked really unsightly.

One of the apostles opened her mouth to further urge Aruvheit to step back toward the safe area.

“We, the apostles will face the irregular. Before more wound than this is inflicted on your honored person――”


But, before the apostle could finish talking she was cut into centimeter sizes in front of Aruvheit and vanished too quickly. The abnormal scene of the prided ‘apostle of god’ created in Holy Precincts to get instantly killed like that made a pathetic scream to rise from Aruvheit unintentionally.

Even while that was happening, the apostles moved altogether and rushed at Hajime, they slipped through the red blood tornado and got cut by the superfine red chain running in the air, or they got entangled by the chain and like that they were annihilated as though they got disintegrated.

The chain with a diameter of one millimeter clad in blood red magic power――this was something Hajime transmuted into minuscule links from the stone floor (the stone floor used especially sturdy mineral as architecture material), he then covered the chain with magic power and then controlled it using ‘Remote Operation’.

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At this time, perhaps from overwhelming hatred, rage, and possibly a sense of emptiness, Hajime was awakened to two derivative skill of transmutation. One of the skill, ‘Imagination Composition’ made Hajime able to use transmutation without needing a magic circle. That was also the reason of how regardless of the constant vigilance of the apostles holding down Hajime they were still taken by surprise.

But, if this was just merely a chain, then it shouldn’t be unable to do things like granting anguish at Aruvheit or surpassing the disintegration ability of the apostles and annihilated them.

The cause that brought about such cheat was…as clear as day.

Concept magic――’Deny All Existences’.

In this world where Yue was gone, he wouldn’t recognize the worth of the existence of every single thing. He wouldn’t tolerate anything for daring to exist. Anything and everything, all without exception…


Hajime who had Yue stolen from him felt bottomless fury and hatred, and then saturated with those emotions he reached an overwhelming sense of emptiness. This emptiness was the exact opposite of the will of the utmost limit that was born from his longing to his birthplace when they created the crystal key. Be that as it may, this emptiness was without doubt a culmination of an emotion.

The result was literally was an ability of ‘erasing the existence of what is touched by the chain’ which even calling it atrocious was still too lukewarm to do it justice. With the power of ‘interference at the target’s information’ of sublimation magic as the base, this ability overwrote the information of the target that said ‘exist’ into ‘doesn’t exist’.

Riding the torrent of the magic power of ‘Supreme Break’, the chain circled at Hajime’s surrounding, it was just like an incarnation of ‘curse’ toward all living things.

The apostles and monsters even raised their war-cry as though to drive off the fear, horror, and despair, but even their strong spirit came to nothing, without any exception their existences were easily erased. The spectacle of those apostles helplessly vanishing like mist looked just like a joke.

The time it took until the apostles remaining in the audience hall were annihilated didn’t really take that long.

Also, the surviving several monsters ignored the order given to them by an age of god magic, they obeyed their instinct and tried to run away but…

Chain wrapped in red light meandered like a snake while flying, in an instant the chain was closing in and in an instant the monsters’ body was repeatedly cut to pieces before vanishing completely.

All those was done by just one person.

The face of Aruvheit who was left alone was twitching greatly while he was slowly drawing back.

(No way-. That power is dangerous! I have to tell this to my lord no matter how-)

Aruvheit endured the pain on his shoulders while attempting to escape from the hole in the ceiling. On the way, his gaze and magic power moved at Shia who was staring at Hajime with dumbfounded expression while she was still lying on the floor. It was for the sake of making her as a shield in a preparation of the worst case. Just like what he did to Myuu, he planned to crucify Shia in the air and carried her.


“…Where are you planning to go?”


That scheme was crushed by the sound of cutting wind and a voice that sounded like it was creeping from the earth. When Aruvheit strained his eyes, he could see that between he and Shia there was the superfine chain tearing the air like a wind blade going back and forth.

Aruvheit didn’t answer, he gave up picking Shia as a shield, then he fired flame sphere at Hajime as a smoke screen while leaping away.

But that too,

“You bastard-!”

At the ceiling hole, the chain had already been laid out in a grid shape, making an escape as something difficult. Aruvheit cursed out as though to distract himself from the unease that suddenly heightened inside him.

And then, this time he turned his gaze at the direction of Aiko and others. As expected he was surely thinking that hostage was necessary.

However, at the next moment chain stretched lightly to that direction too. Aruvheit unintentionally moved his gaze at Hajime, there, there was no trace of the flame sphere he fired or anything, Hajime who was standing still like a ghost at the center of the red tornado was fixing eyes of the abyss at him.

He shuddered, something crawled Aruvheit’s spine.

“Do, don’t screw with me-. You fools who opposed god! Something like the lives of you lowlifes is equal to trash――”

Perhaps to varnish his terror, Aruvheit suddenly yelled angrily and undulated the space. Most likely he was trying to release shockwave by directly affecting the space. Although he was below Ehito, as the retainer of god, doing something like handling age of god magic was easy.

But, it seemed that his chaotic head was unable to make a calm judgment.

Rather than raising his fervor like this, Aruvheit should escape from this place even if he had to blast the floor. Or perhaps he should resolve himself to receive damage to himself and fired annihilation class magic at all direction and used teleport in that opening, he also could summon the monsters that were still outside the devil king castle to buy time.

This dignity of a half-baked god had completely closed his one in a million chance path of survival.

The result.

“A? ――!!?”

He lost his four limbs.

This time it was both his legs that were erased. Aruvheit became a tumbling doll and fell down with a soundless shriek. With his body annihilated halfway like this, it seemed that he couldn’t cut off his sense of pain using something like regeneration magic, and so he was driven mad by the ‘pain’ that he had already forgotten completely in these few thousand of years.

Even so, even when he was rotten to the core, he was still a god. He floated his body using magic and he attempted to escape with deathly desperation.

However, at this late there was no way Hajime would allow such thing, when Aruvheit noticed he was already locked inside a cage of chain that was wrapped with red light. There was already no place to escape anywhere…

The spherical cage was gradually tightening close. It was as though he was going to be annihilated bit by bit, and that instigated out his terror. Aruvheit was half panicked, he let out a cramped smile that sounded like a chicken.

“A, ah, wa, wait-. Wait a second! Sa, say what you want-. I’ll grant whatever your wish is! If you like I’ll even bring you to where Ehito-sama is! If I persuade Ehito-sama, surely even Ehito-sama will not refuse it out of hand-. The world-. The world you know! I will share the right to do whatever you please to the world to you too! That’s why-!”

All the people in the audience hall were staring dumbfounded at Hajime who was walking forward in swaying motion with nihilistic expression while clad in a red tornado, and Aruvheit who was desperately begging for his life under the guise of negotiation.

During that time, the spherical cage suddenly began to rotate. The countless chains that stretched vertically moved horizontally and began to turn like a ball that was twirled on someone’s finger. Thinking about the ability that rejected and annihilated the existence of what it touched, what was happening could even be said as a special excavator.

Because Aruvheit was a god, the sensation of physical pain was something that he had already forgotten completely since a long time ago. Therefore, what he felt from having all his four limbs cut off was a despairing agony to the degree that it was praiseworthy he hadn’t gone mad.

For that reason, the situation where an excavator made from annihilation chain gradually approaching him caused a tremendous terror that made him wanted to raise a meaningless shriek and an impulse to tear off his hair if he still had his hand. There shouldn’t be anything that can threaten himself in this world-. Yes, even if he screamed that in his heart, but the ‘presence of death’ at the other side of his forgotten memory was steadily and certainly creeping closer. The mind of Aruvheit was already on the verge of breaking down.

“Stop-, I told you to stop already! This is the command of god you know! Listen to what I’m saying-. No, wait, I got it! Then, I’ll become your, I’ll become your eminence’s servant! That’s why-. I’ll help with the recovery of that vampire’s body so-. Stop-. Just stoppp!”

Amidst the reverberating scream of terror and despair, the rotation of the cage of chain that was almost touching Aruvheit’s body suddenly weakened and it stopped growing smaller. Aruvheit who was in a state where the word unsightly perfectly suited him, timidly opened his closed eyes.

“You want to live?”

“eh, ah?”

“I’m asking whether you want to live.”

Aruvheit was dumbfounded at Hajime’s question, but then he comprehended the meaning of those words and a slight hope emerged in his eyes.

“Ye, yeah, I want to live-. I beg you! I’ll do anything-“

“I see…”

Hajime nodded briskly. Joyful look floated on Aruvheit’s face where he was thinking “I survived!”, but then Hajime sent him a gaze that was the same like before and opened his mouth.

“Then, die.”


The cage of chain that was purposefully shrinking slowly was shaving off Aruvheit’s body starting from the edge. At the same time, the shriek of death agony which was unbearable to be listened to was reverberating in the audience hall.

…A few seconds later, at the end of despair and agony, a god vanished from this world.

After Hajime saw off the fate of Aruvheit, his gaze moved at the sky that was visible from the hole in the ceiling. And then, his eyes quietly narrowed and he stepped so powerfully that the floor under his feet warped, then he flew out along with a surge of magic power that raised explosive sound.

“Haji, me-san!”


Shia’s pained voice and Kaori’s fretful voice resounded.

Hajime had wound all over his body. Even though it was done by Yue’s slender arm but there was a hole opened in his stomach, on top of that he received magic that were in age of god class several times with his body. Not just his external wound, even with his internal organs there were only a few places where they were unharmed. If he didn’t receive treatment even for a second faster it would affect his life.

But Hajime ignored everything, with his gaze still filled with a sense of emptiness he aimed at the whirl of gold floating in the sky and leaped straight there.

The golden gate――the [Divine Gate] passed through by the devil race only had around a hundred-odd people who were still remaining behind. It seemed that the civilians also really went to the [Holy Precincts], so most of the people remaining were those who appeared to be the soldiers of devil race that served as the rear guard, but looking carefully there were also women and children, old men, people who seemed to be civilian mixing there.

“Wha, what-“


They made a taken aback expression looking at the red tornado that suddenly flew out from the devil king castle. The rear guards devil race immediately launched magic. Flame bullets, wind blades, and ice spears of elementary level magic with nearly no chanting.

But there was no way such thing would work against the current Hajime, just by swinging the chain all the attacks were easily annihilated.

“Yo, you, stop-“

Several devils came to the front standing in his way. Hajime didn’t stop and advanced without even paying attention at the devils, as the result, in an instant several dozen devils on his route became small pieces without even being able to dodge and got dispersed to four directions.

While the other devils were in the middle of being dumbfounded witnessing the bizarre phenomenon of their compatriots getting annihilated, Hajime left them behind and charged toward the [Divine Gate].



The [Divine Gate] only pulsed as though it rejected Hajime and didn’t open the path to the [Holy Precincts]. No matter how much he roared, how much he blew out magic power, no matter how many times he swung his fist and chain, Hajime couldn’t pass.

Hajime converged the chain of existence denial and decisively hurled himself like a lance thrust, even so, it was the [Divine Gate] itself that was dispersed instead.

Most likely it was adjusted so that only limited category of people who could pass through.

“Idiot-! Other than us the chosen people of devil race, there is no way other will be welcomed into the [Holy Precincts]!”

“Accept the divine punishment obediently, you heretic-!”

The devil races rushed at Hajime and launched magic with high power and sufficient chanting.

However, Hajime didn’t even pay such things any attention and repeated his suicide attack. He didn’t even defend satisfactorily so his back was hurt in the blink of an eye.


Hajime continued to ram his body like mad while roaring in earnest, causing the devils to make a somewhat overpowered expression. But, that too was changed into a rage by the happening right after that.

Because the [Divine Gate] was beginning to shrink.

“You bastard, because of you the gate is-“

“Hu, hurry-. Fly in before it got closed!”

The devils rushed into the [Divine Gate] in fluster. At the same time, they launched magic to remove Hajime who was a hindrance with an expression that was filled with rage.

The gigantic flame burned Hajime’s back. Even so, Hajime didn’t even notice and repeated his desperate charge to smash the [Divine Gate].

But, in the end his effort didn’t bear any fruit, in front of Hajime’s eyes the golden whirl was getting smaller, and before long it vanished with a poof.


The wordless and expressionless Hajime lowered his arms powerlessly with his head hanging down. In his eyes was nothingness as expected.

There the devils made an expression of despair and fury and assaulted Hajime. Along with curses, they attacked Hajime with countless high-class magic, but Hajime didn’t react at all. Naturally, Hajime who received direct hit of magic was blown far away.

Hajime fell down with white smoke rising. From him, there wasn’t even any sign of him trying to take landing stance.


There Kaori with her silver wings flapping was calling Hajime’s name while flying near. And then she caught Hajime in the air and then descended down toward the audience hall with teary eyes.

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The devils that pursued Hajime driven by their rage saw Kaori’s appearance, right away their expression turned as though they had found hope and they descended toward the audience hall after her.

“Hajime-kun, get a hold of yourself. Restrain your magic power quickly-“


Even when Kaori’s voice that was blurred with uneasiness was resounding, Hajime didn’t cancel his ‘Supreme Break’. Even in normal time, concept magic that was invoked would consume a vast amount of magic power. And if on top of that someone also continued to use strength that was beyond their limit…it was a self-evident truth that the body would gradually break down because of the drying up magic power.

Looking at Hajime who only kept looking down, Kaori guessed that her words didn’t reach and she gritted her teeth.

And, suddenly voices addressed at such Kaori.

“Apostle-sama! Aa, thank god. I thought just what is going to happen for a moment there.”

“What? There are humans and demi-human? …Well, fine. Now, apostle-sama, let’s slaughter this bunches and quickly head toward our god.”

While Hajime was launching a suicide attack at the [Divine Gate], Shia and others were treated with healing magic by Kaori to some extent just in case. Now Shia and others were rushing toward Hajime, but hearing the dangerous statements of the devils they quickly put up their guard.

But, they didn’t actually need to do that.

At the next instant, the devils who opened their mouth were divided into four and vanished just like that. Furthermore, there were twelve devils with outfit that looked like soldier descending on the audience hall, but due to the superfine chain they were annihilated without even any time to raise scream of death agony as though they had never existed since the very beginning.

Hajime who kept looking down was slowly raising his face. His gaze was directed at the devils who went stiff from the tragedy that happened right after they descended on the audience hall.

And then, the devils who were exposed to Hajime’s empty gaze unconsciously raised short scream while trying to get back but――as expected, without any question, as though like a joke, they were cut into small pieces and vanished.

Hajime’s blood colored magic power and chain imprisoned the remaining devils which were about seventy people including women, children, and old men into a cage that resembled an iron maiden.

And then,


That word was something small like a whisper. But, the devils could hear that voice, that curse, with certainty.

“A, apostle-sama! Please save us-“

An old devil wearing clothes of fine quality who appeared to be of quite high status implored so, that devil was covering an old woman with refined dress behind him, she was most likely his wife, while doing so he was looking for help at Kaori with a desperate voice.

Kaori sent her gaze at Hajime in bewilderment, and right after that,


A woman’s scream resounded. Taken aback, Kaori and others sent their gaze at the voice’s direction, there the old devil who asked for Kaori’s help had his neck cleanly removed. The thing that was rotating in the air should rather be left unsaid. And then it was slashed into pieces and vanished just before touching the ground.

“Ha, Hajime-kun!?”

Kaori called at Hajime with a voice that had shock and agitation mixed in it, but during that time the scream of the old woman disappeared. Along with her existence.

Further, a young woman at the side, a young man with scared expression, a youth who tried to counter attack, as though to make an example one of them, then one more of them was slashed into pieces and vanished. The devils’ agonizing cries reverberated in the room.

Everyone in that place stiffened and opened their eyes wide to look at Hajime who intended to slaughter even the devils who were obviously non-combatant.

“We, we surrender! That’s why, stop it already-. At least just the children-“

A man who seemed to be a father covered a child behind his back while making a surrender proclamation.

There were only about thirty devils remaining in the audience hall already. All of them followed the man’s proclamation and fell on both their knees with both their hands crossed behind their head.

All the remaining people didn’t look like a soldier. Including the children they were all civilians. Even if they were fanatics, but when it involved the life of children even they wouldn’t be able to pointlessly make suicidal resistance. Or possibly they were merely scared of Hajime’s nihilism that their fanaticism was blown away.

Like that, right after all the devils kneeled, the middle-aged man near the man who just proclaimed to surrender was severed vertically and dispersed like a display.

“!? Wh, why…”

Questioning voice of someone rose. Further, a woman at the side――someone who seemed to be the wife who was staring in a daze at the spot where the bisected man was standing, she was split vertically.

Something like surrender proclamation wouldn’t stop Hajime.

It was natural. The culmination of emotion that Hajime was currently manifesting――that was ‘Deny All Existences’.

For the current Hajime, at the very least at his own mind, everything in this world was equally worthless. Much less their worth as prisoner, even their very existence itself didn’t have any worth, rather, just by existing they were an eyesore.

The figure of Hajime who was too merciless yet looked completely emotionless, that appearance made the devils trembled, they could only sink down on the floor with a despairing look.

Hajime’s gaze, was directed at the side of the man who proclaimed surrender just now, at the trembling child there. Noticing that the man immediately covered the child inside his arms.

Shia, Kaori, Shizuku, Tio, Aiko, Liliana, immediately tried to stop Hajime.

But, there was someone who moved faster than all of them.

“Papa-, don’t nano! Come back to the usual papa!”

It was Myuu.

Unnoticed by anyone, she barged in between Hajime and the hugging father and child. And then, she stood on the way with both her hands spread wide, tear was gathering at the corner of her eye, even so she was staring at Hajime with a straight gaze.


A voice without any emotion hit Myuu. Myuu twitched and her body trembled. Hajime’s cold voice had never been directed at her even once until now. And then, his expression. The shock almost made her fell down just like that.

But, that was no good. As the daughter of her beloved papa, she couldn’t lose her nerve here. To do something like leaving this kind of sad papa alone, was something she absolutely couldn’t do!

Therefore, Myuu lifted her eyes decisively, and she made a smile on her lips. The person herself intended to mimic the fiercely glaring eyes and a fearless smile that Hajime showed in front of a powerful enemy, but her teary eyes and her warped lips that were just raised halfway only looked clumsy.

Even so, Shia and others who were beaten to the punch by Myuu’s action understood really well, just who in the world she copied that expression from. That expression showed indomitability and persistence even in front of a desperate situation. There was not even one person who laughed at Myuu’s expression right now. Rather, they swallowed their breath at that spirit.

“Myuu won’t move nano! M, Myuu absolutely won’t lose if it’s against the current papa nano! Because, because”


Myuu desperately formed her words. Even the devils she protected gulped their saliva looking at the small girl challenging the terrible monster, just like a hero that came out in a tale.

“Myuu’s papa, is not uncool like this nano! He is far, far cooler nano! He won’t make eyes like that nano! His eyes look stronger nano!”

Myuu was scared. She was not scared at Hajime. At this rate, if Hajime kept rampaging with that kind of empty eye, she had the feeling that Hajime would go to a far away place that he wouldn’t be able to come back from. She had the feeling that the papa that she loved, wouldn’t return back for the second time.

Of course, there was also how it was difficult to endure the spectacle of the unresisting devils got killed. But, as expected it was only secondary compared to that.

Myuu glared back at Hajime’s empty eyes that even Aruvheit avoided seeing straight from the front. Hajime’s expression that didn’t even twitch until now frowned a little.

“…I won’t say for the third time. Mo――”

Even so, the emotion of the utmost limit that wished to erase everything let out cold words at Myuu.

However, this time Hajime was unable to say until finish.

“Hajime-kun. Just a bit, grit your teeth okay.”


*Bam!* That was because Hajime’s face was punched along with such sound of impact. His body floated in the air from the terrific force, and then he crashed on the floor.

The one who let out the punch at such Hajime was Kaori who was at the side. It was a straight punch with all the strength possessed by an apostle’s physical strength. If it wasn’t Hajime than the punch would blow away the head.

The impact that splendidly caught the jaw, combined with the accumulated damage, the limit that had been passed over since a long time ago, and then the weakening that was happening even now, caused even Hajime to be unable to stand up anytime soon.

To such Hajime, Kaori opened her mouth with an expression that was holding back anger.

“Cut it out and open your eyes already, Hajime-kun. Just how long you are planning to show that unsightly look?”


“Venting your anger at Myuu-chan――at your own daughter, that’s just the worst. If Yue see Hajime-kun right now, what is she going to say I wonder? Aah, but, I guess that’s unrelated with Hajime-kun who has given up Yue.”

Kaori’s stabbing words opened wide the eyes of Hajime which were filled to the brim with emptiness. In those eyes, an obscure light of defiance toward the words of abandoning Yue was residing.

Kaori who accurately read the heart of such Hajime further formed her words.

“’Anything and everything disappear’ was it? I heard it you know. Are you thinking that something like a world without Yue doesn’t have any worth whatsoever? Doesn’t the premise of that, is that you cannot meet Yue again isn’t it? You have given up taking back Yue aren’t you?”


The rampaging red tornado at Hajime’s surrounding was decreasing in strength little by little. Light began to return into the eyes as though his sanity was recovering, at the same time the blood colored magic power was also gradually recovering its vividness.

“I’m going to save Yue you know. I’ll absolutely take her back, without fail. …Hajime-kun, what are you going to do? Doing something like executing people that cannot fight one by one, is it fine to pointlessly passing the time like that? You really have given up? Can you give up?”

“…There is no way that’s true.”

The piercing words Kaori released certainly pierced through Hajime’s cloudy mind, spreading purifying ripple inside. The words saturated his mind, his rampaging emotion was recovering its reasoning.

Then, Shia approached him at that timing. She stood at Hajime’s side wordlessly, and then suddenly her fist dropped. *Gon!* Painful sounding sound resounded and Hajime’s head shook.

“If it is to us, then it’s fine even if Hajime-san showed something like your uncool side no matter how much…but only in front of Myuu-chan, Hajime-san has to be a cool papa and nothing else. To say nothing of how you make her that sad. A punishment is needed desu!”


“Good grief, Hajime-san’s love at Yue-san is too heavy. To cause a panic just from getting her stolen for a bit, your devotion is lacking!”


*Fuhn-!* Shia expressed her indignation with rough breathing. She too was also in a really dissatisfied state from the content of the concept that Hajime manifested. It was as though he was saying that if Yue was not there then even Shia and others were worthless.

Of course, currently Shia and others were unharmed like this was showing what was truly inside Hajime above all else. So even though she felt dissatisfied but she wasn’t feeling shocked.

“For the time being, this art a punishment from me too.”

“And this is from me.”

“-…Tio, Yaegashi.”

Further impacts landed on Hajime’s head. Those were a tail attack from Tio and Shizuku’s fist. Tio and Shizuku directed a wry smile at Hajime whose hand was pressing on his head.

“Nonetheless, even Goshujin-sama hath the time when thou lose thyself. It appeared thy sanity hath returned, it is fine with this much isn’t it. It’s unknown whether it was unconsciously or consciously, but even while being captive of an emotion so violent to the degree that it hath created a concept, in the end, from the beginning we, and also Myuu who was at the closest position art not harmed even by a single hair from Goshujin-sama.”

“The result is only the enemies are defeated, and we are all saved.”

Correct, although Hajime’s reasoning was blown away from hatred and anger, and from the sense of emptiness by Yue’s disappearance, the first thing he did was evacuating Myuu so that Myuu wouldn’t be dragged into the attack that erased existence.

Even after that, he was wielding the chain freely in the battle against the apostles and demon beasts while his allies weren’t hit at all, even when Aruvheit was trying to take Shia and others as hostage Hajime was preventing that with certainty.

Now Hajime’s magic power had already returned to its usual vivid crimson, a light of reasoning was shining in his eyes. And then, regarding his rampage, Hajime’s expression turned really awkward.

Kaori sat down in front of such Hajime. And then, she put Hajime’s cheeks between both her hands and made him face her, in a complete change from before she talked to her with extremely gentle expression.

“Nothing has ended yet. Isn’t that right?”

“…Yeah. Exactly.”

“Hajime-kun, is not alone. We are here, above all even Yue is still here. Even if her body is separated from us, her heart is close right with us. Surely, even now she is fighting. In order to return to where Hajime-kun is. Because, it’s Yue we are talking about. She won’t lose to that kind of guy.”

“…Yeah. It’s just as you say. Sorry, everyone.”

The atmosphere of Kaori who was gently embracing him made Hajime relaxed all at once and strength left his body. The magic power dispersed, the chain that had the concept magic filled in it became unable to endure the burden because its material was merely stone of building construction and it crumbled into pieces.

The dust of the Existence Denial chain dispersed, and then while focusing so that Kaori and others wouldn’t be hurt by it, Hajime also apologized for running out of control with a bitter expression. Toward such Hajime, Kaori, Shia, Tio, and Shizuku, also Aiko and others too who were watching the sequence of events from a slight distance, they were convinced that Hajime had returned to how he usually was and their faces loosened with relieve and happiness.

There, a small silhouette was *sutetetete―* running closer. And then, without stopping the silhouette dove at Hajime’s chest.



It was rocket dive of happiness toward the papa who had returned to his senses. It splendidly hit Hajime’s stomach. Yes, right at the stomach where a wind hole was opened, at the mouth of a wound that was barely tightened close by the stomach muscle. And then, although the person was small, but the running body tackle of fifteen-kilogram mass presented a finishing blow at the worn-out internal organs.

“a, no good…”

The body that was already at its limit forcefully shutdown the consciousness as though it was protesting “Just cut it out!”. Due to the effect of canceling the ‘Supreme Break’, even more backlash attacked the weakening body, a severe sense of fatigue and agony tormented Hajime.

It appeared, the greatest punishment of this day came from Myuu. Her proclamation of ‘absolutely won’t lose if it’s against the current papa!’ seemed to be the truth.

“Nyuu? Papa? Papaaa――!! Open your eyes nano! You will die if you sleep nano!”

Straddling on top of Hajime whose eyes were turning round and round and fainted down, Myuu landed a double slap *pechin-pechin* unaware of the consequent damage she added. Hajime’s life point was already at minus.

“Wait, this is not the time to watch here! I forgot that Hajime-kun is heavily wounded!”

“Hiiiiii! Hajime-san is not breathing! His pulse is also losing…a, it stopped?”

“Kaorii! Hurryyy! Super hurryyyy! Quickly regeneration magic!”

“Thi, this is bad. Goshujin-sama’s life art like a candle lit in front of wind! It cannot be helped. Here I will ensure Goshujin-sama’s breathing with this so called mouth to mouth…” (Note: Here Tio said mouth to mouth with broken English)

“No, if it’s that I’ll do it. I have the experience of that being done to me.”

“Wait a second. Shia, Tio. So, something like that is better done b, by, by me who had learned first aid formally isn’t it?”

“Everyone you are noisy! I cannot concentrate here! If you all want to kiss then just attack him when he is sleeping after healing!”

“ “ “Yes…” “ “

In the audience hall, an atmosphere that was quite unclear whether it was an emergency or not was flowing.

“In the end, what should we do…”

Amidst such happening, the surviving devils’ perplexed voice was reverberating in vain.

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