Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) Chapter 174 — The Last Battle

Chapter 174: The Last Battle

Platinum light poured down.

The radiant pillar of light quietly stretched from empty space to the ground――toward a chalk white round pillar. And then, when the light touched the summit of the gigantic round pillar where seven or eight people could stand with room to spare, at the next moment it vanished completely without warning.

There was a shadow of a person kneeling on one knee after the light vanished. It went without saying that it was Hajime.

Hajime looked around with a dangerous gaze.

In that place, similar to the richly colored space where they arrived at right after entering Holy Precincts, there was a chalk white path that stretched straight deeper inside with the pillar where Hajime was standing as the starting point. However, the surrounding wasn’t richly colored like the first space, but closed in a darkness that was like an abyss.

The chalk white path that was stretching in a straight line looked extremely visible. At the end of that chalk white path, it was connected with a stair that led to above.

(This is not a mineral huh…)

Hajime whispered a little in his heart while looking beneath him.

He used transmutation’s derivative skill ‘Mineral Appraisal’ to investigate the chalk white path and didn’t receive any reaction back. He also used his sensing skills at the surrounding darkness but there was no reaction.

(Well, there was only one path. There is no meaning in sparing some thought for the unknown or trap after this far.)

Hajime began to walk calmly in the quiet space that was too silent.

In the first place Hajime had no problem with doing something like erasing the sound of his footstep, but right now he was consciously not erasing his sound. Regardless not only Hajime’s footstep, even the sound of his clothes rustling or the sound of his breathing couldn’t be heard at all. It was as though the surrounding darkness was thoroughly absorbing all the sounds leaving none behind.

In that world without sound, Hajime stared straight ahead while advancing. He walked while thinking of her beloved who was waiting ahead. Fury toward his enemy and sorrow toward his beloved mixed inside his eyes, those eyes were filled with abyss exactly like the surrounding darkness.

Hajime’s legs approached the stair. Looking up from below he could see the top of the stair being enveloped by faint light. Without pause, Hajime unhesitatingly threw his body into the light.

His field of vision was dyed white.

The space where he came out at was white everywhere. Whether above or below, or everything at the surrounding, as far as his eyes could see there was only pure white which made him unable to grasp any sense of distance. Despite the certain sensation that he felt by stepping on the ground, but when his gaze lowered there it became difficult to be aware of the ground’s existence there. It felt like he would fall below without any end in sight.

“Welcome, to my domain, of its deepest area.”

A voice called at Hajime who was looking around.

It was a lovely voice that sounded clear. The familiar voice of his beloved sounded pleasant in his ear like a flowing stream.

But, right now he felt something slightly cloudy in it. Surely it was because the will contained inside the voice was rotten the core, Hajime thought. A scowl was slightly appearing on his eyebrows.

At the same time, a veil of faint light shining behind him suddenly vanished. And then, the existence of Hajime who was clad in clothing that had black tone looked like a drop of ink that dripped on a pure white canvas.

Suddenly the space ahead of Hajime’s gaze was swaying.

It was as though the curtain of the stage was raised, the swaying space was cleared and behind it, there was a tiered platform with a height that was nearly ten meters. And then, there was a young beautiful woman sitting on the throne installed at its peak.

Wavy hair of radiant golden threads, white and smooth exposed shoulders, voluminous twin hills peeking out from the largely opened chest part, long and slender beautiful leg stretching out from the slit of the dress. Despite being slender on the whole, the woman also strangely looked sensually fleshy. Her legs were crossed, and she was resting her chin on her hand at the throne with a faint smile on her lips, that appearance looked like the personification of the word ‘bewitching’.

If an average man saw her, no, all human without any sex distinction would have their reasoning sent flying just by a fleeting glance sent by this woman, there was no doubt that they would then prostrate themselves before her with a tremendous emotion that was similar with faith. An overwhelming beauty to the degree that would make anyone unconditionally felt that was right there.

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But, Hajime’s face was still expressionless, he was staring straight at that beautiful woman――who for some reason had the appearance of adult Yue, he was only staring fixedly without any particular emotion that could be seen on his face.

Surely that was because in contrast with the beauty of that appearance, ‘repulsiveness’ and ‘ugliness’ could be felt from those eyes and smile that seemed to expose what were inside.

Whether the person himself was aware or not of that was unclear…Yue’s body, Ehitorujue that took over that body was grinning broadly while his mouth was opening once more.

“What do you think? While I was seizing this body I was also trying to make it grow while I was at it. I can brag that the result is quite something I think? Hm?”

Ehitorujue said such thing with a tone that obviously sounded like he was enjoying this, to that Hajime was intentionally sighing deeply and shrugged lightly.

“It would be perfect, if only the filthiness inside not oozing out like this. Your score is minus a hundred. Everything is wasted just by you being the one inside there. This has already gone far past ugly. If you don’t notice it yourself then how about I lend you a mirror?”

“Fufufu, what impudent talk. But, I understand you know? In your heart you are not as calm as your appearance. Your blood is boiling that your beloved lover is played around freely with like this right?”

“Isn’t that obvious. What are you doing acting all wise like that? A warning from me. It’s better for you to not open your mouth too much. After all the more you speak the more your lowliness get exposed.”

It was a well executed poisonous tongue. During that exchange, Hajime’s expression was still expressionless without change. That indifferent tone eloquently indicated that what he said wasn’t sarcasm or anything but something that came from the bottom of his heart, which caused Ehitorujue’s eyes to twitch in reaction.

And then, with a smiling face that was obviously a mask no matter who saw it he opened his mouth softly.

“I command in the name of Ehitorujue――’prostrate’.”

The Divine Statement was spoken with extremely natural tone――it was the manifestation of god’s will that made anyone obeyed without question. Once this ‘foul play’ caused Hajime to struggle on the ground desperately, and now hearing this once more Hajime staggered in place…



And he responded with a shot.

The bullet was blocked by a barrier in front of Ehitorujue, a ripple was spreading in the air.

“…Divine Statement has no effect at all?”

“Just how many times you had used that in front of me huh. You think a petty magic trick like that will keep working forever?”


Ehitorujue’s eyes narrowed toward Hajime who was pointing Donner’s muzzle straight at him. But, his composure didn’t crumble by any means, instead he held out his hand that wasn’t supporting his cheek in an inviting gesture.

Immediately at the areas around Donner & Shuragen, ‘Treasure Warehouse II’, all the artifacts that Hajime carried, the spaces were warping like jelly. But the spaces immediately returned to their original shape with a snapping sound as though there was something that got repelled away.

“…I see. So you came here with countermeasures prepared.”

“Rather, you thinking that I will come without doing that is the crazy one.”

“Don’t get cocky, irregular young boy. You really showed much arrogance just by defending against Divine Statement and Heaven Existence.”

“It doesn’t matter how you are looking at me, sheetty bastard. I’ll say it one more time, the words that I told you at that time.”


With a click, Hajime fixed Donner’s aim at the heart of Ehitorujue while declaring clearly and loudly.

“――I’m taking back Yue. I’ll kill you. It will be the end with that.”

The white space didn’t absorb the sound. Rather it made the words echoed powerfully with dignity.

The expression of Ehitorujue that was bombarded with those words warped evilly, showing how he would enjoy trampling on that determination, during that his crossed leg went down and he lifted his resting cheek, before he suddenly stood up. And then, while glaring down from above with the throne behind him, an immense pressure began to leak out. Platinum magic power was painting over the white space.

“Very well. This will be the last entertainment in this world. Let’s play for a little bit then.”

Ehitorujue’s body was gently floating up.

He lightly spread his hands while his abundant golden hair was undulating, the sleeve of his black dress flapped.

At the same time, the platinum magic power light converged rapidly with Ehitorujue at the center and it formed a shape on his back.

What appeared on Ehitorujue’s back while shining brilliantly was three layers of ring halo. The size of those halos, with the floating Ehitorujue as the center the first halo had a diameter of around two meters while the third halo had a diameter of more than ten meters.

Countless light spheres were slowly being created from those halos. The number of those spheres really should be expressed as the number of the stars in the sky. But, in contrast with their splendor, the pressure emitted by those spheres was absurd. Every single one was obviously hiding a power that could easily destroy a human and could possibly change even the geography.

The figure of Ehitorujue with gigantic halos behind him, served by countless stars, and clad in platinum light, would make anyone comprehended, truly if anyone who didn’t know of the ugliness inside saw him then he was indeed emitting divinity that was worthy to be revered as ‘god’.

In respond Hajime was,

“No holding back. ――I’m going all out.”

Resplendent crimson light burst up. A whirlwind of magic power that spiraled wildly flapped Hajime’s black coat and wrapped his body in crimson color. Even in front of Ehitorujue’s power, his one eye didn’t show any sign of faltering, unnoticed it was shining with clear crimson like red spinel.

It was Limit Break’s last derivative skill ‘Supreme Break’. At this moment, Hajime’s specs swelled up five times over in one go. Then he activated Sky Step’s last derivative skill ‘Light Speed’ which reinforced his perception ability to a different magnitude.

At the same time, countless crosses were lining up midair behind Hajime. On the black fuselages that should be called as a color of darkness, a red pattern was carved, the total number of those crosses was seven hundred.

――New type versatile offensive drone Cross Velt

While being two sizes more compact than the crossbit until now, it was clad with sinister crimson light that made one felt a lump of ice sliding down their spine. Perhaps that spectacle should be called as the grave markers of the enemies slaughtered by the demon king.

‘You too will be added to this funeral procession’, the current Hajime who was wordlessly asserting that was emitting unprecedented rage and killing intent while being silent, he was emitting might that was truly worthy for a person who was trying to achieve godslaying.

Dazzling platinum halos and countless twinkling stars.

Violently wild crimson storm and dark funeral crosses.

The two sides resented and bemoaned each other while the space between them creaked, where they were about to swallow at each other.

Ehitorujue pushed out one of his hands with an elegance that looked as though it had been calculated thoroughly until his fingertips.

“Now, this is the beginning of the game. First――dance for me!”

Right after that, a lot of light stars rushed toward Hajime. And it wasn’t something that simple, the great number of platinum lights from the halos behind Ehitorujue were flying out with a motion that was depicting geometrical pattern. The meteor shower of light would even make anyone watching to feel a certain kind of artistic quality from it. There were lights in a spherical shape, then there were also lights that drawn a curve like a blade, and also lights that were approaching while rotating like a boomerang.

“A dance invitation from you son of a b*tch, I refuse. ――Full burst!”

Hajime snorted at Ehito’s invitation and gave his order.

At the next moment, all the crosses pointed forward simultaneously and the seven hundred Cross Velt fired all at once. All of the bullets fired were electromagnetically accelerated, furthermore all of the bullet heads were a special bullet that released multi-stage shockwave concentrated to a single point――Burst Bullet.

The platinum meteor shower and the crimson bullets filled the space to the brim. That scene was just like a war in middle age, where both armies were yelling war cry just before they clashed. Those two armies that were even more atrocious than death god clashed and destroyed at each other right in the middle between their commanders. Thunderous roars and violent impacts, and flashes were surging out to the degree that one could be deluded to think that it was the birth of a star.

A great number of meteors were flying off, bullets clad in crimson were extinguished. The meteors and barrage of bullets were struggling for supremacy with their destructive power.

“Hou, so you can endure this. Then how about the next move. Don’t you die so easily okay?”

Ehitorujue made a smile that displayed his joy, and then he waved his arm elegantly once. Then the brilliant radiance of the halos behind him intensified, right after that *zuzuzu* lights in humanoid form manifested. The silhouettes of person that were formed from light itself were also carrying two large swords made from light in their hand, giving them resemblance with the apostle.

“Their ability is at the same level with the apostle. However, amidst the illuminating attack of these halos, can you also deal with these attacking apostles of light that are moving independently in the end?”

Even while he was saying such thing, the apostles of light were created in large number. With Ehitorujue at the center and the halos behind him, the number of the apostles of light had already easily surpassed a hundred.

But, in front of such view that could be said as despairing, Hajime only snorted “hmph”. And then, he spoke. The soul of language to summon his own army.

“Battle of resource is the domain of transmutation master. You are still using these old puppet dolls even at this stage, aren’t you too behind the time? ――Come, ‘Grim Reaper’.”

Crimson magic power overflowed from the ‘Treasure Warehouse II’. The magic power that swelled up together with an intense flash scattered everywhere like explosion wave, although only temporarily but the space that was full of platinum light was dyed with crimson. Like that, a beat later the flash settled and then,

“This is…a golem army, is it?”

Ahead of the murmuring Ehitorujue’s gaze, a great number of monster swarm clad in crimson light could be seen. However, their body was formed from mineral that looked even harder than steel, behind their sharp fangs there was gun muzzle, while doors or missiles were attached on their back or stomach, their claws were vibrating in super speed where everything that they touched would be torn apart, the body of the golems were overflowing with bizarreness.

――Hajime’s exclusive one man army Grim Reapers

Wolf shape, great eagle shape, spider shape, large turtle shape, large monkey shape, there was an abundant variation of the golems, it was an army of living golem. Their numbers easily surpassed a hundred, furthermore they were fully loaded with hybrid weapons inside their body. These were the massacring army of the demon king who knew no pain and no fatigue.

Ehitorujue whose corners of the lips were lifted up and Hajime whose eyes narrowed in absolute zero let their command resounded at the same time.

“Apostles of light, exterminate the unsightly monsters!”

“Death gods, tear apart the useless puppets.”

Right after that, the light apostles flew out while shooting light beams, the metallic monsters roared while charging forward. The light apostles who were moving in high speed that trailed afterimages behind were surprisingly followed by the mechanical wolves who rushed through the air with rippling wave in their wake and afterimages similarly trailing behind. And then, the wolves deployed a small type gatling gun from their back and also firing a cannon from their widely opened mouth.

The large eagles that ignited their thrusters and climbed up in one go were trampling the battlefield by scattering cluster bombs like heavy rain from high above. The large turtles were letting loose large amount of missiles from their back, transforming into fixed batteries. The light apostles who approached near to aim at the turtles were blocked by the large monkeys who were forming a wall with the large shield they carried, and then the spiders charged through the gaps and carved apart the shell of the apostles using the sonic wave they generated.

Naturally there were also grim reapers that were done in by the light apostles, but each time a grim reaper got lethally damaged they would self-explode that swallowed the surrounding, even at a minimum they would bring their killer to accompany them in death.

“To rival my magic with amount of resources…it is really something unthinkable for a human. However, if it is said in reverse, even the specialty of the irregular can only rival me at bes――”

“Don’t yap, you worthless god.”

Hajime fired off Donner & Schlag, cutting off Ehitorujue who was speaking ridiculingly. There were two sounds of gunshot. But the flashes that cut through the air were six streaks.

Inside the clashing fierce storm of destruction, those bullets slipped through swimmingly and sniped the caster Ehitorujue.


With such hard sound resounding the bullets were halted before the eyes of Ehitorujue. The positions of the stopped bullets were before his head, heart, and his four limbs. While those shots were a sniping that was like threading through the eye of a needle, but not even a single shot shifted for even a millimeter from their target. It was a special move that fired bullets through a space overflowing to the brim with shockwave and barrage without any deviation at all.

The first bullets emitted shockwaves consecutively within an instant to a pinpoint spot. They were burst bullet. The shockwaves that were directed to a pinpoint spot made a fatal crack on Ehitorujue’s barrier just with one shot. And then, the second burst bullets right behind those first bullets that were fired with the same trajectory pushed in as though pile-driving the first shots and pulverized the barrier right away.

*PAAAAAAN* Faster than the resounding sound of pulverization, the magic bullets of simultaneous attacks on six vital spots approached to pierce Ehitorujue.

Ehitorujue quietly lifted his hand toward that. Even if he did something like that, the electromagnetically accelerated bullets should be unstoppable. It was obvious that a bullet would easily bite a hole into that palm and bore into the heart behind it, was how it seemed to be but…

“So you broke my barrier. Furthermore your personality that unhesitatingly aimed at your lover’s heart even though she possesses automatic regeneration…you are making me enjoying this, irregular.”

The palm and chest of Ehitorujue who was saying such thing with the corner of his lips raised didn’t seem to receive any kind of damage.

The cause of that was surely the small whirling black sphere generated ahead of that palm. Most likely it was gravity magic ‘Severance Catastrophe’. It swallowed the bullet and then crushed it with its super gravity.

His delicate control that could do such thing, also his reaction speed that could sense electromagnetically accelerated bullet and stopped it, were absurd as expected. It was unclear whether it was because he planned to play around or perhaps because of his dignity as a god that considered being touched was a disrespect to him that he didn’t rely on the automatic regeneration.

Even during this few moment of offense and defense, there was a meteor shower that slipped through the barrage of Cross Velt and reached Hajime. The light stars the size of a fist rushed at Hajime.

Hajime was in front of the swarm of lights that completely filled his field of vision, however, his expression showed no unease at all.


He shortly breathed out.

At the next moment, the swarm of light bullets passed through Hajime’s body. While small strange sounds of *jijiji-* were resounding, the bullets of certain death meaninglessly passed through Hajime as though they were attacking an illusion of him.

“Hou, that’s splendid.”

Ehitorujue spontaneously leaked out words of praise.

What was the cause that made the light stars slipped through which made the enemy spontaneously praised in admiration? The cause was nothing special. Hajime was merely evading the lights in high speed with the necessary minimum movement. That was all. The sounds of *jijiji-* were the sound of the light bullets grazing Hajime’s clothing. That was just how barely he was evading the lights, by seeing the attacks through until the millimeter degree.

For ordinary person, Hajime looked like he was not moving, but with Ehitorujue’s perception, the reflected spectacle was as though Hajime’s body was making many layers of shadow clones blurring in the same spot to return to their original position.

“Well then, how about this?”

Ehitorujue waved his hand relaxedly.

Immediately several stretching lights that were moving with an irregular motion like twisting snake were fired from the halos. It didn’t stop there, huge light bullets with diameter around two meters were spewed out in large amount like soap bubbles toward Hajime.


Hajime clicked his tongue.

Hajime used ‘Ground Shrinker’ and ‘Air Force’ tp leap away from his spot. The light whips powerfully struck the place where Hajime was standing just an instant before while the light bubbles were flying off all over the place leaving not a single gap in space.

Cross Velts were flying in all directions and the Grim Reapers were commanded to aim at Ehitorujue from all angles. However, just by a single wave of a hand, Ehitorujue pulverized every machine that got close to him.


Hajime’s eyes were narrowing from seeing that scene while he made his ‘Treasure Warehouse II’ shined.

Right after that, a huge weapon was gripped in his hand. From a glance, it was the gatling railgun ‘Metsurai’ with six rotating barrels. However, its size was completely different. It was enlarged by two sizes bigger. Furthermore, looking closer all the six barrels, each of them consisted of also six barrels.

――Super large electromagnetic acceleration gatling cannon Metsurai Disaster

It was a gatling cannon with 6×6 rotating barrels where each barrel had the same size with the barrel of the original Metsurai. It fired off seventy-two thousand round per minute, this weapon went even beyond being evaluated as a monster, an outrageous weapon where the idea of creating it could even be called as stupid.

Hajime pulled the trigger of such outrageous weapon.


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Such strange sound like the air itself was rupturing was resounding. Metsurai Disaster that instantly generated a squall of cartridges, pulverized everything in its line of fire――the meteor shower, the light bubbles, and even the light apostles just like scrap papers before approaching Ehitorujue.

The approaching attack was already like a muddy stream of crimson light, a storm of destruction in the same meaning of natural disaster that swallowed everything in its path.

“That’s something dreadful. But, what meaning it has if it doesn’t hit? ――’Great Vortex of White End’.”

Ahead of Ehitorujue’s two hands that he stretched forward, there was platinum light whirling. That sparkling vortex looked just like a silver river.

Right after that, the crimson muddy stream of magic bullets that broke through the likes of common obstacle like they were nothing, was split into two in front of Ehitorujue as though a single stroke had bisected it, and then the attack was swallowed by two silver rivers at two sides. Naturally not even a single magic bullet reached Ehitorujue.

“…So even this doesn’t reach. Good grief.”

A meteor shower rushed from the back at Hajime who was swearing reflexively. Perhaps they were even teleported that the many light stars had circled behind Hajime without him realizing, they approached to swallow him whole.

Sometimes with a movement that didn’t even leave afterimage, sometimes with a swaying motion like fluttering wind, Hajime was evading while using Donner and Metsurai Disaster, added with Cross Velts he detected the gaps of the meteor shower and fired crimson flashes toward Ehitorujue. The mechanical monsters that were unfolding a fierce battle with the light apostles were also launching an attack at Ehitorujue if they found an opening.

The platinum lights that beautifully dance boisterously in the white space and the rushing crimson lights that weaved in between displayed a view that should be called as superb which would surely steal the heart of the viewer watching from the side.

Amidst that view, without relaxing his offense and defense at all while handling Hajime’s shots and the Grim Reapers’ attacks, Ehitorujue was showing a composed smile and talked to Hajime.

“Come to think of it, irregular. How did you finish off Aruvheit? He too was more or less my retainer that possessed divinity. Even if it was you, I don’t think that he would be killed that easily.”

The revolving light stars took a great detour while aiming at Hajime from all directions, Hajime was intercepting them with his Donner spinning like a wheel while he snorted and responded at Ehitorujue.

“Hah, that snob is a god you say? Don’t make me laugh. He easily died while begging for his life unsightly. Even the monster in labyrinths has more guts than something like that.”

“Hou, easily you say.”

Light bubbles buried the space to the brim. Hajime stored in his Metsurai Disaster and in exchange he took out ‘Agni-Orkan’ and launched missile swarm to the front.

Terrific thunderous roars and flame blasts rose and a hole was created on the light bubbles cage.

Hajime instantly rushed through and he aligned the aim of Agni-Orkan at Ehitorujue and pulled the triggers.

But, at that moment Ehitorujue snapped his finger. At the same time suddenly thunders rained down from empty space. Those thunders that were focused and compressed to the limit already became spears made from lightning. If it had to be named, then it would be the lightning spear fired from god――the ‘Lightning Divine Spear’.


Without even any time to react using his perception skill, the sparking platinum spears that flew in lightning speed from Hajime’s blind spot within a few meter easily pierced Agni-Orkan. Just with that, the frame of the artifacts warped, in addition, the combustion powder packed inside the missiles caught fire which caused a great explosion.

Although Hajime had immediately thrown away Agni-Orkan and withdrew from that spot, the missiles that boasted tremendous might even by their lonesome were exploding all at once from really close range, in addition the lightning divine spears were also rupturing which scattered its compressed lightning to all direction, Hajime was unable to avoid getting damage. The blasts and thunders penetrated through his ‘Vajra’ and his clothing which was tougher than it looked because it was made from tough metal and monster hide, which clearly told just how terrible the radiated force was.

“Guu…(lightning speed attack from random coordinate that is instantly invoked…as expected, this guy is still holding many hands yet)”

Hajime was whispering in his heart while groaning unintentionally, Ehitorujue who glanced at such Hajime continued his talk as though nothing had happened.

“Nothing you could hide from me. I know already. You invoked a concept magic right? The situation at that time could be said as extreme for you. Although not even in my dream I could imagine you would produce a concept so powerful that could even possibly defeat Aruvheit, that was unexpected even for me…”


Hajime who lost Agni-Orkan displayed a look that pondered something for an instant, then he scattered explosion hand grenade at the surrounding which blown away the light bubbles while he took out Metsurai Disaster once more. Like that he held back Ehitorujue while he controlled Cross Velts and placed one of them above Ehitorujue’s head.

“Perhaps, you have even created a concept of ‘godslaying’? And then, you was hiding that trump card close to your chest, and holding the hope that you can do something with that you came until this far. Fufufu, how cute.”

Ehitorujue didn’t even glance at the Cross Velt above him, far from that he didn’t even close his mouth while swiping his hand overhead.

Just with that the Cross Velt that was going to shoot was cut with an invisible blade and exploded. The loaded bullets scattered around lethally like a frag grenade, but even those were repelled at the space before Ehitorujue and didn’t reach him.

Hajime saw that happened, but he didn’t even click his tongue, he closely observed the state of Ehitorujue who was talking while basking in joy and he quietly narrowed his eyes. Ehito who didn’t even pay any attention to such Hajime then licked his lips smoothly.

“By using that, it’s possible to separate the soul of me and the vampire princess, and kill only me, that’s what you are thinking correct?”

“…So you find out. Well, I also don’t have any mood to lie. My trump card is powerful you know? That calm expression of yours is going to warp into terror and regret soon.”

“Fuhah, so you still believe that the soul of this woman is safe. That figure of yours howling while clinging to a nonexistent illusion, is truly, comical to the extreme.”

Saying that, Ehito snapped his fingers once more.

Right after that, Hajime’s movement came to a sudden stop with his body pitched forward.


The cause was obvious. The Metsurai Disaster that Hajime held was caught in a distorted space. That space distortion was in a square block shape that tightly pressed together. Metsurai was fixed at the center of that.

Almost at the same time, a spear of thunder came flying once more from an empty space without any advance sign.


While swearing abuse reflexively, Hajime tried to release Metsurai Disaster by storing it into ‘Treasure Warehouse II’. However, as though that action had been foreseen, Ehitorujue whispered “――’Manifestation of Perceived Nightmare’.”

Hajime’s neck flew off. His four limbs were plucked off, and his heart was gouged.


A loud yell of fighting spirit surged.

The source of the yell was from Hajime who was thought to be dead. The scene just now was the illusion that was prepared by Ehitorujue. The illusion was so real that if the victim wasn’t careful they might die for real just from that. Hajime exploded the magic power in his body and used the momentum to invigorate himself and blew away the illusion.

But, it didn’t change that his consciousness was stolen for an instant. The compensation for that opening was his Metsurai Disaster.

The divine lightning spear stabbed. Metsurai Disaster met the same end like Agni-Orkan.


Hajime honestly appraised his enemy.

Deployment of technique, the scale of invocation, power, every single aspect was easily surpassing Yue of before. There was also no sign of his magic power running out. The great number of meteor shower fired from his halos might be moving almost automatically, there was no sign at all that Ehito was having trouble in controlling them, the light apostles were also created without end, and even with all that he was still rapidly invoking age of god class magic that was extremely powerful.

If it was anyone else than Hajime fighting here then they would instantly be killed inevitably.

As though to further cornering Hajime who had completely lost two of his prided artifacts, Ehitorujue opened his mouth exultantly.

“It echoed quiet lusciously.”


“The vampire princess――Yue is it? The scream of your woman, it was really meltingly sweet.”


Hajime’s expression fell out.

“With the ownership of her body stolen, she who had become only a soul resisted admirably. But, the more she resisted the more intense the pain running through her. …Ku-ku-ku-, it was visible for me, the figure of the vampire princess enduring desperately with clenched teeth inside this body. But even that didn’t continue forever, she couldn’t endure and screamed. And then, she felt terror feeling her soul vanishing from the edge, while trembling…her last words were, […Hajime, I’m sorry]. Fufufu.”


“After that she disappeared. Everything happened while she was tasting terror and despair. Do you understand, irregular? The hope that you came chasing doesn’t exist right from the beginning-! Fuhah, fuhahahahaha-“

Ehitorujue raised a loud laughter. Indeed, Hajime’s magic eye couldn’t see Yue’s soul, he could only perceive a silver soul taking root inside melding everywhere. It was as though that view was displaying the truth of Ehitorujue’s words…

Hajime wordlessly threw several hand grenades to the air. He shot them all using Donner. At that moment, the light stars around the hand grenades dropped on the ground altogether.

What Hajime used was gravity grenade――it had a special effect that created super gravitational area when it was activated. With that effect, the surrounding light bullets were felled.

Hajime’s hand was holding Schlagen AA. It completed its charging in a moment and the eighty-eight millimeter sniping cannon(Acht Acht) specialized in penetration roared.

The fired crimson flash charged straight through the barrage zone that was thinned by the gravity grenades just like going through a no man’s land.

Ehitorujue lifted his hand. Barriers were visibly layered by two, three layers before him.

The fang of Schlagen AA blasted the first layer of barrier, bit a hole in the second barrier after a moment of opposition, and smashed even the third layer of the barrier and assaulted Ehitorujue. But, the three layers divine barrier had obviously decreased the strength of the shot, in that state naturally it was unable to ignore the effect of the two white vortexes staying at both sides of Ehito. The eighty-eight millimeter shell had its trajectory vainly twisted and got swallowed into the vortex of compression.

“I am a god. As long as I have automatic regeneration than you attack won’t even make me feel itchy but…know that even touching me is an insolence.”

And then, even while saying such thing Ehito waved his hand in a complicated gesture with a wide grin as though saying that this was payback.


Right after that, the space all around Hajime including above and below burst open. What was produced from that was a tremendous impact. It was a space rupture that was even more detailed and powerful than the ‘Quaking Sky of Four Directions’ casted in the devil king castle. Furthermore, from behind Hajime, perhaps even using teleportation, a lot of light stars were already there unnoticed moving toward Hajime.

This too was also an overwhelming attack where there was no time to react and no place to escape. Hajime took out his variable great shield ‘Aidion’ to face this. The spherical shield instantly operated its gimmick and deployed to cover Hajime.

Thunderous roar.

The impact of space rupture from all directions blown away the first layer of ‘Aidion’ into pieces with one attack. The fierce impact was transmitted through ‘Aidion’ that caused Hajime’s left hand which was supporting it below to scream.

Storm of pursuing attack came right there. Light stars in immense number attacked one after another, not giving any time for the shield to restore itself. ‘Aidion’ which was swallowed by the storm of light looked shining just like a star.

Even so, its hardness that didn’t allow penetration should be called as an impregnable fortress.

But, even that defensive power was nothing more than an interesting side show for Ehitorujue, he suddenly lifted his hand and created a bluish white flame on his palm. And then, he blew it off gently to fly toward the shield.

The blue flame soared softly without any sound, it then impacted ‘Aidion’ that was still receiving concentrated fire――like that the protective wall was easily penetrated.

Right after that,


A scream resounded.

The gimmick of ‘Aidion’ was released and from inside Hajime who was wrapped in flame leaped out.

Teleported meteor shower approached him in no time at all, the Grim Reapers defended Hajime as the substitute of their master which resulted in a rain of scrapped steel raining down. At the same time, Cross Velts were also called closer from the surrounding to lay out barrier, but they too were pierced by lightning divine spears by the dozens and exploded to all direction. While clenching his teeth to the sacrifices around him, Hajime broke through the encirclement and compressed his crimson magic power with an expression that warped in pain. At the next moment, he converted the compressed magic power into impact and just barely blew away the blue flame and the rushing light stars.

At the same time, ‘Aidion that was left behind’ had its iron wall broken and light stars rushed inside from the opening, it then received attacks from inside and outside and got pulverized into pieces.

“Haahahahahah, what happened with your big talk from before? You have turned into a really shabby appearance right now.”

Ehitorujue laughed in amusement.

Ahead of his gaze, there was the figure of Hajime breathing roughly with burn injuries here and there every single part of his clothing damaged by fire. It also appeared that he had converted a considerable amount of his magic power into impact to blow away the blue flame and light stars, so his magic power had decreased considerably. ‘All Element Resistance’ and ‘Vajra’ were reduced to mere consolation as protection in front of the attacks’ might, Hajime couldn’t help but shudder from that.

“Haa haa, just now was…Yue’s…”

“No, it was mine. It seemed the vampire princess could use it, but from the beginning this magic was something that I used. It penetrates every obstacle and destroys only its target. It’s called ‘Divine Flame’. How is it? It has quite a good flavor isn’t it?”


Hajime didn’t reply. Rather than that he was pouring his mind to convert his magic power into healing power to heal his damage even just for a little. If possible he wanted to drink healing medicine but, whether Ehitorujue would allow that or not, was unclear in the end…he couldn’t show an opening after receiving a fierce attack.

If Shia and others were here, they would undoubtedly stiffen from shock seeing Hajime being cornered this overwhelmingly. In actuality, even Hajime himself couldn’t help but smile bitterly inside from witnessing the true power of Ehitorujue who had completely seized Yue’s body.

But, naturally Hajime didn’t let that show in his expression, in exchange he struck Ehitorujue with a gaze of defiance and persistence.

“Hmm, even when I told you that your beloved woman was already gone, you still don’t show any sign of breaking…”

“Obviously. Just why do I have to believe your words? If you like bullsheet then just talk to yourself until you are satisfied.”

Ehitorujue smiled wryly from the way Hajime talked. It was as though he was waiting for Hajime’s recovery, he relaxed his attack and talked.

“Your existence is truly irregular. Because of Freed’s appearance, the balance of the game was almost broken, so in order to make it more enjoyable I brought in people with power from another world yet…you become a strong person that not even my favorite could bare his fang to.”

“…Why, did you do something like summoning limited at just this time?”

A war game of human versus devil. The nasty game that Ehitorujue held. His words about Freed breaking the balance made Hajime slightly scowled. It was slightly surprising that Freed’s labyrinth conquering was something irregular outside of god’s will.

And then, about great labyrinth’s conquering, Yue’s uncle Denreed also did the same thing three hundred years ago. However, from what Hajime learned from historical fact, at that time there was no record of hero summoning being performed and he also didn’t hear any story about anything like that.

Why it was only at this time, such question was only something natural to be thought of by a person who got dragged into it. Though Hajime going along with Ehitorujue’s story also had the purpose of merely buying time to recover.

“Different from in the past, there was no capable person in this present era that was capable of opposing Freed you see. Never I imagined that other than the vampire princess, even the dragon race is also still surviving. Both of them were hidden skillfully. …If there is no good pawn in this world then nothing could be done except by providing it from another world.”

“…Another world, huh.”

“Correct. Although the connection to your world is completely a coincidence. It was a result that coincides with me searching for a person with high affinity that could possibly become my vessel. Even for a god body, crossing the boundary of the world is not something easy. To say nothing of a soul without a vessel, even directly interfering with outside Holy Precincts is difficult. As the result, I somehow succeeded dragging down someone from above world but…including an irregular like you, there were also a lot of extras coming along here.”

According to Ehitorujue’s story, Kouki was similar with Yue, he was chosen based on his possibility to become a vessel. Most likely Ehitorujue was using a magic like the compass of guidance to search. But, Ehitorujue who had no vessel that was a flesh body could only wield his power completely within Holy Precincts, furthermore it seemed that his power was repressed in the earth because that world had superior rank so his effort didn’t go well.

The result of that was the summoning of all the classmates. In other words, everyone else other than Kouki only seemed to get ‘dragged in’ unintentionally by god. There was no story more annoying than this.

“Although, thanks to that the best vessel that I thought had been lost three hundred years ago was discovered, that’s why this could be said as a windfall. Fufu, with this I can exhibit my power in full even outside the Holy Precincts. Crossing over to another world is also easy.”

Most likely even the body of an apostle was insufficient as god’s body because it would lower his divinity. If that wasn’t the case then he would not be this delighted from managing to obtain a vessel.

Ehitorujue opened and closed his hand basking in joy. Hajime then asked something that he had actually wondered about all this time.

“Ehitorujue…what are you?”

“What a really abstract question that is, irregular. But, no matter what is said, naturally the answer has been decided. I am the god that created and ruled over everything.”

Ehitorujue introduced himself as the transcendental creator god and also the ruling god.

But, Hajime snorted to that.

“No, you or no god or anything. You didn’t create this world, you are also not ruling over everything. You are not a supernatural existence that mankind imagined You are merely an existence that is possessing power mightier than mankind.”

“…Hou. With what kind of basis you are saying such thing?”

Perhaps he got his interest attracted from that, Ehitorujue then asked Hajime back.

“Isn’t that simple? Your perception cannot detect Yue who was at the bottom of the abyss, and also the dragon race who hid outside this continent. Your strength only reaches this continent, even then it’s only at the scale that doesn’t reach the abyss. Power at that level is just too tiny for the creator right?”

“Ku-ku-ku-, to call someone like me as tiny. And? If I am not a god then what am I?”

Hajime thrust his answer with an expression that vaguely looked like he was chewing a bitter bug.

“…You are a ‘human of another world’ the same like us.”

“Hmm. Because I am not a god but I possess a mighty power, then I must be a human from outside world the same like you all…that’s your reasoning.”

“Not only that. In the first place it was already strange by the point of time that you know about the concept of ‘outside world’. ‘Because there is none in this world then search for a capable person from other world’…such idea won’t come out unless you know about the existence of another world right from the start. Even in our world that is overflowing with fantasy entertainment that concept is only a wild idea. If you are an existence in the level that is able to create the world then I can accept that, but just like I said just now, you are not an all-knowing and almighty supernatural existence, based on that it’s only natural to think that you know about the existence of another world by the same reason like us.”

Hearing those words, Ehitorujue went “hmm” and nodded once, then he began to clap dramatically.

“Splendid, perhaps that’s what I should say. Indeed I am a human from another world. Originally, I only reached the height of magic. Although, through the passing many months and years the gathered faith granted my divinity that sublimated my soul, through that there is no doubt that I am a god.”

And then, he suddenly lifted his hand. Right after that, thunder boomed in empty air, blue flame exploded, strong wind stormed, the air froze, white smoke whirled.

For Hajime, those were a sight he was used to. However, the dimension of the power focused there far surpassed what he had seen in the past.

Five heavenly dragons were created. They were the magnificent incarnations of atrocious tyranny that Yue created from the fusion of gravity magic and the highest class elemental magic. Those heavenly dragons were fiercely glaring at Hajime with dark red eyeballs.

The presence of these heavenly dragons was clearly different with Yue’s heavenly dragons. Hajime’s magic eye detected materials other than the core of the heavenly dragon that was formed from magic. That pulsing dark red ore was clearly magic stone.

It appeared metamorphosis magic was used on the heavenly dragons which transformed them into a monster. Perhaps the material to form them was gathered by using space magic. Not only monster, there was also the presence of apostle from the dragons. Hajime was thoroughly knowledgeable of how troublesome these heavenly dragons were, now these dragons were added with the function where they could move independently separated from the caster’s control to attack the prey, these caused Hajime to sweat coldly in his heart.

(I cannot overwhelm him in resource battle, now on top of that, there is also these troublesome newcomers in addition…well, I already imagined that this won’t be easy. If I resolved myself, I can do this.)

Ahead of the gaze of Hajime who was talking to himself in his heart, the five heavenly dragons were coiling in the air with Ehitorujue at the center.

That figure of the adult Yue obeyed by the magnificent dragons was exactly like a goddess in a legend. No, any goddess from any mythology would surely be overshadowed in front of the current Yue who was obeyed by the heavenly dragons with halos behind her. There was no doubt that even the goddess of beauty Aphrodite would flee barefooted in front of her.

The person inside that body which made that divine beauty to be spoiled opened his mouth with a repulsive grin.

“Now then, irregular. You have recovered a little haven’t you? We have to begin the game once more any time now. During that time, let’s reminisce a bit about the past. You are going to struggle as long as you can right? It has been really a long time since I talk about myself. Entertain me-“

At the next moment, the five heavenly dragons simultaneously roared, violent killing intent and pressured weighed down on Hajime. At the same time, the meteor shower from the halos also resumed coming. The white space was filled to the brim with the heavenly dragons turned monster and the torrent of lights.

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